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Lil Nas X Replies to Fans on the Internet | Actually Me | GQdo you guys want for me okay,what's up d


Updated on Jan 17,2023

Lil Nas X Replies to Fans on the Internet | Actually Me | GQ

do you guys want for me okay,what's up dis is lil nas ex and I'm,going undercover on the Internet it's,actually me Twitter I love this,Caroline Benison says without sounding,like I'm completely knocked down with,the kids but why does little nas ex,calls someone up panini,panini is a character from a TV show,called chowder and she was like madly in,love with chowder on the show she,represents like fans who love you when,you're small but like don't love you,when you get to like a certain height of,success pretty much post it velvet dark,says why does Lunas having eggs is this,like a final fantasy thing that I missed,in nine previous versions at will nas,yeah I'm gonna 10th version of a little,nas and when they were making us in the,factory you just you just came out this,way next bro how this little nas ex have,better media training than Scarlett,Johansson do I have a good media,training I didn't know I thought I was,pretty terrible in interviews actually,but uh thank you sorry Scarlett Avery,says Lunas ex you on Jeopardy tonight,how does it feel to be this famous I was,on Jeopardy,I didn't know I was on Jeopardy I'm glad,to go with that or something like that,intricate expenses says sir how does it,feel to be a drummer breaking hero that,refuses to be pigeonholed into modern,societies neat little behavioral boxes,oh my god they really meant that I don't,like this question it feels great though,high power says little knives and,scissor y'all down for a clap of course,posted this is a 1-8 you up after this,and we're gonna work on something,next up Instagram web ball Billy Ray,Cyrus wants you to remix all so what,brings the country vibe grad single love,needed somebody who's gonna kill the,remix and Billy Ray Cyrus's did that,next which artists influenced you to,pursue slash kick off your musical,career who loves to collaborate with,next no specific artists actually like,inspired me to start making music but I,would like to collaborate with you know,a lot of different artists like Drake of,course Rico nasty always mentioned her,ski mask hmm,the baby again maybe like a real,original song next okay we need a skin,routine hop in the bed and fall asleep,pretty much you know wash your face in,the morning I don't know I do what I can,post it who's the most shocking,unexpected person that reached out to,you in support,besides Billy Ray that will have to be,hmm maybe uh maybe like Justin Bieber,like posting the song when his story for,us like glowing that maybe yeah yeah,this is by 3d blood he's like yo NAS did,you ever get a little Lucy feature for,panini the fans want to know I did not,receive who is his verse maybe in the,future but not sad sad sad sad okay,Quorra this old town roll by lil,Nozick's a country song yes it is also a,hip hop song it is a country trap song,it is both yes how does little Nozick's,make money nas makes Ong Bak horse nas,make song about sandwich money come,did Billy Ray Cyrus helpful Nozick's yes,or no yes boom did little Isaac's create,a new genre did he invent country trap,music I'm not the inventor I don't take,credit but you know yes it's here and I,have something to do with it maybe it's,little nas X capable of redefining,American music culture will see him 10,years was Kevin Hart rule two little nas,ex and HBO's to shop uninterrupted I,don't think Kevin was intentionally you,know rude or anything,he said nice things do you think the NAS,X can sing without auto-tune let's see,whoa,oh yeah that's pretty good,the answer is yes Wikipedia he began,playing trumpet in the fourth grade and,it was first chair by his junior high,years but quit out of fear looking,uncool this this is true this is true,thought you can still play you know,reddit did learn Isaac's delete the,original Old Town Road version from,YouTube yes I did,in fear of copyright that's it signing,off the internet,closes laptop

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Lil Nas X's Problematic Past Debunked

Lil Nas X's Problematic Past Debunked

rapper lil nizex is making a lot of news,today over a new line of controversial,sneakers and a touching letter to,his younger self try this with any other,religious group than christians,during their holy days and naz might,find himself sliding down that pole,for real this is desperate and really,pathetic there was no way that i wanted,to take part in,even having the shoe in my possession i,didn't want to bring that into my crib,i know mina would have had a problem,with it i don't feel comfortable with it,little nice eggs is,doubling down on his demonic imagery,with the new nike release,quote satan shoes hello welcome back to,another video,today we're going to be talking about,lil nas x's problematic past i want to,say,i love all my subscribers i love all of,you guys and to,all the new people that are watching i,just don't love you guys,so if you click that subscribe button,i'll try to love you,no but seriously make sure to subscribe,if you like the video look guys i've,been wanting to cover this for a while,now and i'm so happy i can finally talk,about low nas x and this video is not,gonna be,me bashing on him or anything we're,gonna talk about the controversies,specifically the old twitter stuff about,his old twitter accounts i found that to,be very interesting but i want you guys,to know that i am,a supporter of lonas x i with this,music heavy i love what he stands for,i just really don't agree with how the,media's portraying him so if you don't,like that then click off the video but,i'm going to be,kind of defending lone sex in this video,make sure to watch the whole video,i don't want you guys to think yo tub,worship satan what the heck,no so for this video there will be three,segments the call me by your name music,video and satan's shoes controversy the,old twitter controversy which is coming,back up and,my opinions even though my opinion will,be sprinkled throughout this video,usually for these type of videos i have,a segment called context where i give,you guys context about the person i'm,going to be talking about we don't,really need context for low nausea we,all know he blew up with 2019's old town,road which went on to go,diamond that's insane that means it went,10 times platinum i think actually more,than that by now but anyway we know,how he blew up so let's go ahead and,talk about the satan controversy i don't,really know how else to call it if you,guys haven't already watched call me by,your name the music video which i'm,pretty sure you have i'm just gonna,summarize it really quick in this video,we see montero lamar hill,aka lona's ex in what seems to be some,type of garden where he makes out with,himself,aka a snake i think and then you see him,being taken to like a court of law and,then getting knocked out in which then,he rises to the sky,and comes back down as a stripper on a,pole,and ends up giving satan a lap dance in,which he well he kills satan i don't,know why people,aren't seeing the bigger picture it's,just people that want to demonize him,pretty ironic that it's a satan video,but here let me give you guys what he,actually wants you to think,so him making out with the snake,represents his first gay love because,obviously that was seen as a sin back in,the day people would say,hey if you're gay well sorry you're,going to go to hell which is so stupid,like if you think that please,unsubscribe to my channel no what and,then as you can see he's being dragged,out into this court of law and he is the,only person that is wearing a pink,outfit representing his femininity and,the blue representing the masculinity,which is why they then kill him with a,butt plug,and he ascends to the sky but then he,comes back down as,a stripper and he goes to hell this,represents him accepting that he's gonna,go to hell where then he gives satan a,lap dance and,kills him so this is all deeper than,what it seems like it's not just oh he's,trying to get,views no my guy he's gay and he's,putting his pain,into this music video as he said in this,letter to his 14 year old self where,people would just tell him that he's,gonna go to hell for being who he is and,loving who he wants to it's going over,people's heads people are just focusing,on the satan part yo,he like worships the devil and he paid,his way to the top bro,no another argument people bring up is,saying lil nazex is an icon for little,kids around the world because when old,town road blew up it was a kid's track,i'm not gonna lie i don't like old town,road to this day i think it's an,annoying song,i never liked it it's no denying that,old town road was a song,that captured the ears of many children,around the world which is why,old parents are saying why are you doing,this montero,you're supposed to be raising our kids,no dumbass,in case you forgot you're a parent,you're supposed to be the one that's,raising your kids,not a celebrity on the internet lona's,ex goes to say on twitter that old town,road was never really made for kids he,talks about chea

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Lil Nas X DESTROYS Kaitlin Bennett on Twitter, Conservatives Are LOSING IT over Montero Music Video!

Lil Nas X DESTROYS Kaitlin Bennett on Twitter, Conservatives Are LOSING IT over Montero Music Video!

the conservatives are incredibly mad about  lil noss's new music video because lil noss  ,may or may not have had sexual  relations with satan himself,hey cuties and welcome back to my channel for  another video if you want to join the cuties  ,fam all you got to do is hit that subscribe button  the like button little bell icon to get notified  ,when i make new videos all my socials are linked  down below including my instagram twitter tik tok  ,cameo patreon discord and my podcast which i know  i haven't made an episode in a while but a new  ,episode will be coming soon stay tuned if you want  to support me in any way that you can that'll all  ,be linked down below so before we jump into this  video i want to give a big shout out to some of my  ,patrons a big shout out goes to anton lindbloom  i hope i said your name right because i asked  ,you for the pronunciation and i'm hoping i did  it justice um also shout out goes out to jordan  ,because i'm so sorry i know i never shuddered  you out but you've been on my patreon for a  ,while now and i was like oh my god i forgot to so  shout out to you jordan i love my patrons with my  ,whole entire heart you guys keep this channel  running thank you so much for supporting me  ,in this extra special way love you guys anyways  let's jump into the video so today we're going  ,to be talking about the whole little nas x  situation if you haven't heard of lil ma's ex  ,have you been living under a rock he was the  breakout artist who sang the song i'm gonna  ,take my horse to the old town road i'm gonna ride  till i can't no more i got the horses in the back  ,he's uh he was the breakout artist with old  town road and then billy ray cyrus hopped on  ,the track and then it went like mega viral  and was on the top of the billboard charts  ,he became like a breakout sensation after that and  he just came out with a new song called montero  ,um in brackets call me by your name if you  didn't know montero was actually lil nos x's  ,real name little nas x is like a stage name or  like a pseudonym uh for him as a performer and  ,montero was his actual like real life human name  he got the idea for like the song and like the  ,call me by your name from the queer movie which  is actually i think really cool like he got a lot  ,of the kind of ideas for this song from that movie  and from like a real life experience he was having  ,which i think is like really awesome and he  said he really liked that movie and like the  ,queer representation and the idea of like calling  someone else by your name and that was kind of  ,like the inspiration for the song but also right  before he put out the music video he posted this  ,on his twitter and basically it was just like  a little letter to himself and it's a dear 14  ,year old montero i wrote a song with our name in  it it's about a guy i met last summer i know we  ,promised to never come out publicly i know we  promised to never be that type of gay person i  ,know we promise to die with the secret but this  will open doors for many other queer people to  ,simply exist you see this is very scary for me  people will be angry they will say i'm pushing  ,an agenda but the truth is i am the agenda to make  people stay the out of other people's lives  ,and stop dictating who they should be sending  you love from the future and then he signed  ,it lil maw's ex i think that speaks to like why  everything in the song and the music video exists  ,it's a commentary on him growing up not  only as a gay man but a black gay man which  ,the black community in the lgbtq community has  always been deeply intertwined but also has been  ,deeply against each other in so many ways so many  black gay and black queer and black trans people  ,have felt cast aside by the black community and  i think that has a lot to do with religion and  ,it's definitely a wound that like needs to begin  healing because there are so many black gay people  ,who are not only facing the oppression of being  a black person in society but who are also facing  ,the oppression of being a gay or trans person or  just queer person in general in society and that  ,is too much for one person to bear i think it's  incredibly traumatic to feel like you are being  ,exiled by a community that you're a part of so  that was definitely something that was very hard  ,for him growing up as he said in that note to  himself you know he promised himself that he  ,was going to die with this inside of him that he  was never going to tell anyone that he was gay he  ,was never going to let himself out of the closet  and now he's finally able to be himself and be  ,so comfortably himself in the way that's you know  that kind of gay man you know what i mean because  ,a lot of people will only accept queer and gay  people if they fit a certain image or they fit a  ,certain way of living if they resemble as closely  to a heterosexual cisgendered person that's uh the  ,digestible version of a gay person fo

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Lil Nas X Reviews “Old Town Road” Memes, Reddit, YouTube & Twitter | QG

Lil Nas X Reviews “Old Town Road” Memes, Reddit, YouTube & Twitter | QG

yo nas what's up what's up dude,I'm doing great epic gamers is actually,me Savi alright so on the same page,you're the guy that made that faucet,song right,hell yeah so yeah my stuff enough I've,got some memes for you and we'd love to,get your thoughts on it dream yes dream,seven all right that's me oh my god I,hate it so much,what so this name is actually lying not,true I never did this anyone you don't,get his name a previous from you heard,it here first guys you gonna stop it,Billy Ray Cyrus reversed on old towels,like funny thing about this and you guys,probably have been basically and yeah if,they're being hilarious what would you,give this meme nas I have 10 I would,give this a solid and the solid solid,seven next me nature no disrespect to,present nature yo Amy no way yeah this,is D we just like all on reddit just let,you just have to search Old Town Road,and read it and you find all of them and,somebody tweet that retweeted,you'll reach a tree that's it yeah yeah,I'll tweet that now use the same picture,and everything crops crop the bottom out,though you know you that emoji do it,right now like type the catching up yeah,any race the emoji I don't think,I like oh people like see tweeting the,image and then tweeting it yeah,stole them but some big sense after the,video comes out so it's all good yeah,that's a very tweet song do you accept,the furry community yeah we all love,bird I like that I like the Equality,really appreciate that YouTube is gonna,identify his voice just gotta go and hit,me up and tell me I'm in control of,who's taking out their videos yeah it's,like they imagine you being on your,laptop just copyright striking people,yeah you can't take down with music you,know what's cringe man thats actually,animal abuse yeah did you see the video,with like it was three guys in the car,who the horse in the back oh yeah I saw,that,oh it was hilarious yeah I have a,question lil nose do you play for,tonight nope I'll be played for nine,maybe twice,you know like around a time fortnight,was getting popular I started to do like,music stuff and it wasn't anything I,focused on her kind of kind of smart,like focusing on music instead of,fortnight I'm not a gamer but like,everybody on online is like even like,you guys yeah you really go to try,Minecraft sauce minecraft,yeah she likes full night you'll,definitely like this,minecraft right it's crazy I know,minecraft more from the memes in the,actual game show all right looks like,your most favorite game then if it,wasn't for fortnight or minecraft my,most favorite game,well everybody a real game baby game,there can you get is it like is it like,some mobile game like clash of clans,GTA everybody always been interested the,bed but nostalgia house meaning Kanye,and Kim like nas Kim with very like,night and he was like wow you're you're,better than Kanye not you go sounds like,you're about to ruin a marriage but not,include that part what's your opinion on,the recent cancelling like how many,times you've been canceled according to,Twitter the past couple weeks how many,times someone actually been can't do can,I send you a meme real quick yeah there,really wants your opinion on the oh my,god I know that another question I'm,guys what your favorite meme but it kind,of because like that you have changed my,life but with the cat the cat whipping,still the video it's like really low,quality yeah like you're doing well,right now,when it came to ticked away when did you,realize your music was popping marchis,when I download the app and I was,scrolling just rolling in like every,videos Old Town Road I was like what the,I had nothing to do with that part I was,promoting on my Twitter and then you,know tick-tock daily day by what do you,think of that like how like memes are,like shifting the whole like musical,industry basically I think it's great,for music in general because you know,like lately it's been pretty stagnant ya,know I feel like promoting your music,with memes is better than like promoting,it just,hang on everyone Oh to perform or,anything where do we get your memes you,post the most banger stuff how follow,funny people so you just steal them I,follow up funny people who you know,direct me to funny things you know,I'll search new stuff too and this is,random we come across something you know,but you know I'm a thief and I just feel,everything yes I was just nabbing that's,true,are you still going to meme old-time,road are you gonna stop I want to my,life even newer songs I mean everyone,died yeah it has a lot of free play,value actually how do you feel about,like your fast rise to success all of a,sudden it's just like a lil NAS,everywhere very great about putting out,and you barely getting any attention and,hold myself on the internet and you know,sitting on my phone like literally 24,hours a day you know for months it's,actually see it pop off this huge yeah,you know hey dolls basically yeah I was,like they use it they knew it was like,I'm a virgin or som

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Lil Nas X Top Tweets (2021 UPDATED)

Lil Nas X Top Tweets (2021 UPDATED)

suck my crap,here's one he retweeted me trying to get,rid of the gay after listening to,montero the album by lil nas x there's a,recent one 25 minutes ago he tweeted,this link you click on it it says this i,hate to admit it but little nos new,project is a masterpiece a blessing the,best thing i've ever heard and the,christmas gifts i never got i think,that's a great idea you click on it it,automatically tries to make it tweet,that i think that was creative on his,part montero the album drops in less,than four hours and uh it's a it's a,disgusting room with lois on the bed i,know this is another one that was a,retweet but uh this says going to get,pegged to the new lil nos x album,tonight what a champ uh here's one,having contractions he also tweeted this,some pictures of billboards that he put,up to promote the album this one says,are you single lonely and miserable you,may be entitled to financial,compensation do you miss the real,america visit welcome to to,see how we can take our country back see,that one's creative because uh a lot of,people who want the old america back,quote unquote probably aren't going to,like illinois sexes music just pointing,that out do you hate little nos x you,may be entitled to financial,compensation and the best one of all gay,you may be entitled to financial,compensation he pulled the drake drake,did this but i i think i think lone loss,ex did a little better spent hours,setting up my baby shower and no one,showed up some of the stuff he retweeted,about his album is also kind of great,like i've been saying this one i can't,wait to throw some serious ass to this,little nos x album on friday med gala,was fun i love when they did the,illuminati ritual here's another one,dream blunch rotation in the picture we,got jack harlow well not sex pete,davidson lu uzi and erica badu alright,page six posted lil nos x looks worse,for wear after vmas 2021 afterparty and,his response not y'all insulting a,mother for having a fun night out how,could they how could they here's,somebody who got mad that when you type,in baby video it's the third video that,shows up here's his response breaking,news local women shocked that search,results for baby included videos with,baby in the title mtv posted absolutely,screaming at my laptop rn with uh,pictures of lil nos x and he said can't,believe you guys photoshopped my belly,out my body is a beautiful pregnant or,not and for those who don't know he won,video of the year he said video of the,year ah suck my crap,entertainment tonight posted pictures of,jack harlow and he responds he fine asf,no homo someone said i'm getting ready,for my wedding when the album comes out,he said push your wedding back someone,also said lil nos album comes out the,same day my first essay is due he,responds you'll have a million more,essays my album only comes out once,choose wisely he also tweeted this,picture hope you all remember this,episode here's another one needed this,day off it's two pictures of him,pregnant at the pool y'all mad about me,being pregnant but silent the fact that,john wilkes booth shot president abraham,lincoln i'm up at 9 00 am arguing with,people on twitter can't find my,prenatals and i'm getting cramps from,this baby this is not my day man that is,tough nickelodeon posted a picture of,when cosmo gave birth and uh he responds,nickelodeon said y'all stopped acting,brand new la mao yeah like come on,nobody was complaining about that back,in the day what really hard finding the,difference between wanting love and,being extremely horny man and to finish,it off here's another one that just says,thursday night

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Lil Nas X, Jack Harlow - INDUSTRY BABY (Official Video)

Lil Nas X, Jack Harlow - INDUSTRY BABY (Official Video)

Baby back, aye,Couple racks, aye,Couple Grammys on him,,Couple plaques, aye,That’s a fact, aye,Throw it back, aye,Throw it back, aye,And this one is for the champions,I ain’t lost since I began, yuh,Funny how you said it was the end, yuh,Then I went did it again, yuh,I told you long ago, on the road,I got what they waitin’ for,Ion’ run from nothing, dog,Get your soldiers, tell ’em I ain’t laying low,You was never really rooting for me anyway,When I’m back up at the top I wanna hear you say,He don’t run from nothing, dog,Get your soldiers tell ’em that the break is over,uh need a,uh need to get this album done,need a couple number ones,need a plaque on every song,Need me like one with Nicki now,Tell a rap n****a Ion’ see ya, ha,Ima pop n****a like Bieber, ha,Ion’ fuck bitches I’m queer, ha,But these n****as bitches like madea,Yeah yeah yeahhhhhhh,Ay, let’s do it,I ain’t fall off, I just ain’t release my new shit,I blew up now everybody tryna sue me,You call me Nas, but the hood call me Doobie yah,And this one is for the champions,I ain’t lost since I began, yuh,Funny how you said it was the end, yuh,Then I went did it again, yuh,I told you long ago, on the road,I got what they waitin’ for (I got what they wait on’ for),Ion’ run from nothing, dog,Get your soldiers, tell ’em I ain’t laying low (bitch I aint runnin’ from nowhere),You was never really rooting for me anyway,When I’m back up at the top I wanna hear you say,He don’t run from nothing, dog,Get your soldiers tell ’em that the break is over,My track record so clean,They couldn’t wait to just bash me,I must be getting too flashy,Y’all shouldn’t’a let the world gas me,It’s too late ’cause I’m here to say, and these girls know that I’m nasty,I sent her back to her boyfriend with my handprint on her ass cheek,City talking we taking notes,Tell ’em all to keep making posts,Wish he could but he can’t get close,OGs so proud of me that he choking up while he making toast,I’m the type that you can’t control,Said I would then I made it so,I don’t clear up rumors,Where’s y’all sense of humor?,I’m done making jokes ’cause they got old like baby boomers,Turn my haters to consumers,I make vets feel like they juniors,Say your time is coming soon but just like Oklahoma,Mine is coming sooner,I’m just a late bloomer,I didn’t peak in high school, I’m still out here getting cuter,All these social networks and computers,Got these pussies walking ’round like they ain’t losers,I told you long ago, on the road,I got what they waitin’ for (I got what they wait on’ for),Ion’ run from nothing, dog,Get your soldiers, tell ’em I ain’t laying low,(bitch I aint runnin’ from nowhere),You was never really rooting for me anyway,When I’m back up at the top I wanna hear you say,He don’t run from nothing, dog,Get your soldiers tell ’em that the break is over,Yeah,I’m the industry baby,I’m the industry baby

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Lil Nas X being funny for 5 minutes straight

Lil Nas X being funny for 5 minutes straight

in high school what was your look and,whatever i could find,because i wasn't really having money,like that but you know i do now,yeah but what inspired you to uh do this,book,um i just really wanted all the kids,money um,i'm kidding uh they're like he'll never,have a song bigger than this,and it's like has anybody had a song,bigger than this like,and an avocado toast with some,cool stuff on it oh i didn't see this,there,i'm sorry guys how does little nazix,make money,nas makes song about horse nice make,song about sandwich,money come did your family know you were,gay,uh my dad and my sister but the same,month that i came out i told them pretty,much,i guess get him like a heads up uh-huh,like you know the internet very well,don't you yes,like very very well very what do you,think,once there's a covet vaccine i will,throw a party very again uh frightening,and yet uh,sexy um is that comfortable,i literally had you know my dad paying,my phone bill and,a twitter account so it's like i wanna i,gotta make something shake,because i'm not going back to work and,you know i have an amazing trainer,helping me so everything's going great,yeah velvet dark says,why does little knives have an x is this,like a final fantasy thing,that i missed in nine previous versions,of little nas,yeah i'm the tenth version of a little,noise and when they were making us in,the factory it just,we just came out this way next,if you do not know who he is he is an,iconic legendary i would say country,pop phenomenon and everything else you,won two vma awards and then,you decide to come out which is first of,all i mean,what's happening are you i know you're,working on one yeah i'm working on a new,album,it's all about sex and nothing else oh,i'm kidding,uh it's a it's a pretty great,when i said that in the studio about,everybody just kind of like looked back,at me it was like,everyone knows old town road it was,literally the biggest song in history i,know that song,how would you say to describe yourself,oh okay,i say like i'm becoming like a brave,person almost,becoming like kind of brave i'm i think,i'm pretty cool i'm cool,i'm handsome i think i'm handsome,don't you mean fenini is amazing and,me and daytrip got some other records,that are also you know pretty great,the first time i got drunk i what did i,do the first time i got drunk,i think i just danced around in my,family's basement,who's the man little naz is the man,who's the man little nas is the man,who's a man well nice is the man,did you ever get a little uzi feature,for panini the,fans want to know i did not receive,uzi's verse,maybe in the future um but not,sad sad sad sad,okay all right because you're very,good-looking,you're yeah yeah,thank you very good looking thank you,most,memorable part of that night uh,probably when i went to the script club,lizzo that was a pretty great time,you went to the strip club with lizzo,after the grammys,yeah and they were like playing our,songs and and scripting,a diamond and nine it was mine every,week what a time an incline guy was,shining on me i'm sitting at the top of,these starts 19 weeks it's like a,diamond nine it's mine every week it's,such a great time in my life,how fast things are going up you know,god's shining on me god's looking at me,he's like okay i with you,because we had a big in walk-in closet,we closed the door,and then blinked the lights on and off,and then say like,six six six or bloody mary and then,he swore he saw something that's exactly,what happened to me that's what i meant,like,that's exactly what i meant when i said,i was coming out of the closet would you,describe your look,right now i would describe it as amazing,rockstar cowboy rapper guy who makes,stuff and music my first celebrity crush,was oh sure,you

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Lil Nas X and Kaitlin Bennett CLASH on Twitter | Hasanabi Reacts

Lil Nas X and Kaitlin Bennett CLASH on Twitter | Hasanabi Reacts

hey if you like this video please,subscribe and hit that bell,so you don't miss out on any future,videos,who's caitlin bennett caleb bennett,booboo bennett is,one of my favorite conservative,commentators one of the brightest and,best minds of the conservative movement,uh famous for her pants at a, college party,back in kent state and also famous for,bringing a gun to,you know uh the the gun violence school,is that why,yeah that's why everyone says like boo,boo bennett like poop,poopy pant girl gun girl caitlyn bennett,says it's a week like these that i'm,thankful to be blocked by lindelof's,eggs a little nonsex tweets,quote tweet sarah says i still see your,tweets shitty pants uh,and caitlyn bennett much like the pastor,that we just watched,immediately hits the racism button,because when you don't have an argument,you know you can get a immediate,rise out of people,and own the libs effectively by just,being straight up racist,and being like lol you're black lol,which means you don't have a dad,a lmao like that's it it's like it's,like a child,like it's just so little nazix turns,around and says,uh do you still see your dad he says yep,and i might yours,which is a pretty effective uh own,pretty solid own,and uh of course some conservative uh,psychopaths immediately was like that's,rape well nazareth,little nazak says he's gonna rape the,father of,a conservative commentator like okay bro,chill the out you psycho,you sick freaks pretty good tweet except,the fact that maybe her dad wants to, little nas x i know,exactly like she can't even entertain,that idea that that video was hot oh she,said it herself,oh really anyway um so you know very,cool stuff from uh booboo bennett little,nasdaq's just,threatened to rape my dad i will also be,having consensual sex with your father,even you can't be stupid enough actually,nope they are stupid enough to believe,this or,they don't they just don't believe in,anything um you stopped for some,homophobia too oh nice let's see,the guy that takes it up the ass from,satan wants to talk about shitty pants,is that what happens is he satan,he does i think but,i feel like this is like i don't know i,don't think he him he just,he rode on him and then killed him uh,when they get on they just move on to,the next thing,no they just when they get owned they,just move on to racism does she think,the video is real yes,yeah i don't understand this hold on,wait a second why are republicans mad,didn't he kill satan,in the video why is everybody upset they,should be happy he killed satan i think,it's just because it's like a gay black,snaps his neck,why are they upset uh there's a meme out,there that uh,a booboo's uh a husband might have gone,through conversion therapy too by the,way i don't know if it's real or not,though,but i have heard this uh i have heard,this a lot,so that would also describe why she,would have like uh personal,uh grievances and a personal stake in in,advocating for homophobia,do they still does that still exist,conversion therapy yeah what the do,you mean,of course dude um it's just it is,you know milo yiannopoulos recently said,he uh,did gay conversion therapy or something,uh i don't think,adams says clowns like loneliness eggs,and i'm cardi b couldn't last 30 seconds,at a debate stage of the likes of,candace owens you can't last 30 seconds,in bed with your wife says little nausea,i mean it's kind of up now now,you have a you have a violent and,aggressive black man,murdering people you know conservatives,about the conservatives about to say,like uh you know,this black man is being scary and,violent and aggressive,just you know because they have nothing,they have nothing else,you know what i mean

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