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LeBron’s Odd Tweet Makes No Sensea reporter followed LeBron to the team,boss after they won a fifth

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

LeBron’s Odd Tweet Makes No Sense

a reporter followed LeBron to the team,boss after they won a fifth straight,game rumors say the Lakers won't trade,at the deadline LeBron's not happy,they're doing what they feel is best for,the franchise well how do you feel about,that I'm doing what's best for my guys,in the locker room that's all I can,worry about look you all know what the f,should be happening I don't need to talk,so it seems like LeBron's mad because La,promised they would trade their picks,but now they're having second thoughts,but LeBron went to Twitter to call out,that reporter hey Sam Actually my,patience isn't winning you make it sound,like I'm frustrated when I'm really not,I told you over and over my job is,focused on the guys in the locker room,my job isn't the roster that's the,reality of the conversation okay does,anyone believe that's true legium,doesn't mess with the roster then why,did he just make a threat to possibly,demand a trade but if that happens there,are only two teams he would go to I,looked at every single franchise just to,makes sense but how did he get in this,mess we know LeBron is the one who,forced them to trade two championship,players Kyle kuzman Davis Caldwell Pope,for Russ he's the one who decided to,take a 97 million dollar Max contract,this off-season when he could have taken,less to help the roster even James,Harden did that for the Sixers but,Hardin wasn't just named a billionaire,it's a pretty bad look when you're named,a billionaire and then right after,demand a Max contract in a salary cap,sport sometimes you gotta do that to be,the goat Business Insider analyzed Tom,Brady Brady frequently took contract,extensions and restructured his deals to,help the patriots address other,positions giving up at least 60 million,in his career maybe as high as a hundred,million dollars look it helps when your,wife at the time is a good jillionaire,but LeBron still messed up but even with,all of that I would still be pretty,upset if I was LeBron imagine dominating,every night rumors say the team is not,going to trade the picks but before the,season your GM said this will the Lakers,trade their picks will they not trade,their picks,let me be abundantly clear we we have,one of the great players in LeBron James,to ever play the game on our team and he,committed to us with a long-term,contract a three-year contract,so of course we will do everything we,can,picks included to make deals that give,us a chance,it almost sounds like a literal promise,like I could just see LeBron with his,pin to that extension and he's like okay,if I sign this are you gonna trade the,picks and Rob the link is like of course,we are just sign it backstabber Rob am I,right magic when you allude to the,backstabbing who exactly will you talk,no just Rob so what if Rob does go back,on his word here the only thing left for,LeBron to do is threaten to leave people,say he already made that threat I don't,know I don't want to finish my career uh,you know playing at this level,uh from a team aspect I must still be,able to compete for championships,because I I know what I can still bring,to any ball club with the right pieces,any ball club with the right pieces okay,never mind yes that actually does sound,like a threat but the two teams that he,would actually leave the Lakers for do,not matter right now we will get to them,in a second but what matters now is the,trade deadline because you know LeBron's,mentality has just make us a little,better and it'll take us to the finals,like I've done before he took a subpar,Cavs team there in 2018 Cavs in 2007 so,if teams decide to sell the Lakers could,buy the most realistic trade I think is,with the Spurs San Antonio obviously,doesn't care about winning but they have,legit vets that the Lakers could want,and we just got new information on what,that would take if the Lakers also,wanted to add a valued player from the,Spurs like yaka Purtle the cost could be,two firsts and then some then some for,Jacob Pearl no actually the Lakers would,get pertle Josh Richardson and Doug,McDermott and the Spurs will get Russ,both picks and Max Christy he's the then,some and I get it that is way too much,to pay but Doug McDermott is shooting 42,from three this season poodle gives them,more defense that is exactly what the,Lakers need Jay Rich adds more depth but,you can see why the Lakers do not want,to do trades like these are the kinds of,offers they're getting but forget like,boy on bogdanovich or Miles Turner the,player La would go all in for is a,raptor I just did a video talking about,why Toronto could blow everything up but,obviously LeBron would want Pascal,siacom all NBA proven number two for,Championship but he is way too expensive,be realistic like if Pascal or OG got on,the market La cannot compete with all,the other offers from those guys so,instead the Lakers could get Fred Van,Vleet Gary Trent Jr Thad young and Josh,Jackson for salary the Raptors get Russ,Lonnie Walker Max Christy and both first,so la gives up a

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Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets Full Game Highlights | Jan 9, 2023 | FreeDawkins

Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets Full Game Highlights | Jan 9, 2023 | FreeDawkins

get ready for LeBron's all-time points,record merch now on 10 discount for,limited time use code Bron Link in,description,ball Arena tonight the Lakers take on,the Denver Nuggets here's Schroeder got,it the courts are true to get the first,bucket he had the game clinching free,throws after the drive drew the foul,it's,a couple of nights ago Jamal Murray,excuse me Bill that should be an,offensive foul good ball Brewing right,hand side Christy tries it again nothing,but net from three for Max and the,Lakers fortunately controlling and score,well that's Thomas Prime with the little,eight-footer he's become Mr reliable,Porter Jr got it,so he's one of those guys if he starts,hot he stays home it's t Bryant,underneath got it again Thomas in the,danger zone Thomas coming up 29 Points,there's the dunk by Gordon,oh,here's Brown from the outside Brown is,one of their best defenders but he,knocks down a three and there's jokix,trying a three he got it,John Char into yoga Cheerios underneath,you can bet on that but he'll score more,often than not Porter Jr with a jump,shot,oh Gabriel's got it underneath and,scores good work by when you to end the,drought the hook pass to Wendy and,Gable's gonna shoot a three and he's got,it,and here we go,down Kendrick none throw it down Kendra,lays it up,all outside Jamal Murray,I heard one of the times it was a clock,issue as well yeah I think maybe the uh,the 24 second clock slider I mentioned,was in underneath that's good patience,really good Patience by Brown how many,turnovers half a dozen here in quarter,number one last half minute can't put,the answer back with Kendrick in a three,it's Westbrook and he's in deep finish,it up Wendy and Gabriel Russ is under 30,he and LeBron both near the bottom of,three-point shooting and they knocked,down a three and mentioned Highland,oh great move aggressive move and,guarding the ball in the body that time,Kendrick none eight napkins,swider did a very good job that time,okay CT misses rebound Najee for that is,too easy five-point lead biggest lead,for Denver tonight is nine three for the,Lakers Gordon hits that mid-range shot,slider you know he's a good three-point,shooter but they closed out on him they,closed on him that was kcp who did that,brought by Naji,taken by Highland,schweiner Corner got it fresh snow here,in Denver left side right hand really,wasn't a rhythm three-pointers,throws it up and in with the left hand,Murray it's been hot so far tonight he's,into the lane he leans in and scores,JTA tried to put it over his head was,brought right back to him here comes,Murray Drive kick Joker didn't want it,Porter Jr certainly does,so unselfish Nicola jokic Murray it's,been his half,Russ and still can't get his first field,goal leaking out was border just leaked,out and they found him Christy bottled,up now the cold sweater had one player,of the air back to Max and he drills a,three Christy the Lakers are down by 15.,Russ all the way first bucket of the,night,Schroeder throws it up and throws it in,three-point country Lakers up to 40,percent uh Gordon say it again Stu what,are they in the league,Uno percentage-wise that's right Thomas,Brian one hand throw down Look Out Below,half a minute to go here at quarter,number two Caldwell Pope,yeah they're shooting 52 Christie bumps,into Iran Chrissy corner of the two good,shot at the buzzer by Christy they've,got time though,JTA working Baseline we got nine to,shoot Kendrick left side left hand,that's pretty stuff by Kendrick Nunn,Christy blocked that time by Porter,Juniors he showed the basketball early,the scoop not score but the tap for the,follow,I think he's trying to get a couple of,stops and they're feeling good about,themselves that shot settles in for,Murray oh great position for Ryan Rock,from behind by Gordon dropped Again by,Gordon,a couple of blocks in succession Brian,though comes right back the Joker plays,screening roles I mean he's like,obviously like no man's land,oh the die fight none and the good feed,by toscato Anderson Denver Nuggets tied,for first with Memphis in the west to,start the night Lakers they turn him,over oh they leave JTA he lays it in and,you called it Stu time out Denver little,set play out of the time out the handoff,to Caldwell Poe catch shoot won't score,Gordon out leaps,Westbrook and scores and one,Kendrick non-catch shoot on the inbound,10-point game Rush with the basketball,he's going to back it up shoot a three,got it on cue Russell and it's a,seven-point game Lakers with a ton more,energy right now oh you'll see that one,hand one hand grab and score oh but he's,so good he's so good without leaving the,floor still right Rush backhand layup is,good for us with seven to shoot Russ,looking for some help finds it swider,Corner got it yes sir here come the,Lakers look at Russ doing work Russ,doing,yeah so Cole's got nine but again he has,a bucket and garbage time here's why,it's gonna be Brown at the other end,knocking it down for the right side,right hand,in

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LeBron, Russ, Bryant x Coach Ham Interviews | Lakers/Kings Postgame | Jan 7, 2023

LeBron, Russ, Bryant x Coach Ham Interviews | Lakers/Kings Postgame | Jan 7, 2023

how did you feel like you got to that,point the looks you were getting and how,did that carry you through I think the,biggest thing um in our pick and rolls,uh middle side angle,um we just didn't want to settle you,know we wanted to hit rollers hit guys,get as many points in the paint as,possible,um and again put pressure on them to,guard the rim or foul and uh,I thought we did an excellent job 70,points in the paint it's it's that's who,we are you know we want to be again play,Fast physical and free with Force,and uh that was that's actually you know,representation of our physicality and um,you know at the end of the day 30 33,free throw attempts as well,uh but God's just not selling attack and,stand in a constant attack mode and uh,spraying it out you know when you can't,um,when things aren't there you draw a,crowd,What's that show uh,again trending in the right direction,learning from our mistakes,um you know a couple months back you,know we'd have lost a game like this and,back then you know sitting here with you,guys post game during the post game,pressures just telling you guys as much,as it hurt we need to go through this,process we need to learn you know it's,trial by fire so um I think just all,those all those experiences is causing,us to be more conscious on offense not,just throwing away possessions late in,the game being deliberate knowing who we,want the ball to go to knowing what,actions we want to get into know what,combination of players we want involved,in the actions and uh the same,defensively you know really digging into,our matchups um and and switching them,up at times to try to create some,indecision by the opponent but at the,end of the day like everything we've,gone through up to this point this,season I think has been a huge education,for us to train in the right direction,here,Darwin Hartford put you on the spot here,but I mean you get that much performance,from Dennis you get LeBron doing what,LeBron did Russ doing what he did,Thomas doing what he did is there one of,those that stands out to you between,those four and is it I mean everybody,have had their moments during the game,you know Dennis had his mom as Russ had,his mom as Brian had his moments Thomas,you know those free throw line jumpers,it's almost like he can make them,blindfold him on offensive glass,defensive glass him garden and that's a,hell of a task to try to uh stop doing,this and and so it's it's just everybody,man a whole group effort I mean when you,play hard you play smart you play,together like Russ said at the end of,our post game talk and with the team you,have fun you know it's about having fun,at the end of the day we we we're in a,blessed possession uh profession we have,you know a bless blessed careers and and,we we get spoiled we get paid to be here,to travel the country and do everything,from our travel to our hotels everything,first class you know and and we're,playing basketball and doing basketball,for a living so I just think it's just a,reflection of God sharing a load and out,there having fun with one another and,during different segments of the game,different guys are able to step up and,make impacts and that's what happens,like with A.D you know you have a,tendency to defer or Brian you have a,tendency to defer but you know time is,as you mentioned Russ Dennis everybody,stepping up K-9 last night you know,everyone is stepping up and and trying,to hold their part of the rope and and,all pull in the same direction when,LeBron said what he said in Miami,and not being good that can cut a couple,different ways for your team you guys,haven't lost since is there any,correlation do you think to the way guys,have responded to that loss in Miami and,their leader kind of talking that way,after the game yeah no I mean I think,everybody took it it took it in stride,and and no one disagreed with that you,know what I'm saying everyone wants to,make it a story like LeBron's calling on,his teammates so LeBron's doing this,LeBron's doing that like,he stating facts and and so no one wants,to be comfortable with losing or or get,repetitious with losing or being being,satisfied okay we had great individual,performances but once again there's,another one in the L column no one wants,that so yeah it's it's almost like,ringing an alarm like everybody wake up,it's wake wake up it's time to get over,ourselves buckle down and compete as a,unit on both sides of the ball and do,what it takes man for man hold ourselves,accountable for the group not for,ourselves but for the group and um you,know it's we've again been trending in,the right direction ever since and guys,you see guys they're competitive juices,and how they sustain their,competitiveness throughout the 48 minute,game you know it's it's paying dividends,and I think that had a lot to do with it,him just like I said not calling anybody,out but ringing an alarm like we need to,be way more competitive than what we are,at this current moment and we've been,that thes

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Lebron James PULLS UP On Shannon Sharpe After HEATED FUED With Skip Bayless Over Damar Hamlin Tweet

Lebron James PULLS UP On Shannon Sharpe After HEATED FUED With Skip Bayless Over Damar Hamlin Tweet

remember,what's going on world is xiaomi say rip,and I'm back again with another video,today we got LeBron James pulling up on,Shannon sharp Courtside after the Lakers,defeated the Atlanta Hawks early this,evening of course this is Shannon's,first public appearance since his heated,exchange with Skip Bayless early this,week over Skip's controversial Demar,Hamlin tweets now of course this was one,of many heated exchanges we've seen,between Shannon and Skip but for some,reason it appears as if Shannon is fed,up with Skip Bayless and his Antics,immediately after the episode Shannon,sharp took the IG making a post fueling,fast speculation that this may be the,beginning of an end for the show,Undisputed with him and Skip Bayless and,Shannon's post he acknowledges how proud,his family would be of the man he is,today while also revealing his brother,has been reaching out to him a lot this,past month acknowledging the growth in,Shannon who used to be quick tempered,and ready to fight in the end of the,post he sends a message to his fans,letting me know that God has a plan for,Shea and no one can stop it 2023 the,year of Shea hashtag sit back and watch,now of course the timing of Shannon's,post would leave fans questioning is,this the beginning of Shannon sharp,separating himself from Skip Bayless and,Undisputed to pretty much push his own,brand with Club Shay Shay moving forward,Shannon doesn't shy away from the fact,that he crowns himself the biggest,LeBron James supporter and Skip Bayless,pretty much is the biggest LeBron James,hater all right it's gotten to the point,Skip Bayless done criticized LeBron,James kids I mean he's just that petty,so who knows man you got LeBron just,pulling up on Shannon showing some love,and support but you know for all we know,man they may God trick up their sleeve,now again it's been a reported this week,that this feud between Shannon and Skip,has boosted Undisputed ratings by 57,that's right A lot of people are already,speculating that this may be a play to,get the ratings back up over there,Undisputed I mean the food is so good it,had about 227,000 people tuned in just to see what,Shannon sharp would have to say when,addressing his absence from the first,episode early this week so genius played,by Shannon and Skip to get people tuned,in a lot of people just wanted to see,the destruction happen live they just,wanted to see if this was really the,beginning of the end and honestly the,way Shannon reacted on camera I don't,know if I'm confident you know if this,is a play for money of course,controversy sells we know that you know,what I mean that's always going to be uh,you know what I'm saying a crucial,component when it comes to Media but in,this case just seeing Shannon Sharp's,body language fans saying the chemistry,that's being displayed between Shannon,and Skip on air it just seems like,Shannon is fed up you know so when you,see LeBron and many others comment and,understand his posts showing love and,support letting them know hey bro we see,you,we acknowledge the maturity and growth,in you we understand and if that was,anybody else they would have been jumped,across that desk as Skip Bayless who has,recently been very disrespectful to,Shannon sharp man very disrespectful but,again it's no shock this is Skip Bayless,and who he's always been but again,is this the end I want the spirited as,we know it now they've had a good run,let's be real here man they've they've,had many and many a viral moments a lot,of fans will continue to enjoy the,content that they've put out in the past,so even if this is the end moving,forward you know it isn't all bad,they've made history together but,sometimes this is what happens when egos,Collide man eventually men feel like,they gotta you know move along and do,their own thing and Skip Bayless he,already has his podcast so I'm pretty,sure he's good regardless but it's just,unfortunate that the show would come to,an end if that's the case all because of,Skip Bayless and his ego and his Antics,so y'all let me know man is this all for,Ratings or do y'all think Shannon Shaw,about to pull his own move and continue,to push his brand with Club Shay Shay,and get to the bag,because again like I said shine and Skip,they've already made history it's,already in the books Shannon is already,a brand that's continuing to grow and,build he's got a lot of interviews he's,been putting out that's been going viral,so it's not far fresh to see Shannon,sharp saying you know what,I ain't got to continue to deal with,this no more man I'm about to honor the,rest of this contract and moving forward,build up my own brand why because,there's a lot of uh you know there are a,lot of athletes who are stepping into,the media realm so Shannon's already,been here cultivating his own brand and,audience so like I said either way we,already know the people are going to,support Shannon sharp but y'all let me,know what's your thoughts man on all of,this do you think china shop is uh,get

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LeBron James pushes back on reports his patience with Lakers is ‘waning’ | NBA | UNDISPUTED

LeBron James pushes back on reports his patience with Lakers is ‘waning’ | NBA | UNDISPUTED

and I Won't Back Down,the athletic is reporting LeBron's,patience with the Lakers roster is,waning they quoted the king as saying,y'all know what the bleep should be,happening well yesterday LeBron came,back and tweeted clarifying its stance,saying quote actually my patience isn't,waning you make it sound like I'm,frustrated when I'm really not I told,you over and over my job is focused on,the guys in the locker room my job isn't,the roster that's the reality of that,conversation and I said what I said with,the utmost respect and calmness because,that's the mood I'm in you're welcome,five game winning streaks,there Shannon help us out what are you,making of it all did you see the calm I,mean I could I read that with the,comments in which LeBron tweeted it a,lot of times it's hard to read something,it's hard to get something in writing,because it doesn't it come off the but I,read that with the calm LeBron was just,tweeting like this one,LeBron James LeBron said I'm doing what,I can control y'all see what I'm doing,29-87 that's what I can do,five game winning streak you saw what I,did oh you kept talking remember how you,was talking about uh uh Hallelujah to,Sacramento where did Sacramento drove,the ball on some bonus and won and made,the free throw after what I did on,Saturday night at the end of the day,upper management has to do what upper,management does LeBron James hey play,your blood off make sure the guys are,ready to play on a nightly basis the big,gun is down Anthony Davis is down so,until he gets back I'm gonna need you to,do even more Russ was phenomenal TB,say it with me TV Thomas Bryant,giving us numbers every night every,night and it ain't miserable like two or,three shots so I mean who needs A.D,don't do that no seriously yeah we do we,need he's been doing a pretty good,imitation yeah yeah yeah,as much as I understand what LeBron has,said LeBron said I'm giving you these,numbers but what do they actually mean,if I don't make the playoffs if I don't,make a Deep Run if I don't compete for a,title 2987 does nothing for me yeah I'm,gonna pass I'm gonna pass Kareem that's,a foregone conclusion and when it's all,said done I'm probably gonna have 44 45,000 points but I want to contend for,titles and I need people that's in,position that can help me compete for,titles as far as making roster moves I,need them to do their job and so that,was good did you know I started I'll ask,you to go to the game with me but you,know I figured you were busy on a Friday,night,if I go and I'm sitting next year LeBron,ain't coming over,here think about that view look at my,nephew yeah there he is he coming over,yeah,what's he Whispering dude,I want to know yeah,I have a sneaking system even I know you,to go you to go keep doing what you,doing hey I'm gonna keep doing what I'm,doing skip look LeBron is under contract,at least to 2024.,and so he's kind of like he boxed in,right now I can't do anything he has at,least one more year now summer 24 he can,opt out we'll see what brought what,Brony does the direction that he goes in,because he had an interview skill with,Dave mcmenamin and he made it abundantly,clear I got to be on the court of my boy,for at least one year that's the,ultimate either way whether he's with or,against right well he said I I'd even,I'd play against him if I had to yeah so,for me skip look I I don't look LeBron,said he said I said what I said skip we,know what how LeBron feels he wants he,wants a move that says okay Rob okay,Genie y'all serious about winning a,championship,to ask him I don't need anybody else to,ask him we've heard enough from this,year skip for him saying I want to win a,championship,and I don't believe I mean basically I,don't think he believed that the current,roster they has can win him a,championship it's stacked I mean the,West skip there's no big there's no,mythological team no there are no 80,Lakers in the west right currently no,there's no 2017-18 Golden State Warriors,in the west currently so if I move here,and 80 can come back and give us four,months of Health that's all we need give,us five five let's see February March,April May June five months will help,go to bring one home for us go to break,go with brain the big one that trophy,fish skip oh you have been fishing like,damn and it's like what happened man I,had one bigger than this when they got,away if they give it one piece I only,fish for perch yeah so you shore fishing,you about will stay on the bank and do,that I'm trying to get in the boat,and go way out because I want to bring,him back yeah I want to catch a fish so,big to pitch away 10 pounds yeah that,what I want so within about a month my,man across the table Shannon sharp,unless Shannon sharp has gone from,there's no way we're going to make the,playing tournament to we're going to win,the championship did you see him play it,like this what did you see go doing what,he doing right now 13 straight games or,at least 25 points with more to come,okay I'm gonna

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The Lakers suck @LegendOfWinningNBA #lowspace #twitter #spaces

The Lakers suck @LegendOfWinningNBA #lowspace #twitter #spaces

bro I'm already out I'm I'm already over,bro I'm already over it not only,is Westbrook hurt but now Damien Jones,looks like he's probably gonna be hurt,as well too bro like this is,this right is ,ridiculous bro,this is like legit,ridiculous bro,I don't even know if people have like,really thoroughly contextualized what,the I'm looking at right now bro,but it is, you,I haven't no I'm talking about West I'm,not bringing that up he didn't,want to follow me,how all right so if y'all don't know,what's going on right now the Lakers are,like,getting blown out the Water by,this by the future playing Sacramento,Kings please note that by the way now if,I I normally wouldn't give a about,a playing game but the reason why I,watched it is because I was like I,appreciate it all right Wesley preseason,preseason,I was like all right but also he's 27 to,49 right now so they're almost doubling,their score,I was gonna watch it I'm watching it,because I bet they're playing Westbrook,on the bench I was like say last let me,see what what this looks like right,now in the beginning it was some high,turnovers but Austin Reeves looked like,I mean like legitimately he should be,starting over at Westbrook right now,in the beginning a couple of seconds nmz,did call it by the way,you laughed at him and he called he did,a couple of sets were ran where it just,looked like it was more functional,um offense with Reeves on the floor over,Westbrook but now let me give it a shot,let me give it a shot let me see so,Westbrook then comes on the floor,and the Lakers go oh for seven,now,where all of those missed shots because,of Westbrook no,he missed all of those shots no,however he negatively impacted three or,four of those shot attempts and actually,he created one of them and I feel like,it was Joan Damian Jones who who like,just missed the um created shot for him,but he just like Westbury legitimately,created a shotgun he just missed it,why are you up here lying I'm not lying,I am not lying you are lying you know,you know I'm not lying I have I have I,have every time spent for every single,last thing because I'm making a video,tomorrow about it I am not lying so so,when Russ came in the game his first,like his first touch he didn't get,Damien Jones the ball that's what I just,why,no no no no no no no no no no no no no,that was the very first possession then,he had another possession where he,played me to him had a possession where,he broke the defense down pat Bev ended,up with an open shot and just stored the,rust and Russ missed his shot because he,hesitated but it's like I I don't know,bro no no I and I vividly remember that,that that possession,they were playing Westbrook from the,nail from the beginning of that,possession because he was on weak side,he has two possessions where West where,Westbrook was on weeks Goods follow me, ass oh my god well Westbrook,was on weak side,and,they and they were just sagging off of,him on weak side one was on the on the,corner one was at the top or like on the,top of the wing which is the pat Bell,shot you talking about could Pat Bev,attempted the shot earlier of course,right however the player that was,defending Westbrook was on a nail,he just slid over to Pat Bev and,contested him Pat Ben he did hesitate,but then trying to drive in,to bring in Westbrook's Defender even,more kicked it out of Westbrook he was,wide open,now is that Westbrook's game no but the,reality is that we're on a team like,this you need this is why we keep saying,we meet Shooters because they're just,going to defend the Lakers in a manner,in which where like everything is going,to be just much more difficult for,players to score because he's on the,floor,it just is especially when he's not when,he says when he doesn't have the ball in,his hands,low,these suck man bro I haven't seen,no like this,they have no offensive Direction there,there's no like the defense looks weak,now the everything just looks ,weak like,horrible what can they do at this point,like do you think Miles and Buddy fixes,this or like no because the defense gets,worse with Buddy the the problem,no and Miles doesn't address it because,we just week inside that ,I'm not damning um sabonis just and,again I know Davis will be playing so it,wouldn't be like uh uh witchcock prom,but even injury that's what Chris Haynes,just said who,Christine said that Russ is a left,hamstring injury,oh my god oh for the love of God,hey good this so it's so crazy they,bring the Off the Bench for the,first time again,he pulls his hamstring bro this is why,he's superstitious bro this is exactly,why he superstitious that is crazy no,that's crazy oh my God so so,um like part like so bonus was going off,in the beginning because we just didn't,have any size inside so like,all he was doing was like they were just,pick and rolling it dumped it off the,bonus and supposed Damien Jones like for,three or four possessions in a row was, crazy I was like there's,no way like he's that much bigger and,stron

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Mini-Movie: LeBron James Drops 47 Points on 38th Birthday

Mini-Movie: LeBron James Drops 47 Points on 38th Birthday

foreign,Laker fans and welcome to the State Farm,Arena in Atlanta by the way Michael not,only is it the day before New Year's Eve,it is LeBron James's 38th birthday,Michael he's not slowing down he's,probably performing better at age 38,than anybody in NBA history,all right,Michael what do you expect on his 38th,birthday today 38 points that's what I,want to put on the show we're in Atlanta,this is why the Glamorous stops on the,road especially for the Lakers for NBA,players they love to play in Atlanta,have a very enthusiastic karate of tons,of Laker fans are in the crowd LeBron,knows he's the show he hasn't come to,see their Hawks too but LeBron knows the,main reason why this ticket is so hot is,because of him so he's going to put on,the show and everybody knows it's his,birthday,foreign,look out he's on a run out LeBron down,the middle Powers up slam dunk and he,got fouled too but they didn't call it,Schroeder down the middle got it to,Gabriel slam dunk that was all set up on,the penetration by Schroeder and here,comes Westbrook the other way Reeves for,three got it,36-23 after he made one of two free,throws a 13-point lead LeBron for three,got it,36-26 540 to go Lakers need somebody to,get going offensively kabirious,Schroeder kicks it to Beverly,three-pointer by Beverly good that'll,help gets it to Dennis Schroeder ahead,to LeBron Lookout driving to the rim,lays it up and in,timeout Atlanta,Bryant hands it to LeBron LeBron out of,the back court ahead to Russell,Westbrook good for a layup and the,Lakers all of a sudden Michael have cut,the lead to six here's LeBron flying,down the middle got to the rim and end,shot clock in the game clock are about,six seconds apart here's Westbrook to,LeBron down the middle to the rim and in,and just like that the Lakers have cut,it to five LeBron on the left Baseline,LeBron one on one against Collins,dribbles left and loses it gets it back,makes an impossible shot from behind the,backboard on the right side I give me 10,tries at that Michael and I couldn't,make that so run made it look easy that,Bev driving toward the basket back to,Thomas Bryant for three no good rebound,LeBron puts it up and in,74-68 here's Patrick Beverly coming the,other way for the Lakers Beverly to,LeBron slammed up,nice pass by Pat Ben but it was the cut,from LeBron that made it happen Intruder,dribbles right by Trey young got to the,rim throws it in the corner Toscano,Anderson for three got it,79-77 the Lakers within two it's as,close as they've been since the first,here's Westbrook dribbling down the,middle Westbrook to LeBron look out slam,dunk LeBron's taking over,LeBron dribbling one-on-one against the,rookie Jalen Johnson,I bet he steps back for a three you're,right three-pointer good,Michael knew before the Hawks did how'd,you know he just said you could tell he,was setting up the youngster,LeBron by the way Michael is one point,away from your prediction that he would,score 38 points on his 38th birthday,LeBron brings it out of the back court,anybody's game with 3 45 to go LeBron,4-3 he got it,LeBron James has 40. timeout Atlanta,Lakers won 17. Hawks won 13.,here is LeBron into the front Court,LeBron dribbling around a pick from Troy,Brown LeBron down the middle carves up,the entire defense falling down scars in,a bucket plus the foul are you kidding,me LeBron,thank you,the Laker fans here in Atlanta on their,feet Michael he was hit by two different,people,cratered to the ground and Wally was,falling banked it in for the bucket what,a shot by LeBron James and the Lakers,come into Atlanta and win by nine they,were down by five at the half and in the,second half they outscored the Hawks by,14 and Win It 130 to 121.,and this was a vintage LeBron James,performance,oh yes sir,appreciate it,16 defensive rebounds and stuff like,everybody Pat everybody,that's how it's Gotta Be,cool,how blessed we are to be in this,position going into the new year fresh,off a fresh wind setting the tone for,what we got to do in 23. yes sir

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NBA Gametime reacts to LeBron James drops 37-pts to lead Lakers win over Kings 136-134

NBA Gametime reacts to LeBron James drops 37-pts to lead Lakers win over Kings 136-134

to back wins against the Hawks at home,and the Kings on the road yeah man it's,just huge because we always talk about,get the ball out of the best player's,hand so you give Sacramento a lot of,credit then the shooter gets it so now,LeBron reminds everybody that he's still,really good ammo down the stretch here,with 48 seconds left during the game to,get the hand one look at that four,people around him gets to the free throw,line and knocks down the big free throw,Big Time Performance 14 of 28 he had 37.,damonta sabonis no longer on the floor,because he fouled out oh,Darren Fox leads the NBA in clutch time,field goals,third if I'm not mistaken of the seasons,now right here like I said earlier Matt,you got the ball LeBron's hand you're,making someone else beat you,little Goldie got to a spot at first I,wasn't sure if it's a foul but that's a,foul that's a foul right here that you,throw your hip that's a fact,knocks him off his line however you want,to turn it that is a foul and you can,really question the decision to,challenge that because after the free,throws the Kings don't have a timeout,can't Advance the ball and fox has got,to try to make a miracle happen yeah,that was that was a mistake I think I,know the idea of it but you could,Advance the ball get the ball in and,then you can get time for the Aaron Fox,to get to his shot get to his spot that,he just made and he's been great with,those situations all season so at least,the clutch points so I mean you got to,put him in a position so he doesn't have,to get full court in two seconds and fox,was unhappy with the officials because,he felt like he got hit on the arm on,the on the shot it looked like well,after the ball was released and follow,through didn't affect the shot I don't,know if you guys agree disagree no I I,agree we saw a different angle here the,ball was definitely gone at the very end,he touched him a little bit I think he's,more frustrated that he didn't think he,found a shooting with a play before I,think he was still frustrated from that,this is a good game my other team led by,more than nine along the way uh it'll be,interesting to hear what Mike Brown has,to say about the decision to challenge,that foul on Schroeder with his final,timeout man I think he was stuck because,you noticed most heads coaches they go,to the bench first and they look at one,coach and there's another coach behind,the bench with the conscience,I think he had a bad angle hit at the,moment I think they had to do it over,again they would have they had to your,point had a better opportunity to,advance the ball maybe got a better shot,how about this Laker team I mentioned,five straight wins six of seven without,Anthony Davis and that improves them to,what seven and five I think since Davis,went down I'm looking at the number one,talking uh seven and five since Sadie,went down with the foot injury now,there's there's some you know some,bailing wire and duct tape involved here,with what's going on with this roster is,not just A.D Austin Reeves is out for a,couple weeks a lot of Walkers out for a,couple weeks how are the Lakers doing,this right now I got a lot of guys,stepping up his next man up like Dennis,shooter you know he played well today,Thomas Bryant played great minutes,they're taking advantage of the of the,opportunities that they're getting with,these guys out,um you know if you can if you can get,them to the end of the game LeBron can,finish it for you Russ is playing and,streaming the world,um 15 or 16 assists today so they can,just keep it going until 80 gets healthy,and Austin Reeves gets back I think,they'll be okay this might have been the,best game of Thomas Bryant's NBA career,All Things Considered he uh reached a,season high with 29 Points not a career,high that's 31 but he was 12 of 14 from,the field and pulled down 14 rebounds,along the way a few moments ago he spoke,with Mike trudell in Sacramento,what a game this one just back and forth,you guys are able to pull away down the,stretch I almost want to give you,another second to catch your breath you,were working so hard tonight on both,ends what'd you think the difference was,yeah I think the difference is we've,repeated on both sides I'm trying to cut,down on turnovers to get back on defense,you know we're a fast-paced team and,love to get the ball out and make some,missions so I think we did a great job,at that in the second half it's a back,to back it's been a difficult thing for,any NBA team to win in that circumstance,Sacramento has been good in this,building uh Thomas how did you guys dig,deep get a couple of stops down the,stretch when you needed we had to dig,deep we talked about it after the last,game at home we got to dig deep man we,wanted to get this game right here we,lost four straight to him and we know we,know going in here was a hostile,environment man we had to be on our,pcues and make sure we had to make sure,we got the win today at your efficiency,inside has been off the hook late

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