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when it comes to that so what i was,talking about like being pressured,um to do like more and more things more,hardcore things so there's,two different main genres of porn,there's gonzo porn which,is the aggressive porn that you guys,were talking about it's the rough,anal sex it's the choking it's and i'll,go more into that and then there's,um vanilla porn which is what olivia's,talking about,as um ethical porn is what i think you,would consider,it's just like classic like missionary,like just like basically like artsy,science i'm kind of laughing the inside,because i've had someone call me vanilla,before oh,i mean i love bananas like why are you,still vanilla i'm like what do you mean,it makes me kind of hungry but i like i,would i've never even heard of the,term gonzo to be honest yeah yeah so,gonzo,is the,the first level of it i would say would,be just it's just like there's no like,artistic vision to it it's just like,rough hardcore sex,um and that could be vaginal penetration,the next level up would be anal,penetration,in a gonzo style um and then there's,a level far more than that and i would,say that,during my time in porn i'm not sure what,is like the hype right now in porn it,goes through like different phases,but during my short stint and porn um,the really extreme acts were what was,popular and that's why,being the number one performer in the,industry at the time,everyone wanted to make money off me so,they pushed me to do these things,um and it just gets really extreme like,you were saying abusive,did you ever feel like did you ever go,through those experiences where you,had to do a scene where it was very,aggressive and you've just felt like,yeah i mean i don't want to go into too,much detail like honestly some of my,experiences are really humiliating for,me,and i wish that they never happened,there's stuff going on like people,getting pissed on,men are pissing inside of women's,vaginas ,down their throats they're,sorry oh don't cry,told me something was sick no i'm crying,i'm like god damn it,no don't cry i'm just giving some,examples but,no that's honestly that's really hard,and i think like i had mentioned earlier,it's just so important for young men to,stop you being stop viewing,women as sex objects because i believe,that you know instilling that curriculum,in school at a young age and they had,actually said there's a fact that says,that,the more a young person had learned,about the use of pornography from their,school education,or sex education is less likely to see,women as sex objects and i feel that's,why,you know i i feel so passionate about,the porn industry because i don't,believe that they should be showing,those types of scenes because it does,view women as just an object and it's,not okay to do that like i enjoy,watching porn,like girl like i you know but like i,want to watch,ethical porn i wanted to be normalized,and i wanted to be taught to where,it shouldn't be to where a woman is,being abused and,is you know like the male is showing,aggression because that actually is,going to translate into his,relationships with women in the future,his wife like it's actually,statistically proven that it's going to,show,aggression in a marriage in a,relationship and that's i mean,how is that healthy that's not healthy,at all well a lot of it is like young,boys don't understand and they think,that this is normal and that's what,girls want so they've probably never,been with a girl before and they see,these horrible things,and they're like oh this is how to,please a girl this is what i have to do,this is what she wants and then they you,know do these things and they act,certain ways and they don't realize,the effects that they're having on women,yeah well they do say that,serial killer and rapists are the ones,who are consuming these,extreme types of porns a lot of um,serial killers when they've gone through,their search history they're watching,like these,abusive porn and there's tons of,pornography on their server,i mean i'm not talking i'm not gonna lie,i obviously like i said i've,watched porn i do yeah i mean i've,stumbled,wrong with watching yeah but i've,stumbled upon some videos where i'm not,gonna lie i really questioned,why is this even allowed on the internet,like i felt very,like i was just turned off i was like,shut my laptop like i can't even look at,this i was like i cannot believe that,this is,okay like this is not okay to treat,women like this yeah,well i i know that i got emotional but i,do want to continue giving examples,of some of those things just so people,know,um what are we but what were some of the,things that you saw that you were like,wow this is,really crazy yeah i mean there was one,scene where i had seen,um obviously the the male was having sex,with a girl and um,she was literally crying because he was,being so aggressive like i guess you,know he was just too big for her,i mean she was like full-blown crying,and he was like,slapping her like you like that like y

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The Dark Side Of Lana Rhoades: From Adult Videos To Scammer

The Dark Side Of Lana Rhoades: From Adult Videos To Scammer

lana rhodes same thing started an nft,project and they're all like little,images of her i don't know you know she,was touting the same it's like it's,gonna be more than just a,discord and we're gonna do this and,there's a road map and,stupid that they all have that they,never end up doing so and then like,recently the main wallet well she made,she made a million and a half basically,the way that these nfts work is if you,set up the mint you set it up with your,main wallet and all the money that,people use to mint these nfts goes to,your wallet yeah so there's a million,and a half in there right now that she,made in one day from people,doing these and then like a week later,she closed down the discord because it,was too negative hello ladies and,gentlemen the founder of a j coin here,coming to a theater near you today i'm,going to be talking about internet,sensation and my former ex-girlfriend,lana rhodes just kidding she's not,really an internet sensation whether you,know her from um let's just say,scholarly resources or not it's,undeniable she's quite popular i mean,the woman has a massive 16 million,followers on instagram lana is unique in,the fact that she started out as an,adult movie star transitioned to a,successful career in social media but,then scammed her fans with an nft,project after being exposed she then,tried to shift the focus to the war in,ukraine yeah seriously this is the dark,side of lana rhodes before i get into it,i just want to thank today's sponsor,wondershare demo creator hello there,wondershareaj here look at this cool,avatar i created using wondershare demo,creator wondershare demo creator is an,essential demo making tool that helps,learners educators freelancers and,gamers take idea sharing to the next,level everyone can start demo creator,easily with zero editing skills the,advantage of it is that it's very,intuitive i mean it only took me five,minutes to figure out how to get this,avatar working and look he can even,match my eyebrow expressions people,don't need to spend a lot of time in,order to figure out how to use every,feature there's tons of built-in,templates such as text overlays and,filters to help edit videos quickly you,can use the avatar for presentations,making youtube videos or just to impress,your friends in addition the software,can be used in an office setting or for,gaming what's really cool is that there,are multiple different avatars to choose,from there's also various,interchangeable backgrounds so pick the,ones that you like the most and feel,free to change them based on your needs,it's free to try but there will be a,watermark when you export the video the,software does an amazing job tracking,your facial expressions or body,movements in real time wondershare demo,creator is more budget-friendly compared,to other recording and editing softwares,like camtasia movavi and screen show you,can even edit and record your videos and,use features like voice changer i mean,just listen to how cool my voice sounds,with this transformer sound effect,download wondershare demo creator now,and make videos with the demo creator,virtual youtubers and wondershare will,pick two lucky creators to get a free,premium license thank you and take care,back to regular aj oh and if you want to,support me i would really appreciate it,if you gave this video a like for some,reason my videos haven't been showing up,and people's recommended and it would,help me out tremendously thank you lana,rhodes's real name is amara maple and,she was born near chicago illinois in,1996. at the age of 16 maple went to,prison for helping her boyfriend and his,gang commit robberies,they were just robbing houses stealing,things and i was just along for the ride,i got charged i spent a year in prison,as a juvenile i was supposed to be there,up until 21 years old i never took,anything,but,it's because i was like denial i was,small no i never made a penny i never,made a penny off of it,i was greedy i was the only girl and so,they would put me in the window and i,would unlock the door for them to let,them in at the age of 18 amara got a job,as a stripper after working at the,tilted kilt then became a corn star,maple was incredibly motivated to make,money and manifested her success so much,so that she ended up becoming the number,one actress on cornsmug interestingly,she was also married to a man named john,at the time but their relationship was,very toxic eventually they divorced but,only after she got a tattoo with this,name on her buttocks you know just like,most normal couples after completing 12,adult movies in 2016 about 30 in 2017,and 25 and 2018 she retired for good,amara revealed the reason that she left,was because she was mistreated and,bullied she even mentioned she was,sometimes forced to do humiliating acts,everyone wanted to make money off me so,they pushed me to do these things um,and it just gets really extreme like you,were saying abusive um did you ever feel,like did you ever go through thos

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3 2 1,ये तो बहुत छोटी है, ,जैसा कि आपको मालूम है कि,मेरे दोस्त 'हे बिग माइक' का 34वां जन्मदिन है,सच कहूँ तो यह उसका 35वां जन्मदिन है, लेकिन मैं 34 ही कहूँगा,क्योंकि अब से हम पीछे जाएँगे, क्योंकि माइक एक नौजवान लड़का है| माइक और मैं एक दूसरे को,पाँच सालों से जानते हैं, वो मेरी पॉडकास्ट का सह- संचालक है,वो मेरा रूममेट है, मेरा रणनीतिक व्यापारिक सहभागी है,और हमने बीते वर्षों में बहुत से अजीब काम किये हैं,अगर आप मेरे विडियो देखेंगे तो आपको पता चलेगा कि माइक,मेरी जेली का पीनट बटर है,,वो मेरा स्पंजबॉब है,वो मेरा एक हिस्सा है,मैं उससे बहुत प्यार करता हूँ, तो एक अच्छे दोस्त के नाते,मैं उसे जन्मदिन पर उसके लिए कुछ अच्छा करना चाहता हूँ,मैं बताना चाहता हूँ कि आपको माइक के ऊपर ज्यादा ख़र्च करने की ज़रूरत नहीं होती है, उसे उपहार ज्यादा पसंद नहीं हैं,हम सोचा कि हम ड़ोब्रिक के पास चलते हैं और उसे एक गाड़ी दिलवाते हैं,समस्या ये है कि seek geek ने अभी तक मुझे प्रायोजित नहीं किया है,तो seek geek, कृपया मेरी सहायता करें,तो एक चीज़ जो मुझे मालूम है, जो माइक को बहुत पसंद है,वो सबसे ज्यादा इसे पसंद करता है,-पोर्न स्टार्स -एक पोर्न स्टार है,जिसे माइक बहुत समय से मिलना चाह रहा है,उनका नाम है लाना रोड्स,ये उनकी तस्वीर है,उनके बहुत बड़े हैं,वर्तमान में ये दुनिया कि अव्वल नंबर की पोर्न स्टार हैं,तो अगर आपने उनके काम को देखा नहीं है, तो आप यहाँ उसकी झलकी देख सकते हैं,-क्या होगा अगर मैंने माँ और पापा को बता दिया -ठीक है, मैं आपको इतना ही दिखा सकता था, youtube चिंता मत कीजिए,आपको इस विडियो को आमदनी की श्रेणी में रखने की ज़रूरत नहीं है,क्योंकि ऐसा मैंने खुद से ही कर दिया है,रैली रीड के हमारे पॉडकास्ट में आने के बाद,और जब उन्होंने हमारे माइक्रोफोन को चूसा,वो मेरी अच्छी दोस्त बन गयी,और पोर्न इंडस्ट्री में उनके असंख्य रिश्तों की वजह से,वे मुझे दिला पायी,कोई जिनतक नहीं पहुँच सकता,कोई जिन्हें प्राप्त नहीं कर सकता,लाना रोड्स,ये लीजिए लाना,माइक कितने साल का होने वाला है,-34 -आपकी उम्र कितनी है?,24, मैं जानता हूँ कि ये एक अजीब दोस्ती है,यह कि मेरा दोस्त एक बूढ़ा व्यक्ति क्यों है,क्या बात है,मैं इसे पिछले साल लेकर आया था, ,-मैं एवन हूँ -ये माइक के जन्मदिन का तोहफ़ा है,वाह क्या बात है,-क्या माइक मुझे देखता भी है -माइक आपसे प्यार करता है -क्या सच में?,माइक आपके पीछे पागल है,-मैं भी आपका प्रशंसक हूँ-कौन सा विडियो? -कौन सी श्रेणी?,मुझे नहीं मालूम, बस भी करो| मैंने कल रात आपको देखा,वो सब बस आज की तैयारी के लिए ही था, ये अजीब है,ये बस शोध कार्य करने के लिए ही था और मेरा नुन्नू भी मेरे हाथ में था,मैं जानना चाहता हूँ,-कि आपका जो है, वो ऐसा कैसे है? -वो अब ऐसा नहीं है,-क्या आप देखना चाहते हैं -हाँ,आप दुनिया की सबसे बड़ी पोर्न स्टार हैं,रैली है,ये पोर्न हब तक सीमित नहीं है,मुझे सबसे ज्यादा लोगों ने खोजा था लेकिन रैली के सबसे ज्यादा विडियो देखे गए हैं,इस गाड़ी में आज बहुत चर्चित चेहरे मौजूद हैं,क्या आपने मेरे हाल के सेक्स टेप को देखा है,-नहीं, मैं तुम्हे ऐसा करते हुए देखना चाहती हूँ -वो मैं नही था,क्या तुम वैसा करते हो,अरे नहीं,योजना ये है, आपको मालूम है कि ड़ोब्रिक अपने सभी दोस्तों को गाड़ी देता रहता है, ,-आप उनके लिए पोर्न स्टार्स लेकर आते हैं -मैं उन्हें पोर्न स्टार्स देता हूँ,तो मैं उसे बहलाऊंगा, मैं उसकी आँखों पर पट्टी लगाऊंगा,मैं उसके सामने एक छोटी गाड़ी रख दूंगा, मैं आशा करता हूँ कि मैं काश उसे ये दे पाता,मैं उसे सच में ये दे पाता, लेकिन मैं अपने जीवन के इस समय में ऐसा नहीं कर सकता,और मैं चाहता हूँ कि तुम उसके पीछे खड़ी रहना,और फ़िर उसे लगेगा कि यह एक मज़ाक था,-और फ़िर उसे असली सरप्राइज मिलेगा -उसे गले लगाऊं,उसे गले लगाओ,हाँ,अगर तुम अपने जन्मदिन पर एक चीज़ माँग सकते,-वो चीज़ क्या होती -तुम मेरा जवाब जानते हो,मैं किसी तरह से,मैं बोल नहीं पा रहा हूँ क्योंकि मैं रो जाऊँगा,-बोल ना -मैं एक ट्रिप पर जाना चाहूँगा,या फ़िर, अगर ये सही जवाब नहीं है, ,मैं एक हल्का सेका हुआ टोस्ट खाना चाहूँगा,यार मुझे मालूम नहीं है यार,मुझे मालूम है कि तुम एक गाड़ी चाहते थे,अब मैं बेचैन हो रहा हूँ,तीन गिनने पर अपनी आँखों की पट्टी निकाल लेना,3 2 1,ये बहुत छोटी है, , ,अबे यार,उससे बात तो करो,आप कैसी हैं,मेरे प्रभु,कैसी हैं आप,-जन्मदिन की शुभकामनाएँ -धन्यवाद,-ये मेरी दोस्त लाना है -मुझे मालूम है कि ये कौन हैं,ये सबसे अच्छा तोहफ़ा है, मेरी माँ ने आजतक मुझे ऐसा कोई उपहार नहीं दिया है,तो अब हमें क्या करना चाहिए,क्या हम खाना खाने चलें, या व्यापारिक मीटिंग पर चलें,यहाँ मेरे पास कोई योजना नहीं है, मुझे नहीं मालूम कि आगे क्या होगा, , ,यहाँ आने के लिए धन्यवाद, मुझे बहुत अच्छा लगा,पता है उसने क्या कहा, मेरे जन्मदिन पर मुफ़्त सदस्यता दी है,उसका नाम क्या है, , , ,इन्होने कहा था कि ये उसे और कम कर रही हैं,कैसा चल रहा है,सब ठीक चल रहा है, तुम्हे क्या लगता है, ,ऐसा लगता है, कि ये पहले जैसा ही है,आपको माइक के जन्मदिन पर हमारे साथ रात के खाने पर चलना चाहिए,-शुक्रिया मेरे भाई -ये सब तुम्हारे लिए ही है भाई, ,बहुत मस्त है यार,वो बहुत सुन्दर है,-वो बहुत सुन्दर और मस्त है -सवाल ये है कि तुम आगे क्या बात करते हो,-हम कल रात खाने पर चलेंगे, और क्या -मैं तुम्हे जानता हूँ,-तुम ये कर सकते हो -मैं जानता हूँ, , , , , , , , , , ,

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Lana Rhoades Compares NFT Scam to Ukraine

Lana Rhoades Compares NFT Scam to Ukraine

today i was accused of being an internet,sicko a guy that would do anything for,views my accuser lana rhodes she fired,back at me today saying you shouldn't,worry about the nft scam don't you know,there's a war going on saying people who,are concerned about her scamming,investors are being stupid because quote,people are living in fear for their life,in ukraine right now and people are,worried about nfts what does this world,come to and i know what you're thinking,yeah what has this world come to where a,girl can't get a free pass on a scam,dude you hear what putin's doing i mean,look i'm just gonna respond to this real,quick i don't feel like it needs it but,um,we know we know a lot of two bad things,can happen at the same time just just,because we're talking about you doesn't,mean we forgot about the tragedy in,ukraine just because we point out one,bad thing doesn't devalue the other,thing we're all adults here right in,fact i dare i say it we might be able to,hold a third one hold on one second let,me try to create it without losing all,knowledge of ukraine maybe using war as,a cover for your scandals is,bad maybe that i don't know did you guys,all forget about ukraine for a second,honestly i did real quick um but this,rubbed me the wrong way guys in part,because of a situation going on here at,coffeezilla hq many of you guys don't,know about,but those ogs do which is that all of,this all of coffeezilla really is,designed created by a ukrainian even i,am the creation of a ukrainian his name,is ed we've had him on the channel,before aka young pixar as we like to,call him as of yesterday he's stuck in,ukraine he literally can't leave his,country's being invaded but ukraine,won't let young men leave because of,like rules about men under 60 leaving,the country it's very confusing and i've,been calling everyone trying to use,every ounce of influence i have to get,this guy out i barely slept and then,this chick lana rhodes comes and goes,hey stop being mad at me guys you hear,of ukraine,don't you know people are suffering,yeah i think i think we caught that lana,thanks though you know here's a take,that might get me in trouble um just,cause putin exists doesn't mean you're a,good person right just because there's,someone worse than you,and doesn't make you better right maybe,if your argument for why you're a good,person is that you haven't invaded,anyone yet,maybe that's not a good call uh anyway i,got ed's permission to talk about this,um publicly and i just wanted to say,before you you know go to the next part,of this segment if you're in la viv or,have suede to get people out of ukraine,please contact me on twitter or by email,it's all i wanted to say but now with,that out of the way i also want to,address some other stuff that was said,about us me specifically which is that i,was accused of being an effing sicko a,disease of the internet who will do,anything and say anything for views now,i'm going to be honest here i didn't,have it on my bingo card that lana,rhodes would accuse me of being the one,to do anything for reviews but here we,are i guess i'm just wild like that just,just crazy i'll say anything things like,my number one goal for this project is,to increase the value of cryptosys nfts,and make it a lucrative investment for,holders i mean i'll say it oh wait,that wasn't me who said that that that,was lana rhodes she's the one who,abandoned the project and took the money,i mean look honestly guys all i want is,the same thing i've wanted all along,which is for her to return the money to,investors i guess that makes me some,kind of a freak some kind of a disease,of the internet,wanting people's money returned to them,look guys she can't do that right right,how can this millionaire possibly live,on millions of dollars minus like a,million dollars how can she live if her,net worth goes down like a percent i,mean what do you want her to starve what,does this world come to where lana,rhodes is being ridiculed while putin is,invading ukraine,now i will say one positive thing that,has come of my coverage right lana has,once again taken an interest in her nft,out of nowhere posting for the first,time since she disappeared she said it's,on the holders if they're gonna make,their money back quote i'm not saying i,can turn this investment around for,anyone or make anyone profit that is up,to you guys at this point now i do find,this funny that she's basically like,look i'm back but it's all on you,i hold no responsibility here for what,happens to your investment even though,it was all my idea actually look i'm,even saying a partial refund at this,point i'm bargaining dude i'm way past,full refund i'm just saying look she,denies she made 1.5 million dollars,instead lana rhodes says she got a cut,of that but if that's the case fine give,that money back right give that money,back to investors like where's the talk,of that i wonder if they're like in a,room discussing this scandal lana rhodes,has going on and they

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Lana Rhoades Has Hit The Wall & Is ANGRY That No Men Want To Date Her

Lana Rhoades Has Hit The Wall & Is ANGRY That No Men Want To Date Her

but somehow I became number one in that,yeah,and you did that very fast yeah right,yeah,um so I only did that for like four,months of my life when I was 19. four,months or sorry eight months eight,months,um so that whole experience do you do,you ever think because you know everyone,you know everyone has such a negative uh,view on that not everyone but a lot of,people have this like perception of you,know or when you have a kid or what are,people gonna think like what what is,your kid gonna think like all this kind,of like kind of like negative thoughts,on that,so I don't know if you guys have seen,but people are making memes and tick,tocks saying two things,how easy do you think the baby will come,out,I actually haven't seen any of that I,have it on Tick Tock well those are,majority of the comments like on my,Instagram on my tick tock on my Twitter,just saying stuff like that,and then also just like I feel bad for,the kid because your mom did different,um I have one thing to say to that I,feel bad for you you clearly had a,terrible mom who raised a son that talks,like that to women well come on now,come home,I feel bad for you you clearly had a,terrible mom who raised his son that,talks like that to women look who's,talking,and gentlemen Lana Rhodes kid damn near,came from a hole that had at least a,kajillion of meat missiles launched in,that thing Lana Rhodes kid is pretty,much a group project the whole world,look around look around you look at this,we created this this didn't exist before,we were here look around at the square I,promise you right now we did this,doesn't matter what anybody says they,could say it's disrespectful and when,Lana's kids say Daddy,this is what happens,sure if I maybe had heard that,um prior I might end up listened because,they say smart people learn from other,people's mistakes goals learn from their,own it was very much a fool no in,most of my decisions but that is why I,keep talking about it and why I'm open,to sharing because if you can just help,one person it really does matter even,with all the success that you've had,your incredible mother now business,woman you're working with Playboy you,still look back on that and you still,feel ashamed,yeah I don't like the fact that people,can see me naked on the Internet or can,see those things happening to me I think,that it's gross,that is crazy that you can can build,this whole life and you still feel,ashamed I mean I'm I'm proud of myself,and what I've done and and I wouldn't,take anything back however it's not like,I love I like the idea that people can,view that of me I personally those,videos make me want to throw up Taylor,is going to think differently after this,the only reason why Lana Rhodes is,saying all this mumbo jumbo because she,is starting to realize that her past has,consequences and it is affecting her,relationships and her child has to be a,victim of it and in Lana's past,relationships she talks about men not,wanting to accept her past men not,wanting to kiss her as if they had the,issues like the one guy that I'm,speaking about that wouldn't kiss during,sex but the truth of a matter of fact is,Lana can't even accept her pass herself,Playboy you still look back on that and,you still feel ashamed,yeah I don't like the fact that people,can see me naked however there are guys,who probably like the one guy that I'm,speaking about that wouldn't kiss during,sex he probably was thinking of me,because of who I am as a and like,me I don't want to kiss those dirty lips,Miss Lana Rhodes,when a man does not want to kiss you,is because maybe there is an image in,the back of his mind of you swallowing,and drinking gallons and gallons and,gallons of another man's man chowder and,Miss Lana Rhodes you have probably,swallowed more children than all the,children combined at the child's daycare,center so when a man does not want to,kiss you he does not have issues he's,just an honorable man with dignity and,self-respect which isn't true because,this guy has ran through all of La you,guys don't know what I'm talking about,like I'm lucky that I didn't kiss those,lips because I probably have something,well no I think some guys you ,Donuts the more I hear these girls talk,the more I start to believe that their,brains stopped developing at the age of,10. me am I the only one that,believes this because I just love it how,some females are now more woke more,aware more ashamed,after the consequences they have to pay,and I know why because Aristotle once,stated that,trust not a woman for she Weeps but it,is her nature to weep when she wants her,will and she had the audacity to say,women are not sex objects,no don't cry,no that's honestly that's really hard,and I think like I had mentioned earlier,it's just so important for young men to,stop you being stop viewing women as sex,objects because don't view her as an,object,but she clearly volunteered to be a sex,object,you don't find that suspicious,you don't find that suspicious how's,your pass

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let's bring the example of the kid,yesterday who messaged me what he did,about Lana what is the what was the his,endgame,what was his endgame of sending that,message for me to see it and to know,that he got a rise out of me was that,like the point of it like what is the,end game of someone leaving a nasty Tom,I think people are just so broken and,insecure that they project that I've,actually this way this popped off I'm,adding multiple like situations where,like haters DM me like something cruel,and I'm just saying hey man like that,wasn't nice of you I hope you have a,great day and they're like oh my god I,saw I like I love you so much no I just,do it sometimes I literally did it like,on the way over here I didn't I didn't,go deep as I as I normally do with it,but yeah sometimes if I if it randomly,comes up I'll just but hey have a nice,day and they're like oh my gosh man I,watched all your videos like yeah that's,so funny that you say that because a lot,of my a lot of my stuff ends up like,that too you respond and they say oh I,was just with you exactly it's,just it's just people need to be mindful,but this one that I got yesterday at,Logan pulled up it sometimes I'll see it,as I can app an opportunity to like,create that's that's a weird thing,sometimes see it as an opportunity to,create so he said I just read this I'll,really good someone DM I came like one,question if I masturbate on an Apple and,then clean it after will you eat it,probably not then how do you let,yourself to make out with Lana just like,a nasty nasty DM like like why would you,even ask that question bringing up,someone's past whatever it is well hold,on yeah what it's good question well no,I mean it's it's actually a horrible,question it's a terrible terrible,question to ask someone but has I think,it's a I think it's a horrible example,but like bribe weave when she was on the,show we asked her like it's it's gotta,be interesting dynamic well it's just,it's just the whole thing is like I,don't think I don't want to lose I don't,want to use any examples anyone on the,show because I don't want to do that one,because it's just wrong but like we all,everyone on this podcast has something,from their past that they are,drastically ashamed and we all get,questioned and and and if when someone,once and once if someone comes up to me,and they say knowing what Logan did how,the could you be friends with that,kid do you answer them,first of all I say to him I say to them,I know Logan he's a great person he's,changed immensely I went to once again,and keep talking about the show that,won't name I wouldn't tell ,back for you and your entire family on,this podcast the other day and people,have been talking about on Twitter all,day - it's why I'm kind of sidetracked a,little bit but I went to bat for you I,know you you're my brother you're my,best friend I love you and I love you,and I know who you are as a person and,how much you've changed and how much you,are different than the person that has,made the mistakes of your past things,similar little similarly I know Lana I,know Amara as the person she is now I,would read that and just to give it on,okay I will I guess I can I talk about,it right after the response whatever I,was doing at the show you're like you're,taking offense to this and based on the,sentiment that like like this is a quote,this is a very valid question that many,people have you know that I I get it,here's my offense it's worded in the,worst why here's mine and it is,a dig but like brothers just to do who's,curious about something they wanted,they're like maybe no no it's not he put,it into it enough in a fucked-up respect,what it's doing is it's boiling down a,human being into a piece of their past I,more than anyone in this entire that's,not so uncommon it's no no no no no no,no it's not good it's to live actually,yeah yeah that's what I'm getting at,because someone who has done unspeakable,things I prefer for people to look at,the man I am now and to say wow this,person has dramatically changed their,life has made massive moves for the,better is a positive influence and we're,not going to boil him down to this one,question but who is this it that so,normally these messages come in my inbox,I'll go throughout you find a lot of,brand deals in there I'll go through the,requests normally there won't be,response on this particular one I saw a,great way to prove a very important,point to him and the reason it blew up,on Twitter is because it was a, genius response however if,I do say so myself however however,unless your girlfriend is a virgin she,is going to have exactly so the only,difference is your girlfriend has done,it on camera yes cool meter that is like,Oh,this is that weird that that she did,that before right that's what I like,I love the response which I'm about to,read but like I don't even know if I,would have paid this anything like like,this dude seven he's never had a,relationship in his life otherwise his,girl would

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Lana Rhoades Rug Pulled Me

Lana Rhoades Rug Pulled Me

solana rhodes just rug pulled her nft,project and ran away with 1.5 million,dollars now she's claiming it's not her,fault her community was just getting too,negative for her one of those negative,comments was about how this person can't,feed their kids because they invested it,all into a star's jpeg collection quote,i spent what i can't lose spent 4k no,job have a two-year-old son if only,someone bought my christmas lana yeah,and apparently lana road saw this post,and said hey this is this is getting way,too negative for me i'm out i didn't,know these people wanted to feed their,kids apparently she's too busy feeding,her own kid to worry about this when,asked about this she said yo diapers are,expensive that's right guys she needs,that 1.5 million dollars now let's just,say what this is from lana rhodes to the,to the person who invests their last,diamond to it this is the dumbest story,we've ever talked about by far i mean,it's there's no contest but here we are,so let's just let's just embrace what it,is welcome to the 10 million dollar,studio i'm your host coffee zilla the,internet detective,so again this story is what it seems a,star gone influencer offered an,investment to her fans and then they,invested 1.5 million dollars she ran,away with the money i'm gonna say right,off the top come real close come here we,have to have a talk okay if you fell for,this we're in trouble you're this is not,good now to be clear she's wrong for,doing this i want the best for you guys,and i'm sorry that you got scammed but,it's looking bleak if you fell for this,this was not a hard one to spot this was,not a big gotcha but anyways with that,disclaimer out of the way let's talk,about the story okay so look lana rhodes,started an nft project full of a bunch,of pictures of basically cartoon,versions of herself and she told people,she was gonna work super hard to,basically make this a valuable,investment the nft project was called,cryptosis and she said my number one,goal for the project is to increase the,value of crypto cis nfts and make it a,lucrative investment for holders that,they can sell for more than they paid to,mint and this is basically my big beef,with this project they made it sound,like an investment nowhere was it like,hey buy my art clearly this was,something where it was like no you're,gonna make money on this project and she,repeats this idea later she says quote,the brand plus value will keep growing,with every drop so her fans thought this,was going to be some kind of long-term,investment i guess and of course it,wasn't if you look at her road map it,was pretty clear things were promised,that weren't delivered on for example in,phase two she said decentraland and,sandbox wearable will start getting,developed she promised a piece of,designated metaverse land would be,purchased to create a hangout spot she,said 50 lucky cryptocyst owners will,receive cryptosis merch signed by lana,even promising to distribute 5 eth to,the top holders and of course one of the,biggest things was an exclusive,community to speak with lana this,apparently was their reasoning for,having to raise so much money 1.5,million dollars precisely because they,weren't a pump and dump,unlike other pump and dump projects,we don't just plan on stopping after,minting so we actually have to be able,to fund all that stuff so you heard it,right there this is a long-term project,not a pump and dump but that didn't,happen less than a week after all this,money was raised lana rhodes vanished,from her community and took the money,out of the wallet here's the main wallet,withdrawing over 1.5 million dollars in,ethereum out of the project her reason,things got too negative quote the truth,as why lana hasn't been around was she,was very shocked and upset by the amount,of negative and rude comments she was,seeing in the chat i personally find,this part hilarious because i i checked,out this discord you can't imagine a,bigger simp army these guys were not,negative and i do mean guys by the way,uh they put their last dollar into this,project truth be told and one of them,even got like a tattoo of the project,logo on them before it rugged but my,point sort of is this wasn't a negative,community at all in fact even after they,had been scammed all these people in the,community tried to police each other,into being nice so that lana would come,back here's one of the holders saying,how do you want us to keep it respectful,while the whole entire management,scammed 6 000 people and took their,money and left and then the person,responds doesn't mean you can't be,respectful,i mean i feel like that tells you,everything you need to know they had,just been scammed and still you have,people in the chat being like hey be,respectful about it and honestly they,used this fact that people were upset,that they uh basically got rug pulled to,justify then abandoning the project,here's actually one of the collaborators,informing the community of this they,said good morning i

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Big Mike & Ethan Klein Get Into A Twitter Fight Over Lana Rhoades

Big Mike & Ethan Klein Get Into A Twitter Fight Over Lana Rhoades

someone else is copying red bar on,twitter right now ethan is fighting with,big mike,ethan klein is fighting with big mike,no,send it send it send it send it it's,very exciting we still got more till,conan uh kill tony to do this is better,i feel like i'm gonna minimize this,we're gonna get back to this uh ethan,klein fighting with my big mike yep,this can't be,holy fool's crossover,here we go i can't believe the two even,know each other so let's uh talk about,this we've got ethan klein,okay,so it seems like it's about something,that happened on their podcast today and,i think i have the time to listen to the,podcast first yes,oh my god guys,fools collision youtube edition ethan,klein of course,one of the bigger judaisms of our time,he's had it with the jewish remarks,and he big mike from logan paul's,impulsive,only fans,lana,rhodes,he was just here in chicago eating up,all my hot dogs he didn't prefer,our deep dish pizza he went to,giordano's he said it was like,lasagna i've never,never heard anyone refer to deep dish,pizza as lasagna wonder where he got,that from he also tried to imitate dave,portney by holding a pizza and eating it,outside you're gonna love this stuff,big mike and ethan klein come on down,tony hinchcliffe and redband take a,pause we'll get back to you in a few,moments this is coming through it's the,all-new,h3 podcast and do we have a time code,here yes it should be there 47 30. now,this is just a guess based on what i saw,on twitter and searching the thing okay,big mike okay oh they're talking about,big mike and lana on h3 here is sheila,looking like a,goddess all right she really looks hot,today,i would love to shove my kosher frank,down her delicatessen,mouth,okay,okay,you know she's a supermodel,and here is big bead ethan klein with,the nicest set of holovas you've,ever seen,let's see what they say i can't even, imagine i know i'm excited let's,see here we are,this that's bro,damn shame on logan paul and jake i,expected of jake but i thought logan had,turned up corner oh what are they,talking about i'm guessing they're,talking about the cove and stuff because,oh the covered party youtubers are,knowingly spreading covid wow,the h3 podcast,shame on logan look at gila man,you mind if i have a splitting second,alone to myself with this,let me print this out,get an inkjet printer,oh i'd probably come before it even,start showing your nostrils to be honest,let's see what happens next sorry,about all that,and ethan don't look too happy here you,look at ethan klein he looks like my nut,sack back in eighth grade look at that,guy doesn't he look like a kid's nuts,oh what a round monkey,all right let's see what happens,but he sounds like the same old,douchebag in that phone call,yeah he really disappointed me,i'm sorry sorry zach yeah i feel bad for,you we'll unsubscribe to him,whoa wait i thought you said hang on,you said you watched his videos but you,didn't subscribe,that was a lie now are they talking,about logan or mike here i think they're,talking about logan okay they're talking,about logo but mike's about to come up,great,oh, you watch all of his uploads do you,watch his podcast,no no i hate that mic dude oh my,god you hate mike that's why whoa,oh i hate that mic dude huh wow,sorry one of my puffers died here and,i'm in desperate need you want to trade,you got one i'm gonna drink from your,juice,give me a sec,all right they're talking about mike,they don't like that mike dude uh oh and,big i don't know big mike you look like,big dyke his sister,i don't know what you're talking about,about the big mic you look up rather,good than me,oh and look at these oh my god i look,over here holy,temple's getting boring huh ethan holy, man this is what it looks like when,you really want that bar mitzvah money,but you can't take one more lesson,wow,but you need that 18,per head,that's what they make you do by the way,it's a rule you have to give at least 18,to the bar mitzvah boy i bet now it's,1800 it's expensive it was 18 when i was,a kid,so let's see what happens next this,i'm really on the edge of my seat,no no i hate that mic dude,you hate mike that's why whoa he's easy,podcast right now we'll watch and listen,to is the h3 podcast do you own any,maverick merch, no are are you a maverick do you,consider yourself a maverick no,are you jealous that mike is uh sleeping,with lana rhodes absolutely not would,you have sex with a porn star,um,this is crazy mm-hmm,no no not,can't wait to hear that sounds like yeah,it sounds like i mean there's there's,nothing wrong with heaven there's,nothing wrong with it you know i've seen,some of lana rhodes work obviously oh my,god,how do you know she's in everything to,be honest no she's like she does the,craziest like she'll take like a,20-yard dick that's like 10 feet wide 20,years,no i'm just saying like she she'll take,like she does like the craziest porn you,can imagine with like oh,like what like a 20 fella arshin bang,oh we know,what kind of stuff have you se

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