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Surprising Facts About The Fox's Lisa Boothe You Didn't Knowlissa booth has always had what it takes


Updated on Jan 16,2023

Surprising Facts About The Fox's Lisa Boothe You Didn't Know

lissa booth has always had what it takes,to be a successful political analyst,family background and politics education,rhetorical skills and the ability to,argue so when she turns up for Fox,News's outnumbered or the five she makes,sure to put up her arguments even at the,cost of running into controversy here,are five interesting facts you need to,know about one of the top television,personalities at work in the US today,but before we begin take some time to,subscribe to our Channel and hit the,bell icon as well Lisa booth was a,sports enthusiast,Booth's career could have turned out to,be in sports if it weren't for an,anterior cruciate ligament or ACL injury,she used to play hockey and lacrosse,during high school she won two state,championship rings but she had to quit,because of the ACL injury and underwent,reconstructive surgery her sports career,came to a premature end but fortunately,she went on to forge a successful career,in journalism booth is an outspoken,Republican while mostly known for her,political commentaries booth has also,worked on political campaigns as a,Republican she worked for the National,Republican Congressional Committee in,2010,Lisa spent two years working for,congresswoman sandy Adams and was her,spokeswoman in the 2012 congressional,elections she was also the spokeswoman,for the congressman tommy Thompson for,his Senate campaign,booth served as a senior director at the,black rock group a Republican polling,firm during the 2014 election cycle,booths comments on Democrats have put,her into controversies several times,speaking of which booth once criticized,Hillary Clinton lisa booth accused,hillary clinton to be capable of selling,her daughter if it won her the,presidential election,buthe described clinton as the most,soulless woman on this planet who would,literally sell her daughter to be,President on Fox News Clinton's daughter,Chelsea Clinton responded on Twitter,dismissing the claim and stating that,she was the most important part of her,life but defended Donald Trump booth,supported Trump for his infamous Trump,Tower meeting in 2016 with five other,people including Russian lawyer,Natalia vessel mitts gaya to receive,information damaging to Hillary Clinton,politics is war the objective is to win,and take down the opponent in an,industry that does not operate in black,and white it is off in the great,territory in which campaigns work to,achieve their goal in the middle of this,fast-paced environment the reality is,that most people would have taken the,meeting with Natalia vessel Disgaea the,Russian attorney whose meeting with,Donald Trump jr. and other senior Trump,campaign staff has set Washington on,edge she wrote in a column titled spare,me your Donald Jr indignation for the,Washington Examiner booth is dating John,bore Bonilla coming back in 2015 a guy,named John barbronia Cummins commented,thanks for cropping me out on booths,Facebook post to which Booth replied,love you mean it however she has,remained silent about the relationship,until now the 34 year old analyst is,vocal about the relationship with her,family no matter what happens in life,good or bad it is reassuring to know my,family will be there to cheer me up or,lift me up she explained,apart from being a journalist booth is,quite popular on social media she is,more than 91 thousand followers on,Instagram and more than 200 thousand,followers on Twitter her net worth is,estimated to be around 10 million,dollars and she earns a salary of six,hundred thousand dollars per year as a,contributor for Fox News what is your,favorite Lisa booth moment let us know,in the comments below don't forget to,like the video and subscribe to our,channel as well

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Lisa Boothe: This is why Liz Cheney hates Trump

Lisa Boothe: This is why Liz Cheney hates Trump

welcome back to the big sunday show days,after liz cheney lost her gop primary in,wyoming most of the media attention has,been on her rift with the gop but now,she's considering a run in 2024,i think it also tells you that large,portions of our party including the,leadership of our party both at a state,level in wyoming as well as on a,national level with rnc,is is,very sick,any decision that i make,about doing something that significant,and that serious would be with the,intention of winning and because i think,i would be the best candidate,democrats are concerned she could pull,votes away from joe biden democratic,congressman brent congressman brendan,boyle tells the hill quote as for 2024,it's unclear to me if she ran as an,independent that it would hurt trump,there's a danger she might inadvertently,help trump more than hurt him and lisa,i want to get started with you but first,let's look at this headline by politico,it's an article and an op-ed the,headline a 2024 cheney run would only,help trump,i mean she lost by 20 or four almost 40,points i just i don't understand how her,name is being mentioned with any sort of,seriousness for 2024 or anything beyond,the woman is done you know put a fork in,it her career is over and the entire,reason liz cheney she hates donald trump,for the same reason that mitch mcconnell,hates donald trump because when trump,walked down that escalator in 2015 he,transformed the republican party the,republican party is now a multi-racial,working class party democrats are the,party of coastal elites and trump did,that and they hate them or they hate,trump for this because they feel left,behind by their party and i think the,reason why you've got people like mitch,mcconnell trying to pour cold water on,republicans winning back the senate is,because he'd rather be in charge in the,minority in the senate than dethroned in,the majority and you but you know the,reality is you know trump had something,to lose by going into political office,instead of all these people like you,know mitch mcconnell joe biden and the,pelosi who all just go into these,positions of power to enrich themselves,and their families yeah and tyrus,democrats um real fans of liz cheney for,obvious reasons and so i mean i think,that the thought is in these open,primary states that democrats would show,up and she would become the spoiler,however when you go to the main event,and then voters really start to look at,her record she actually was quite in,line with former president trump when it,came to policies it was you know where,january 6 came into play and his,character that she like became like the,bad guy with the republicans however i,mean how powerful do you think she,honestly will be when it really comes,down to voters making a decision,republican voters,she will be as powerful as every,professional sports team that made the,first round of the playoffs and got,blown out by 37.,this is only politics is the only,business where somebody loses so bad and,they say you know what i gotta run for,president next time,like,and then they don't ever blame the,voters,the voters are the reason you lost by 37,points,not the gop,not mr trump he didn't ben he didn't,vote 37 000 times to get you out they,always ignore what's in front of the,american people the american people said,no something you did they the voters in,wyoming did not agree with and they,didn't say no they said no to where you,were,destroyed there was a reason for that,there's a disconnect between you and the,voters but blaming on trump blaming on,the gop so yeah a beta o'rourke has made,a career out of this running and losing,it doesn't matter it doesn't oh we i,can't get elected so i'll just keep,running and keep running so now she's,going to still be in the news cycle,because she's going to run for the gop,and the democrats are like well,don't get behind her because she might,help trump which then would make them,the trump team then attack her more and,then you get a fight all this is baiting,all this is is they're fishing hoping,anything to get the former president to,get into an online battle or say things,about her,sound misogynistic or whatever the case,may be this is all they never listen to,the american people she shouldn't run,for anything because of just the voting,that just happened if it was me if i was,in my wrestling match if i got smoked in,37 seconds i wouldn't be like you know,what in the rematch,it's going to be on,but i'm gonna apologize for being there,thank him for his time and move on about,my business but it wasn't just a no it,was an he double hockey sticks no right,like it's like 40 points that's a,blowout to your point like that's a,injection she's looking at herself but,she's looking at herself as a potential,historical figure here take a listen to,this,the great and original champion of our,party abraham lincoln was defeated in,elections for the senate and the house,before he won the most important,election of all,lincoln ultimately

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Lisa Boothe: This will lead to human suffering, death and destruction

Lisa Boothe: This will lead to human suffering, death and destruction

welcome back to the big Sunday show well,one of the world's largest automakers,just Zapped the left's massive push to,transition to electric vehicles speaking,about California's rule to ban sales of,gas powered vehicles by 2035 the,president of Toyota says quote,realistically speaking it seems rather,difficult to really achieve them but,just like the fully autonomous cars that,we were all supposed to be driving by,now EVS are just going to take longer to,become mainstream than the media would,like us to believe,okay so we have the president of Toyota,this is Akio Toyota the grandson of the,founder of Toyota he might know a thing,or two about cars I think yeah uh he's,saying wait a second I don't think we're,ready to make this transition so quickly,he points to the impacts on the,electrical grid he says there's a lacks,a lack of easy access to electricity so,there's all kinds of issues there and,now the governor of California I'm sorry,the governor of New York is following,suit to the governor of California,governor Kathy hokel she says when it,comes to fighting climate change and,supporting clean Transportation we're,putting the pedal to the metal so she,wants to do the same thing ban gas,powered cars by 2035 so Jimmy let me go,to you first because you were a taxi,driver here in New York City how does,this work with taxis being electric,where are they charging there's no place,to even Park in New York City no no,there's none and I want to correct Mr,Toyota because we were supposed to have,flying cars by now according to the,Jetson that's right it wasn't even and,self-driving and autonomous and,everything in between There's no,practical way to implement this and I,wish our leaders would be honest about,it we've already seen green energy fail,the state of California we're not even a,month removed from the hole you can plug,in your car you can't run your air,conditioning as Gavin newsom's in a,double fleece and they're ice fishing,over his shoulder but you guys got to,keep the temperature up nice and high in,your house uh the idea that they're,running in this direction always speaks,to the fact that the Democrats raise a,lot of money off green energy okay but,is it sustainable no what are they doing,in Germany right now they've enacted a,lot of this they're opening coal plants,who benefits okay from all the green,energy manufacturing China it's a scam,okay and I to be honest with you I don't,begrudge anybody their electric vehicle,but I resent them because I consider it,veganism on Wheels they always work it,into the first sentence of every,conversation they're like I'm Mike I,drive a Tesla I'm like Mike nobody cares,yeah okay but I don't think there's any,world where the taxi drivers would sign,up for this there's no no way because,again you can't do the mileage okay,that's the thing you got to think about,really quick is most of these cars have,got a range of about 200 miles right in,a taxi shift if I'm off the road for an,hour or two okay understand we eat our,lunch driving in a taxi to turn a profit,you don't have those two hours never,mind you're probably gonna get jumped at,the pump so no way I'm a no I'm a hard,no okay all right I got it okay uh so,Raymond Jimmy make some good points,about the difficulty these and you know,the lack of charging stations and in,California we we saw you know rules,implemented you can't charge from,certain times of the day right they just,shut down the charging here's my,question Lisa and I can commiserate here,okay in Florida in Louisiana when we,have to evacuate in a hurricane what do,we do yeah do we bring extra batteries,sorry guys put the kids in the trunk,what comes with an ore you can row out,yeah exactly I hope it's a floating,Tesla yeah the other thing the price tag,on these cars we're talking 80 000,Vehicles most middle class people can't,afford that so the very idea that we're,we're breaking the middle class to do,this in the name of protecting the,environment What charges the electrical,grid natural gas and coal predominantly,I'm sorry that's the reality you save,nothing in this exchange and anytime the,federal government is mandating your,mode of travel infringing on your,Liberty of movement they're infringing,on your Liberty full stop I think it's,all unconstitutional frankly for that in,that rationale well that brings up a,good question for Lisa and you know as,you dig more into this there are more,questions and more and more questions,but Lisa I've heard you talk so often,about the which part,and just often sure yeah,um just about you know the various,reasons people move from state to state,is this just now another reason for,people to move out of New York and,California to other states where they,don't have these rules imposing on their,lives yeah I think it's certainly on the,list but it does give them control right,they say you can have to get an electric,vehicle but we're going to tell you when,you can drive and when you can charge it,and when you charge

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Lisa Boothe and Mark Steyn take Tucker's Final Exam

Lisa Boothe and Mark Steyn take Tucker's Final Exam

but where does the time go it is now,time for the final exam where we see,which news professionals and they are,and contributors have been paying,attention to current events tonight we,close the 2017 edition with a special,Year in Review our questions just won't,span this past week all of 2017 is on,the table,this week's contestants are really,bright CEO Fox News contributor Lisa,Booth playing herself as Lisa booth and,Mark Steyn who once hosted the show,earlier in the week you guys ready yeah,I just want to say I try to get you to,pool Donna Brazile this morning on Fox &,Friends and you wouldn't do it,you know I Lisa they don't give me the,questions ahead of time because I know,I'd break meanwhile our contestants have,buzzers and they have their hands on the,budgets that's all I can ask you to do,I'm going to ask them questions just to,review the rules and the first one to,buzz in gets to answer you must wait,until I finish the question before it's,out like family feud until they do it if,you get it wrong it's not okay,you lose a point if you get it right you,get a point yeah and the best of these,five questions gets gets winnings we,don't get any yeah like you did I mean,when you again shannon bream the ref,should have stopped that fight and,scrape what was left of you off the,canvas so as long as we don't know if,the kilmeade scenario I thought if I did,the best I can it was okay,mark shannon bream all right let's go,I'm ready sorry Shannon you're off so,these guys are on here's the first,question,cast your mind back to the beginning of,the year we were children then there was,a big mess up at the Oscars with the,presenters for the best picture we've,got okay i'm gonna review the rules when,we finish the question with the picture,reading out the wrong winner which two,acting legends were left red-faced after,reading the wrong card,before you answer more Oh give me your,answer mark did you finish reading you,finish have you finished the question,Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty let's,watch the most embarrassing mistakes,that were saying in the awards show,history everyone talking about it yeah,Warren Beatty Faye Dunaway Hollywood's,Bonnie and Clyde coming out there and,they robbed the Best Picture winner of,their title they read the wrong card,moonlight was in fact the real winner,turns out that the presenters were given,the wrong envelope by mistake you are,correct sir watch a word show I think,the excuses after getting it wrong make,it all the worse so he said all right,and thanks for almost getting it right,mark with by playing attention to the,road okay question number two now,President trumpet North Korean dictator,Kim Jong on shredding a lot of insults,this year,Kim called Trump a dotard among other,things and Trump unveiled his new,nickname for Kim on the floor of the,United Nations what is that,nickname Lisa booth Rocketman let's,watch it president Trump said the US may,have no choice but to quote totally,destroy North Korea and he called out,the dictator Kim jong-un,Rocketman is on a suicide mission for,himself and for his regime,Rocketman obviously the Elton John song,free I don't know why anyone in the,mainstream media is complaining because,he's calling like you said judges 1 1,correct the judges I get why by the way,just to review the score 1-1 we are tied,we move to question number three all,right mark and Lisa are still playing,themselves in this game that we are,indeed playing ourselves poorly Donald,Trump sent the mainstream media into a,complete meltdown this year which time,after tweeting that could be the most,famous typo of all time what was that,type of Fe is it coffe Fe watch if you,want me to say how to pronounce this,word I don't know none of us,none of us really know how to say this,thief,cough fe we're gonna let you make the,call this morning that's where it hit,the glitch Cove thief cough a thief II,that's a confess a because you speak,fluent French despite the constant,negative press efef a what are you here,this is Ben yeah you understand right,Lisa pulls ahead to one oh but it's a,typo that you're in Spicer says without,a type which is del made a mistake who's,in the sentence Mark Steyn I dare you,okay he could probably do it though he's,very smart very smart you'll figure,chemistry you two have a starting to bug,me okay question number four it's a,multiple choice question okay Hillary,Clinton embarked on the world's longest,book tour this year and she explained in,great detail all the things she has been,up to since losing the election she also,revealed that she's been drinking a lot,of alcohol to deal with the stress,what is Hillary's go-to drink of choice,is it a pina colada,be Bloody Mary or sea-shore neck mark,Stein Chardonnay Laser choice is it,shorten a go to the tape I want Y,Chardonnay helped a little too,yes I had my fair share of Chardonnay,so trying to calm myself down and you,know my share of Chardonnay it was a,very hard and let's go check the scores,now - - oh n

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Melissa Francis, Kennedy, Jessica Tarlov and Lisa Boothe Aug 7 2019

Melissa Francis, Kennedy, Jessica Tarlov and Lisa Boothe Aug 7 2019

this is outnumbered and I'm Melissa,Francis here today is the host of,Kennedy on the Fox Business Network our,very own beloved Kennedy Fox News,contributor Lisa Booth Fox News,contributor Jessica Tarlov and doctor is,Doctor good there you go after law,school,okay I can't wait to get started let's,do it president Trump set to speak to,the annual meeting of the national of,that for those Democrat voters but then,when everybody hits the field it's about,the passion and people connect with,people or they don't never would have,predicted the Bernie Phenom yes I,wouldn't have predicted the Trump Phenom,you know they just get out there and,people have momentum what do you think,how do you think that does that speak,about Biden or who else in the field do,you see on the Democratic side that has,that kind of passion it's really,interesting coming up Biden Obama it,also turned down Oprah for the,endorsement absolutely and use these I,think is is on its face trying to,contextualize,amongst Democrats that spin though that,I don't think washes and I think we,probably agree on that I understand I,wasn't trying to spin it out,here's my point here's the thing about,dogs always feel safe when I'm here,before we declared before we declare Joe,Biden a dud let's start going up you,know yeah I mean we cheered because,we're economic people but go ahead well,you and Kennedy cheer we did we did but,there's sort of two different things,going on with this speech as you lay out,the economy and then also some of these,red meat issues like immigration like an,attempted coup as he said against him,this Witch Hunt that he describes,because you have to get the base excited,and get them to turn out which is,essentially what the speech is but what,is ultimately going to win in the,election if he does win again in 2020 is,the economy,I mean I largely agree with what you all,said he also mentioned how everybody,wins on health care because they're,coming in and they say it's broken I'm,going to fix it and so they win and then,they get in and they don't fix it and,then the next group won't care okay good,I hope so that would be wonderful to see,just one day into the race and past,controversies are all right well that's,former Vice President Joe Biden on the,view this morning addressing criticisms,over his handling of the 1991,confirmation hearings for Supreme Court,Justice Clarence Thomas and the highly,controversial testimony of Anita Hill,Biden shared this or prepared for that,question that is a very good question,right so taking a step back briefly,years ago why did why does he call it,just a few weeks ago that's no different,than Michael Cohen reaching out to Karen,McDougall I'm sorry this is all for,political convenience and I don't blame,her for being offended I would be deeply,offended if I were being used as a,political Pawn in order to give him uh,some coverage and comfort room right,before he announces that he's running,for president it's offensive just how,big of a problem is this for Biden well,when we talked about this issue on the,couch a few weeks ago when the Lucy,Flores piece first came out remember I,said I think I needed on that all right,the Trump economy is booming I didn't,plan that but all right to read that,report with oven mitts it's so hot,president Trump touting the strong,economy at the NRA convention in,Indianapolis enough for the president,right now right now yes if it's,sustainable is still much lower what,does this say,it says that estimates were a lot lower,and we over performed that yeah that's,great because I love America yes,um,back to being a Democrat though so how,do Democrats capitalize on this they,capitalize What It Takes and and how,much influence does the federal,government have on economically I have a,question about it though like Harry,Anton pointed this out they like and uh,we're living in a weird time which is,fantastic we've got more outnumbered in,just a moment stay right here hello,thanks so much to the wonderful,inimitable guy then we'll treasure this,memory Friday for sure Friday we're,training to DC to get so if you're in DC,hop on our parties and we're riding the,subway together it'll be very exciting,if you're headed downtown,sometimes if this happens on the couch,we all commute together later on we all,live in in the same apartment as well,it's very odd very social thank you so,much and Liberty we celebrate freedom,always back here noon Eastern on Monday,now here's Melissa Francis in

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Lisa Boothe: This is the only way the border crisis stops

Lisa Boothe: This is the only way the border crisis stops

we have a shortage of workers in our,country and you see even in Florida some,of the farmers and The Growers saying,why are you shipping these uh,immigrants up north we need them to pick,the crops down here,need them to pick the crops house,Speaker Nancy Pelosi slamming Republican,Governors busting illegals because,they're needed in Florida to pick crops,Fox News contributor and Florida,resident Lisa Booth is here to react,Lisa great to see you Pete we just had,well we just had Kevin McCarthy here who,you know hopes to be the next speaker if,he said something like that can you,imagine can you imagine but she gets,away with it is this better or worse,than Jill Biden referring to Hispanics,as breakfast that's awesome I told the,audience I mean look Democrats have,really showed us their world view right,I mean if you voted for Trump you're an,extremist you're an enemy of this state,uh they think Hispanics should be out in,the fields you know out in the fields if,poor kids could be just as bright as,white kids if you're Joe Biden or you're,not black if you don't vote for him but,you know I think this is probably one of,the reasons along with others that we're,seeing this massive shift of Hispanic,voters to Republicans right I'm in,Florida Miami-Dade County now has more,among Hispanics there has more,individuals who are registered as,Republican than Democrat right and along,with all this other stuff this woke,stuff defund the police open borders I,just interviewed a Maximo Alvarez who,spoke so eloquently at the RNC,convention in 2020 warning us that if,Joe Biden was elected communism would,come to America and that's the concern,that so many feel that it's overtaken so,many of our institutions so you know in,part this world view that they've really,shown us and then in another part just,this terrible policy that we're seeing,it's an eminently condescending elitist,view that is held up by Elite so-called,Elite media in this town which probably,hasn't I'd have to check but it's not,like they're playing that tape on a loop,at any any other network well exactly,you know I mean she is from San,Francisco right so she is quite,literally a coastal Elite you have to,you know give her a little deference on,that I guess but but I think one thing,president Trump showed us because we've,really seen this shift with Hispanics,towards Republicans since Donald Trump,remember he said he said to minority,voters what do you have to lose right,things are terrible with Democrats what,do you have to lose you know and and I,think in part what he showed us is that,you don't have to embrace open borders,you don't have to embrace you know,importing mass migrants to to you know,to depressed Blue Collar wages right and,it also shows us how far Democrats have,come on this issue as well like there,was a time where Barack Obama was saying,that that if you import Mass migration,not only is it going to drain or safety,net but it's also going to depress blue,color wages yeah believing when they,talk now if I even voted for a offense,at one point Pete they still try to get,a little bit of the double talk bill,malusion was in the front row in front,of Nancy Pelosi asked do we have a,secure border she said we are working on,it we should have one I mean they know,it's politically at this moment terrible,for them but they can't resist the open,borders crop yeah but what was one of,the first things that Joe Biden did when,he took office do you remember he he,halted deportations for a hundred days,yep that was one of the first steps or,own the DHS secretary mayorkas has said,that crossing the border illegally is,not grounds for deportation this is the,Department of Homeland Security,secretary we have open borders we're not,a Sovereign Nation anymore it's,abundantly clear there's no effort to,stop this Mass migration that we are,seeing into the country and it's from,everywhere it's from all around the,world now you know and then what we're,saying with a lot of these places that,every town is a Border Town now right,we've got Sentinel pouring over we have,terrorists coming into the country,criminals coming into the country and,there is no effort and the only way it,stops is for Americans to turn out this,November and they say you know we've had,enough of these policies that are,destroying the country we've had enough,and that's the only way you've got to,send a message we're seeing that type of,backlash as will and I broke down,earlier this morning in Europe we shall,see if it happens here in the United,States certainly merited uh by the way,you can watch the big Sunday show today,at 5 PM Lisa joined by Anita Jimmy and,Raymond don't miss it thank you don't,miss it thanks so much for having me I,appreciate it

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This is a 'middle finger' to Americans: Boothe

This is a 'middle finger' to Americans: Boothe

well President Biden has signed a,massive spending bill into law while,vacationing in the U.S Virgin Islands,after pushing his administration's,climate agenda just yesterday the,president tweeted about the existential,threat posed by climate change but just,hours later he had the Omnibus Bill,flowed to him for signature on a,commercial flight from Washington the,1.7 trillion dollar bill which is going,to keep the government open through next,September has some eye-popping items,courtesy of the American taxpayer 65,million for restoration of Pacific,salmon populations 3 million for bee,friendly highways 3.6 million for a,hiking trail named after Michelle Obama,Oh Kennedy they love to spend money on,silly things don't they,um yes they absolutely do and and so,everyone is now under the assumption,that government will fix everything when,really it's government causing all of,the problems that we experience on a,daily basis from Health Care to housing,and education there's no sector that,they can't screw up and you know this is,how they do it they're also as you know,going to make inflation much worse with,more government spending and I'm sorry,but museums shouldn't be funded by,taxpayer dollars a lot of these things,can be funded you know it's like start a,GoFundMe page and by the way Michelle,Obama she can foot the bill for a 3.6,million dollar hiking trail which is,lovely and the former first lady,certainly deserves it her family also,enjoys a 70 million dollar net worth,according to sources so I really think,that that they can handle that tab I,mean look this four thousand dollar,excuse me that 4 000 page Bill Lisa they,had to print it on paper how climate,friendly was that I'm just throwing that,out there and somebody on Twitter wrote,is this satire after Biden tweeted that,this is all about the existential threat,of climate change no but but it is a,middle fingerer to all of us and to the,taxpayer I mean that's what it is they,they steal their money light it on fire,and then ask for more money that's,essentially what they're doing and then,they just make the problem worse as,Kennedy pointed out but like regarding,the climate stuff if you think the,government can change the weather you,are a fool and we know that it's not,about the weather it's not about the,climate they said the Ice Age was coming,in the 1970s it didn't happen as we,talked about yesterday or the other day,everyone's supposed to be dead or not,and you can care about the environment,you can be a conservationist I mean you,look at the State of Florida like,Governor DeSantis cares about the,Everglades we protect our environment,there but you don't have to destroy the,economy destroy the livelihoods of so,many people in the process and you look,at what the Dutch government is doing,they're stealing Farmland from the,farmers in the name of nitrogen,emissions we actually think that's about,the nitrogen emissions or is it just,about stealing the land yeah and that's,what this is all about and also too you,know why they flew it there was for the,photo op for Instagram I wish they flew,it Southwest photo op Todd would have,never gotten there exactly Southwest,Colonel Southwest going to a fight sorry,yeah,um look the left doesn't care about the,environment they care about virtue,signaling if you've ever driven in late,at night which I do literally every,single night because I come in here in,the middle of the night you see a couple,things in environmentally friendly blue,New York City every single light is,still on even though nobody's working at,that time and the trash that piles up in,the streets contains your recycling,contains your regular trash contains all,those things so if they really cared,they would have actually do something,about it in their own City they don't,care it's all virtual signaling as for,the items in the bill itself Lisa knows,from my time this weekend with her my,favorite provision in the bill is three,million dollars for hamsters fighting on,steroids you know I'm a dick hamster,fight club,it's real finally it's finally happened,and look I'm not as opposed to the,hamsters fighting on steroids as a dude,I think it's hysterical some people may,attack me for being cruel but what I'm,upset about is the three million dollars,for it any dude can go on the streets of,New York City gives hamster some juice,and watch them beat the crap out of each,other the serious part of this is you're,working hard probably on a holiday week,to raise money before you're going to,make money for your family the federal,government is taking your hard-earned,money and putting it towards stuff like,this imagine what you could do with that,money for your family that's what's,sickening about this yeah is it New York,City just a Fight Club it is,we don't even need the hamsters you,don't even need the juice yes cool I'm,gonna Cheryl the thing that bothers,first of all there were some things in,this package that I was okay with,they're doing away with some co

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Lisa Boothe: Biden destroyed the US in 'record time'

Lisa Boothe: Biden destroyed the US in 'record time'

President Biden is addressing a possible,re-election bid in 2024 but his delayed,response has everyone and I mean,everyone talking about the real truth,behind his answer watch,the reason I'm not making a judgment,about formally running and not running,once I make that judgment a whole series,of regulations kick in and I have to be,I treat myself as a candidate from that,moment on I have not made that formal,decision but it's my intention my,intention to run again and we have time,to make that decision,uh Dr Biden is for it,Mr President oh Dr Biden thinks that uh,my wife thinks that uh,that I uh that were that were doing,something very important,and that I shouldn't walk away from it,wow I was on Jesse Waters last night,when that video was released and the two,of us honestly for the first time ever,in both our lives I'm pretty sure were,speechless,um that was scary Lisa well it is I,don't believe he's going to run and,that's why he's not announcing that's,why he's sort of hedging his Bets with,it look the Americans don't want,Democrats don't want this the majority,of Democrats don't want Joe Biden to be,their guy heading in 2024. you've got,candidates like Tim Ryan in Ohio being,like yeah I don't need him to come,campaign with me don't campaign with me,Joe although I do think Joe Biden wants,him to run I mean you guys remember that,photo she posted last year on Air Force,One saying she was getting ready for the,G7 at the president's desk we all see,her manhandling him around like his,caregiver which is you know really elder,abuse I mean the guy also got manhandled,by the Easter Bunny at the Easter Bay,egg roll uh but you know look what does,he have to run on I mean in two years,he's destroyed everything we've got open,border 40-year High inflation gas prices,at record highs he's destroyed the,country in record time so I do not,believe that that guy is going to be the,Democrat nominee they're going to push,him out after they get crushed on,November 8th uh okay I I mean first of,all when he was addressed by the the,name Dr Biden he actually seemed like he,didn't know who that is not really a,doctor I know but he was even confused,he's like wait are you oh you're,referring he's like oh no exactly,caregiver but uh Sean go ahead let me,disagree with Lisa okay so oh whoa yeah,I'm all up for a debate go for it I'm,coming in high I I think that yeah so if,if Joe Biden wasn't going to run for,reelection he would actually announce it,that would be good for Democrats in the,midterm you don't want right Biden in,the Forefront of Americans Minds as they,go to The Ballot Box to your point he,has been an unmitigated disaster the,problem he has though is it's immense,power the power of the presidency is,real people don't want to give it up I,mean the only one who's really given up,is George Washington right Joe Biden,doesn't want to give it up it's going to,be his Partners in the media or his,Partners in the Democrat Party that will,force him out out but he will go Kicking,and Screaming he wants to stay and,that's why he doesn't announce it right,now Joe allow me to retort yes,thank you no way he announces now before,a midterm that he's not running again,that is a confession that his policies,on inflation on crime on the border on,student loans on everything has been,wrong I I think that would be a white,flag of surrender and Democrats would,look very very foolish yeah if he said,I'm not running anymore because then,that literally says we screwed up we,know it and our leaders go can I just,say that I do believe that a woman in,the household should make all the,ultimate decisions except for when,you're in the white house so my question,is who's making the decisions who is the,decider uh there's an NBC news article,that says Jill Biden's unparalleled,influence and impact on the president I,personally believe that Jill Biden if I,were her would not want her husband to,rerun because at the end of his term if,he were to be re-elected he would be,86 years old I mean 86 years old I don't,know how many people you know 86 years,old that are completely my dad yes,you're right you're right you're right,there's a lot of basics who are actually,with it yeah and these people I'm not,playing the power but I'm saying do you,think that they're ready to take on four,years in the world you know eventually,these people go to DC to enrich,themselves they're drunk on Powers and,the bidens are the perfect example,they've been part of the swamp for,something like 50 years do you think Joe,Biden in any real world private sector,experience would be able to make any,money we're worth millions of dollars,the guy is an idiot he can't even,complete sentences and that was before,the cognitive decline with his old age,so Jill Biden wants that power they're,drunk off of it and they want the cash,flow that comes in with Joe Biden you,know being in public office let's be,clear I was never able to figure out how,to get rich in politics right that,didn't happe

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