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Wendy Raquel Robinson Interview, Praying For Damar & MORE | Cocktails with Queens Full Episodehappy

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

Wendy Raquel Robinson Interview, Praying For Damar & MORE | Cocktails with Queens Full Episode

happy Monday it's your girl Claudia,Jordan we are back with the brand new,episode first episode of the new year of,cocktails with the Queens we're so,excited because it feels like forever,since the four of us have been together,I am back of course with my beautiful,girls please welcome eight box what's up,girl happy New Year Darlings here's your,family,2023,please welcome Miss Lisa Ray what's up,Lisa Ray,well it's happening Happy New Year,queens and everybody out there let's,make this a brilliant amazing prosperous,new year throughout the year and last,but not least please book Miss Selena,Johnson hey girl hey what's going on hey,y'all Happy New Year I hope that,everybody's optimistic like Lisa Ray and,said it's going to be an amazing year,and it's up and it's stuck cocktails,with the Queens we ready we lit,but we have a special show today not,only is our first show back but we have,a really special guest but before we get,to our special guest you know like I,gotta tell y'all we're here to ditch on,everything that's trending in the news,and on social media so don't get mad at,us a real name comes up in our stories,we just it's just news we don't make,news we just reported boo right people,yes ma'am yes ma'am hey y'all later on,the show we're catching up with,everyone's home girl everybody loves,this lady Miss Wendy Raquel Robinson,about the reboot of our hit show The,Game and she has a ton of Personality we,cannot wait to kick it with her so,Queens how's everybody's New Years,to be honest with you quality of Mines,was very quiet I mean in Southern,California we are experienced this,Cyclone boom of rain which I mean like,today it's been literally raining the,entire day so I live up kind of like in,the Hills a little bit so girl it was a,cloud and it looked threatening and I,said you know what I'm gonna sit here,and I'm gonna watch uh some other folks,get drunk and bring it on in and be safe,did you do anything special I had,planned in my head and in my pocket to,do a whole lot more than what I,originally did I was gonna go to Miami I,was supposed to go to Ghana for the,premiere of my movie is so much,happening but then you know how things,happen and it won't let you be great I,feel like that's a sign so I stayed my,butt on in LA but I ended up going to,the Katt Williams concert because I,wanted to bring in the New Year laughing,you know I needed that I wanted to feel,bubbly,um all the players and old school dudes,was out and all Chicago seemed like they,was in the house on the west side to the,South Side,so we popped champagne we said Happy New,Year I laughed he crazy uh he and I are,doing a movie and a couple of weeks,together so we've been becoming like,tight left uh there the next morning and,went out to the Caribbean to try to get,a tan but I guess the rain that was,happening here is happening all over the,place because the weather is not the,same so I didn't get no tan or nothing,so I just enjoyed relaxation being with,my cousins and friends and just kind of,you know,um I wanted to read a book but I ain't,even had time for that it's like every,time I was still it was like and sleep,okay get up get it where you can that's,right and Selena,girl I just did old school sit in the,house,um like we went to breakfast me and the,kids and kiwan and uh we just did old,school go home order I let everybody,order whatever they want to eat we just,watch TV the people fell asleep honey we,woke up at 11 30 like oh okay come on,everybody let's do it let's say Happy,New Year and we said Happy New Year and,then the people went back to sleep and,was just and I prayed you know old,school prayer in the closet when the,clock strikes you know and then the next,day you know you cook some green and,he's not so I just did old school stuff,I was gonna ask that did anybody have,some Black Eyed Peas because that's a,news,that's a New Year's Eve tradition,with some good old Black Eyed Peas,yet then can I do it tonight I say I say,do it I mean it's January is new it's,new,I,don't have any black eyed peas but I had,some pina coladas in Puerto Rico that's,why I was,um yeah some chicken yellow rice and all,that Caribbean food out there it,actually was decent and I've been to,Puerto Rico a few times and never really,had a great time so I really didn't want,to go I was kind of like dragging my,feet because a group of my my people we,were all going so I was like I don't,really want to go there you know where I,wanted to be and so I went anyways and,we had great weather I found a really,nice Beach unlike the other times I,think when I went to Puerto Rico before,was when I was kind of poor so I was,about the beach I had a lot of graffiti,on their walls and stuff like by the,hotel and this time it was no graffiti I,was like oh I didn't moved up it was a,long time ago since I last been here,all right wait what y'all said bro are,we drinking tonight first drink oh,absolutely We're not gonna start off,2023 without having cocktails with queen,honey

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Taylor Swift's Team EXPOSES Kim Kardashian's Lies!

Taylor Swift's Team EXPOSES Kim Kardashian's Lies!

Taylor Swift has publicly addressed that infamous phone call between her and Kanye West and,now, so has Kim Kardashian!,The tea is piping hot you guys...,Hey everyone!,It’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and don’t worry Clevver isn’t going anywhere!,We are still going to be delivering you all the celebrity news that you need to know,,we are just going to be working from home and social distancing to do our part in preventing,the spread of Coronavirus.,Now, yesterday we told you we will keep you updated on any developments in the Taylor,Swift / Kanye West / Kim Kardashian Feud, and we have a lot of those.,So let’s jump into the tea.,As the world patiently waited for Taylor to break her silence she did it in only a way,Taylor Swift would, by bringing awareness to a better cause.,Clearly liking some REDDIT posts, subtweets, etc. was not enough for Tay, she went full-blown,“I’m going to address this one head on” while bringing attention to a greater cause.,Yesterday during all the commotion that was happening online over the leaked footage,,Taylor took to IG writing, QUOTE: “Instead of answering those who are asking how I feel,about video footage that was leaked, proving that I was telling the truth the whole time,about *that call* (you know, the one that was illegally recorded, that somebody edited,and manipulated in order to frame me and put me, my family, and fans through hell for 4,years.),Swipe up to see what really matters.”,The swipe up page led Instagram users to the Feeding America page urging her fans to donate,to the organization if they are able to.,And it looks like the leaked video, Taylor’s response and the multiple Swifty comments,on Taylor’s posts was enough to ignite Kim Kardashian to speak out on the matter and,defend her and Kanye’s actions.,In a series of Twitter posts on Monday, Kim tweeted out her side of the story which started,out by Kim calling Taylor “self-serving.”,She wrote, “Taylor Swift has chosen to reignite an old exchange - that at this point in time,feels very self-serving given the suffering millions of real victims are facing right,now.”,She continued, “I didn’t feel the need to comment a few days ago, and I’m actually,really embarrassed and mortified to be doing it right now, but because she continues to,speak on it, I feel I’m left without a choice but to respond because she is actually lying.”,Okay this is very juicy and I need to do a wellness check on everyone!,How is everyone doing with this back and forth so far?,Are you shocked by Kim’s claim and response so far?,Comment below and let me know.,But there is a lot more you guys.,Also, Taylor’s publicist spoke out and WOW, we will get to all of that in just a second!,Back to Kim.,She continued her Twitter spree saying, “To be clear, the only issue I ever had around,the situation was that Taylor lied through her publicist who stated that “Kanye never,called to ask for permission…,They clearly spoke so I let you all see that.,Nobody ever denied the word “bitch” was used without her permission.”,She went on with another tweet that read: “At the time when they spoke the song had,not been fully written yet, but as everyone can see in the video, she manipulated the,truth of their actual conversation in her statement when her team said she “declined,and cautioned him about releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message.,“The lie was never about the word bitch, It was always whether there was a call or,not and the tone of the conversation.”,Kim went on to explain that she never edited the footage saying “I never edited the footage,(another lie) - I only posted a few clips on Snapchat to make my point and the full,video that recently leaked doesn’t change the narrative.”,Clearly the narrative not changing is in Kim’s opinion, because for many fans who have now,seen the longer video, the narrative has changed.,Kim then added “To add, Kanye as an artist has every right to document his musical journey,and process, just like she recently did through her documentary.”,Kim then said that she recorded the call as part of the documentation process for Kanye,and his album saying “Kanye has documented the making of all of his albums for his personal,archive, however has never released any of it for public consumption & the call between,the two of them would have remained private or would have gone in the trash had she not,lied & forced me to defend him.”,She ended with saying that she will never touch on this matter again stating “This,will be the last time I speak on this because honestly, nobody cares.,Sorry to bore you all with this.,I know you are all dealing with more serious and important matters.,As we all know, the Kardashian Klan always sticks together, especially while any sort,of drama is unfolding - of course, they’re family.,Khloe Kardashian took to Twitter to support Kim.,She tweeted, “I was about to go take my ass to sleep but then I just saw my sister,post a couple tweets.,Kimberly you betta!!!!!!!!!!!”,But

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Kim Kardashian Is ‘Devastated’ Over Kanye West’s Twitter Rant

Kim Kardashian Is ‘Devastated’ Over Kanye West’s Twitter Rant

in a string of now deleted tweets kanye,west claims his wife kim kardashian and,her mom kris jenner,were trying to lock him up now a source,tells e.t that the 39 year old reality,star,is completely devastated here's what,went down,the 43 year old rapper called out his,wife and mother-in-law in a series of,tweets on monday night,writing chris don't play with me you and,that calmie,are not allowed around my children y'all,tried to lock me up,calmier is seemingly a reference to kris,jenner's longtime beau,corey gamble kanye whose oldest child,with kim,is seven-year-old daughter north,continued tweeting,put my life the line so north's mother,would never sell her sex rape,another tweet read i put my life on my,god that north's mom would never,photograph her doing playboy,and that's on god kanye also shared that,he was at the family's ranch in wyoming,adding,come and get me before requesting that,chris and kim,call me now meanwhile a source tells e.t,that kim has been trying to get kanye,help for his recent episode,but he's refused it quote kim has always,been public about everything in her life,but with kanye and him being bipolar she,has always respected to keep that more,private and within the family,the source adds that kim is completely,devastated that kanye is tweeting about,the family,and painting her as trying to lock him,up adding that she only ever wants the,best for her husband,i've seen him go through a lot and he's,just the most,genuine person and you know he might say,things that,might get misinterpreted and people,don't see the context behind it but i,always know his heart,of course all of this follows kanye's,emotional speech on,sunday at his first political rally in,south carolina,where yay broke down in tears telling,the crowd that his dad wanted his mom to,have an abortion when she was pregnant,with him,my mom saved my life my dad wanted to,abort me,kanye also claimed he considered an,abortion when kim,was pregnant with north even if my wife,were to divorce me,after this speech she brought north into,the world,even when i didn't want to she stood up,and she protected that child,on monday a source told et that kim was,upset about kanye's speech,adding quote she knows this is something,north will see when she gets older,and that's heartbreaking both kim and,kanye have been candid in recent years,about his battle with bipolar disorder,there's some cases of bipolar where,people go low i'm,i'm one that goes high kanye opened up,about it on jimmy kimmel live in 2018.,so you don't have extreme periods of of,depression,oh no no oh no because i just say it,i'll say on real tv like oh i thought,about kevlar and then the thought is,gone you know,and in 2019 kim talked about her,husband's condition in vogue's may,issue quote it is an emotional process,for sure,right now everything is really calm but,we can definitely feel episodes coming,and we know how to handle them

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Kim Kardashian GOES OFF on Taylor Swift on Twitter

Kim Kardashian GOES OFF on Taylor Swift on Twitter

no I feel like I felt moved on if you,thought Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift,squash their be for good think again,these are things that may break out in a,full body sweat hours out to Taylor,Swift broke her silence about the,recently leaked and unedited footage of,her infamous call with Kanye West in,2016,Kim followed suit going off in a series,of tweets saying she felt left without a,choice but to respond and claiming,Taylor was lying yep the drama is alive,and well people but let's rewind a,monday taylor addressed the leaked,footage hitting up her insta story to,claim that when kim first released clips,from the illegally recorded call it had,been edited and manipulated to paint her,as a liar when the new audio leaked many,fans claimed it proved Taylor was right,in her ongoing drama with Kim and Kanye,but Kim says not so fast,the reality star tweeted quote to be,clear the only issue I ever had around,the situation was that Taylor lied,through her publicist who stated that,Kanye never called to ask for permission,nobody ever denied the word was used,without her permission I feel like me,and Taylor my steelhead Wow I made that,famous Kim continued claiming that when,Taylor and Kanye spoke the song was not,fully rigged adding the lie was never,about the word it was always whether,there was a call or not in the tone of,the conversation the camera crew filmed,him speaking to Taylor and got their,whole conversation I think she got,freaked out by the reaction and all of a,sudden she flips Kim also defended,Kanye's choice to film the call saying,that the footage never would have been,made public had Taylor not lied and,forced Kim to defend him just extremely,happy can you tell by my face and if you,thought it ended then think again,I'm not gonna stress about it Kim also,shot down the claims that she had edited,the footage to make Taylor look bad,saying she only posted a few clips to,her snapchat adding that the new footage,doesn't change the narrative I would,very much like to,excluded from this narrative while,Taylor's longtime publicist treat paying,caught wind of the beauty moguls Twitter,rant and clap back at Kim's claim that,she didn't edit the footage tweeting,quote I'm Taylor's publicist and this is,my unedited original statement by the,way when you take parts out,that's editing PS who did you guys to,piss off to leak that video Kim's sister,Chloe also responded to the exchange,writing I was about to take my ass to,sleep but then I just saw my sister post,a couple of tweets Kimberly you betta oh,good,Chloe and Kim's little sister Kendall,Jenner like all the tweets and Kim's,rant - also weighing in on the beep,Taylor's BFF todrick Hall he took his,instant story to slam Kim's response,hard calling her self-absorbed entitled,and stubborn among some other not so,nice dates don't be,you

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Kim Kardashian's Family WORRIES Over Kanye West's 'Frustrating' Tweets

Kim Kardashian's Family WORRIES Over Kanye West's 'Frustrating' Tweets

kanye's been in wyoming and he's been,posting a lot of things,on social media so that is a little bit,frustrating,kim kardashian and kanye west's marital,troubles are starting to play out,on keeping up with the kardashians you,just have to,kind of separate yourself from like,what's going on at home,and what's going on on the internet on,thursday's episode of the show's,20th and final season the reality star,is dealing with,tensions in her marriage but tries to,keep the most personal details,off camera it's no secret that everyone,sees things in the media,about my life with kanye but i've always,been really respectful and not talking,about,issues that kanye and i have i mean you,guys clearly see them on twitter,so i'm still going to choose to not,really talk about it here,we have different views sometimes that's,not stuff,we put on social media i'm not going to,you know just start,tweeting what my thoughts are then,during a family lunch,kim is seen outside talking on the phone,about flying out to wyoming to see her,husband,following a slew of since-deleted tweets,calling out her,and her family i'm happy to come i mean,i can get on a plane,tonight when i talk to him he says no,he might say things that might get,misinterpreted,and people don't see the context behind,it but i always know his heart,i don't know i just feel like she's,struggling a bit,with all this stuff going on i don't,know how she's dealing with the stress,of it all you know that's what i worry,about she's always like the calm in the,storm,i think she's got a lot on her plate,she's got a lot going on with law school,and,everything else the kids everything she,can't possibly navigate this on her own,last july kanye took to twitter to fire,off a series of since-deleted tweets,aimed at kim and,chris after announcing his plans to run,for president,in the 2020 election a source told et,at the time that kim was quote,completely devastated by the public,messages and was hoping to get her,husband help,in the past the rapper has been open,about his struggles with bipolar,disorder,a source told et at the time quote kim,has always been public about,everything in her life but with kanye,and him being bipolar,she has always respected to keep that,more private,and within the family oh my god that kim,would make the best first lady,i was like you know i mean i don't want,to talk about it on camera so,got it i just don't want to talk about,kanye or anything,i've seen him go through a lot and he's,just the most,genuine person to lift kim's spirits,courtney and chloe hosted a girls night,at the family's malibu rental home,despite trying to avoid it the topic of,kanye did come up,at least once how are you and kanye now,moseying on along what i had to talk,with him,he called me the other morning i meant,to tell you about me,he said it would be nice to be able to,like say things i said yeah say what you,want to say,maybe it'll start people thinking a,certain way or getting a thought in,their head but did you,have to say those tweets publicly and he,said no you're right,i shouldn't say i shouldn't say that,publicly and while the kkw beauty,founder didn't go into detail on camera,she did say that she knew it would all,be okay,my life with kanye i got this like i'm,dealing with it,on my own like it's gonna be okay and i,love like,coming over to malibu and escaping and,being just as,in the moment as possible my sisters,know that and i love them for it,kim officially filed for divorce on,february 19th,after six years of marriage a source,told et,that they are asking for joint legal and,physical custody of their four children,north saint chicago and psalm and are,committed to co-parenting together

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Kim Kardashian Speaks On Defending Balenciaga

Kim Kardashian Speaks On Defending Balenciaga

Kim Kardashian is finally speaking out,on her favorite brand Balenciaga and,their disturbing campaigns with children,but it looks like Kim just made the,whole thing even worse say Balenciaga,she goes Balenciaga ball balance I'm a,baller Balenciaga no no that's wrong,valenciaga yes,Balenciaga yeah Valencia not Valencia,meanwhile Kanye's also weighed in on the,Balenciaga controversy and he revealed,exactly why Kim and other celebs are,refusing to cut ties with the,problematic fashion brand you know as,far as like none of the celebrity so,this just shows you all celebrities are,control you don't see no celebrities,talking about the Balenciaga situation,on top of that internet sleuths have,discovered a lot of new Creepy details,about Balenciaga and it turns out this,situation is way worse than anyone,imagined can we do have what's in the,bag please,excuse me yeah,boring,stories,buckle up because this Rabbit Hole runs,deep and this story is very disturbing,in case you somehow missed the huge,Scandal that's currently rocking the,Fashion World the Celeb favorite luxury,fashion house Balenciaga is facing major,backlash over a controversial ad,campaign featuring children in early,November valenciaga shared new photos,from their gift shop ad campaign on,Instagram and to say these photos were,disturbing would be a huge,understatement the ad campaign showed,children holding teddy bears dressed in,bondage surrounded by candles creepy,looking toys empty wine glasses and,Balenciaga accessories but this was just,the tip of the iceberg after the ad,campaign went viral fans on social media,quickly noticed that there was a lot,more Sinister symbolism hidden in the,photos for example one photo shows a,children's drawing of a demon in the,background and on the floor there's a,role of Balenciaga yellow caution tape,that Kim famously wore as her outfit,back in March but take a look at the,yellow tape in the photo again,Balenciaga is misspelled with two A's,showing the word ball and increase,Christian demonology ball is one of the,seven princes of hell and the primary,enemy of the Hebrew God,now you may think this is just a,coincidence and the name valenciaga was,misspelled by accident but wait till you,hear what else is lurking in,balenciaga's recent ad campaigns another,campaign that Balenciaga recently did,for their collaboration with Adidas,showed the new Balenciaga and Adidas,hourglass handbag resting on a table,covered by some papers but these weren't,just any papers they were actually the,court papers from the 2008 Supreme Court,case United States versus Williams,and here's what this court case was all,about here are the facts of US versus,Michael Williams Michael was in a chat,room under the name of Lisa and Miami he,then start up a conversation with,another individual who was actually a,secret service agent where he ultimately,sent a link containing seven photos of,child porn from there the secret service,agent got a search warrant they stormed,the house and recovered two hard drives,of child he was arrested in charge under,the Congressional statute Banning the,solicitation or the pandering of child,so the challenge is as follows Michael,argued that banning the solicitation,just asking for a child,was an unconstitutional restriction on,his first amendment right we all know,the first amendment protects freedom of,speech but it's not absolute an obvious,example screaming fire in a crowded,movie theater the question is this an,unconstitutional restriction on,Michael's first amendment of free speech,the Supreme Court held thank God that,the Congressional Act was not overbroad,now no matter how you try to rationalize,this there's simply no logical,explanation why Balenciaga or any,designer for that matter would include,these specific court papers in their ad,campaign but let's take a look at,another equally disturbing campaign from,Balenciaga,one recently deleted photo Balenciaga,shared on their Instagram feed showed a,redhead woman sitting in an office chair,with her feet on the desk at first,glance there's nothing weird or creepy,about this photo it just looks like any,high-end fashion campaign but let's zoom,in on the pile of books in the,background one of the books is fire from,the Sun by Belgian painter and filmmaker,Michael bormans now listen to how David,zwerner books the publisher of fire from,the Sun describes this book on their,official website,fire from the Sun highlights Michael,borman's new work which features,toddlers engaged in playful but,mysterious acts with Sinister overtones,and insinuations of violence,the description further states that,borman's art often surprises and,sometimes disturbs the viewer and in,this series of his work children are,presented alone or in groups against a,studio-like backdrop that negates time,and space,and then when you Google borman's,paintings from the fire from the Sun the,whole thing gets even creepier,so again why would Balenciaga include,this specific book in the same campai

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Kim Kardashian Wants Another Marriage | Cocktails with Queens

Kim Kardashian Wants Another Marriage | Cocktails with Queens

all right y'all listen um you know they,say the third time to charm,but sometimes you need four times now on,Gwyneth Paltrow's goop podcast Kim,Kardashian revealed that she fantasizes,about getting married for the fourth,time she said I feel like honestly,honestly my last marriage was my first,Real Marriage the first one I just don't,know what that what was happening the,second one felt like I wanted to be,married so badly because all my friends,were at that place uh so you know peer,pressure uh what are your thoughts and,could the fourth time be the charm for,Kim Kardashian Lisa Ray let's start with,you on this one what do you think about,this,you know I just love how honest she is,because here's the thing When Love Comes,it doesn't matter how many times it,comes around because love feels good,when you receive it I love the fact that,she said that hey my first marriage that,wasn't really nothing because mine,wasn't either and then the second time,was like I just wanted to be married and,sometimes you do feel that peer pressure,because you look like wow she got a man,and I don't have one or how she get her,man or what's going on with them you're,going to just feel and lust and love and,someone taking care of you and having a,a companion and I'm not even talking,about financially I'm just talking about,having someone that can hold you,appreciate you care for you or love you,and say that everything's gonna be okay,because you can't feel like you're busy,and not noticed in a in a room full of,people because you got so much that you,have to compete and compare and all of,that so I feel that love is great you,got the second time around three times,as a charm four times if it's up then,it's stuck and whatever else you know,what I'm saying that you can say I just,love love and if you don't do it right,the first and second third and fourth,time then keep pursuing it keep looking,for it and just like she said she feels,like her last marriage was her her best,marriage or her marriage alone but the,reality of it is is any time you join,Union with anybody if I have a long it,is that's such a personal connection,um that no one knows what your pillow,talking what your home life is like with,that person either you appreciated it,for what it was worth when it was or,you've learned something from it that,you won't take to your next relationship,but I'm sure that she appreciates these,four darling and beautiful kids that she,has with him and that she wants to be,able to live her life because she's at,the top of her game you know it's Lonely,at the Top I don't know nothing about,that because I'm in the middle but you,know what I'm saying I want to be able,to have somebody as well so she should,absolutely have somebody to share her,life with so all right all right,biblical what do you think that was a,long-winded answer to tell you that Kim,Kardashian get ready to have another,chapter Keeping Up with the Kardashians,it was pretty long though I'm just gonna,keep it all the way I love that you,where are we going with this there we go,round around the bush and happy ending,I'm trying to think of another chat,another season of Keeping Up with the,Kardashians,you know I wish everybody happiness and,stuff but it just,it just drives me nuts that you know,that that listen fall in love off camera,do that one time,do that one time for us Kim fall in love,off camera and it's not advertised or,going to be featured on another season,and a red carpet moment that's what I'd,really love to see for Kim Kardashian is,to have a private moment,I like that I'm with that in our group,today,Hulu taxes them they hitting right,they're different than you know it would,be more of a surprise and I know they,follow around every day but for once not,to advertise it that's what I wish for,my next life and that's what I've,learned about the next person that I'm,Really Gonna Love is to keep it private,because it will be real but when you're,already like advertising like oh,marriage oh,oh I feel you okay Selena,I think you can't hide it though like,you say they truck they carry I mean she,bought her everywhere she could if she,really wanted to,Selena well little State look stay tuned,yeah I say what's good for Elizabeth,Taylor honey is good for Kim Kardashian,okay,if you want to get married 75 000 times,that's your business but I do agree with,Vivica you know I I do feel like you,know she said in the article that she,wants to date more she said that she,would like to date for a long time she,said for about three years before she,considers it she was just saying that,she hasn't given up on love she hasn't,given up on the ideology of marriage and,I don't think that people should give up,but I do hope and I'll just add to you,know what Vivica was saying as well I do,hope that she does some self work and,some self you know just really looking,inside herself because one two three you,got to start saying okay what am I doing,what is it what am I doing wrong that's,c

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The Kardashian Sisters Talk Fashion, Twitter and Business - WSJ Interview

The Kardashian Sisters Talk Fashion, Twitter and Business - WSJ Interview

the Kardashians they're not movie stars,athletes or musicians but they're more,famous than most celebrity so what makes,them famous and how are they able to,cash that fame in I sat down with the,three sisters and I asked them to,explain what they really do have a lot,of fans but you also have haters some,say that you were just born into this,situation and a Fame and success that,you don't have talent I've heard that,and you don't have to work hard tell,America what is your talent what do you,do when people do say that you know,having a brand like this as we've gotten,lucky and stuff like that I mean I think,that this doesn't come easy you know we,we work really hard and if it was easy,then three sisters really go as everyone,can do it and so what does it involve,every day I mean I think what people,forget is before our TV shows we had,clothing stores we've always been in,love with the fashion industry Kimberly,was a stylist I would assist her at,times we do any had her own clothing,line before this we did closet,organizations that was actually a,business and then we opened up a kid's,store as well as - or women's store and,then I think just the platform of having,the reality show has given us a bigger,platform to be able to design and create,this brand for ourselves but our goals,have always been really fashion based so,even if you hadn't had the show you,probably would have ventured into this,business well we were already in this,yeah we were already in this mess I,think the show because really now you're,a new kind of celebrity you've innovated,this idea that you don't have to be,playing basketball you don't have to be,singing it's your persona that drives,your brand do you think that that helped,your lining absolutely I mean the show,is our platform the show is our best,commercial the show is we we show,everything from our creative process to,the finished product on our show without,being visible on TV,I don't think we would have you know,been able to spread this far you know,gotten this far with our clothes with,whatever we wanted to do in life,whatever our goals were and our this,elevates it to a different level for,sure okay so you have the mind how do,you make sure that you're here in five,years well our it's not about if the,shows are here in five years our passion,you know before the TV shows war our,stores and our passion for fashion and,after the TV shows that's still going to,be our passion but I think and to make,products that's why we're so involved in,the design process in making sure the,fit is right on every item right I heard,that you came in at the last minute and,said I don't like the fit mm-hmm and one,of you it was her jeans yeah well,because I'm like no that's not the right,way they're supposed to hug a woman's,body I'll say scratch that we're not,doing it we're not going to trust me we,could have done this years ago just put,our name on something and giving it to,the masses but that's not us before,these shows after these shows we're,always going to be in love with fashion,so we have to put our heart and soul,into something and they have to,represent us and we do that and you each,have your own thick special fit for,women in our denim we each have our own,fit I love wearing skinny jeans so my,fit is this skinny jean and I'm,definitely a petite girl normally not,when I'm pregnant but I think you can,see our personalities not just in our,denim but throughout the entire line,like the dress I'm wearing now is you,know I like my Styles a little bit,sexier so we have you know just,different pieces you can tell if you,know our personalities you can see what,pieces in the collection people say that,though that's a Kim P so that's a quart,because we all design it together we'll,have to agree right oh really okay yeah,no we definitely there's pieces that Kim,and Chloe are like oh those shorts,there's a Whitney short we don't like,that I'm like no but that's the blessing,about having the Kardashian Kollection,it's one brand with three designers,that's being pregnant,led you to think about clothing for,pregnant women I've been thinking about,clothing for pregnant women and then,clothing for children,I live on home design blogs and just,like I'm obsessed with it and now my,obsession is nursery design and so I,think that that's organic for us so just,you know we like to do stuff that we,love and are passionate about you're,also doing a lot of tweeting mm-hmm,incredible joy to Twitter platform you,how many Twitter fancy you have I think,almost 15 million okay what about you,seven million okay six million okay so,you're tweeting all of your designs or,you pick special well we what what we,always say to is that we love to listen,to what people are looking for from us,to when we do that a lot through Twitter,a focus group,yeah okay you can basically have a free,focus group but we we really listen and,we take that advice I mean even when I,was designing my fragrance I wanted that,couldn't decide betwee

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