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Studio Life: Lil Bibby answers Twitter questions from his fans.I still got what you need cold pizza,

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Updated on Jan 30,2023

Studio Life: Lil Bibby answers Twitter questions from his fans.

I still got what you need cold pizza,please,I still get what you need Co pills at,least selfish your boy little baby man,yeah me and that Lana finishing my,mixtape free crack - coming August 29th,make sure you go get it but uh I just,went to Twitter I asked do anybody have,any questions about free car - and a,couple people had asked a couple,questions don't wash them for you be are,a girl named Lila Lee @ly lily ax do you,personally think that it's gonna be,better than the first free card um yeah,I think so I think it's gonna be better,than free card free crack was a classic,classic mixtape it's gonna be hard to,top that but I think free cocktail is,probably better than free car go on I,got like a better production a couple,big names on that a couple of couple,features that free crack one didn't have,I think it might be better I don't know,that's for you guys to pick though all,right question number two is from a dude,named Lou young he asked did any,specific artist or album inspired oh the,way you crafted the tape um I don't I,don't think so I really just do my own,thing when I'm putting together tapes I,just golf the feeling the vibe that I'm,getting or whatever moves I'm in at that,moment but I'm gonna tell you this I,have been listening to a lot of jay-z,blueprint uh M&L Marshall my head was,still here I've been listening today and,a lot of Young Jeezy,Dilek motivation 101 so I probably was a,little inspiration,okay question number three it's from a,guy named Isaiah m'hidi he asked is is,one of the bonus tracks with Drizzy I,can't tell you that that's why the,abolish taxes it's a secret man,you'll know when the mixtape drops but,shut out to Drake - mommy Mel,reppin mommy right now okay,question number four it's from a guy,named Gloria Ortiz he asks what's your,favorite song on free card - my favorite,song hold on me check this of this my,favorite song will probably be that for,the low part - with Wiz Khalifa and,Juicy J or one of the bonus checks that,I can't tell you guys anything about,it's between those two so it's kind of,hard don't ask a lot of dope tracks on,that now no but it does - pie my,favorite question number column or this,oh let's try to get a straight face it's,your horrible you're good yeah I,question number five it's from a guy,named tickle deez nutz,Thanks there's not even a question but,this man said you my dad little bit,I'm not his dad and like he older to me,he did say on his day I was wrong with,these people we need one more than I,gotta be a girl this time,we got question number six it's from a,girl named Shana Shana she asked,I actually has any questions about free,car - she said me what's your number I'm,a Texas City it's not that easy you,can't chicken like that I would have,felt that last question is about a girl,named Wayne ISA Whitney so Wiggins she,asked where do you see yourself around,this time like here what do you expect,this time next year hopefully I'll have,album that's gone platinum and I'll,probably be I don't know I want to live,somewhere like when it's super cold,what's the coldest spot Alaska Australia,song what's the coldest all snow what's,driving in article an article like Green,Lanterns King shot like a gremlin and,article wellness all snow on the,mountain on the house by myself,just will walk around all snow I could,care of itself and I want to have two,snow dogs and um that's big strip of,girlfriend I could just sit in my house,and all my dogs and whatever it takes to,and I can just be by myself that's the,last question that free crack - August,29th make sure you go download it if I,decide to put it on iTunes make sure you,go by your to download it by it gonna be,the best mixtape you heard I don't think,you're gonna go sit like this and take,it make sure you get free credit to,squat your little digs shoutout move,behind the can chop the homie Bibby,make it right to get back to the 2k take,another he'll make sure you follow me on,Instagram and Twitter a little baby,underscore and this man he was there,going crazier that put a little part to,this man was freaking out man relations,are what a little part to I think I'm a,drop down early for y'all just be on the,lookout for them I'm gonna drop that,this week in his village a daily life,yeah a free perk to August 29th minute

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Studio Life: Lil Bibby answers Twitter questions from his fans. #AskBibby

Studio Life: Lil Bibby answers Twitter questions from his fans. #AskBibby

I gotta put it down my office runs it in,the town with the gobblers catching, flexing we go Robin,tell him up to ten oh we gonna problem,got 300 something we be mob who the ,around of you stopping,Timmy Gambino I'm a monster what's up is,little baby and I'm about to ask us some,questions from Twitter about free card,three the question is did you expect,free crack to blow up as much as he did,um really of course I did well I'm here,everything I do I expect this gonna be,bigger than like I thought it was gonna,be bigger than it was really I was,hoping but it did it did good you know,I'm saying it was like I'm sorry,well yeah it did good it did what it was,supposed to do I think what I got like,two hundred fifty thousand downloads on,that pill I think I released it to live,mixtapes first so and it picked up on,like all every website even that pivot,got like two hundred fifty thousand so,you did good yeah the question is when,is our wedding when is our wedding,let me see actually look first of all,I'm not getting married no test I don't,even know if I'm a getting married in,the first place she she is she nice but,um no wedding for me my no wedding for,me the question is when can we expect,the album um I'm thinking album may be,beginning the next year like top of next,year January February beginning or in,the middle of next year that's what I'm,gonna try to put out an album and the,question is what inspired you to start,working on free crack 3 um I don't know,I was thinking a couple other names but,I always knew I wanted to do a free,crack three because it's only right if,you got three like I didn't want to stop,at two I wanted to do three and I think,this is gonna,the last one so yeah it's from swimming,to do his name is Ed Marlon Whiteside,and the question is how the how the hell,did your voice get so deep um I,don't know my voice always been like,this is like I think seventh grade,seventh grade my voice was kind of crazy,and um I didn't used to talk a lot,because people used to laugh people used,to laugh at my voice you know I used to,hate when the teacher called me up to,like do like you know do in,front of the class I'll do it and people,would just be laughing in the back of,the classroom just laughing at BSU,that's why I didn't used to talk about,people used to laugh and I did my voice,was or no and I didn't always used to be,tal used to be short like 7th grade 7,and gray I used to be like 5 and 1 so I,was short with a deep voice with curly,hair and like that people used to,laugh every saw I didn't talk too much,and the question is how much do you feel,like you have progressed as an artist,since prepreg - um well I think every,artist that works on his craft like,constantly in the studio gets better but,with me I think it's like different,stages like I think I'm going through,it's like I rap about what I'm going,through at the moment so I think you,want to get a different look at things,for me on free character ekeus free,crack 1 it was early stages I was just,you know I was in the streets a lot I,was doing you know stuff like that so,that's what you got from free crack want,free crack - I was kind of getting used,to everything like the fame and the,whole process you know of like being,entertainer free crack 3 it's kind of,like I've seen a lot and um,I've seen a lot and I'm just just,getting better I'm just bettering myself,I'm just I've been studying a lot now,I've been reading a lot of books and,I've been stuff like that so freek,rectory I think you're going to get it's,going to probably be the best one,I don't know free crack one was probably,my favorite but I think free crack three,will be the best

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Lil Bibby: I Used to Beef with Rappers But Not on Internet, Everyone in Chicago in Gangs (Part 20)

Lil Bibby: I Used to Beef with Rappers But Not on Internet, Everyone in Chicago in Gangs (Part 20)

label wise what's next,um i'm gonna sign a few more artists do,you have anyone else signed right now,besides leroy,i'm in in the process of signing two,well i got this uh other artist name,clever that,he signed with post milan,you know grade eight productions you,guys have two home runs,yeah are you guys trying to be,like the next inner scope or are you,just happy being,the boutique label with just a couple of,artists,um i don't wanna,i'm assigned a few artists maybe like,five six max,for now i don't really like dealing with,too many personalities man,like yeah but i don't really mix well,with people so,with the artists that i signed like they,like family you know,well since last time that we had an,interview,we lost king vaughn mm-hmm did you guys,know each other,no never mind never met vaughn,um we also lost fbg duck,did you know him no no i interviewed him,i think i saw some of y'all interviews,yeah,uh you you know you've had,in chicago rappers getting killed,that that's always been a thing,unfortunately for,chicago but,the rappers who were killed before were,kind of,like local local legends you know what,i'm saying like,they were big in chicago and all the,neighborhoods in chicago but now you,have,actual like national international stars,you know vaughn was a big artist,like he was really on his way fpg duck,with songs like slide,100 million views when you see this,happening in chicago,how do you get your head around that,what do you mean,i mean the fact that these are people,that come from where you come from,doing what you were primarily doing,yourself,doing shows going to parties going to,videos,you know you never really got into the, you know into the back and,forth and everything else like that but,people you know have i mean,i was in it too it's just i don't,i don't do that on the internet you,know i don't do that on the internet um,that just regular chicago ,that's a gang,everybody's in the game like so,everybody,like you beef everybody beefing with,somebody you know,everybody got at least two other,neighborhoods that they going back and,forth killing with

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Maxlord Got Arrested.. 😟

Maxlord Got Arrested.. 😟

what's up everybody welcome back to the,channel guys today we're going to be,looking at maxlord getting arrested,before we do start I want to make it,clear that this is not going to affect,the party never ends at least it doesn't,look like it a brief background because,this did happen on the 6th so a couple,days ago well the Jewish com ended up,finding this out late last night and,posting about it that's why the video is,coming late is because that's how I,found out about it as well just on my,Twitter timeline and I will leave this,article listed in the description if you,guys want to check it out it's coming,from LA Times it says two hip-hop,producers arrested after LAPD recovers,stockpile of weapons in Studio City,police arrested two music producers whom,they discovered with a cache of assault,weapons and ammunition inside a studio,home the LAPD Department said the men,Devonte Kimball 30 and maxlord 31 were,taken into custody Wednesday after a,barricade situation during which an l,LAPD SWAT team was called into action,according to police when police entered,the home and conducted a search they,found several assault rifles handguns,and three firearm suppressors,high-capacity Magazine's assault rifle,building Parts components and thousands,of rounds of ammunition that Apartments,said in a news release Kimball was,arrested on suspicion of illegal firearm,possession in Chicago in 2018 alongside,rapper G herbo he was listed as a,producer on G herbo's album 25 LAPD,sources confirmed that Kimball is a,compton-based hip-hop producer for,several rappers Kimball was charged by,LAPD with assault with a deadly weapon,though police did not disclose the,circumstances surrounding the assault he,was also charged with being a parolee at,large he had his Barrel revoked and is,being held at Van news jail maxlord was,charged with possession of assault,rifles and released on a 35,000 bail so Maxwell is obviously not,locked up anymore according to LAPD,maxlord is a hip-hop producer and sound,engineer for artists cardi B future,Travis Scott and the late Rapper Juice,World whom the producer worked with for,much of the rapper's career Max Loris,also faced threats from Juices Entourage,according to sources which is obviously,what happened during the summer maxlore,told the times on Friday that he was,hosting Kimball whom he called a very,smart man most of the time on the couch,at his Studio when the SWAT team arrived,around 5 20 a.m Wednesday there was a,very heavy show of force a high number,of officers with a lot of equipment,luckily they didn't break too much stuff,other than turn the house upside down,maxlord said he did not know about,Kimball's alleged assault with a deadly,weapon they got a warrant that included,the residence that Kimball was in it's,my studio essentially I got dragged into,it because I was the other warrant for,Kimball so max is just saying that the,reason his house or Studio got searched,in the first place wasn't because,because of anything he did when asked,about the weapons and ammunition found,in his Studio maxler declined to comment,I wasn't targeted the detectives told me,this would never happen to me he said,Kimball could not immediately be reached,for a comment alright that was a long,article so just to recap everything Max,himself kind of just got caught up in,this situation and that's why he got,arrested but he was released on a 35,000 bail he'll most likely still have,some kind of court date or hearing,something in the future keep in mind,that this happened three days ago and,Max went live what yesterday or the day,before when I made the last video and he,went on Instagram live and told us that,the album is still coming so this isn't,going to impact anything for the juice,album if anything the album's tracklist,has got to be pretty much done,considering they had a meeting back in,December I think for the most part that,album is done and we're gonna get it,soon and that was one of the main themes,I made this video for was just to let,you guys know that it's not really going,to impact anything but it's definitely,crazy news let me know what you guys,think about all this in the comments,down below thank you for watching and,we'll see you in the next one

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Lil Bibby "Can't Trust A Soul" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

Lil Bibby "Can't Trust A Soul" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Lil Bibby deletes tweet confirming the new Juice Wrld single 'Already Dead'

Lil Bibby deletes tweet confirming the new Juice Wrld single 'Already Dead'

I love you Abbie

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Juice WRLD TPNE Coming Before Halloween?? | *Lil Bibby Tweet Explained*

Juice WRLD TPNE Coming Before Halloween?? | *Lil Bibby Tweet Explained*

what's up everybody welcome back to the,channel guys today we have to look at,what Bibby tweeted about us partying,before Halloween before we do start,we're less than 200 subscribers away,from 40K so if you guys are new here,please drop us up it would help out a,lot and with that being said we're gonna,get started all right so hopping over to,Lil bibby's Twitter there's a couple,things we have to look at the first,thing is he obviously tweeted out late,last night on the 7th before Halloween,we party now we also know that,marshmallow is going to be releasing bye,bye with juice well bye-bye is actually,trending right now baby already,retweeted this marshmallows posted it,he's tweeted out the release date we,talked about this in the last actual,news update video we know that bye bye,is dropping on October 14th confirmed so,what baby probably means by saying,before Halloween we party is the fact,that we're gonna be partying with bye,bye even if that's not a song that you,really think would be a song that we,would party to because it's not that,stuff definitely what bibi's referring,to another thing to look at though is,the last couple things that he liked,were his old tweets saying October and,the party now we already discussed in,another video as well what Bibby meant,when he said October which it was,definitely him meaning the fact that,bye-bye is dropping on the 14th and,zzzy's Sam the new grade a artist is,going to be releasing his debut single,this month as well well another thing we,have to look at for bye bye this is,supposedly going to be the official,cover art the reason it's so low quality,is because it was grabbed from Spotify I,don't 100 know if this is real or not,but it looks like this is what the,official Arts gonna be and honestly it's,kind of cool it's honestly kind of what,I would want them to use as something it,has that hint of Marshmallow with the,design and then juice is literally on it,I think that's a dope artwork and they,already leaked the released version of,bye bye which there's literally no point,to do this that's what I said there's no,point to listen why listen to what they,might have changed even if it's the,smallest thing they've changed we've had,the the leaked one for years and we're,less than a week away from getting the,official one and you listen to this,there's just zero point to listen to,stuff that is guaranteed dropping like,people ask me why I've never listened to,Sugarfish it's just for the fact that it,seems like it's gonna drop chain smokers,have worked on a new version posted it,Bibby said that he likes a song,Sugarfish is definitely gonna release on,Chainsmokers next album in my opinion,I'm not gonna go out of my way to listen,to something that most likely is,releasing if I haven't heard it yet the,main thing I wanted to go over with this,is it doesn't seem like there is a,feature on it so bye bye is gonna be a,solo track and other than probably just,it actually being mastered and tweaked,like I said I haven't listened but I'm,assuming that's all the differences it's,just gonna be uh more cleaned up mix,that's what I'm expecting at least but I,also don't want to brush over this tweet,too fast because I know there's going to,be the people that think oh we're,getting the party never ends before,Halloween I don't think that's true I,think 100 bibby's tweet is meaning that,on the 14th we're getting bye bye now,this could maybe leave some truth in the,theory that grade A is still working on,their party never ends album and then,Max is still doing his own separate,album that will release in 2023. now,something I want to point out it's super,unlikely that the part never ends with,drought this month just so the fact that,there's no single out for it yeah they,could throw bad boy on it and bye-bye,could technically be a single now if,that's not for marshmallows album if,they're not just gonna drop the party,never ends like that at least I highly,doubt it that would basically just be,doing what they did with fighting demons,and we saw how that worked out I do,think that there's a chance we could,maybe get the party never ends this year,now I don't want to get anyone's hopes,up nothing like that this is a complete,theory that I've just thought of but if,you don't know Juice's birthday December,2nd is on a Friday this year if they,still want to drop the party never ends,and bye bye is a single to the party,never ends I think we could easily get,bye bye this month another single in,November and if they wanted bad boy is a,single on the album it could and that,would be three singles and then we could,get the new album on December 2nd which,isn't too late in December to where you,would really have a fighting demons,issue where it's right in the middle of,December so Christmas music is,outperforming it I think December 2nd is,early enough that it dropping in,December wouldn't really impact overall,sales or at least the first week sales,keep in mind that that is 100 just a,theory

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2016 BET Hip Hop Awards: Lil Bibby on Jay Z’s Influence & Heather B’s Custom Feast | Sway's Universe

2016 BET Hip Hop Awards: Lil Bibby on Jay Z’s Influence & Heather B’s Custom Feast | Sway's Universe

this is sweating suede suede sweat in,the morning in the morning in the,morning shake weight booty sway in the,morning shade for five you know what,I've been talking my I had to do,with Tracy Jim I know here 400 I had to,talk my but what I say I say cuz it,comes from my heart and it doesn't mean,I'm not gonna cry and I'm not gonna get,emotional but it does me a great,pleasure to just let everybody know that,this young man is here every time his,name comes up we just clap in the studio,we make everybody else clap and every,time he gets a phone call or the Chicago,comes up we just talk about and tell a,little baby's story thank you so much,for stopping by and say how does big,what's up with you I'm doing good man,I'm actually um just my first time at,the beauty of wars meh so I'm excited to,be here yeah you're gonna perform you're,doing something special no I'm just,gonna watch man just my first time I,wanted to check check the same yeah what,made you decide to come this year um,somebody dug me out I can memorize done,like that now I'm a big fan of beating,everything well I wanted to win until I,was you know at least um I wanna warn ya,you know oh yeah you and that baby this,is like a whole buffet of Topp Dogg's,here anyone that you've wanted to reach,out to you can do it here in this carpet,or inside of the building if there's,anyone that you would want to pull into,the studio or just you know holla at so,you can get some advice on the phone,what do you see here that you really,want to talk to um a lot of these people,are my homeboys you know I'm saying so I,call them what like from time to time,where's Daisy toes Oh Jay got shot like,that's one of my biggest influences man,I really wish I could get him on the,phone yeah yeah one tour with his wife,hanging out you know how they know look,we gotta clear the air finally because,we have Bibby,this is the last time you see baby I,have gotten so many texts tweets inboxes,messages on my social media they said,why y'all might make bit why you ain't,make little bitty no fool had to be it,was gonna make little baby food can you,please tell the world once and for all,now on his way in the morning he already,made me fool and it was good I had way,too much food to eat I had to get rid of,some of it but it was so good I wish I,could have took it on a plane with me,that's right so what happened was the,reason why y'all didn't see it is,because baby did a live concert series,it ran late because we had a whole,classroom with us as well right he gave,him the food afterwards and it was pans,and pans of crab legs chicken macaroni,and cheese red velvet cupcakes it was,everything that he asked for so thank,you for clearing the air baby heaven you,trying to kill me with all them cupcakes,mate you know I wrote at deep heaven,well we was gonna have a party so I'll,just want to make sure yo Johnny so,sorry we had to keep our word thank you,baby we love you if you appreciate your,listener sue its sway in the morning,holy pond shade 45

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