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Learning To See - How People Become Experts with Kyle Griffinfirst of all Kyle welcome back to,engli


Updated on Jan 12,2023

Learning To See - How People Become Experts with Kyle Griffin

first of all Kyle welcome back to,english Cove,I know you and I did a podcast episode,for the agile Talks podcast going back,maybe a month and a half ago or so a,couple months and we were talking about,your multifaceted approach to reaching,true business agility which you call,diamond agile which we had a really good,response and really interesting stuff,that we covered and during that,conversation we got into another topic,which you coined learning to see and we,discussed at that point coming back on,the show and elaborating on that a bit,so that's why we're here very,interesting stuff I you know the,official title of this webinar is,learning to see how people become,experts and I think there's a lot of,that in there and you have basically a,different view and a very interesting I,think very progressive view and approach,to this so let's go ahead and talk about,that so Paola you've got the floor,thanks for joining thanks Chris,I always feel a little bit surprised by,how nice your introductions are for me,so I've been I've been doing education,more or less monthly since I don't know,91 and then I've been in the schools,doing education being educated since,well very long time ago,so um education for me has been an awful,lot of my career if you look at what,I've done across the years I I say,things like I have well more than 25,000,hours in teaching if you just,actual time spent either in front of,classrooms or tutoring people one-on-one,I've taught I like to say I've taught,almost everything if there is a topic,that goes on in a school or near a,school or then I've probably been,involved with teaching it whether that,be springboard diving or soccer coaching,whether that be elementary school,education teaching mathematics whether,that be working in a Montessori context,whether that be,I have homeschooled three or four other,people's kids plus my five I have taught,software for a great deal of time I've,taught business English I've taught,English in different countries I've,taught what I do for a living is I help,people learn to do things better and,having done that and recently as you,know my focus has been on teaching,people to do agility better but still an,awful lot of what I do is helping people,to become better and so I spent years,trying to figure out what kinds of,things matter in education and I've got,my line and my really fast version and,I'm gonna focus on part of this but I,want to do my first version first when,you look at education it comes down to,really three things I've been saying,something slightly different for the,last five years ten years but I want to,change my words a friend of mine nudged,me,to change my words five years ago but I,didn't really figure out what he meant,and so I think I've got a better line,now 90% of education 90% of learning is,intent where is the attention of the,student when they are learning are they,paying attention to trying to get better,are they paying attention to trying to,improve are they paying attention to,their needs if they're paying attention,to their new eating they are not getting,better they are not learning anything,really simply intent is most of learning,whether or not you have a class whether,or not you have materials whether or not,you have a teacher the core question in,learning is who wants to learn what and,the people who want to learn they learn,and the people who don't want to learn,they don't and the people who don't care,they also don't and so question one in,learning which I'm not trying to talk,about today is what is your motivation,I used to say these days I talk more,about intent because my word intent when,I use it I mean what is your intent in,the moment not hey I want to learn,algebra so I'm gonna take an algebra,class and then during the algebra class,I'm gonna think about lunch no what's,your intent while you're doing the,learning okay so I'm gonna push intent,off to the side we'll come back to in a,minute but my first line is if you don't,have intent you don't have learning,right really 90% of the issue is where,is your attention once you've cleared,intent out of the way and you've got,somebody who's really actually trying to,become better then you get to the second,part of learning the second part of,learning is what are you doing how are,you acting what actions are you taking,and I want to I want to go beyond that I,wasn't saying that is carefully learning,is mostly practice and I'll push more on,practice in a minute but most of,learning is how are you doing the work,when I want to learn to be a,mathematician I want to do what college,mathematicians call warm-ups and I want,to do calculus how do you do calculus,how do you get competent at calculus you,do thousands of problems there's nobody,anywhere who's any good at calculus who,hasn't done thousands of calculus,problems,similarly calculus is a building skill,if you don't have algebra skills then,you can't do it and so you have to have,done your thousands or tens of thousand

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Lions vs Packers Live Play by Play & Reaction

Lions vs Packers Live Play by Play & Reaction

100,000 subscribe,the game was over oh we here,I am just done,okay,let's go firing,Harold hold me Russell,oh it's caught over the middle,it's freaking fracking time,foreign,Nation welcome to an episode of back as,a podcast where you don't now do,Pakistan but it sure does help Bob your,host job,been waiting all day,for Sunday night grassy,oh baby we here,we are freaking fracking,here,the nerves the nerves are here,the Rams they lost to the Seahawks,so unfortunately it's not a winner take,all game I wanted that I wanted the,stakes to be even higher but instead the,Lions will attempt to play spoiler and,for the Green Bay Packers,if they win,they are,in,whatever,Kitty no they're not going to no no no,no no no no,no,choking none of that not that right not,a shenanigans tonight,budget with a toner livid uh shut him to,the punter yeah yeah I get it I get it,war dog thank you for the two appreciate,you Justin with a tour I know they,ruined it the Seahawks again they're the,worst Joshua JJ legend legend always,let's go me out if I'm waiting all day,baby let's freaking fracking go Connor,Thank you for the five or one two three,thank you for the Fiverr uh Go Pack Go,baby go pack up fudge it they fired uh,best left and Packers let's go Kevin,thank you for the sixer we're gonna try,to deny the Seahawks the playoff birth,let's go we jumped up for like a,thousand people to over 41. oh it's a,playoff game baby and if we win,we will be taking on,the San Francisco 49ers we still got to,do that stop Barry buried with a hundo,and for nerves like,come on tell Jimmy go back up let's go,let's go Scott hope you're doing well,buddy Johnny hello from the Black Wings,game and the only one wearing Packers,gear here free from my life no regards,no regards Johnny none Brandon gifted 50,memberships,oh Brandon thank you brand new members,check out the community tab join the,patreon now join the Discord Brandon you,crazy thank you thank you thank you,thank you it's all ready I can already,tell to be one of those streams it's,gonna be a crazy stream already Tim,thank you for the tour appreciate it bro,thank you for the three year Michael,thank you for the Fiverr oh dude the,Cowboys suck today,Omega thank you for the tour oh yeah,Lovey Smith Lovey Smith helping out the,Chicago Bears,let's go let's go,let's get it Zeb thank you for that 20.,backers will do this off season depends,what happens but,some people are not gonna be on this,team because of cap space so that's,interesting as the best thank you for,two I appreciate you uh RC thanks for,the Fiverr all right let's go guys folks,I'm sorry if I missed it already it's,already going crazy so welcome to the,crossbody we don't thank you for the,tour,let's go Rachel to Fiverr let's go,wearing their green relax somebody the,urine has to be strong tonight tactless,thank you for the fire will be easier I,don't think it's easier no cause now now,Dan Campbell's gonna be kicking onside,kicks like all the time that's it,they're gonna go for it on every fourth,down please thank you Survivor all the,anxiety is up there buddy viewer weather,oh,saying time is now the moment is a hand,Harold Raymond lets you strength go pack,go,oh,let's go,gamer try to not call Scooter I did not,no you guys are still in the playoffs,though you know that's really doesn't,matter they're just limping in there,Garfield thank you for gifted five,memberships Daniel thank you for the,tour oh boy yeah this is gonna be wild,it's gonna be wild already I could,already tell it's one of those streams,Brad with a Fiverr yup yup 49ers are,waiting Brandon would have fired Bears,will win the tank ball oh yeah they did,they did Chase thank you for the dollar,oh God I can't keep up already,oh boy Zachary thank you for the Fiverr,Diamond thank you for the fiver,appreciate you oh yeah later with a oh,no say the Eagles won Cowboys destroying,Wildflower and I want a fancy League,here so hope you have a good game,tonight Atlanta congratulations let's go,let's freaking get it let's get it Turk,thanks for five I appreciate you uh 12,foot to work nope no no no no no no no,no no no no Seahawks here okay thank you,for the tour Joshua thank you let's go,let's go oh God Yep this is not good,this is not good this is a problem,already so sweat outfit,foreign,bets Green Bay win should I throw,another 500 on the Lions money line,buddy don't bet anything you ain't,willing to lose remember,bet with your head,not over it that's what they say that's,what they say exhausted let's get it,done let's go Michael to fire call,Scooter not now this is not scooter time,this is Packer time Reston thank you for,the tour Haley and thank you for the,Fiverr oh I do Griffin thank you for the,two appreciate you Daniel thank you for,the fire Zev thank you for the time I,don't have a second favorite team it's,all Packers all the way down all the way,down Drew thank you for the tour Ethan,thank you appreciate it again I,apologize if I miss people already it's,like I can't even I

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Jordan & Kobe In The 2003 Draft

Jordan & Kobe In The 2003 Draft

all right all right all right so it is,2003 and I have added Michael Jordan and,Kobe Bryant into the draft class,alongside LeBron D Wade mellow and Bosch,let's see what will change which also,means that I removed Kobe Bryant from,the Los Angeles Lakers and the residual,effect it had they didn't make the,playoffs instead of having a finals,appearance so I mean look at the team,for the love of God they're like seven,best players Kareem Rush yeah that's it,we're gonna see how everything changes,real quick I have to make the biggest,announcement in my career thus far I'm,officially going to be debuting in the,art form that I have the most respect,for hourglass and album by click will be,releasing very soon all of my social,medias for more updates if you want them,there will be more videos on YouTube as,well also if you want to know if the,album is actually good or not here's a,few of my friends reactions when I,played them a few songs pause it now,that's probably one of the best songs on,that click button,please please for my sake please throw,all the books away because I ain't got,the heat,there's a few muted reactions for,confidentiality purposes but yeah as a,human being this is my favorite thing,I've ever created I hope you'll enjoy,when the time comes The Hourglass is,coming so yeah stay tuned the draft,lottery Lakers oh my God they were that,bad all right well will the Lakers get,the first pick they do so the Lakers,will have the opportunity to select can,I see what their record was 29 and 53,tied with the nuggets for the worst and,I did not see what pick Denver got so,we'll see how unlucky they were first,pick the Lakers select LeBron James,about you know two decades earlier so,they they swapped Kobe out for him,Michael Jordan goes second to the Bulls,wow I did not realize how that was gonna,go third pick Kobe Bryant goes to the,Blazers so yet again uh Jordan you know,Blazers go go close near near Jordan in,the draft whatever screw it fourth pick,Dwyane Wade gets picked instead of,mellow to the Nuggets fifth pick Melo,goes to the Jazz be a nasty Carl Malone,land and the next pick the Grizzlies get,Chris Bosh Boris Dio of course better,than all of them so the Pistons really,lucked out there Shaq wins Most Valuable,Player next to LeBron who won Rookie of,the Year I mean obviously he had the,most opportunity the team sucks outside,of Shaquille George Carl Coach of the,Year LeBron made the all-nba second team,in his first season and nobody else did,but Jordan didn't make all the defenses,so right after losing Mike to both the,Wizards and retirement they're just,right back and they are the first seed,the Bulls are the first seed in the,conference there were 32 and 50 last,year this year they have 58 and 24 with,the addition of Michael and that's,really it looks like the rest of the,team is the exact same nobody else in,the East made it but the Lakers Memphis,and Denver which is D Wade and uh Chris,Bosh and The Grizzlies also made it I'm,pretty sure Ron Artest just signed here,he was not here in real life yeah he,left Indiana for this team with him plus,the addition of Chrissy it definitely,makes sense of their second seed oh yeah,before we go any further into this video,I want to shout to prize picks prize,because the best place to play daily,fantasy sports has been won over 30,States use the code click you get 100,back up to 100 of your first deposit as,always let me show you how this works I,was hoping Donovan Mitchell played again,today I know he just dropped 70. I was,trying to go you know for more on him,but I guess not in a real quick quick,recap look at this this is the entry I,showed you last time and the one after,that so yeah yeah definitely doing a big,out here let's not overthink this,Christian Wood has scored 19 in every,single game Let's Go Christian Wood,Moore I don't like Marcus Smart can get,10 points just a random guess I'm,feeling 27 and a half for John Moran as,well he's playing Orlando they're not,good I don't care who he's playing this,is the easy thing I've ever taken in my,life Dylan Brooks two turnovers that man,be just I don't know out there I'm gonna,go with Luka Don just to get eight and a,half assists that's a light five right,there you put 20 down you get 200 you,put you know I'm saying you could also,get 40 if you get four correct I think,the price for front in this video,Everybody used to go click and click the,link in the description to get up to 100,back 100 of your first deposit now to,get back into it and Jordan is,instantaneously just down 3-0 to see,about it he has came back from down 3-0,to 3-3 against the 76ers Iverson and,Allen Iverson just blew a whole 3-0 lead,to Mike he shot six for 15. Jordan took,going down 3-0 oh man here goes personal,he took it personally all right Braun is,currently down 3-0 to the Spurs anybody,do the same thing hell no Lakers lost,Bulls lost Gilbert Arenas and The,Grizzlies also just blew like a three,two or a three one so there you go all,t

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Kyle Anderson 6 PTS: All Possessions (2023-01-04)

Kyle Anderson 6 PTS: All Possessions (2023-01-04)

Russell around to go bear screen the,pump gives it up to Anderson on the,attack lifts it up and through,all of these wide pin downs and handoff,actions with Damian Lillard and Simons,Russell outside slo-mo for three sure,another turnover third of the game for,the Blazers,Anderson,turns in the lane puts it up and in two,field goals for Kyle Anderson who's been,a little group lately Jimmy,Anderson inside puts it up short,and he picks up a foul he does not like,Anderson inside puts it up short,and he picks up,Portland on a little run to close the,opening quarter,they missed to start the second Prince,quickly the other way oh the land goes,down,Dorian Prince but eight attempts they,want to lock down in three-point defense,guys,unreal but Kyle how about that play,Anderson over the rivers back to,Anderson puts it in eight attempts they,want to lock down in three-point defense,guys,unreal by Kylie how about that play,Anderson over to Rivers back to Anderson,puts it in highlight reel Russell,Veronica bear scream Anderson,puts it up can't get it to fall that,time 37-29,eighth turnover for the Blazers Anderson,to go bare that time 37-29,eighth turnover for the Blazers Anderson,to go bare that time don't worry about,the contact he puts it in Josh Hart,and they give it up another turnover for,Portland,Edwards oh the lake in that time,boom,working on hard to pull up short Garza,trying to keep it alive and it's in the,hands of Josh Hart,part driving,in this game so far they are not winning,the rebound battle there have been a lot,of 50 50 balls that have ended up in,Portland's hands they're getting Grand,back in the ball game he was,questionable with that quad contusion,he's back out on the floor for billips,Anderson the law to go there,there's that connection,Simons is going to check in with his,five fouls next dead ball,Lillard driving and got the foul plus,the bucket,foreign,Russell here in the game situation,the Miss from Lillard

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Elon Musk DESTROYS Dr Fauci In New Twitter Files

Elon Musk DESTROYS Dr Fauci In New Twitter Files

on the upcoming Christmas Eve Dr Anthony,fauci chief medical advisor to the,president of the United States will,celebrate his 82nd birthday but he,already has a gift from Elon Musk who,has tweeted that he should be prosecuted,Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk,triggered a social media Firestorm on,Sunday after suggesting that U.S,covid-19 saw Dr Anthony's fauci should,be investigated and prosecuted for,allegedly lying under oaf about the,funding and research at a Wuhan lab in,China Inner Street the billionaire,appeared to mock pronoun use and said my,pronouns are prosecute fauci the comment,was like more than a million times and,retweet over 90 000 times as of the time,this video was made,what initially appeared to be simply a,humorous dig Elon Musk also posted a,meme showing a retiring white house,chief medical advisor Whispering just,one more lockdown my king and President,Joe Biden's ear,bouchi advocated for people to get,vaccinated and wear masks during the,covid-19 pandemic but has come under,scrutiny from conservatives and,conspiracy theories over restrictions,medical advice he offered the top doctor,has been harassed after he became a,target of people who questioned the,benefits of the vaccine saying it was,dangerous various claims about the,covid-19 vaccine safety have repeatedly,been dispelled by the Center for Disease,Control and prevention CDC,however after faulti's name was,propelled to the topic Twitter's Trends,with over 600 000 mentions most,apparently felt the need to elaborate,while he thought the controversial face,of America's response to the pandemic,should be investigated as for fauci he,lied to Congress and fund the game of,function research that killed millions,of people must send response to one,critic adding not awesome Imo,shortly after fauci announced that he,would step down his Biden's chief,medical advisor and his director of the,nih's National Institute of allergy and,infectious diseases U.S senator Rand,Paul demanded that the Biden,Administration preserved documents and,messages that could become evidence in a,potential probe fauci's resignation,should not prevent a full-on,investigation into the origins of the,pandemic he must be required to testify,under oath regarding any discussions he,participated in concerning the Wuhan lab,leak his policies destroyed lives Paul,tweeted Senator Rand Paul a Kentucky,Republican who has had multiple public,squabbles with balji previously pledged,to conduct a full-throated investigation,to the origins of the pandemic,regardless of the doctors impending,retirement at the end of the month GOP,representative James Horner and Jim,Jordan have accused fauci of hiding,information about the coven 19's origin,the senator previously accused fauci of,directing Public Funding to gain a,function research at the Wuhan lab and,lying about under oath in Congressional,testimony as the two spart repeatedly in,Senate hearings gain a function is the,modification of pathogens to enhance,them in various potential ways including,transmissibility the rationale is that,scientists can study new strains and,find ways to stop them before similar,adaptions emerge naturally the lab,League theory that the coronavirus,leaked from a Chinese lab was,popularized by former U.S president,Donald Trump who made the allegations,amid a trade war with China major U.S,media organizations and Tech platforms,initially labeled it as a disinformation,and try to suppress the theory from,public discourse however after must took,over Twitter the company stopped,enforging its covid-19 misleading,information policy former CIA director,and Obama White House official John,Brenner took the took the Twitter to,voice his concern with mus's Sunday,tweet saying Dr fauci is a national hero,who would be remembered for generations,to come for his innate goodness and many,contributions to Public Health,despite your business success you will,be remembered most for fueling public,hate and divisions you may have money,but you have no class Kyle Griffin an,MSNBC executive producer pointed out,musk's tweet for degrading trans,community,the man who shared this information,about Paul Pelosi allowed hates beasts,to flourish on his platform and endorse,Ron DeSantis in 2024 is now calling for,the prosecution of a public health,professional and denigrating the trans,community at the same time Griffin,tweeted representative Richie Torres a,New York Democrat reacted the muscles,tweet on Sunday saying Elon Musk wants,to criminalize Anthony fauci because he,disagrees with him Elon is no champion,of free speech filmmaker and producer,Andy ostrow tweeted,what's that sound it's the sound of even,more advertisers fleeing however even,with a large amount of criticism must,did received some support in a Sunday,afternoon tweet Paul reiterated what he,previously said about the doctor adding,that fauci's policies destroyed lives,representative Marjorie Taylor green a,Georgia Republican tweeted I affirm your,pronouns Elon former U

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Put PEPPER on your Agile Before You Eat It with Kyle Griffin

Put PEPPER on your Agile Before You Eat It with Kyle Griffin

welcome back to the mob mentality show,my name is austin chadwick my co-host is,chris lucian,and very very excited to have kyle,griffin on the show today this is a,pleasure for me because uh,kyle and i have had several great,conversations over the last several,months,uh just kind of uh agile and mob slash,pairing practitioners,and uh sharing and learning a lot and,then also recently uh kyle got to,participate in a model workshop with us,where he did a fantastic job,facilitating a mob,so uh yeah really excited about this,conversation,uh we're gonna be hitting a few things,we'll see where it lands us though uh,agile,facets time frames of agile principles,under the manifesto and,if there's time maybe militant humility,and things like that so,we'll see where we go though uh before,we get started on the topics,kyle uh would can you give us an,introduction to yourself,uh that's always the hard one right,um i'm kyle i was teaching programming,back in the 90s,and then i'm going,how do i get these people to understand,good design,because that's a heck of a thing you can,teach people how to write,code and if statements and all that and,how do you get good code,and i'm hey how about we do the oo stuff,okay great,uh didn't work how about we do patterns,well it works if you've got 10 years of,experience and you can reference the,patterns you know,but it still didn't work and what,happens if we do a co-blended,oo theory with a language in the middle,and yeah maybe a little bit what can we,do to get people to,learn decent design and then i'm in a,bookstore,because that's what you did in 2000 if,you're geeky enough right,and i find this book on the computer,shelf,set called extreme programming explained,and so i pick it up i read it and i said,wait that that solves the problem right,paired tdd actually fixes,the design problem and how to get new,developers,to learn to design well,i've been looking for this solution for,like 10 years why,didn't i know about this oh it's new,okay just released,and then they like rebranded into agile,in 2001,and then all the processed people took,over agile in,2004 and,and here we are back in excel and here,we are 20 years later and i'm still,preaching,wait wait but you can actually do good,design if you do xp,nice nice right on well thanks for that,intro um,yeah maybe we'll jump into uh,yeah how about time frames of agile,first uh yeah what are your thoughts,there,so there's this weird thing that i see,going on where everybody doing agile,keeps talking about these,sprints and,we're trying to optimize hey what can we,deliver best by the end of the sprint,and going back to what i just said you,know when i read the xp thing,20 years ago and started teaching it,it was like you know what i'm optimizing,for i'm optimizing for a time,frame like five years out right,what i'm trying to do is optimize total,cost of ownership of this piece of,software,total value proposition of the piece of,software,over the next decade and if all i'm,doing is thinking about the sprint,i'm just a mess this isn't this isn't,what,the whole thing was built to do right,and so i like to do examples uh,everybody knows who usain bolt is,right fastest sprinter on the planet,great you also know maybe roger,bannister the first guy who ran a,in a mile,maybe you know kip choge,kip choge is the dude who last year,right before kovid,he ran an unofficial under two hour,marathon,wow right that's that's as big of a a,step as,banister's four-minute mile right i'm,not a runner,right i run from bears that's it,right and then there's also giannis,kuros who's like my favorite runner ever,he's got the,um world record for a thousand miles,he can run a thousand miles he can run,from my house to your house,i'm in colorado you're in san diego six,and a half days,it's awesome,i have trouble driving it that fast but,yeah um,so when i talk about prop software it's,like,what kind of race are we running yeah,are we running a usain bolt sprint,well then you eat one way and you train,one way,and you pick the people with that kind,of physiology,and or are we running the honest chorus,race because,i would do very different things in one,case than i did in the other,right and i if you want to do a sprint,great tell me you're doing a sprint and,tell me,i'm going to optimize for today and i,know it's going to be worse tomorrow,yeah right okay that's a legitimate call,i've seen prototyping cases where that's,the smart thing to do,yeah absolutely absolutely and so,and so you're referencing kind of this,tendency,uh in the industry to,basically pick a target uh and,basically make multiple sprints for a,waterfall timeline,so so to speak right yeah,and and so i mean that's really,prevalent thing and some people might,suffer this often,um and and so uh or you know,sometimes referred to as scrum or fall,and other things like that right,and and so do you have uh,you know how does this analogy uh help,you when talking,to to people that you're working with,and and,you

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Joe Rogan Experience #1258 - Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde & Tim Pool

Joe Rogan Experience #1258 - Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde & Tim Pool

five four three dos uno come on,TriCaster live all right we're live,ladies and gentleman to my left,Tim Tim Poole everybody knows and loves,them Vijay what is it I am pronouncing a,feature,not Vida Vidya the jaw daddy daddy and,your position at Twitter is I lead trust,and safety legal and public policy,that's a lot that's a lot and Jack,Dorsey ladies and gentlemen first of all,thank you everybody for doing this,appreciate it thank you thank you feels,also there's tension in the room just a,few minutes tension and everyone's like,oh this is really happening here we go,before we get started we should say,because there were some things that,people wanted to have us talk about one,that the cash app is one of the sponsors,of the podcast it's been a sponsor for a,long time and also a giant supporter of,my good friend Justin Ren's fight for,the Forgotten charity building wells for,the pygmies in the Congo this is very,important to me and I'm very happy that,you guys are a part of that and you are,connected to that I don't that's I mean,it's easy for someone to say that,doesn't have an influence on the way we,discuss things but it doesn't so if it,does I don't know what to tell you I'm,gonna mention too just because I don't,want people to come out and freak out,later I actually have like 80 shares in,square which isn't really that much in,you know but but it's something it is it,is so I don't want people to think you,know whatever you you're the CEO of,square I think right yep yeah and the,reason why we decided to come together,is we had a I thought a great,conversation last time but there's a lot,of people that were upset that there,were some issues that we didn't discuss,or didn't discuss in-depth enough or,they felt that I didn't press you enough,I talked to Tim because you know Tim and,I have talked before and he made a video,about it and I felt like his criticism,was very valid so we got on the phone,and we talked about it and I knew,immediately within the first few minutes,of the conversation then he was far more,educated about this than I was so I said,would you be willing to do,cast and perhaps do a podcast with Jack,and he said absolutely so we did a,podcast together it was really,well-received people felt like we,covered a lot of the issues that they,felt like I didn't bring up and so then,Jack and I discussed it we said well,let's bring Tim on and then have vigĂ­a,on as well I said that right,yeah that's a hard one sorry I'll get,everybody promised but it was so weird,we go um today you know do you know who,Shaun Baker is he's a doctor who's a,prominent proponent of the carnivore,diet his post was his account was frozen,today I just sent it to Jamie yeah his,count was frozen today because of an,image that he had because he's a,proponent of the carnivore diet there's,a lot of people that believe that this,elimination diet is very healthy for you,and it's known to cure a lot of,autoimmune issues with certain people,but some people ideologically opposed it,because they think it's bad for the,environment or you shouldn't eat meat or,whatever the reasons are this is huge in,the Bitcoin community yes,yeah well it's for a lot of people that,have autoimmune issues particularly,psoriasis and arthritis is his lifesaver,it's crazy it's essentially it's an,autoimmune issue so because he has a,photo of a lion in a header eating a,looks like a wildebeest or something,like that his account was locked for,violating these rules rules against,graphic violence or adult content in,profile images that seems a little silly,and I wanted to just mention that right,away now whose decision is something,like that like who decides to lock a,guy's account out because it has a,nature image of you know natural,predatory behavior in this particular,case it's probably an algorithm that,detected it and made some sort of an,assessment but as a general rule how we,operate as a company as we rely on,people to report information to us so if,you look at any tweet you can kind of,pull down on the carrot on the right and,you can say report the tweet and then,you have a bunch of categories you can,choose from what you want to report I,think this one in particular though is,probably an algorithm so how does does,he have the option to protest that or to,ask,to review it absolutely and I'm guessing,that people are already reviewing it but,there's a choice to appeal any action,and that would go to a human to make,sure that it is actually a violation of,the rules or in this case if it's not,then it would be removed is that a,violation the rules that image I don't,think so I don't think that that would,be what we're trying to capture in terms,of graphic images in an avatar it's more,about violence towards humans unless it,was some sort of cruelty depicting,animals or something like that but this,seems not the intention of the rule does,this hi this one of the reason why I,wanted to bring this up immediately does,this highlight a flaw in the system in,t

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I Re-Simulated the GREATEST season in NBA History! (2016)

I Re-Simulated the GREATEST season in NBA History! (2016)

the 2015-2016 NBA season was truly one,of the greatest of all time from Kobe,Bryant's historic last game to the Wars,breaking a 73-9 regular season record,and then blowing a 3-1 serious lead in,the NBA Finals to LeBron James and the,Cleveland Cavaliers well guys today,we're gonna re-simulate this legendary,season here on NBA 2k23 to see if the,results stay the same or if they change,and so fellas go grab a snacks sit down,relax and let's get the assimilation,underway here we come,we are now here on the NBA 2k23 my,league and I have found some accurate,roster to the 2015-2016 season and you,guys can see them up on this screen,we're gonna skim through them but we see,this 76ers were a young Jewel embed but,man looking at these rosters it's giving,me so many great memories as we see the,Chicago Bulls with Jimmy Butler at the,9-2 overall also Pogba saw Joe Kim now,with Bobby Porter Jr oh my goodness and,now here are the NBA champions of that,2016 season the Cleveland Cavaliers or,Lebron James at a 99 overall Kyrie Kevin,Love Matthew dellavedova J.R Smith,Tristan Thompson and you guys know Miss,soaks fan and I remember this 2016,Boston team so very well I really,enjoyed this team of Market live with,Isaiah Thomas Avery Bradley Jay Crowder,Kelly Olynyk Marcus Smart I mean oh my,goodness that was one of my favorite,teams and then guys we see the LA,Clippers with Chris Paul Blake Griffin,the Andre Jordan can they make the files,in today's simulation because remember,they never made the files in real life,so that's what the simulation today is,all about we're re-simulating to see,what could happen which teams now would,do good or which teams would do bad or,can history repeat itself as we see the,Miami Heat would D Wade Chris Ball,scoring tragic and this Charlotte horns,team right here actually wasn't that bad,I feel like this was a solid Horror's,team but Kemba Walker jamilyn Al,Jefferson Batum Jeremy Lamb and the Utah,Jazz Gordon Hayward is back in the squad,when Gordon Hayward is on Utah he was so,good I'm not sure what happened maybe it,was the injury I don't know but anyways,we see the Sacramento Kings of DeMarcus,Cousins who used to be one of my,favorite senators and then the Knicks,with Carmel Anthony and Chris that's,porzingis and then we see the LA Lakers,rest in peace Kobe Bryant he's on an 86,overall he had that amazing last game,where he scored 60 points and I remember,watching that game live I was about like,17 or 16 years old actually and I was,just like this is the best way to go out,I mean he is such a legend for that game,anyways during the whiskey in the Dallas,Mavericks can they make the playoffs in,today's simulation as we see the,Brooklyn Nets and this next team was,kind of cool right there Brook Lopez Joe,Johnson and then we see a young Nikola,Joker the Denver Nuggets and an 84,overall and if you were to tell me jokic,would be a two-time MVP in 2016 a couple,years later I definitely would not have,believed you but anyways what a career,Joker just having and as we said the,Poke is Anthony Davis Drew holiday and,the Detroit Pistons with Reggie Jackson,Andre Drummond and you future Ronald,Rogers fans I know you guys missed this,team the rose and Larry valentina's,Powell I mean that was such a fun team,out there in Toronto of course James,Harden on the Houston Rockets I did 94,overall and it's crazy like five years,ago the Houston Rockets and San Antonio,Spurs were some of the best teams in the,west and right now in today's NBA they,are at the bottom of the Western,Conference as we see the Phoenix Suns,with a young Devin Booker at 19 years,old and 83 overall and then we see the,OKC Thunder with Durant Westbrook,Stephen Adams I mean they blew that 3-1,series lead in the Western Conference,Finals the Warriors and man the Thunder,should have won that series gone to the,NBA finals potentially won the finals,and the ranch should have never left,like literally history changed so much,after that series of the Warriors and,then we see the Golden State Warriors,who actually have that 739 record and,end up blowing a 3-1 lead in the finals,with Steph Curry Clay Thompson Draymond,Green Andre Iguodala but do you guys,remember after the Golden State Warriors,lost their finals a 3-1 meme was,everywhere I mean you couldn't get on,the internet without seeing three to one,it was crazy but anyways we see the,Washington Wizard is a very solid Squad,John Wall to 9-2 overall but it is time,to similar to the end of the season as,we are reassembling the 2016 season here,in NBA 2k23 and history repeats itself,as Stephen Curry wins the MVP 37 points,tennis is per game shooting 44 from the,three-point line what is season for,Stephen Curry,guys Philadelphia 76ers and as we go to,the Sixth Man of the Year award is Yusuf,nurkic from the Denver Nuggets averaging,12 points 10 rebounds a double-double,for Denver and Kauai from the San,Antonio Spurs who won the defensive,player of the year with 2.7 steals a,game guys look at his fi

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