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KMarko Gives Woe is Me Apology on SiriusXM to Kirk Minihane Over #FireKMarkothere to go yes and that

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

KMarko Gives Woe is Me Apology on SiriusXM to Kirk Minihane Over #FireKMarko

there to go yes and that's why you're a,shitty editor that's why you should be,out of a job and on the streets,am i laughing want but you suck it you,suck at your job I mean you up,with Francis you've hooked up with this,you up time and time again so,what's going on Keith do you wonder you,recall called Steve last night you want,to talk to us today I guess no I just,wanted me out come on pretty much I,think no I mean I mean I don't know I,mean if you want to talk it out we can I,think we talked out on the phone the,other day I mean you know as I said my,biggest issue is it when we talked oh,and I thought about and I was like I,just don't believe the guy you know I,just I think you coordinated and you,tried to us over and you're back,fired and that's life and you're gonna,keep your job cuz Dave like you and I,respect that loyalty I have no problem,with that but you know I think you tried,to us over and such is life oh yeah,no I didn't you over and no I don't,think they like me anymore but uhm yeah,nice one to apologize to you publicly I,know I did on the phone mmm-hmm I know,it doesn't matter just feel like and,sorry to you publicly for you and your,fans having it on tape could be like the,only thing I could really offer you so,you can have that okay I mean I don't,believe it but that's okay I mean I,appreciate that and III my understanding,is you have no publishing you have no,say over what we publish going on the,future that's what Dave told us last,night correct okay and again you read,the zonker story before you publish it,cuz there's a shitload of forget like,that it makes no sense it's a shitload,of errors in it yeah well first of all I,mean I've never cared about writing,writing herself for me boy first of all,it was just you know mentally lazy and,stupid mistake Whichard you know a few,things that I hate and I you know,what are you talking about I'm talking,with shockers writing style like there's,a lot of find out all I really know here,we go again I don't understand what,doing like what are you saying here say,I don't have my defense I'm not here to,argue like you saying,lazy air oh okay but did you read the,story I said I made a mentally lay there,by not reading that and thinking twice,about so you didn't read the story then,to me yes I did to me that's what the,whole thing was first of all I thought,the situation I thought this was in my,head was not even remotely close to the,reality of it all right that you told me,that the other day I mentioned that last,night yep yeah hmm I mean I mean this,with no offense I just don't listen your,show I don't know anything about your,words I'm glad you don't but go ahead,okay,thanks Sara ever since our first run-in,I just you know all your fans the list,we may I just mute them and try and stay,away from it,well I don't know I don't know the,situation I've been in I know what,bothering me I don't I made that clear I,don't want that I made it clear I don't,want that to happen yeah thank you,appreciate that problem continue to me,it was a it was just like only if our,story with this character that's been,here for since before me was always,popped in and Davis I put him up on the,blog a few times talking about him all,of a sudden he comes out of nowhere and,sends me this vlog about you know, politics which is wild and then,I typed him into the search to our site,to find like the last time he was on the,site and all I saw a headline that like,song fairs on Kirkman and show so I,thought that bunker Kirk is Kirk he,won't love fighting with people this,would be you know just easy easy,parcel here's another few thing throw it,up,is there everybody ever anything close,to this politically Dave says never have,you ever published anything even close,to this and in terms of going after some,of these politics you forget a person,who's who you work with just in general,he says no I've never done anything like,I mean we would we would try new things,there's no before boat so if you do,think that I've never had one before,sure but it was I don't know at the not,yeah it was it was it was lazy and,stupid not to even question that,background that I,that situation that I thought it was I'd,never even questioned it I would say,that's where you and I not a being best,friend came into play is that I just so,that's so so wait a minute wait a minute,wait so your fault the fact that we're,not better friends is to blame for you,not reaching out to me when the story,came out that was an exaggeration the,fact that you thought we hate,each other mhm I think that like if that,if that was written know what I'm gonna,write one of my friend right I did would,have sex with me would be there you go,yes and that's why you're a shitty,editor that's why you should be out of a, job and on the streets,am i wat but you suck it you suck at,your job I mean you up with,Francis you've hooked up with this you, up time and time again I mean,this is this is completely one two,percent on you and you've been a

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Barstool Deletes Twitter Video of Bomber - Kirk Almost Fired AGAIN

Barstool Deletes Twitter Video of Bomber - Kirk Almost Fired AGAIN

all right so let's go let's quickly,cover this rundown thing because I don't,want to spend that much time on I mean I,think or I'm not sure the order should,do it should we do the thing with me,yesterday where I almost got fired and,then the thing with Steve and then play,the rundown ouu rundown and then may owe,interest okay so so barstool a blogger,posted this VI don't even really,understand the thought process behind,this video yesterday of the guy throwing,a fire bomb or whatever in that,apartment building I think in New York,City I'm assuming that's where the was,right it was an act of domestic,terrorism it would be no different if it,was an Isis fighter throwing a grenade,in the window of an apartment like it,was a video terrorism oh I mean maybe,maybe le sponsoring those bombs or,something I don't know if it's fun for,reads written in the read so who knows,but yo,what's that I said she's great oh so um,so that's up there it's like there's,some song lyric I don't know and like,but it's clearly and they're trying to,me I think the try seemed like it was,like awesome if the guy did it I think,was a total they were glamourizing an,act of domestic terrorism so even just,to say like oh this isn't this wacky,isn't this crazy I guess maybe so i,retweeted it quotes quotes read I was,like I just don't know my kids,somebody's finest because in which,general if somebody was like hey it's I,don't know I was open to trying to,understand it so we got taken down I got,to leave it by barstool so then I quote,tweeted deleted tweet said Jesus,whatever basically like I you know this,place could sure use an editor or,something like that knowing full well,that came our code was not actually in,charge of that tweet like I'm right he,would have nothing to do with us we,purposely dickish so a couple hours go,by and then Dave calls me and he's like,why did you do that I'm like why I do,what he said why did you read quote,tweet the fact that we delete a tweet,and I was like I don't know I was like I,don't know cuz it was funny I was,cheating on K Marco he said K Mark had,nothing to do with that that's why no,I'm doing that because I hate him and,I'm around as you said you told,me I could around Kim Marco as much,as you want he's like that brings,attention to a tree,that we took down so you're trying to,bring attention back to something we did,that was stupid da da da,so it's that thing and I'm like well I,was like the real issue should be the, thing was up for five hours and,he said I agree,Wow the person who and you're not gonna,you're not gonna believe this,the person who let me tweet her that got,yelled at that's good hey guy y'all that,I've been on the receiving end of the,yelling once I owe that pretty good too,so I mean that's we've learned that's,that's the ultimate unless you're us,then you're fired you get yelled at when,you're you know when you're supporting,terrorism okay so I think as large a,point was why you bring attention,there's no gain for us and my point was,I'm just around yeah I wasn't,wasn't Civil War Friday level but led to,a series of two conversations we had,yesterday that one them one after I,watched the run down we talked for a,while and it's fine that's the Dave and,I you know and we talked twice today,after this evening Dave and I get along,great like I think you know what he said,in the rundown will play some sound of,it it's true I think I Drive him crazy,I think he also likes that but you know,I think he thinks that I'm probably not,worth the risk at this point for the,company maybe I'll change going forward,who knows but but even that conversation,yesterday we ended it was fine today it,was fine even the one after the show,yesterday when you know Dave admitted,that he didn't count the Wilbur in the,Sacko show when he talked about our,bottom line for the show he'd forgot,about that stuff but that's probably no,big deal I mean he does that to ie when,he talked about lights camera bar still,losing hundred thousand dollars or,whatever he said he just doesn't doing,that like that's the guy that was like a,big takeaway will play was the le ,the whole thing was kind of funny like,that's funny

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Comfortable With No Control (feat. Kirk Minihane)

Comfortable With No Control (feat. Kirk Minihane)

so steve like this is your glory like,how do you feel about it,it's more kirk's glory than mine i just,put the sound together i'm asking him,for it,all right hit me kirk tell me about the,case oh,oh we're doing the show now yeah we're,live okay,no we're not live yeah i know what you,are we starting,yep okay what what would you like to,know i'm sorry,i want you to tell the story of the case,and why people should listen to it,um well yeah so i don't know when it was,um,was eric maybe no october november this,fall it was last fall,last fall um i was talking to you and,dave a little bit and i've always been,interested in true crime just as a,genre just from reading and other,podcasts all the whole thing,and it seemed untapped to me just from a,barstool perspective anyway,and i looked around and saw a story that,i liked and then i reached out to you,and dave and you and i had a few,conversations the conversation had with,dave of course like 10 seconds,yeah and he said go do it and that was,really it and then i had i,went in with no no idea,what we were going to do i mean i knew,we'd have to do a lot of research i knew,uh you know we have to do some some i,thought local travel it's in brockton,massachusetts jennifer fay,the original part of the story so i,purposely picked one in massachusetts,because i thought it could stay local,um not so much yeah it turns me much,more than that,so um yeah and then we're kind of off to,the races and it just became,sort of endless interviews and research,and,uh uh and then we you know then we found,out more and more and as you know we've,been kind of,traveling around for the last four or,five months during this whole thing and,episode one is done,and we're actually in the studio right,now working on episode two so for,for next monday it was it harder than,you thought it would be,way harder yeah way harder i it's the,hardest thing i've ever done it's like,um,you know i never i would i read a lot,about movies and tv,and albums in the making of these things,and i always hear these guys say oh i,was so exhausted by the end of making,this album or this movie and i'm like,that was always how hard can it be and,this is really kind of what we're doing,it's almost like a,a you know a one-hour tv episode sort of,every week,and the editing process uh you know,steve can tell you with,me it's sort of endless syllable by,syllable i think we had 10,drafts of the first episode uh before we,had it done locked into,by last saturday we were finally just,two days ago locked and done we just,can't do any more but yeah,a couple of nights you go back and you,just like you're just,exhausted from just sitting and thinking,all day but yeah it's by far the hardest,thing i've done,it seemed so it seemed like you had to,be so comfortable with no control like,you weren't sure where the story was,gonna take you,what you were gonna get out of the,people who you ran into i felt like,every two weeks when i talked to you you,were like it took another massive left,turn it took another left turn,and then the editing of it it seems very,intense because you're trying to,reconstruct a story in a way that's,compelling to a listener so like,so different from what you do every day,oh for sure,yeah and i think you know like and one,thing we've learned or i've learned is i,i was,for some reason my head was important,the first episode we need to do it,in order we need to edit this in order,and now i realize we don't have to with,the second one let's get,the stuff that we know out of the way,because things may change even in life,like it did last week,of the episode during the week of the,first episode one of the people involved,in the case in south carolina was named,as a person of interest,first to us but then to media out there,so we felt like we had to change the,structure of the story,a little bit even then within the,editing of the first episode so yeah,it's sort of this endless thing that,you're not,i mean we knew we now know going in that,it's probably going to change,all the time and that's why i think it's,a lot of these episodes,as i said in the first episode a lot of,these episodes uh a,podcast that i really like uh do a good,job of,recapping stories that are already done,like i'm listening to this bernie madoff,one,right now in american scandal which is,very good and the guy's doing an,excellent job but it's done i mean,he's got the documents in front of him,there's there's no way it's going to,change,you know bernie madoff is not going to,be cleared here at any point,so for us it's all we know we'll we will,be taping an episode,and all of a sudden i'll get a message,from somebody down in south carolina and,brockton or steve will get a message,uh my producer steve robinson and all of,a sudden we need to pause,what we're doing even our usual show,sometimes we'll pause for 45 minutes and,talk to somebody we'll get off the phone,and say well jesus that changes,not only does it change what we're doing,in the episode

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Kirk Minihane Talks George Floyd, the Albanian Peter Nelson, and Barstool employees on SiriusXM

Kirk Minihane Talks George Floyd, the Albanian Peter Nelson, and Barstool employees on SiriusXM

all right welcome to Air America 85 or,Huff's to 85 or lib still 85 left e85 a,little left on your radio dial a lot,further left and critics think it is I,would say definitely um the Kirkman hand,show here of course you can find our,podcast all over the place its own uh,whatever the hell it's on well it's not,on is it so on grindr have changed,everything else there I mean yeah yeah,you know you can't find it by searching,white man,oh well damn it but you can still find,we found a lot of swipe right on the,curtain yeah that's sort of,disappointing actually um yeah so I mean,so what was just on oh oh they go to 11,yeah do they used to be 7 to 9 I think,and now 11 oh I got you okay so I think,you're good friends at barstool,breakfast get along fine with them no I,think critical of us lately oh that's no,I don't think so no I like them um so,yeah so hopefully listen them you,listening to us and my guess is and I,don't know why,educated guess I suppose I've been in,the business for it on the air for,different parts of three decades age,myself but that is true my guess is a,lot of you folks listening right now,I don't listen to my podcast may even,know I am funny do I suppose I think,there's a lot of people driving around,America while the folks in trucks a lot,of people just you know who are big,barstool fans and like the day-in,day-out barstool content like the,personalities like the fighting like the,breaking balls they like the ,all the stuff so I think for the last,couple of days they may be thinking well,what's going on and you know there's,part of me that says well that's when,things like this happened and we talked,about on my podcast all the time with,big stories like this happen we talk,about it we discuss it we have maybe a,different take than other people at the,company maybe some ways are similar and,there's sort of that discussion but it's,not unusual for us to talk about big,stories like that here I think it,probably is maybe some shows maybe not,but I do think barstool has taken a in,the last since since,you know the Floyd story the tragedy,happened there's a tragedy and you know,I'll preface it like I always do this,cops a scumbag and I hope he goes to,jail for the rest of his life in all,that and it's a very terrible thing but,it's over because Instagram is back to,normal today so it seems like we solved,everything right yes racism has been,abolished by Instagram and it's growing,through to see what the scumbags are,actually posting pictures only black but,now we have faced so I mean again and I,understand everyone meant well but once,again just absolutely fruitless you know,just fluff yeah as opposed to actual,action but that's okay if it makes,everyone feel better we could pretend,like that actually solve something as,opposed to actually solving something,it's actually not okay though in fact,it's it's harmful to the intent to do,meaningless you've got all this,energy that could be used to actually,implement reforms that would stop police,brutality do you ever have a peanut,butter and fluff sandwich I have okay,when you're done with the fluff you ever,lick the fluff off the knife no I,usually scape it up scraping on the SOB,day have you ever done that much,essentially that's what the Instagram,picture is you're just licking them,they're putting the fluff it so it's,it's adding to things that are,contributing nothing to it as opposed to,the meat but I mean but but what you're,saying is what these people should be,doing instead of taking the six seconds,that which really is not a big deal six,seconds to put Instagram they should be,focusing on solving stuff it's think,every college stood there just not the,type of college students though I'm,talking about people who work at this,company that's a little different but,they're just not used to think they who,think they can influence things in some,ways they can you know they can,influence whether or not you buy a drink,or whether or not you go to a restaurant,or whether or not you get simply safe or,whether or not you do whatever but here,they think well if I put this black box,up here I've accomplished something let,me let me inform you and I have friends,at the company you have done it and I,have people the company you probably,don't like me we've done it you have,accomplished nothing by doing that other,than doing this I'd prefer that but am i,doing right now you say you're padding,your soul yeah the old pat on the back,and the old attaboy in look and I think,your attentions are well-meaning but,you've accomplished zero and not in,people so no well I'm saying is ,get stuff done,my guy in Rowan he hates me for some,reason he hates my guts,see confirm I came from it doesn't kiss,ODM do I hate you know he tweeted out,something last night and I talked about,in the show last night our podcast about,you know sir finding this little piece,of legislation in New York on if you saw,this not where you can let me see it's,actually texted to my it's myself h

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Jared Carrabis Explains His Decision to Remove KMS From His Twitter Bio

Jared Carrabis Explains His Decision to Remove KMS From His Twitter Bio

uh you know evidently we need people in,every friday because i mean i have heard,no i well kravis and i texted briefly,over the weekend but man he is,yeah out of the bio you know instead he,has,baseball's official tribal chief or,whatever and then,six things for that ortiza podcast okay,the tribe,never mind i was going to offer a slight,defense of caravas that when he had to,add the ortiz thing,i think you only have so many characters,in your bio right so i thought maybe you,had to make room for the ortiz thing,if he has you know tribal chief call him,real quick number one,sure kms is also three letters,oh that's true i was thinking at kirkman,show or something yeah you just had kms,before i trusted yeah it was just cam,oh my mistake i think that's that's,i saw people tweet about this i thought,the same thing that,they are like no part of this ortiz like,get away from this guy,right i didn't even really think about,that because he's still tied to the,organization,hey what's the situation here people are,upset,yeah i know yeah you texted me about it,yeah why have you removed kms from your,bio,what do you think um there's a few,reasons,uh first the number one reason so,invalid,i i haven't been on the show enough uh,to justify i feel like i'm,it's you're bragging about a show that,you're okay i'm not sure okay i don't,hate that i don't hate that i think this,defense was crafted after the fact yeah,probably but okay,number two yeah uh number two kirk,minahan,does not have the show in his bio so,it's kind of like all right act cool,like you're on the show like you don't,have to be like hey i'm on the show,but you already had it there though and,i mean it's my show it's who,it's me right and then,third uh i i added the i added well i,mean you said how,i have my other shows in my bio anyways,i know i i,know you have yes i have no problem with,that that's that's who you are,correct uh and then third i added the,new show so i,i like now you have like baseball's,official,tribal chief it's like 90 letters i mean,come on,i know but you can't just like list all,your shows that's lame that's,what you did,but i'm not on the kirk minnehan show,regularly enough to be like,all right i have starting nine i have,section 10. you'll find me on every,episode of called poppy,they're like kirk manhattan show like,i'm not on every episode so if you're i,don't know,it feels like you're moving away it,feels like you won't be part of this,anymore it hurt i'm not gonna lie it,hurts me,i mean that's just not true anytime any,any weeks that you want to cross check,i'll be like yeah i was here i was there,i was doing this i was like,i understand i understand that i do,understand that uh you know and you were,not there,this is this is a factual statement,okay that if i put a gun to my head and,said shoot me if i'm,lying i have been on every single kirk,minnehahan show,that i have been available or like in,the state of massachusetts,to do the show since what september no,like october,okay okay so you're saying it says this,is not uh uh,you know nobody's telling you to do this,you're not moving away from the show,it's just you feel like you have not,earned your,earned a spot in your in your bio right,now you know what,i'll put it i'll put it back in in,november when i'm on every single show,every single week when i can be there,when when when i'm on the show as a,regular,then i will say that i'm on as a regular,right now i don't deserve that credit,i'm not on everything,i respect that don't you think the,audience thinks of him as part of the,show like don't you think they even,whether he's here,it doesn't matter if that's how he feels,i respect that that's a that's a,perfectly reasonable,line of defense i think yeah like i it's,stolen valor i'm not on every week,i wish i could be i'm not and i know,that uh people,there i mean there's some because when i,originally came on i said that,it was going to be shiny new toy,syndrome people are going to like me,when i first came on,and then you know you mix in ryan,whitney he's been great on the show,that's like well everyone likes whitney,now it's like okay so then make make,them miss me make them with me,but not twice in 10 months,people like them they do like them they,do like well all right everything else,is good,everything else is good i've been on, eight flights in the last three,goddamn weeks and then i just,talked to justin this morning he said,that the friday show is now thursday,thursday we do starting so i don't know,well,thursday's possible i may be heading out,friday to where you were before iowa,maybe leaving friday,i already did iowa i just got back me me,for the case season two,oh i thought i thought you meant this,weekend yeah so i mean if you're,recording friday,i'll be there and if you're doing,thursday then that's what we do saturday,night just today,babies on twitter to think that i'm,leaving the show i'm not leaving the,show it's just called,baseball season which is my actual jo

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Kirk Minihane Reacts to George Floyd Murder, Protests, Riots, and Barstool's Reaction

Kirk Minihane Reacts to George Floyd Murder, Protests, Riots, and Barstool's Reaction

so I think we're at a time where I'm not,sure it's different than ever but social,media has ramp things up so much where I,feel like nobody says Donald Trump's an,idiot but also thinks a Nancy Pelosi is,an idiot I happen to be a person who,believes both is true and I think a lot,of people feel that way but yet now on,social media people have to take this,side in that side and this side and that,side I think I know enough to know that,I don't know about the experience that,black people go through in a day in day,life particularly I think by people in,major cities and black people who,struggle economically you know I'm not,talking about Beyonce I'm not talking,about Chrissy Teigen I'm talking about,people who who you know are living a,life of which I have no familiarity at,all I wouldn't pretend to know it for,those people you know it's an experience,I can't pretend to understand we'll,never pretend to understand that being,that's a fact what's also a fact is I,think if you're looting,and you're you're burning and,you're blowing up and you're,assaulting people and you're assaulting,business owners you're a idiot,you know I think there's a way to,protest legitimately and carefully and,smart I don't know if there's an impact,for that I don't know if it matters I,don't know if it leads to anything and,here's why,la protests Ferguson protests Baltimore,protests Eric Gardner protests we do,this it's like school shootings these,happen the and mass shootings that,happen again and again and again and,again and again everybody jumps up and,down and says oh this is the end now we,finally have it,we finally fixed it now this is not fix,it rather this is the situation that's,going to be the total needle-movers a,total game changer and we're gonna fix,it and we're gonna figure out the,problem is and then nothing happens and,it floats away as this will a week for,now we're not gonna be talking about,this in America we are definitely not,gonna be talking about this there'll be,something else or ten days from now and,then this will happen again in three,months and six months or two years from,now and it will all happen again like I,did with Freddie gray like it did with,that idiot Zimmerman who was named Steve,yes soared that ,these things happen and now it's,happening the newest time like it always,does like I said with these with these,shoes,so you know III think people get super,worked up and then they move on that's,human nature I get that I don't think,any of the I mean II don't think,attacking business owners I personally,don't think lighting places on fire and,whether it's an Tifa whether it's people,acting individually i've only beaten the, out of business owners I don't,think burning down cities or buildings,do one shred of good I think the people,of America who you're trying to convince,otherwise you're losing I'm just I'm,just telling you now they're not,listening this podcast they don't care I,just think it's dangerous I think it's,stupid and by the way I think there's a,certain amount of population and again,this is me speculating who are,legitimately upset and want to protest,and I also think as always there's a,certain amount of people who are just, who just want to up,and be stupid and this is their time to,go and be stupid and you're ruining,whatever you're ruining and I think when,it comes down to is a couple of things,the way I look at it is you know what,they have to do is figure out how to get,rid of these police officers when they, up before they really up I,mean this guy should have been gone,years ago years ago and instead of,protesting if people got together and,celebrities or whomever cuz I will get,the celebrities in a second but the,people got together and focused on that,core issue then you're talking about,something that leads to actual change,this is going to lead to no change,I'm telling you nothing's gonna change,nothing nothing changed after Ferguson,nothing changed after Baltimore nothing,changed after Rodney King nothing,changed we're here again that was there,in progress from 50 or 60 years ago of,course and by the way this guy's,arrested he's going to jail for the rest,of his life he'll never get out of jail,nobody his is no person amazingly to me,no idiot on social media has taken this,guy's side yet with any real you know of,any real volume anybody was real,following thank you I win guys that are,defending themselves,I don't think so none of those people,have done that I haven't seen so you,know these these this it seems like,everyone in America essentially agrees,so I need to know is you know what are,we if I ask somebody here maybe we'll,get somebody out next week or two,protested what specifically are you,protesting in how is burning down,this building fix that how does like it,happen in Rochester New York,assaulting an old woman fixed that how,does punching a police officer in the,face fix that I think and maybe I'm,naive 99% of police officers are good,people are they're of course

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Kirk Minihane Celebrates 1 year at Barstool with Minifans and Donald Trump - Calls KFC Edgy Kevin

Kirk Minihane Celebrates 1 year at Barstool with Minifans and Donald Trump - Calls KFC Edgy Kevin

glad that you're going finally going,against your friendship and going out,there we call KFC love you too sir,no no no we love you and China wall,Bigley bad,all right little up Steve they're loaded,up and my can help up a big announcement,tomorrow okay mr. president how are you,sir we're doing very very good very good,I don't have very long we're we're doing,a little bit of investigative research,over here about the fake news media but,I wanted to call I wanted to say,congratulations,happy Anniversary Kirk you're a very,very wonderful that's very nice thank,you for fighting the fake news thank you,sir,very good I'm glad that you're going,finally going against your friendship,and going out there we call KFC sir,president he's hip with he shoots these,shoots from the hip sir isn't he I have,to tell you he doesn't take the depth or,well run either,you know what you know what he's not,afraid to say anything,mr. president he'll say it you will say,it pretty good after I have to run here,soon but I have to tell you something,very important I'm breaking a little bit,of news okay great TV fake news feed you,are fake news you can you can tweet this,out if you feel necessary we're renaming,the Washington Monument renaming it when,will that happens would you wave a date,well we're thinking 3 p.m. tomorrow okay,by the way Mike and Steve been here on,time here as well mr. president you want,to say to them,one years rolled on it's always want me,to play the hit thing what a year we've,had boys what are you bad very good love,you too sir no no no we love you and,China wall Bigley bad like defense truck,those after me in particular,ng Kevin is what he calls Clancy hunt,you Kevin I have a feeling edgy Kevin's,gonna stick curcuit mate hello Burke yes,hello what do you what do you like you,like you I you know what can I have for,the stern thing for a second please,okay hello hey Mark all Steve we ,but pathetic finish hello so Britt hey,Gregg's how you doing buddy Greg hey I,know I got your hey I saw your number,four,no I'm Twitter that's rule okay yeah is,you've got wait you've got like 400,tweet that's exciting guys why is that,dude just over 5,000 just say hey I and,it makes me happy to be party or so I,can't trend at all well I don't know,your rating I've seen the ratings,show on the station yeah well no I don't,know he's going to the your way in with,some drugs or something man advantage of,their white privilege is definitely well,Greg I just saw the marthy of the mayor,Marty Walsh on so I mean you ready for,the interview I got my drink it up okay,good luck you crack one off okay yeah oh,god yes sure yeah Gert yes yeah,every time every time before I get off I,still love you and ends up on I,love you too great guy we've had some,issues but you've always played hang in,there hour at a time thank you I love,Steve they're loaded up let's go hey,Kurt yes hello I was just reflecting on,what a glorious year it's been,especially this last week is probably,the perfect way to cap the year off but,okay you know a year ago I was actually,I was in the psych ward and I know the,one thing they can yes yeah you gotta,you gotta find a Power greater than,yourself and luckily I found this show,and I love you oh well thank you very,much I hang in there,king of the crazies well not hang in,there not hang on there good evening I,think you know try to say right you got,you what you don't hang yourself and,what I mean that right right well no I,stay alive because we need he's a,listener he's potential money hello,Sheldon,yeah how are you sir Wow we haven't,taken calls a lot lately though that's,true good number how long yesterday,50-minute but I didn't get photog did we,take calls yesterday yesterday um this,morning like today this morning we took,one call remember no not today Monday we,take calls Monday yesterday I don't,remember okay yeah I don't know goodbye,you're on now though the point is you're,on now okay I just wanted to say happy,anniversary Thank You Sheldon it's been,an awesome year thank you buddy,and the only thing the only thing I,don't like is you ruined every other,show for me,oh I literally only look for the show,that's what happens that's okay we're,here every single day although next,couple weeks you're screwed,I mean you see the chart that that guy,Ryan put out on Twitter of how much,content we put out a lot of times I'm,off until I can be off until October of,2022 or January of 2022 or something I,see that right correct yeah I may do,that at some point see if I would you,buy would you say that these got work,well thank you very much don't leave I,will no boss I hang in there Thank You,Sheldon,good new minute fan I've appreciated my,relationship with him not sexual yet I,haven't met him yet but he will make,love in soccer

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Ellie Schnitt - This is War - The Story from Start to Current

Ellie Schnitt - This is War - The Story from Start to Current

it's almost like if you took Oprah,Winfrey and threw off the top of a,building and like her head spider when,it was left it was a brain you jammed it,in le between Ellie's ears and let her,do a book review that still be a,little bit more diverse good point but,you called them racist you just call,them losers they're not gonna,stop now so now is this is it this is it,so Ellie Schmidt hosts a podcast called,snip talk correct it's a podcast that,balances both eyelash eyeliner we're in,solving America's racial issues which is,not easy to do she manages quite the,tightrope yes she did but she manages to,pull it off to her credit when you say,oh we fine well I have to talk to,somebody I understand want me to listen,we all want to listen right now so I do,appreciate your instinct so she did the,show a couple weeks ago where she told,people to you know read books to not be,racist and then tweeted a bunch of,charities yeah and all I said I'm sure,it's more than that but my main core,point was you probably shouldn't do that,without doing a little leg work which,she clearly didn't do and as we found,out pretty quickly the Minnesota freedom,foam which is one of these is taken in,almost 40 million dollars and is given,out two hundred thousand dollars which,begs the question which I'm sure Ellie,will answer on our next periscope which,i think is Thursday night many fans if,you're fans of that um what are we gonna,do with the other I don't know forty,million dollars who knows I'm sure,they'll it in full right oh whoa,no okay they've put out a statement,saying that they've got plans to use the,money to bail out every single person,that's in pretrial detention in Hennepin,County right now great fantastic,they've also taken down the about me,page on their website that lists all the,people who have control over that money,now we already know about it I suppose,we just don't protect them from,harassment sure yes they're sitting on,thirty five million dollars I'm sure,they'll do the right thing so Ellie had,no idea about that and doesn't want to,answer it and got defensive and then,went after the most loyal insane crazy,yet still lovable group in America the,minute,fans the strongest group of fans in any,form any fashion in these United States,of America nay the world,Alysha net decided to call me without,even saying my name in my group racist,because once again we're asking,questions and like I don't even know how,asking these questions I would ever,write she's always never never coming on,there she's she's you know decline twice,what is racist about asking where that,money's going what could possibly be,racist about that because you're,assuming they're caught there's,something seedy about their cause well,you want you want some money the worst,about people you want the money to,actually help marginalized communities,rather than be pocketed by white,upper-class grifters well again I,haven't read all the books yet so you,know I'm the last in huge yeah I'll,teach you I'm not there yet been thanked,Thank You Ellie for that but I saw on,her podcast issue she had an author on,some other book I think the author was,white if I'm correct no she didn't have,the author on OK please review the book,yeah like about all of Ellie's guests on,her podcast,most white white vastness my mother,owned that sorority to mean the only,thing whiter than her sorority is their,guest list she could have stepped up I,mean holy jesus looks like one of those,like crazy Mormon documentaries when the,guy has like 700 kids it was Jeff what,Jeffers what's his name yeah I'm talking,about from under the banner of heaven,yes the crack out the crack on book,that's what it looks like they all get,together is a ninety six year old in a,wheelchair,and then there's 7,000 kids,around I think Ellie's in there oh my,god,Jesus so uh so Ellie this person decides,to go after them in the fans and when,you play this card,you've lost as I think like the fear of,hold on I'm sorry is that this is just,just to keep everyone up completely this,is after she had on our friend Gina,podcast who gave Ellie tips on how to be,a good you protesters put some,police precinct every time that there is,unjust violence towards black community,by a police officer I think we would see,change pretty fast I agree with that,thank you and Gina gave you a bunch of,tips on you though,again you don't have a lot of sugar in,you cuz you're gonna crash real early,you know you don't you just gotta pace,yourself some water,everyone thinks a trail mix is the best,butts get M&Ms in there take your time,have a bit of fruit you sometimes,sunscreen sunscreen comfy shoes yeah,right yes and what else good protesting,advice from Gina yeah that's that's,really all you have to do that's it,that's all you have to do make sure you,bring brass knuckles yeah also gloves in,case it gets cold outside and say nice,things like you know give peace a chance,black lives matter you pigs like,just the things that you know the thing

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