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EPIC RANT: Laurence Holmes Is Fed Up With Ryan Pace, Bears — 'THEY SHOULD'VE FIRED HIM TODAY!'the po

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Updated on Jan 30,2023

EPIC RANT: Laurence Holmes Is Fed Up With Ryan Pace, Bears — 'THEY SHOULD'VE FIRED HIM TODAY!'

the point that i want everyone to,understand,is that the reason that the bears are in,a position where their quarterback room,now has,nick foles and andy dalton in it is,because,the general manager has not been capable,of doing his job,it's that simple you knew it at the end,of the season,everyone knew it at the end of the,season,except for the people who were in charge,of determining the future,of ryan pace's career at the bears,they wanted to give him another swing at,it,and my question then and my question now,is,why what is it that he's done,in his career as general manager of the,bears that says to you,he deserves another opportunity to pick,the future of your franchise,they should have fired him today,when he came back with everything's on,the table,here's andy dalton they should have said,thank you very much,we're gonna let someone else run our,draft we know that there's only six,weeks until the draft,we're gonna let someone else run it,you've,paid for the same quarterback three,times now,the same dude three times,between mike glennon nick falls and andy,dalton,it's the same dude there are degrees but,it's the same,dude there's no,real reason to even get andy dalton,and if you're only getting andy dalton,so that you can sell it back to the,bears fandom,and say well this is what we got,what it tells me is that you made a,mistake last year,in going out and getting nick foles,trading capital for him by the way,oh and remember that that compensatory,pick like you lost a compensatory pick,because of this two,so it tells me that you made a mistake,in bringing in nick foles,you're going to allow mitchell trubisky,to go to free agency,and i know people don't want to hear,this but it's the truth he's,better than both of those guys,he's not great and he's probably not,even good,but he's better than both of those dudes,and you've made the decision that you're,going to move on from him to what,to what,to a guy that failed with more offensive,talent than,you have on your current roster,it is it is,maddening what the bears have been,trying to sell,to you under pace's tenure it is,maddening,that that guy won't answer a question,squarely,when he is posed real questions about,what his decision-making process is like,he won't give you a square answer,but he will make sure that it leaks all,around,the football community on how hard he,tried,how hard he tried to get russell wilson,how hard,he tried to get jameis winston how hard,he tried to get trent williams for all,that trying,the result was nothing the result,was andy dalton,so guess what ryan your best isn't good,enough,and it hasn't been good enough for years,the only good thing about this,the one good thing about the andy dalton,signing is that it's one year that's it,that at least at the end of this you can,get from out under it,but they say they signed a quarterback,that they didn't even need,and he's not good,and they're gonna try to sell it to you,just the way that they tried to sell you,on mike glennon,and then turn right around and drafted,mitchell trubisky,they're gonna try to sell it to you the,white the way they tried to sell you,on mitchell trubisky taking steps,forward,they're going to try to sell it to you,the way they sold you nick foles last,year,and now here's andy dalton,if you're mad at me because lawrence it,takes two people to make a deal and the,seahawks clearly didn't want to make a,deal,okay you're right,but i want you to remember that the,reason that the bears,have to walk out here like a beggar,to the rest of the nfl is because your,general manager has gotten it wrong,he keeps getting it wrong he deserves no,sympathy from you,he deserves no cookie from you that he,tried,get out of here with that nonsense this,is big boy business,this isn't a first year general manager,he's been on the job for almost a decade,he doesn't deserve your sympathy,he should be thinking about you he,should be thinking about team building,he should be thinking about all the,things that he's gotten wrong,and what does he keep doing doing the,exact same damn,thing,so i don't want to hear it i don't want,to hear from the ryan paysica sycophants,in the media i don't want to hear from,anyone nationally,talking to me about how hard he tried,no one cares this is a results-based,business,and the results have been bad for you,when it comes to you,trying to find a quarterback and guess,what,when it comes to putting together a,football team that's the most,important part and you've gotten it,wrong consistently,year after year after year you've gotten,it wrong,and now you come here to bears fans and,you say to them,here's andy dalton and nick foles get,out of here with that nonsense,and because you've mismanaged the salary,cap,and while there aren't any real big,penalties,league wide for kicking the can down the,road,your second biggest mistake because,number one,was the the trade up for mitch your,second biggest mistake,was this contract that you wrote for,robert quinn,it's no

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Laurence Holmes becomes comic book author | NBC Sports Chicago

Laurence Holmes becomes comic book author | NBC Sports Chicago

all right my friend Lawrence Holmes is,here you have a new column that debuted,today and sometimes congratulations,thank you you have a radio show on the,score you work here at this station and,now you're a comic book author how did,that happen oh cat first of all thank,you I really appreciate you let me come,and hang out with you on the show to,talk about that and and this copy of,radiant black is actually your copy I've,signed it on the inside I'm excited,because I want I want you to have it uh,Kyle Higgins who is the author of,radiant black he also has done Nightwing,and he's written Batman and he writes,with Lance Briggs on the Trap he's a big,listener of the radio station we met you,know he's a huge Bears fan so that's,kind of how we connected and he said to,me about a year ago he goes hey I think,I got a project I want you to work with,me on how would you feel about helping,me write a write a book and I was blown,away I mean I've been a comic book fan,my entire life like my a lot of my youth,was spent in between playing games,and reading comic books and listening to,Steve and Gary like that was basically,my life so now I get to do all three of,those things pretty cool in my adult,life so that's how he he brought me in,and he said I have a character I want,you to write the back story of the,character and I said okay so I got to,Name the character I got to write his,story along with Kyle and it'll be out,next Wednesday for everyone who's a,comic book fan uh Wednesday's the day,that the new Comics come out this is,issue 18 and the book is called radiant,black so how much Freedom did he give,you as you wrote it that's kind of the,crazy part cap I I thought I was,basically going to be doing like an,apprenticeship that you know he would be,doing all of the heavy lifting and,you're there and he's like no there the,storytelling that we're doing it here,takes place in four different time,periods and he said I want you to to set,the story for two of the different time,periods and I was like like okay like I,was like what so we went back and forth,it was a really incredible process like,the artist who did this art I can't draw,so uh Stefano Simeone is an artist who's,amazing he's out of Italy he did the art,for all of this our editor Michael is in,Australia so getting all of us to,connect because Kyle is based out of La,now even though he's a local guy he's,from Lockport the whole experience was,super crazy and I'm I couldn't be,happier I the idea that he came up with,the storyline that he came up with is,super ambitious and I didn't think we,were going to be able to pull it off we,totally pulled it off yeah the art part,of it is insane to me because I can't,draw a stick figure yeah yeah and that,was kind of the cool part that I didn't,have to worry about that because I'm not,good like they said can you do the words,and I said yeah I can do some of the,words and I can set the storyboard what,we do it's what we do yeah 100 it's,totally we tell stories right so so this,is kind of a function of that that I get,the opportunity to kind of tell a story,in a way that I've always admired,growing up whether it was reading,Captain America or reading Green Lantern,the MCU like watching all the Marvel,movies like to see my name on the corner,of the cover is uh,when I opened up the box with all of the,the copies for me and the family it's,the greatest feeling when you're you,know you're an author I got my book came,I'm like almost emotional like oh my God,all those hours of thinking and writing,and typing and like,there it is right no you you can,completely understand exactly how I felt,like that's that's what it was like you,you get through with it and when Kyle,was like all right we're we're done,I couldn't believe it and I still didn't,believe it until yesterday when I got,the box and I I we have I have the,digital copy there's something about the,actual handheld copy that that got me,very emotional it's insane very,emotional it is congratulations to you,all I got to ask you about the Bears,okay so the roster is not blessed with,great depth or Talent no I'm a huge,Justin Fields guy me too but I just,think he's in a tough spot what do you,have them doing this year I I agree with,you that I think that he's in a tough,spot but I'm really happy that he's with,Matt eberfloose and Luke getsy the thing,about getsy that we saw in the preseason,it looks like he is willing to let,Justin Fields like take the offense and,grow with it and say oh here are the,things that you do well let's do more of,that that wasn't Matt Nagy which amazed,me isn't it,wasn't the greatest player but he said,I'd like to use my feet and get out of,the pocket right nope he was begging he,was begging for and Justin Fields didn't,do that last year but there was a stat,from uh Pro Football Focus on rollouts,last year he was great he was the best,but they only did it 15 times so you do,it less than once per game for a,quarterback that is built up clearly to,do

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Laurence's White Sox rant: 'Strip this down to the studs!' | 2022 White Sox | Bernstein & Holmes

Laurence's White Sox rant: 'Strip this down to the studs!' | 2022 White Sox | Bernstein & Holmes

they're gonna figure this out and then,we're all going to celebrate at the end,no we weren't wrong we weren't wrong,when we we started to ring alarm bells,in the first Cleveland series we weren't,wrong when we saw Baltimore coming here,and run you out of your own building we,weren't wrong when you end up getting a,eight five triple play on you because,your players lost concentration we,weren't wrong when Oakland came in here,and played a really good series against,the White Sox you're going wait a minute,Oakland sucks we weren't wrong when,we're watching Cleveland just grow and,grow and going they should probably be,worried what about Cleveland got swept,by the Diamondbacks we weren't wrong,when they got swept by the Diamondbacks,we're like this is awful we weren't,wrong when they decide to walk a hitter,one and two in the Dodger season and,then do it again do it again we weren't,wrong about them they don't get to you,as an organization because this is what,they were gonna do what they were gonna,do is if they were able to climb their,ladder up to the American League Central,Championship they were going to tell us,that we were all wrong and then they,weren't going to change their behavior,so who is wrong,there we were they're wrong and my hope,is that because like now I almost kind,of want Cleveland to run it up on them,to me it's almost not enough that,they're going to win this Division I,want them to win the division by double,digits because I wanted to be right I,want to I want to rub the White Sox's,face in it so that they have to actually,make change that they can't just sit,here and go well you know guys I'm gonna,do the Tony Gill sad boy I was just,saying good dancing pillow in there well,he's talking about something else guys,we had so many guys that were hurt and,and then the manager got sick no rub,their face in it rub their face in it so,that they understand that things have,got to change and it's not just Tony,larussa although that's a big portion of,this they've got to change everything,they gotta strip this down to the studs,in their evaluation of who they are as a,franchise and if they don't do that then,they learn a damn thing about what,happened this year and it's right there,in front of when I want their face,rubbed in it this team has has made me,sick all year,and I feel terrible for so many people,within that organization asked me after,the parade well walk them over to the,cemetery and throw them in the ground,and say a kaddish for him but I I have I,I feel terrible for people who worked so,hard to put this team in a position,culturally,to put this team in a position,promotionally to unders to embrace,an aspect of this team to to embrace,different cultures and different colors,and be something new and different and,connective genuinely connected with the,south side of Chicago in a way that they,didn't care about if they pissed off old,Bridgeport Bob,they didn't care and then they hired,Bridgeport Bob and exactly out of guilt,and there but there are people there,didn't want it that never wanted it and,they were forced every day forced every,day to be miserable coming to work and,trying to overcome it that's another,thing they got wrong Dan and that's,another thing that they they don't get,to now tell us that they were right,about because,this failed experiment that that Jerry,put in front of us with the hiring of,Tony larussa is an embarrassment and,Beyond it being an embarrassment he,should be angry he should be angry at,himself and he should be angry at his,friend because he wasted time he's,wasted two seasons of of White Sox,goodness because he wanted him to do,this and you can see now how drastically,things can change in just a year's time,it's part of the reason that I'm I'm mad,at Rick too and I'm mad at the White Sox,not going for it this year because now,guess what now when you go and try and,find a free agent you're gonna have to,compete with at least two more teams in,the American League because if I'm a,free agent and I'm looking at do I want,to go play for the White Sox or do I,want to go play for Baltimore or do I,want to go play for Cleveland which is,crazy they they looked around they their,assessment of the American League,Central,was so weighted to what they already had,it blinded them to what was happening,around them they thought they were going,to be so good and they never in a,million years took took the thought of,well maybe we should worry about,guys being injured or guys not moving to,the next step in their development as,players what are we doing to help that,they have that's what I'm saying strip,it down to the studs from an evaluation,standpoint when do you give guys money,how whatever your metric how many,scouting directors you want them to fire,what whatever your rubric was for buying,out arbitration years on players,you need to really think about that,going forward and I think about the,other,major septogenarian who's employed right,now or at least he's clos

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Victor Davis Hanson On The POLITICS of ENVY: The Laurence Fox Show

Victor Davis Hanson On The POLITICS of ENVY: The Laurence Fox Show

we have this very controversial Elon,Musk but he's the throwback to the 19th,century because he actually built a,space company real material things he,built a car company kind of a David and,Goliath figure Against All Odds and now,he's trying to take on all of Silicon,Valley and he's absolutely despised even,by civil Libertarians so so to speak and,then they have actually deified this,crazy I keep mentioning embankment freed,as if he's a renaissance man when he,created nothing it was all a Ponzi,scheme to channel money to all of these,left-wing causes but they despise the,person who can actually build something,and they worship the person who can't,for the wrong,hello and happy Sunday this Sunday is a,complete privilege for me because I get,to be joined by one of my absolute,Heroes Victor Davis Hansen who is the,Martin milia Anderson special fellow at,the Hoover institution and the Wayne and,Marshall Buskey distinguished fellow in,history and also host of the most,wonderful podcast ever the Victor Davis,handsome podcast Victor thank you so,much for joining me thank you for having,me,I was just uh reading your latest,article for American greatness and you,describe the new medievalism and I just,wondered if you could expand on that and,tell me what what you mean by that,phrase,well here in California it's maybe the,best frame of reference is that we're,devolving into two classes we have a,coastal Elite,that's sort of like the medieval keep in,other words they're never subject to the,consequences of their own ideology,they feel that they pay tenants in the,sense that they if we saw with Sam,Friedman uh bankman freed that they,mouth all of these global warming and,diversity Equity inclusions platitudes,and then somehow that allows them to be,you know quite selfish they can fly,private or if you're Mark Zuckerberg you,can have a 50 000 square foot home or,you can be Barack Obama and venture out,every once in a while from your kalorama,Mansion or your Martha's Vineyard,Mansion or your Hawaii mansion and,lecture the country about its racism and,inadequacies and that's very medieval we,don't have a middle class in California,we're losing it the last 12 years middle,class income stagnated it's the same I,think is true of Britain because of the,Regulatory and tax climate but,especially,the globalization it rewarded people,with particular International,transferable skills media technology law,insurance Academia entertainment and it,sort of punished the muscular classes,that could be replaced or outsourced or,offshored so that I think is very,similar and the church is very similar,in other words the main motivation in a,lot of these Elites is life is a secular,religion,and I guess we would call it uh mandated,equality or quality of result in other,words the woke movement believes that if,any inequality is detected it has to be,associated with culpability and then,their Duty,uh is to find out who are the oppressors,and the victimizers and how they owe,reparations of some sort to the,oppressed and the victimized,yeah this new religion as you say the,secular religion which um i i people,call woke I think it's sort of,summarized in the lgbtqia plus plus and,and that that's intersection with BLM,um is there uh do you think there is a,case for the fact that as we turn our,back on traditional religion and,traditional faith that we we kind of,asked for this we asked for this,man-made religion and and and and the,consequences of what comes with it,yeah I think even Nietzsche said,something to that effect but when you,don't have any religion you'll replace,people need some sense of transcendence,it's innate to the human species and if,you don't believe in The Duality of a,soul and a body in your and have a soul,and that Soul's future is incumbent upon,Its Behavior while it was incarnate on,Earth,then I think you'll substitute and what,they've substituted is this radical,humanism that this is all they have here,in this brief moment and to be,Transcendent or mean something they have,to create a Utopia on Earth and then the,next step logically follows but if we're,going to do that and we're so morally,Superior and cognitively Superior we,need more power and to get more power we,have to regulate and we have to control,and we have to use the media and we we,have to give be given exemption so the,means any means necessary for these,Superior ends are Justified you can,really see that with this Twitter,Scandal we're going on here and Mr,bankman Freed's career all of these,people have things in common that,because they're uh their legionnaires in,the woke army they feel that they can do,anything they want because of their,Superior morality,I was on a train the other day,um one of the people who I work for has,collects old steam trains and it did,strike me that um the people that,invented the iPhone and all of this,stuff could never really put together a,Thousand Mile train track have we are we,losing skills are we uh yeah what what,does

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Laurence Holmes breaks down White Sox getting swept in back-to-back series | Unfiltered

Laurence Holmes breaks down White Sox getting swept in back-to-back series | Unfiltered

from 670 to the score midday host my,friend lawrence holmes lawrence what do,you make of what's gone on with the,white sox this week because we saw,questionable decisions by tony we see,players not performing we see liam,hendricks give up a walk-off and has,been,a high-wire act almost all season what's,going on with your favorite baseball,team,cap it's been rough out here like it,really has been rough watching the white,sox over the last week not do things the,right way we've seen bizarre lineup,choices we're seeing,leori garcia at the top of a lineup and,my my answer to that like is,you should never there's never a point,where he should have more bats per game,than jose abreu or before he got hurt,eloy jimenez,there's a lot of stuff that just seems,wrong beyond the in in this uh the,injuries there seems like a lot of stuff,that's just wrong with the white sox,right now and i'm hopeful that they can,spin out of it because they're just so,talented of a roster but it doesn't seem,like,as of now that the manager is up to,speed for you to trust that that's going,to be the case,so if we leave tony to the side for a,moment,why do you think the team just,looks like they are struggling at so,many levels now we've got alloy jimenez,gone six to eight weeks with a hamstring,we've already seen an injury to lucas,giolito he came back gave you four,outstanding innings with nine strikeouts,lance lynn is still on the injured list,why do you think the defense has,struggled give me your take on why the,players have struggled so mightily then,we'll deal with the manager,well,defensively this has been something that,white sox fans have wanted to see the,team improve upon for a really long time,they're not good at picking up baseball,and those are the types of things that,even with a team with a,abundance of talent is going to get you,beat in the postseason and that's the,way that we should be thinking about the,white sox right now cap we're we're not,thinking about them as a team that's,going to contend for the american league,central they've set the bar too high for,that we should be holding them to a,championship standard and we're not,getting championship standard defense,from them at all some of this is you've,got players that have some deficiencies,like grandahl is a really good framer,but,on the whole he isn't a great defensive,catcher yesterday by the way i thought,he played a great game behind the plate,you went and hopefully fix some of that,rhys maguire,you've got a glut of guys that are,probably dhs or first baseman but you've,only got two spots that you can use for,that per game so guys end up playing in,the outfield and sometimes they're using,players that aren't util that aren't,utility players as utility players,andrew vaughn there's nothing in his,scouting profile cap that said that this,is a guy that you can move around the,diamond now i give him credit they said,to him we need you to play third or we,need you to play first or we need you to,go out there and and jump around in,right field and he's been down for it,but realistically he's probably a,mid to lower level left fielder and,they've used them so they've got a bunch,of people who are out of place,you've got people that aren't,necessarily,qualify for the position that they're,playing,and then there's the issue of,concentration our players doing,everything they can to to be the best,that they can defensively the white sox,would find themselves in a much easier,position if they just picked up the ball,more that they'd be so dangerous as a,team it would make their pitching staff,which is another part of this their,pitching staff is incomplete lancelin is,not out there and even before lancelin,got hurt or giallito got hurt white sox,fans told management you're probably at,least one starter light and probably two,starters light,so you put all of that into a bowl and,sprinkle it with liam hendricks being a,little bit uneven to start the season,off and you have a team that's lost,seven in a row,lord's concerned about liam hendricks,because this guy's a really good closer,he's got upper 90s stuff he's got good,heavy break and for whatever reason he,has become one of those guys where,you're shaking when he comes into the,game why do you think he has struggled,so mightily,the theory on white sox twitter is that,he's tipping pitches,and i i i doubt that the white sox would,admit that but there are a lot of people,who believe that that is the case i i'll,throw another thing in there,i think that he can't throw his best,stuff,when grandahl is behind the plate,because grandahl is not like a great,backstop when it comes to like blocking,balls he's great at framing but reese,mcguire is a little bit better and the,play that happened in yesterday's game i,don't blame grand all i thought he did a,really nice job of trying to get square,with the ball just kind of ran up his,arm and then allowed the base runners to,advance but if if you go back to that,series remember that s

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The Twitter Files - #647

The Twitter Files - #647

hey everybody Welcome to the Daily,objective uh joining you from the road I,am and I'm joined by a guy who well if,we needed a guest uh get a co-host to,discuss this topic with he'd be the guy,it's former prosecuting attorney,James Valiant welcome to the show hey,how you doing Rucka a little bit uh all,over the place as you can tell by the,intro not the usual uh Flawless,introduction,um so Elon Musk purchased Twitter,whatever that means like he owns enough,of it to act like it's his personal toy,and he's been,um,sort of selling himself as like this,champion of free speech kind of a man of,the people letting people vote on who,gets their banned accounts reinstated,stuff like that,um and the most recent thing that's been,taking place for about a week is that,he's,um,giving particular journalists access to,some,inner files of Twitter to sort of,explain what's been going on the last,few years is it a sort of political,Scandal or something like that so have,you been paying close attention to all,of it first uh Matt Habibi reported the,first batch of stuff and then uh Barry,Weiss more recently there he was one,recently yeah uh Elon Musk apparently,trusts certain uh journalists and a,couple of lawyers to LEAP this stuff out,it could be days of information but the,context here of course is the wider,context of social media uh you know as,objectivists as we understand that only,government can be the source of,censorship only the threat of force uh,can really constitute censorship so in a,free market uh private companies have a,right to take positions take partisan,positions uh newspapers and magazines in,the United States have always done that,taken clear partisan positions I mean,some you know the Podunk Democrat or the,uh patuca Republican would even be the,name of the publication and they would,routinely recommend candidates to vote,for every election so in uh print media,it was never a secret that uh the media,had ideological bias now for a time in,the United States under the what clearly,is a form of censorship the Federal,Communications uh commission had a,fairness doctrine that ran from the,1960s to the 1980s which required the,television news outlets have a certain,balance ideological balance now of,course that's a mythological goal,there's no such thing as quote,ideological balance but the network sort,of complied the three main networks by,the 1970s were this main source of,information for Americans 85 percent of,Americans got their news from these,three television networks ABC NBC and,CBS and they weren't reading newspapers,anymore and they did have an ideological,bias many studies at the time showed,that there was a slight left-leaning,bias to all those networks and they were,under the,guise of the FCC fairness Doctrine but,of course it was a left-leaning bias but,it was much more objective and objective,standards of objective journalism were,higher so they sort of got away with it,longer but Ronald Reagan got rid of the,fairness Doctrine and in the recent,decades you can see what that's done to,television news journalism we now have,Fox and Newsmax which are clearly an,overtly conservative we have MSNBC and,CNN which are clearly an overtly liberal,it takes the mask down the fraud down,you can't present news but without,filtering it through your buy through I,would call it bias through your values,let's put it more objectively because,that is potential you what's the new,what's an important new story what do we,cover how do we cover what cover what do,we cover first what really constitutes,news all of that will be filtered,through a value uh set of values so a,truly quote unbiased news is impossible,Along come the 90s and the internet,and I know being to make a big history,lecture here but the government granted,the social media platforms immunity from,civil liability they said look for us to,do these posting boards we can't be,liable for what all these millions of,people are posting so you have to give a,civil liability from their posts and the,Congress complied the justification for,that,uh favor that they got from government,which exempts them from normal civil,liability,uh was done on the premise that these,were open social media platforms that,anyone could post anything that Twitter,was not filtering the posts that people,were putting on for example,and Twitter lied to everybody about what,they were doing as it turns out uh,Twitter was saying uh Jack Dorsey,testified under oath before Congress we,were not Shadow Banning conservatives uh,and in fact there was communication,between the Biden Administration,presumably we're waiting to hear all,that but clearly the Biden campaign was,having communication saying take this,down we don't like this and Twitter was,doing what bot handled is what we,realized the operative word when Twitter,would respond to the Biden campaign,don't worry we handled that and in the,hunter Biden laptop story it became,acutely clear it was an easily,verifiable story it turns out

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Laurence Holmes - Mike Murphy Stories (03-22-16)

Laurence Holmes - Mike Murphy Stories (03-22-16)

I don't really get that other one um,it's it's a combo like dominatrix and,producer that's what I thought produc,tricks which would be hard for me to say,every day no that's a no it's good it's,not great joe says no rookies out on it,so that one's out john Mamola tweets,help her,hey helper Joe would you like to to tell,why John Mamola said that one I can,share if you want go ahead alright so,when we were producing the old Murr from,Fred show Rock was our intern did a good,job a very very solid job for us,ended up being a producer now he's in,charge of a radio station which is no no,no really well you know what I mean he's,a pretty jittery kind of but I mean he's,you know management now when he used to,be like the man um anyway he's not seven,dad as my parents he is the man now but,when he was a producer Murph used to,call him help her like he either didn't,feel it was important to learn his name,or didn't care what his name was so he'd,be like who would you tell helper that I,need him real quick to make a photostat,hero's call me Jay meeting Jay Z and you,always called Jay Joe rates messed that,up and the the most important thing to,Murph was the card table did you at the,car yeah absolutely,and I'd set that up for an entered for,you to have a successful internship you,must be able to fold up the card table,in the last break of the show,successfully and then tuck it away in,the studio where it's supposed to go so,one of our interns last day myself,incised reso is producer at the time Sal,yes we told one of our interns like okay,got to do it the wrong way it's your,last day go out glory so the way Murph,would be upset how you would fold it the,wrong way is if the legs are facing you,all,he wanted the table side facing yes yes,the legs had to be facing the opposite,laces out glasses out so the kid goes in,there he's looking at us he does it the,wrong way,the way Murph hates it and we're flips,out you look at you your cousin jail,pickets try to hold back from laughing,and he basically kicked them out of the,studio they come welcome back we're,dying that's crazy,yes jail what who cares if the job gets,done,why do later lays out laces out yes,that's what it is,it's like a kicker crazy tone yeah so,yeah he was helper I was always called,by my full name at least it's my face,but I was there I was never addressed it,was always hey mad about a cola tell,Lawrence Holmes that we're gonna do golf,tip next no we did that whatever next,second that's what we would be and Maddy,would literally turkey you know Maddy,like Maddie would literally turn and be,like hey Lawrence Holmes,um golf tip is gonna be next did he ever,tell you the scores on the for story,it's I think it's I think it is is,Maddy's greatest greatest moment at the,score was the scores on the force all,right before we go to breaking we'll get,back to your phone calls in a minute,I'll share this with you okay so Maddie,has a finger that he hurt a long time,ago I think it's his I think it's his,pinkie I think is his pinkie you know,the story now he heard it he heard it a,long time ago so it doesn't really like,straighten all the way I think he was,like maybe playing softball or something,and he jammed it so we used to do this,segment on the morning show called,scores on the floor scores on the floors,and then Fred would go through,everything that happened the night,before and,just kind of just a quick reset I,actually kind of liked the concept of it,but it would break up conversation,anyway so what would happen is is that,Maddie would hold up even though there's,countless clocks in the studio would,hold up four fingers saying it's time,for scores on the fours well one day I,don't know why but Maddie was holding up,the the four fingers and he had the,pinkie bent and so he's not granted it's,it's 644 or whatever it is so you know,that you do this every 10 minutes of,every show so why aren't you doing it,and so we ended I think we ended up,going to break and he's like why didn't,you do scores on the fours,he's like yeah you're only holding up,three and a half fingers and I I lost it,I absolutely lost it cuz like you don't,want to laugh but it's so funny and,thanks for texting yes I was also Jerome,that was also my name just Jerome Holmes,I I don't know where that came from,but I was magically Jerome hey Jerome,I like I'm looking in the studio like so,there there'll be a book at some point,we'll share the stories they'll be great,did you have to ever have to cut up was,that that racist TV show I forgot the,name of it now which one well I would,want cuts from an old cartoon now I'm,blanking on the name I don't know if I,had to do any of that know who did Oh Oh,God,Jonathan Jonathan has got some stories,for you for sure but nah like we just,had to like do like the folders and,stuff like he wanted like a folder,everyday just kind of like the the news,of day and I was just like I'm not doing,this so there's but it was it was,interesting I learned a lot I learned a,lot

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White Sox fans should feel insulted by team's offseason

White Sox fans should feel insulted by team's offseason

hanging out outside the studio i did not,hear,all of it lawrence you were very,passionate about the white sox in the,segment before we came on we,the text line is celebrating you what,was the is it is it tony's comments that,has everybody yeah it's ridiculous yeah,this is part of the reason that i didn't,want him as the manager of the white sox,the condescension not drips with not all,of it but part of it yeah him being the,baseball police yeah like the the it's,like bringing the baseball police here,and the idea that,the white sox fans that are,a passionate bunch,we want the team to be good we like,this this idea of well we are my team's,on the floor like that's basically what,he told us about right field,so so the goal wasn't to get better this,offseason and my my real issue and i'm,glad you brought it up because i ran out,of time,then don't complain at the end of the,season like your ass did last year when,when the front office actually did try,to make your team better by giving you,both liam hendricks and craig kimbrell,and then at the end of it when you the,hall of fame manager couldn't figure out,how to make it work,then you were like well you know he's,better suited as is being a ninth-inning,guy guess who had some say over that,yeah yes you could have actually done,something about that you mr hall of fame,baseball manager right now white sox,fans feel pretty damn insulted when they,see moves happen like like this joke of,a move today which feels like,it just feels so familiar to so many,like scrap heap crabs this weak ass pro,scouting department has done in recent,off seasons and let's go get the guy,with the first round pedigree and maybe,we can squeeze something out hey here's,a 25 year old post hype sleeper who his,original team doesn't even want anymore,that's great let's go give that guy a,shot maybe we can get something out of,him how are you going to do that with,your your coaching advancements and your,high-end technique that clearly gets the,most out of everybody no you don't have,any of that in place you're just wishing,and a hoping joe girardi said he's a,great change of scenery candidate and,that's the only thing the white sox will,bring to it here you go here's a new,place try the same exact crap you've,been trying and let's see if it works,better here,it's so so weak and adds to a really,ugly off-season again,yeah it's not a great offseason but,we called last offseason ugly because of,the tony stuff like there was some,ugliness around that this is at least,baseball allocation of resources,difference of opinion this is like a,normal disgruntled fan base baseball,offseason it is but,usually the manager isn't against the,team getting better,sure,yes endless i'm sure,on some level you would take every,player,where i find myself in a weird spot on,this one is,i,am pretty convinced they're going to be,hyper aggressive at the deadline as a,buyer and i actually,agree,that,early in the season especially given,how comfortably better you are than,everyone else in your division that,there is some value in seeing,where you really have the biggest holes,i thought they were adding a starting,pitcher they should have that so,but it's funny though,the the issue as i understand it and i'm,not as involved in white sox twitter as,everyone else stay out of white sox,business right but it's been conflated,to right field because there were a,bunch of big position players that were,there that you could just spend the,money on and i get it but like,i,i look at the rotation and i see bigger,questions in the rotation than i do in,right field danny so all i'm saying is,it seems to when he says i think we're,good in right field i can actually kind,of understand where they're coming from,they're not they're not good in right,field which has been a problem forever,and that's a different conversation yeah,but there's four there's four things,back up catcher,starting pitchers second base and right,field and they've been the things for,six months yeah,and i could have addressed them and even,with some of the,like i think that that patrick williams,and michael kopeck are very similar and,that people are like we don't know that,this guy is good but we think he's good,and i mean good in the role for kopeck,as a starting pitcher you have no data,on him as a starting pitcher and it's,drop him into the middle of a rotation,because of the traits,and say no we're good we got that,covered we and and now knowing that he's,backed up because he had to deal with,covet and knowing that kykel is at the,end he's at the end and lynn is coming,off an injury there's a there's a lot,that a,a representative middle of the rotation,starter like you're talking about would,have made a lot of sense for the white,sox to do but they're not going to do,that and,we're going to see early on,every team is going through this not,just the white sox but you are going to,get reynaldo lopez like you're going to,he's gonna make more starts for you,dylan ce

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