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10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF IKEA LESBIANhey guys it is the gay women Channel's,10-year anniversary and we


Updated on Jan 27,2023


hey guys it is the gay women Channel's,10-year anniversary and we are reacting,to our videos as they turn 10 years old,today we're doing Ikea lesbian you know,what this is a Hidden Gem some of you if,you know Ikea lesbian you're a true fan,this is if you know you know if you know,you know it's a very weird video this is,like I feel like a video we probably,would have made in high school that,we're like it's silly and it's funny and,it's what YouTube used to be I can't,believe we didn't get kicked out of Ikea,doing this,yeah I think we were just in the,entrance how long was the last time you,watched this,10 years ago all of them I have not,always in so long I don't think I need,to set this up but we did make this,video because of the infamous Ikea,monkey where is he now hopefully still,alive it was like around Toronto this,monkey got loose in Ikea and I remember,going to California and they had like,IKEA monkey like merchandise thank you,guys for watching our videos and our,Channel over the past 10 years and if,you are not subscribed make sure to hit,that subscribe button and click the bell,for notifications this has 217,000 views,crazy who watched this I want to read,the first comment maybe 20 lesbians on,repeat oh most people are just quoting,it,um but then someone said I love how,Sarah is getting into the passenger side,of an antique,for the record Ikea is my favorite of,the like box stores honestly,cries like he didn't reach out to us to,do some kind of Brandon content this is,like um I know you go to IKEA expecting,to find cheap furniture not unstylishly,dressed lesbians this man oh my gosh we,need to blur his face look at the show,that is of the IKEA monkey and we placed,you in it,customers were shocked and quickly I,love if you caught it you're in Ikea,Sarah I was we are in it with the video,camera I was holding my cell phone,filming you like a bystander but then,I'm also I play two characters I guess,where is this coat from I'm just gonna,say where's the coat from did we buy,this coat I don't think we bought it but,I don't we own this coat I don't know,everyone if you look in the background,is like looking at us being like what is,it I think we literally we just went in,the entrance at Ikea and just yeah for a,while but now you I don't think you can,do that anymore that's a good oh the,best joke that's the best joke the owner,of the lesbian Jasmine Bermuda,she is my lesbian she is mine she,belongs with me where did you get the,lesbian from I I mean let's say I will,not saying be reunited with her owner,what do you viewers think,oh my God we're just gonna read a few,comments from Ikea lesbian I love the,way Adriana talks,my friend and I sent this video to each,other whenever we were having a bad day,and it always made us feel better love,it I love it,my dad keeps taking me to Home Depot I,think he knows oh you guys make me laugh,when I'm down this is a time too,um when we were on the channel just,making videos that just wanted to make,each other laugh yeah that was it we,were like what do we think's funny and,this is what we thought was funny I'd be,a lesbian a lesbian,lost in Ikea honestly it's a banger like,that's one of the best videos we have on,our Channel and it's under a minute and,a half and it's just like full of it's,everything is funny just the jokes I I,mean,I'm proud of that this still holds up,and holds up it totally it's offensive,to No One except Jasmine Bermuda I love,them where did you get the lesbian from,I will not I will not say I I also love,I love your um news reporter voice can,you do it now for us can you still do,that you go to IKEA expecting to find,cheap furniture,not unstylishly dressed lesbians she is,my lesbian she belongs with me she's,mine she is mine,I don't have a lot of insight about this,because it was just a silly video and we,shot it at our local Ikea with no,permission,and at a time when you couldn't just,shoot on a cell phone and no one would,think anything of it we had a full,camera yeah I remember a friend came and,like helped us shoot it I mean it did,only have 217 000 views yes it did not,go viral but it's a lot considering what,is this video it's classic classic gay,women Channel yeah thanks guys if you've,been watching um for 10 years it's gay,women channels 10 year anniversary it's,our birthday Ikea lesbian turn 10 today,happy birthday Ikea lesbian leave a,comment if you saw this video when it,first came out what you thought of it if,you're seeing it for the first time what,do you think if it doesn't hold up it,does it really does

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Dating Problems Every Lesbian Will Recognize

Dating Problems Every Lesbian Will Recognize

- So I guess this is good...,bye.,Hey, you still have my Buffy season two DVDs!,You bitch.,- Aw, Britt, don't look so sad.,It's been like a month since she's broke up with you.,Come on, you gotta get back out there.,- I went on, like, three dates last week,,and they were all failures.,- What happened? Were they horse lesbians?,- No, this was actually a blind date,that I had high hopes for.,You know, got my puss waxed for it.,But I get there, and she's practically my twin.,Like, I'm narcissistic, but I'm not gonna,have sex with myself.,- It could be fun though.,You guys could like, trade lives,like in The Parent Trap.,- That was a good movie.,- Yeah, but what about your second date?,What was wrong with her?,Was she a CrossFit lesbian?,Like show up with a tractor tire and a kettle bell?,- No, second one was actually going really well,until her ex-girlfriend showed up out of nowhere,and declared her undying love for her,and that she built her house,with her bare fucking hands.,- Aww, that's so romantic.,- U-Haul! Typical.,- What about the third date?,Lucky number three?,- No, that was the worst of all.,- But it looks like it's going so well.,- No, look closer.,We have the same name.,Hi, my name is Brittany,,and this is my girlfriend, Brittany?,That's disgusting.,What would that wedding invite look like?,- I mean, have you tried online dating?,- Yeah.,I've swiped 'til the end of Tinder.,Do you know what that feels like?,- No!,- We met in person.,- Like, years ago.,- Yeah, before Tinder.,- I'm sure there are plenty of single lesbians,left for you in this town.,- Yeah, we have a lot of,single lesbian friends.,- Like Jacqueline!,Ok, I met her and a feminist friend.,She's very empowered.,She talks about vulvas and how they mean,something more than what we think they mean.,- No, she hooked with my ex like two years ago at Dina.,- Hold on to your taco shell,because here comes Cynthia!,- Oh, she's great.,- Yeah, I know she's great.,I dated her.,- We have a bunch of straight girls,who I feel like if you got them a glass of wine,things would get a little crazy, right?,Like Marsha?,- No, I'm done with the whole straight girl thing.,I can't do that anymore.,They think my clit is a pencil eraser.,- No, I know that my sister would sleep with you.,- She said I was pretty for a lesbian once.,I just wanna find a nice, available, single,woman who knows she's into other women,that's done experimenting, isn't going to move,into my apartment after two weeks,,hasn't, you know, slept with people I've slept with.,Is it really that difficult?,Thank you.,- What are you reading?,- I know, I'm a stereotype.,- Ooh, yikes, me too.,- Oh, incredible.,- But at least you're - not alone.,- 'Sup? You Brittany? I'm Jean.

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Marvel Woke Virtue Signal BACKFIRES | Disney Cut Lesbian Kiss In Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Marvel Woke Virtue Signal BACKFIRES | Disney Cut Lesbian Kiss In Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

foreign,abundantly clear over the last several,years that they put agenda over,entertainment that they put identity,politics and virtue signaling ahead of,telling an actual good story and when,you promise those things to people when,you tell everybody our focus is to be,diverse and welcoming and inclusive and,incredible well you know what then woke,activists are going to hold you to those,standards and even with everything they,did in 2022 that still wasn't enough,Disney not gay enough for glad receives,insufficient Mark in annual lgbtq,inclusivity report card and of course so,many of these things that they decided,to shove the gay agenda into including,kids movies ended up being a disaster,for Disney losing hundreds of millions,of dollars but would it surprise anybody,that once again despite all their virtue,signaling despite saying how much we,care about representation that now some,people are upset because Marvel cut what,would have been the first lesbian kiss,in the Marvel Cinematic Universe out of,black panther wakanda forever Marvel,Studios first lesbian kiss got removed,from the Final Cut and you know even if,it would have been in there even if they,would have got it in the Final Cut of,the movie to show how inclusive they are,you know that they wouldn't have,released it everywhere just the same,thing they did for eternals when they,bragged about how inclusive eternals was,how amazing and groundbreaking it was to,have a gay kiss but then of course they,cut it out of a bunch of countries just,to make sure it got released we gotta,love the double standards coming from,the MCU here new information brought to,light that Marvel Studios first,on-screen lesbian kiss was cut from,Black Panther wakanda forever Marvel,Studios and in turn the mcu's become,more and more Progressive over the past,few years it's almost like there's a,direct correlation to the box office,weird and black panther 2 is a direct,result of that effort the mcu's even,been awarded for its on-screen,representation however it seems as,though the studio may have nixed one,recent opportunity for its first,on-screen kiss that was said to be part,of black panther wakanda forever and you,did see a lesbian relationship although,it was very much blank and you miss it,in wakanda Forever very similar to the,rise of Skywalker groundbreaking lesbian,kiss wasn't it according to a black,panther wakanda forever scripted sprung,up online Marvel Studios first lesbian,kiss was cut from The Final Cut of the,film The deleted scene takes place in a,neca's wakandan apartment as AO offers,to restore the warrior as Adora milage,from there aneka gives Ayo a kiss on the,cheek to which kasume's wakandan Warrior,responds by kissing aneka on the lips,and uh here's the entire thing right,here in a house party in full swing,aneka dressed in casual clothing opens,the door revealing Ayo General,Ayo takes in the revelers behind in NECA,I'm here on behalf of the elders they,would like to offer you restoration as,Adora the elders that that is kind to,them something tells me I had a strong,Advocate I accept I know aneka gives her,a kiss on the cheek AO kisses a NECA on,the lips the Final Cut of the film,ultimately saw the pair share a kiss but,it was one where Anika kisses AO on the,forehead during the final battle that,scene looks a little different in the,script as well not featuring the kiss at,all and of course that entire thing was,talked up in a big way by the actress AO,actress Michaela Cole previously noted,the pairs of forbidden Affair was,something she was excited to explore she,remarked that she knew how big a deal it,was to show this kind of representation,on a very mainstream platform well maybe,she was talking about what used to be in,the movie but what didn't make the final,cut and there's some people that have,been complaining about this once they,realized what Marvel Studios cut because,again when you say that this is what you,want to do when you say you're all about,diversity at all costs we don't care,what it costs we're gonna put these,characters on screen we're gonna make,sure you feel represented but then when,push comes to shove and there might be a,lot on the line where you just slowly,and carefully edit that out because you,want to release it in a Middle Eastern,country because you want to get every,single last dollar you can out of,something you know is going to be a box,office disappointment that's when you,start getting called out by the very,same people that you're pandering to,once again Marvel seems to have decided,to very low-key cut something out,despite promising all the woke activists,that they actually do care about them,let me know your thoughts in the,comments section below smash a like,button subscribe to the channel ring the,bell for notification share this video,out there and I'll talk to you later,foreign

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Girl On Girl Love | The Jerry Springer Show

Girl On Girl Love | The Jerry Springer Show

please meet Dorothy she says there's no,in Hell she's passing up Love Again,Dorothy what's going on yes,um,I'm bringing my friends here today of,six years to let her know that um I want,to try to expand our relationship now,she's been my first my first girl on,girl experience I've actually never been,with another woman besides because she's,more than just a friend she's your lover,yes,thank you,because if you're just friends you can't,be on the show,we don't do a show about friendship,okay so anyway so now what happened well,um the only problem is,she has a girlfriend,um she's been with her girlfriend for,um for like a few months now yeah but I,feel like um I'm ready to be committed,to her I've actually,um had a boyfriend in the past that's,the reason why we are not together is,because I was confused but now I know,what I want I mean she she's what I want,and I'm here today to try to win it when,was the last time you were intimate with,her a few months ago okay was she,already with her girlfriend yeah yeah,okay yeah now when you mention this to,her that you you'd like to be back,together again what did she say do you,think I'm she thinks I'm joking she,doesn't take me as serious because we're,joking on this show,I know,let's bring out,all right well I'll let you oh this is,you know this other woman yeah I've met,her a few times I don't know her know,her but I've met her a few times okay,and she The Other Woman is Amber yes,well she now knows that you're before,this show because she's watching,backstage before this show was she aware,that,you were messing around with her,girlfriend so this is all news to her,yeah oh well here's Amber,you're sure,what is all of that,thank you,thank you,foreign,well let's find out what she has to say,about this is Canary,what is wrong with you,the opportunities,but you know I love you bro I love you,too but that's why I gave you chances I,know baby but I was confused for me,watching you cry over your baby daddy,come on now is that okay hold on yeah I,want to pursue that that interesting,point,you do sometimes want to go back to him,right because you do still have love for,him of course I have two beautiful kids,with him right so if you still have love,for him then she can you can understand,why she would say you know what that's,always going to be there it'll never,just be us too I understand he wants to,move on I want to be with Amber nobody I,want to be with you baby,oh,yeah,I don't want you fighting her don't,fight my girl I'm gonna marry her I'm in,love with her I'm in love with her I,loved you I love you but I'm not in love,with you I was with you for six years we,was together for six years Dorothy you,had all that time you told me you loved,me you told me you want to be with you,but you never showed me telling me,somebody could tell me something and,like you get what I'm saying right so I,can tell you something somebody,yeah,but but that's because I'm Jerry,Springer,we'll be back,if you think that was wild and crazy,then click here to keep watching and,don't forget to subscribe all you have,to do is click here and one more thing,take care of yourself and each other

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Blueberry Pancakes - Cooking With Lesbians

Blueberry Pancakes - Cooking With Lesbians

welcome back to cooking with lesbians a,cooking show for lesbians with a lesbian,I'm your host ELISA or whatever other,gay name you can think of for this,episode of cooking with lesbians we're,making mikaze pancakes blueberry,pancakes wondering whom with casseon,they're the two characters from almost,adults the new movie from the gay women,channel it's about two girls who fall in,love we don't see don't let the ,would I watch it here's what you'll need,for blueberry pancakes blueberries that,are past their expiration date Blanca's,that's French magic baking powder from,the 1960s magic because it's actually,toe cane a lifetime serving of table,salt,100% pure maple syrup egg get it because,we're Canadian douche,bags unbleached all-purpose parent,juices not washing flour whatever the, that means whatever little bit of,butter you have left in your house milk,in a bag a diabetic amount of sugar,start by putting all of the dry,ingredients into the bowl dry lake,passes vagina since her boyfriend just,broke up so she's not gonna be using,Matthew hopper a little bit $50,000,worth of cocaine and what the and,this looks like pubic hair mix all the,ingredients together just like you're,mixed feelings about this movie like,seriously why aren't they gonna get,together I'm just about to microwave to,butter so it's melted are you so ,nosy,like a best friend you should always,have a spare and in true McKenzie,fashion,let's scissor that took a while public,as she's a newbie poor the rest of the, into a separate Bowl Oh what came,first the lesbian are da trick questions,lesbians always come first okay mix all,the ingredients together yeah a million, steps just buy the one straight,up a box,what is this fancy who are we,fooling throw your McKenzie's out there,this is how you finger a girl if you're,wondering how many people this recipe,will feed and will roughly feed from,eight to ten catties or one mckenzie,throw in some blueberries use those,softball forearms and chips,throw them in this one has a stem on it,pick it off,we don't like phallic objects and our,pancakes this is the only fruit I'll eat,all week okay can we get an insert of,this new fancy ass picture which i like,to call the gay man kitchen cuz it's too,fancy fresh loves man check this ,out the is that,now that the pancake batter has been,makes we're gonna cook this out of,it use a biggest pan you can get,place the pan on the stove and heat it,up as hot as your straight best friend,mine's a 10 why is she cutting me in bed,though that's like mixed signals,make sure you grease the pan according,to my straight best friend lubricant is,very important,while you're waiting for the pancakes to,coax they even flip up think about all,of the great perks there are about,having a straight best friend,none I remember when I was a young,McKenzie and I had my first crush,I mean she wasn't a super tall hot,blonde soccer player she was kind of a,frumpy middle-aged soccer mom,but I needed the same thing right sure,these are Mikasa pancakes but I mean,these pancakes are great for all,occasions telling your straight best,friend that you love them eating the,Mathew Street best friend tells you they,don't love you coming out to your street,best friends making up after a fight,these pancakes are also a great way to,trick your best friend into making them,do whatever the it is you want them,to do like going shopping come watch me,flip these pancakes like my desperate,attempt to flip my straight best friend,oh no don't worry about the guys,just flip it okay it's okay if they're,messy friendships are always messy pleat,your up pancakes,finally just those pancakes with some,mcafee love thank you to Lisa for,supporting all those adults I hope you,like these shitty pancakes like if you,like my Cassie leave a comment with what,you'd like me to make next and subscribe,coconut will born puts it for today so,we're gonna be cooking she hasn't slept,with me yet bolognaise if you've been,dating a girl for a while and by a while,I mean like a year plus and she isn't,stuck with you there's probably,something wrong with you

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"I'm TRI-GENDER : Male, Female & Non-Binary." -- WUT? Woke TikTok Cringe

"I'm TRI-GENDER : Male, Female & Non-Binary." -- WUT? Woke TikTok Cringe

would you call this person dirt dirt,went to the store I think I would,you send that person to a Men's prison,or a women's prison first he'll be in,the Men's prison then maybe you know,half his time in one and then she'll do,half her time,or maybe they just they'll get away with,it completely because there are no,non-binary prisons that's the way out so,apparently Sam Brinton who is assistant,says drag queen nuclear scientist this,person actually identifies as non-binary,right he's in charge of the United,States Department of energy oh do you,remember that whole thing that happened,a while back that people went crazy,about and they were like why is this,crazy person working for the president,of the United States and working as a,scientist and my thoughts on that was,just like who cares what he looks like,if he's smart he's smart but now has,been caught stealing a woman's luggage,from the airport it's a felony,apparently I didn't know that to,accidentally steal like I don't we don't,know if this person actually actually,stole it on purpose or actually we don't,know it yet I know but apparently Marcus,did know because two weeks after filming,this video Sam Brendan has been accused,of a second theft and now he's been,fired but now this person faces up to,ten thousand dollars as a fine and up to,five years in prison now my question for,you guys is which which person are they,going to be sent to wait their head is,definitely enlarged there that's a joke,that's definitely not what their head,looks like and if it is I feel a bit,upset I think she'd be safe in a Men's,prison do you think I think so I don't,know if anyone would want to touch touch,that that would be valid if they don't,wanna I mean he's gonna go to immense,person that's for sure I know the world,is crazy right now but I don't think,we're that crazy though we would send,this person to anything other than a,Men's prison I don't know about that I,think this world,crazy maybe I'm optimistic or naive,he'll probably get released under a,Baylor form loss good behavior yeah,he'll get release for being a trans,woman of non whatever non-specificent,specific identity whatever it is he's,not even a woman he's just no he's,non-binary so that that's extra,privilege points they don't know where,that's the way out he's green you can,literally just identify out of going to,privilege going to prison yeah and well,that is privilege I see this is white,that's hello I'm not Magpie I'm towel,but I can explain so magpies pronoun set,is it bug dirt today right it and they,are used normally,so its name is Magpie the sweater,belongs to it and it was going by itself,and then their name is Magpie this,belongs to them they were going by,themselves for bug it would be bug's,name is Magpie the sweater belongs to,bug bug was going by bug self and then,for dirt it would be dirtish Magpie the,sweater belongs to dirt dirt was going,by dirt self you can use these,interchangeably in a sentence you can,use just one of them or you can use,different ones at different times do you,remember when in season 10 we're both,friends Fanatics do you already know,right now I'm going with this no when,Phoebe gets married to Mike and she,changes her name to uh princess Consuela,banana hammock and Mike is like okay I'm,Gonna Change my name to crap bag this,person's literally telling you that,their pronouns are it and dirt Marcus,what do you think is a trans person a,token train it's the same that's what I,go through that's totally the same,exactly yeah no I mean this is like a,game for them it's playing pretend which,is really good and healthy for children,to play protection but they don't know,what's reality and what,you know what's fantasy if this child,was in my but then you could call the,kid dirt and then what you get in,trouble for calling them dirt right,people like that would be offender no,matter what you do so a couple of people,might have been surprised by my,transgender pin that I put on this,morning I figured it's about time that I,came out and talked about my gender,identity I am trigender which means like,a triangle I have three genders male,female and non-binary and the difference,between trigender and gender fluid is,that I feel all three of these genders,at the same time it doesn't ever shift,or change or where I feel one gender,more strongly than the other like gender,fluid tends to be also I should,recognize and accept that a lot of,people don't see non-binary as a third,gender okay you know what this reminds,me this is this has nothing to do with,this video but the first thing I thought,of when she said try gender I thought of,the recent story which was like a priest,who got in trouble having a threesome on,the altar oh my god did you see this no,I did not and I made a joke on Twitter,and I said,this video had like 130 000 likes which,is really concerning to me and I saw,videos where people like they are my,hero and stuff like that I just feel bad,for her that she follows this ide

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I'm Coming Out

I'm Coming Out

happy damn and today I'm gonna let you,know what my deal really is geez why are,you laughing at me I feel like a lot of,you watch my video sometimes and you are,like what's this bitch's deal and there,was a particular comment that I got two,weeks ago that made me really question,things and I just like to preface this,by saying that I've always gravitated,towards calling myself straight because,um I'm dating a guy and it just seems I,don't want to catch heat from any,gatekeeper who says no you're not this,or no you're not that a really really,long time ago I made a video about,anxiety and I couldn't handle the pain,of all of the comments saying you don't,have anxiety people like you don't have,anxiety what are you talking about like,the pain from that was so much that I've,really not this is just the kind of,thing that I don't really like to get,into however I got a comment two weeks,ago on my Sims video the one where I,have a relationship with another female,we get married this is all scripted and,written but a lot of people took it as,me giving hints or me trying to like put,this message forward in a very sneaky,maybe even conniving way one of the,comments I got with 153 up boats was can,Cassie please tell me where her,sexuality stands she needs to accept,herself before anyone else and all I'm,getting from these videos is that she's,really trying to hint about something,she said in the uncomfortable questions,video that she doesn't talk about that,but unless I know she's happy with,herself I'm not gonna stand and I'm not,doing this because this person's not,gonna stand in fact I got a little bit,offended by this question because I,don't feel like it should matter what I,like and who I like and what I do behind,closed doors but the reason why I'm,doing this is because I've been doing a,lot of reflecting and I do think it's,important for people to feel open to,talk about these things I have been in,straight relationships my whole life and,because of that because of only data,guys I've always assumed that you know,I'm straight I've never dated a girl,before but the more I think about it and,the more I reflect on the friendships,I've had,in the past a lot of them weren't,strictly platonic and I felt it and the,other people felt it and it even got to,a point with one particular friendship,one of my main childhood best friends we,were sitting at a place in Vancouver,late at night one time having a few,drinking paws and she turned to me she,looked really nervous and scared and I,was like what and she was like Cassie,not gonna keep this a secret anymore but,I know that there have been feelings,between us I've felt it and I know that,you have too but this is me coming out,to you saying that I've had a crush on,you since I met you and every time we,had sleepovers as best friends I would,watch you sleep it was really romantic,when I heard her say it saying it back,to you guys you're probably gonna think,that's creepy but I found it to be very,endearing so she said that to me and,then she moved in for the kiss and I,wasn't expecting this to happen just,because I've never it's not that I never,entertained the thought of having these,kinds of things with my friends it's,just that I'm I've always been under the,assumption that my female friends didn't,see me in that way and if I had any,feelings like that it's something that,you know it's just I just ignored it,okay I just ignored it so she moved in,for the kiss I was really happy and,thrilled and excited that this was going,down so I kissed her back and we had,this moment together and after that the,friendship got really strange because I,didn't know what the next step was she,was in a relationship at the time and it,just didn't feel right so the next day I,texted her and I said what happened last,night and she was like I don't know and,I was like yeah and then we never spoke,about it again and I've had many many,friendships with girls throughout my,life where that happened I've had a lot,of very intimate moments with females in,my life I will say that these things,have always remained PG but that's,mostly because I've never been,very overtly sexual person and when a,lot of these things happened I felt like,I was too young to have those kinds of,experiences but the feelings were real I,will say that the first best friend I,ever had I obviously had a thing for her,and it wasn't like oh I want to be,friends and like we'll call each other,on the phone like a lot of these a lot,of friendships I've had with different,girls I wanted to be with them every,second of the day I thought they were,the most beautiful people ever I found,them very attractive and we moved like,people in a relationship we talked like,people in a relationship we fought like,people in a relationship I'd have dreams,about these people there was one,particular girl in high school who I had,dreams about all the time and usually,that only happens when I have feelings,for somebody this isn't me coming out to,

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Things Lesbians Need To Know - Pillow Talk

Things Lesbians Need To Know - Pillow Talk

you waiting for so I'm not sure if a lot,of you know this but uh there's been a,couple rumors and we're here to clarify,those rumors Sara and I are lesbians,seasoned lesbians,yeah we've been lesbian sorry what,couple months now,yeah we're pros even as lesbians we're,always learning there's always some new,terminology new sex toy new baby dykes,baby dykes are evolving at a quick rate,because you don't want to be left behind,in the lesbian world and then all of a,sudden you know you walk out one day and,you're just like I don't need who's gay,I don't know I don't know what I think,about being gay like what's this trend,what's happening I'm confused I'm still,wearing rainbow belt buckles when did,that become not a thing as we're gonna,give you some top secret information and,advice about being gay here we go get a,best friend even if she's straight you,will eventually date her the l word is a,realistically unrealistic representation,of lesbians don't ever start watching,loss girl don't just trust us,save yourself no johns are watching it,period do I end up like us there you,know stop watching my Jake stop watching,us girl you should probably always stay,away from girls with rainbow flag belt,buckles sidebar if you wear rainbow,flight belt buckles you want to say ser,don't wear impolite belt buckles throw,it out burn it melted get rid of it hide,it in your deepest darkest closet right,next to your damn Barbara probably one,of the most important tips we can give,each day is don't make fun of bye girls,because they are the most sensitive of,all people they're delicate they're,little little flowers like the rose and,beating the Beast,that's my girl it's not a boy girl is,for you single ladies that are out there,mingling with other single ladies if a,girl is hitting on you and you're not,into it just tell her you have a,girlfriend it works every time but,sometimes it doesn't work at all,important life tip just have sex with,girls because there's a 99% chance that,you won't get pregnant 99 problems,getting pregnant anyone there's a lot of,terminology and gay culture sometimes it,can be a bit overwhelming maybe think,about signing up for a class at your,local liberal women's college and most,importantly if you don't know if you're,a baby Dyke you're a baby Dyke don't ask,us on tumblr if you're a baby Dyke,because you are every single lesbian,either has the title baby Dyke or former,baby Dyke former baby Dyke Adrianna,Dylan ro that's how I usually get,addressed it's like every time Adrianna,has a sign her credentials,she puts Adrianna Dillon Ardo FBD it's,just more professional so you guys are,welcome for all of this extremely,helpful and wise information and we're,always learning as well so if you have,any advice leave a comment and let us,know so please subscribe and please,share the video and please like the,video here's the most exciting news ever,and it's gonna do like make your life,pillow talks are not gonna be every,Monday remind every Monday you're gonna,see these two ridiculous faces yelling,at you and screaming once a week really,stupid thing every Monday,and then we're still gonna have,different videos on Wednesday that's two,time that's double you're getting women,double boom like that is magic,oh my god freak you know Monday's just,got a whole lot Gare

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