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Man who sparked probe into Kobe Bryant crash photos speaks out | ABC7vanessa bryant has said that th


Updated on Jan 18,2023

Man who sparked probe into Kobe Bryant crash photos speaks out | ABC7

vanessa bryant has said that the only,thing worse than losing her husband and,daughter that day is knowing that,sheriff's deputies and firefighters took,and shared graphic close-up photos of,their remains the scandal may have never,come to light if not for one,whistleblower that man ralph mendes,spoke to us for this eyewitness news,investigation,it's taco tuesday at the baja california,bar and grill in norwalk two days after,the helicopter crash that killed kobe,bryant his daughter gianna and seven,others a source confirming to espn that,nba legend kobe bryant has died in a,helicopter crash in southern california,talk at the bar turns to the crash la,county sheriff's deputy joey cruz seen,here in the white t-shirt takes out his,phone on the phone graphic photos of,kobe bryant's remains from the crash,site after deputy cruz leaves the,bartender tells a group of regulars,sitting in this booth that deputy cruz,has just shown him the gruesome photos,ralph mendez there that night with,buddies from his softball league,describes what he heard from the,bartender he has pictures he showed me,pictures,pictures of what,pictures of all the dead bodies,and then he began,describing what he saw,you know they were all burnt,and he got very graphic with it mendes,says the bartender told him the deputy,crews laughed and found the photos,amusing mendes hoped none of it was true,it just sounded bad it just sounded,wrong on different levels out of whether,it's a league or not whether it's,against you know his sheriff's,department's policy i don't know but it,just sounded,bad,like,say something bad mendes did say,something submitting this complaint that,night with the l.a county sheriff's,department and i i thought to myself if,i don't say anything and it is true,i don't think i'll ever be able to live,on myself mendez says he thought that,night of his own pregnant fiance then,expecting their first child together a,girl the soon-to-be dad saw a role model,in kobe a father of four girls he loved,his girls you could see it in his face,his girls loved him and,he's a girl dad just like i am now there,were three daughters on board the,helicopter that day gianna bryant alyssa,altobelly and payton chester all on,their way to a girls basketball,tournament when news first surfaced that,deputies and la county firefighters,shared grim images from the crash scene,sheriff vanueva had this to say it's,wildly inappropriate it's disgusting and,it harms people that suffered a tragedy,already on top of that to think,that it could be expanded beyond that by,having a public display of their loved,ones remains,so this,we're trying to put an end to this,vanessa bryant and the other families,who lost loved ones that day filed,lawsuits over the sharing of the photos,two families have already settled for a,combined 2.5 million dollars but vanessa,bryant is heading for trial possibly,late next month,attorneys for vanessa bryant say,gruesome photos of kobe and their,daughter gianna's remains were passed,around to at least 28 l.a county,sheriff's department personnel and at,least a dozen firefighters then l.a,county fire captain and spokesperson,tony imbrenda allegedly showed photos to,colleagues during cocktail hour at a,golden mike's award ceremony weeks after,the crash he was demoted and transferred,fire captain brian jordan retired in,lieu of being fired and fire captain,arlen cahan was suspended for 30 days,with no pay attorneys for the county,argued that vanessa bryant's claim of,emotional distress is based on quote,hypothetical harm because the photos,were not publicly disseminated in her,deposition vanessa bryant testified that,for the rest of her life she will live,in fear that these photographs of her,husband and child will be leaked and,made public what she wants out of the,lawsuit she says is accountability,according to court documents only one of,the sheriff's deputies joey cruz seen,here at his academy graduation joey cruz,was disciplined other deputies received,no discipline but instead received,what's known as a performance log entry,in their files as for ralph mendes who,triggered the investigation with his,complaint about deputy cruz at the bar,he has no regrets i feel sorry for the,families i really feel bad and,i wish this wasn't happening,my prayers are all with them,and yeah i hope justice is served in all,of this i do it all over again,i just think it was the right thing to,do,trial is scheduled for february 22nd but,it could be delayed due to covid the,trial is expected to last three weeks,with about 40 witnesses taking the stand,hello i'm mark brown get more great abc,7 content by clicking the subscribe,button for our youtube channel and,download the abc 7 los angeles streaming,app on fire tv android tv,apple tv and roku to watch on your tv

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Disturbing Details Found In Kobe Bryant's Autopsy

Disturbing Details Found In Kobe Bryant's Autopsy

Kobe Bryant's death shocked the world, leaving fans confused and crushed.,Have we learned anything new about the circumstances since that tragic day?,Here's what we know.,When people think of the legendary basketball player, Kobe Bryant, they think of an incredible,competitor on the basketball court who gave his all in every game.,There was no such thing as a game being out of reach for his team.,He was known for being able to will the Los Angeles Lakers, with whom he played his entire,career, to heart-stopping, come-from-behind wins, and his single-minded competitiveness,earned him the nickname, "Black Mamba.",He won five NBA titles with the Lakers.,"We're going to get another one next year, again!,Back to back to back!",He retired in 2016, and it looked like he was content to spend time with his wife Vanessa,and their four children.,For all the other things that could be said about a complicated man, there has never been,any doubt that Bryant loved his family very much.,Then, life, as it often does, changed in an unexpected way.,When Bryant and his daughter, Gianna, died in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020,,it became one of those "Where were you when you heard" moments.,According to USA Today, Bryant, who was 41, was taking Gianna, 13, to her youth basketball,game at his Mamba Sports Academy.,Like her father, Gianna had been a standout player.,The sudden loss of the basketball icon and his young teen daughter was hard for many,to process.,Then the public had to anxiously wait for the autopsy results.,According to The Sporting News, the salient point that was highlighted in the coroner's,report offers some small comfort: Everyone on the helicopter most likely died instantly,upon impact.,There were disturbing things about what happened to them post-impact, but that was to be expected,in a crash that saw the vehicle traveling at 184 mph when it hit the ground, according,to AP News.,Officially, per the coroner's office, all nine aboard died of blunt force trauma.,There were severe burns that delayed identification, but those mercifully occurred after those,passengers had died.,Kobe's tattoos were instrumental in making that official identification.,The pilot, Ara Zobayan, was experienced.,Nevertheless, he made a grievous error in judgment in foggy conditions, and the result,was fatal for all involved.,The National Transportation Safety Board said that the probable cause was:," the pilot's decision to continue flight under visual flight rules into instrumental,meteorological conditions, which resulted in the pilot's spatial disorientation and,loss of control.",They said there was nothing that went wrong with the helicopter itself.,There were no illegal drugs found in the pilot’s system.,The event is simply a cruel reminder of how drastic an impact small choices can have for,any of us.,Kobe Bryant's widow, Vanessa, settled a lawsuit with the pilot’s estate and the company,that owned the helicopter in June 2021, according to AP News.,She also filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles County over the decision by some officials,present at the crash site to take photos of the victims and later leak them online.,That lawsuit is still pending as of the making of this video.,Kobe Bryant was far from the only athlete to tragically die in a helicopter or plane,crash.,The list, which spans decades, includes boxing legend Rocky Marciano, baseball Hall of Famers,Roberto Clemente and Roy Halladay, New York Yankee captain Thurman Munson and pitcher,Cory Lidle, and golfer Payne Stewart.,All of them joined a group of people whose lives were cut way too short.,While air travel is generally safe in the hands of experienced people, there is always,the risk that something could happen, whether with the weather or machine malfunction and,,unfortunately, Bryant and his daughter were in the wrong place at the wrong time.,Constant travel is both a perk and a pain to professional athletes.,And though Bryant had retired, he nevertheless had the means to make a cross-county trip,that would have otherwise been arduous in Los Angeles' notoriously bad traffic a little,easier on himself, his daughter, and their guests.,In the days following the crash, some offered pushback on the star's decision to fly that,day, but the reality is that Bryant could simply afford to do it.,His autopsy revealed nothing more in his system than Ritalin, a common medication typically,prescribed for ADHD, according to ABC News.,His judgment wasn't clouded.,For an athlete of his stature, taking a short flight that day was a logical decision — even,if we can never make sense of the tragedy.,Instead, we mourn the lives cut short — Kobe's, Gianna's, and those of the seven others who,perished alongside them — and wonder what they would have been able to accomplish going,forward.,No autopsy report can change that.

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LA Deputy Says He Regrets Showing Kobe Bryant Crash Photos to Bartender

LA Deputy Says He Regrets Showing Kobe Bryant Crash Photos to Bartender

going to actually switch gears here for,a moment the widow of late kobe bryant,is in federal court for a lawsuit,against los angeles sheriff's and fire,department vanessa bryant and her,co-plaintiff chris chester are seeking,compensation for photos that deputies,shared of the remains of the nba star,gianna his daughter bryant's photos and,seven others on board the helicopter,that crashed in january of 2020.,chester lost his wife and daughter in,that crash the trial which began last,wednesday is expected to last nine to,ten days it's been very very riveting uh,law and crime senior reporter megan,conniff is out there at the trial right,now and i know she's got to get back to,court very quickly because she's been,doing a great job covering this megan,what happened today at the trial that we,need to know about,it was quite a morning with deputy joey,cruz who is the deputy that basically,started it all by showing the photos at,a bar in norwalk he was good friends,with the bartender he'd known him for a,few years and there's surveillance video,that shows the interactions he admits,that he showed the photos and he he said,he's sorry for it he regrets it he said,he took it too far that he was just,venting to a friend but vanessa and,chris chester's lawyers are able to pull,up surveillance video that contradicts,his story that he was just upset about,this and he just needed to confide with,somebody because you can see the,reaction of him showing the photo of of,him showing his phone to the bartender,in the bartender i mean he's a bartender,he's got a really jubilant reaction i,mean he knows how to play the play the,crowd here and he goes around to some,other people in the bar and describes it,and he,joey said on the stand that that was not,the crash photos that he showed he,insists that it was just a funny,instagram thing that was shown which,it's gonna be hard i think for the jury,to believe that especially when they see,the interaction that happened right,before that he admits that he was,sitting next to a stranger he did not,know who the guy was to the right of him,and he shows him his phone and his,defense is that oh it was an instagram,post when i showed that and it became a,big debate in cross and redirect with,the county lawyers trying to you know,show the surveillance video show his,phone oh you can see he's scrolling he,really is just looking at instagram but,then the county lawyer fast forwarded,through the video real quick so the on,redirect they said hey how about we go,back to that place where they fast,forwarded and and play it for the jury,and that's when you see that the,scrolling stops it becomes a stationary,image and he zooms in with his fingers,and then shows it to the guy next to him,so i mean the idea that the that any of,these guys were very believable up on,the stand i i think that's a crap shoot,right now and then we've got a captain,who's on the stand right now and they're,playing clips of his colleagues his,fellow bosses who he testifies knew,about the citizens complaint right after,it was happened he was told to stay in,touch with him there's a clip of them a,month after that just plain dumb with an,la times reporter i mean this elliot,times reporter is pressing them because,they got a tip that there had been a,citizen's complaint these guys are just,denying it what citizens well we have no,idea so the lawyers are going back to,the emails where both those guys are,cc'd on the emails of course they knew,about this complaint and then they're,just denying it later i mean it's it's,not a good afternoon for the county yeah,megan do your great reporting i picked,up a couple tidbits i'd like to see if,you can confirm them for our audience so,now let's first start off with the fact,that,one are these people supposed to be,taking pictures and two,uh there seems to be a dispute as to,whether some are saying we were ordered,to take them and the person that they,say ordered them to take them like i,believe it may be the captain said i,specifically told them not to take,pictures so are they supposed to be,taking pictures as part of their,responsibilities as emergency uh,individuals and,is there a conflict going on about,whether they were ordered to or not,there's absolutely a conflict going on,where we have the captain who's on the,stand right now agreeing with what the,sheriff has said that for an aviation,crash like that the only people who,should be taking photos are the national,transportation safety board and then the,coroner's office that there's really no,reason for law enforcement to be doing,that but the deputies who took the,photos i think,especially deputy doug johnson really,seemed to think that he had been told to,do that and that this was common,practice and he wasn't doing anything,out of the ordinary which that whole,contradiction in kind of conflict there,just supports the county's argument that,not only are the deputies who showed,these photos liable but the county is,liable for the

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Vanessa Bryant On LA Officers Referring To Kobe's Dead Body "As A Pile Of Meat"

Vanessa Bryant On LA Officers Referring To Kobe's Dead Body "As A Pile Of Meat"

ain't nobody real no more ain't real no,more body parts bought from the stove,for real everybody got a cash shot his,baby mama trying to find out where the,cash is,he spent the rig money on the strippers,his voice pumped him up and,tap into the movement at,and sugar tea official youtube let's go,if you're interested in advertising your,brand business or product on hip-hop,news uncensored right before our videos,email advertiser,advertise at,let's get it all right man let's talk,about the story today now it's been,about past the year now i think since,colby passed away him and his daughter,and i think about seven other people,well vanessa bryant is now opening up,about some of the disrespectful things,that county officials,did in the aftermath of colby's death,now vanessa bryan says that she has fear,and anxiety over photos taken of the,remains of kobe and gianna bryant she,said it will last forever i mean she,broke down in heartbreaking detail why,now kobe's widow filed a declaration in,her ongoing lawsuit against la county,now in the docs right brace yourself for,this right,she explains that she specifically acts,sheriff alex villanueva specifically on,january the 26th the day of the crash,scene to secure the site and not allow,anyone to take photographs of what was,left behind,this upon learning that there were no,survivors now in the docs she also said,um she told the sheriff and i quote if,you can't bring my husband and baby back,then please make sure no one takes,photos of them a month later she says,that she learned that sheriff's deputies,and firefighters right listen to this,right,we're sharing photos of kobe,you know brian and giannis remains,precisely what she was trying to avoid,with the situation now vanessa,says hearing this infuriated her and,also sent her in a constant cycle of,distress,and after you know they leaked the,pictures of the crash site you know,online which is which is crazy right now,vanessa says that she has reason to,believe at least 20 different people,obtain copies of the photos and despite,the county's assurance that they,all been secured and or scrubbed she,says that she has strong doubt so she,pretty much thinks that there's more um,photos circling out there now vanessa,also goes on to say in the documents,that she already seen one of the photos,showing her late husband's remains she,goes on to say since viewing the photo,i've been tormented with thoughts of who,took it,and whether it depicts my husband so,it's a little bit it's a crazy situation,i gotta get to this then i'll give my,opinion right now she has right it,infuriates me that people are trusted to,protect the dignity of my husband and,daughter abuse their positions to obtain,souvenirs,of their death,as,though possessing pictures of their,remains somehow makes them special i can,imagine this was the part that kind of,got me right she said i imagine kobe,watching over what occurred at the crash,scene and i'm overcome with anger,and emotion now there's a little bit,more right now she goes on to say i feel,sick at the thought that the deputies,and firefighters have gawked over the,photos of my husband and child's bodies,without any reason,also feel extreme sadness and anger,knowing that the photos of my husband,and daughter's bodies were laughed about,while shown at bars,and awards banquets that's one thing you,guys didn't know she's pretty much,saying look they laughed about these,photos at awards banquets in different,bars now she also points out that the,fact that photos can be easily stored,transferred and preserved with,technology today and,she's mad because pictures obviously,keep coming out online now the wildest,part i'll say the wildest part wow wow,part about this is that,the la the county is trying to get this,thing dismissed like they don't want to,take any accountability for their,officers,you know uh putting out these pictures,after she convided him and said look,this is my husband this is my child,please don't let anyone take any,pictures and then pictures started,leaking and now the county is like we,don't want no parts of this we want this,thing to be dismissed what you kind of,expect because they're not trying to pay,out but the fact of the matter is she's,telling you that as a you know first,formal she learned about,you know the crash and whatnot,online that's not their fault right,that's just the day and age win but they,could have controlled the crash scene,and said look no pitchers nobody i'm the,sheriff i run this nobody take no,pictures here because this is what the,wife wanted like he may not ha didn't,have to do it legally i'm not sure but,just out of common courtesy and respect,about a man passing away and not even,him and his child but other people,passed away and you got pictures you,guys in the bars laughing about them,cutting up,it's just a sad situation man you know,it actually hasn't even been a year i,know i said it was probably year

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Lakers land in L.A. after learning of Kobe Bryant's death mid-flight

Lakers land in L.A. after learning of Kobe Bryant's death mid-flight

the other story that we're watching so,closely the raw emotion in the sports,world and beyond as people continued to,mourn Kobe Bryant he was killed,yesterday in a helicopter crash that,also took the life of his 13 year old,daughter Gianna and seven other people,who were onboard Kobe Bryant was just,forty one video of the LA Lakers coming,home yesterday from a game in,Philadelphia which happens to be Kobe,Bryant's hometown and they had just,heard the news that he'd been killed one,of the people there in gray that's,LeBron James just on Saturday night he,surpassed Kobe Bryant's career points,record and he did so in Philly on,Saturday they never played for the,Lakers at the same time but they won,Olympic gold together twice and they,share the spotlight as among the very,best players in NBA history fans fellow,players all paying tribute on going this,morning and sharing the memories of the,impact Kobe had there's been an idol of,mine ever since I'm a little like his,mentality is work at it I mean he just I,think everybody in my position everybody,in the league he's a legend to us going,on my entire life Kobe was pretty much,at the NBA was to me when I see Kobe I,see all the hard work and dedication he,gave me something to strive for just,meant like excellence as a man so some,of the signs there and the words of fans,who gathered immediately at word of his,death outside the Staples Center where,the Lakers play bright did that rare,thing he played for one team through his,whole career 20 years with the Lakers,bringing them a total of five NBA,championships the investigation into the,helicopter crash in which he died is,still underway in fact very early stages,of it really in Calabasas California,Steve Futterman is right near the crash,scene today we don't know that much,right now Heather we do have some,speculation that perhaps weather played,a role it was an overcast day yesterday,I happened to drive by this area around,the time the crash took place not,knowing what had happened and I actually,noticed and said to myself gee it's a,bit overcast today I didn't expect that,kind of,whether I thought there would be clear,skies so that's gonna be one of the,first things that the National,Transportation Safety Board 18 members,have come out here to Los Angeles to,investigate that's one of the first,things they will look at obviously they,want to hear from I witness 'as people,who maybe heard more than they saw,there's a church right in front of me,right now across the way where many,church members said they heard what they,thought was a an aircraft they didn't,know if it was a plane or a helicopter,in distress they heard what they found,to be noises of a distressed aircraft,then they heard the loud boom as the as,the helicopter came down so these are,some of the things I'll also want to,look into the safety record of the pilot,they the safety record of the actual,helicopter these are normal things they,will look at right now so was that,mechanical was that weather was the,combination of both that's some of the,early things they'll be looking at I'm,gonna bring in some pictures again Steve,because the scene outside the Staples,Center was was just remarkable through,the afternoon and evening with the fans,and their makeshift memorials and the,messages and the candles those are,continuing in this morning what are you,hearing and then seeing from the fans in,that area well fans congregated both at,Staples Center and here in Calabasas,also at Kobe's Mamba Academy where he,was heading with his daughter and the,other people on the plane and we should,talk about those who were killed on the,plane nine people we know obviously Kobe,Bryant his 13 year old daughter Gianna,or GG as her friends called her as Kobe,Bryant called her also on board a local,baseball coach from a local college who,was going with his daughter and his wife,to the momba Academy so those are the,people we know right now the pilot we,don't know his name at this moment but,he will eventually be identified now,authorities are trying to reach these,bodies it's going to take several days,though it's sort of an inaccessible area,above us here and it's going to take,some time before they actually can get,the bodies perhaps sadly several days,and Steve just finally because everyone,is remembering Kobe Bryant as a legend,again as we look at pictures of where,the investigation is going,under way but it is a reputation that,was tarnished somewhat his legacy is one,that's not without controversy remind us,of some of that too yeah listen we know,about the accomplishments the five NBA,championships the two gold medals in,Beijing and in London he won an Oscar as,well for a short film but yes in the,early 2000s he was accused of sexual,assault by a young woman in Eagle,Colorado he was actually charged and,Kobe Bryant if he had been found guilty,of those charges faced decades perhaps,in prison it was a very serious,situation for Kobe Bryant,eventually the woman who accused

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NBA Warning Signs That Were RIGHT in Front of us the WHOLE Time!

NBA Warning Signs That Were RIGHT in Front of us the WHOLE Time!

we all know,that as adults we don't really have much,time to sit and relax for too long,people who have very busy lives tend to,overlook,certain things that was actually right,in front of them this entire time,whether it's someone trying to tell you,something or,just never really noticed a small detail,on your screen,that was essentially a warning sign for,what was to come,in this video we're going to be taking a,look at a combination,of predictions coincidences and examples,of foreshadowing that might have went,completely over your head,so let's get started i'm sure by now,we've all heard about how pistol pete,marovich,strangely predicted his very own death,during an,interview there was no way even he,himself,thought that those words would actually,translate to real life,well it looks like we should have been,paying a little bit more closer,attention,during kobe's final game first of all,before i get to that,have any of you guys noticed that a lot,of special moments,came at the free throw line for kobe,bryant his very first points he's ever,scored,of his entire illustrious career were,produced at the charity stripe,his 80th along with his 81st point of,that legendary 2006 performance,also were made at the line when he,passed michael jordan for third place,on the all-time scoring list it once,again came,by a pair of free throws and what do you,know the very last point he ever scored,was,at the stripe as well just something,that i always took note of,and while everybody was giving a,standing ovation to kobe,when he checked out of his last game,nobody,including me realized that those numbers,would soon,come into play in the near future,breaking news in this sunday afternoon,five-time nba champion former league mvp,kobe bryant died earlier this afternoon,in los angeles in a helicopter crash,those 4.1 seconds left on the clock,told a story just like the day when,lebron and the lakers won,this past championship try not to freak,out when you hear this,the lakers just won the title on october,11th,2020. now what do you get when you add,those numbers,up none other than 41. i don't have,all the answers but that is pretty,creepy if you ask me,now hold on we're not done yet this,coincidence,if you even want to call it that will,literally send,chills up your spine if we go back even,further,this little short film or if you want to,say commercial,should have been seen as another red,flag,in 2011 kobe bryant bruce willis,and kanye west teamed up with nike for a,project,literally titled the black mamba and in,it kobe relentlessly tries to get his,hands on west,while several deadly assassins attempt,to try and stop him,towards the end it looks like kanye,actually was able to flee the scene,but kobe being the assassin he was picks,up some sort of bomb,and throws it directly at the helicopter,which as you can see,causes it to explode now fast forward to,the tragic event,that took place on january 26th of this,year,many fans were absolutely shocked at the,similarity,they shared with one another and as a,result this commercial,was resurfacing everywhere on social,media,it was almost unbelievable making many,of us question,were they trying to tell us something,all along this,is just scary here we have a pizza hut,commercial,about a year ago starring maria taylor,that must have had a feeling,about the absence of fans before it,became reality,you can't have a football game without,the fans,and you can't have football without the,hut that's actually pretty insane,but this one is almost unexplainable,remember when the heat fans,decided to head out early during game 6,of the 2013 nba finals,because they believed that the game was,pretty much over,and then they got a big surprise when,they found out that ray allen hit a,clutch,shot to tie the game but unfortunately,was not allowed,back in the building well i just,recently came across,this 2005 toyota commercial that looks,like,it foreshadowed what was to come eight,years later,man what a blowout well at least we beat,the traffic,and the heat of tynan what a comeback,he who leaves before the bell tolls may,not be there when the story unfolds,as you just saw phil jackson looked like,he just got back from the future,wearing that jedi robe looking thing and,actually,kinda warned those heat fans to stay,loyal to their team,possibly giving them a heads up in,advance,i can't even wrap my head around just,how accurate that commercial was,i find it suspicious that they chose to,base it around,miami fans instead of like houston,rockets fans,because before tmac pulled off one of,the greatest comebacks of all time,their fans actually left the game,prematurely as well,and would go on to find out about that,epic comeback,on the radio in their cars on the way,home,that event literally took place around,the same time,that this commercial came out so it,would make,more sense to use that fan base as an,example,but no for some strange reason they went,with the heat fans,odd right back in 2016,state far

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Frantic 911 calls report Kobe Bryant helicopter crash

Frantic 911 calls report Kobe Bryant helicopter crash

LA County Fire 83 yes I'm just reporting,that hillside fire just east of los,virgin this road and AE right middle,school,hold on Street I know it would be south,it would be south of a girl rode on lost,on Las Virgenes Road,he said it's near to enough of the yeah,it's directly east of the lost virgin,this water district and a blank middle,ok I understand you gave me multiple,locations so let me ask you a question,back to the middle school is it near the,middle schooler now it's gonna be within,about a half a mile okay II write middle,school okay and I show the cross streets,of the middle school is like Meadow,Creek or country Creek to the sound,familiar,yeah exactly think of it that's okay so,just to confirm you said it's about a,mile or a half a mile from that like a,mile east okay up in the hills,do you see smoke Elena there's there's,no structures there's no structures do,you see smoke or flames flame and smoke,obviously okay just look affirm you said,it's um a half about east of AE right,middle score at their addresses for 0 to,Nyla's Virgenes Road and that's in,Calabasas yes all right they're rolling,our way out now us okay thank you okay,thank you very welcome any school,district hi oh the plane down nevermind,the person said he sees smoke and flames,in an area of Calabasas yeah we're gonna,Brown for them thank you bye LA County,Fire,go ahead sir close the fire department,how can I help you someone let them know,where the fire is so Las Virgenes with a,new apartment and condo constructionist,straight up the hill like you're going,up to the kaitiaki uh okay if you have,the nearest address or cross street for,that I have no idea I'm walking on the,trail I could hear the plane I think it,was in the clouds we couldn't see it,then we just heard a boom and a dead,sound and then I could see the flames,okay so we have the closest cross street,at all or anywhere I could send units to,this near a corner Road hey sheriff do,you have any location at all for or,we're gonna calls right now,so I killed lots burger that's where,you're going between when yeah okay,that's what we're gonna and what was on,fire sir okay whatever,was it an airplane or something you know,if it was a large airplane or a small,airplane okay so just a couple Watts,virgin this road Lost Hills Road and a,Korres that correct okay,okay straight up in the middle it's,behind the new construction that's going,on hello hold on one second,so we're on our way out there will be,there very shortly if anything changes,or gets worse smaller facts okay sir you,don't mind going up here yeah helicopter,crashed into a mountain we heard it and,now I'm looking at the flames at Malibu,Canyon and Agoura Rose I'm at erawan,supermarket we can see it do you know,how far is it from the location where,you are quarter-mile okay is it a small,brain it was a helicopter a helicopter,yeah and you saw the helicopter go into,the hills yeah and we're looking at the,flames right now on the hill okay,Malibu Canyon Road in Agoura Rhodesia,that's where I'm at right now,I mean Las Virgenes,to the left of Las Virgenes are going,towards the ocean so it's off now,lieutenant and Las Virgenes did that,last version s or Malibu family version,of Las Virgenes and Malibu can do you,said not Las Virgenes and I would say,Mulholland okay you changing it so,Virgenes and Mulholland is where you see,yeah yes Las Virgenes cross street would,be Mulholland okay in the city is what,city are you in Agoura Hills because,that's that's the Malibu area yeah okay,so lots version is and Mahalo and Malibu,is where you see the plane go down yeah,where I'm standing is the Erawan,supermarket off of Agoura Road and,that's where I can see it but that's not,worth that obviously I mean I'm hearing,sirens not just now so okay we have help,on the way okay all right bye-bye thank,you what's right,LA County Fire yeah,I'm at four two three five wash porcinis,Road I just heard a helicopter go over,me approximately from what wash Hills,Road on a South to easterly sweep it,went over my head,it's thick and clouds and then they just,I heard a pop and it immediately stopped,I can't I can't see it it was heading on,an easterly track probably right over,the the los verdes water districts and,the highest peak to the east is that,would believe on the west side of,Calabasas Parker Stokes Canyon and it's,in that part of the top of the mountain,is obstruction cloud the Gun Club was,torn out when they put the car,dealerships in right over me so draw a,line draw line from Las Virgenes Water,District back in that Canyon toward that,toward the peak to the east it would be,on the west west rim of Calabasas Park,Canyon it was quicker than that,I mean if that's what is that I've got,three please head it that way now yeah I,think my used to live up on Mulholland,I've been a resident here since 1963,yeah I would call FAA and find out who's,who's flying this area and the flight,plan,yeah but I mean I would just think to,myself if this guy does

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Improved N72EX Kobe Bryant Animated Crash Reconstruction

Improved N72EX Kobe Bryant Animated Crash Reconstruction

welcome to the fifth installment in my,effort to reconstruct the crash of,November 7 to echo x-ray in this version,I have improved the cloud visualization,the crash site scenery and have tweaked,the reconstructed flight path I refer,you to my previous videos for the,description so the tools I'm using in,this reconstruction we are approaching a,mountain pass where the helicopter was,low due to the clouds near the bridge,you see below is a camera that caught a,picture of the helicopters that went,over I have placed a virtual camera at,the same location so we can watch the,helicopter as it passes here is a,comparison of my reconstruction with the,actual photo,I tried selecting the next lower,altitude for the cloud layer in the,simulator but then I couldn't see the,helicopter the top window is my,representation of the weather conditions,during the time of the flight the other,windows give you a reference to the,helicopter location while we are in the,clouds here is a comparison of the,clouds between my version five and four,reconstructions in this reconstruction,the clouds are lower and gives better,insight as to why the pilot didn't try,to Scud run underneath them at about,this time the pilot notifies air-traffic,control that he was climbing to four,thousand feet to avoid a cloud layer I,don't know when the aircraft became,surrounded by clouds but this is my,guess about the view from the cockpit as,you can see we have no visibility in any,direction the aircraft continues to,climb to get out of the cloud layer in,this reconstruction the aircraft climbs,to a maximum altitude of 2,300 feet,looking at this NTSB picture you can see,that the cloud layer is about 2400 feet,high in other words if the pilot had,gone up only another 100 feet they would,have been out of the clouds the,helicopter begins a left turn my friend,Brad who himself is a helicopter pilot,wonders if the pilot was attempting to,configure the Honeywell flight,management system to his left,it supports his theory that the pilot,made inadvertent control inputs,following his head left and down taking,his eyes even farther away from the,attitude indicator he should have been,scanning no matter the cause the,helicopter continues the left-hand turn,is descending at over 4,000 feet per,minute and the pilot doesn't see the,ground until moments before impact,here is a view of the crafts is seen,from near the impact point I'm using,this vantage point to compare my impact,point to that provided by the NTSB,this picture compares my reconstructed,intact point to that provided by the,NTSB I think I got it pretty close the,end with simulations of how the crash,might have looked to two witnesses I've,not been able to determine their exact,locations so this is just a,representation the first witness said,they saw the crash from about 200 feet,away,the NTSB said there was a witness on a,mountain bike trail about 50 feet about,the crash site and that they glimpse the,belly of the helicopter before the crash,lastly this is a comparison of the crash,between my version 4 and version 5,reconstructions a big thanks to Oscar,Pahokee and his ortho for XP software,that allowed me to generate higher,resolution scenery of the crash site,you

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