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'Libs of TikTok' creator speaks to Tucker on being blacklisted by Twitterso as he told you one of th

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

'Libs of TikTok' creator speaks to Tucker on being blacklisted by Twitter

so as he told you one of the accounts on,Twitter that we just learned was,shadowband very aggressively was an,account called Libs of tick tock now,there's a reason they censored it,because it's one of the most important,accounts on Twitter,there are very few opinions expressed on,this Twitter feed it is almost entirely,video real video no one disputes it as,Real showing what is happening inside,classrooms where children are being,taught hospitals where your loved ones,are being treated all over the country,so Twitter on the basis of what,justification none prevented lives of,tick tock from trending that means many,people never saw what lives of tick tock,posted according to Barry Weiss an,internal Twitter Memo from October of,2022 after Libs of tick tock's seventh,suspension admitted that the account,lives with Tick Tock was not breaking,any rule the memo said this quote,acknowledge that lives with Tick Tock is,not directly engaged in behavior,violative of hateful conduct policy,so they didn't actually do anything,wrong,but Twitter sensors kept censoring and,Shadow Banning the account Loops of tick,tock anyway because according to the,memo Libs of tick tock quote either,leads to or intends to incite harassment,specifically against hospitals that are,castrating children,now that memo was prepared by Twitter,senior leadership including a CEO and,head of legal for Jag Gotti the person,who runs Libs of tick tock joins us now,by phone I sure appreciate your coming,on so,um you must have had some sense that you,were being well you were suspended,multiple times but you're being censored,in ways they weren't telling you did you,did you sense this was happening,hi Tucker great to be back,um yes I absolutely sensed that I was,being sponsored I have a very large,account,um,no I never was able to Trend and now we,find out I was on a trend Blacklist,there were sometimes days or weeks at a,time where I felt like my tweets were,getting much less engagement than usual,than they should and I think now it's,clear that there was suppression and,there were Shadow Banning,what's so infuriating about this,specific example is that you were,reporting I mean you weren't and and our,viewers can verify this for themselves,or they just go on to your account,you're you're not actually putting a lot,of your own views in here you're,disseminating reported material whose,authenticity no one doubts so you're,doing what the New York Times claims it,does but you're actually doing it unlike,them what could possibly be the,justification for censoring you,well I think it's clear that they're,used when spread they don't send off to,scrutiny and,um when I spread their views in their,own words they don't want you to see it,because they don't sign up to scrutiny,and it makes them look bad and that's,what they're really scared of and the,craziest part of this whole thing is,that they admitted that I'm not even,violating the policies and they still,suspended me seven times seven times,three of which were for a week at a time,so I was suspended for probably a month,altogether and for what for not even,violating their policies just because,they don't like their own views they,don't want you to see it that's exactly,right they were hiding you exposed them,they crushed you and we should say this,is not a hobby I mean you've devoted,your life to this we're glad that you,have,um we will talk to you soon Libs of tick,tock good to see you subscribe to the,Fox News YouTube channel to catch our,nightly opens stories that are changing,the world and changing your life from,Tucker Carlson tonight

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Limited Run Games FIRES manager for liking Libs of Tik Tok! Wants Twitter clout over PS5 sales!

Limited Run Games FIRES manager for liking Libs of Tik Tok! Wants Twitter clout over PS5 sales!

foreign,let's talk about some video game stuff,notably limited run games,before I explain the story just in case,you don't know what limited run games is,let me explain it to you so you have a,game right here,uh Sam and Max,hit the road,so this game not getting a physical,release,same with this other one here collection,arcade classics,a spider source and so on and so on,these are downloadable games,so what limited run does is for the,people that do want a physical copy,notice that this PC version is even in a,PC box right how it used to be PC DVD,ROM,I don't know if it actually comes with,the CD I'm I'm guessing it does or a DVD,ROM,they make limited runs of the physical,copy does that make sense they also will,take,old Super Nintendo games and reprint,them I don't know if that's,pretty sure that that's them yeah like,PC retro Xbox,so interesting ideas that they do,I'm not going to deny it and say like,right here here's a Game Boy Color game,they basically make a Game Boy Color,cart and you could play that on your,Game Boy Color they do it with every,platform,I've liked it I liked this company I,bought some things from this company but,I'll never buy another thing from them,again,and I'm going to show you why that,they've ruined their good faith with me,and probably a few other people,because they fired their Community,manager,over pressure from one account,One account gave them pressure,so here is how I found out about this,story,I was tagged by at,j-a-i-l-a kayet k-i-s,and this is what LRG says LRG respects,all personal opinions however we remain,committed to supporting an inclusive,culture upon investigating the situation,an employee was terminated,our goal as a company is to continue to,foster a positive and safe environment,for everyone,barely in any interaction on this,account right here by the way,well no let me take that back they got,400 000 views,238 000 followers they don't have a ton,of followers,they make their money because they,charge a hundred bucks or fifty dollars,for a reprinted cartridge,Dead Space collector's edition so,they're making that for the PC 274,dollars,this comes with a code,so they make their money by selling a,niche product to a niche group of people,and I'm sorry to say I prefer physical,physical copies I do uh but the amount,of people that prefer those are still,far and few in between so they have a,niche business,a niche business,and they've decided to jump into the,culture War now and fire someone,because they followed,lives of tick tock Ian miles Chong,and some other right-wing figures Blair,White,that's who these are people that are,being highlighted by this purple Tinker,hates Elon a person that has hate in,their handle,I just want to point that out,so this is why this woman was fired,so this uh she was the community manager,for limited run games,she said if you think the number of,people crying about using a bathroom is,higher than the pervs using the excuse,you are what is wrong with this world,this is the tweet that got her fired but,it wasn't just the tweet,it was also the fact that she follows,Libs of tick tock,he follows Blair White,and look at this so this is what's funny,too,so lives a tick tock arrow pointing to,there after your kids,Blair White,arrow pointing to this,and then Ian miles Chong arrow pointing,to that,and this person,who by the way only didn't even get a,thousand likes on some of these,I I wouldn't say that this went exactly,crazy viral,the community manager for at limited run,games at Carol Lane is a transphobe who,follows a bunch of right-wing creeps,unless and until she is fired from the,company permanently I am not giving them,another single dime,so it's more phobic follows here,so she's got Dave Rubin,uh this person I don't know who this is,I'm not sure,uh and then Gina Carano is also listed,on here,has this oh social media post so Gina,Carano,purple Tinker hates Elon says then,here's at link for her,phobic tweet limited run games Community,manager if you think the number of,people crying in the bathroom is higher,than the pervs using the excuse,fear-mongering about trans women by,using the far-right's favorite scapegoat,I've given your company quite a lot of,money many hundreds maybe even thousands,of dollars that ends now press X to,doubt,press X to doubt by the way right there,demanding a refund for my,1235 Dollar in pending orders from,limited run games now that I've learned,that the community manager is a,transphobe,so you got all this,apparently these are the canceled,pre-orders,now what's funny about this,is you've lost my pre-orders now,even if this person buys them,you've lost my pre-orders and you're,probably going to lose other people's,business now too,then finally there's the update she was,fired,this person's getting a lot of backlash,too,a lot of backlash unlimited Run games is,getting a lot of backlash in their,comments here see this is why the best,thing that they could have done honestly,and what they should h

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Tucker: This is an intimidation campaign against 'Libs of TikTok'

Tucker: This is an intimidation campaign against 'Libs of TikTok'

good evening and welcome to Tucker,Carlson tonight last year unbeknownst to,pretty much nobody a woman in Brooklyn,started a Twitter account that was,comprised almost solely of videos of,liberals talking about themselves,so the concept was very simple find,interesting tape that had already been,uploaded to the Internet by the people,who made it and then repost that tape,there was no editing of it no special,effects there was very little editorial,content the idea was to let activist,types describe in their own words what,they believe unfiltered,the owner created it called that account,Libs of tick tock Libs of tick tock now,has more followers than the entire,population of the state of Wyoming lives,of tick tock's audience dwarfs the,nightly viewership on CNN,so it was quite Successful by definition,the question is why and here's why it,turns out that as repellent as academic,lifestyle liberalism may seem to you as,an observer the reality of it as,described by the people who actually,believe this stuff is even worse than,you ever imagined it's really beyond,belief both idiotic and disgusting it's,like watching someone eat roadkill you,feel nauseous but you can't turn away,so lives of tick tock found all kinds of,tape on the internet but they found a,bunch of selfie Style videos from the,publicly available social media accounts,of teachers they didn't Snoop they just,pulled people had already posted here's,some of what they found,us and I'm a preschool teacher recently,we started wearing pronouns,the kids get to pick,to pick pronoun pin everything,every single day and we had some that,changed up so I'm a non-binary preschool,teacher and my kids know I'm non-binary,they know I'm not a girl or a boy I use,they them pronouns in the classroom we,work on it not all the kids get it,that's okay and I go by mixed gray in,the classroom not miss or Mr Man y'all,thought me teaching the children about,me being Polly was crazy but not only,that but they also know that I'm gender,fluid I'm gonna give you my explanation,about what it means to be transgender as,well so when babies are born the doctor,looks at them and they make a guess,about whether the baby is a boy or a,girl it's as young as three and four are,actually aware of their gender identity,even if they don't have the language for,it say that pre-k through third grade,are not ready for such topics is,actually internalized homophobia and,transphobia,so those are the people in charge of,tending to your small children's Minds,while you're at work now maybe you agree,with the views you just heard maybe you,think that doctors just guess at the sex,of newborns maybe you don't agree it,almost doesn't matter either way you,have a right as a parent to know what,these people are teaching to your,children,and yet before lives of tick tock there,was not an easy way to find out what,they were teaching I take the teacher's,word for it,well it turns out there are an awful lot,of videos like this out there Libs of,tick tock found a lot of them here for,example is the scene at one private,school in Washington DC,that's right now,okay so let's say you're paying 45 000 a,year to send your kids to some overrated,mediocre private school in the District,of Columbia you think everything's fine,you pull up lives of tick tock and you,find out what's actually happening in,your kids classroom what's wrong with,that,this is journalism no news organization,in America has done more to reveal the,reality within American schools than,Libs of tick tock we heard a number of,their videos on the show we are grateful,for their reporting it was far more,straightforward than anything you're,going to find in the New York Times or,the Washington Post because it wasn't,accompanied by a lot of blow feeding,they just showed you the tape and you,could decide that's journalism here's,another piece of tape that lives of tick,tock Unearthed that amazed and horrified,us this is a teacher screaming at a,student for refusing to wear a mask,you're playing are you playing no I'm,not all of us I will call the police,I'm serious,yeah,are you serious yeah I am serious man I,haven't had enough of it I knew you were,going to take off your mask the moment I,turned the corner,so enjoy Bia,that's an instant school suspension,where you have to sit and run with the,military guy all day,because you're a piece,I'm gonna call the police he screeches,because the kid has the mask beneath his,nose,now again maybe you're okay with your,kids being taught by emotionally,incontinent Nut Cases like that maybe,you're not but you probably ought to,know either way so you can see why Libs,of tick tock quickly became so very,popular you didn't have to Wade through,some long editorial to find out what was,actually happening you could see the raw,video and again you could assess it for,yourself,millions of parents are grateful for,that so is Christina Pusha who's the,press secretary for the governor of,Florida Ron DeSantis it was partly in,res

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Libs of Tik Tok founder says she won't be silenced by 'hypocrites' like Taylor Lorenz

Libs of Tik Tok founder says she won't be silenced by 'hypocrites' like Taylor Lorenz

think that a lot of people,wanted to shut me down they wanted to,intimidate me into silence,and unfortunately for them that's just,never going to happen,foreign,mix,last year unbeknownst to pretty much,nobody a woman in brooklyn started a,twitter account that was comprised,almost solely,of videos of liberals talking about,themselves,so the concept was very simple find,interesting tape that had already been,uploaded to the internet by the people,who made it and then repost that tape,there was no editing of it no special,effects there was very little editorial,content the idea was to let activist,types describe in their own words what,they believe unfilter,the woman who created it called that,account libs of tick tock,libs of tick tock now has more followers,than the entire population of the state,of wyoming lives of tick tock's audience,dwarfs the nightly viewership on cnn,that's,and online online harassment is such a,such a,it's just a misnomer um i think it's a,huge problem because um you know,harassment is is a,is it's a tool to silence people,especially women and people of color,people from marginalized,identities i've had to remove every,single social tie i had severe ptsd from,this i i contemplated suicide it got,really bad,you feel like any little piece of,information,that gets out on you will be used by the,worst people on the internet to destroy,your life,and it's,so isolating,and terrifying,it's horrifying,i'm so sorry,it's overwhelming it's really hard,it's really hard to be from greenwich,and work for the washington post,okay,um well i think that what i'm doing is,very effective and i think that a lot of,people,wanted to shut me down they wanted to,intimidate me into silence,and unfortunately for them that's just,never going to happen,well i'm grateful to hear that you're,not intimidated were you a little,surprised to see of all people taylor,lorenz who complained bitterly when we,used her name on the air,several months ago who whined and cried,on television because she had ptsd,because people were criticizing her,online were you surprised that it was,her,who came after you personally and tried,to destroy your life,yeah i thought that was really humorous,i it added a really nice nice layer of,humor on top of the whole story,and i think that the fact that it was,taylor lauren who is a known you know,hypocrite and she is known to don't,people the fact that it was her that was,doing all this,it i think it helped people,rally with support for me

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“Libs Of TikTok” Bigoted Owner EXPOSED By Taylor Lorenz

“Libs Of TikTok” Bigoted Owner EXPOSED By Taylor Lorenz

washington post reporter taylor lorenz,has uh,done such an effective job at her,journalism that she has allowed for,these conservatives to have a meltdown,meltdown simultaneously and i'm here for,it,so she,reported on the person behind the,account known as libs of tick tock,it's an account that wasn't really on my,radar but it turns out that this person,specifically tweets out or posts about,various individuals,and frames them,as groomers and pedophiles because they,happen to be part of the lgbtq community,now it's one thing to repost what,someone is saying in a video it's an,entirely different thing to,intentionally defame them and frame them,as groomers and pedophiles and so this,person was doing these posts anonymously,and taylor lorenz figured out who it was,now before we get to the right wing,meltdown on this story i think it's,really important to do what i think a,lot of people are are failing to do,today focus on the story itself and the,details in the reporting which make it,abundantly clear that what she did here,in her reporting and by revealing who,this person is in my opinion,she did nothing wrong,so the title of the piece is meet the,woman behind libs of tick tock secretly,fueling the rights outrage machine a,popular twitter account has morphed into,a social media phenomenon spreading,anti-lgbtq plus sentiment and,shaping public discourse,now this isn't some random account that,has absolutely no power as lorenz,reports this account has become,incredibly influential in right-wing,media and it's been influential in,force,influential and essentially persuading,right-wing lawmakers in red states to,draft and pass legislation based on,these posts so libs of tick tock reposts,a steady stream of tick-tock videos and,social media posts primarily from lgbtq,plus,people often including incendiary,framing designed to generate outrage,this is graphic 2.,videos shared from the account quickly,find their way to the most influential,names in right-wing media the account,has emerged as a powerful force on the,internet shaping right-wing media,impacting anti-lgbtq legislation and,influencing millions by posting viral,videos aimed at inciting outrage among,the right,now the account has been promoted by,prominent figures including joe rogan,megan mccain and,glenn greenwald who uh apparently,uh wanted to take some ownership of the,account at one point the online,influencer by the way glenn greenwald,not happy about that label the online,influencer glenn greenwald has amplified,it to his 1.8 million twitter followers,while calling himself the account's,godfather look can i i gotta interrupt,for one second uh to talk about that uh,the account mainly uh goes after uh,people in the lgbtq community and,private citizens by the way and and and,they,the person behind the account chaya,raichik i want to be clear about who it,is chaya raichik okay,uh she's a hateful person a terrible,terrible person who calls people who are,gay predators uh who says anyone who's,allies of the lgbtq community,is mentally ill,she says that anyone who even mentions,uh someone,even being gay that the fact that a gay,person exists in a school is grooming,etc any educator who yes,accurately describes their sexual,orientation as anything other than,straight should immediately be fired,this is a person who incites,uh violence toward,ordinary people who are doing their jobs,but they have their own political,opinions right what i find so,fascinating about all of the right-wing,outrage over taylor lorenz's reporting,here is that these are the individuals,that oh yeah the left the left they,can't have a conversation they can't,stand opinions that are different from,their own oh they're always trying to,cancel people they're always trying to,fire people this woman behind libs of,tick tock went out of her way to get,people fired from their jobs educators,fired from their jobs for simply wanting,to,be open about what their sexual identity,is while they're educators while they're,whatever right they want to silence,people who have sexual orientations that,they don't like that's what the right,wing is all about and to take away,someone's livelihood over their identity,is disgusting yeah and if look she,wasn't doing anything wrong okay if she,was just simply reposting what people,are saying on social media,well then why does she want to be,anonymous,is it because she goes out of her way to,defame innocent people as pedophiles and,groomers that's what that account did,that's what libs of tick tock did i want,to just give you a few more details hold,on hold on so glenn who is gay,is calling himself the godfather of this,account,so he signed on for this glenn how much,money is worth it,jesus christ man,you want to go dance for them glenn,are you ever going to admit that you've,now become a sick right winger that,attacks your own community,he doesn't need to i mean everyone knows,everyone says,but the thing is of these,idiots in the right wing the dumbest,people

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Ron DeSantis' 'gracious' act to 'Libs of TikTok' creator revealed

Ron DeSantis' 'gracious' act to 'Libs of TikTok' creator revealed

when I was doxed,someone from Ron desantis's team called,me really yes and she said the governor,wanted me to give you a message he said,if you don't feel safe or you or your,family if you need a place to go to hide,to stay you're you can come to the,governor's mansion what that we have a,guest house for you and you can come and,stay as long as you need,the governor of Florida yes I I can't,even I was like I was almost in tears,like the governor of Florida like he has,nothing but like and you're living I'm,living in California and he took time,out of his I'm assuming extremely busy,schedule you think I mean he's the,governor of Florida and to send someone,to call me to make sure I'm safe,that's crazy and invite you to stay to,this house yes yes,yeah,well I'm so glad I asked that question,foreign,foreign,last year unbeknownst to pretty much,nobody a woman in Brooklyn started a,Twitter account that was comprised,almost solely of videos of liberals,talking about themselves,so the concept was very simple find,interesting tape that had already been,uploaded to the Internet by the people,who made it and then repost that tape,there was no editing of it no special,effects there was very little editorial,content the idea was to let activist,types describe in their own words what,they believe unfiltered,the owner created it called that account,Libs of tick tock Libs of tick tock now,has more followers than the entire,population of the state of Wyoming lives,of tick tock's audience dwarfs the,nightly viewership on CNN,thank you,an online online harassment is such a,such a such a misnomer um I think it's a,huge problem because,um you know harassment is is a is is,it's a tool to silence people especially,women and people of color or people from,marginalized um identities I've had to,remove every single social tie I had,severe PTSD from this I I contemplated,suicide it got really bad,you feel like any little piece of,information,that gets out on you will be used by the,worst people on the internet to destroy,your life and it's so isolating and,terrifying it's horrifying,it's,overwhelming it's really hard,it's really hard to be from Greenwich,and work for the Washington Post,foreign,foreign,foreign

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‘Libs of Tik Tok’ creator speaks on Big Tech punishments

‘Libs of Tik Tok’ creator speaks on Big Tech punishments

so obviously twitter doesn't exist so we,can share opinions with one another,it exists to silence anyone who,challenges the biden administration and,the oligarchs in silicon valley who,support,the bide administration and to that end,they've censored the former president,the new york post charlie kirk the,babylon beat this show last night,twitter suspended a very popular account,called libs of tick tock now libs of,tick tock is essentially an account that,finds video of liberals talking about,themselves and their own beliefs and,posts it,it was,of course targeted because once you see,what these people are saying,they discredit themselves and horrify,normal people here's some of the footage,libs of tik tok is on earth i want to,talk to the kids sometimes human beings,are more than boy or girl,sometimes we're something else sometimes,we're both,sometimes um we kind of float,in between mostly i feel feminine or,non-binary,today i'm feeling really femme and,cat-like as well,yeah i wouldn't have to hide or lie or,be embarrassed about a natural function,my body does,so all that to say i'm on my period you,heard me having a period for the first,time in six years and not just any,period the period from hell i identify,as a threat a nightmare and a goddess so,please bow down to me i do not believe,in god i don't worship the devil but yes,i am a satanist which means i am my own,god and i worship myself,so for the crime of letting liberals,talk about themselves and showing people,what they actually think media matters,did a hit piece on libs of tick tock,described it as hate,and twitter dutifully pulled it off the,platform that's exactly how that system,works so the creator of libs of tick,tock remains anonymous why because we,live in a country where you can't even,say what you think without,threats of violence against you if,you're not on the left but we are happy,to talk to that person over the phone,which we are doing now the creator of,libs of tick tock joins us,on the line don't know your name glad,you're on um,so you were pulled off twitter,uh after you were attacked by media,matters for disseminating hate were you,surprised by this,exactly no i was not surprised at all it,definitely felt like a very organized,attack by the last to get me suspended,so how big and this is not the first,platform from which you've been,suspended for holding up liberals in,their own voice,to the rest of the country where else,have you been kicked off,i have been kicked off of tick tock and,i've gotten multiple violations on,instagram,it's just remarkable to me in a country,like ours that you feel the need to,remain anonymous tell us why you're not,giving us your name tonight,well i've gotten a few death breaths i,get a ton of hate mail and the left has,been showing recently um you know,how they would treat people who,disagreed with them,um it's funny because there is some of,the difference i mean i've like reported,it and the people they still have their,accounts on twitter so you know you can,threaten violence and still keep your,account but you can't play a video of,what a leftist is themselves saying,right so your opinions are violence,their violence are protected speech,you see how that works,thank you so much for your bravery and,again i just can't overstate you're not,even giving your opinions necessarily,just holding up their opinions for the,country to see and for revealing them in,their natural habitat,you're on the run uh,creator of libs or tiktok whatever your,name is thanks for joining us tonight,thank you,subscribe to the fox news youtube,channel to catch our nightly opens,stories that are changing the world and,changing your life from tucker carlson,tonight

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Taylor Lorenz DOXXES Libs Of TikTok Twitter Account | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Taylor Lorenz DOXXES Libs Of TikTok Twitter Account | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

taylor lorenz is at it again i mean i,can barely believe how exactly this has,all played out in the last several hours,so let's start from the top which is,that there is an account called libs of,tick tock you guys have probably heard,about it joe rogan has talked about it,it's a very popular one i think it has,around 600 000 followers by the time i,checked this morning now yeah 650 there,we go so this account surfaces videos,making fun of liberals on tick tock,often it can be trans stuff identity,stuff lgbt whatever you know i identify,as a dog or i identify it's a lot of,people it's a lot of it's culture,warfare well it's critical race culture,war mills that's what this account is,sometimes it's funny and sometimes i,find it offensive and that's what it is,yeah i mostly find it funny uh so this,person has been doing this now for about,a year maybe a year and a half or so,it's become a very popular following and,it's definitely become frankly in my,opinion one of the most important kind,of conservative activists in the entire,country if you care a lot about the,culture war and i'm saying that as an,objective statement in terms of the,level of influence that it has had yeah,now that account has been run,anonymously the author has or the i,guess the owner of the account has done,some interviews but has gone to great,lengths in order to protect her,anonymity she's done interviews on fox,news she's done uh interviews on,podcasts as well but has said that she,doesn't want to reveal her face simply,because of how much of a target that she,is for many of the online harassment,crowd well uh we found out late last,night that journalist taylor lorenz who,we've talked about here who has decried,online harassment who broke down crying,on nbc news because she says that people,are coming after her and her personal,identity i don't want to minimize that i,actually think that that's awful i don't,think anybody should have to experience,that well it turns out that she,doxed this woman and revealed her name,now i'm not going to read her name um,here on the air but let's go and put,this up there on the screen,now she says meet the woman behind the,libs of tick-tock secretly fueling the,right wings outrage machine in it she,points to the anonymous impacts deep and,far deep and far-reaching movement its,content is amplified by high-profile,media figures she's appeared on tucker,carlson it's been referenced on fox news,and then immediately begins to quote all,of these fake identity experts about how,the account is bringing violence against,trans people or violence against people,for simply highlighting videos that,these people post themselves publicly,and then saying that this is in some way,inciting harassment and crystal what i,found most objectionable number one she,tries of course in order to tie this to,joe rogan she's like oh joe rogan you,know cited it once as further evidence,that he's some crazy right-wing activist,even though if you go talk to joe ask,him how he feels about trans people,he'll tell you um in his own words but,the second thing is they literally link,to her real estate license and they,reveal her name they say exactly the uh,not just area of new york but the,specific neighborhood of new york that,she lives in citing you know who she,this person is and that level of,identification is just ludicrous,especially in the context of this entire,article which is meant to paint her as,some sort of hate monger now i,personally think there is a story to be,told about the lives of tiktok account,i've spoken about it offline privately,with my friends like i said i think it's,crazy that this account came out of,nowhere and legitimately became probably,the most important right-wing account in,the entire country and i don't mean that,like like i said i mean i think it's,probably single-handedly responsible for,the florida uh legislation on not being,able to talk about sexual identity to,kids who are k through three i think,it's probably responsible for uh along,with christopher ruffo for a lot of the,critical uh race theory legislation that,has gone across the country yeah and,objectively like when you look at it,that story is interesting and i think it,should be told actually but instead this,is just a bad faith critique and it's,clearly meant to dox her to ruin this,woman's life and it's just how can,taylor square that with what she has,done and said about her what has,happened to her the part is,if you are,taylor lorenz and you have put yourself,out on thera's like oh i can't be,criticized because that means that,if you criticize me you are,intentionally causing people to bully,and harass me and that is uh you know,out of if you say my name she has said,that if you say her full name that that,is out of bounds how can you then turn,around and write a story like this and,not apply that same principle of aren't,you inciting harassment against this,person now i think this story is a,little bit complicated because i think

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