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Lark Davis Just Got Exposed For $1.2 Million In Crypto Scamsso now it's Lark Davis that is biting,th

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Updated on Jan 25,2023

Lark Davis Just Got Exposed For $1.2 Million In Crypto Scams

so now it's Lark Davis that is biting,the dust first it was bit boy crypto,after his lawsuit against a tozi and it,was bad enough that we're in the bear,market and now a big YouTuber like the,boy crypto was called out for trying to,sneak a lawsuit behind a YouTuber's back,which I don't know how he thought that'd,be successful anyways but that's beside,the point now it is Lark Davis Lark,Davis is quite honestly another big,YouTuber not as big as big boy crypto he,still has a million Twitter followers,which isn't majority of his following,and about 500 000 about 450k uh,subscribers on YouTube now the problem,that you have when it comes to being to,that size of a YouTuber is typically you,have a lot of Leverage and what it,appears to be through a Twitter post,that was put out by Zach xbt who is a,pretty much an invest earned it,investigator when it comes to crypto is,that,um crypto Lark other known otherwise,known as Lark Davis promotes low-cap,projects to his audience to dump on them,shortly after you're talking about,majority of the time it's a few hours,after and it's typically the tokens that,he'd received from the project itself so,yeah very scammy and well we're gonna,dive into this whole Twitter thread some,of the details behind that and then,primarily three takeaways that we can,all learn from situations like this and,kind of the perspective from someone,when it comes to,I'm just talking about crypto projects,in general and how that should be,handled oftentimes so all I ask in,return is you smash that the like button,if you're new to the channel hit the,Subscribe button without further ado,watch him in the video,now before we dive into this Twitter,thread by Zac xbt I want us to have,three main takeaways if you don't take,anything away from this whole Twitter,thread just take away these three things,around this whole situation one there's,something that we call in the Air Force,that's the term called trust but verify,so what that means is whenever someone,says something you trust them at their,word but then you go and verify that,it's the same way that you know in,crypto there's this term thrown around,of uh do your own due diligence in your,research it's very important especially,as you see situations like this where,Lark Davis publicly has said I've never,been paid by a bunch of these projects,uh or I've never get paid I bunch of,projects tell me they're going to pay me,a lot of money but I never get paid and,then proof gets provided that he gets,paid he's dumped over 1.2 million,dollars of what was shown worth of,tokens onto his followers which is,insane to think about now the second,part is kind of ties into that is just,be careful who you follow because,oftentimes those people also are never,even invested financially into whatever,they're talking about so for example,with Lark Davis a lot of the tokens he,received wasn't because he went and,bought the tokens out of his own money,but received them from the project,directly and that not not all the cases,but it's oftentimes happens that with a,lot of other crypto tokens scams pump,and dumps,um a lot of times the influencer,receives the token as an incentivization,then is incentivized to pump the token,promote it so his value of the token,increases so therefore he actually makes,more money than he was actually paid,paid initially and that's very different,compared to for example a lot of,YouTubers in this space that talk about,passive income when it comes to you know,buying a helium hotspot or buying a,deeper mini or buying an mxc M2 Pro or,you know getting invested in this,project that project and actually having,money in that project that you know,sometimes that pans out sometimes it,turns into a paperweight but either way,they were personally invested and,they're going through the same,experience you are when it comes to the,success or failure of such project and,then lastly to just kind of sum all of,this up just realize that YouTubers and,influencers are some kind of like,magicians that can predict something in,the future we're all giving our own,perspective based on our knowledge or,our prior experience and so if you think,that had just because such and such are,bit boy crypto or Lark Davis or crypto,SRS or you name the YouTuber,um that says something doesn't always,mean it's going to come to pass,um you know we're all imperfect and we,all make mistakes so that's kind of like,the last takeaway but with that said and,that out of the way let's dive into this,whole Twitter thread because it was,really interesting and quite honestly,Lark Davis is someone that I've uh seen,videos before in the past,um not someone I personally really,follow per se uh but it's it's someone I,I've heard of and and one that a lot of,people hold in high regard when it comes,to the crypto space so when seeing,something like this and seeing that it's,you know the past uh two hours has gone,viral,um I suspect there's going to be some,something from Lark Davis regarding this

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Bitcoin & Stocks: Once In A Generation Buying Opportunity

Bitcoin & Stocks: Once In A Generation Buying Opportunity

what if I told you that right now is one,of the biggest opportunities in decades,for markets and that is because that,right now basically is one of the best,times to invest in well basically almost,everything Bitcoin stocks real estate,bonds they've all taken major hits this,year we are seeing many companies,basically going to sell everything State,of Mind many investors gonna sell,everything state of mind but big,investment firms like Vanguard Berkshire,Hathaway sneaky Old Warren Buffett are,doing the opposite they're buying let me,repeat the biggest most successful,players in the world are buyers they're,not selling they know the lower it costs,to acquire assets the better it is for,their investment portfolios what else do,they know that they're not telling us,you see we talk a lot about the bull,markets and the bear markets and when,everything's up and everyone's just you,know Riding High on the bull Euphoria is,up we're all just like yeah up only,forever hardly anyone is thinking like a,bear I've done it you've done it we've,all done it okay it's easy to feel like,a smart investor when your portfolio is,up but in Bear markets when everything,is falling we all feel like idiots right,here okay that is until you understand,that even with inflation reaching a,40-year high now could be an interesting,time to be loading up on assets that's,because according to data from the S P,500 collected over the last decade the,bull market is not the best time to,invest as it turns out that's actually,one of the worst and highest risk times,to be investing well it should be,obvious that buying the top of a market,would not be such a great idea more,money was invested in the 2021 bull,market than combined over the previous,two freaking decades man proving without,a doubt that the majority of investors,often get it wrong and while bull,markets tend to last longer and to,generate moves greater than bear markets,truth is Time After Time bear markets,have provided better buying,opportunities for long-term investors,rewarding those with a bare Buy bias the,most Bears know it can't rain all the,time and those who position themselves,accordingly will get bonus returns when,everyone else starts showing back up to,the markets this is because historically,whenever stocks have been down 25 they,pretty much always soared over the next,year gaining about 20 on average even if,a recession or a global depression were,to follow up on that they also always,soared over the next three years average,earns around 37 percent over the next,five years average earns around 83,percent and over the next 10 years,average returns of around 214 market,gains are a highly concentrated around,big rallies after bear Market bottoms,because bear markets always turn in to,Bull markets but the nature of this bear,Market is different from others in,recent history because we are seeing it,largely being caused by the federal,reserve's deliberate tightening of of,monetary policy rather than as a,financial or economic crisis although,they so often go hand in hand don't they,now before telling you about strategies,to invest the mental barriers that we,all face investing during a bear Market,I just want to let you know what my,weekly cryptocurrency investor,newsletter it's called wealth Mastery,look we just jam-packed this thing full,of alpha every single week we do all,coin reviews airdrops nfts D5 tutorials,market analysis and much more join our,50 000 weekly readers by signing up for,freaking free it's free so use the link,Down Below in the description to check,that out so let's talk about how to,invest during this tumultuous period if,we know that every bear Market in,history has bounced back at some point,and turned into a bull market and that,this bear period is the very best time,to invest well then presented with an,incredible opportunity aren't we then,there are two main strategies that,experts recommend the first is a passive,investment strategy like dollar cost,averaging or an active strategy of,course like long-term value investing,trying to I'm,better entries into assets many,exchanges make passive investing even,easier by allowing users to make,automatic purchases on a weekly or,bi-weekly basis and that's for stocks,and Bitcoin and all that stuff look into,it if you are doing dollar cost,averaging that set it and forget it,method means that you can deploy a five,or ten year strategy in seconds by just,setting up recurring purchases every,single week and just automating the,process of investing in dollar cost,averaging into your favorite long-term,assets although no one can predict,short-term Market movements and of,course the bear Market of 2022 may have,further to run and could go well into,2023 but by dollar cost averaging now,you'll be lowering the average cost of,your existing positions making it easier,to turn a profit during Market recovery,now with passive investing you're not,trying so much to to time the market to,try and get a perfect buying

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Bitcoin & Crypto - 2023's Hated Rally

Bitcoin & Crypto - 2023's Hated Rally

sentiment was probably at an all-time,low in late December for the,cryptocurrency markets that FTX,collapsed back in November it was just,this sucker punch right in the face to,the markets it left millions of,investors broke and what came after that,was about two months of some of the most,boring price action I have seen in a,very very long time and crypto reminded,me a lot in fact of the January to March,period in early 2019. markets were,essentially dead no one wanted to hear,about crypto no one certainly wanted to,buy crypto and then the markets rallied,catching many who had been waiting,around to buy when Bitcoin hit a,thousand dollars because that was the,sentiment back then that 3K now is going,to go down to a thousand those people,got caught on the sidelines and thus a,hated rally ensued hated because most,people missed it which got me thinking,could we see a similar hated rally much,like the one in 2019 but now in 2023 oh,and just be clear the bottom could very,well still not be in much will depend on,the equity markets and of course what,the Federal Reserve does and says and,for those waiting for ten thousand,dollars to buy I wish you luck I hope,you have your limit orders set because,chances are if 10K does come then,everyone's gonna start saying oh but 5K,is coming the target always moves,that being said bear Market rallies can,be pretty damn spectacular just look at,some of the moves in alt coins over the,last few weeks I mean Bonk obviously,went thousands of percent up but more,big coins like uh Salon it at 100 Lido,financed at 200 in fact the whole liquid,staking narrative is kind of taking off,over the last few weeks with the,announcement that the ethereum Shanghai,upgrade will enter its test net phase in,February also we're seeing artificial,intelligence coins pumping off of the,hype around chat GPT and while this,rally could still have a lot of steam in,the tank just keep in mind we are in a,bear Market until proven otherwise in,Bear Market rallies oh they tend to be,exciting they're like fomo induced short,squeezes on thin books and prices go,nuts and if you're rushing to buy some,coin after did like a hundred percent in,a week but be careful because Mike,taking a bit of a risky move in the,short term because big Corrections will,happen right even if we get a 2019 style,rally when Bitcoin went up by 340,percent in just four months those were,exciting times by the way there are also,a few big 20 dips along the way but if,2023 does give us a a Bitcoin rally of,two to three hundred percent then many,altcoins could do 10 to 20 x this year,still though keep in mind that big moves,can happen with very little Capital flow,because the markets especially when you,start looking at that's the lower Cap,all coins are so thin right now we can,run out of buyers real fast on pumps,also keep in mind the potential,contagion events from things like,Genesis Lending digital currency group,could still go down fears around who,will be now running around the rumor,mill Gemini also still in big trouble,all this could derail a rally real fast,but for the most part aside from that,kind of stuff the sellers are gone they,have capitulated even Bitcoin miners are,stacking up coins again after being,heavy sellers since September making at,least a short midterm bottom more likely,even if things do end up getting,derailed again later this year with,recessions or whatever might happen,right just some thoughts for you as well,in the end no one including myself knows,if the bottom is definitively in or not,but bear Market rallies can be pretty,damn impressive so watch out for the,opportunities watch out for the new,narratives that form up during this time,because there are great opportunities,for making money when these altcoins are,rallying by hundreds of percent and of,course don't let the bear Market rally,craziness trick you into thinking that,we're out of the out of the woods right,so if you are playing the game then do,remember to book in some profits,remember there's never anything wrong,with paying yourself by the way if you,are a Trader then you need yourself an,account over on buy bit zero percent,fees on spot markets crazy good Futures,markets and up to 30 000 in deposit,bonuses use the link in the description,join over 10 million Traders and find,out why buy bit is the place to be for,Traders okay that's it subscribe now see,you next time,foreign

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My Investing Plan For 2023 - Bitcoin? Ethereum? Crypto? Stocks? Gold?

My Investing Plan For 2023 - Bitcoin? Ethereum? Crypto? Stocks? Gold?

here is my investing plan for 2023,broken down by asset class first of,course we have to talk about,cryptocurrencies my general plan right,now is to continue to basically play it,safe I'm continuing to dollar cost,average into Bitcoin on a weekly basis,at this point I'm keeping an eye out for,ethereum to go under a thousand dollars,be attractive by under that level in my,opinion altcoins,yes all coins all coins will make the,most money when the market does come,roaring back at some point they also,represent the biggest risk right now in,crypto so until I see either a,significant reversal forming up for the,market or maybe a even deeper,capitulation in the markets I'm kind of,sitting on the sideline for altcoins,right now if I'm going to add any new,coins it would likely be some of the,newer blockchains that are launching or,have launched maybe things like Aptos or,sui whenever it comes out maybe blue D5,Blue Chip stuff like Ave maybe add some,work to my curve bag or some other,existing bags and that's about it,basically I'm looking to reduce risk in,my crypto portfolio by reducing money,flow to just really the top coins during,the bear market and of course while,still sitting on a bag of all coins that,will hopefully do something in the,future by the way if we get a big Market,rally in 2023 I will probably trim down,some of my ALT coin bags now let's talk,about stocks obviously my tax stocks,have been slaughtered not pretty but my,value stocks which is where a lot of my,money lies in stocks mining companies,renewable energy providers telecoms,stuff like that holding up pretty well,still paying pretty decent dividends at,this time,now for 2023 this is where I will,continue to allocate money into the,stock market I will continue to dollar,cost average into stocks on a weekly,basis into these nice dividend paying,stocks I see these stocks as a,relatively you know it's a great,relatively safe long-term hold that will,provide easy passive income Plus stocks,are a great bit of diversification for,my already crypto heavy portfolio,now let's talk about Metals I like,Metals I wish I'd bought even more,silver last year but for right now I'm,probably not going to be allocating any,new funds into Metals I do reserve the,right to fomo buy some metals at any,given time it does happen sometimes the,moment's weakness have to buy some more,silver and pick a couple more gold coins,but,no plans to do that right now they make,up enough percentage-wise of my overall,portfolio for the time being and being a,non-cash flow asset they are less,attractive at this particular time now,when markets boom again and profits flow,like water I will increase my metal,Holdings from the profits taken from,things like altcoins,now let's talk about real estate I,continue to go back and forth on real,estate I have been reading a lot of,books on rental property investing and,there are certainly some very compelling,reasons to go out and buy real estate as,well as reasons to,take pause and think do I really want to,do this to myself overall though I do,see real estate as a potentially big,part of my future portfolio although I,do not currently own any investment,properties it is certainly something,that is continuing to stay on my mind,that I continue to think about and we'll,pull the trigger on at some point maybe,2023 will be the year I decide to,finally get involved and get some,investment properties next let's talk,about cash currently my cash position is,substantial and I plan on keeping it,that way and I know cash is trash but,during a bear Market cash is King of the,trash but I have been doing things as,well like doing term deposits at the,bank I know I know but the rates are,attractive the risk is low and no one,knows how long this bear Market will,last we all hope it's going to end,really soon but I want to ensure that my,cash position remains healthy during,this period so I'll only be using it for,really limited purchases and Investments,during this time largely just going to,be adding to that cash position over,2023 with any profits that come in and,finally let's talk about my business,that's something I will continue to,invest money into throughout 2023 and,yes the bear Market has been tough,already for that business but the,newsletter is actually better than ever,the websites getting new features all,the time like are completely massive and,awesome and Free By the way comprehend,intensive beginner guide for crypto by,the way links for both the free,newsletter and the free beginner guide,can be found Below in the description,and of course I am planning on launching,even more new products like our altcoin,investing course that's coming up our,wealth creation course upcoming wealth,Mastery podcast where I plan on having a,great conversations with all kinds of,people who basically cracked the code on,making money and no we're not just gonna,be talking to crypto people real estate,people Stock People business people much,more so watch out f

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5 Crypto Coins To Watch In 2023

5 Crypto Coins To Watch In 2023

what are the top crypto coins to have on,your radar in 2023 well here are the,ones that I am watching and why by the,way this is a conservative list if we,get a market rally in 2023 done a lot of,lower Cap all coins could pump like,absolutely crazy giving 10 20x Returns,and outperform the coins that I'm going,to talk about in this video also I do,own some of these coins as always you,can find my full disclosure statement,and portfolio Down Below in the,description also also the market bottom,for crypto may very well not be in yet a,lot of people are still calling for,lower lows and the stock markets,probably leads to lower lows in crypto,markets so be careful before aping into,anything this is my watch list not my,run out and put your life savings into,it list okay okay so let's start off,with talking about polygon man 2022 what,a huge year for polygon so many insane,Partnerships from Starbucks to Instagram,and many many more over 37 000 dapps,currently running on polygon it's a,major player in adapt space major player,in the crypto space polygon has even,flipped the binance smart chain in Daily,transactions but can 2023 be another,huge year for polygon I think the answer,is yes well I have no idea what massive,Partnerships polygon has lined up and,it's going to be announcing although I,suspect there's going to be some more,without a doubt but what we do know is,coming is zkevm this is their layer 2,scaling solution for ethereum zikevum,this could be a whole new major Catalyst,for the Matic token because although,ethereum will be used for gas fees on,the ZK evm Network Matic will be used,for staking and for governance pretty,cool layer twos are basically the Talk,of the Town right now so I expect the,release of zkevm when it does come I,don't have an exact release date yet to,be a damn big deal now on the topic of,layer twos of course I need to talk,about arbitrum and I know there's no,arbitrum token yet but there will be,it's going to be an absolutely insane,airdrop when it happens and look there,is so much money on arbitrum right now,so many whales that someone with just,like a thousand bucks in their account,probably is not going to end up getting,a super huge airdrop you might depends,on how arbitrim decides to do it in the,end and I hope that you do if you do,have a smaller account it's not all just,a whale game but we do need to keep,expectations in check about the size of,this airdrop because everyone has been,expecting this airdrop for a while and,everyone has been using arbitrim and,many have positioned themselves to try,and get a big payday when it happens,that being said arbitrim has been a,leading layer two player for the,ethereum network although currently,optimism is doing slightly more daily,transactions than arbitrim but arbitrim,does pretty consistently has been,maintaining about twice as much value,locked in defy on chain when compared to,optimism that being said do not buy the,listing fomo pump when we do get an,arbitrum token final listed if you did,not get the airdrop then the listing is,when everyone who did get the airdrop is,gashing out so be careful also I'll be,keeping a Keen Eye on the arbitrum,season narrative and the new launches,and farms on this hot layer too things,like GMX which were super hot and,outperformed the market now let's talk,about new chains a particular Aptos the,Solana killer down bad already since,launched in a bear Market but actually,Aptos kind of reminds me of Solana so,when Solana launched it was trading for,like a dollar ended up going down like,50 cents it was just another Block Chain,and a c where no one really wanted to,buy anything really in crypto space,certainly not the new hot shiny,blockchain the bearer Market was still,in full swing the coved crash had just,happened but Solana like Aptos had big,VC backing and the VCS dumped so much,money into the Solana ecosystem that it,pumped like crazy my gut is telling me,they're gonna try to do the same thing,with Aptos probably sui Network as well,when it comes out basically they want an,Roi on their investment they're going to,dump in a lot of money to try and jump,start that Eagles system that's pumping,up the Aptos coin just like they did,with Solana why wouldn't they try to do,it again with Aptos that being said not,really keen on buying Aptos at current,prices I would be more interested on,basically lower prices under a dollar,maybe even closer to 50 cents those,price levels maybe I'd be tempted to buy,myself a bag of Aptos now before I tell,you about the last two coins just a,reminder that if you don't yet have an,account over on buy a bit you need to,get yourself one it is the best exchange,for trading crypto zero percent spot,Market fees and you use that link Down,Below in the description you'll be able,to clean up to thirty thousand dollars,in deposit bonuses yes that's crazy yes,that's true and you can find out why,over 10 million Traders do their trading,on buy bid so let's talk about the big,boy

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Will Ethereum Flip Bitcoin To be The #1 Crypto In 2023? [Prediction]

Will Ethereum Flip Bitcoin To be The #1 Crypto In 2023? [Prediction]

can ethereum finally flip Bitcoin to,become the number one dog of the crypto,space in 2023 maybe although How likely,it is to happen pretty different,question I want to talk about the,factors that could lead to that in this,video and the funny thing is that there,are two very strongly opposed camps to,this question Bitcoin maximalists seem,to think it's utterly impossible never,gonna happen well ethereum maximalists,think it's inevitable definitely going,to happen so is it really a matter of if,or when well let's explore whether,ethereum has what it takes to Dethrone,the king and of course to have that,conversation we need to talk about the,flipping this is the classic David and,Goliath story people love to see the,underdog rising up which of course,ethereum in the situation to become the,champion now it's the hypothetical case,that ethereum overtakes Bitcoin to,become the largest cryptocurrency a,position that Bitcoin has held for a,very very long time basically all the,time currently during this bear Market,ethereum's Mark cap is around 45 of,Bitcoins so it does have quite a way to,go now the term flippening originates,from June 2017 and the crypto Market was,going through just absolutely a crazy,alt coin season in the last cycle at,that point in time ethereum was at its,peak against the Bitcoin which led,investors go a little bit crazy and to,believe that it would soon overtake,Bitcoin well here we are in 2022 this,doesn't happen but it did have the,crypto Community questioning what the,industry would look like if this were to,ever happen as the ethereum Euphoria,ramped up Google searches for the,flipping actually skyrocketed to new,highs when we think of what it means to,be the largest cryptocurrency we tend of,course to think of market cap but if,ethereum were to have a bigger market,cap than Bitcoin it doesn't actually,mean that the eth price for an,individual unit would be larger than,Bitcoins of course that is because,there's just way more eth than Bitcoin a,little over four times more eth than,Bitcoin and private five times actually,remember market cap is calculated using,the total circulating Supply multiplied,by the price now as the market currently,stands for ethereum to flip Bitcoin eth,would need to be around two thousand six,hundred dollars and Bitcoin would need,to remain flat doesn't sound so crazy,right only twenty six hundred dollars,the problem is Bitcoin wouldn't stay,flat during the situation the flipping,could happen during potentially like,another altcoin season maybe at the,height of another bull market right just,like before when we got close right so,people started talking about it and,there are many other metrics the course,that are essential to crypto adoption,that we can look at to see if ethereum,could eventually really dominate the,market so let's talk about well Bitcoin,dominance which is the ratio of its,market cap relative to the entire,cryptocurrency market now at the time of,recording Bitcoin dominance is right,around 42 having massively dropped over,the last few years but even if bitcoin's,dominance continues to fall it doesn't,mean that Bitcoin has failed it simply,means the rest of the crypto Market is,well growing succeeding winning gaining,users and traction substantially of,course Arc invest predicts that the,global Innovation Market will increase,by 30 freaking X to 200 trillion dollars,the next eight to ten years crypto and,blockchain Technology will make up a,massive part of that gross neither they,just 30X that's massive of itself Arc,says that it's a unique moment in,technological economic history of course,I completely agree with that statement's,a crazy time to be alive and so there's,plenty of room for ethereum to grow in,that situation also planning for Bitcoin,to grow though of course there's,potential for ethereum to take a much,larger percentage of the market share,away from Bitcoin in the coming years do,of course to potentially the more,innovational nature of ethereum and of,course the broader use cases for the,ethereum technology like D5 and nfts and,all that kind of stuff now let's talk,about adoption ethereum's active while,IT addresses reach a new all-time high,of 1.4 million on December 9th that's,pretty crazy that's according to data,from glass node and yeah you did hear it,right December 2022 in the middle of a,bear Market this brutal Savage bear,Market East active wallets had a new,all-time high WTF man that's pretty,crazy the previous all-time high was,recorded at the end of July just above a,million also at that time we had some,pretty extreme Market pessimism going on,now by contrast Bitcoin is trailing,slightly behind with just under a,million active wallet addresses at,around 995,000 that was back in mid-november also,really worth noting here that the,ethereum numbers do not include the,growing layer 2 ecosystem for ethereum,which has all the values dominated in,ethereum gas fees paid in ethereum we,have players like arbitrum putting in,a

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Did Lark Davis dump on investors?

Did Lark Davis dump on investors?

what is up YouTube welcome back to my,crypto Journey my name is Rodney hit the,like button buckle up your seat belts,cause boy we have an interesting story,for you guys today and some serious,allegations being thrown out there with,a lot of receipts now this has to do,with Zack xbt and Lark Davis and if you,don't know who Zach xbt pretty much I,would say the biggest uh blockchain,detective in the cryptocurrency space,most notably exposing the pay scale for,top cryptocurrency influences in the,space I didn't see myself on there which,means I'm probably not important enough,doesn't matter and also exposing Shady,figures in our space most notably a guy,that was involved with a popular project,called time Wonderland who was involved,in many other cryptocurrency uh you,could say scams or you know mishaps and,I'll put a link to that video up in the,cards here in the description down below,because I covered that in full when it,went down but this is between Zack xbt,and Lark Davis and if you guys don't,know who Lark Davis is he's one of the,bigger cryptocurrency influencers in our,space 1 million Twitter followers and I,believe about 600,000 subscribers on YouTube now I follow,this guy and I don't follow this guy,because of the products he promotes,rather the cryptocurrency updates I like,updates he's one of my favorite people,to watch but these are some serious,allegations uh being thrown out there by,Zack xbt now I'm not saying these are,true I'm not saying these are false all,I'm doing is presenting you the,information so if you're a lawyer out,there on any of teams do not sue me bro,I'm just covering the news I'm not,saying Lark did any of this stuff but it,looks a little shady and let's jump into,the first issue because there's two,separate issues so Zach xpt says looks,like Lark got out 2.5 million dollars,before the Celsius crash and of course,if you guys are not up to date on that,Celsius is an exchange with,cryptocurrency that just went under and,a lot of people lost a lot of money and,it looks like Lark was able to withdraw,2.5 million dollars before the crash now,a few months ago someone called him out,and said hey why are you you advocating,us to move our crypto to Celsius we,don't own the keys to that wallet and,this guy says not your keys not your,crypto and of course in cryptocurrency,if you don't have your cryptocurrency on,like a cold wallet or some sort of hot,D5 wallet well anything could happen and,you could lose your money and in this,situation that's what happened Lark,Davis says I like it others do too and,right before the crash he moves a lot of,money out of the exchange right now I,believe and I'm not I don't know if this,is true but I believe you know he,probably has the hookup you know to all,the things going on behind the scenes,and probably saw the writing on the,walls of Celsius and decided to take all,of his money out is that fair to the,people you know that you know invested,or bought into Celsius or put their,money into Celsius before the crash,because he promoted it no it's not fair,to them right but that's just the game,we play now I'm not sure if that's true,maybe it's a coincidence but you know,whatever right that happened right that,happened a lot of people got wrecked,from Celsius but they this was the most,important piece of this story and this,has to do with promoting cryptocurrency,projects and then dumping them after,they launched now check this out so it,says in case you missed the crypto Lark,thread xbt says an investigation into,how crypto influencer crypto Lark,promotes low-cap projects to his,audience just to dump them just to dump,on them shortly after let's dive in so,this is how Zac xbt says he knows that,these are in fact Lark's wallets right,he says this before I go over eight,different examples let me share how I,found Lark's wallet through two,different ways he says a listed as a,donation address in an old YouTube video,from November 2017 and he says B from an,nft Lark tweeted out so these are Lark's,wallets so this is how he found Lark's,wallets through Lark's own content so,that's how he knows these are Lark's,wallets so this is the first example or,accusation of Lark dumping on his,community this is the first example UMB,February 9th at 4 pm UTC Lark receives,62.5 K UMB at launch on February 9th at,8 16 PM Lark makes a tweet about the,launch over the next few hours Lark,dumps all UMB for over,136k USD and this is the Tweet right and,this shows him dumping the,cryptocurrency project now here's the,thing was you know Lark Davis paid to,promote these projects I don't know no,one knows so here's the thing about all,this and this is why it gets a little,you know it gets a little shady here is,because when you're paid to promote a,project you're supposed to tell people,that it's an ad right so people know,like hey you're getting paid to promote,this project not because you genuinely,like it but because you're being paid to,promote it because when people see that,

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Did You See This Crazy Crypto News? [BONK Explodes]

Did You See This Crazy Crypto News? [BONK Explodes]

big news and crypto this week as a new,dog coin explodes and price ethereum,gets a new D5 King recession updates big,Tech flops and much much more so first,Solana Justin we all thought Solana was,dead and dust we were writing our,obituaries for it it comes alive with,the sounds of well barking dogs yes,Solana has launched a dog themed meme,coin called Bonk it launched at the end,of December it's had a massive,large-scale airdrop which saw free Bonk,tokens sent out to Salon developers,Salon of creators and nft holders so if,you have or I guess had Solana nfts then,go check your wallet you might have some,free coins there waiting for a little,monetary surprise to start the year off,with in total 50 of the supply has now,been air dropped out and bonk holders,are chasing yield like crazy just like,the bull markets Never Gonna return I,don't know liquidity pools have been,offering investors a thousand percent,yield on bunk token Pairs and investors,are just jumping at the chance to try,and get those big bull market like,yields be careful though because,impermanent loss can wreck pretty damn,quick in those kind of pools Solana's,Orca decks has seen over 20 million,dollars in volume for Bonk trading Pairs,and it seems that Bonk has become really,the focus among Solana developers right,now with different projects trying to,integrate with the mean coin find ways,to build meme coin get it into their,existing protocols because it is popular,it is capturing imagination which means,all is good for now in the Solana,Community is hype and excitement have,returned although you know users and tvl,and all that stuff remain very far down,the Bonk token price has gone insane by,the way increasing many thousands of,percent in just 10 days like seriously,it did like a 50x guys it was nuts in a,bear Market that's some crazy stuff okay,now let's talk about avalanche nfts on,Shopify cool so Shopify store owners can,now sell avalanche-based nfts directly,through their online store this means,millions of merchants will no longer,need to direct their customers over over,to an nft Marketplace like openc nope,just come buy it on my website,previously Shopify store owners who,wanted to sell nfts only had the choice,of using the ethereum network branching,out Avalanche keep fees nice and low,buyers won't need to have an existing,Avalanche wallet either nor will they,need to go out and actually buy any,cryptocurrencies in order to buy nfts,via Shopify this can all be done using,Fiat money with a credit or a debit card,buyers will then receive a link to a,newly created Avalanche wallet with,their nft already sitting inside of it,so it's pretty damn cool it's super easy,this kind of stuff helps mainstream,adoption in a very big way now let's,discuss Lido Finance it has become the,number ones number one of ethereum D5,apps now the liquid staking platform for,ethereum has overtaken maker Dao to,become the largest D5 protocol in terms,of total value locked Lido Finance has,benefited the most from the ethereum,merge by allowing it to really take a,lot of market share particularly away,from the ice maker Dao now maker Dow's,total value locked dropped by eight,percent to just 5.93 billion dollars,while Idaho Finance has managed to gain,just enough market share to take the,lead with 5.99 billion dollars still a,close call right now it'll be,interesting to see if that Trend,continues especially once uh ethereum,unlocks come and whether maker Dow can,reclaim that top spot once again but,just a reminder this story that defy on,ethereum it's still alive it's still,well it's working just fine in fact it's,working better than ever now before we,break down the recession news what's,happened with big Tech Gold's insane,price rally I just want to let you know,about my weekly crypto investor,newsletter it's called wealth Mastery,it's jam-packed full of alphon altcoins,airdrops nfts D5 tutorials market,analysis and much much more join our 50,000 weekly readers by signing up for,free using the link Down Below in the,description now let's talk recession and,primarily will we finally see a U.S,recession in 2023 well two-thirds of,traditional Finance people seem to think,so according to a new Wall Street,Journal survey over 15 to the 23 major,financial institutions believe that the,us is going to have some sort of a,recession this year even if just a,little baby minor one tiny recession on,the other hand two of the institutions,uh are predicting that a recession won't,actually come until 2024 so 2023 could,just be this limbo Zone the names we're,all familiar with also had a bit of a,more positive outlook Credit Suisse,Goldman Sachs HSBC JPMorgan Chase Morgan,Stanley they all gave a little Rosier,outlook on the situation saying actually,that a recession will be avoided in both,2023 and in 2024. J.P Morgan man such an,agent of chaos aren't they so will the,US ever see this sort of you know Vibe,session turn into an actual recession or,have we just been living throu

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