kyle rittenhouse trial verdict twitter

Kyle Rittenhouse questions Twitter’s censorship of his storywell Kyle Rittenhouse has gone viral for

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Kyle Rittenhouse questions Twitter’s censorship of his story

well Kyle Rittenhouse has gone viral for,one of his Tweets in relation to,Twitter's censorship the 19 year old,wrote this tweet last night which read,learning about the Tweet of files and,Elon Musk releasing the truth is making,me more and more curious to find out if,there was hidden censoring regarding my,story in case on Twitter I'm hoping one,day soon I will be able to find out and,the truth will be shown to all of us so,far he's had over 41 000 people like to,tweet Britain house was jumping on the,bandwagon of tarnishing Twitter's use of,censorship which took place before Elon,Musk acquired the company and vowed to,change things musk was heavily outspoken,before he officially bought the company,declaring things would be different that,Free Speech wouldn't be restricted and,that it wouldn't be a social media,company that just served left-leaning,users car writtenhouse if we remember,was the teenager acquitted of murder in,November last year in a high-profile,trial he stood accused of murdering Two,Men and the attempted murder of the,third at a black lives matter protest in,Kenosha Wisconsin in 2020 this trial,gained International attention with some,media and politicians accused of acting,as the juror from the sidelines and,finding him guilty before the trial had,even begun he was labeled a murderer and,a white supremacist a term even Joe,Biden used to describe the teenager Carl,writtenhouse maintained in various,interviews after he was acquitted that,his trial should never have been being,politicized ever since Elon Musk vowed,to expose Twitter's cover-up of scandals,in relation to Hunter Biden the,company's censoring has been further,thrown into question,so Carl Rittenhouse wants to know,whether Elon Musk could release,information on whether his story was,also centered online in came the replies,from those who claimed their various,tweets about the teenager were,suppressed Julian Anderson replied over,14 platforms shut us down and mentioning,his name was flagged as violence across,many platforms getting an accurate,accounts of his story of his point of,view was nearly impossible in the court,of public opinion at the time she,continued immediately after the incident,in Kenosha major platforms like GoFundMe,and Facebook shut down any Grassroots,efforts to help Kyle with the latter,blocking any mentions of his name,whatsoever,Ian miles chiong wrote to Kyle saying I,was briefly suspended for saying I,believed in your innocence finally,someone wrote I think so I was suspended,for 24 hours for saying you did nothing,wrong there was definitely some kind of,censorship going on,but of course a lot of Twitter users,responded arguing Carl Rittenhouse,couldn't have been censored especially,as his entire trial was live broadcasted,Elon musk's recent exposure to his,decision making when it comes to the,suppression of information has continued,to grab headlines when the platform,decided to censor the New York post's,original story on Hunter Biden's laptop,it just opened a can of worms as to what,else they've hidden and how do you,measure what information should be,restricted from readers now that the,laptop has been verified as authentic by,most mainstream media there are,questions around what even is the point,of free speech in the Constitution if,the stories are suppressed Fox uses the,five weighed in on all of this you have,to look at this on a bigger level than,just Twitter there is an attempt to,literally get rid of the foundations,upon which in the principles upon which,this country was founded why do we have,a First Amendment we have a First,Amendment from freedom of speech and,freedom of the press and yet Michael,Steele said said in one of those quotes,although he's all about Free Speech uh,the the so-called Twitter files,undermine Free Speech because they they,are if it is free speech occurring at,the harm or expense of someone else,since when do we qualify Free Speech as,being at the harm or expense of someone,else I mean why do we have defamation,laws if it harms you sue

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Ethan's Take on Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Verdict

Ethan's Take on Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Verdict

i've been so here's the thing,kyle,it was here's the thing,it's hard to convict someone in those,circumstances it seems like it was self,like arguably self-defense,but the part where kyle is guilty,abe said delete me from this,conversation that's fine don't just,don't say anything this is my opinion i,mean,the part where kyle's guilty,is that he went to a protest that had,nothing to do with him,armed,and created an unsafe situation,so i would say while,the people he killed and shot i would,say you know you can legally say was in,self-defense,um and looking over the details and,stuff i i you can credibly argue that,you know he was in fear for his life or,bodily harm that's,but he went there,to a volatile protest okay these people,are protesting an unarmed black man,being killed by the police this is an,extremely volatile protest they're,burning they're riding,he goes there with a gun,what the do you expect to happen,okay you're gonna run into another,protester with a gun,he's going there,expecting to get in a gun fight,or knowing that's a strong possibility,there was no reason for him to be there,there's no need for him to be there the,fact of that being that the only,violence that took place that night was,the people he killed yeah the only,people who died were the two that he,killed exactly so he was preventing,violence then he failed in that mission,that's proof that he was the reason for,that violent situation now what's really, up is that the person that bum,rushed him to begin with,was someone off his meds who was,mentally unwell,he was protecting himself,actually kyle was running from him,saying friendly friendly friendly trying,to get the guy to chill saying like i'm,not your enemy,the guy was unwell he was off his meds,and he kept coming after him he tried to,take the gun from kyle kyle,was,kyle shadow in self-defense,the problem is that if you're at a,protest and you see somebody shoots one,of the protesters there you're gonna,perceive that as a threat so the,other guys that went running after him,were also acting in self-defense at that,point um because they think there's an,active shooter at a protest and what,they're doing is can be perceived as,heroic and brave to run towards someone,who's a gunman shooting protesters,that's what it looks like and there's no,way to say like nobody actually knows,that,what happened there the problem is when,you put yourself in that situation it's,all goes to hell,kyle created that situation by being,there right so you know the thing is,they tried to get him on murder and,stuff and i didn't think i feel like you,could have got him on manslaughter or,something where he created 100,overcharged him yeah it's like insane,obviously i don't think kyle,it's a manslaughter he created this, horrible situation that he put,himself in that he needed didn't need to,be there that resulted in two people,dying and one person mammed you know,they overcharged him and he i don't,think like again he he was acting in,self-defense the issue is that he,created this situation and so he should,have been charged for manslaughter or,something like that which i do think,he's guilty of that's my take,fair enough i agree with most of that,what do you disagree with,well,i mean,no i i guess generally i do i i,you honed in on it at the end there,which i think the big mistake is that uh,they tried to,get him on these charges when they,really should have just gone for the,lesser ones i don't know political,pressure probably is a big part of the,reason why they did try and go big well,you got it you've got to do a whole,breath of charges like he was traveling,he was traveling in her state with a,weapon he was ,you know creating,i don't know yeah why just charge him,for all these murder charges it doesn't,make sense obviously he's going to knock,he's going to get off on the murder,right because it's a people are saying,bad take why is it a bad take if you,think it's a bad take call in right, now and debate me,how about that let's not do that,well tell me why it's about taking chat,then because i'm just curious,what does chat know well i'm just,curious what's you know chad was saying,jordan peterson isn't religious earlier,you know what i mean oh yes he is,and this is what i'm saying,um,that's my take bro,they overcharged him no way he was going,to get locked up,yeah i agree that overcharged him was,psychotic the,the prosecutors were absolutely ,horrible as well,um,why do you think it's a bad take i'm,genuinely curious i'm waiting for,comments,murderer,okay keemstar,so keemstar thinks kyle's a murderer,that's pretty based,i feel like maybe,self-defense some people take that as,like a completely not guilty,way but i that's obviously not what,you're saying yeah i mean if you guys,listened to any point past that he,explained his reasoning i feel like,people jumped on that right away once,you said that,yeah and i mean the uh,like you said i think the really,pertinent thing is that it,if you narrowly exam

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WATCH: Jury reads verdict in Kyle Rittenhouse trial

WATCH: Jury reads verdict in Kyle Rittenhouse trial

all right members of the jury have you  uh elected a four person would you um,give your adjourn number please 54 54 and has the  jury reached the verdict as to each account of the  ,information yes we have your honor one verdict  and one verdict only yes would you hand all the  ,paperwork to the bailiff please this is the ones  that you didn't know yeah everything yeah thanks,may i see that too please this is sorry thank you,the defendant will rise to face  the jury and harken to its verdicts,as the first count of the  information joseph rosenbaum  ,jury find the defendant kyle h rittenhouse not  guilty as to the second count of the information  ,richard mcginnis we the jury find the defendant  kyle h ridden house not guilty as to the third  ,count of the information unknown mail we the  jury find the defendant kyle h rittenhouse  ,not guilty as to the fourth count of the  information anthony huber we the jury find  ,the defendant kyle h rittenhouse not guilty  as to the fifth count of the information  ,gage gross croix we the jury find the defendant  kyle adrian kyle h rittenhouse not guilty,members of the jury are these your unanimous  verdicts is there anyone who does not agree  ,with the verdicts as read would you wish the jury  pulled okay uh okay folks your job is done and  ,we started just about three weeks ago and i uh  i told you it could last two weeks and two days  ,this is two weeks this is three weeks uh you  were a wonderful jury to work with you were  ,punctual you were attentive um and the forgotten  six over here who had a very difficult job of  ,uh keeping from discussing the case during the  time that they were sequestered as well all of you  ,you just i couldn't have asked for a better jury  to work with and it has truly been my pleasure  ,you i think without commenting on  your verdict the verdicts themselves  ,just in terms of your the attentiveness  and the cooperation that you gave to us,justifies the confidence that the  founders of our country placed in you so  ,um i dismiss you at this time you're never under  any obligation to discuss any aspect of this case  ,with anyone you're welcome to do  so as little or as much as you want  ,the media have requested a number of media sources  have requested the ability to talk to you and,they have been allowed to present presentations to  you that you'll get in writing and it's entirely  ,up to you whether you want content contact them  they are not to contact you um if anyone does  ,contact you and just you tell them you're not  interested in discussing it if that's the case  ,and if anyone persists in doing so report that  to us and it will be addressed i assure you,at the beginning of the  trial there was some concern  ,about uh information and uh and your safety and  i assure you that we will take every measure to  ,ensure that that is your concerns are addressed  and respected and um i'm going to talk to you  ,for just a minute not about anything to do with  the case but just about that soul issue and um um,you as i say you're welcome to discuss  the case as little or as much as you want,and,any questions anybody thank you so much  and you're you're after four years you're  ,eligible for service again it would be  my pleasure to work with you thank you,uh yeah please or in the line they can  change the library it's not going to be  ,more than a minute or maybe it  will be yeah take them upstairs

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Rittenhouse shooting victim confronted with video showing him pointing gun at defendant

Rittenhouse shooting victim confronted with video showing him pointing gun at defendant

so,your statements about what actually,happened,first time that we're getting an insight,as to what actually happened is today,right,i don't think that's accurate,well on the 24th you refuse to answer,questions right,the 24th of september correct,and the day after the incident you,acknowledge you left out,the fact that you even had a gun,right that is correct,you were asked,mr bringer asked you about this,you were asked for permission to look,through your phone,right i do recall that yes,you never,actually gave your phone to detective,anterimium to look through did you,my phone was picked up off the street,the night of the 20 the night of the,25th,so,no i didn't give my phone to anybody,somebody and i'm assuming a police,officer had picked it up my question to,you that wasn't my question my question,to you was detective anterimian asked,you for permission to look through your,phone,and you never gave him your phone true,i never gave him permission to look,through my phone now,are you aware that he had a search,warrant for your phone,no i was not,so,so if i can uh mr gross crews i'm going,to walk you through a little bit of the,video okay,are we good on time,i haven't been notified that the lunch,is here but uh,i gotta pop up,you heard mike 15 20 minutes from now,yes,okay yeah it's up to you,what,do you are you fine with time you would,ask for 12 to 1.,you were in the middle of an examination,so i will uh,i'll hear from you guys as to what you,want to do,if it's not here i'm fine i'm,ready to continue i just didn't know if,he had a problem i was hoping for an,hour whenever we went around okay,i'll give you an hour whenever we stop,thank you okay,okay,i'm gonna have you stop it,a lot,okay,now,you see that,this isn't you but you see this,gentleman right here,uh,i do okay,would you like sister marcian's pointer,it's up to you i don't you're welcome to,use your glasses if you want thank you,he's got it oh he's gone,you see this gentleman right here right,i do okay now you agree he advanced on,what ran after came up to mr rittenhouse,right,can you rewind just slightly,you agree that he runs up to mr,rittenhouse and then applies the brakes,right,i do okay and you'd agree that he's,meeting you away and that's a fair,assessment pass three feet,he's advancing on mr rittenhouse and,you'd agree he puts his hands up and mr,rittenhouse never,fires his gun,correct that is correct okay,now,you're off screen here at this point,right you haven't come into the frame,yet,no i have not okay,that is for lack of a better term this,gentleman right here this is jump kick,man right,uh i believe so yes,so,you can,play it,so you now see that junk kick man,kicked mr rittenhouse in the face and,two shots are fired correct,uh with this video yes okay,you hear that right,uh in the moment yes i did hear it okay,now if you can see and we'll play it i,don't i'm not trying to trick you,correct,um it is,hard to see with whatever is blocking,um play it for a second,okay,it's just coming into the frame,that's you,that is correct yes,and you are running correct yes i was,okay,now you had originally said that you,wanted um,you were going to tell mr jim,but now you understand that you didn't,say anything you were just,running whatever word you want you're,moving towards mr rittenhouse right that,is correct yes okay,just heard a shot yes correct okay and,to be fair that you put on the brakes,right you were running you then,almost stop in your tracks,fair enough,correct okay,and,i don't know if your arms are up at that,point but it looks like you're kind of,protecting your head at that point is,that fair that is correct okay how far,do you think you are away from him at,that point to the best of your,ability,i would say,about there between,me and you you and i correct,three five,at that point,you have your hands up right yes i do,now you probably don't notice,him at the top,guys hold up what looks like a,wooden,club of some type,some sort of wooden object yes okay so,your hands are up,and at that point he has not fired at,you correct no he is not okay,it's gonna be quick,you'd agree at this point,you are dropping your hands,you are loading your front foot and you,are moving toward mr rittenhouse at that,point true,yes,when you,we're shot,can you bring up the photo,you'd agree,and now wait how close do you think you,are to him at that,if it was five feet before it would so,so tell me if i've got the lay of the,land,at this point you're holding a loaded,chambered glock 27 in your right hand,yes that is correct yes,you are,advancing,on mr rittenhouse who is seated on his,butt,right that is correct,you're moving forward and your right,hand,drops down,with your gun your hands are no longer,up and now they're the gun is pointed in,the direction of mr rip house,agree,i'll give you a picture maybe that'll,help,what's the next one,so um mr grosskids i'm going to,show you what has been marked as exhibit,67. uh,that's a photo of you yes,yes okay,um that's mr ri

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The Tale of Kyle Rittenhouse - Told by Verified Twitter

The Tale of Kyle Rittenhouse - Told by Verified Twitter

i would like to tell you all a tale,you may be having conversations with,your family now about the kyle,rittenhouse trial that make,no sense you may be having co-workers,telling you an indiscriminate murderer,of minorities is walking free or,facebook pages spamming rage all over,your timeline about how a white,supremacist court system is excusing an,actual mass shooting with machine gun,because it was done by a white man,this perspective is clearly batshit,insane but it's not entirely your,friends families or these bizarro,facebook pages fault for repeating this,moronic nonsense truth is they probably,outsource their thinking to those who,claim to be experts on subjects of,politics and law,a disastrous but understandable mistake,so if you're wondering just how,they came to these conclusions what,advice and information they are being,given well,i figured it would be a worthwhile,thought experiment to compile the story,of kyle rittenhouse,as progressives understand it and so,that i won't get criticism for just,pulling out random quotes from crazies,of which there are plenty on the left,and the right i have decided to use,entirely verified sources people who,have a check mark for being influential,politicians member of media professors,actors people who actually have sway in,society,so i hope you're sitting down with a,strong drink because we are about to go,on a wild adventure into a land of,absurdity and mystery as told entirely,by twitter blue check marks which i will,show on screen just in case you suspect,i am over hyping how ludicrous their,interpretation of events is but first a,huge thank you to the sponsor of this,video noble gold now not everyone is,interested in precious metal iras or,401k rollovers some people are happily,putting their life savings on the stock,market or launching themselves into,property investment others like the idea,of cryptos or leveraged investments all,at what looks like the top of the market,what could possibly go wrong well with,the supply chain issues inflation on the,way and unemployment climbing isn't it,all a bit risky and don't even get me,started on the 25 trillion dollars of,debt,if you've been thinking about investing,safer so you can retire comfortably and,sleep at night it might be time to talk,to noble gold about the tax advantages,and other pluses of those precious metal,iras of course you might just love,uncertainty but if you don't this month,noble gold are giving away a free,america the beautiful solid silver 5,ounce coin with any qualifying ira you,start call them at,website at 877-646-5347,and now without further ado,let us tell the tale of kyle rittenhouse,as it was experienced in the parallel,universe,that progressives inhabit,i write to you on a day of great horror,november 19th 2021,the most merciful thing in the world i,think,is the inability of the human mind to,correlate all its contents,we live on a placid isle of ignorance in,the midst of black seas of infinity and,it was not meant that we should voyage,far,sciences each straining in their own,direction have hitherto harmed us little,unless of course we are black,female or queer,but someday the piercing together of,disassociated knowledge will open up,such frightful vistas of reality and of,our frightful position therein,that we shall either go mad from the,revelation or flee from the deadly light,into the peace of a new safe space,critical theorists have guessed that the,awesome grandeur of the cosmic cycle,where in our world and socially,constructed humanity form transient,incidents,they have hinted,at strange survivals of,white supremacy in terms which would,freeze the blood if not masked by bland,optimism,but it is not from them,that there came the single glimpse of,forbidden eons which chills me when i,think of it and maddens me when i dream,of it,that glimpse like all dread glimpses of,truth flashed out from a fiery but,mostly peaceful night,in kenosha wisconsin,men women and every gender in between,and beyond were marching to defend black,lives in america a country in which it,is entirely legal to shoot anyone who is,less than 99.8 percent white,activists in kenosha marched long and,hard through the cold night only,disturbing the peace to light small,fires to warm their cold and weary hands,the peaceful protesters all of whom were,black,were blissfully unaware,that they were being stalked by a,predator,a member of the hitler youth,vowed white supremacist and domestic,terrorist carrying an illegally obtained,weapon of war that he was too young to,be in possession of and worst of all had,carried across state,lines,kyle,howard rittenhouse,his mother dropped him off with a snack,bag and some extra ammo tucked into his,backpack after their road trip to,kenosha from illinois,a long but deliberate trip for what they,perceived as good hunting grounds,as kyle exited the panzer tank they,called a car he turned to his mother and,said,we must secure the existence of our,people and a future for white-ow

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Rittenhouse Victim’s Family Member Speaks Out On Verdict

Rittenhouse Victim’s Family Member Speaks Out On Verdict

anthony huber was one of the men were in,house shot and killed during those,protests last year we want to bring in,his great aunt susan hughes susan good,morning to you we want to extend our,condolences to you this morning you have,had some hours to process the verdict,what message do you think the jury is,sending with this verdict,uh you know i i think they made their,best efforts i think the fact that it,took four days,perhaps gives us some encouragement that,at least it was a,difficult decision to to reach,one,irony of this whole thing is that,the verdict came down on anthony's,mother's birthday,um,that's a particularly hard blow,susan the defense said that ridden house,had a right to self-defense,you said that your nephew had a right to,his own life that he was intervening to,protect other lives an argument that the,jury,rejected how do you want americans to,remember your nephew this morning,well i think you know they rejected it,because they stopped every attempt to,say anything positive at all,about any of the victims,none of them deserve,the kind of treatment they've received,on the wild web,and frankly from some of the national,media,who have different political views,i want,anthony to be remembered as,a person who,really was just trying to get on with,his life after,a difficult some early difficult years,and was making real real progress in,that regard um,and,if you have time i,actually because i know your,atmosphere in the morning is a little,different,i i'm tired of all the heaviness,i want to leave you with one,little bit of a lighter note,in in some of the photos you see of,anthony you see he's wearing a cap,and it has the word bacon on it,when his grandmother was very ill,we had a very strange anthony had a,marvelous sense of humor very very funny,guy and an interesting take on life,he's asked his grandmother,uh how she,if you if you believe in reincarnation,what do you want to come back what,animal do you want to be,and she said you know a warm fuzzy bunny,i just want to be you know cuddled in,the next life i don't want any pain,and uh anthony she asked anthony what he,wanted to be,and he looked at her and he said bacon,just,uh,you know he he said i want for,for once in my you know afterlife to,live in a house where people are rich,enough to buy bacon,well it says a lot about his sense of,humor and also how close he was with his,family all of you susan hughes thank you,for your perspective your remembrances,and your time this morning we appreciate,it,hey thanks for watching our youtube,channel find your favorite recipes,celebrity interviews uplifting stories,shop our favorite deals and so much more,with the today app download it now

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Pedro Pascal Gets DESTROYED Over Disgusting Tweet After Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

Pedro Pascal Gets DESTROYED Over Disgusting Tweet After Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

re joe pesci elstar of disney star wars,de mee en delorean is decided to go,later empirisch voorin is miles once,again,je kind chinese speak about things i,know that i know about and could be such,topics like de file browser product en,hey joyce alles je ik stream website,daarin eerste jong moment was reggie set,free app 3 defend themselves against,criminals because they just gel de show,in sympathie voorzijde criminals wat,joseph roze bonprix seks en interviewer,270,autosporthistorie tweet rest in peace,wel eens zo'n manier people are my,dynamisch greenjoy in de comment section,on everything absoluut niet blaas tweede,voor this terrible,terrible take all these people go by plm,een anti-fog nobody's s en i denk jelle,flash,joseph roze moby lines and good people,triljard,deed in single moeders soligor zou de,maïs de jong sinds 5 album zwemmen,5 time for a best en het eten reviewer,kieuwnet in suffolk eten gimmick ontdekt,it twice as another night to his,grandmother and brother speaker 1 quinny,buzz,dit is de site was message dit disney,star wars edge sd support this ripe,because they become a medici statements,tv kanaal in fire hey men-sen that's,disgusting nou ja oké met pedro pascal,als de poriën cadeaus jets jets evgeny,wat de steen duur is,jean acroniem kids fire,voor wie posting summary talking about a,political viewpoint comparing something,happens 17 years ago oh nee dat skye is,een moraal people are free the chair,white now when i look at neighbours,helling aannemers voor thanks jean en,karno amiel ik het fire by business,hours for now we pedro pascal,nacht voor de force on what's up sandick,streaming conciërge life with kids en 12,feet for my god er opinie reaper,cautions die gozer clear dobbelsteen er,is waar ik kom zie die speedboor,absolutes casting they would rather heb,sympathie voor pedo's en korea criminals,and domestic abusers,then they would be okay buddhism and,join free,think about their second dat zou de,mensen die people are like it's not just,that their love this is not just a girl,in a coal chamber,they would rather,pre-echo's,tenzij de bog be acceptable fire and ice,koos free mijn carrière jamie gregg,dollar idee binnenkort over stephan,sector final i'm out de wat was er mis,kan zijn the entire time is mickey mouse,to open gary chapman,in de steden with kansen en geen bril ow,verlies people in chili con carne,fenimore en het laatst mama,user guides to self defence,for people like pedro pascal en wat,ouder publiek voor dizzy why do people,or four star wars that were sympathie,voor dit kiezen ,rest in peace wel joh,le salon think these guys rest in peace,fles ik word uw twins polly prima en die,john denkt er zoveel lawaai kies vonnis,aan jou hoe sliep in prepy folie,de vijf boys,de studie sorry must therefore be,sleeping creepy line up,0362 ander resultaat shell dit is,clearly wat disney star wars is all,about gravity 3d en fang,double standards and win vis is de,stenen jackie tot china karl-thomas usa,d'esprit up thanks for watching,in de shell het mekka van zijn muziek so,much for fall meer en twitter instagram,check out the description below you find,links mijn keel bikes and my kitchen is,wel wat you guys winner

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Liberal Twitter MELTSDOWN Over Kyle Rittenhouse Judge Not Allowing The Use Of The Term 'Victim'

Liberal Twitter MELTSDOWN Over Kyle Rittenhouse Judge Not Allowing The Use Of The Term 'Victim'

all right guys so with the trial of cal,rittenhouse coming up in a week or so um,there's a whole lot of drama on twitter,right a lot of people are triggered,because the judge just finished setting,the ground rules for uh what the,prosecution slash defense can and can't,say doing their arguments to the,jury and as you guys know mr rittenhouse,is claiming self-defense in the face of,six charges two of which include first,degree reckless homicide against mr,jacob rossenbaum and first degree,intentional homicide against anthony,hubbard those were the uh two people,that were shot and killed at night by mr,rittenhouse and what he says was,self-defense now what's really,triggering the left is that the judge is,not allowing um the,prosecution to refer to them,as victims but before i really get into,this i want you guys to actually watch a,news clip of some more details about,this upcoming trial and the judge's,final ground rules that he laid so you,guys get more information take a look,kyle rittenhouse sat silently in a,kenosha courtroom as his defense team,and prosecutors argued last minute,motions before the teen's trial begins,next week what kenosha county,prosecutors and the defense team can and,can't say in the course of the trial was,the subject of intense debate kyle,rittenhouse is charged with killing two,men and seriously injuring another,during sometimes violent protests in,kenosha in august of 2020 when the then,17-year-old patrolled the streets with,an ar-15 type weapon,more than,one of these,people were engaging in,arson,rioting or looting,then i'm not going to tell the defense,they can't call them that a judge said,the two deceased men and the third who,was seriously wounded cannot be referred,to as victims the word victim is a,loaded loaded word,and i think alleged victim is a cousin,to it in another win for rittenhouse's,defense team kenosha county judge bruce,schroeder will allow a use of force,expert to testify with conditions,now with rules clearly defined on,terminology and witness testimony the,highly anticipated case of self-defense,or intentional homicide at the hands of,kyle rittenhouse will be laid before a,jury,jury selection begins one week from,today and the closely watched case,litigating what happened on a kenosha,street in august of last summer will be,decided by a jury of 12 and what's,expected to be at least all right guys,so,yeah the judge is basically saying,listen um you know these people you know,unfortunately died but we can't call,them victims and the reason why is,because this is a self-defense thing,right uh when somebody is saying they,were defending themselves and you're,saying that the people that were,attacking them um are victims that,strongly implies,guilt from the person that is,acting in self-defense right,so the judge is like hey you know what,that is a very strong term to be using,in a self-defense trial uh we're,probably just not going to allow it now,this is not uncommon right this is not,uncommon however the left they don't,care right they don't really want to,look this stuff up and do the research,and say okay is this judge acting out of,the norm um or is this normal right and,when you actually look at information,it's pretty normal for judges to do this,when it comes to self-defense but again,that doesn't stop them from being,outraged and throwing out accusations,but let's read here uh,as aj plus tweeted this and this really,got a whole lot of people upset it says,the judge in cal rittenhouse trial says,lawyers cannot call the two people he,killed victims renthouse killed two,people and one another with the ar-15,style weapon the judge says quote victim,is too loaded but we'll let lawyers call,them rioters looters and arsonists well,i mean the reason why is because um,if that's what they were doing,then that is a reasonable term to call,them if that was evidence that that's,what they were doing,then you can use those terms and that's,what the uh judge said he actually,really said i don't want you to say that,in your opening statement however you,can say that in your closing statement,if the evidence suggests that that's,what they were doing right that's what,the judge said but again the details,don't matter to the left um as i just,want to read some of these uh comments,here,it says uh g that sounds unbiased what,kind of kangaroo court is he being,trialed in i've never come across a,judge so blatantly biased how gross i'm,sure that decision will be one of many,grounds for appeal the state may have if,written house gets off will there be the,political will gee she sounds like a,whole bunch of people sound it,doing the whole uh chopping trial right,that's what she sounds like in regards,to it not being fair right this should,immediately be appealed the victims are,not on trial in kyle ren's house case,and none of them were charged or,convicted of a crime the families should,very well take action for the judge's,defamatory actions,none of the victims were riders

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