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Ingraham: Twitter moved to ‘stifle’ Hunter laptop storyI'm Laura Ingram and this is the Ingram,angle

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

Ingraham: Twitter moved to ‘stifle’ Hunter laptop story

I'm Laura Ingram and this is the Ingram,angle from Washington tonight we start,with the startling breaking news,detailing exactly how Twitter censored,the bombshell Hunter Biden laptop story,in the run-up to the 2020 presidential,election,but first it's important to remember how,this all began in April of 2019 Hunter,Biden dropped off three water damage,laptops at a Delaware computer shop for,repair so after 90 days Hunter had still,not returned to pick him up now it was,then that the owner of that store John,Paul Mac Isaac started searching key,terms like barisma after hearing them,during Trump's first impeachment trial,well upon finding numerous hits Isaac,contacted an intermediary who in turn,contacted the FBI in November of 2019,the FBI came to his home where he was,keeping the laptops and they reportedly,made forensic copies but left the,devices behind only return for them very,months later now in 2020 Isaac stopped,hearing from the FBI so he reached out,to Congressional members who likewise,ignored the findings,they remained Under Wraps until he,contacted a lawyer of Rudy Giuliani,in October 2020 details of the hard,drive were published by the New York,Post,now due to the chain of custody of the,laptop the Deep State saw a way to spin,it,more than 50 former senior intelligence,officials they said a disputed set of,emails from Joe Biden's son 100 they,have all the classic earmarks of Russian,disinformation operation right-wing,media has been focused on Hunter Biden,this laptop that intelligence officials,have warned or is likely Russian,disinformation to say that there's no,evidence this hard drive is part of a,potentially a Russian disinformation,campaign doesn't make any sense to me,now despite zero evidence of this social,media companies Twitter Chief among them,moved to stifle this story they even,suspended the New York Post Twitter,account you remember that well the,message had gone out,this story was not to see the light of,day and elements that did must be,labeled Russian disinformation,well tonight we finally learned the,details about how the coordination,effort unfolded and it came in a very,interesting manner,Elon Musk gave former Rolling Stone,writer Matt taibi currently of substack,the Reigns and taking folks through all,of this taibi wrote Twitter in its,conception was a brilliant tool for,enabling instant mass communication,giving people the power to create and,share ideas and information instantly,without barriers in an early conception,Twitter more than lived up to its,mission,as time progressed however the company,was slowly forced to add those barriers,some of the first tools for controlling,speech were designed to combat the likes,of spam and Financial fraudsters,so how did this ultimately manifest,itself well taibi through musk writes,this is the bombshell here by 2020,requests from connected actors to delete,tweets were routine,one exec would write to another more to,review from the Biden team,the reply would come back handled,wow joining me now is Molly Hemingway,Fox News contributor and editor-in-chief,at the Federalist Mike Davis of the,internet accountability project he also,clerked for Supreme Court Justice Neil,Gorsuch and Charlie Kirk founder of,Turning Point USA Mali we've been,waiting for this information obviously,we're going to learn more and more as,time goes on but what do you make of the,evolution from Twitter in its early days,to Twitter in the election cycle of 2020,especially in the fall with a laptop,story having been revealed this social,media company changed so much about how,we can communicate it started out as a,platform for free speech free thought,and free debate what happened in the,2016 election was that former president,Donald Trump then a candidate was able,to bypass the propaganda and hostility,of corporate media by using social media,to speak directly to the American people,and it worked and he won election when,that happened social media companies,said they would never let it happen,again they began widespread campaigns of,de-platforming censorship algorithmic,game playing and meddling in all of our,elections on behalf of their favored,Democrat candidates this really did I,think the perfect example is this story,where we are learning so much about what,Twitter did to suppress free speech and,debate about the Biden family business,and its possible corruption that was in,this Biden laptop story and learning,details we need you know they're,learning who was involved how much,Democrats were involved in suppressing,this news that Americans had every right,to know before election day that was,kept from them by these Bad actors,Mike I want to go to you because as you,read what Matt taibi is releasing with,his sub stack number nine point number,nine is that celebrities and unknowns,alike,could be removed or reviewed at the,behest of a political party okay then it,goes on to say both parties had access,to these tools for instance in 2020 a,requests from both t

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Ingraham: ‘Twitter files’ exposed corruption and deception

Ingraham: ‘Twitter files’ exposed corruption and deception

the Twitter files part two that is the,focus of tonight's angle,now a few years back conservatives,started noticing that their tweets,weren't getting the traction they once,did,now the common parlance became known as,Shadow Banning the effort to suppress or,de-amplify the reach of certain voices,now this was so concerning that former,CEO Jack Dorsey was brought before,Congress to answer questions about it,are you censoring people no,Twitter Shadow Banning prominent,Republicans,bad is that true no,he was doing intermittent fasting then,so he could now tonight Jack Dorsey,better be lawyering up because it sure,looks like he lied under oath playing,kind of a game of semantics there,now a little over two hours ago former,New York Times columnist in free speech,Champion Barry Weiss began dropping more,of those internal Twitter files that,show just how dedicated the company was,to suppressing dissenting voices for,years this was going on,the Liberals of last century remember,they used to relish and all these old,stories about how conservatives,blacklisted pro-communist sympathizers,but look who's doing the blacklisting,now,tonight we learned that well be,otherwise known as before Elon,they would have teams of Twitter,employees build blacklists they would,prevent disfavored tweets from trending,and actively limit the visibility of,entire accounts or even trending topics,all in secret without informing users,wow now to their busy band of sensors,they gave this an innocuous sounding,name this outfit they called it the,Strategic Response Team the global,escalation team,and included and check this out the head,of legal policy and ironically trust,Vijaya Gadi,the global head of trust and safety,you'll Roth and subsequent CEOs Jack,Dorsey and parag Agarwal and others,now there was a concerted effort then to,cover it all up,writing on Twitter's official blog in,July of 2018 the Jaya Gaddy insisted,that we do not Shadow ban and we,certainly don't Shadow ban based on,political viewpoints or ideology,and over time this Twitter exec became,more indignant,one of the biggest problems with,censorship is the fact that you push,people underground and you don't know,what's going on and this is something I,worry about,oh come on the only thing that kept that,woman up at night was the possibility,that conservative voices would somehow,slip through the corporate sensors,now the first name mentioned on this,Twitter Blacklist released tonight was,someone the angle first introduced to,the National audience during covet,Stanford's Dr J bhattacharya,he was one of the three authors of,something that came to be known as the,Great Barrington declaration which,contended with mountains of evidence,that lockdowns were not just ineffective,but dangerous especially for our kids,the lockdown itself is not cost less to,let to life and to and and uh uh if you,think about it people have delayed,cancer treatment they've delayed going,to the doctor because of uh even with,severe heart disease uh parents have not,vaccinated their children the lockdown,costs will in law in in even in the,short and intermediate term have larger,a longer Health consequences,boy was he right according to Ms Weiss,Twitter deemed his research so dangerous,that it secretly placed him on a trans,Blacklist thank you Joe McCarthy which,prevented his tweets from trending,Dr bhattacharya will join us exclusively,in just a few moments now remember we,just learned a few weeks back that this,was all occurring at the same time Dr,Anthony fauci's daughter worked as an,engineer at Twitter,and other names listed by Weiss include,prominent conservatives such as Charlie,Kirk and Dan bongino,since the angle was pretty much the,first national platform to slam the,lockdowns I suspect my own name will pop,up on some suppression list eventually I,hope so,during the Spring of 2020 I myself,noticed and I believe I set it on the,angle that the reach of my own tweets,seemed to be oddly declining,but frankly I think it was obvious to,all of us and one of the many questions,lingering tonight,is whether there was any contact between,Public Health officials and Twitter,execs that encourage censorship of,course for Public Safety,of course when any of us question big,Tech's motives or practices during this,time,well we were all treated like paranoid,conspiracy theorists you would hear all,these Congressional Republicans be like,why am I being Shadow banned why did you,ban my friend all these things like that,and now we realize that though that was,a Canard the Reich talks about,censorship and Shadow Banning which,there's been no real proof of,no real proof of,well the only thing held up was,legitimate public debate and scientific,discourse of course there's plenty of,evidence,and it was worse by the way than just,mere suppression toward the end of,Weiss's thread tonight it becomes clear,that some within Twitter leadership,developed something like a God complex,in early 2021 Joel Roth again ironically,the

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Laura Ingraham DESTROYS snarky woke mayor during live off the rails interview

Laura Ingraham DESTROYS snarky woke mayor during live off the rails interview

but mayor just so our audience,understands in the future since you,think this is important for students,voices to be heard if conservative,students can I just finish a question,please if if pro-life students go to you,and ask you to provide transportation or,support for attending conservative,marches because they want their voices,heard will you as mayor of Baltimore,support those efforts as well in the,education process or just for the,students let's be real clear if the,private sector wants to provide buses,for individuals to go protest anything,in their in this country they are,willing to support that just like the,NRA supports all of their okay so so,you're not spending any money young,people to have their voices heard in,this country okay are you saying tonight,no money is being spent to be able to go,money spent to make sure that our young,people get to Washington DC okay so,that's my question government money the,buses when you guys are bleeding teacher,teachers are being fired Personnel are,being laid off you're high you just,hired 20 new people including a new,marketing director in your office which,is great I'm sure they're going to do a,great job we're getting teachers laid,off Personnel laid off,22 people to take care of the homeless,on our streets we tired to take care of,our neighborhoods and our communities no,we did not a publicly okay that story is,wrong too there's a lot of it I think,that's apparently that's that's not true,you're not spending money,on on television stations on radio,stations here I think it's so cool I,came here so that I could share with you,right what's happening in Baltimore,we're very excited Baltimore has been,under liberal leadership for how many,years Washington D.C and we hope that,you'll be there so that you can welcome,them there and you can hear their voices,the problems in Baltimore have been,going on for years and years and years,liberal leadership,it's not Donald Trump's fault,I think you brought that is not trying,to bring up the issue of Donald Trump,I'm talking about Baltimore City you,don't want to talk to Children whose,voices,make sure we want to make sure that so,the only thing you're teaching them you,want to make sure that assault we'll see,how this works in our city we want to,make sure that no more code writers,needed but we're going to send them down,over 300 300 shootings in our schools,right and that's and that is the fault,of the Maryland drivers it's not the,fault of the national government all,these kinds of things liberal policies,he's not having their hands and you may,want to call it liberal but we took we,talked in the city protection,conservatives from running the city we,want to make sure that our country is,safer we want backgrounds yeah well we,want to be safer don't spend a lot of,time late at night,21 years of age and we want to make sure,okay Mary we appreciate it take your,kids out of public schools take your,kids out of public schools take your,kids out of these schools so look this,is the former Baltimore mayor in a,flashback uh arguing with Laura Ingram,about her decision by the way to you,know use taxpayer money public school,funding um to Bus kids to an anti-gun,March now no matter what you think about,gun control the Second Amendment or,whatever the point is this taxpayer,funds that go towards Public Schools,should not be used to transport children,to a left-wing political rally okay,that's just period uh that should be uh,something that is just common knowledge,right and it certainly is not something,that this mayor should be literally,bragging about uh on social media and,Via media so now when people tell you,that these public school systems are not,teaching your kids how to read write,um in you know giving them a knowledge,of world history anymore they are,literally indoctrination centers to turn,these kids into left-wing activists and,they start younger and younger and,younger every single year the fact that,this mayor would have the gall to go on,National Television into even debate,this to even brag about this uh lets all,of us know that these people do not even,care that their agenda is being exposed,like this but thank God in the months,and years since this flashback clip,parents have started to stand up and,take their power back in this,educational system and the only thing,that's going to stop all of this stuff,is the power of the parents of your,parent a parent out there watching this,know that your voice matters so get,involved in your public school system

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Ingraham: Twitter's shameless hypocrisy

Ingraham: Twitter's shameless hypocrisy

rush limbaugh reshaped the public square,by forging a path for conservative media,but now that square is being,increasingly squeezed by tech oligarchs,now if you think the classical left,would be upset about corporate,monopolies they used to be,but they aren't so why is that of course,while former president trump is banned,from platforms like facebook and twitter,big tech hasn't lifted a finger to,prevent the ccp from spreading,anti-american lies,someone who has thought a lot about this,is jd vance author of hillbilly elegy,and he joins me now jd um,why do you think the modern left is,suddenly,okay with uh the concentration of power,and a few corporate uh entities,well i think unfortunately it's just,very cynical right they realize,that the big tech oligarchs are actually,on their side,and where they used to complain about,corporate power now they recognize that,corporate power is being used against,their enemies in this case,uh president donald trump and his voters,and so i think they're more than willing,to cozy up to those people if it gives,them more power which it does in this,case because those companies really do,control the public square in this,country,well one thing that also is kind of,shocking i,like your opinion on it is last night,when joe biden,essentially just blows off the,difference between the united states and,china by saying well there are cultural,norms that are different,with the way they treat the uyghurs and,the way that he i loved how he said,well president xi just thinks unity of,thought,is important like what what happened to,liberals standing up for human rights,like divestment in south africa that was,a,that was a big issue for liberals in the,united states and they made a big,difference there,wha what happened yeah well first of all,i wish they were so deferential to our,own founding fathers who of course they,parse,every single one of their words and hold,everything against them,but of course was just super deferential,to z to g,uh i i think a fundamental corporations,in america,are increasingly more invested in the,chinese government than they are in,their own country,and what that means for us as,conservatives is we've actually got to,do something about this you know i think,we've gotten so used to big business to,corporations being on the side of the,right,uh that because of china because of the,woke left they're increasingly on the,side of the left and we have to do,something about it we have to recognize,that they're not our friends anymore and,that should inform the way that we think,about public policy it's a really big,departure,but i think it's an important thing for,us to recognize so we can move forward,and actually,solve these problems and make it,possible for people to express,themselves,and be conservatives without fear of,getting fired or censored well president,reagan understood that you had to,isolate the former soviet union,peace through strength and all that and,that kind of went out the window when,wall street decided they were going to,you know make a lot of big bets ipos and,and otherwise in china a lot of folks at,national review and,uh the journal and a lot of big,conservative outlets,they kind of went with the globalist,perspective and they lost the people,trump came along and said doesn't have,to be this way,and now he's suddenly shut off twitter,and facebook and,and they're relishing uh squelching his,freedom of speech,yeah that's exactly right and of course,it's not just about president trump it's,also about his voters if you were a,supporter if you're one of us,75 million people that voted for trump,in 2020,you recognize that the censorship that's,directed against him,can be and has been directed against you,either through firings either through,shadow banning or twitter just making it,impossible for you to post,and so these things influence and affect,the broader public discourse in this,country and i think we just have to,recognize like you said,wall street maybe was on the side of,america in the 1980s,it's not clear that it's on the side of,america in the 2020s and,we got to wake up to that fact jd great,to see you tonight thank you so much

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Miranda Devine reveals the most shocking revelation from the 'Twitter files'

Miranda Devine reveals the most shocking revelation from the 'Twitter files'

joining me now is Miranda Devine New,York Post columnist Fox News contributor,author of laptop from Hell keeps getting,more hellish and Mike Davis founder and,president of the internet accountability,project Miranda,now a lot of people watching might kind,of remember this Baker character but why,is he important and it's just come on,this is just a coincidence right I mean,so he goes to Twitter's Twitter's,employment so the top top executive,well James Baker was a good friend and,Ally of uh of course James Comey it was,Baker as the top lawyer at the FBI who,wrote the memo that exonerate prig,exonerated really Hillary Clinton he was,behind all the Russia collusion hoaxes,to try and get rid of Donald Trump and,uh in the end in 2018 Christopher Ray,basically threw him out of that general,counsel role and he shortly afterwards,resigned and he showed up at Twitter,strangely enough just five months before,the 2020 election and he was of course,right in the center of the decision to,censor the New York Post he of course,you won't be surprised to know was on,the side of censorship to ER on the side,of caution,well they also um Turned out Mike to the,FBI warned Twitter during these weekly,meetings before the 2020 election to,expect hack and leak operations by state,actors involving Hunter and likely in,October according to that sworn uh,declaration by Twitter's former head of,site Integrity Joel Roth how is that,important well it's amazing that we have,these big Tech platforms Facebook,Twitter Google colluding with the FBI,with the government to censor silence D,platform conservatives and others with,whom they disagree including the oldest,newspaper in America the New York Post,and it was this Jim Baker who just,happens to be the Forrest Gump of all,these scandals he was the guy behind the,Russian collusion hoax with Sussman and,then he shows up at Twitter and he's,he's the guy pushing the censorship of,the of the New York Post and by the way,Miranda this kind of he calls himself I,guess a former Republican now this guy,Matt Dowd he's saying that this was all,kind of a good thing for that Twitter,did this watch this,what amazes me is the Elon Musk might,have spent a little more time reading,the First Amendment and what it said,because his immediate thing was this was,a violation from the first amendment,when it's far as I can tell no,government Authority told Twitter not to,do something it was amazing to me that,all of these sort of Fox News or whoever,else jumped on this without ever fully,understanding that it was basically,meaningless what happened and that,actually turned out to be a good thing,Miranda,well I guess maybe he doesn't understand,that if the FBI goes to Twitter and,instructs them or persuades them to,pre-bunk a New York Post story to,pre-censor it then that is a violation,of the First Amendment,um I I do agree in one sense that Elon,Musk did not release anything that was,really useful when it comes to the FBI's,intervention and I wonder if that is,because James Baker is still there and I,assume that Elon Musk had to get his,release of various documents cleared by,Twitter's lawyers before they went to,mat taibi so maybe,Twitter's lawyers only allowed one,little email from James Baker that had,all the identifying the date the time,all shown from it which was very,interesting and the other thing about,James Baker that we need to remember is,that he also between the FBI and Twitter,went to work for the lawfare blog which,is um you know attached to the Brookings,institution where a number of the 51,former Intel operatives who signed that,dirty letter that dishonest letter,saying that our story and Hunter Biden's,laptop was a Russian disinformation,operation so he's connected to them as,well he is Jonathan Turley called him,the Kevin Bacon of Russian collusion,six degrees of separation or James Baker,all right they tried to kind of deflect,from the Twitter Revelations and I think,Miranda's right they need the raw data,to come out but they're doing it by,saying well Trump is the guy who's,anti-constitution and one of the MSNBC,hosts this morning had a message for,Republicans watch here's the thing like,for Republicans like let's let's get a,let's spell it out for you why don't you,write this down okay to terminate the,Constitution is to terminate America,Donald Trump is wrong and I can no,longer support him at all as a,presidential candidate as an American,citizen that was the tamest of what she,said but uh,what about that like Trump comes out and,says you know puts looks like he was,kind of doing it in Jess but saying well,they couldn't you know install me or,have a new election was that was that,subverting the constitution,I I I'm not even following what her,argument is here I mean I think what,we've seen when we have the FBI working,with big Tech to censor Americans that,is about as against the Constitution as,you can get it's a clear First Amendment,violation so I'm just not even,understanding where she

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Laura Ingraham Can't Dodge This Truth GRENADE (Video)

Laura Ingraham Can't Dodge This Truth GRENADE (Video)

they had a PR problem it's like at Fox,News when you have you know hosts who,are allegedly sexually harassing people,Fox News throws money at that to make,that PR problem go away that's what,happens,some people well nobody nobody's done I,mean you know that but you know that,yeah that's a cute little move but I'm,trying to get I'm trying to get you to,answer questions a guess on the Ingram,angle calls out Fox News for its Shady,handling of PR problems I'm Yasmin Khan,with the breakdown and it's pretty,ballsy to go on Fox News and call out,Fox News Laura Ingram tried to downplay,her guest accusation by calling it a,cute little move but the point had,already been made the guest Steve Almond,was discussing the NFL and how it deals,with controversy his overall point was,that controversies which could involve,for example racial discrimination sexual,harassment claims or player welfare will,never be treated with respect by the,organization unless there is a financial,incentive involved in other words if the,organization can get away with what it's,doing it will continue to attempt to get,away with what it's doing these,organizations and the people committing,these injustices let's call them know,what they're doing getting caught for,something doesn't change who people are,they don't need the whole world to tell,them that something like being racist,institutionally is wrong they know it is,they choose to live that way anyway at,least for as long as they think they can,get away with it and I think it's,important to make the distinction here,between organizational misconduct versus,personal misconduct like when a,celebrity screws up it constituted a,critical lapse in judgment and a,personal failure on my part for which I,am solely and completely responsible,humility in particular is a commodity,that is really in short supply at this,moment we're not talking about celebrity,apologies right now even though yes they,are very amusing people can and often do,change people are capable of feeling,remorse from learning from their,mistakes and from doing better in the,future people are fallible and we will,all inevitably do things that we,shouldn't do say things that we,shouldn't say and act out of character,in those cases I think it can be helpful,for people to be made aware of the,repercussions of their words and actions,and I think it's helpful in getting,people to assess what they've done or,said realign with who they would rather,be and do the work from that point but,with organizations like Fox News and the,NFL that type of collective remorse just,doesn't seem to be a thing these are,businesses and the only thing that,matters to businesses is the bottom line,the money everything else the reputation,the clout the ethics all affect the,money when there's too much of a,negative effect on the money that's when,you will finally see change happen this,is a matter of bookkeeping not morality,businesses after all are not people and,they're therefore not capable of,morality alright that is it for me if,you got anything out of this please like,And subscribe and be sure to follow me,on Instagram and tick tock

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‘Twitter Files’ part 9 drops bombshell against the FBI

‘Twitter Files’ part 9 drops bombshell against the FBI

listen to this the ninth installment of,the Twitter files has been released this,time dealing detailing how several,government agencies interacted with the,platform Matt iibis saying quote the,files show the FBI acting as doorman to,a vast program of social media,surveillance and censorship encompassing,agencies across the federal government,from the state department to the,Pentagon to the CIA he also says that,more aggressive government Partners had,closed Twitter's window of Independence,for struggling to validate their claims,of foreign interference here to react,former acting U.S attorney general Matt,Whitaker attorney general good morning,to you Merry Christmas good morning and,Merry Christmas to you Carly well the,news certainly isn't stopping when it,comes to these Twitter files and now we,know that it wasn't just the FBI it was,also the CIA the Pentagon the state,department all had relationships with,Twitter and and other social media,platforms as well so what do you think,the nature of these relationships were,well it clearly the relationship was to,suppress free speech I mean ultimately,it was under the guise of,reducing foreign influence I guess in,American elections especially in 2020,but you just saw the DHS DOD CIA FBI and,and include in state governments and the,Democrat National Committee all had a,door into Twitter that they could,moderate uh accounts that they disagreed,with or felt were were too effective in,communicating uh an opposing Viewpoint,to what they felt should be on the,platform and you know Twitter was,clearly the right hand of uh the federal,government in moderating speech there's,an interesting Twitter back and forth,that took place yesterday and it starts,with California congressman Ted Liu,who's a Democrat he posted a tweet,saying Elon Musk Matt taibi and Michael,Schellenberg are gaslighting you with,their misleading Twitter file posts,here's the truth the FBI's foreign,influence task force does threat,indicators sharing with companies that's,a good thing he also said companies,decide what to do with that information,but then Matt Ivey responded saying,Congressman why is a foreign influence,task force sending Excel spreadsheets,full of joke tweets from low follower,accounts in Maryland Kentucky and Ohio,why does the fitf the foreign influence,task force spend so much time reviewing,domestic speech I think that's the key,question there,you're right Carly that's absolutely the,key question to this whole thing is why,were these accounts that were you know,uh sharing jokes essentially and memes,uh had very few followers why were those,coming on the FBI's radar why was this,foreign influence task force spending,their time moderating speech by America,the American people I mean the Supreme,Court and the law is very clear the,speech is is uh fairly broad you know,you can't yell fire at a crowded theater,but other than that uh there is a very,broad ability of Americans to speak,their minds and in this case you know,the the FBI seemed to want to clamp out,on that and now we're seeing it wasn't,just the FBI it was all of these other,agencies as well yeah that's right and,this new dump of Twitter files shows,that the FBI was sending so many,requests to Twitter that,um Twitter employees were overwhelmed by,the amount of tweets that were being,flagged so now that we're getting a peek,behind the curtain what do you think do,you think the FBI is going to back off,when it comes to monitoring speech,well I I would guess that the FBI still,feels they have an important role in,foreign influence and making sure that,our at least social media platforms,aren't used uh to harm the United States,of America but obviously where that line,is drawn they've had a hard time and,struggle with that so I would imagine,they're going to do some soul searching,to make sure that they aren't infringing,on uh Americans rights to free speech,yeah it would be very interesting to,hear from the FBI director himself Chris,Ray on where he stands on all of this,Matt thank you so much for joining us,like I said merry Christmas to you and,your beautiful family,Merry Christmas to you too Carly thank,you absolutely I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian,Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and,click here to subscribe to the Fox News,YouTube page to catch our hottest,interviews and most compelling analysis

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Seen and Unseen: CNN's excitement over Elon Musk backlash

Seen and Unseen: CNN's excitement over Elon Musk backlash

it's time for our scene and unseen,segment we expose the stories behind the,headlines for that return to Fox News,contributor Raymond Arroyo Ray there was,some stage stumbles I noticed over the,weekend,yeah legendary singer Patti LaBelle had,just started her Christmas show Laura in,Milwaukee when there was a bomb threat,foreign,Laura I love her indignation wait wait,with the security guards thankfully the,bomb threat was a fraud CNN also bombed,today while perpetuating a fraud this is,their coverage of Dave Chappelle's,latest stage partnership in San,Francisco comedian Dave Chappelle,brought out Elon Musk on stage and musk,was booed for several minutes,foreign,he has time to go to a Dave Chappelle,Show he's like running Twitter Tesla's,mad he's not there enough he's been,tweeting essentially a lot of right-wing,politics and so when he shows up in San,Francisco at a comedy show,tough reception,you know what they don't report Laura,the context of why people in San,Francisco might be booing and it was,mostly cheers by the way as you heard,there but musk did fire half of the,Twitter Workforce in San Francisco and,then there are those Twitter files that,nobody's talking about apparently Well,here here's what we know helise is,giving them a place to sleep,if if they need to you know stay a,little extra a few extra hours in the in,San Francisco for which she's getting a,little bit I think yeah well Laura,according to our pal Tom Elliott CNN has,mentioned the Twitter files the,government coordinated censorship with,Twitter only 13 times since December 2nd,so they'll cover must getting razzed but,not free speech no but they don't cover,it as free speech they cover it as a you,know as a Obsession of right-wing,conspiracy theorists they they said well,Twitter Twitter managing the chaos of,January 6 trying to manage all that,people are upset but so they kind of,just blow it off but they don't really,cover it they cover it up,well and Laura I know you're an art,lover Hunter Biden is once again the,Michelangelo of Soho he returned to the,George Burgess Gallery where it looks,like Hunters sold at least three more,works one fetched 225 thousand dollars,now the ethical problems here are pretty,obvious Republican Congress is about to,investigate these Anonymous buyers which,was set up by the White House and when,your own laptop boasts of side deals,with China and Ukraine you'd think you'd,stay out of the gallery right well wait,wait a minute though Raymond Burge is,the gallery says that Hunter has always,been an artist when he focused his whole,life on Art they took it to being he,just started doing art so he is he lives,and breathes art this has always been,something he's,Laura Hunter Biden is to Art what I am,to golf okay I couldn't hit a golf ball,with a bulldozer the man is just profit,well and then they have to show it,thanks a lot guys but look the man is,clearly profiting off of his family name,that is the attractive but you know,Hunter says every one of his new,paintings Laura contain a haiku one of,those Japanese poems and you know,from afar it might be hard for people to,see what's going on but when you get,close to Hunter's masterpieces his,intention is clear you see what's,written there oh what a nice Hoku now,that might be our little satirical,Edition oh cool what what,I think it's the end of a long hair,Raymond don't you sense that we're all,getting a little bidenesque,well I'm glad you brought Joe Biden up,none of this Hunter's sales and the the,appearance of impropriety none of that,is disturbing to Joe Biden he was in the,Christmas spirit today giving a speech,at a Toys for Tots event nice they do,such good work but when it was over it,was up to a little girl to lead Biden,off stage he didn't know where to go and,it was the child who had a point and go,oh I think it's this way Mr President,they do say a child will lead them Laura,uh then Joe Biden seemed to be going,into his own second childhood he enjoyed,a little bike ride watch this you'll,love this he literally gets on the on,the bike and takes a you know tries to,take a little ride we know what happened,last time he was on a bike,um then things got really weird you were,supposed to give a gift to a child Biden,just wandered off with a toy for himself,well Toys for Tot brains maybe that's,Raymond I think we have to look for the,good in every Biden episode given the,season of Christmas David and yes I like,to look at it this way at least he,didn't sniff her when she escorted him,off stage so that is a good,well it's hard to sniff when you're in,motion and the child is trying to lead,you you know it's a little give me some,mistletoe Missy that's a missile God,blesses everyone even Joe Biden Laura,all right Raymond we're not Grinch is,here thank you good to see you hey Sean,Hannity here hey click here to subscribe,to Fox News YouTube page and catch our,hottest interviews and most compelling,analysis you will not get it anywhere,else

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