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Trump BLASTS Lincoln Project in Twitter Rantwell there's something out there called,the Lincoln proj

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

Trump BLASTS Lincoln Project in Twitter Rant

well there's something out there called,the Lincoln project I'm sorry I'm gonna,try to say this with this straight face,there's something out there called the,Lincoln project it's very serious and,what it is is there's this gigantic,group of losers,they call themselves never Trump and,they've decided long ago that they,weren't ever gonna vote for Trump and,we're Republicans and we're not voting,for Trump and since Trump has actually,been really great for a lot of the,conservative causes up until about two,months ago that made them all look,really dumb they kept just opposing,things they'd always claim they stood,for and now they started this group,called the Lincoln project they're,they're Republicans against Trump and,well I mean here's what it is,there's mourning in America today more,than 60,000 Americans have died from a,deadly virus Donald Trump ignored with,the economy in shambles more than 26,million Americans are out of work the,worst economy in decades,Trump bailed out Wall Street but not,Main Street this afternoon millions of,Americans will apply for unemployment,and with their savings run out many are,giving up hope,millions worry that a loved one won't,survive kovat 19,there's morning in America and under the,leadership of Donald Trump our country's,weaker and sicker and poorer and now,Americans are asking if we have another,four years like this will there even be,an America,paid for by the Lincoln project which is,responsible for the content of this,advertising not exactly exactly an,uplifter Trump as you can imagine did,not take too kindly to these people so,bear with me,Trump went off and I'm gonna go ahead,and read all of it for you why,well does I want you to be informed,that's part of it and - I like the sound,of my own voice quote a group of RINO,Republicans who failed badly 12 years,ago then again eight years ago and then,got badly beaten by me a political first,time or four years ago have copied no,imagination the concept of an ad from,Ronald Reagan morning in America doing,everything possible to get even for all,their many failures,you see these loser types don't care,about 252 new federal judges two great,Supreme Court justices a rebuilt,military a protected second amendment,biggest ever tax and regulation cuts in,much more I didn't use any of them,because they don't have to win and their,so-called Lincoln project is a disgrace,to Honest Abe I don't know what Killian,did to her deranged loser of a us moon,face but it must have been really bad,John Weaver lost big for Kasich to me,crazed Wyck Rick Wilson loss for Evan,McMuffin McMullen to me sorry Steve,Schmidt and Reid Goffman loss for John,McCain Romney's campaign manager,question mark that's so random the,question mark question mark lost big -,oh and Jennifer Warnes got thrown out of,the New Hampshire Republican Party there,are all the losers but Abe Lincoln,Republican is all smiles,all right all right it's serious it's a,serious news show hey thanks so much for,watching the first on youtube if you,liked what you saw go ahead and like and,subscribe you heard me like it subscribe,you'll get a lot more of it and a lot,more me

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Lincoln Project co-founder: Republicans suffer from 'fear of mean tweets'

Lincoln Project co-founder: Republicans suffer from 'fear of mean tweets'

joined tonight by republican strategist,rick wilson a founder of the lincoln,project that's the political action,committee made up of former and current,republicans,trying to defeat president trump this,november he's also the author of,running against the devil a plot to save,america from trump and democrats from,themselves,a newly updated version is now out in,paperback rick thanks so much for,joining us tonight,thanks for having me lindsay so let's,start with those explosive allegations,about reporter bob woodward's recorded,interviews with president trump back in,march trump has heard on audiotapes,saying about the coronavirus code,i wanted to always play it down i still,like playing it down because i don't,want to create a panic,and here's white house press secretary,kelly mcinerney today,the president has never lied to the,american public on covid the president's,been,very the president was expressing calm,and his actions reflect that,what's your response to that statement,and based on your political experience,is it unheard of for officials to try to,play down a potential,public health crisis it is unheard of,but but i think we have to address,the the outrageous lie that kaylee,mcinerney just made that the president,has never lied to the american public,about covet,we now have him on tape with bob,woodward,confessing that he knew that the disease,was deadly,in january and we have tape after tape,after tape,of donald trump going out and saying,things like it's going away,only a few people have it we'll have it,under control soon it's already,diminishing,it's going to disappear like magic all,these things that he said,when we could have been preparing this,country for the humanitarian and,economic disaster that covetous caused,it is a day of uh i mean bob woodward,has always brought some amazing,revelations to the fore,but these are in donald trump's own,words on tape,on the record it is really hard even for,the spin machine around donald trump to,pretend,that this is not a messaging disaster,for this presidency,dr anthony fauci defended the president,today saying he doesn't think trump,distorted what he,said about the virus does that support,the white house claim that trump has,been listening to his medical experts,and has been truthful to the public,no it doesn't support the white house,claim and anthony fauci has run a very,narrow,pathway through this whole thing he's,tried to manage this president,and the fact that he demands a level of,loyalty that often strains credulity,while trying to maintain his role where,he is uniquely positioned to help this,country fight back against this,against this disease so i think that,donald trump's,you know the the outright evidence of,his lies is is overwhelming,and anthony fauci is a smart internal,bureaucratic infighter and player,trying to maintain his position in this,process so that we don't have,you know some random trump sycophant,placed into that job,so far today we haven't heard much from,republican leaders about bob woodward's,book mitt romney being an exception of,course why is that and,do you expect anything to change before,the election,i do not and it's a phrase that i've,used a long time now,it's fomt fear of mean tweets if you go,to any one of these senators no matter,how,how you know determined they are they,will say something to the effect of,well i haven't read it i haven't seen it,i haven't heard about it who is bob,woodward,what is a quote what is a tape i've,never heard the white house who where,what,they will pretend they don't know about,this they will pretend that they,are surprised and then when it's read to,them they will say i've got to verify,they will not step up and perform their,constitutional duties,because they are afraid of donald trump,tweeting mean things about them,that's the full stop that's what the,republican party has descended into,f-o-m-t we'll all remember that acronym,last week the atlantic reported based on,unnamed sources that trump has called,american soldiers called,losers and suckers the president and his,allies have flatly denied this,your group put out an ad based on these,allegations but are you concerned that,they come from,unnamed sources i mean if it's true why,wouldn't these people just come out,and say yes i am the one who said that,he said that,well unnamed sources have a long,tradition in journalism uh jeffrey,goldberg of the atlantic is an,excellent well-considered reporter the,atlantic is a storied publication,these are unnamed but they are not,unknown they have vetted the credibility,of the,these individuals and they have,determined there are reasons to allow,them to be off the record,in this piece and so i don't really have,a lot of concerns about that,and it's also consonant with things that,donald trump has said publicly you know,calling john mccain a loser because he,was captured,calling george herbert walker bush a,loser because he was shot down,on his 58th combat mission over japan in,world war,

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Rep. McCarthy’s speaker term may be ‘short and painful’ amid compromises: Lincoln Project co-founder

Rep. McCarthy’s speaker term may be ‘short and painful’ amid compromises: Lincoln Project co-founder

we are looking at live pictures of the,floor right now where the vote for house,speaker is still underway now in its,fourth day this is the longest that this,type of vote has gone on since 1860,Congressman Kevin McCarthy has now lost,13 bids picking up though several key,GOP holdouts earlier this afternoon we,want to bring in Rick Wilson he's a,co-founder of the Lincoln project Rick,it's great to see you here so certainly,has been a debacle here for the GOP over,the last several days McCarthy though,gaining some momentum to put a positive,spin on this picking up 15 of those,holdouts what do you think is he going,to get enough,you know he's going to sell off every,valuable asset of the speakership until,he gets this sort of hollowed-out husk,of what the job used to be,what he's done is compromised with,people who want to destroy the ability,of the speaker to manage the house to,lead the house they want to be able to,disrupt any proceeding from the floor,they want to be able to remove the,speaker at almost at whim and so I think,what's happened is you know he's getting,he's going to get what he wishes for in,the very end of this thing but it's,going to be such a compromising position,that his term as speaker will be short,and painful,it is brutal to watch unless you're,watching C-SPAN Rick which has been,killing it up 150 60 percent,um in the end here how does this damage,the party the brand,well look the brand has been,fundamentally altered in the era of uh,in the post-trump era the brand has,become less ideological and more,performative it's become about owning,the libs it's become about you know,exercising the the the the the the the,entertainment complex of what the GOP,used to be you know it is no longer,about limited government and fiscal,restraint and and and government staying,out of individual liberty now it's about,this big culture War idea and this again,the the idea that you have to everything,you do has to be this fox friendly,performative show,um and I think it really the the party's,Evolution into chaos this isn't the last,part of the dance but you know this is,for the last six years we've seen the,party become increasingly disconnected,from reality with Q Anon and big lie,election conspiracy theories and all,these other things that have slowly LED,it to this place where we're at today,and look he even though people are,trying to frame this as Kevin McCarthy,is the normal guy of the hundred and or,the 200 members who support McCarthy 143,of them are active election deniers at,the minimum and so you know the the,craziness of the GOP has become more and,more Central to the brand as time has,gone on so what when we talk about the,future of the party where do we go from,here any odds that the GOP will be able,to come together get some sort of,Support over the next two years never,mind bipartisan support which we haven't,even talked about yet,I mean look I I I'm a I'm a center-right,you know fiscal and individual liberty,conservative I don't have a political,party in this country I can go to right,now and I think there's going to be an,increasing sort of Gap in in what the,Republicans uh Legacy brand communicates,to a lot of Voters and what the current,brand really is and as that as that,diverges you know you can keep all the,you can keep all the labeling and The,Branding but it's not going to be the,same thing,um and I think you will find voters,eventually starting to do what they did,in 2020 uh and in 2022 that our group is,very good at the Lincoln Park is very,good at is splitting off those those you,know educated conservatives and upper,income conservatives and saying is this,really you is this your thing do you,really want to spend two years,um uh blowing up the economy by by debt,sealing chicken and you want to spend,two years investigating Hunter Biden's,laptop or do you think the party should,represent something different and better,yeah so it's going to be a very it's,going to be a significant challenge to,retain uh the more educated parts of the,Republican cohort yeah I think this is,what Mitch McConnell's been fearing and,in fact warning of for years now Rick I,can't help but wonder what this means,when we go to 24 and in terms of a,republican nomination for presidential,candidates how does this play out on a,grand stage when the party is going to,pick its nominee,you know look there there is a lot of,talk from a lot of ambitious people from,Ron DeSantis to Josh Hawley to Nikki,Haley to Christy gnome to Ted Cruz that,you know all these people think they are,the next Incarnation they are missing,the fact that even though he is a,weakened figure in some ways Donald,Trump still has basically a hundred,percent Name ID with the Republican,Party he's in the race he's going to get,in the race these guys all have to get,on a debate stage with him and at the,end of the day even if he's holding 20,of the Republican vote when he goes then,to Iowa New Hampshire and South Carolina,in 2023-24 and these

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LPTV: The Breakdown – July 26, 2022 | Guest: Stuart Stevens

LPTV: The Breakdown – July 26, 2022 | Guest: Stuart Stevens

hey folks a happy tuesday to you i am in,a undisclosed location today doing some,undisclosed things all for the good of,the order the good of democracy and the,good of you our viewing audience uh,wanted to welcome everybody tonight tara,is off she is taking a much needed quick,break she will be back with us on,thursday where we will continue our,usual hijinks frivolity and,lighthearted uh i hope that all,of you have had a terrific weekend we've,got a few things going on here tonight,there's a lot of stuff in the news i,want to get to as much of it as we can a,little bit later in the show i'll be,bringing in my good friend stewart,stevens who is a,brilliant observer of the american,political scene for a very long time and,one of my good friends so,with that,i just want to start out with matt gates,because,there's a technical term in american,political science you may have heard,he's an,now matt put on a big show this weekend,at the turning point usa,teen youth boond rally for the trump,human,um but,you know it turned out that matt decided,he was going to deliberately hear some,controversy um and and to outrage a lot,of people on the left the right and the,center,by insulting women which you're not,surprised by i'm sure,but i want to say,the thing about matt gates,is he's credibly accused of allegedly,allegedly paying for teenage prostitutes,allegedly with venmo allegedly and by,allegedly i mean he's under,investigation for all those things so he,really doesn't have a whole lot of room,to talk about what kind of women,what women do with their bodies and what,their business is with their own bodies,so i just want to i want to point that,out we're going to show you a little,something about how we responded at the,lincoln project to matt at the end of,the show tonight i hope you'll stay,tuned for it because it's quite a lot of,fun and it has caused the heads to,explode on the among the usual suspects,in in right wing world,so,um the second thing i want to talk about,that i think is a pretty big story today,is that,the pence crew including mark short as,former chief of staff,are fully cooperating now with the grand,jury and the one six committee we're,seeing more and more folks from that,world talking to the 1-6 committee and i,wonder if it's because trump tried to,have them murdered,i mean i wonder it's it's a puzzler it's,a poser it's a nutty proposition and i,don't yes that's why they're doing it,because as much as mike pence wants to,be president he's not going to be,there's no world there's no universe in,which mike pence leads,ends up being president unless every,other candidate in the world,mistakenly instead of going to the,presidential debate shows up to the,hungry wolf hour in a steel cage it's,not going to happen,but i think his people have finally,realized that if they don't tell the,story of the role pence played then he,will go down in history as just a patsy,for trump that trump tried to have,murdered at the end it's a fascinating,sort of perspective but his people are,now cooperating in a probe that will,lead to the department of justice being,better able to make a case against,donald trump and i love that for us,i don't care about mike pence one way or,the other,he is a he's a weak man,he was a weak vice president he's weak,morally politically personally and and,he was around for the entire party,of the conspiracy of months and months,and months ahead of time of saying oh,you know donald's gonna have the,election's gonna be stolen he knew,months ahead of time his people knew,before the 1-6 riot what was going on,they had knowledge of the plots to,overthrow the election and they did,nothing now look do they want to get out,of it now absolutely do i blame them on,one level absolutely not,are they still a bunch of yes,absolutely,so i just think that's a fascinating,moment you had mike pence and donald,trump in dc today both putting on um you,know some warm-up act shows for the 2024,election,and,you know i'm not convinced that donald,trump hasn't lost quite a few steps,but he is still a formidable force,inside that party and he is still a,formidable source of,of wrong information,speaking of wrong information,i,as you know it is tuesday,and we're going,and on every tuesday we try to give you,the one thing you truly love and that is,last week in the republican party,i'm ted cruz and my pronoun is kiss my,ass,no one they cared no one paid attention,no one was looking at what they,certainly did i was on crack,i also call myself a christian,nationalist,and that's not a bad word nursing homes,typically don't vote too much you know,people are dying well every state must,uh,must sanction and permit gay marriage,um i think that decision was clearly,wrong when it was decided and they will,do things like woke back i have never,been an escort,for senator ted cruz and so this house,of the dragon that flies the dragon,banner the dracul,rule the planet why is it,that,the women with the least likelihood of,getting

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LPTV: The Breakdown After Jan 6 Hearing – June 9, 2022 | Hosts: Tara Setmayer & Rick Wilson

LPTV: The Breakdown After Jan 6 Hearing – June 9, 2022 | Hosts: Tara Setmayer & Rick Wilson

welcome to the breakdowns post hearing,breakdown we start right now,welcome to this special edition of the,breakdown post january 6th prime time,hearing the first one,uh rick that was,devastating in my opinion and um,this is going to be a hell of a ride for,the next couple of of hearings if the,first one is any indication of it wow,you know i've been as short on the,committee pulling this off as any human,being on earth,and i was absolutely wowed it was,great television and i don't mean that,to trivialize it i mean that because,americans primary modality of absorbing,their news is television that's right,and that was a that was a performance,um i think wisely chairman thompson who,framed it on the front and framed it on,the back in a very emotional and,patriotic,um feeling uh,opening at part of this,i thought that was enormously important,the way he did that,but then he switched it over to liz,cheney who proceeded to go out,um beat down,donald trump his enablers her republican,colleagues the proud boys the oath,keepers the rioters,with a baseball bat and after she was,done she hosed the floor off and then,salted down the earth,with it and i mean it was a it was a it,was an absolutely stunning performance,on her part yep and it has surgical,precision it has had i think a very,interesting and i'm checking my twitter,on the other screen an interesting and,immediate effect the right wing trolls,are out screaming as long as they can we,don't care we didn't pay any attention,at all to that hearing especially the 17,minutes,they absolutely,are losing their minds they actually had,the how many minutes she she spoke 17,minutes of liz cheney,i also have to say the most important,thing they weren't watching right the,most important thing in the entire,presentation tonight i think was the,release of a,large neutral video footage no one has,seen before oh and it doesn't make the,one six protesters look any better no,there was an argument for a while like,well you're only taking a couple,selected clips and everyone else was,mostly peaceful,this was not a peaceful assembly this,was a violent mob,they were they were horrific,and the things that were getting,revealed tonight,have shown you the tip of the iceberg of,what they know in the committee just the,tip of the iceberg i'm glad that you,said that because,before in our pre-show we were talking,about what we expected to see tonight,right and i said that i hope that they,laid out an overview of what we were to,expect to keep people on the hook so,they had an idea of what was coming,and they certainly did that with,better than i could have ever expected,liz cheney methodically went down a list,of what was going to happen in this,hearing the next one the one after that,the one after that and the one after,that,and each one built on top of the other,and the overarching theme,was that donald trump is at the center,of this and,she came this close to saying that he,you know that he was he should be,criminally charged she used the phrase,one word several times,and that word was illegal illegal,illegal and illegally that's right,that's right and that was on purpose,everyone was a very carefully considered,decision,that was a very carefully considered,sprays strategic,marker in this entire thing um and the,fact that that they also flagged very,clearly that some of her colleagues had,asked for pardons,also shows you she's not going to take,any prisoners on that front either yes i,tweeted out that that is part of section,3 of the 14th amendment and we've we've,had discussions about this before we had,guests on last year not long after this,when there were rumors of this but we,didn't have any names yet and it wasn't,confirmed and that my ears perked up,when she said that because now,she's naming names,and at least one that was scott perry,was one of them and others she said i,suspect we're going to find out who,those people were who were seeking,pardons preemptive pardons from trump,because of their role so that that tells,me that they that they knew what,they were doing was illegal and they,were in big trouble,and no not one of them deserves to ever,hold office again because they betrayed,this country that is treasonous in my,opinion what they did and there's a,reason why that it was put in if any,anyone who held office or like they,couldn't hold office to be disqualified,from it if they were involved in an,insurrection or a rebellion against the,government it was after the civil war,there's a reason for that and you can't,tell me that what they engaged in what,they were doing wasn't that it was a,coup and benny thompson said as much,very clearly very sharply very clearly i,i look i think i think one thing and,there's a youtube,uh video that the committee has released,of all the footage from tonight,all the new footage of the attack on the,capitol is that the tick tock,no,is it difficult yeah yeah that yeah the,tick tock video i thought you meant like,the singing and dancing oh no

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LPTV: The Breakdown After Jan 6 Hearing – July 12, 2022 | Hosts: Tara Setmayer & Rick Wilson

LPTV: The Breakdown After Jan 6 Hearing – July 12, 2022 | Hosts: Tara Setmayer & Rick Wilson

further evidence that american carnage,was trump's true legacy the breakdown,special edition starts now,welcome to the breakdown's post january,6th hearing special edition i'm tara,stetmayer this is the rick wilson who is,joining us from a an important trip and,we're glad that he's able to make it,because,another hearing another set of bombshell,facts another um,just emotional roller coaster for me as,a viewer again watching this,particularly what happened toward the,end and how they wrapped it up with,their with the witnesses and just,rick there was a lot to go through here,and um i i want to start with you and,what were some of your big takeaways,because i know what some of mine were,but let's start with you,i want to begin at the end in a way tara,because the last seven minutes of the,hearing today,uh well almost the last seven minutes,uh congresswoman cheney spoke a little,bit after that but congressman raskin in,a seven minute absolutely,stellar and emotionally wrenching,performance,laid out what you said in the beginning,the legacy of american carnage and that,legacy is created by donald trump,extended by donald trump from the moment,he swore that oath like any and he,didn't take it seriously like every,other,life,in january of 2017,we were on a downhill spiral of chaos,and the inevitability of the violence of,january 6 that would resound,throughout our history now,as a dark moment in our in in this,country,and,and i think we're going to clip it folks,we'll post it online for you later but,congressman raskin really expressed it,in a way that just,that just brought it all together to the,point we've come to in these hearings,they knew,that the big lie was a lie they knew,trump had lost the election,and there were people all around him who,knew,that he wanted a violent,moment on january 6 to occur he wanted,the shock he wanted the terror he wanted,the fear,of his mob in the minds of congress,we now know that many people in the,white house were aware of what was,coming we now know from these draft,tweets,that,that donald trump was was expecting,a large crowd to march to the capitol he,wanted them he was going to exhort them,and did so,and finally,raskin reminded us of of some of the,human toll not just the not just the the,big picture toll on our country and the,fabric of our nation but on people like,officer gannell,yeah guys,watching them sit there,that line of men and women who defended,the elected members of congress many of,whom have gone back to being trump,worshipping toadies,and who defended our country that day i,think today's hearing,was a really important reminder,just how much planning was going into,january 6th just how many people were,involved and frankly just how many,people in the white house knew what was,happening absolutely that's what i think,was the most important moment to me,before you go any further rick i i for,those who did not get a chance to see,the hearing or or turned off when they,started to uh you know um closing,statements i i want to read a little bit,of what jamie raskin said um and,the congressman joined we're speaking,recently and if you guys haven't seen,that episode it's on demand on our,channels go back and watch it he's just,absolutely brilliant,and um he is so passionate and and,honest in his approach to his dedication,to his job into our constitution that,it's infectious this is what he's some,of what he said he said trump tried to,take one of the major parties down the,path of authoritarianism in abraham,lincoln's party no less he said american,democracy is a precious inheritance,something rare in the history of the,world and rare even today constitutional,democracy is a silver frame upon which,the golden apple of freedom rests which,is a quote from lincoln,he said we need to defend both our,democracy and our freedom with,everything we have so that this american,carnage ends here,and now reading that i get mike i get,goosebumps again i got goosebumps,listening to him and i'll tell you,another moment that struck me and again,we're going to start from the end and,work our way back,um,for those who didn't see or for those,who did we had two witnesses today one,was a former oath keeper who,saw the light and came forward and,talked about how god-awful that,extremist militia or paramilitary,wannabe group is,the other was a guy named steven ayers,who was just a trump lackey he was a guy,who followed trump who held on to every,word he said this he admitted it himself,he went to the capitol that day because,trump told them to,and he was charged with uh illegally,entering the capital and we all know,what happened,with the chaos that ensued at the end of,the hearing there was a two there were,two very powerful images that were,captured that brought me to tears twice,actually,steven ayers talked about how this,ruined his life getting involved in this,and how he'd finally seen the light and,but but this is,the cost that it that it it the toll it,took on him and his family,

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LPTV: The Breakdown – July 7, 2022 | Hosts: Tara Setmayer & Rick Wilson

LPTV: The Breakdown – July 7, 2022 | Hosts: Tara Setmayer & Rick Wilson

bojo is nomo the breakdown,welcome to the breakdown i'm tara,setmayer this is the rick wilson and if,you don't know who bojo is,it's boris johnson,our british trump across the pond his,his tenure there has come to a rather,eventful end and if you've been,following boris johnson's career rick as,many of us have because we have a,special relationship with the brits,they're you know they're our buddies and,you know we'd like to know what's going,on over there and they follow what goes,on over here,um i'm not surprised it ended this way,i'm i'm really not it was you know,mess i i met boris back in the 90s,couple times,he's a character he's a character and,and and i have a memory in new york city,of a very late evening with boris and a,number of other people and i will say,this,the drinking was epic,even by like pj or work standards right,the drinking was epic to the point where,i was out gassing,scotch for like a month you could have,set any of us on fire i do not know how,that evening was survived that's and,and boris was not shy in that in that in,that drinking party it was um quite,remarkable but you know,listen he looks like he's a rip-roaring,good time you know what i mean i i i,yeah when i say when i say that you know,he's the he was the british trump i mean,i use that loosely because he wasn't he,was gregarious and you know with the,hair and very um you know pugnacious in,certain ways but he wasn't he wasn't,doing anything that was a threat to the,british order of the government you know,what i mean outside like the you know,what i mean as as george conway and,david frum both noted you know the thing,about about boris johnson leaving power,is that you're pretty much 100 certain,he's not right now trying to whip up a,giant angry crowd to invade the houses,of parliament and overturn the,resignations of his mps,and and his pps's right it's just not,the same level not the same it's just,normal political populist clownish,showmanship right you know,and a kind of an oddball kind of a goon,i mean,and trump is also kind of a goon he's an,odd dude yeah so there is a there's a,little ett magic floating around in the,air there,because you know they call him the,british trump it's a good thing um and,and of course you know,he he can't really be forgiven in in a,meaningful way for,by a lot of people for basically lying,to folks,um on a number of fronts in the last few,months on covid on some hiring things,and a whole bunch of yeah that in,individually would probably seem,unimportant but in aggregate they,certainly added up to a lack of,confidence in his ability to lead the,party correct it was a series of things,and,i i had a chance to talk about it a,little bit i i guess toasted the,smurkana show today i'm sorry i saw that,congratulations thank you i've i've done,it before michael has has given me uh,the helm in the past which i'm very,honored that he trusts very generous,with his radio show three hours a day i,god bless them that's it's a lot of work,of three hours of live radio but i'm,doing it again tomorrow um but we talked,a little bit about this and it was you,know he already survived the no,confidence vote last month so like he by,the by the you know skin skin of his,teeth he made it and then it was just,too much they had seen 60 people resign,it was a mass resignation and the first,thing i thought because mo the people,who resigned were people in his own,party,they were the tories that said we're,done with you you've had enough you got,to go,and,why if only that,could have happened here in the united,states you know,i was in the uk one time when uh so uh,prime minister howard had two,broken,two prime ministerships and i i was,there at the end of the first one which,kind of had a mini collapse,and it seemed insane to me,back in the back in the i guess it was,the early 90s right,it insane to me like how much of this,was visible to the public and how it was,breaking and playing out and i was,driving around the uk listening to bbc,and i was like wow these people are nuts,i love this yeah and,and,you know,the level here,is fascinating because i do think it,speaks to something very important,there's a point where you can have a,hardcore populist base behind you,and still lose control,now,if you do that if you lose control in a,situation like johnson did it proves,something you still have a functioning,democracy you still have a,constitutional system that has has,internal dynamics and balances that that,checks that's yeah and checks that stop,people from,you know reigning,by just pure executive fiat that's right,and and the uk actually does have a,monarchy,you know,a parliamentary democracy is a complex,beast but in some ways the rules in,america,are simpler,yes the rules in america are more,explicit and more and more,you know publicly understood by,everybody you win an election you stay,in office you lose an election or you,commit a crime that gets you impeached,and convicted you lose the office right,it's not you

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LPTV: The Breakdown – July 19, 2022 | Guest: Michael Steele

LPTV: The Breakdown – July 19, 2022 | Guest: Michael Steele

welcome to the breakdown i'm tara,setmayer the rick wilson is not here if,you haven't noticed but,my very good friend special guest,co-host with me tonight former,lieutenant governor of maryland former,rnc chairman you've seen him on msnbc,michael steele is here with me to hold,down the fort tonight michael welcome,back what up how are you doing look i,i'm doing my best rick impersonation you,know you've got the care i'm working on,it you know and,i brought a little late night michael,steele with me so we're good listen we,all are here for michael steele after,dark i look forward to this it's like an,annual event,um you know oh well thank you thank you,the view i've seen you on my network at,msnbc i see you everywhere this is all,good,championing democracy in the cause,appreciation thank you thank you i'm i'm,trying to do my part to keep these,bastards honest and inform people and,make sure people don't get complacent,that they pay attention so we can save,this democracy because um we're in some,trouble yeah,you're going to get your mama skills on,that's what you do right right,well anyway um let's let's get right,into it so something that we do on,tuesdays is it's called last week in the,republican party and it's a mashup of,all the batshit crazy that happens in,the republican party from week to week,so we're going to run that and then you,and i are going to talk a little bit,about you know maybe some of your,reaction to what we saw and then get,into headlines so let's see i'm drinking,yes yes of course that is not just a,coke,roll it,ah,what a glorious day it is have you heard,the news,double vaxxed double boosted flip-flop,saucy reportedly has coven always stay,up-to-date on your coveted 19 vaccines,because i mean,it will give you coven 19. just like it,has balche and everybody else how do you,think they're going to surveil you under,the skin every member conservative inc,that backs this ukraine war is a simple,there was some,very,big big big,big everybody i only get but hate from,the democrat party they want to send me,back to mexico,pieces of evidence,cyber evidence one doesn't have to be,brilliant to attempt a coup uh i,disagree with that as somebody who has,helped plan coup d'etat,not here but you know other places from,the 2020 election,that we didn't even know before that now,we have offshore drilling isn't just,safe it's actually good for the,environment there was testimony that was,so blurry that i was having vision,issues i mean how is it that we classify,bacteria on mars as a life but not a,beating heart in the womb then there was,this testimony with such bad audio that,they needed scrolls on the bottom we,have got to grab hold of the children in,this country we've got to corral them,get them in a headlock and drag them off,into what my mom used to call force,family fun not enough to say we're,against you got to be against,women's rights too so much for this this,myth of separation of church and state,it's not enough to be against,blue-haired feminism you got to be as,women getting educated i'm going to,remind people right now that the largest,standing army in the world,are american gun owners,we've got over a trillion rounds of ammo,out there i'm like rosa parks with a,glock this is congressman ronnie jackson,from the great state of texas on behalf,of all the law-abiding gun owners in the,state of texas i just want to say come,and get it i put it another way you're a,bunch of,oh my goodness gracious so um michael,usually we just pick out one or two,things that just drove us crazy,i got my favorite but you go start go,ahead well you go first you're the guest,my favorite was uh uh ambassador bolton,he's like now i,i don't know if you call that a cool,i've done,right jake tapper was like hold on let,me come back to that did you did i hear,you just saying,please that you've planned coos yeah,that was that was wild that was during,the uh last january sixth hearing uh,that day and it was like uh i'm sorry,what,that's the whole thing the other a,couple of things that stood out to me,were just one the absolute sick twisted,gleeful way in which some of these,people were happy that uh dr fauci got,coven,that's just it's just that a morose sick,twisted you know,low-class typical thing of these people,just juvenile and um the other thing,though the two things and it kind of it,it's part of our conversation later,we're going to talk january 6th and some,stuff first in bannon but um,this idea of these lunatics that are,running for governor of pennsylvania and,arizona doug mastriano talking about,this myth of church you know separation,of church and state like this guy is,dangerous and then you have carrie lake,out there who's a q anon whack-a-doodle,in arizona um,making comments about those trillions of,rounds of ammo and the great largest,standing army in the world as you as,american gun owners i mean these people,are fomenting violence and you wonder,why january 6 freaking happened it's not,just trump so

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