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Andre Drummond on becoming a Laker and his 2011 tweet about LeBron | NBA on ESPNhey andre named mike


Updated on Jan 24,2023

Andre Drummond on becoming a Laker and his 2011 tweet about LeBron | NBA on ESPN

hey andre named mike trudell i work for,the lakers inspector from sportsnet,it's nice to see you so look at your,career so far you just had the one year,with the all-star uh,blake in 1819 and i wondered kind of how,you think that what your game,uh the parts of your game that mesh with,lebron and ad how that can kind of bring,out what you do and then how what you do,can,bring out uh what they do and how that,can all fit together,you know for me i'm just here to help in,any capacity it may be,not here to uh do anything besides win,so i think playing with those guys can,really benefit my game,um be able to allow them to play their,game and have a third person to,you know cause havoc in the paint and,they want to ask you about the defensive,side of the court which has been an,emphasis,uh under frank vogel certainly and if,you had some initial conversations with,them andre about how you fit in there,uh what parts of your game you think are,gonna fit into what they've been doing,there and how you think that can help,your game as well,yeah speaking of coach today uh my,defensive game is gonna help this team,out a lot with,my quick feet my quick hands and able to,you know recover and play,one through five so i think our defense,is gonna be,really crazy when those guys come back,and i'm looking forward to it,dan hey andre dan like you with daily,times,um when this opportunity came to you,that you knew that you would get a pick,your team what were you looking for most,and and why was it the lakers,uh for me i thought it was just the best,fit i think being here,i'm able to come in right away and,impact this team defensively,uh just for my toughness on both sides,of the court but uh mainly defensively,just coming here to be the anchor for,this team,kyle hey andre i'm kyle goon with the,orange county register,um you know there were reports that,lebron and a.d,were were talking to you throughout your,decision-making process what were those,communications like and,and what impact were they telling you,that they felt you could make on this,team,i made my decision based on based off of,what was best for me,uh not because of what anybody told me,uh definitely,talking to the team and talking to guys,about uh,how i fit on the team was a fun process,to me and uh having that conversation,with those two,guys what they were looking for for me,was uh something i was willing and,excited to do,especially for this franchise,uh if i could ask a follow-up um you,know,this is based on um i guess salary cap,things this is,pretty much gonna be a one year,experience for you with the lakers,um does that um,you know impact anything you think about,your future or,was that um something they had to think,about regards to choosing maybe another,team,for me i'm just focused on wearing this,lakers jersey right now,uh when the time comes for the next,decision will cross that bridge but as,of right now my main focus is helping,this team win as many games as possible,bill hey andre uh bill oram from the,athletic uh welcome,uh so far in your career obviously,you've been in the career for the league,for a number of years a couple all-star,games,um but you know obviously the playoff,success has kind of eluded you so far,just what do you think it is going to be,like to be kind of in a championship,chase and,and what has it been like to kind of be,missing that so far in your career and,what are you looking forward to about,that,for me personally just having that,playoff experience but not having,success,was something i was hungry for you know,i was hungry to get back in the playoffs,again and really,get a true experience of what it's like,to you know play on the biggest stage,so being here and being able to have the,opportunity is truly a blessing and,excited to,take on this role dave,hey andre dave mcbenniman with espn a,tweet surfaced from 2011,that you put out where you said one of,your goals in life is to,to meet lebron and either play with him,or against him,are you familiar with that tweet and um,has it that caused you to have any like,full circle,life moments now that you're you're,joining the lakers,you know it's funny about that tweet,because uh when it came out i was,actually sitting down with my best,friend he's like yo bro i remember the,day you tweeted this like it was the day,before i went to uconn,and uh just for it to come back full,circle and have the opportunity to do it,so crazy how time works,melissa hey,how are you doing um good so,when dream on green went for you melissa,will you tell andres and and,tell them what outlet you're from please,oh sure sorry melissa roland from fox,sports,um when draymond green went viral a,while ago for,speaking out in support of you and what,he viewed as a double standard in the,way,players and teams are treated what did,that mean to you at the time and,and what was that period like for you,oh this whole experience has been a,crazy time for me but uh,definitely a blessing for me to have,this have this ti

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The DARK TRUTH about Andre Drummond and the Los Angeles Lakers

The DARK TRUTH about Andre Drummond and the Los Angeles Lakers

when andre drummond made his decision to,sign with the los angeles lakers,lakers fans around the world gave a sigh,of relief,because in a trade deadline period that,saw championship contenders such as the,nets picking up lamarcus aldridge and,blake griffin,the bucks adding pj tucker and the heat,trading for victor oladipo,the message around the league when it,came to this year's trade deadline was,pretty clear,if you don't improve your team you might,watch as one of your biggest opponents,does and in the process becomes good,enough to end your,season come playoff time which meant on,sunday when the lakers did sign andre,drummond it seemed like all was going,very well in los angeles i mean,andre drummond is just 27 years old he's,a former two-time all-star,by any means on paper this seemed like a,slam,dunk for the lakers that is at least,until you take a look,further because what if i were to tell,you that there is a dark,truth surrounding andre drummond what if,i were to say that the numbers you see,on paper do not tell the full story the,17.5 points per game the 13.5 rebounds,per game this season those do not tell,the full picture at all because there is,a reason that people call andre drummond,a,zero calorie basketball player meaning,that he does not actually contribute to,a winning basketball team and instead,just puts up empty inflated stats on a,loser a little harsh right and i know,what you're thinking,those are solid numbers and drummond was,a two-time all-star so,how bad could andre possibly be well as,you're about to find out in today's,video,some of his advanced stats and numbers,are so bad that they are straight,up shocking and so watch this video in,its entirety because trust me guys,you are going to want to know just what,kind of player andre drummond is,and before we get going guys i am,excited to say that this video is,sponsored by current we're going to talk,about current in a little bit but for,now now,i do want to begin this video by stating,that i understand that the lakers,technically do not have any real risk,here because this is a bonus type,signing la did get drummond after he was,bought out they didn't have to trade,away any assets for him the problem,though,is that unlike someone like blake,griffin who really is just,a bonus player for the nets andre,drummond is seen by both fans and the,lakers front office as something,much more he is seen as a potential,starter some have gone as far as calling,him the lakers,third star and while it has been,reported that andre drummond certainly,wants to win a ring in los angeles,it has also been a major talking point,that andre drummond wants a major,payday andre even went as far as to tell,his cavalier teammates that before this,season he thought he was a,max player this to me says flat out,andre drummond is at least expecting to,play a,somewhat similar role on the offensive,end with the lakers and if that is,indeed the case,there's a chance we're gonna have a,whole lot of problems,and we'll get into those problems in a,second because as for the lakers as i,just mentioned,they have a problem as well but guys,before we continue as i said before,today's video,is sponsored by kern now guys on this,channel as you know we talk about the,future a lot we talk about the future of,nba players careers who's going to,become an all-star who's going to win,the 2021 nba championship and as for,current well,current is the future of banking because,if you did not know,current is a mobile real bank with a,visa debit card that,is going to save you money and i'm about,to tell you how have you ever spent more,in your bank account than you have and,gotten charged by your bank well,current has you covered with a free,overdraft up to 100,are you tired of taking out money and,paying atm fees those certainly add up a,ton,current has over 55 000 free atms do you,want to earn points on your purchases,and redeem them,for cash current of course has that and,they are the only,ones doing it on top of this current has,no hidden fees and no minimum balance,requirement,signing up for current takes less than,two minutes and your card ships for free,so,make sure to click the link in the,description of this video or on the,pinned comment of this video and sign up,for current and start saving money,right now trust me guys current is,awesome you're not going to regret it,and for now let's continue on with,today's video with the rise and talent,across the best teams in the nba this,year the lakers very well might,need andre drummond to step up and play,at an all-star level like he once did,the problem,is though at least at this point in his,career playing for a bad team andre,drummond really is the type of player,who can be considered a bad team,great stats kind of guy before we get,into why i quickly want to say,one yes i know that lebron and the,lakers might be able to save andre from,himself,yes the man does need saving from,himself lebron might be the answer to,that we'll get into

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Lakers Postgame: Andre Drummond (5/11/21)

Lakers Postgame: Andre Drummond (5/11/21)

andre will you be able to finish that,whole,bottle tonight i already did i already,finished this this is my second one,all right trying to stay hydrated man,so i just want to ask you about thc,going against,one of his childhood idols right there,b-rolls and strips them a minute later,of course he's the big three what was,your vantage point from that and what do,you think that says about the kid,he knows how to make up plays i'll tell,you that coming down and having a big,turnover down the stretch of the game is,it's huge in the game and to come back,and knock down a big time three on the,same guy that stole the ball from you,this shows the confidence that this kid,has despite him being a rookie his,confidence is always through the roof,the way that he plays he plays like he's,been in the nba for years,i love i love playing with him you know,i just he's an incredible talent,16 and 18 for you tonight it was a real,physical game a defensive game but,where did you feel like that kind of led,into what some of your skills are and,how did you,thought how did you think that played,through the night i finally felt normal,for once you know just kind of finding a,rhythm while i'm out there,doing what i do best rebounding the ball,kicking it off for threes and just,finishing in the paint when i get the,ball,uh you know like i told you guys before,i'm still trying to get a rhythm you,know it's been two months since i've,played and i'm on a new team,trying to figure out a new role so these,games are just practice games,because we have a bigger bigger vision,in sight so these games are just,games i'm taking to really figure it out,find my place and,just make sure it sticks it did seem,like the knicks were really,uh tailoring a lot of the defense,towards a.d were you able to kind of,manipulate some of that or just take,advantage of what i guess i should say,was that part of what led to the success,uh no i just think it's just the way i,played i mean,they've seen what i've done to them,before so i don't think they were,sleeping on me,i think it's just hard to pick your,poison between a.d and i mean who you,trying to stop,specifically with that pairing with a.d,um you guys have a lot of minutes down,the stretch and then over time together,what's going more smoothly with you two,on the floor,now that you've had a bunch of these,games,i think just the chemistry aspect just,knowing where each other need to be on,the floor i know where he likes,where he likes to go on the floor and i,always get out of his way when he gets,the ball to post up,when he drives i know where to go,because he's always looking for me for,the dump off,if he can't make the shot defensively we,feed off each other,he always covers for me if i go for a,block shot and vice versa uh to pick a,rose you can switch on screens so it,makes it,very uh very easy for us to you know,play pick and roll together,and it's just the time that we've had,together it's starting to really gel,i know you said that these are just,practice games for you and you seem to,have kind of a long,a long range perspective on this but has,it been frustrating for you at all over,this,this this starts your lakers tenure that,it hasn't,um faster or you haven't haven't felt,normal to use your words,i wouldn't i wouldn't uh call it,frustration it's more just,putting pressure on myself because i,know what i'm capable of and everybody,knows i'm capable of and i just haven't,quite shown it yet and it's uh it's been,difficult to you know,just process that but i know it's going,to take time i know,you know these games are really going to,help me find a rhythm and that's what's,starting to happen now i'm starting to,find myself a little bit more little by,little,you know my team is doing a great job of,keeping me keeping me level headed and,keeping me encouraged,and positive on the court to you know,allow me to,play my game the way that i know how to,play,andre you joined this team at a time,when maybe,emotionally it wasn't its most stable,things were really tough,a lot of losing that the team wasn't,used to what do you think these wins,over,teams like and that just went to a,beating denver um,you know beating phoenix and obviously,the next night,um what do you think that's done for,sort of the overall psyche,of this group i think first mentally,these wins are,just showing what type of team that we,are we're a very tough hard-nosed team,uh despite the injuries and the,different mishaps that we had throughout,the season when i got here,you know we stayed the course we stayed,tough we continued to,you know follow our our script and you,know good things happen when you stay,the course

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Lakers Postgame: Andre Drummond (4/19/21)

Lakers Postgame: Andre Drummond (4/19/21)

uh you know i think we started off,really slow this game uh probably just a,little bit of heavy legs from the last,game being the ot,uh those guys coming in fresh so they,had a lot of energy,um i think for us personally i think we,can't allow ourselves to,start like that because it's hard to,fight back from games like that,okay what did you think as you tried to,make comeback attempts throughout,andre what were the what were the,differences what you guys were trying to,get done offensively,uh shots just weren't falling for us you,know the shots we normally make,you know they were just in and,out you know myself especially shots,that i normally make with just you know,go in and out of the hoop and,you know just careless mistakes with,turnovers to down the stretch of the,game that,allowed them to you know start clicking,all cylinders on both ends of the court,a game like this though there are,obviously lebron and ad,are kind of waiting to potentially,be in that matchup later this year are,you already kind of thinking about,what that would look like what might be,different,honestly i think for me personally i'm,just worried about the guys that are,playing right now,obviously yes i'm looking forward to,playing with those two guys when they,come back healthy,but don't that can control right now,with the guys that step on the floor,as of right now and they're doing a hell,of a job of holding the forward down,until they come back,uh you know despite the game tonight i,think we're we're doing a hell of a job,of playing well together,andre you're coming off by your,strongest performance as a laker the,other night,uh against jesse that didn't have gobert,how did his presence,affect your performance tonight it,didn't,i missed shots it's that's really what,it boils down to i mean obviously he's a,great player and he,he's a great defensive player as well,too and he's able to alter people's,shots including mine,um you know his presence in the paints i,always felt but you know that doesn't,stop me from trying to take it to him,each and every time,well andre,how different do you think um what kind,of magic do you think you and ab,is kind of a big hand with would present,to against,you know what i have no idea i have no,idea but i'm looking forward to being on,the same court as him,i've played with aad for many years you,know with usa basketball so,the experience is there i'm looking,forward to being back on the court with,him again,i think he should be back very soon so,very excited to,you know start that bond together on the,court,should be really different,it was tough to hear i think i think i,think i heard him uh to to answer your,question,definitely my role here is a lot,different than previous teams i've been,on,you know me being on cleveland and,detroit you know they look for me to you,know be the main guy to score points and,do all the,other intangible things and while i'm,here you know,i'm here to just make this team you know,good on both ends of the court you know,whatever they need me to do,i'm trying to get the job done i'm,adjusting very well you know it's taking,some time but i'm figuring it out,day in and day out uh defensively you,know we're starting to get it together,offensively i'm starting to find the,shots that i normally take,now it's just getting my legs under me,you know i've been out for the past,month and a half so it's,trying to get the that game that game,legs together so,a few more games i'll be fine you know,a.d and lebron coming back soon and just,that chemistry will start to build,up more

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Reacting to Andre Drummond Los Angeles Lakers Signing

Reacting to Andre Drummond Los Angeles Lakers Signing

yo what's going on guys crispy flakes,here welcome to extra crispy so,i think i really gotta start today's,video off by uh making it a point of,emphasis,that you know andre drummond during his,time in detroit and the small scent on,the cleveland cavaliers,um i've always thought that andre,drummond has been given more,just kind of like hate than a lot of,other players in the nba i think a big,part of that was because like you know,obviously detroit's not like a big,popular franchise and stuff like that,and,um this time they're not a very good,team playing a simple man he like him is,like number one,number two option at times um it just,never really resulted in,w's man so therefore he's been trashed,by tons of nba fans out there but i want,to say man,i am going to have like literally a,permanent migraine from this because,we are literally going to see the full,spectrum of delusion,when it comes to the hype of an nba,player like literally we are going we,are going to go,from completely,trashed in detroit slash cleveland,to having to deal with laker fans,completely,completely talking about you know andre,drummond like he's gonna be damn,shaquille,o'neal man i mean we already saw it with,kyle kuzma people saying oh yeah there,was,there was believe it or not there was a,time and place where kuzma,where people were the laker fans he was,gonna be better than jason tatum man,like literally we have to deal with that,type of delusion and i'm gonna say like,i said,to start this video i don't think andre,drummond is a bad player i think i,honestly think it's a,fantastic signing i think it's a,fantastic signing,it's just that permanent headache from,the mindset that we literally have to,like we've never seen this before man,have we ever seen a player,in a position like drummond you know at,one time,i mean before a few years ago you know,drummond was looked upon as like a,franchise type of guy that was gonna get,like a max contract,um all of a sudden to i mean he's,probably gonna get like maybe 10 million,dollars a season now i would have to,imagine something like that,to now being on a team with a fan base,like the lakers and i'm not trying to,like like disrespect the laker nation,man like there's a lot of you guys out,there that are completely sensible fans,um if you're watching this you're one of,the man like completely ignore this but,we do know with franchises like the,lakers there does come extremely,delusional fans and,you know not not so much like the lakers,um,as like the lebron james following can,have at times right man,and uh i am not i mean,i am literally at a yo what's going on,guys crispy flakes here andre drummond,is going to be signing with the lakers,today i don't know if i even mentioned,that,you guys saw the tweet um so yeah here,we're at with that man,but i will say straight up hey by the,way the pistons won the trade with the,cleveland cavaliers i got trashed last,year for a man around the trade deadline,um because the pistons traded drummond,for john henson brandon in a second,round pick second round pick baby,where the cleveland cavaliers bought,them out so hey business won the trade,i'm just going to say that man so,i want to apology in the comment section,below if you were one of the people,roast me for that man be a man about,that trade i'm still mad about it come,on now,um literally drafting a guy like that,but i i i actually love the signing for,the lakers,like all things considered part of me is,happy the pistons,and are in a rebuild i'm like i don't,feel like dealing with this bro,damn super team nets and now this lakers,seem like i don't feel like dealing with,it man,um all of a sudden now where it's like,it's i got like like i'm i'm excited if,it's not a lakers nets finals i will be,disappointed,that is the finals that i do personally,want to see because it is these two like,juggernaut teams but i also feel bad for,like the teams out there they just have,like good sensible,rebuild squads and stuff like that where,it's like well damn there's a year down,the drain because like,who's gonna beat these teams man i mean,let me know in the comment section below,like do you legitimately think that your,team could be either lakers or the nets,in a seven game basketball series man,now if you're a lakers or nets fans then,yeah you probably think you can beat the,other but straight up so,yeah um i want to take a quick look here,at andre drummond,because like i said man i love the,signing,now the biggest issue with drummond um,especially this season like,he is historically shooting a very low,field goal percentage for a guy that,literally is only around the basket,um i do think a lot of that's going to,change though because you know um,i mean you just look like historically,like okay let me uh shrink this down,here,i'll edit all this out here man yeah,this is all going to get edited out here,man here we go yeah this is,um yeah i hired an editor and worked for,steven spielsberg there we go man,perfect p

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Andre Drummond posted a raw Twitter reaction to the Pistons trading him to the Cavaliers | The Jump

Andre Drummond posted a raw Twitter reaction to the Pistons trading him to the Cavaliers | The Jump

how does andre drummond feel about being,dealt out of detroit well he just,tweeted the following quote if there's,one thing I learned about the NBA,there's no friends or loyalty I have,given my heart and soul to the Pistons,and to be having this happen with no,heads up,makes me realize even more this is just,a business I love you Detroit Matt your,reaction they're not surprised you know,I think fans and in some media look at,players and look at them a certain way,when they want to take their there their,happiness and their future in their own,hands,anytime something like this happens from,a team it's the business oh it's part of,the business trade deadlines the,business but it's so much more than that,to players we have families guys like,him have been there his whole entire,career you know and then and then you,look at when LeBron goes somewhere or,Katy moves somewhere there the villain,there the snake there this or that guys,just want to do what's best for them,because teams have always done that and,it's been the business and I think the,other part of it to remember is you,didn't get traded to the Clippers or to,the Celtics with the cutting Rockets he,got septic Lee I know he's gonna say all,the right things but there has to be a,level of disappointment like the good,news we got shot at Detroit alright cool,where we're going so a team that's,somehow even worse than Detroit I'm just,gonna stay in Cleveland I would say I'm,just gonna say yeah look I think it is,more it is less about where he is going,I believe him it is all about me it is,more about like he says he didn't get,any heads up I talk to that degree we've,been talking for two or three weeks,about who is likely to get treated today,but I understand maybe he's not reacting,like I don't I don't know I understand,though and this is this is a push-pull,that just exists in sports and it is,hard to understand how to deal with well,it's not just that but you guys are,asked to go into that locker room and be,brothers that's not just a cliche you,cannot win a championship unless you,feel real bonds with your team with your,city with your coach,you actually bleed it is not an,expression you guys actually believe for,these teams and you have to to win a,title and then rift away so it is part,of the nature of this business and I,understand what is complicated Brian I,want to get your take on this our Ramona,Shelburne confirming the David Aldridge,report that the Lakers are going to now,work out Jay are,what do you think of that unfortunately,jr. really hasn't shown quality,basketball in like three years I mean,one of the things that happened last,year with the calves they benched him,the calves tried to trade him for months,he had the entire summer nobody signed,him if jr. could be the guy that he was,in 2016-17 era he'd be a huge boon,because he played at both ends of the,court,but jr. has not shown that but I do not,think something about jr. he stays in,fantastic shape,and he's type of guy who can come out,and hit eight three-pointers like that,and I'll bet he can do that when he's 50,so the thing will just be again this is,a guy who was not played in the NBA,since November of 2018 right so it's,exciting because we saw he'd play his,best basketball looks LeBron and I sure,a lot of Laker fans like yeah yeah JR,Smith but the reality is you know he's,gonna have to prove a lot for them to,cut a player they don't have a roster,spot they'd have to cut a player to,bring him in well and I think the one,thing remember here's the risk/reward,right the risk is cutting a player right,whether it's Troy Daniels or Quinn cook,or someone like that the reward is in,cook is so popular in that locker,whoever whoever the guy is that's the,risk right but at the end of day you're,also paying what minimum at most of the,injury exception that they got for,DeMarcus Cousins the reward is upside,his thought is huge like and at the,worst case scenario he's a guy who,doesn't play like the guy that they,probably cut right now so I think it's,worth a trying with a little I agree and,I think just the counter Bryan's set him,in tonight I agree with you it hasn't,been quality basketball for junior for a,little bit of time but as in the whites,Howard's case he junior knows this is,his last chance I think you and you have,to sit out of a game you're not ready to,sit out of it and you still have that,fire to play you're gonna change and do,whatever you possibly can to fit in no,one would have thought Dwight Howard was,gonna do what he did this year because,he Dwight knew as a man right this is my,last shot at this game I love hmm,Junior Spence is a friend of mine I know,he's feeling the exact same way so I'm,happy that the Lakers at least giving,him a shot and like ameen said if he's,cut for someone that and he does in the,plane he they're in the same position,right on the flip side he can come in,these playoffs and get hot and win a,couple games for you and you're gonna be,like hell of a mov

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Lakers Postgame: Andre Drummond (4/10/21)

Lakers Postgame: Andre Drummond (4/10/21)

hey andre of course you're quite new to,this team i wondered if,this the way the team played today and,just the mentality and all that if,that tells you something about this,group if you learned something from,today's game,you know i learned a lot from today's,game that we have a lot of guys in this,locker room that are very tough,despite who's on the other side of the,court they're going to come out and play,no matter how many minutes guys play,they're going to play to the best of,their ability,and we have fun doing it we had a lot of,fun tonight playing and getting this win,and then andre i think so you when you,were in cleveland you beat brooklyn in,back-to-back games so that makes you a,three-year-old,right now is there do you think is your,you know your athleticism your,physicality is that something that you,see,like you feel like you've been able to,impose your will to an extent,on them and is that is that something,that you that stood out to you at all,you know for me just playing my game,playing my game you know paying,attention to the scout or poor seeing,who's guarding me and,where i need to be on the floor to be,most effective,and today was just being the enforcer,on both ends of the court a lot of,contributions across the roster andre,anything that stood out to you,from one of your teammates tonight i,wouldn't i can't pinpoint,one guy i think everybody as a whole did,an incredible job today of just,being tough just being tough playing,against a really good team in brooklyn,with you know kyrie irving kevin durant,and you know the rest of those guys over,there and not worrying about who's over,there but,playing our game playing laker,basketball and coming out with a great,win,so many hands,we kept talking about tough this we're,talking to true down there there was a,possession where,you got the ball on the high post put on,the floor bully ball right to the hoop,against marcus aldridge and then,punctuated it by you know putting your,hand down,to suggest that he's small was that,kind of exemplifying the overall effort,of the team tonight and can you just,talk to me about that specific score,about you,uh it was a good basket,it's a good basket by me and i'm not one,to talk down on other players i mean,there's a,huge moment that's my signature move,that i do when i score on people and get,an n1,so with nothing towards lamarcus,intentionally it's,just what i do no matter who's out there,is happening you can be taller to me or,not i'm still going to say you're,smaller than me,i think it was a four-point game when,dennis and kyrie,got ejected and then you guys go on some,crazy run right after that was there,anything said,um in the immediacy after that that you,think i'll kind of trigger that,but what did you see in the way you guys,reacted to that uh,to those objections yeah you know i,pulled the guys together,you know after that happened and i told,them i said listen um,you know we can't play like this you,know we can't allow them to get momentum,right now we need to lock in defensively,not worry about offense because you know,they're going to come out with a full,head of steam,based off of the last play that just,happened so,you know we came out locked in,defensively and off and the offense took,care of itself,hey andre how are you man what's going,on kyle,um you know dennis was saying that,uh even though he finished the game this,was his favorite win of the year i know,you've only been here so long but,some of the guys weren't able to play,lebron a.d kyle,what was some of their reaction to,getting this win,uh and did they say anything to you guys,back in the locker room,uh that was memorable yeah today was a,great win for us just,based on you know us being underhanded,and not having,all of our guys playing and playing with,guys that you know haven't been in most,positions that they're in right now,and to come out with a win the way we,did against a great team,it's an incredible feeling you know,celebrate tonight but we have another,game on monday we have to worry about,and get to take care of business,we have time for one more of the,treasury,hey andre you know this is obviously,talked about often as a potential finals,match up,by then the rosters will look quite a,bit different once guys get healthy,but how much was that part of what you,guys were talking about today,internally was the awareness,particularly high that this is a team,that,you know you guys might be seeing that,maybe you want to see,down the road,you know we just focus on what we can,take care of right now the playoffs is a,long way away,you know we have a lot of games in,between that to get to the finals so,just going to take care of what we need,to take care of if it's then we see in,the finals or whoever it may be,we're just going to play to the best of,our ability and try to come out with the,wins,you

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andre drummond will reportedly sign with,lakers upon clearing waivers,the lakers have filled one of their open,roster spots and will sign andre,drummond,it's almost official after tons of,rumored interest going back months the,los angeles lakers will sign former,cleveland cavaliers center andre,drummond when he clears waivers,according to adrian moynirovsky of espn,the lakers were long considered the,front-runners for grumman even before he,was bought out,their players started recruiting him,before the cavaliers had even finished,waving him,and they were on the list of teams he,was expected to meet with once he got,free of his contract in cleveland,drummond is now the second player with,the initials a.d to rebuff a full-court,press,from the boston celtics and he also,rejected substantial interest from the,new york knicks instead,he's headed to la for the chance to,chase a ring alongside his friend,anthony davis and fulfill his dream of,playing with lebron james,what will drummond bring to the lakers,well another large human frank vogel can,use to wall off a rim and one of the,greatest rebounders in nba history,from my story on his potential edition,earlier this week,if he makes his way to the lakers,drummond would provide a center of a,type more similar to what greg howard,and javale mcgee brought,last season than the options the lakers,have used this year,he is more mobile and athletic than marc,gasol lobar,i know and is arguably the greatest,rebounder in the history of basketball,does that sound like hyperbole or an,overdose of purple and gold kool-aid,well he's averaging 13.8 boards per game,for his career,which ranks eighth all time in nba ava,history and first among active players,for basketball reference,he also has the best rebound percentage,in the history of the nba grabbing 24.59,percent of all misses while he's on the,floor,is he worth playing over mark gasol and,montrez harrell,it appears the lakers think so and given,rob palinka's hit rate on role players,and buyout guys so far,druman deserves a shot to prove he can,be the answer to whichever supposed,issue,the best defense in the nba has and to,be fair to drummond,at just 27 with all the natural tours in,the world and in his first time in a,winning situation,some of the flaws he's demonstrated,previously on both ends of the floor may,be easier to iron out allowing him to,accentuate the things he actually is,incredible in,drummond will not clear waivers until,sunday night 48 hours after the,cavaliers officially waved him,after that he can sign his next contract,this will fill one of the lakers two,open roster spots so they can sign one,more player in the buyout market,drummond won't be available when the,lakers take on the orlando magic at,staples center on sunday but he might be,in attendance for the game,according to brad turner of the los,angeles times,if you enjoyed this video and want to,hear from me again be sure to hit that,subscribe button before you go

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