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in defense of being a broke loserhi my name is kel gore trout and today,we're going to talk about be


Updated on Jan 15,2023

in defense of being a broke loser

hi my name is kel gore trout and today,we're going to talk about being a total,loser now you should know going into,this that i'm pro-loser okay i think we,should put a stoner on the one dollar,bill i think people who wear gold,watches should be flogged in the village,square not only do i think we should,abolish class i also think we should,abolish courses oh you sell a get rich,quick course sorry we abolished getting,rich and we abolished courses whenever i,make videos criticizing wealthy people i,get called a whole bunch of names i get,called an idiot i get called a crypto,karen i get called a a commie,cringe and of course a loser but i want,you all to know that i do not take,offense to that term okay i'm reclaiming,the elsler but in all seriousness in,this video we're gonna talk about what,it means to be a loser and how you can,become more loser positive it's time to,normalize being a lazy sack of so,it's with a medium level of excitement,that i present to you,now the first thing i want to do is kind,of narrow down this definition of what,it means to be a loser and i don't want,to sound like i'm gatekeeping but,the first rule of being a loser is you,have to subscribe to this youtube,channel okay it's the first rule and it,also happens to be,the first symptom of being a loser but,for real most of the definitions online,say something like someone who,consistently loses at something which is,obvious like if you play a game there's,going to be winners and losers more on,that later but when it's used as an,insult i think most people,kind of,think of a loser as someone who has not,had very much success in life i think,it's mostly based around success,sometimes i see people use loser to,describe someone who's like a loner or a,dork but that's wrong okay and you might,disagree about like the definition of a,loser and if that's the case then,die in this context i want to focus more,on the socioeconomic basis for the,insult,so here are some examples you might be a,loser if you're one of those people who,gets their car towed all the time you,might be a loser if you ask to borrow,money a little too often you might be a,loser if you're one of those guys who's,really arrogant to women but then you,end up crashing on her couch because you,don't have a place to stay you might be,a loser if you get fired from every,single job especially the ones your,friends hooked you up with you might be,a loser if you're a disappointment to,your family you're the guy at work who,the boss doesn't respect it all you're,living in the past so much you forget to,think about the future and you might be,a loser if you're not very motivated by,money or material items and other people,have a hard time understanding that did,you guys like my stand-up routine okay,so in modern hustle culture loser is,often brandished as this term of like,the kind of person you don't want to be,right and a lot of gurus and self-help,guys talk about how,you know in their old life they were a,loser they got to bring up that like,rags to riches stories they do this,constantly they talk about how they used,to be,um and like maybe they were addicted to,drugs or they had a scarcity mindset or,they were lazy or they were on food,stamps or gasps but they sat around and,watched netflix god forbid the purpose,of this video is definitely not to,glorify being poor though being poor can,really suck and there's a lot of,insecurity in life when you don't have,enough money to get your basic needs met,plus if you're poor and then people are,calling you a loser because of that it,really adds insult to injury but since i,can't make a video that will make you,rich i instead would like to make a,video that makes you feel a little,better about being a broke loser so my,positive definition of being a loser is,something like this a person who,struggles in life but doesn't view,success or wealth as a measure of their,own morality it doesn't make you a bad,person if you're not successful,basically because i think that we all,have been taught that that if we're,unsuccessful it's our own fault and even,if it is your own fault that that also,makes you a bad person or something we,live in a world dominated by that,christian worldview and toxic prosperity,gospel mindset that says a hefty dose of,masochism and a puritan work ethic is,enough in life forget being happy what,really matters in life is that you do,things for the right reasons and the,right reasons just so happen to help the,wealthy and powerful remain wealthy and,powerful before we go any further in,this video i think it's really important,that everyone is on the same page here,so it's time to become losers of course,becoming a loser takes a long time it,doesn't happen overnight okay it,requires us to decapitalize our habits,and decolonize our minds because we're,raised in a culture that glorifies,things like working hard and being rich,it can take years of ungrinding to heal,the damage done by just one self-help,book so this is jus

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Hero Blues - 'Kilgore Trout' Live @ The Grey Lady 3/2/13

Hero Blues - 'Kilgore Trout' Live @ The Grey Lady 3/2/13

is,and everybody knows that we got nothing,to lose,you can't,beat up,so,yes,you can,you can't,be loved,then i'll keep,oh doctor,do you think you could take,a look at these breaks inside me,no you can't,with,oh,no,i thought,you

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Albion 4 | Losers Quarter-Final | Slime Mage vs Kilgore Trout - Rivals of Aether

Albion 4 | Losers Quarter-Final | Slime Mage vs Kilgore Trout - Rivals of Aether

old-school AB supplier but no Kilgore,trout both having something and then an,animal so yeah well Kilgore trout and,goat Lea greedy both kind of model E,similar thematic neighs the entire,different players but he was also,American no no just uh another you,observe back in the day so they talked,about fair amount oh no that's no good,oh never mind it's not as the more vibe,but he's still gonna take a lot of,damage for it yeah yeah that's sixty,tournament right now so yeah but talking,about smell for tube we're seeing slime,obviously top seed in losers we're gonna,have to see his monopoly right here yeah,he did get upset right before so I,wonder if we keep his composure you know,myself we were just talking about it,indeed well he's done it before I'm he,he made the losers run a destination by,five really nice combustor yeah,Amelia McHale confusion intensifies you,can hit beat during that a side me and,you can change whether the clown is,following or running away from the,character and that helps confusion a lot,yeah just see what your opponent does as,well read it out a response nice,connection then who was in offstage not,what he wanted yeah obviously a slime,has a bit of an advantage here being a,very good app supplier kind of knowing,APS's care a lot better than a lot of,people yeah,which one is it no he's head shake,they're from slime I think yeah I think,Kilbourne you yeah well when you're when,the person kind of just stands next to,you who has really attacks a bit of a,tip-off there are other things like you,know the clone will often the play will,land before the foam well just because,of how people recover it's a quite fast,for the clone does not fast fall now yes,it can jump them yeah okay I'll be up,there for a while yeah,you can't make it jump apart from maybe,you can as effect aren't you yeah,there's some orangey manipulation you,can essentially do to get it to be more,likely to jump based off some very tight,windows on because we understand the AI,quite well right or at least very good,falls players day I imagine Danis also,pretty transparent with that yeah,rather way the devs of this game already,great yeah really pushing again you know,RCS of course and eating rock salt and,wearing cowboy hats yeah you need to,clean that one for me,so our larger rivals events there was a,donation goal to get Ethel s who's a,community manager to eat minerals okay,and during it rock salt was presented,and he just took a giant hefty bite of,it I don't know,we also had one player eat glue or a,sponsorship to hustle yeah,John I think me and slime were in the,chat for that that was that screens that,was hilarious,yeah robust is something else yeah it's,it's great it's so lovely but anyway,that what were we talking about that,game what happened slime slime winning I,think yes I'm winning yes yes he did and,he's still sticking with worker I think,oh yeah well you don't fix what's not,broken that's very true,you know candidates can be this big like,gamble half the time yeah it specially,for your up you don't always if you,don't have to risk it why would you yeah,especially is like how our CSS rules,work if you if you're winning and you,pick and you change your character the,other person can then choose to change,the guys doing counter so it can be kind,of risky if you're trying to count,effective and they just can't affect,your card effect like Matt well let's,Kilgore have any I do know kill call,does only play apps,oh I think that's absurd one of the,characters that probably has more,specialist than other characters yeah,like slime being kind of one of those,rare exceptions but so I'm also being,one of those rare players that can just,seem to play everything yeah it's the,sign of a really deep understanding of,the game yeah,we don't have to use every flaw we can,it's working out right now he's up the,stock again,yeah is it kill percent now yeah I bet,he's gonna definitely take it basically,trapped at least we have nowhere to go,yeah being forced to the edge here and,this is what a same time with with how,Craven what was playing slightly against,the was it an absolute earlier was it,somebody else which paints pointless,yeah but as slimes doing we're now being,quite aggressive aerials oh yeah this,was what points needs to have in his,gameplay kinda doesn't having yeah that,was against quick killer as well yeah,yeah you know and then this weekend kind,of slime always running towards them,just being like I'm gonna I'm coming,after you yeah just slight mix-up Enix,mix ups in its timing making it hard for,cougar to catch on but still putting on,the pressure,because that's what neutral is in this,game without shields everything is just,about appropriate acts ups,and like movement reads like 99%,arrivals is just reading things like,movement like mighty percent of moves,are unreactive all in this game yeah,like if you're standing next to them,because everything is like under 16,frames pretty much yeah there's no real,reason to s

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Chef Brad Kilgore | An Altered Perspective

Chef Brad Kilgore | An Altered Perspective

when you have farmers and fishermen and,a relationship between chefs and,restaurants it's never-ending,you're supporting them but they're,supporting you and once you start,realizing that and realizing sort of how,they're investing their time and efforts,into you and and vice versa really some,beautiful things can happen this is my,third time cooking at CBI I love this,place,you know but in particular this,opportunity is to continue supporting,Team USA bocas store and any chance I,get there bump heads with Jamie him and,I really seem to be on the same page a,lot of times I mean Jamie and I always,are looking into new techniques but its,stems from the chef's gardens we have,some cauliflower stalks Esther area that,were so sweet we're gonna make ronita,out of them how fibers so they get at,that size so sweet the stem and then you,learn things like they're sweet when you,tear them off the plant and then you put,it in the refrigerator for an overnight,and they're not sweet the next day and,then they bring on this vegetal,savoriness and they're almost oniony,being that close to your product really,opens your mind and open your eyes,you know chef Gardens really came to the,forefront of my mind as the young cook,every week when that chef garden box,came in it was like Christmas you know,there's usually something the sous-chef,had ordered that you didn't know or,maybe some samples thrown in from the,chef's garden team of items that you've,never ever heard of or seen of and you,couldn't wait to try them just that,excitement coming through and knowing,that you could elevate your dish to the,next level whether it be a vegetable or,a micro green or herb and it just opened,up my eyes with so many new ingredients,colors flavors we're always pushing,ourselves and we're always trying to,find new flavors and new presentations,and without that relationship between,farmer and chef you you'll just hit a,wall that being said I mean it's at the,top of its game and it sets the,precedent for any other firm in the,world as far as I'm concerned

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Albion 4 | Losers Eighths | Kilgore Trout vs Pints - Rivals of Aether

Albion 4 | Losers Eighths | Kilgore Trout vs Pints - Rivals of Aether

and we're both representing their their,countries indeed they are proud of,course kilgore wearing the America hat,because it is the 4th of July weekend,Oh a dead tree so again going to Tower,of heaven the European favorite and,we're gonna see a very fast-paced game,from pine say who's gonna play really,really aggressive run use a lot of,aerials but there we are Kilgore just,immediately putting on the pain quite a,combo heavy absurd doesn't really do a,lot of camping yeah he just likes to hit,them spoon it you know indeed those,still very good at cloud setups and,various other things yeah well you have,to be right yeah I'm gonna play at this,level now of course you want to say this,opponent but it's not gonna neglect his,own no no the range he wants to keep his,opponent that,Oh bad di there on the back and doesn't,quite get the girlfriend the what the,girlfriend combo explained it I it is a,Down air of stage generally preceded by,sweet a soft hit for there is there a,story behind way to support the,girlfriend combo yeah I can't remember,it I was very confused when I first said,yeah I'm I'm something about a player,and he got that and his girlfriend,walked into the stream so it just became,known as the girlfriend something along,those lines someone who was a better,ather his story and then I may be able,to tell you now your job don't worry,about it,Oh gets hit by the funder line and goes,to the bouncing up sorry bouncing net,you can of course really control your,height very well with Absa has a weird,like aw yeah jump a bit like Ness yeah,I'm canceling all over the place yeah,you can choose whether you go up stay,hovering or go down,oh nice parity Oh mrs. the punish now,after one again one of these characters,but not the fastest moves but she has a,lot of big hit boxes indeed not the,fastest but uh a very very strong hit,boxes yes back affair or devastating,yeah have these really big sweet spots,and up yeah it's always so hard in that,situation because kill go could either,go for the upper or for the site or for,the affair yeah and comes they no matter,what you do you're dead yeah and they,have for that's right of course,yeah and it can just be a huge like di,me except as well if you are merely a,percents just like am I gonna die off,the top here,yeah don't need to di heavy in or am I,gonna get shoved aside oh absolutely,focus really low with that one Oh gets a,nice little cover what could what could,plant be doing better,well it's not like he's getting boxed,out quite hard but uh yeah it's it's,tough and it's very tough to know kill,go just has this really good sense of,how his combos flow yeah and they're,really hard to get out of this was a,very hard to recover and I don't think,choosing this stage was a good idea yes,hopefully it's so good and indeed this,is the off stage the entire stock yeah,cuz also saying earlier like you do have,a long it's a very small stage Oh,doesn't quite st though let's get high,it's gonna lead me up smash that's gonna,be death might as well be one yeah like,this stage is very nice for being nice,and small but you're just gonna get her,ass usually by absol stager yeah I think,is that I think Pines is going for a few,too many smash attacks,yeah I can see that it's really great,for to kill him when he just he doesn't,want this indeed and possibly using Nair,a bit more like there is this really,huge lasting hair box oh he gets to,downwards gonna stuff out a lot of,approaches gets the down smash that's,good girl yeah yeah this is combust but,is might divert visitor don't rush to,get out oh he makes it back yes tries to,go for the down smash just early Aires,uptown,of course abscess a pretty versatile,recovery but you can't see where it's,going so it's it's if you know where,she's going if you ever read on it you,can always hit her indeed and both these,characters have like the two best stolen,games oh yeah in the entire cast Falls,burn has smoke clone teleporting and,abscess got bubble I got bouncing oh,nice Crouch councillors the second head,of Full Tilt ah yeah taking the hit on,purpose just to tank it oh nice cell,connection he's really good at doing,these mix up as well what kill go will,do a lot is he'll jump at you and then,just cloud hop to make you you know,better parry do a move and then it'll,drop back down with a either a kick on,the cloud or just nothing if you're,doing nothing and jump away Oh too low,yeah that's gonna be oh yeah bad,position that's yeah there's not much,you could do there yeah this has been a,bit of a you know we're gonna have a,snowball for a lot of these matches,we've seen today a lot of them we've,gone like three Oh kind of something's,being blown up maybe some crack slang to,show in pints here yeah he's I don't,think it's quite sure what to do indeed,yeah he's not suited to be here it's not,getting blown up it's just he's getting,edged out with everything he does yeah,kind of consistently losing the neutral,interactions yeah not quite having solid,

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Animated No Agenda - Noodle Guns Firing!

Animated No Agenda - Noodle Guns Firing!

you have,always said when we first discussed the,noodle boy phenomenon,which how many years ago did we first,identify this whiny noodle boy,it was about seven maybe longer my,employer is not fair doesn't,he tells us what to do it's all wrong,yeah this,guy he thinks he's the boss because he,owns the place,so you have been very clear you cannot,let these types of,of figures into your organization,if only juice land had listened four,austin area juice land shops are closed,one is running on limited operations in,austin amid an,ongoing strike an instagram account,launched sunday,called juiceland workers rights it,details an,ongoing dispute over wages and,allegations of racism and sexism,juiceland told kxan on saturday it would,increase wages to,a guaranteed 15 an hour starting sunday,the company also started drafting a,diversity equity and inclusion plan in,march,and will create additional ways for,employees to offer feedback,you know what the problem is it's not,even the fifteen dollars an hour you can,get you can they,probably pay them twenty dollars an hour,they're so desperate for people to work,the problem is remember now racism and,equity,and there was a specific complaint about,bathrooms,they want a trans bathroom so they've,closed down,five juice lands because of these,demands they can't get anyone to work,well that's what you get when you hire,these folks you get you're just buying,yourself a ticket out of business,bob garfield co-host of on the media for,two decades,in uh wnyc uh fired,fire i'm the media guy yes yes with with,brooke whatever his name is gladstone,exactly,yes um why he's just the,news reader no no bob garfield long time,co-host of wnyc's popular program on the,media has been fired after two separate,investigations found he had violated an,anti-bullying policy,he apparently yelled in two meetings,let me tell you something about media,when doesn't go right it gets,heated people yell,well bill o'reilly you got the bill,o'reilly uh,we'll do it live as another example yeah,no he was really mad,that's tomorrow and that is it for us,today and we will leave you with,a i can't do it,we'll do it live okay we'll do it live, it do it live i can i'll write it,and we'll do it live,and thing sucks,five four three,that's tomorrow and that is by the way,just before the camera or goes on or the,mic cracks,it's very typical for someone to be you, i can't believe you suck,so much and it's time for the news now,on w-a-y-c,that's an old joke and sitcoms that'll,do that,happens all the time so he got fired for,being angry in a meeting,yes and then the ceo of the audubon,society,has stepped down amid internal turmoil,well that's for the birds that's a funny,one john,you know they were trying to unionize,oops,and uh the guy apparently was racist,you know that's what the uh that's that,word he's racist,he's just racist,be very careful who you hire people very,very careful it's a plague,they're gonna have to get better they're,gonna have to be better,but until then don't hire these people,they will ruin your organization and,your life

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The Section 8 Landlords of TikTok | OWNED

The Section 8 Landlords of TikTok | OWNED

what's up my name's kel gore and you're,watching own,guess what you're paying 13 14 1500 a,month on rent,you're not getting any taxable benefits,you're not building any equity,all you're doing is paying my ferrari,payment which is it,which is it hello my name's kel gore,welcome back to the own series where i,own the owning class,i know that the first video in the,series was about landlords and then i,did one on mompreneurs and i am going to,cover,different groups of people but this,video is also about landlords,but a very specific type of landlord in,fact it's,just one guy it's terrible though even,if you don't agree with me that all,landlords are bad,this guy definitely is before we get,into it just a quick announcement,i started a patreon oh my gosh okay i,really am excited to keep growing this,channel,and until i start getting literally more,than a couple,dollars a week uh from ad revenue,i need some support and i really,appreciate it i'm just doing the one,three dollar tier if you can afford to,support me,i really appreciate it if you can't,please do not feel,even a twinge of guilt i know that i,attract like a lot of working-class,people,or people who might be in tough,financial situations to my videos,because we,have cathartic rage about rich people,here so anyways,uh if you can the link is in this in the,description,thank you for just watching my videos,and commenting on them and everything i,really appreciate you guys,okay end of spiel so a couple days ago,this user,posted this video on tik tok let's call,him,tom cruise because his name is tom,cruise so tom cruise posted this video,tell me you live in america without,telling me,you live in america i'm going to show,you the beauty of america in less than,30 seconds,let's get it only in america can i buy,this house for 80 000,get a 360 mortgage with a conventional,loan,backed by the federal government fannie,mae freddie mac fha usda loans,and then i'm gonna turn around and rent,it for thirteen hundred dollars,to section eight which is a federally,backed program,so not only is the federal government,backing the loan that i'm using to buy,this property,they're then turning around and paying,me with federal funds to,rent the property for section 8. and i,keep the difference,it's called section 8 arbitrage probably,the best way you can make money in,rental properties,highly recommend now this certainly was,not this man's first,awful tick tock um so you're going to a,party with your friends,boom he gets blackout drunk and you got,to get home and you got to get his car,home,and he's got a ferrari or a lamborghini,and you're like i've never driven,one,well this is how you drive but it was,the first in a series,about how you can take advantage of,section 8 housing laws,so let's go over that video one more,time i'm going to show you the beauty of,america in less than 30 seconds,let's get it so first of all with big, eating grin on his face he says,let me show you the beauty of america,the beauty for who,bro you're literally talking about,low-income people that are,so poor they can't afford to pay you,rent and you're talking about how it's,beautiful,only in america can i buy this house for,80 000,get a 360 mortgage with a conventional,loan,backed by the federal government fannie,mae freddie mac fha,usda loans first of all i have no idea,what's going on in the background of,this guy's video,it sounds like someone's just like,ripping farts back there i'm not an,expert in like,property ownership or the laws,surrounding it or anything,but this part's weird to me because,because he says,he'll just get a 360 dollar mortgage a,month mortgage,with a conventional loan backed by the,federal government fannie mae freddie,mac,fha etc the thing is conventional loans,are easier,for like people with higher credit and,and all that,to get but the federally backed ones are,usually for like first-time home buyers,or people that might not have a lot of,startup capital or something,but there's more restrictions on them,like that you might not be able to,rent that property out it has to be your,main residence stuff like that,but the comment section seems to agree,with me that it's like did you mean,conventional loan or did you mean,federally backed loan because those are,usually,two different things but whatever,anyways let's get to the good stuff,though because that's some that's just,some boring stuff,and then i'm gonna turn around and rent,it for thirteen hundred dollars,to section eight which is a federally,backed program,okay so right there he's admitting that,this house will cost him,360 a month in mortgage plus the taxes,and maintenance,but he's gonna charge thirteen hundred,dollars,gee whiz i wonder where inflation comes,from,okay so what is section eight and what,are these vouchers,section eight allows landlords to rent,private properties as opposed to like,government housing,rent private properties to low-income,tenants at fair,market value but the rent is subsidized,by the

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Review - Slaughterhouse Five (Kurt Vonnegut) Stripped Cover Lit Reader's Review

Review - Slaughterhouse Five (Kurt Vonnegut) Stripped Cover Lit Reader's Review

you know who else from Indiana what what,no John Green nurturing John Green is,from Indiana two of the greatest authors,of all time from Indiana dare I say dare,I say it John Green,the modern Kurt Vonnegut it was at that,moment the Dalton gentry became unstuck,in time he found himself on November 15,2015 the first time he ever went to meet,with Adrian forts about the founding of,Street coverlet he found himself 9:00,p.m. on August 3rd 2008 two years before,he ever officially met Adrian fort,tonight his girlfriend at the time had,broken up with him unstuck I'm Adrian,Ford and I'm Belton gentry and we're,here with this week's book review and we,got a big one today what is the dull I,used one of my favorites yes one of my,favorite authors one of my favorite,novels shut up who told you about this,we got up slaughterhouse-five Kurt,Vonnegut yes I'm excited for and a lot,of people apparently are reading along,with us now which is awesome because we,do TBR's like you know we should have,been the whole time like real book,tubers where do you want to start good,and bad with this you were okay,three good things number one and this is,an utterly charming novel okay number,two is the voice that Vonnegut is such,that you've never read Vonnegut before,yes,once you want you read Vonnegut you have,a clearer understanding of what the term,voice means absolutely number three in,this one very short novel 215 pages I,believe you were taken so many different,places yeah good things like said the,voice of,it is unlike any other writing you've,ever encountered we use the term voice,of Vonnegut constantly lay its,definitive this defined - uh we did a,man without a country a full review of,that we talked about wanna get the boys,and want to get the whole time because,that net novel is just the voice of,money absolutely book there is a mix of,humor and tragedy in this piece that's,just pure mastery and this is disguised,as science fiction and sold a science,fiction but is absolutely not at all,science fiction which is an achievement,to pull off okay,bad things number one because of the way,this novel starts I don't know that I,would pick this up and love it today,okay to the novel ends very abruptly,more abruptly than I was hoping for once,you really get into the heat of the,novel and number three there's a there's,a few quips in the novel a lot of what,we do here is we break down what we,think the novel means right and for me,there's this element thrown in several,times of somewhere in the distance of,dog is barking I couldn't quite figure,that out okay and it bothers me okay so,maybe not a fair criticism but it is my,criticism okay this can be a muddled,confusing mess if you don't read it with,an open mind,yeah you will get lost and I think,that's a lot of the difficulty a lot of,people have getting into this under the,disguise of a science fiction novel it,really is a poor science fiction novel,and if you're not ready for Vonnegut in,your life his writing is going to,infuriate you this will piss you off to,no end yes I really just want to get,into it but again you hold me back keep,yeah let's do some quotes let's do,quotes okay on page 34,Roland weary and the scouts were safe in,a ditch and weary growled at Billy get,out of the road you dumb ,the last word was still in novelty in,the speech of white people in 1944 it,was a fresh and astonishing to Billy who,had never anybody and it did its,job it woke him up and got him off the,road on thirty nine and I've got I've,got too many quotes here's I highlighted,this entire novel I'm like trying to,pick out the ones I wanted like so many,Americans,she was trying to construct the life,that made sense from things she found,gifts she found in gift shops on 78 I've,got I just have to tell the story this,is an entire little excerpt but I have,to read it and Billy let himself down oh,so gradually now hanging on to the,diagonal cross brace in the corner in,order to make himself seem nearly,weightless to those he was joining on,the floor he knew it was important that,he make himself nearly ghost-like when,laying down he had forgotten why but a,reminder soon came pilgrim sent a person,he was about to be nestled with is that,you Billy didn't say anything but,nestled very politely closed his eyes,god damnit said the person that is you,isn't it he sat up and explored Billy,rudely with his hands it's you all right,get the hell out of here,now Billy sat up to wretched closed,retched close to tears get out of here I,want to sleep,shut up said somebody else I'll shut up,when pilgrim gets away from here so,Billy stood up again clung to the cross,brace where can I sleep he aspart,quietly not with me not with me you son,of a somebody said you yell you,kick I do you goddamn right you do and,whimper I do keep the hell away from,here pilgrim and now there was an,acrimonious magical with parts sung in,all quarters of the car nearly everybody,seemingly had an atrocity story of,something Billy Pilgrim had done

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