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Meet My New Girlfriend 😍 (We Met On Twitter - For Real)what's up everybody its grim and I have,some

Grim Experience

Updated on Jan 18,2023

Meet My New Girlfriend 😍 (We Met On Twitter - For Real)

what's up everybody its grim and I have,some great news as you remember I wanna,bet against Barbara the life that's,divorcing me and the bet was the loser,has to wait on the winners date so I won,the bet I get to pick a date and I'm,gonna have a date here now I'm just I,have to date at this table or should I,have the date this table and not only,that but you guys are not gonna believe,who's my date I got a date I got the,greatest day in the history of our sport,and you you are gonna be jealous,having Chris Banks come walking in here,with his pictorials and his abominable,and his oblique heels and whatever the,hell he has I got a girl who's gonna,exam look like a pile of you and it's,gonna be what no it's um I might be uh,I somehow alright so this is the story,so I'm on Twitter and I stumbled across,this really cute snapchat and this girl,she was being cute and she was making a,snapchat and I'm like this girl's,adorable I don't know who she was I mean,I hey after I figured out who she was I,know who she was but I didn't tell the,time and I just quoted it and I said,well I won the bet and this is who I,want to have a date with not even,thinking she would ever even respond to,it or whatever I don't know who she was,all sudden she responds and I'm like oh,my god it's guys you're not gonna,believe this,we mean this is hilarious in eight Susu,disappeared from Twitter you're not,gonna believe this so it's adult film,actress,Kimmy Granger and the real one the real,verified account what I'm not Malo and,I'm gonna be an X X X land if you know,what I'm saying so yeah yeah listen,listen uh their hippie won't take off,her stockings I am about to get it in,with a genuine grade-a porn,we're gonna have a date so really I,didn't know what was going to happen,your balls conical no because you have,no idea what happened so sure enough all,things she follows me back because I,followed her she follow me back she,likes it you know oh no he'll doesn't,know I've never had to pay for it in my,life actually I'm lying to you cuz you,cost me Millions and giving me nothing,but I'll have a crumb could I have a,crumb of that I just want a crumb a,badge it's all I ask for you're,disgusting so now I don't have to beg,for crumbs anymore because I got myself,a real woman who's ready to ride me like,a cowboy,what the hell's Evelyn here is we're,gonna have ourselves a date yes Kimmy,Granger is my date and you will be our,waitress where is my best rain I have,not lost my marbles I have plenty of,marbles actually I'm gonna get my,barbells touched it's gonna be great,what yeah I wonder if he does does,people on the first ring well you know,what it is he was all about memes and,that's what her little snapchat that she,was being cued in was all about how the,sky she was talking to and he was like,not sending our offensive memes enough,and you know how I am I love the memes,I'm dropping means what so you know,speaking of memes like I don't know feel,like you make data points like,forget the soup ever get the loo because,I'm gonna jump in that like a lake,what bleep they're down the room first,of all she's never blow up now she's got,one of those flex lights and second of,all it's not me but it's a good damn,idea I'm going to the store to get one,what I should do that work an order from,Amazon mckeever either way I'm gonna get,the Kenny Granger flashlight and not,only that but I'm actually gonna have,the real physical woman you doubt you,well first of all she lives she lives,far so I'm gonna fly her in or off why,they're all right it's going down,tonight I gotta figure this out I'll be,right back,so now I'm heading off to the airport to,pick up tubby EMU he's coming back to,make some more awesome videos for our,channel but while I'm driving up to the,airport I want you guys to check out,this cute little snap chat from Jimmy,Granger because he's adorable,I'm in love,I wanna get to know I'm really excited,about it she's kind of known for being, funny so I start something you,lose this morning I started off slow,it's a little easier to average whatever,really and then I throw in another like,our weighted average car rated me and,you know said you know mount my sway,tonight I'm running now enjoy he hits me,with the whole oh is that all you got,you can do better than that I said you,know what you're right,I'll do better I'll make it more,offensive and he goes,isn't necessarily better,I really helps for this one yeah oh,isn't he adorable so my plan is to win,her over with memes you know I'm the me,master baby,the snapping turtle is gonna be snapping,it's just some Timmy Granger Meg I think,that I am the cutest snappin turtle here,on snapchat and she is the cutest chick,on snapchat too and me and her together,we can be the snapping couple baby and,we'll be treating these having fun and,black and people who don't think it,means funny because the snappin turtle,aka Ranger are gonna be the new power,couple minute I'm having myself a date I,don't care if I have

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hey I and my one question is how big you,think it is I think it's huge its,massive were you from London London but,give me a number,25,000 25,000 YouTube's back again with,another video is your boy Magnus TV,great TV and if you don't know what I,mean now you know what it means and I'm,on the streets of Melrose and for this,YouTube video I'm asking all the ladies,in Melrose do they know what size it is,or give me a guess of how big they think,it is,and I want to see what their mind is but,the thing about this video is I'm not,talking about I'm talking about my shoe,size I got the way of running zone so,they go give me some answers and at the,end of the video I'm gonna let them know,that I'm talking about my shoe size and,i'ma let them know so let's get it high,we out here we out here melrose wit,Ashley Ashley Ashley I got one question,for you my one question is how big you,think it is 2 inches oh boy it's bigger,than that,short but high we all here at Melrose,and we here with Lola I got one question,for you my one question is how big you,think it is I can't answer it I I think,just give me a number average average,give me a number though I don't that's,not what I think I don't like go like,that,what's the size inches,evn we here with Kimmie Granger Megan,all right I am my question for you is,how big you think it is,well those pants are kind of tight so it,can't be that big,do you take it to the left or to the,right that's I get to the left your left,or my left my love my live good clip are,we out here Melrose and we here with,Ashlyn Leslie I got one question for,y'all and the one question is how big I,think it is pretty big I want like a,number one to 20 um 18 I like that I was,gonna go with the 20,oh how do,all right cool cool cool but not do I,want to see it no good,all right we all here in Melrose and we,are here with Alejandro Alejandro,Alejandro,um I got one question for you and uh how,big you think it is give me give me a,range like seven seven I'm black now,like it's bigger than that light night,why it's bigger than there okay so what,you want me to say I love it it's still,bigger than that you want to see you,don't want to see here we go at the,Grove and we here with and my question,is um how big you think it is how big,you think it is just give me answered,damn media wasn't medium like give me a,size like a number well it depends on,what you're talking about,does anything just tell me yeah I'm,black so you want me you want me to tell,you right now right now we over here,Melrose will be here with I marry I got,a question for you um how big you think,it is,just look down and tell me what you,think this mood is give me a number,big enough for the ladies big enough for,the ladies what does that mean like give,me a size like you want to see me going,to see let's go over here real quick,there,hi we back at Melrose and we here with,our soul Malcolm or you're from Russia,Russia Russia now but my one question is,how big you think it is,or diamond we afraid,huh you afraid to answer this question,how big you think it is give me a number,what do you mean what you think I mean,like how big you think it is oh no just,just give me enough okay we can say,about you hate huh we can say about your,head do double you want just our number,three okay twenty nine seven I'm black,I'm bigger than that I'm bigger than,that now I it's nice a little bit too,much bomb do you want to see it our,house okay let's talk about my shoe size,I'm a size 13 25,000 25,000 in inches,how big what she think I'm talking about,besides one to fifteen eight-and-a-half,bigger than that,really wanna see I'm good baby but thank,you,hey I'm going to show you right now,anyway I'm talking about my shoe size,I'm a size 13 thank you you think it's,two inches you want to see it yeah you,sure you know what I'll show you right,now I'm gonna do it anyway I'm a size 13,that's how big it is I'm talking about,my shoe size,you don't know size you want to see now,we can go to the corner right here Ali,I'm just I'm just joking I'll talk about,my shoe size though I'll show you right,now,I don't want to see your shoe okay,you're showing me the inside of your,shoe what did it say in France okay,that's a 13 and us sizes it's a 13 year,right I give me a size though want me to,show you right now yeah right now I was,talking about my shoe size and I'm a,size 13 that was it do I want to see it,now good,I hear you good you don't want to see,his 13 uh my shoe size is a 13 I'm gonna,show you right now I'm a size 13 all,right now let's talk about my shoe size,Don the size 13 I was trying to guess my,shoe,you want me you want me to tell you,right now right now,Asha all right bet 13 the easies you can,check it out that's it IV out here,Melrose we all here with my man Lena my,man Lena I got a question for you the,question is if a plane crashes on the,border of Canada and the United States,where do they bury the survivors where,would they bury two survivors if a plane,crashes on

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kimmy granger interview 11-16 Part 1

kimmy granger interview 11-16 Part 1

pretty much everybody that I knew from,school is well aware of what I do now I,I get a like contacted from like,Facebook or they text me maybe at least,once a week,old boyfriends are yeah all boyfriend's,do now pretty much all of my old friends,actually an old teacher to an old gym,teacher which is kind of funny so that's,I guess it's a little I don't know if,that's weird or not but yeah no no he,actually hit me up on Facebook and he,was like oh my god I can't believe what,I saw I was born last night and I see,your face front Center on a banners nice,to talk to you,the one that took my virginity is kind,of like I guess I'm not weird about it,but he's like kind of like oh my god I,can't believe I took your virginity you,know they can now look where you're like,what did I do and created a monster,kind of thing,yes oh yeah no I when I'm home I,separate Kimmy from there's never really,like when I'm at home I don't I'm not,saying that I like put on a different,persona cuz pretty much what you see is,what you get but for the most part timmy,is more of like a very very nymphomaniac,very like sexy young girl giggly like,giddy and I'm not saying that I'm not,that but I'm me personally like actual,me is very goofy and like raunchy and,like I can kind of be like dude,sometimes and the way I talk it's just,kind of like,I'm comfortable with who I am and I know,who I am up here and who I am in here,and I know what I have to do when I'm on,set and then I know I can once I get,home I can you know take off the Kimmy,and just lay on the couch and just be me,there's it's it's really not that,difficult some girls do get caught up in,that though what I've noticed like a lot,of girls lose sight of who they really,are and just become this persona that,they turn themselves into on camera and,when they're shooting a porno and they,can't really turn that off because they,think that you know because they're so,wrapped up in this industry they like,that devour them and they let it become,them and they really do,oh yeah oh yeah no I you know honestly,sometimes it can obviously it's it comes,with the territory,I do what I do it is what it is I'm you,know I'm an adult film actress,so even when I do go home I still my,friends are still gonna want to like,still talk about it you know they're,still gonna want to like you know engage,in a conversation that involves it and,they're gonna want to like tell other,friends hey I know a porn star,so sometimes that can come out but as,far as the switch goes on that I it's,complicated because I'm so I'm home so,much just at home in the privacy of my,own room when I'm not shooting I'm,literally just home with my boyfriend so,it's it's not really like I have to like,flick on a switch when I get home and,remember that okay this is not Kimmy,this is me I'm gonna go home and see my,friends and my family because like I,said I'm pretty much myself for the most,part everywhere that I go,other than the fact that sometimes it,gets caught up in conversation,a little bit it it kind of like I said,before it comes with the territory to,those of if they introduced me to one of,their friends I'm kind of introduced as,my friend some friends are actually,respectable and they'll let it like it,brought up in the conversation let me,come to that that type of topic but it's,kind of cool though obviously I knew,what I was getting into when I got into,this industry I knew that that was gonna,happen and I kind of fancied the idea,I'm like let me kind of cool I guess you,know but I'm not gonna let it I don't,let it get to my head I really don't,I'm not I don't look at myself like I'm,anything's like super great I'm just,you know I'm actually very thankful and,blessed to say that I haven't had to do,a whole lot to get where I'm at I just,people responded to my energy and my,scenes and responded to my attitude,onset so I like to believe that it was,mostly just need that sold you know I,got got my fans and basically got the,directors and companies to really like,me because I didn't have to do you know,a bunch of degrading disgusting like,because there's a lot of things that,girls have to do now in order to really,get their faces out there and there's,beautiful girls that didn't have to do,that in order to be you know the it girl,in the industry and I like to think that,I am proof of that I didn't have to be,gangbanged in and have to DP,then triple anal about my ass and do a,bunch of crazy crazy I haven't even,done boy boy girl so I like to think,that it is something that I,to really get to that point and I hope I,really don't ever have to because it's,not something that I really planned on,ever doing and I kind of look at it like,I don't do anything on camera that I,wouldn't do off camera so other than,maybe like some of the weird fetish,stuff like this that Mommy like weird,stuff dad weird stuff that I do that's,just stuff for the fetish people but ya,know it's it's definitely something that,that is that I'm pretty grateful for

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Cory Chase: Stepmom Scenes, Ted Cruz’s Twitter & Orgies in the Afterlife

Cory Chase: Stepmom Scenes, Ted Cruz’s Twitter & Orgies in the Afterlife

foreign,welcome back to Holly Randall I'm,filtered before I introduce my guest,today I just want to give a quick shout,out to my amazing sponsor Rex MD who,makes getting generic and branded Viagra,easy and cheap everything's online,including the prescription they deliver,right to your door no doctor office,visits nothing awkward and of course you,are prescribed by a licensed physician,to get started with a sample Pack,prescription of generic Viagra go to, Holly that's Holly,now let me introduce my guest she has,been in the industry for two decades,she's America's favorite MILF she's been,highly requested by you guys and I have,finally brought her to you the one and,only Corey Chase,hi Corey how are you today,hi I'm doing very good thank you for,having me yeah of course thank you so,much for coming I know we've been back,and forth about this for a while so I'm,finally glad that we were able to sit,down,yeah so um,it's been it's been tough trying to get,our schedules to match,I know right how did covet change like I,mean you know I feel like covid changed,everybody's life,um how did covid impact you specifically,uh me uh it found I found out a lot that,I I was able to stay home maybe a little,bit more I didn't really necessarily,have to go out and do a lot of crazy,things and like travel as much as I,thought I was doing so that definitely,helped,um and of course uh when you're stuck at,home,what is the one thing you're going to do,but masturbate and have fun and find new,fetishes so,like it just it was amazing for me kovid,was a godsend,it's so interesting I feel like,you know most people wouldn't,say this but I feel like a lot of people,in the adult industry performers,specifically feel the same way because,yeah it was this opportunity to realize,that you could actually survive pretty,much on your own financially through you,know the personal content platforms like,only fans Etc,and it definitely changed the adult,industry completely do you feel do you,prefer the way things are now where you,can produce more content at home and,shoot less for Studios,um yes and no uh I I like that girls are,have this um way of making money on,their own and not having rely on,production companies but then it's kind,of degraded uh,porn a little bit,um it's become a little bit more,disposable and,people aren't really expecting a whole,lot of like production work when it,comes to porn because they're watching,it and then they move on to something,else which this was a trend that was,happening even before covid uh but like,I've noticed that even the the stuff,that I'm maybe putting more time in I,have uh more stars that they're just not,appreciating the work that I'm putting,into what I'm producing,um,that has kind of been a little like darn,like why why couldn't we also go back to,how it used to be yeah I I relate to,that so much I put a lot of work into,like the stuff that I shoot for,,um you know and it's it's,pretty much all solo girl stuff but you,know before like that got a lot more,traction than it does now and yeah it's,like people are just like oh no I'd,rather see you know cell phone footage,of blow jobs and like all this money,that I pour into this like carefully,curated beautifully shot video and,stills and I get like almost no feedback,from it and it's so disappointing and so,disappointing,so,um,but you are still shooting for Studios,sometimes like you were just out here,um yeah so what's that like being back,on set like what do you love about being,on set versus shooting at home,um on set I like that I can just be the,model I can focus on doing what I need,to do with what they've given me,um it kind of,clears me to kind of be a little maybe a,little more adventurous where whereas,when I'm producing my own content,um I'm focused on lighting I'm focusing,on set and is the models okay with,everything that's going on and all the,other stuff post-production,pre-production that goes on with,producing a film that when I work for,somebody else I can just be whoever I,want to be for that scene and it's it's,very kind of refreshing and kind of a,helps kind of like reset me,where I can maybe even Explore a,different character or a different,scenario,in what I shoot when I go back home,yeah you know that absolutely makes,sense there's a lot of responsibilities,that come along with producing your own,content as much as like there may be the,benefits of having the control and that,kind of stuff it's,it's a lot of work so I absolutely,relate to that,um so I guess let's get your origin,story how did you get started in the,adult industry,my origin story is very very long,um,so there's an unofficial day and an,official date,in a semi full-time date so we'll just,kind of start from the beginning,uh I was modeling for some extra income,while I was in college because I was,going to college I was in the National,Guard I was just getting my GI bill I,was working I was just like being a pet,sitter and ever

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My First Date... w/ Kimmy Granger

My First Date... w/ Kimmy Granger

I'm so nervous I'm so nervous this is,gonna be a really big really big thing,are you excited for me you don't have,diarrhea well you know when you get,nervous the diarrhea because because I,had diarrhea on my first date with you,doesn't mean I'm gonna have diarrhea now,I'm much older much older exactly what,elderly I'm older and more experienced,so now this her dress this is your,dating app you should have got like a,girdle or something to suck that in I do,oh my gosh so you you doubted me,everyone on the internet doubted me but,rest assured my girlfriend ladies and,gentlemen is Kimmy Granger we're dating,this is our first thing no first date it,might not go anywhere there she is hi,hey beautiful how are you all right look,she's really dating now yeah did you,came huh no I didn't pay you for this,did you pay you today we became friends,on the Internet oh my gosh I don't,believe it,it hasn't it's the means it's the means,right,did you see the tweet she put out about,what she was gonna do to be on the table,I thought you made that I thought that,was your Twitter pretending to be her no,no that's all right there that's real,she's real from you painter from I'm not,buying it Razors contract when I see,some money on our bank account right,okay and did you give her scripts look I,got rid of the wedding ring and,everything good we did and it was a big,step for me it was a big step for me and,she kids you want a believe you want to,say hello hi I'm glad you can take them,off my hands what you're not jealous so,we're gonna have a day if you have to,serve us are you serving you I'm gonna,go look in the garbage I mean the,refrigerator I had a pizza let me see if,there's some leftovers I can't believe,I'm supposed to feed you people your,how's she gonna eat through the phone I,don't believe this for one second I,don't believe this it was amazing I'm,not gonna lie I've been thinking about,you all day,you know I saved up about 15 means to,share with you why don't you and any,candles this must be a romantic and you,put our unity candle out our wedding,candle for your bait what I would dump,her if I were you and here,that's my leftovers from tonight she was,through a pizza see you see the,disrespect right I served you dinner no,I ordered the pizza the number and,everything you know I mean I think she,doesn't know what you're known for like,what your legendary yet I seen your,tweet earlier today I think he can to,leave you at the end there's a couple of,them she's good at riding the disco,stick that's like I think there's not,much sick on you to ride so I feel bad,for her she didn't get the big ones did,you get that implant you were discussing,earlier I was gonna get an implant but,but you know then I thought I thought to,myself you can have,that all day everyday that's your job,then you come home to the big cuddly,teddy bear again she can have big,muscular meatheads all day long let me,guess you're the whole package for her,yeah are you gonna feed her the pizza,well I don't think she can really eat,that wasn't going to happen well I'm,flying her in next week like you're,dressed up Walmart top Walmart ahh this,is polo it's like the pole imitation,take it off right now,oh please don't we yeah yeah jealous -,jealous hater well you know I think I,think I'm gonna give you a little bit of,a good day your girl's good you know on,the wrestler,yeah I wrestle on YouTube and what,nothing what yeah what's that look I'm,serving you what would you like to drink,I promise not to spit in it what am i,what do I really want don't say this is,me and my wrestling single yeah I do,squirt this is just a slob this is what,I'm getting rid of you you like this,journal to suck a minute it's not,available to suck Mia this is my,wrestling attire,motorboat so you can mow turbo teach,other that's the cigar thing what do you,want woman now well do you really want,to film this because this is starting to,get a little steamy I don't because I,might vomit you're gonna vomit I might,vomit can you put your shirt back on,I'm really ruffles no I'm not putting my,shirt back yeah so I think right you'll,be something to me,so now listen I have a hot tub and she's,never gone in it with me once because,you take up the whole hot tub and,there's crumbs always in it when you're,in it so I was thinking I'll fly out,next week,I got a first-class seat on my face and,you could come and hang out with me in,the hot tub that was disgusting did you,write that it was lame not lame that was,a good line you like my line right bad,it's the meat I taught me a lot of times,thank you what I'm just trying not to,throw up she's trying not to throw up so,well Kimmy I would like to text you,later and FaceTime when she's not around,cuz I don't want her to see with that,yes amazing yes thank you,nobody else I saw that,it's just real I feel so special now my,big could come better not below for this,I I didn't buy anything,there's 1,000 in love there's no dollars,missing,there's no dollars

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hi Linda Petersburg and welcome to Fort,muse for a far story we have this,heartbreaking footage of a sad sad loser,asking for Cuba greatest number have a,look at this hey Kimmy can I please get,your number next muse the UK Prime,Minister just given his first national,address this is what you have to say,everyone watching this suck all your,mum's yeah the Queen has also come out,with a statement of fully backing the,new Prime Minister and it reads as,follows what one my geez it's your boy,we Livia take care of my boy hunting yes,I did not kill the animal in some other,news our people in Africa starving to,death and for just $1 maybe you can make,an already which politician even richer,we also said now with our very own,professor poop face poop yet who has a,very surprising solution professor poopy,ed welcome back,how are ya no I'm great how are you now,I'm good how are you I'm good how are,you I'm great how are you I'm good how,are you I'm good how are you I'm good,how are you I'm good how are you how's,the wife I'm good I mean oh I mean yeah,she's great she's so hard what she's,still hot are you deaf Jesus so,professor you said you had a solution,for the starvation crisis in Africa oh,yeah well I've been doing research for,20 years on this matter and I think that,for the starvation crisis to stop in,Africa Africans should just not be,hungry huh,that is very interesting back to you,dick yeah so I was sucking this guy's,dick the other day and uh wait my life, I apologize what I just said I,don't condone that language hey what's,that over there a teenager was,hospitalized for excessive aping has,finally died his parents have informed,us that as,was well hit by a car apparently the,woman but the cost food I reported that,reached out to the cars with further,questions but I realized it was stupid,because cause can't speak yah girl that,you see on your screen right now has,just been reported missing the police,have since dispatched a dozen,search-and-rescue unit cell find out,this young Latino boy has also been,reported missing and the police have,since dispatched a dozen thoughts and,prayers a medical breakthrough the,first-ever penis enlargement surgery was,a raging success I met up with the,recipient of the new heat Center and,I've got a few questions in their,general direction direction can I can I,see it,oh wow that is very big that's massive,Wow and and you're happy with it oh yeah,I'm very happy with it especially now,that I can do this and now we go back to,you dick,and now we move on to some sports news,they have some very exciting news from,the golfing world legendary golfer,mulligan sandwich has just died in the,footballing world Arsenal fans are,extremely happy with the way their club,is running here are a few videos of them,keeping praised on their owners,they happen a lot to sports to you,because we have just received reports of,a dangerous individual roaming the,streets goes by the name of black slob,and please be advised to stay away from,him as he is drunk and extremely horny,that's gonna be here for a news,broadcast for today with that being said,stay classy and off I'm up

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Kimmy Granger - Manuel Ferrara

Kimmy Granger - Manuel Ferrara

it's okay you fell before whatever when,you've killed like that you can save,anything you want we'll just agree with,you let me move my came out right here,so it's better okay uh no sheep a we,have to do I love you too,do you prefer men or women as Google put,you prefer life and Buddhism uh that's a,tough one I don't know depends on my day,that I'm happy sometimes I prefer men's,jazz I prefer women,I prefer both technically a fairly dude,technique magic sorry pony show and,usually fairly make Detroit FLE the,limit,okay ma'am Emily farm,you're also like a lot women I love,women I love everything about that I,like sharing them with men but I like,men a little bit boomba new says she's,the prettiest in the pawn game right now,ah thank you,we lose it losing Lucita no set way,Roger Ascham Zidane Libya Syria to you,gross beat mall what we're okay Kimmy,does it feel weird and makes it it,doesn't feel worried it's actually the,bestest of the bestest uh-huh doesn't,feel we have to make sense with an old,guy like menu so ,no it's not yours old thank you Miss,Chloe uh is a young woman who would like,to start in the adult industry she's,very pretty and she's saying you have to,introduce me to her in that case because,I'm human,she lives in Russia messy Moscow oh oh,then I need to check this so hi wait,Kimmy Granger I'm dead I'm in heaven,right one of funniest sexiest women in,the industry,Batgirl thanks man menu menu oh yeah,that's how we say in you know in America,they say many from manual treacherous a,menu my bro of another mother well what,is he as you can come closer a few CS,huh grunts wha de Hermione,Oh a asking if you're a Emma Emma honey,eat Hermione a my knees big sister ah,she's my big sister right I was about to,say she's probably older than you,wait they're asking if we're gonna go do,a scene after this and I'm like yes we,are,go make sex yes what's your favorite,song uh my favorite song of all time is,probably cruising by Smokey Robinson oh,I love that song other yeah I love that,song it's my favorite I listen to I can,listen to it over and over and over,again and never think of it there's not,as there's so many songs that I can,listen to and then I'll eventually be,like okay I can't listen to anymore that,song will never get old very nice why,were your motivations to get in the,industry was it by choice or by,necessity and do you have a career plan,it was by choice and I do have a career,plan asset elif a Peshwa I don't condone,business citizen swap necessity in a,plonker era what is your career plan my,career plan is to set up a residual,income set up a website I have a website,right now but I'm switching distributors,and hopefully just gonna,run my own site because that's just what,I wanted,plaza de Rivera and family so no e leu,Sierra Farah popped we talked to,Johnson's about opposite idea of yeah a,seat via de sexto come in flash I'd like,a flashlight for example would be great,you know that's what my wife does mainly,my wife she helps me with all my work,she does everything but her income,mainly comes from her website from,flashlights from a bunch of different,things she did when she was a porn star,exactly so like basically just a,residual income just build up and do a,lot of things that give me a residual,income to have me set for life so when I,do decide I want to like you know what,okay young zombie zombie Ramon see Lucia,I forgot peso know I felt a business,carry Rafael de los mm a prayer enfagrow,heretical actress what is your favorite,singer what is your favorite actor and,what is your favorite celebrity can it,all shorter preferred a actor is,saleability woo uh favorite singer is,probably right now I listen to him all,the time probably the weekend I don't,know why I just I listen to all of this, right now the weekend the weekends,the weekends I love him right now cool,Eddie cook the weekends uh favorite what,was it favorite actor favorite actor,probably Jim Carrey and Johnny Depp Adam,Johnny Depp you Jim Carrey those are my,favorite actors and then my favorite,celebrity overall celebrity Kim,Kardashian no joke here just men,well Ferrara no score you heard it here,first well do you see you buy favorite,celebrity hey what's going on I don't,know don't you become best friends did,this just happen we're best friends,yes oh my god it's gonna be winter f6f,to know we're best friends I know it's,gonna be awkward but best friends with,interests friends with benefits,yes he's benefits exactly,buh-buh-buh-buh,hello Missy lucky boy Immanuel I agree,Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman these guys up to,something legendary says 'yes favorite,is also jim carrey oh yeah he's the best,he's funny I like funny ones ones that,are very eccentric and have a very,versatile personality like he does he,can just play any role like Jim,just like a Johnny Depp what's your,favorite Jim Carrey movie Kelly Thompson,plethora Jim Carrey probably me my head,it's a tie between Ace Ventura and me,myself and Irene oh yes I see for me I,lov

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You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don't Take

You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don't Take

all right what's going on guys welcome,to my first video of 2020 we're starting,off hot man I'm pretty excited for this,one so yesterday some pretty important,stuff went down in the world now I'm not,really big into politics myself and,that's not really something that we,discuss on this channel and plus I don't,want to spread any wrong information cuz,I haven't really looked into it that,much personally so I don't want to say,anything that's wrong but basically long,story short we might be looking at the,possibility of a world war 3 obviously,that's a pretty severe outcome but the,possibility of war from what I,understand you know from doing a little,bit of research is pretty real but as,you guys know Twitter is not the place,for serious discussions ok so Twitter,just went absolutely crazy in reaction,to this news with World War 3 memes,honestly if I'm keeping it real it was,one of the best nights that I've ever,seen on Twitter aside from the fact that,you know we might be facing a war pretty,soon which is unfortunate but the tweets,were just hilarious mate it was one of,the funniest nights I've ever had on,Twitter so of course I had to hop in,there you know get in on that maybe I'll,put some of my tweets up on the screen,for those of you that don't use Twitter,which by the way you should alright you,should make a Twitter I highly recommend,it but anyways my personal favorite,tweet of the night and the topic for,this video was this interaction that I,had with a very special person but we'll,come back to her in a second basically I,was just kind of trolling you know the,thought process was you know hey world,war 3 coming up you may as well just,shoot your shot now you know what I mean,you got nothing to lose I kind of pulled,up from deep on this one alright this,was like a half-court shot I really,didn't expect much with this one so it,all started with this tweet right here I,can't wait to have babies I'm gonna,secure this bag then find me an Italian,daddy to breed me now as you can see,that suite was sent by the one and only,C,demon aka Kimmy Granger I don't think,that's her real name but that's probably,the name that sounds familiar to you,I'll put some pictures up on the screen,you guys probably recognize her you know,although maybe not from these angles but,she is an actress I guess you could say,an actress that you know you might only,find on the Internet,on very specific websites now personally,I've seen quite a lot of her work on the,hub I'm a big fan you know I got to,admit the best way to describe it is,that she has a real passion for meat,okay you know what I mean like it really,shows in her work because sometimes even,if the girl be looking real good they,just aren't like a great performer you,know and it kind of just ruins the video,right you know but Kimmy has really,mastered her craft so anyways I saw this,tweet and I was like you know what let,me just take a shot here you know I'm,just gonna throw something out there,nothing too crazy see what happens you,know like I said you never know right so,I responded to this tweet with hi I work,at Olive Garden like I said nothing too,crazy you know she said she was looking,for an Italian daddy I don't happen to,meet those qualifications but I do be,putting in that work on the 9 to 5 that,Olive Garden you know what I mean you,know maybe that can count for something,you know that was the angle I was just,testing the waters you know just to see,I had a couple different options of,where I could go with this you know I,could have made like a breadstick joke,or like a meatball joke or you know,something like that there was some,decent options to branch off of this,with right so anyways she actually,responded to this and she said hi I work,at horror Wow okay so this did catch me,off guard a little bit you know it was,quite straightforward which I do,appreciate so I was like you know what I,gotta match this energy you know I gotta,come back strong I can't play no games,you know I mean so I hit her with this,world war three is about to start so I'm,just gonna get to the point would you,like to have,with me you know sometimes you just got,to go for it man I mean what's the worst,that could happen here right she says no,okay well I mean I guess we're back to,exactly where we started you know,nothing really changed here's where,things started to take a turn right when,I said this I was pretty much expecting,a no I mean of course right you know I,was thinking like worst-case scenario,she tries to like roast me or something,like Shay we gonna have to get into it,right you know I mean that was what I,was preparing for but to my surprise she,actually responded with this Oh fine,where you at now I'm pretty sure I had a,small stroke when I first read that cuz,I really just couldn't believe what she,said you know I mean like I really was,preparing for the worst but this was the,one out of a hundred times where this,situation actually went well so I,gathered my thoughts a

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