libs of tiktok twitter

Twitter's Plan To DESTROY Libs Of Tik Tokthe Twitter files part 2 are out Barry,Weiss has dropped th

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Twitter's Plan To DESTROY Libs Of Tik Tok

the Twitter files part 2 are out Barry,Weiss has dropped the second thread and,this one is even more interesting than,the first one although I have to give a,little bit of a caveat because when I,talked about in my first video there was,some information that became available,after I was recording that needs to be,shared with you and that of course is,the involvement of a former FBI agent,Jim Baker see he was at Council an,assistant general counsel over at,Twitter and he left the FBI in 2018 he,had to resign due to the fact that he,had involvement in the Pfizer warrants,for Trump and he had involvement in the,Steele dossier a bunch of nonsense and,apparently he was screening some of the,materials that were released early on in,the Twitter files which might explain,why the first chapter is underwhelming,and the second thing I want to address,really quickly right off the bat is that,I understand people saying we already,knew that Twitter was doing this we,already knew that they were de-boosting,it but there's a difference between us,speculating very accurately based on the,information that we have and what we can,C and us actually getting the inside,information on the back end and knowing,how these processes work it's one thing,for us to all feel like something is,true and have solid evidence to show us,it's true it's another thing for it to,be laid bare for all to see which is why,I actually think that the Twitter files,do actually have validity they are of,interest and they should be talked about,it now there is the issue of how it's,being released in Threads thankfully,Barry Weiss's thread was much quicker,than taibi's thread but apparently this,is a condition of them getting the,materials that they release it first and,foremost on Twitter so that's the way it,is link to the full thread in the,description but before we get into all,that information about the thread this,video is sponsored so let's go over to,the sponsor and then we'll come back,over here and we'll discuss this all on,the other side apple and other companies,have a long history of restricting apps,from their App Store and restricting,information as it's displayed on search,results and in other ways depending on,if you're using their software this is,one of the reasons why I highly,recommend that you get a VPN and the,absolute best VPN the VPN of this,channel is virtual Shield if you go over,to Justice you can,experience the freedom of a strict no,log VPN that's one of the top in the,industry and guess what you can try it,for free for 30 days and there's a,discount right now available to members,of my audience of 73 off and that 73,percent will hold for the length of your,time with virtual Shield you can't,afford to miss this deal go over to, Justice and try it out,for yourself so overall I would say that,the main theme of this thread is exactly,how Twitter manipulates the algorithm,and does have a bias against,conservatives which is what we all,suspected all along now there's some,issues with some terminology that we,should all get on board with and I think,it's important that you understand that,they talk about things in Twitter on the,back end differently from how we talk,about it out there in the public and the,number one thing that I want you to take,away because it's not not like it's a,lot of terms is the idea that shadow,banding is something that we all say is,a thing out here in the real world but,on Twitter in the back end what they,call this is actually visibility,filtering so when they do things to make,sure your tweets and your information,and your narratives don't get out there,over at Twitter they call that,visibility filtration not actually,shadow Banning so they can use some,forms of plausible deniability saying,well when you call it Shadow Banning and,we say that we're not doing that,technically that was true because we're,actually visibility filtering your,tweets away from your audience in order,to prevent you from being seen by the,majority of the people who chose to see,exactly what you Tweet now there are a,few big names in this and one of the,things that you'll notice about these,big names is that they're rather,mainstream this really isn't about the,alternative to the right wing the,dissident right whatever you want to,call them right now at this moment this,isn't about extremists or anything like,that this dump is largely related to,mainstream conservatives and the way,that Twitter tries to cut them off at,the knees and of course the impact that,this has on her discourse and on our,politics now before I get into who was,blocked why they were blocked how Shady,it was the techniques that they used and,why they chose those techniques rather,than outright suspensions or permabands,it's important to understand the context,that we're in because a lot of lefties,have been saying while they're,gaslighting you about censorship on,social media that right-wing creators,grow more on social media

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Libs of tik tok compilation

Libs of tik tok compilation

my name is Professor Lionel long legs my,pronouns are fake airfares and it is and,say that is just fine so if you wanted,to refer to me you would say Faye is a,drag Storyteller it loves to read and,some of their favorite books are Where,the Wild Things Are and from the stars,in the sky to the fish in the sea and I,have been reading the drag Storyteller,with track Story Hour for a year and a,half and my drag character is a drag,thing that can be anything in the world,today out of space A lot of times I have,a notebook or a car all sorts of,wonderful things hi everyone this is,just a friendly reminder that if a fat,person is talking about their own,experience with the fat phobia their own,experience with their body with their,fat body their larger body their plus,size body whatever they want to,call it that when a fat person is,talking about their own their own,experience whatever the it is,that's not even invitation for thin,people to insert themselves in a,conversation that's not about them just,so you know as when a marginalized,person yes because fat people are,marginalized if you don't ,understand that then look at,intersectionality and the different,intersections because body size is one,of them back to the point it's not an,invitation for thin people to just enter,into the space of fat people to talk,about themselves no offense but this,isn't about you and if you think,it is that's your own projection,go to therapy and let fat and,marginalized people talk,I'm changing my pronouns a little bit,um so for the he she alternative instead,of pay it's paint so now it's paint,paints paints self,I just think it's easier and it flows,better I'm going to be teaching you how,to use prince princess pronouns and,sentences today I'm going to be teaching,you how to use shark sharks pronouns and,sentences today I'm going to be teaching,you how to use flower flowers pronouns,and such today I'm going to be teaching,you how to use wolf Wolf's pronouns and,sentences today I'm going to be teaching,you how to use paint paints pronouns and,so today I'm going to be teaching you,how to use cat cats pronouns today I'm,going to be teaching you how to use that,that's pronouns and sentences today I'm,going to be teaching you how to use the,verb viz pronouncing today I'm going to,be teaching you how to use Thon thon's,pronouns and sentences today I'm going,to be teaching you how to use zazam,pronouns and today I'm going to be,teaching you how to use shroom shrooms,pronouns also by the way with the little,mermaid can we also just mention that,just for from a scientific perspective,okay it doesn't make a lot of sense to,have someone with darker skin who lives,deep in the ocean what scientific, perspective,it's a story about,numbers don't even exist there's an,octopus lady that steals people's voices,and a singing Jamaican crab who gives a,this is just a daily reminder that your,pronouns should be respected in any,health care setting whether you are,transgender or non-binary whatever you,tell the healthcare team your pronouns,are are exactly what every single member,of the healthcare team should be,referring to you as just because you're,in a healthcare setting and even if,you're presenting with a problem that is,related to a body part associated with,your gender assigned at Birth because,not mean that your pronouns should not,be respected I had a mother of a patient,who was very lovely and totally,respected her child's they then pronouns,and when I confirmed that those were in,fact the child's pronouns the mother,said yes but we totally understand if,you need to refer to them as their,biological sex given that we're in a,healthcare setting and they're,presenting with these certain issues and,I said no I said what we are treating,has nothing to do with the child's,gender identity and their pronouns will,be respected so you don't have to worry,about that and when we would round on,the patient whenever somebody would use,the wrong pronouns I would respectfully,correct them one good thing that came,out of this is that my supervisor,actually asked me to give a talk to the,rest of the healthcare team about,transgender and non-binary patients in,the healthcare setting,all right,that time I played Chago war with a baby,hey everybody I'm the ginger dealer if,you need a letter either for starting,hormones or for surgery or you can get,one letter but you actually need two,letters for surgery I have a service for,you this is Gallop it's the,that's, it's a letter,writing project where various,practitioners sign on and they say that,they are willing to provide letters and,then you have the opportunity to contact,them and get a letter set up for free,now I have not personally used this,service but I have quite a few clients,who have and they've all been quite,satisfied this is a great way to avoid,the gatekeeping that comes from the,letter and to get your letter regardless,of your financial situation I hope that,helps h

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Libs of Tik-Tok: Week of June 20th

Libs of Tik-Tok: Week of June 20th

i just feel like the way that we've,protested in the past has not worked,very well now i'm not advocating for,burning down buildings,i'm not not advocating for it,but trauma and destruction is kind of,the thing that i love,so um if you guys want to join me in,mailing blood from your uterus to the,supreme court i already took the ,bullet and did it first so,you know let's do it come on,you guys don't want to keep that in,your house,just mail it it's going in the trash,anyway,you know what's funny,is y'all thought i was kidding,i'm a patriot,get,angry,this is atrocious this is war on women,how dare the supreme court do,this , you kavanagh you gorsuch for a,lying under elf when you were confirmed,saying that you believed that this was,settled women will die but as long as it,fits your christian goddamn narrative it,must be correct,white women of privilege will still have,access after their senators them,poor,working mothers will not,young women who are victims of sexual,assault will not,women who found out that their child is,not viable in the third trimester will,not and who the knows what's gonna,happen ectopically because half you men,prove that you don't know what an,ectopic pregnancy is how do i have less,rights than my mother not everybody,believes in your sky daddy not everybody,believes in your clown papa the fact,that you tied religion to your decision,is pathetic,rolling back the clock on women's rights,and bodily autonomy is pathetic,you conserva love fetuses,you love fetuses you are pro-birth you,are pro-amniotic sex because fetuses,can't talk and they can't vote against,you but they make a good narrative for,your re-election campaigns,pathetic,this will never stop abortions ever it,stops them from being safe it stops,women from dying from it stops women,from having back alley abortions or,throwing themselves downstairs all you,did was hurt,women women of color bipark women,minority women women who are in poverty,women who have to make a horrifying,decision of their life versus the fetus,most of the time it's a clump of goddamn,cells cells so women get to relive their,sexual assaults for life or are tied to,their assailant,you care more about your damn guns than,you do a woman's life,proof,every damn day fyi there are children in,the foster care system that you ,won't adopt so please tell me how you,are pro-life you are pro i get my way,i pray you never get another restless,night's sleep in your life thinking,about what you did to women this is not,over not by a long shot,how,dare you,karma does not forget and she may take,some time to come back around but she,will get to you not on my watch ,just a reminder because it seems like,everyone needs it uh not just women get,abortions,people with uteruses get abortions,trans people get abortions trains men,non-binary people,people of all genders get abortions,love you so i'm just convinced we need,to burn it all down because at this,point i don't know what else we're,supposed to do,i'm advocating for violence i am,advocating for violence because,there are people that are doing a really,bad job but the problem with the job is,even though they're doing such a bad job,they do this job until they die so we're,just supposed to sit back and let these,people do a really bad job and have,really seriously negative consequences,on millions of people and we're supposed,to do what,sit on the sidelines,light it light it on fire i'm gonna,we're lighting up all the human rights,are gonna start falling down,all right lgbtq plus community we're,next on the chopping block and birth,control,and possibly interracial marriage,so pretty much we're going,the only thing that's gonna have rights,in this country is white men and guns,this is about the woman who tried to,have a baby so bad and ended up having a,miscarriage who now has to go stand on,trial,if we don't stand up now,and do something about this the,handmaid's tale is going to be more than,just a show,and,i am sick i,how do i look at my daughters,and tell them that they're growing up in,an amazing place when they're not i love,to travel and spend money like i love to,spend money,but if you are a red state,and,you have anti-abortion laws not only,will i not visit your state,and not spend my money there but i will,also not be sending my children there to,college,and,they will not be spending any money,there either,i think that if you can leave the,country you should,i think if you're of childbearing age,and you can leave the country you should,if you can't we need to rise up we need,to fight,okay well,it's gonna be a summer of protesting,again,how are we still living in this,how,how have we not completely dismantled,the government,how why,why are we all just sitting here letting,this happen i am shaking right now,because of how mad i am,how far women have fought how far,everybody has fought,for freedom,and our freedoms are being stripped from,us one by one,l's sixth grade,english teacher,sends out a summer reading materi

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Libs of TikTok EXPOSED

Libs of TikTok EXPOSED

everyone's favorite transphobe Chaya,rachik also known as Libs of tick tock,went on Tucker Carlson and said some,unhinged Psychopathic now of course this,happened recently but that did not stop,Elon Musk from uh liking one of her,latest posts after posting this about,himself here it is posting publicly,available videos isn't harmful hateful,they're dangerous you know what is,harmful though confusing kids about,their identity stealing childhood,innocent exposing kids to adult sexual,entertainment giving kids porn in,schools and sterilizing and mutilating,kids anyway she went on Tucker Carlson,and did a face reveal okay and my God,how what is going on here do you have,any theories I think there's there's,something so unique about the lgbtq,community has become this cult and it's,so captivating and it pulls people in so,strongly unlike anything we've ever seen,and they brainwash people to join and,they convince them of all of these,things and it's really really really,hard to get out of it it's really,difficult and there are studies on this,like there have been there's been a lot,of reporting on this about people uh,parents who are like you know my child,is is starting to say you know that,they're non-binary or transgender or,whatever and what do I do how do I how,do I stop this and,it's really really difficult it it's,it's unlike anything we've ever seen I,think it's extremely poisonous watch our,be the world's biggest lesbian I don't,know what it is first of all leave,lesbians out of this they did nothing,wrong but I did get a little bit of,closeted Vibes when I saw her uh for the,first time ever okay and there are,plenty of lesbian turfs so you know some,of the words that she used about how,captivating it is like how captivating,LGBT propaganda is is just like very odd,why is it so captivating what's so,captivating about that but do you see a,spiritual component to any of this,um,you don't have to answer that if you,don't want yeah I don't I don't know,well I do I do I don't think this makes,sense at all no it makes it doesn't make,any sense,um and I think I think they're just I,think they're evil,um and and sometimes we try to we try to,she said I think they're evil like she's,talking about gay people dude to,um to break it down a lot and you know,we we discuss like why this is happening,what's happening and whatever and I,think sometimes the simplest answer is,like they're just evil they're bad,people,they're just evil people and they want,to groom kids anyway she came out and,did a face reveal okay uh Alejandro,Caraballo says this is 1970s you need to,Bryant level bigotry and he's getting,promoted by Tucker than Wine Society,Carlson these beacons feel so emboldened,dispute their hatred openly and inside,violence against the lgbtq community uh,there was uh there was also uh an,analysis conducted on like her tweets,and bomb threats or her tweets and also,like anti-lgbt hate crimes and like,there were 30 I think anti-lgbt hate,crimes that occurred in like the areas,that she talked about within five days,of her tweets like you can literally map,out you could literally map out like,hate crimes that were happening as soon,as she tweeted about it here she, despises Taylor Lorenz obviously,let's see what she has to say about her,send a reporter after like literally,after you her name is what and she did,what if you could fill in those blanks,so her name is Taylor Lorenz also known,as Tate Tate that's her name and who,calls her that so I call her that and,I made it up,and my goal is that people start,referring to her as that and it's,catching on I saw it printed I forgot,which news Outlet printed it like Taytay,and I was like oh my God like this is my,dream,because you understand something that,most conservatives don't which is when,you control the language you control the,conversation they're having so much fun,dude it's great the people I mean the,the person that we're talking about also,said this and they're scared because,this is their own their own views their,own opinions I mean this is what they,stand for and I'm just showing people,and you know they they run away the last,bit because they don't like it you're,turning the lights on exactly they're,like cockroaches running away she,reveals you've been contact with State,uh legislators as well as Ron DeSantis,himself who offered him a place to stay,my account was this is like a person who,posts assassin like unironically,assassination coordinates okay like,that's literally what she's doing just,absolute awful awful barely,human Okay is,um very influential and effective I mean,we've gotten about a dozen teachers,fired we're talking about Bad Teachers,who are grooming kids,um we've gotten a handful of drag shows,canceled,um I know this scientist's team told me,that the content that I found helped,with the parental rights and education,bill it helped Inspire that,um and I heard from other legislators,stuff along those lines as well so I,know that it was really

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Libs of Tiktok Cringe Compilation #2

Libs of Tiktok Cringe Compilation #2

my mommy doesn't like dr seuss she says,he's a bad guy yeah well dr seuss was,mean to a lot of people why well,sometimes people are mean to others,without reason when they're different,than them it's not very nice and it's,not okay who's dr seuss mean to he was,mean to people who look different to him,and people who believe different things,than he did,oh so he was racist like donald trump,so this comment was put on a video that,had absolutely nothing to do with,politics but let's dive in because,teaching is political,the education system the curriculum,school zoning funding standardized,testing all of these things can create,and further lead to class and racial,inequalities and impact life chances for,our students especially as a history,teacher my students deserve somebody who,is going to confront and challenge the,injustices and untruths that are in our,history that have led to discrimination,so yes teaching is political because as,we develop curriculum and have,conversations with our students equity,and anti-racism need to be in the,forefronts of our minds as well as,giving our kids the means to gather,factual information and form their own,opinion but this is wildly different,than indoctrination or propaganda,because i'm not trying to sway my,students opinions i want them to form,their own educated opinions what i'm,doing is challenging a broken system and,hopefully laying the groundwork for,progress and justice,so it's the last night of summer camp,and we had our award ceremony tonight,and,i got misgendered,when they presented my award,and i know they didn't do it on purpose,but that doesn't make it hurt any less i,ended up going in the bathroom and,crying,and everyone's like oh she didn't do it,on purpose she didn't do it on purpose,but,that means that i've been here for two,months,and still,their subconscious still thinks of me as,a girl and that's,really hard,so i don't know if this is considered an,unpopular opinion but if you have a,daughter you need to stop calling her,princess if you do the way that disney,has branded the princess is based on her,beauty as her most important asset this,term also encourages the damsel in,distress that needs to be rescued by a,man and it doesn't focus on their,intelligence or integrity or any other,character trait why don't we call girls,scientist engineer doctor like why does,it have to be something cutesy like oh,princess what do you need like no,my daughter's father called her princess,yesterday and i had to lecture him again,because we do not use that term in this,house even my own sisters have called,her princess and i will tell them don't,call her that maybe i come across as,very controlling but i think it's a very,harmful word and she shouldn't look up,to that term,trying this again because i keep running,out of time and up,i keep forgetting i can't say certain,words on here so let's try this,mostly i feel feminine or non-binary,today i'm feeling really femme and,cat-like as well,yeah,but um i also feel masculine,mostly boyish um,i don't ever really want a,woohoo,um i'm proud to have a uh,um,i also you know sometimes want to take,these guys off,but other times i'm happy to have them i,love to play with them,i love them um,other days i want to tape them down um,i'm running out of time but yeah it's i,go through stages of,feeling,feminine,non-binary and sometimes boyish so,that's i just added bug to my list of,pronouns so here is a very quick,tutorial on how to use bug bugs pronouns,in sentences,okay let's go,i'm meeting up with my friend moth later,uh bug just dyed bug's hair and it's a,super cool green color right now,i think we're going to go to bug's house,and play some video games,and then i think bugs said,that bug wanted to go to the store by,bug self so i'm going to head out after,that and then maybe we'll get to hang,out another time i love hanging out with,moth bug is a super cool friend and i'm,so glad that,bug hangs out with me,so yeah if you guys have any questions,um that is how you use,bug bugs,bug self pronouns,uh,and i'm always willing to answer,questions about my pronouns,period poverty doesn't just affect women,two spirits trans men non-binary people,and genderqueer people can all have,periods and arguably period poverty may,be higher in these populations here's,why,you ever seen a tampon dispenser a box,of free tampons in a men's bathroom what,about a period aisle not labeled,feminine hygiene or pink boxes all,around it periods can be a really tough,and dangerous time for people that,aren't cisgender women so if you're,donating period products or putting them,out in your workplace or school make,sure they're in all bathrooms or at,least that all people have access to,these products because blood has no,gender baby,this is just your friendly reminder that,you are not blessed you are privileged,not hashtag blessed,privileged so when you post pictures of,your beautiful vacation or your healthy,children or your lovely home and you,write hasht

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Libs Of TikTok Just BUSTED Insane Twitter Employees In Leaked Messages & Elon Musk Is NOT Happy!

Libs Of TikTok Just BUSTED Insane Twitter Employees In Leaked Messages & Elon Musk Is NOT Happy!

this is fine,i'm okay with the events that are,unfolding currently,that's okay,things are gonna be okay,what's going on everyone jeremy here,from the quartering i hope you are,having a wonderful wonderful day,uh there's been some interesting,uh developments over on twitter,with the libs of tiktok account in,particular uh late yesterday elon musk,getting involved after some very uh,shocking messages were uh put out,uh leaked apparently from internal,twitter employees,this is uh,the type of conversation that i would,completely of expected a lot of people,posted when i shared some of the chat,logs that you know this is like almost,looks like a meme,but i assure you these people are real,and these conversations are real and,these are you know the type of people,that should be first on the chopping,block uh quite frankly,with,elon coming in now uh before i get into,that just a huge shout out to this video,sponsor i'm gonna keep it super short,private internet access look if you pay,for netflix disney plus hulu or any of,these things,you're missing out on a ton of content,you can access that simply by using a,vpn you can also protect your browsing,habits keep data away from big tech,private internet access has a strict no,logs policy it's 100 open source and has,been supporting this channel since as,long as i can remember so if you don't,currently have a vpn i'm going to leave,a coupon code or a link in the,description and pin comment for you to,save 82,off i don't know how long they're gonna,keep this deal running so uh make sure,you pick it up today now,this via the lives of tick tock uh sub,stack uh and,it's pretty shocking stuff,conservative twitter accounts are,dropping like flies just today ali,stuckey was locked out for quote hateful,conduct her crime criticized fox news,for celebrating a child's gender,transition there was nothing hateful,about her tweet she wasn't harassing,anyone she certainly didn't call for any,type of bad behavior she merely,dissented that's all it takes,uh,pv recently exposed twitter's bio bias,with undercover video of an employee,admitting that these sons are,conservatives but we really didn't need,a hidden camera to uh know about their,bias which is blatant um it take effort,not to see it which is what we see from,mainstream press right that they're like,going berserk trying to gaslight,everyone and say that oh this this is,not you guys are crazy you guys are,crazy this isn't happening oh it's,happening my friends um remember that,golden like two weeks when i remember it,when i gained like 30 000 followers,overnight uh and had hundreds and,thousands of interactions uh on almost,every tweet that's all gone now,live to tick tock continues we've,experienced our share of it firsthand it,started in april when we got,uh two back-to-back suspensions,following those suspensions the left was,emboldened knowing i wanted to remain,anonymous they went on a mission to,expose me in the hopes of intimidating,me into silence this culminated with me,being doxed by 89 year old taylor lorenz,at the washington post,instagram got in on the censorship wagon,too they quote mistakenly disabled our,account and reinstated after quote,realizing their error link tree,suspended us too hey um,this is something i'm going to tell her,uh via dms too,i think it would probably be a good,habit for her to,blur out like the names of the tweets,and names of the snapchat people that,she's posting but people can find it if,they need to um but i think they're,gonna start to use that against her um,saying that you make it too easy for,targeted harassment even though i have,like five twitter accounts out there uh,that literally just repost my tweets and,then twist them around and send waves of,harassment my way but uh when you're not,on the left,um,you are a fair target,we received our our third twitter,suspension just last week for posting,flyers of pride events i had created a,mega drag thread which documented the,sharp rise in drag events for kids this,it's it's a disturbing trend uh the left,has become obsessed with ensuring that,your four-year-old has access to men,dressed as women while dancing,provocatively for cash look again and,i've said it before and i'll say it,again,absolutely nothing wrong with drag shows,for adults alright,i suppose you could have some version of,a family friendly one but i've never,seen it i usually see like gyrations and,dollar bills getting put in,i don't really see anything family,friendly about them um i will say,again,uh this is not a crazy opinion to have,this is what like most people would,agree,the below slack conversation between,twitter employees occurred today against,this backdrop and echoes some of the,charges leveled at us by far left,activists it was shared with us by,twitter employee who wishes to remain,anonymous we verified the names and,images of the employees before we,obscured them,feels more likely that libs tick tock,will get verified badge out of this,instead of a pla

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Journalist DOXXES Viral Twitter Account "Libs of TikTok"

Journalist DOXXES Viral Twitter Account "Libs of TikTok"

foreign,length of time you've almost certainly,heard me mention the libs of tick tock,account on Twitter I mentioned it,because that's where I get like 75 of my,show prep but also because the person,running the account is easily among the,top three journalists in America now,granted almost all journalists these,days are morally bankrupt propaganda so,it's not a very stiff competition but,still the woman behind the lives of tick,tock account performs a valuable,journalistic service,her primary focus as the Twitter handle,suggests is Tick Tock she finds insane,leftist drivel on that platform and,calls attention to it and this is,important and I imagine rather,emotionally exhausting,work not just because the videos she,finds are often morbidly hilarious,though they are but because Tick Tock is,by far the most popular social media app,among the younger Generations and by,revealing the sorts of things that are,posted on Tick Tock she's pointing the,spotlight into the disturbing and often,rather baffling environment where,millions of kids are being molded and,formed I mean social media isn't just an,app on a phone it's where people,especially kids live,it takes priority over what we would,call the real world,but to them Tick Tock is a much realer,world than anything they encounter in,three-dimensional space and they care,more about it that's why it's important,for us to know what's going on there I,would think also sites like Tick Tock,are kind of a far left staging ground,if you're plugged into that world you'll,have a jump on the new leftist ideas and,talking points before they make their,way into the mainstream this is an,extremely fast process you'll hear some,extravagantly pierced blue-haired weirdo,on Tick Tock spouting the latest,insanity and a week later it'll be an,official Democrat talking point as the,pipeline from leftist extremism to,leftist mainstream is not very long at,all but it can be helpful to get the,heads up anyway so for example for,example Libs of tick tock posted this,yesterday it's a video from non-binary,activists and all-around creep Jeffrey,Marsh,giving what will soon become the,official answer to the what is a woman,question listen,here is Madison cawthorne's definition,of a woman X chromosomes no tallywacker,and this gives me a chance to talk about,biological essentialism,um first of all it's not true people,have all kinds of chromosomes and all,kinds of bodies women who've had,hysterectomies people born with certain,conditions but that's almost immaterial,number two,it is a system of Oppression gender is a,hierarchy and a system of Oppression and,the easier it is to define gender the,easier it is to keep the oppression,going,it's dangerous now uh by the way people,do not have all kinds of chromosomes,women have XX chromosomes men have X Y,chromosomes that's the setup now the,fact that a very small number of people,suffer from genetic or abnormalities or,deformities which in those specific,cases may make the chromosomal situation,somewhat more muddled does not change,the fact that in principle men have X Y,chromosomes and women have X X,chromosomes there was a case in 2006 of,a Chinese baby born with a very rare,birth defect that gave him three arms,but this medical anomaly does not,invalidate the principle that human,beings have two arms,if somebody asked you how many arms do,human beings have it would be insane to,actually the question is unanswerable,just because the one kid in China had,three,but the real point for marsh is the,second thing you mentioned where uh you,know and I think we're gonna start,hearing this a lot more and he says the,question itself is oppressive even,dangerous,because gender is a system of Oppression,the thing about that is you know if,gender is a system of Oppression then,why aren't we getting rid of it and just,going back to talking about sex male and,female,why is he advocating that we see,ourselves simply as male and female and,within those categories people can dress,however they want and be as a feminine,or masculine as they want wouldn't that,be the way to break down the oppressive,gender system,leftist radicals are the ones who,invented it anyway they came up with the,idea that gender is distinct from sex,why did they invent it if it's,oppressive,and why do men insist on being seen as,women and women as men if the whole,thing's oppressive,none of this makes any sense of course,but it's where leftist discourse is,headed and it's why these videos are,important,of course lives of tick tock has done,more than post tick tock videos online,though they they she also has especially,in recent months had a hand in Breaking,major stories about the grooming,indoctrinating going on in our school,system and I suspect it's this last,thing,you know revealing what's happening in,the school system that especially put,her in the sights of the elites who've,grown tired of being exposed and,humiliated by some Anonymous account on,Twitter and that's why they've now ma

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'Libs of TikTok' creator speaks to Tucker on being blacklisted by Twitter

'Libs of TikTok' creator speaks to Tucker on being blacklisted by Twitter

so as he told you one of the accounts on,Twitter that we just learned was,shadowband very aggressively was an,account called Libs of tick tock now,there's a reason they censored it,because it's one of the most important,accounts on Twitter,there are very few opinions expressed on,this Twitter feed it is almost entirely,video real video no one disputes it as,Real showing what is happening inside,classrooms where children are being,taught hospitals where your loved ones,are being treated all over the country,so Twitter on the basis of what,justification none prevented lives of,tick tock from trending that means many,people never saw what lives of tick tock,posted according to Barry Weiss an,internal Twitter Memo from October of,2022 after Libs of tick tock's seventh,suspension admitted that the account,lives with Tick Tock was not breaking,any rule the memo said this quote,acknowledge that lives with Tick Tock is,not directly engaged in behavior,violative of hateful conduct policy,so they didn't actually do anything,wrong,but Twitter sensors kept censoring and,Shadow Banning the account Loops of tick,tock anyway because according to the,memo Libs of tick tock quote either,leads to or intends to incite harassment,specifically against hospitals that are,castrating children,now that memo was prepared by Twitter,senior leadership including a CEO and,head of legal for Jag Gotti the person,who runs Libs of tick tock joins us now,by phone I sure appreciate your coming,on so,um you must have had some sense that you,were being well you were suspended,multiple times but you're being censored,in ways they weren't telling you did you,did you sense this was happening,hi Tucker great to be back,um yes I absolutely sensed that I was,being sponsored I have a very large,account,um,no I never was able to Trend and now we,find out I was on a trend Blacklist,there were sometimes days or weeks at a,time where I felt like my tweets were,getting much less engagement than usual,than they should and I think now it's,clear that there was suppression and,there were Shadow Banning,what's so infuriating about this,specific example is that you were,reporting I mean you weren't and and our,viewers can verify this for themselves,or they just go on to your account,you're you're not actually putting a lot,of your own views in here you're,disseminating reported material whose,authenticity no one doubts so you're,doing what the New York Times claims it,does but you're actually doing it unlike,them what could possibly be the,justification for censoring you,well I think it's clear that they're,used when spread they don't send off to,scrutiny and,um when I spread their views in their,own words they don't want you to see it,because they don't sign up to scrutiny,and it makes them look bad and that's,what they're really scared of and the,craziest part of this whole thing is,that they admitted that I'm not even,violating the policies and they still,suspended me seven times seven times,three of which were for a week at a time,so I was suspended for probably a month,altogether and for what for not even,violating their policies just because,they don't like their own views they,don't want you to see it that's exactly,right they were hiding you exposed them,they crushed you and we should say this,is not a hobby I mean you've devoted,your life to this we're glad that you,have,um we will talk to you soon Libs of tick,tock good to see you subscribe to the,Fox News YouTube channel to catch our,nightly opens stories that are changing,the world and changing your life from,Tucker Carlson tonight

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