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leolove_3 Twitter - leolove Leo Love 3 Twitter Viral on Instagram and Tiktokhey guys how are you we


Updated on Jan 18,2023

leolove_3 Twitter - leolove Leo Love 3 Twitter Viral on Instagram and Tiktok

hey guys how are you welcome to my,youtube channel today we are going to,discuss an important topic so let's get,started,uh leo love underscore 3 has gone viral,on twitter especially on twitter and,also available on all other social media,networks these days,um,leo love underscore chi,um whose original twitter id name is uh,king koran,where the actual name of this person is,quran mccain,so who's grand mccain,kuran mckin is a tick tock star with,over eight thirty four point nine,thousand attempts on the video sharing,stage he's calling um king koran,through online social media address and,has his tick tock accessible underneath,the deal with identifying,a king koran new page,mccain has been on social media networks,i mean on the information a number of,instances up to now for his outstanding,fantasy relationship together with his,vital different charles mcgregor who,regularly combine up as grandma and,karen due to their immense age gap,as indicated by north west georgia,,a roman,quran shaheen mccain,was captured on november 15 2021 for,inflicting safety exhaustion,mccain supportedly,slammed with automobiles,purposefully or made automobiles crash,with him to assemble safety adventures,within the wake of inflicting the mishap,he would file bogus damage circumstances,and provide a bogus expression in,opposition to the motive force to,regulation authority i mean,authoritization,and inspecting safety official,the first episode occurred on september,29,2017 mccain,i mean,mccain,precipitated amisha with a 2004 toyota,cena,he then,at the time,um proceeded responsible at the opposite,driver for an ill advised path,change,mccain likewise asserted,he was harmed and seemed for remedy,at,redmond original medical heart,he rehearsed,an identical incidence,after the actual fact,he seemed for remedy at floyd medical,heart,this time round,so at this level he is accused of some,counts of lawful offense safety i mean,mystery of his education,um,this is all the information but,mccann and anyone,close to him haven't affirmed,the news the information quran mccain,and his vital different,uh charlie mcgregor and well-liked tito,couple with a surprising age distance of,37 years,he weighed i mean he vetted within the,major seven day stretches of uh,september 2021 following five months of,like hurting,so,this is the whole information burn,uh quran mccain who,whose username,uh on twitter is leola underscorechi and,it is really going viral on twitter and,has become a hot topic on twitter,and,also on other social media networks,thanks for watching my video if you find,this video helpful please like share and,subscribe my channel goodbye

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I'm 24, My Wife's 61 - Now We Want A Baby | LOVE DON’T JUDGE

I'm 24, My Wife's 61 - Now We Want A Baby | LOVE DON’T JUDGE

this is 24 year old karan and he fell in,love with 61 year old cheryl,the pair bonded due to their mutual love,of tick tock and garnered much attention,due to their 37 year age gap,grammy stop hitting on your,great-grandson,but undeterred by the internet trolls,cheryl and karan recently tied the knot,we got married the water was running,beside us it was very beautiful,now they want to grow their family and,have children i'm still a mom it never,stops so why shouldn't i have another,child and they are finally ready to,reveal the news to cheryl's daughter we,had a baby because it would be a problem,previously we met karan and cheryl who,caused quite a stir with their,unconventional pairing i can't keep her,hands off me,she gave me a rouse i'm telling you it,happened so often lord yo,since then the couple have taken their,relationship up a notch when karan,proposed to cheryl i proposed july 30th,they made it very special my tit top,fans because they donated over three,thousand dollars,on cheryl's ring in one day so i was,nervous due to the fact that i'm gonna,propose to her i looked at her and,immediately started crying i was like i,want to spend the rest of my life with,you so i dropped down i was like will,you marry me and then she was like yes,and it was amazing,i was ecstatic it was one of the best,days of my life,originally me and cheryl planned to keep,the wedding private because we were,getting a lot of hate at the time of us,making,ted talks about our weddings first a lot,of people were saying we're faking it,it's not real they're not really going,to get married so we just decided we're,going to stay off social media until the,wedding and we wasn't going to give it,then the day of the wedding shows like,hey let's go live let's give them the,wedding we eventually decided to live,stream it because we felt like our fans,and supporters deserved to see it,and when we did we had over 20 000,viewers,i felt like a princess,i never thought i would get married,again but he came along and hey it was,magical our hearts fell in love with,each other,despite their strong bond they've had to,deal with relentless trolling we're,still getting it they're trying to say,that we're really not married they're,still saying that it's fake you're just,miserable it shows i'm married i'm happy,i'm content with my life some of the,backlash i received they say i'm dating,my grandmother they say she can never,bear children from you michelle's not,dying no time soon she's not dead not,for long though,not for long though,that's a messed up comment,it really is people need to get a life,and stop trying to take mine away from,me,grammy stop hitting on your,great-grandson what's weird to you is,normal to us,she was there when eve stole the apple,from the tree,i wasn't there,now these newlyweds want to start a,family together but this has come with,complications,due to cheryl's age we're going to go to,see,some baby clothes in a nursery,we are looking for a surrogate mother or,adoption hey how are you good how are,you,i'm interested in somebody that is,carrying a child that cannot care for,this child that just wants to reach out,to us i would love it just like i love,the rest of my kids i'm really not,worried about me having a problem being,a mother,again i actually would have more time,with this child than i did my other ones,i really don't care for a boy or girl,but you know i'm excited because you,know i've never had to experience this,i've never done any of this and this is,amazing doing it with my wife,thank you,beautiful so much y'all have a great day,today my daughter ashley is coming over,with my grandkids to visit my grandkids,love koran they already call him paw paw,y'all wanna play with turtles yeah yeah,oh god i have seven children and they,were upset when me and quran got,together,ashley just wants me to be happy so,she's going to stand by me no matter,what,kiss,i didn't have a problem with it because,age doesn't really matter,thank you i appreciate it and these,actions speak louder than words like,you're always there for us if we had a,baby do you think it would be a problem,that wouldn't be a problem so you're,ready to welcome in another sibling,yeah,i'm ready to have another brother or,sister,okay i gotta go get the kids home i love,y'all love you too love you too,cheryl has made me,to be a better human all together like a,better man a better human she makes me,want to do better like,all again in life i don't regret meeting,cheryl she really improved everything,about me every aspect the heart falls in,love with who the heart falls in love,with it sees no age it sees no color it,seems nothing but love,and that's exactly what we have for each,other

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Leolove_3 Twitter-Check Who Is leolove_3 On Twitter? Viral Video Trending On Reddit

Leolove_3 Twitter-Check Who Is leolove_3 On Twitter? Viral Video Trending On Reddit

hey guys how are you welcome to my,youtube channel today we are going to,discuss an important topic please love,three twitter so let's let's start,another video is uh learning the scene,of the audience and getting viral over,the internet and other platforms of,social media,well the page is,gaining from fame across the globe,because of its adult material,the content is,managing,the gather uh the attention of the,audience leading,to a large number of followers all the,videos and the images posted by the,admin of the page contain sfw material,as of now other consumers of the,popular social media platform is getting,curious,to know more about the admin and the,sources of it content get more,information on,uh level of stream,uh we are trying our best to feed the,information on the admin but there is,not much,available on him on the web so in such a,situation,we will try our test to provide all the,possible information,about the handler,and the reason behind the popularity of,the page it is trending all over the,game searching side it is getting the,spot of the people who are found of,watching and such kind of adult content,the users are also,sharing the video because of which the,fame of the video is increasing on,other platforms according to the reports,the page,named leolar three has been created,lately and it amazed a wider amount of,followers just because of its material,within a short while the bay is trending,on almost all platforms,and the page has recently posted a video,trending on the web title,and she's making the audience how much,curious about the video as of now her,new new mirrors people have watched the,video and many of them are trying to,find out,the video at their best,also the link of the video is available,on many,uh sites capable of viewing adult,content,apart her from ash's another video named,lula she twitter editing her makes the,audience in uh for the clip if we talk,about uh if we talk more,about the admin,most admin created the page many years,ago in june,is considered as a,water season and behind its immensely,popularity thank you so much for,watching my video goodbye and have a,good day

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She's Pregnant!!? The Nastiest Couple On Tiktok Keeps Getting Worse

She's Pregnant!!? The Nastiest Couple On Tiktok Keeps Getting Worse

yo how's it going my dudes a few weeks,ago i made a video um what i consider to,be the best couple on tick tock my,favorite couple of all time and i just,got curious i was like what are they up,to now they have two million followers,on ticks and they're still trying to,have a baby a month later,they still on the baby train and i,thought you know what all of this just,keeps getting worse and worse so i,thought this was the perfect time to,check on them again my favorite couple,on tick tock get right into it this,thumbnail who's the sexy girl oh what,the ,ever cheat on me,i'm not gonna lie the cucumber looks,pretty good like did you see the juice,pouring out i love a cucumber right now,i love cucumbers as a matter of fact,without the skin but the skin is just,too nasty and why does it look like,she's humping someone or someone's,humping her from behind the way she's,just moving,if i cheat on her she's just going to,grab a cucumber from the fridge and chop,it into little pieces,i'm sorry i'm sorry that was really,shitty,i think what they're doing is pretty,legal i really don't think any law in,america,allows people to,i can't with the next show i don't think,any law in america allows you to dig up,a dead body use a spell and bring it,back to you,how do you even tell this to your mom,hey mom i'm dating someone oh that's,awesome i'm sure they're in their 20s no,mom 30s please don't tell me it's in the,40s 50s no 60s no mom 70s so i got son i,should have aborted you that would be my,reaction,we're gonna make one,oh baby,i just just thought thinking,about these people really makes,me want to grab a knife and stick it in,my throat to be completely honest no i,just don't want to picture it i want it,out of my mind but i can't it's all i,think about well not real well let me,take the,it's not all i think about but when i,see them i'm like do they actually ,and how does she not break and her voice,is as i expected if she's like she's,been smoking since world war one,if i'm 60 making tick tocks please bully,me to death,ah no i don't want to see that get the, out of here hey brother nothing to,shake there there's nothing to shake,there i think i have more booty than,this woman right here not my man oh my,god i really didn't need to see that,today,actually i have to unzip my pants after,this video,oh hell nah hell no i can't what the, me on my way to impregnate my wife,and the best part of this plan is,no one can stop me,this is one of the most unique things,i've seen you know,we're having a baby regardless you know,i'm sure they're not gonna have one you,know that's what gives them views but,that's what it is we're all view hungry,here,i wonder if they actually do first of,all if it's even possible because i just,imagine like a cave like this giant,underground cave full of dust and,spiders anything you could imagine craps,a lot of questions that a 23 year old,man should not be having it goes without,saying that if they try to have a baby,it will be a terrible mistake that could,get both of them killed the grandma and,the baby but i think that goes without,saying i think that's pretty obvious so,i went on a date with my wife,titanium,what is this monstrosity what,i mean if these aren't couple goals i,don't know what is is that a penis,titanium white to lighten up the,background it's a little light,there you go it's just like that see and,the cool thing about that yellow and,that pink it's gonna blend in it's gonna,give us a different texture too it's,gonna make it nice i know a lot of,people say love don't judge mind your,own business and to that i say no i'll,judge whatever i want,and this is what i like to judge,so i went on a date i mean that looks,like a sweet date but i'm sure you get,asked oh are you coming with your mom,are you gonna get the the grandma's,discount your nephew taking you out for,dinner disc,shout out to them i guess to me talking,to a woman with a better lap than my,wife,i'm a call cap it's full of dust in,there,it's been drive since 1905 anyways my,throat is super dry i've been roasting,people for like an hour now um i'm gonna,go get some coffee and i'm gonna go,twerk now naked in my kitchen with my,blinds open all right bye okay so before,i got naked and started twerking in my,kitchen with the blinds open i decided,to check out their page and i just saw,this how did i miss it i'm such an idiot,apparently she's pregnant,apparently she's praying that according,to this amazing storyline that i have,going on she's holding her tummy and she,got a bit of fat i guess that's why,people are saying she's pregnant let's,just take a look this,what do you mean by that,what do you mean by that,this is the best couple on tick tock,time to start calling you daddy,no,i've never been into that ,why because you never had one,you want me to start calling you daddy,yep i cannot see enough bye,it's

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Add me on epic: Leolove_3

Add me on epic: Leolove_3

when they are,there we go thank you I am going to,shock in a nothing line I'll just go to,this ah three half to almost call it,four minutes you're gonna add some dude,if you want it no I got less engine than,they are and are you know the,gun will shoot you back or whatever is,called I don't know a lovest or rather,yeah I said lava starts rising yeah but,sunshine still cannot underway oh oh my,days I liked to do CR mm-hmm I'm not,trusting you with a riff no more hair,now I got my own real did you might not,rip this out I just thought of that sure,we can fly to to the volcano wait guys,got a mine there ain't got redeploys all,more money launch almighty stops a bit, these minis,people flying in above some only out of,cannon,oh they are purifier it,can I get the blowing,oh dread I'm drifting I'm out its,tiny no no no no no no no no everybody,in there mama dear you come down and go,back up and that hell was on me and she,knows when I die oh I'm flying back to,the circle that's what I'm doing,let's go find us a spot this ain't even,it,I guess we can land on the mountains,over there in front of us,you will build off because she I got a,whole lot too so,but um redeploys on there I need a,shotgun any - oh come on,Brucie a shotgun oh the one that's,enough Oh No yeah I was gonna try to,grab it for you,get up here that gonna hurt I know,I'll die if I immediately get touched,you got Rockets no link our you know I'm,going to thank you,you know don't go too high not too,as soon as there's a lava touches on oh,she is rising his riser,but if you make one huh yeah then you do,what normal missus making me a fat,doobie people okay so lifting Lana,cellphone I look at the kids to the sky,this look at the kids - in the sky,voiceover a lot right there,it's all knotted down they build right,here,you know it's it writes not to us there,it is,I'm looking down it's not near yet,they're probably like four stories now,yeah whoops ooh Carl Japanese sniper amo,bro yeah 24 nice thank you,you gotta make it no but people come in,on earth do they below I seen them you,going to the lava why would you,block them down he's here,oh no that one I think I was shotgun,behind you behind you behind you behind,you oh woman oh my boy no shotgun,we did and we bought another shotgun,sighs ,yeah,you know what drew gold them so true,this time polar it's already hard we,just got a fight,I'm pretty sure we not only wants to,think to go up high already,I'll be at the bottom of the castle,I'm just getting this fear oh come on,oh my why don't people like it,police back in them yes no I'm going,redeploys a shotgun me and you I was one,shot regardless I thought,well I got my shot on this one and I am,tolerable,oh I can't,the lavas Kalu honest if Allah touches,you it is like fifty how fulfill it does,to know it does it does but I'm just,saying like the lava can't be yet,that's my hairdress I don't know where,but he coming,oh yeah I see em I see em he's on top by,top define Todd oh just a reporter for,down the poly pissed,you fight endure it I can't hear my,sound at all come on come on,Hong Kong Josh he didn't come down she,came to my lover you feel my thirst what,the I hate you 115 in the head,oh God go ahead 105 we should have,the same one well no no I hit the guy,threw a 105 DFO guy and I hit that guy,for something you think I should pass I,don't like shaking tears Wow,yeah hold to our custody she controlled,no,but just in case you put it,yeah I'll let you in the Gulf ,it we go a first drop let's go to fatal, I got me ,you know I reckon we need to go granule,softer feel,you said we may go to high ground,grandma's house yeah it's people here so,be ready to fight let me know if you,guys won't know yeah I got my sound also,I never know if you're fighting,what I say,well you should get shot that yeah I'm, oh yeah water with a,SMG how the and I hope she'll deny,down everybody don't mind ours ,right now was,is on squads,hello boys,let's calm down my look laughs fighter,noise noise my headset what the for,my head stuck in my head so I just why I,was like what the yo ,litleo or so,I'm doing 200 on you he said what no no,I know cuz I went back home I'm just,long time I was one big fellows enjoying,ourselves I was there I'm just tired now,this is no speaking to say popular I'll,just hang out - and you - right now on,it now nothing wrong being high you,Brooke that's right that's how many,zeros I still need to pay five six,minutes this may want to go live but,this,laughter on Youku right now loudly get,affiliate I got some money,don't touch me oh and ,knock me down leo,how you you put you jumped in front,of me you want a ball a doctor down,there to you is coming,yo yo you wanna join up on us,in the middle yeah just accent my friend,request,yeah II Joey Joey,are y'all fighting a lot of flex only,keep marking,music,what drew okay single oh you just say no,Lala,yeah it's a big spot yo joint is ,beast I got one home yeah I got a purple,purple pump here yeah yeah go get that,on p

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Damalitat96 Twitter Leaked Video Went Viral / Full Video Exposed

Damalitat96 Twitter Leaked Video Went Viral / Full Video Exposed

96 twitter linked video went viral,alissa damaris instagram four links,kindle,who is dhammalistant,linked video of course when you do,proceed you're going to be able to find,out that,different videos have been linked all,over twitter and this time it's twitter,the other time while snapchat whereby,different people were over posting their,linked videos on via snapchat whereby,they had to make a song about snapchat,where like it's not just something that,people are depressing each and,everything and then this time it's all,about twitter twitter like linked video,and vera,and the name of the person is called,alisa damaris,instagram those i think those are some,of her names on instagram and also,twitter if you didn't know,videos were linked and they were really,trending all over social media and it,was edited on april 3rd,2022 of course before i do proceed i,need you guys to take a precious time,hit the description button and do,subscribe on alissa clowing via my,youtube channel and also do,put a notification bell so that you,don't miss any new updates that i come,to update you and on top of that just,don't forget to like and also share plus,leave a comment for the current linked,videos that are all over twitter well i,don't know why people on twitter are,really like spreading all link linking,their videos,and it's all over twitter instagram,and this time i've not heard about,snapchat i think now it's going viral on,twitter this time round the time was it,was more,viral all over snapchat whereby someone,on snapchat would just come and link a,video,but this time around they think just,just been,like posted all over twitter whereby if,you see uh videos that have been linked,of course twitter is among and it's,always number one we don't know why,people love linking their videos or,people linking their friends videos we,don't know why people are really doing,that of which is not good i already like,to,get your point of view and also give us,more and more details about uh,these young girls linked videos and,different footage so if you know that,person just go into my comment section,and give us more and more,beat of it because uh damalistia,96 twitter linked video in vero,alika,damaris instagram because i think those,are some of her names that she uses all,over social media platform but of course,i will let you,watch the video and also leave a comment,just don't forget to subscribe leave a,notification bell and also,leave a comment don't forget to share,like and also do subscribe on elisa,clowing whereby you get new updates each,and every time

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Cheryl and I unboxing our new baby turtles 🐢

Cheryl and I unboxing our new baby turtles 🐢

oh i got cards,the same stuff,what's that let's see,oh that's hot yeah,attack turtles,attack turtles,yeah that's,so peacock that's the one we already got,what is this other food,you got the heat pet baby,eats the whole box apparently so,wow,yeah go ahead,reach in and find one,sticking to my,nails she said sticking from my nails,who you got what will your name look if,it's a boy what were we gonna name it,alvin alvin this is a girl,you got one quantity chica,oh he's already awake yes,he wants to come out baby look at him,oh yeah he's awake oh hi baby,should have come back,it's real fun i'm so far away,oh baby look at,see,you can't sound any better,yeah there you go,see our baby,yeah we're gonna leave melvin,that's one,okay,so what are we doing,oh i'll put them up through the basket,if you want me to well no they got to,sit out for 10 minutes,let me get that,yeah,hi alvin oh this one ain't got nothing,on his belly they gave a lot more,mealworms and stuff,is this a boy or it might be a,girl baby,oh it's a girl i'm not sure you can tell,by their tails that's what they say,what about their tails,okay,he's got food in there baby,is that a dick,oh my gosh baby,it's i don't know i don't you can't tell,us something about their tails they,gotta be wide and thick that's,i'm not sure,oh find another one,hey baby this looks like yeah two,male and females oh cheryl this is the,one you want to open two males,what is it got them all in there no i'll,just say two on here be great sliders,is there another one in here,no i didn't use two of the same ones,this is something you want to open,i know what they are,oh,look it up,oh my goodness,well these ones ain't waking up,yeah,come on babies,oh they're big oh they're,beautiful baby,hi,gorgeous,good morning,oh my god,look at how beautiful,hi gorgeous,oh my goodness that's awesome,all right gorgeous good morning,good morning,oh,oh,let's put you right there,yeah they're all because they'll be,co-existing all right,wake up,we got another one gotta get him up,come on baby,hello gorgeous,this one's got his eyes open and,everything,oh,hi beautiful you got new homes,you got a new home oh my god these are,adorable baby they are,we got one more,that first one was a,uh it tells it right here,he was a peninsula cooter so that's what,he is,and then,we have the um albino sliders,so cute,come on what happened,maybe they're still sweet it takes 10,minutes no i know they're just like all,crowding each other we got to wake up,baby,say leave them alone for 10 minutes,that's why we take them out and we,just have to wake up then like this,hibernation mode,they're so pink, griddle she sleep on the rock,what you say baby,are you asleep,yeah you sleep,and so,there you go michael right there,i don't know where janet is baby,i didn't see him back there so we got,michael,coming out,gretel,maybe i forgot the last,them are our new additions to our family,oh you did get some sleep,wow,not supposed to be doing

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The Worst Couple On TikTok..

The Worst Couple On TikTok..

oh my god why would you post that 20,years ago he's a baby okay i'm just,gonna be completely honest i am,traumatized i need therapy after this,i've found the worst tick tock couple in,existence we're talking about a 24 year,old who's dating a 61 year old and,posting the most horrendous things i've,seen on this planet dude they are,straight up making babies okay we got,these naughty videos emotional videos,whatever the heck this is listen i don't,know if this is for clout or if they're,genuinely this messed up but they're,kissing and they're apparently married,okay so i don't know how far that's a,joke okay in the comment section on,these videos bro i have never laughed,this much in my entire life you guys,have to see this okay so this one says,what do we want more than anything right,now i don't know man uh money fame,happiness smashing like on this pegasus,video all good options but let's see,what they chose,hmm okay okay so he's rubbing her belly,a baby,a baby,and a baby okay she's just having the,time of her life bro like what is going,on here like that deadpan face the dead,stare i can't tell if he's being serious,and listen i'm a big fan of love don't,judge right what true love surpasses,anything except the tick tock comment,section got this guy saying i don't,think you can do that because she's 61.,mission impossible,okay oh the baby is gonna call you,grandma,okay your time is off okay dude they,don't even have to put any effort this,guy just said oh with the skull emoji 22,000 likes some of these are just,straight brutal can you show us pictures,of when she was your age,okay so the thing is they absolutely,blew up off of this whole relationship,and they're keeping it going okay she,has 2 million followers and the guy has,1.5 million and both of their accounts,are just,nuclear cringe we got this one saying,being hot for my husband,oh my god i've never been this,uncomfortable in my entire life the top,comment is how does dust taste bro her,first crush was adam he holding back the,tears,he looks like he's crying on the inside,she has jesus's signature in her,yearbook dude i can't i can't this is,the most cursed comment how does granuc,taste don't say that word ever in my i,did not want to live long enough to hear,that word ever bros literally pan he,quite literally had all the options in,the world and he chose grandma it's,captioned i love climbing that mountain,dude on top of the world show us your,drawers you had the audacity to put,hashtag couple goals get a hold of,yourself okay i really don't want to,play this tick tock they are straight up,going at it just hardcore smooching over,here people are just disappointed with,their own lives how she get treated,better than me make sure the dentures,don't fall out at her grown fossil like,okay stop okay we don't we don't shame,people for the anger we shame them for,the cringe they post on the internet,listen i just want to make it clear i,don't even care about the age gap bro,that is on the last on my priority list,i'm more concerned with the absolute,toxic waste that you're putting out on,this platform dude the content being,posted on this app is something that,you'd only see in 2022 nobody would dare,dare do this a couple years ago man,we've actually just evolved to this,point man can we go back please time,machine somebody like i just said bro,my husband and i are turning 25 and 62.,oh my god oh my god why would you post,that 20 years ago he's a baby you can't,okay i i just said i didn't care about,the age gap i know i just said that but,what the hell are you why would you,bring up the fact that you were an adult,and he was a baby at some point in your,life okay that's very creepy like listen,when i look at this i'm like okay it's,two consenting adults sure they may be,40 years apart right but it's two,consenting adults right you can't really,argue with that but then when i see this,okay how long have you two been in a,relationship i need to know some,background info cause this is straight,criminal my wife drawing her body versus,me drawing her body okay oh okay that's,that's a good uh ideal bod and she okay,does that just boo,yeah all right she sat next to george,washington in the third grade she saw,all the work dude i can't with these,comments,dancing with my mother-in-law thick and,juicy 75 okay when your mother-in-law is,named thick and juicy 75 i think we know,where this entire family and what this,relationship is gonna be like,yeah she really be throwing it back,there man,i am so turned on right now dude ain't,no way the daughter-in-law is older,that's gotta be such a interesting,dynamic in the family wait a minute i,just randomly found a bell delphine in,the comment section saying nice okay,she's she's apparently still on the,internet okay what am i even looking at,this point is she doing some couples,exercise thing oh dude this is so weird,what is,i mean she kind of built though dude i,mean oh,oh they ended with a i'm not gonna show,that just t

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