khloe kardashian photo unauthorized photo twitter

Khloe Kardashian's Unedited Picture Goes Viral: VICTIM or FRAUD?khloe kardashian's team is reportedl

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Updated on Jan 29,2023

Khloe Kardashian's Unedited Picture Goes Viral: VICTIM or FRAUD?

khloe kardashian's team is reportedly,doing major damage control,and trying to get rid of an unedited,photo of chloe that has gone viral,hey everyone and welcome back to,exposing smg,today we are talking about the leaked,photo of khloe kardashian that is taking,the internet by storm,if it was anyone else i doubt anyone,would care but because it's a kardashian,this has made worldwide breaking news,and people are still,talking about it including our,subscribers who requested this video,if you don't know what i'm talking about,at the beginning of april this photo of,chloe in a bikini at a family event,made its way onto the internet despite,chloe looking pretty and as fit as ever,it caused the internet to break because,that was the first time we got a picture,of chloe,without heavy photoshop airbrushing and,altering it from every angle possible,so how did this photo make it on the,internet without going through the,kardashians gruesome editing process,it was unauthorized and it was first,posted on reddit,all great crazy things come from reddit,now if you are aware of the situation,you're probably like,are you gonna get copyrighted for,showing us this photo no,and i'll tell you why and why team,kardashian should probably pipe the hell,down according to tracy romelus the,chief marketing officer for kkw brands,she said the color edited photo was,taken of chloe during a private family,gathering,and posted to social media without,permission by mistake by an assistant,she said that chloe looks beautiful but,it is within the right of the copyright,owner to not want an image not intended,to be published taken down,this statement came after many users,were hit with cease and desist letters,to scare the general public from sharing,the photo i know what a cease and desist,letter is because,chantal jeffers once hit me with one but,if you don't know it's basically a,cautionary notice which details the,sender's complaints,of alleged wrongdoing by the recipient,and threatening legal action if the,offending activity is not stopped,a cease and desist letter doesn't mean,you're being sued but it's basically a,warning that says,if you don't stop we will sue you it's,usually used to scare people from,talking about powerful public figures,such as celebrities,so team kardashian was out here trying,to scare the general public from sharing,this photo because chloe didn't want it,out their defense was it is chloe's,copyright because it's her picture,it's actually the copyright of whoever,took the photo which is probably an,assistant with one last vendetta against,the kardashians,kidding but honestly how would a photo,like that make it out on the internet,other fans were saying it was,accidentally posted by chloe's grandma,i don't know and i don't care what i'm,here to talk about is the reaction of,team kardashian and chloe's response,chloe took to instagram to share a video,of herself wearing only bikini bottoms,and hiding her chest with her arm and,said it was to prove her body was not,photoshopped,she then posted another video of her in,sweats in a hoodie,where she takes off the hoodie to show,off her figure as you can see here,she then followed it up with a very,lengthy statement that read,hey guys this is me and my body,unretouched and unfiltered,the photo that was posted this week is,beautiful but as someone who has,struggled with body image her whole life,when someone takes a photo of you that,isn't flattering in bad lighting or,doesn't capture your body the way it is,after working so hard to get it to this,point,and then shares it to the world you,should have every right to ask for it to,not be shared,regardless of who you are in truth the,pressure,constant ridicule and judgment my entire,life to be perfect,and to meet other standards of how i,should look has been too much to bear,chloe's the fat sister chloe is the ugly,sister her dad must not be her real dad,because she looks so different,the only way she could have lost that,weight must have been from surgery,should i go on oh but who cares how she,feels because she grew up in a life of,privilege,she's also on a reality show so she,signed up for all of this,i'm of course not asking for sympathy,but i am asking to be acknowledged for,being human,i am not perfect but i promise you that,i try every day to live my life as,honestly as possible and with empathy,and kindness,it doesn't mean that i have not made,mistakes but i'm not going to lie,it's almost unbearable trying to live up,to the impossible standards that the,public have all set for me,that was a very long statement what do,you guys think of her statement and her,reaction to the photo,and what are your thoughts on team,kardashian scaring fan accounts off by,restricting them from posting the photo,here am i the thing is chloe isn't wrong,i wholeheartedly agree with her,statement and i think she speaks for all,women who feel crippling insecurities,about their body,i'm sure none of us would want an,unauthorized photo of our

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Kourtney Kardashian's Nude Photos LEAKED | KUWTK | E!

Kourtney Kardashian's Nude Photos LEAKED | KUWTK | E!

hey Trish how are you I'm good Hey,listen I want to tell you something,um,so there's the photographer guy yeah,that's trying to shop these photos of,you and your sisters and trying to sell,them to our magazine,now,what,yeah I just thought you said now wait me,and my sister are together and he said,it was you and your sister foreign,I know where these pictures came from oh,my God I thought I was already done with,this,Mom I need to talk to you,what's wrong honey what's wrong what's,wrong those pictures of Courtney oh my,God there's Courtney I cannot even face,her mom I don't want to talk to Courtney,it's all my fault you know what I mean,we're gonna get to the bottom of this,okay I've already been through this went,into these Brews and then I just like I,don't want to go through this again,don't cry I'm sorry I'm really sorry if,I don't know what to do,I was a little bit of ruining someone's,life cam you're not responsible for,something that Courtney did in high,school when Courtney was in high school,she unfortunately took some pictures of,her and her boyfriend together without,any clothes on I'm gonna handle this is,just Courtney you know I've been through,that you were 16. but it was all my,fault you know what I mean Kim stole,Courtney's pictures as a practical joke,but at some point she lost them we have,to deal with the problem and not blame,ourselves right now I'm the one that,stole these from Courtney and left them,around for somebody else to get their,hands on I'll be right back,can I get you anything a gun and I feel,awful that because of me taking these,from her it's gonna ruin her life,hey Chloe,Chloe come here I need to talk to you,what's wrong,Kim's in the other room I'm just really,really upset,do you remember this,they were taken when you guys were like,in high school Courtney's photo,Courtney's photos they've resurfaced and,we've got a big big problem because,somebody was trying to sell the pictures,to a magazine so you might you need to,keep Courtney busy she's not gonna tell,her she she's gonna tell her but she,needs time to it's very stressful in,there go get her and keep her busy until,I deal with Kim as mad as I am at these,girls what I really need to do is get a,grip and figure it out,is there any indication that anyone was,told when these photos were taken I,think people know they were 10 years ago,the pictures are,a fact that she's underage makes them,illegal oh okay good point this is a,child pornography case these kids are,teenagers they're in high school they're,underage and anyone who would be selling,or buying these photos it's a federal,offense and then can we go after the guy,who sold them yes the last person that,had access to these pictures that I know,of was my ex-husband,we really need to talk to Kim to figure,out when we can go downtown to do the,buying Sunday we were going to do it,let's go tell her and see if she's free,on Sunday I'm gonna look Baron's in here,what Baron's in the mad for what I just,want Kim to give you a heads up that,how far this is going so I call my,ex-husband and he seems to have an idea,of who could be causing this trouble a,friend that once stayed at his house did,he take these from your house did he,ever tell you he was going to sell them,no he wouldn't tell you that okay just,this guy is going down the one thing I,know we have to do is listen to the,people that are trying to help us and,not try to take control of the whole,situation myself this is a case for the,FBI I just got off the phone with,special agent Bernie she is FBI they'd,like to arrange a meeting with you as,soon as possible and they can come out,to you if they could come here that,would be great so do you think that any,pictures are going to get out by,tomorrow,Angelina has gray boobs all right,see ya,hello I don't want to talk to anyone who,is it Courtney Court what's up feeling,what's going on with everyone,just give us a minute okay guys we're,like hiding no we're not bizarre we're,busy Courtney the two of us can hardly,bear the thought of telling Courtney,what's going on,Courtney she's gonna kill me we know we,have to because the FBI is on the way,they feel like I should just talk to,Courtney and get it over with foreign,we have something that we need to share,with you guess what's come back to haunt,us my sex pictures yeah in a weird way I,was kind of prepared for this because,these pictures have always been haunting,me I got a call from someone saying that,an agency is trying to shop them around,these pictures were a private thing that,I took with my boyfriend a long time ago,and I never thought that anyone would,see them I don't care what they say,about me you know what I mean but if,they say it about you and then it's like,Courtney she's so non-emotional but I,know she's probably really worried and,really scared but then again we've gone,through this before I think what,happened with Kim the first time around,was really really a disaster and I think,that even though she won

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Khloe Kardashian Wants Unedited Pic Scrubbed From the Internet

Khloe Kardashian Wants Unedited Pic Scrubbed From the Internet

so khloe kardashian wants an unfiltered,photo of her,removed from the internet chloe is upset,that this photo of her in a bikini,by a pool was posted online and then,began circulating all over according to,page six the photo was taken over the,weekend,and was posted without her permission so,here's a look at that photo okay,next to one that chloe posted on her,instagram,the kardashians are reportedly,threatening legal action to have the pic,removed from websites,now in the past chloe has been accused,of posting heavily edited,and photoshopped pictures of her face,and body on social media some people,have even accused her,of having work done because she looks so,different,tori what do you make of this i mean,we all know khloe kardashian is filtered,and has had a lot of work done i,i don't even recognize khloe kardashian,anymore every time i see an instagram,i think it's kendall jenner i mean her,face is transformed but i,that's her a business you know like i,that's okay and i think,when you're that famous i don't know how,you guys feel but your image is almost,so important it can change a brand in,like a middle of a tweet,i feel like she should have some control,over her image but i do understand that,she also,doesn't really have a right to ask some,private person to take down the photo,but,i get where she's coming from and that,comes from someone with insecurity about,body issues,no no i was just going to say i mean we,focus on the kardashians and a lot of,people put their anger towards the,kardashians,it's not like every single person on,instagram isn't filtering themselves,right,everybody's doing this she should have,rolled with the punches on this one in,my opinion,to each director yeah i think exactly,teach their own that is their image that,is how they make their money,but if she just sort of rolled with the,punches be like that's what i look like,this is me,natural of course i filter my photos,just like all of you guys out there,it would have came off a little better,now that she's wanting to sue everybody,now she's getting the criticism but i,don't blame her for filtering,the photos it's their business it's,absolutely it's literally their business,and i feel like jeff i understand what,you're saying,that's what you have to juggle in your,head do we just kind of roll with this,and let it go,or do we fight it because if she decides,to roll with it and then she posts a,picture that looks like the other one,the one that obviously has been touched,up,if now they're memes with the side by,side and they're like which one's really,you,and now this is the thing that happens,with all her pictures it's affecting her,brand and her business so,i think anybody that affects the brand,though i'm with jeff i wish she would,have embraced it because there's so many,listen we're all guilty of it so i'm,with you i just,know that there's so many young,individuals that look to the kardashians,look to all the different people on,instagram and,even though they understand and they,know that filters are in play it does,affect your mental uh state and how you,view your body it's just it's so,unrealistic it's so un uh,it's so there's a whole nother,discussion that we could get into on,this one,but it it's it's her brand i just wish,that we were in a different place where,a brand didn't equate to perfect body,and that's generally unfortunate it's,totally unrealistic nobody has the,perfect body yeah everybody has stretch,marks everybody has cellulite,apparently al does not okay i'll give,you some of mine,there's when you said perfect body that,was,i know you you used your hand that you,have a perfect body i do,you do,you

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Celebrities Defend Khloe Kardashian After Bikini Photo Controversy

Celebrities Defend Khloe Kardashian After Bikini Photo Controversy

after an unauthorized photo of khloe,kardashian a bikini was accidentally,posted online her and her team raced to,stop it from spreading across the,internet now many celebrities and,friends have reached out in support of,her after criticism soon followed once,news broke that she was trying to have,the image scrubbed from the internet i'm,gonna get into all the details in a,moment but first if you can do us a big,favor and smash that like button we,would really appreciate it,out of the way let's begin the,kardashians are no stranger to using,photoshop to slightly adjust their,photos to make themselves appear more,polished to the public eye,so when a non-airbrushed and unedited,photo started making the rounds khloe,kardashian's team began to get very,nervous,the photo sparked a massive conversation,on reddit and twitter about the,comparison between this pick,and the usual kardashian photoshopped,uploads however even critics of the,kardashian family say that chloe should,not try to remove the image as it,depicts her body in a more realistic way,although chloe just does not feel this,way about the photo and recently opened,up about the incident on instagram,saying the photo that was posted this,week is beautiful but as someone who has,struggled with body image her whole life,when someone takes a photo of you that,isn't flattering in bad lighting,or doesn't capture your body the way it,is after working so hard to get it to,this point,and then shares it to the world you,should have every right to ask for it to,not be shared regardless of who you are,in truth the pressure constant ridicule,and judgment of my entire life to be,perfect and to meet other standards of,how i should look,has been too much to bear then she goes,on to give some examples,chloe's the fat sister chloe's the ugly,sister her dad must not be her real dad,because she looks so different,the only way she could have lost that,weight must have been from surgery,should i go on she says,she then goes on to say oh but who cares,how she feels because she grew up in a,life of privilege,she's also on a reality show so she,signed up for all of this i'm of course,not asking for sympathy but i am asking,to be acknowledged for being human,in closing chloe left her followers with,a few words of advice about life,for those else who feel the constant,pressure of not ever feeling perfect,enough i want you to know i see you and,i understand,every day i am told by my family and,friends who love me that i am beautiful,but i know that it needs to be believed,from within,we are all unique and perfect in our own,way whichever way one chooses to be seen,i realize that we cannot continue to,live life trying to fit into the perfect,mold what others have set for us,just do you and make sure your heart is,happy in response many celebrity friends,and family members did leave comments of,support and encouragement,as you can see her sister kim said i,love you ariana grande even commented,that she loved her and her heart,and kendall jenner commented that she,was a beautiful strong healthy queen,although perhaps the most heartwarming,response from her mother was kris jenner,who wrote chloe you are the kindest most,loving most supportive most beautiful,heart i have ever known and i adore you,and i'm so proud of you,you are an inspiration to all of us and,i appreciate and love you each and every,single day,thank you for teaching the rest of us to,be kind and to not judge you are one of,a kind what a blessing you are you are a,gift,although i would be remiss if i didn't,mention the celebrities that while,expressing sadness for what happened,still felt the need to blast the,kardashian family,for promoting this type of perfection in,the first place actor and activist,jamila jamil replied to chloe's post on,twitter and said,i'm extremely sorry for what we all,watched happen to you over the past,decade,it's so unacceptable now would be a,great time to throw diet culture in the, bucket,stop editing photos admit to the help,you get to look how you do and be,transparent with your fans,which is simply pointing to the fact,that she may have had a role in the,creation of a culture that she now finds,herself a victim of but either way we,would love to hear your thoughts on the,story though and while you ponder that,i'm going to check out some of your,comments from the video title bad baby,exposes dr phil,johnnyflash25 says dude danielle had her,receipt and dropped that mic on dr phil,she even called him philip,yeah i kind of lost it when she said i'm,not done with you yet phillip,it was just too too good charlotte,flatbell says,the fact that dr phil has admitted he,doesn't have any information on the,ranch already raises a red flag that,he's not monitoring people's safety when,sending these kids to these places,yet you can't you can't do that you,can't call yourself a doctor and say,that you care about their growth and,their progress and hope that they're,doing well,while simultaneously just

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Khloe Kardashian RUSHES to WIPE LEAKED unedited photo of herself from the INTERNET!

Khloe Kardashian RUSHES to WIPE LEAKED unedited photo of herself from the INTERNET!

hey guys welcome back to shadespill,khloe kardashian is not happy after an,unedited photo of herself that she,doesn't want people to see if,circulating around the internet,so let's talk about it it's no secret,that the kardashian sisters have been,accused of photoshopping their pictures,they have been caught multiple times for,their photoshop fails and looking,different on social media than how they,originally look in real life,but an accidental leaked picture of,khloe kardashian,in a leopard print bikini that appears,to be completely unedited begins,circulating around the internet and,chloe is not happy about it,this is obviously not the photo because,i most definitely don't want to get sued,i'm,sure the photo is somewhere on twitter,but the leaked picture was allegedly,shared by her grandmother mj by accident,and while chloe looks happy and carefree,in this photo as she smiles at the,camera,the photo is somewhat more real than the,usual glammed up bikini photos for use,of seeing,since it was posted people have been,sharing and reposting the photo all over,social media which has led chloe's pr,team going crazy taking legal action to,try to take down the image from the,internet,and this screenshot might be fake but,even kim kardashian was allegedly dming,people to take it down,people who posted that photo had their,accounts being suspended,photos are being removed and accounts,were getting blocked it really seemed,like a huge deal for the kardashians,that the photo was out,but to be fair we all had to delete,photos of ourselves thinking we don't,look good,but as a celebrity it must be hard for,her to try to delete it off the internet,without someone reposting it the,kardashians use their social media for,business and their appearance is the,main reason for their popularity,if you have been following khloe,kardashian you will know that chloe is,the co-founder of good american,which preaches body positivity and size,inclusivity,which we feel like she's about this we,see her on tv on keeping up the,kardashians and even though we know this,show is fairly scripted,we feel like people that we're seeing in,the show at all different angles and,makeup no makeup is authentic,but this leaked image is breaking that,for us it's really showing us how,controlled they are about their image,and how important one they look like is,to their bottom line,the problem about the situation of,desperately trying to take it down from,the internet tells us that her body is,not good enough to be seen,like if that body is shameful to be seen,then what are the rest of us gonna do,and i think we all agree that if you've,seen the photo she looks great she looks,like a healthy,fit normal happy person hopefully this,could be a good reminder to all of us,that,most celebrities are not how they really,look on social media for years now,people have been going on about chloe's,appearance,talking crap about her appearance and,calling her names and just hurtful,things about the way she looks,at the same time people are also saying,how she looks different in every photo,and that she looks better natural and,going on about the work she gets done to,her face and telling her to embrace who,she is and to not heavily edit her,photos,after all the hate she gets for,appearance it would make sense why she,would feel this way about herself,and to have this reaction and edit her,photo from all the nitpicking and name,calling that was going on for years,about her,not acknowledging that she's also a,human and not a robot,it is chloe's race to try to remove the,photo as it is a photo of her that she,doesn't want people to see,now chloe has broke her silence on,instagram live,showing her unedited body she even,posted an instagram post,shared unedited photos and videos of,herself as she opened up trying to learn,to love herself despite the unbearable,discriminate she faces,hey guys this is me and my body,unretouched and unfiltered,the photo that was posted this week is,beautiful but as someone who has,struggled with body image her whole life,when someone takes a photo of you that,isn't flattering in bad lighting or,doesn't capture your body the way it is,after working,so hard and getting it to the point and,shares it to the world you would have,every,right to ask for it do not be shared,regardless of who you are,in truth the pressure and constant,ridicule and judgment my entire life to,be perfect and to meet other standards,of how i should look has been,too much to bear chloe is the fast,sister chloe's the only sister,her dad must not be a real dad because,she looks so different the only way she,could have lost that weight must have,been from surgery should i go on,oh but who cares how she feels because,she grew up in a life of privilege she's,also on a reality show that she signed,up for,all of this i'm of course not asking for,sympathy but i'm asking you to be,acknowledged for being human,i'm not perfect but i promise you that i,try every day to live my life as,

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Khloe Kardashian Threatens Legal Action For Unedited Bikini Photo Leak

Khloe Kardashian Threatens Legal Action For Unedited Bikini Photo Leak

this week must have been extremely tense,and busy for the kardashian team as a,poolside bikini pickup khloe kardashian,went viral without permission,page six confirmed that her and her team,had been working hard to scrub the image,from the internet but now they are,taking legal action i'm gonna get into,all the details of what this means in a,moment but first if you could do us a,big favor and please smash that like,button we would really appreciate it,out of the way let's begin so it all,began when a picture that did not appear,to be airbrushed or digitally altered,was posted by an assistant by mistake,the bikini pick soon made the rounds on,reddit instagram and twitter with,colleen kardashian moving quickly into,panic mode,tracy romulus who is the chief marketing,officer for kkw brands told page six of,the photo,chloe looks beautiful but it is within,the right of the copyright owner to not,want an image not intended to be,published taken down and not too long,after the image was shared without her,consent several social media accounts,that reposted the photo were asked to,take the image down however what,remained were screenshots of the photo,and a mass conversation about the beauty,standards that forced the kardashians,into this corner in the first place,pierce morgan brought this up and said,with one carelessly released genuine,photo the scam's been blown,kobe kardashian is not some wondrously,sculpted venus-like goddess after all,she's just a regular woman with regular,looks and a regular body shape no shame,in that at,all yet she's made herself very rich by,pretending to be something very,different and very special and the,moment that ruthlessly protected mask,slipped off,she went berserk now as i mentioned a,few social accounts were asked to remove,the photo,one of which was called problematic fame,and when speaking about the incident the,person behind the account said,i never really thought i'd be getting,involved in anything like this to be,honest while other accounts noted that,they only had the photo up for a few,hours before the kardashian legal team,pressured them to take it down,the worst part is that a lot of the,people behind these accounts were simply,posting the photo to show people that,they don't need to get depressed over,not looking perfect all the time the,manager of the problematic fame,instagram account even described,themselves as a broke college student,who started the account to pass the time,during quarantine,but since then they have received,terrible threats of violence and other,horrifying messages the kardashians,longtime representative romulus was the,first to reach out to the problematic,fame account on saturday,and around the same time instagram also,notified them that the posts had been,removed due to an ip violation,which means someone had reported it for,violating khloe kardashian's,intellectual property,the notice simply said we removed your,content because a third party reported,that it infringes their intellectual,property rights apparently before that,though the post was gaining a lot of,traction with the problematic fame,account holder saying that they received,nearly 10 000 likes in just under a day,another account called the good the bad,and the fake also shared a similar,experience,after posting the unauthorized photo to,their timeline they claimed to have,heard from romulus almost,instantaneously,in a statement to insider they said i,would say the picture was up less than,an hour before i received the dm from,tracy,according to the person behind this,account the post was ultimately removed,by instagram citing an ip violation as,well,in addition to these two accounts,another user on twitter named crystal,green who is a plastic surgery,consultant also said that she received,identical emails from the kardashians,team as well as twitter,both of which notified her that the post,had to be removed green even says that,twitter threatened to lock her page,saying,twitter deleted it for me and locked my,page until i agreed to not post it again,the notice that she received from,twitter also just so happened to contain,these same initial requests awarding,from the kardashian,legal team which means that this was,indeed a coordinated effort along with,big tech to have this image taken down,based on what i've read so far the photo,was taken by the kardashian's,grandmother mj shannon in a private,location and therefore its posting,online was deemed unlawful and without,authorization,this is another important detail because,in addition to the ip violations they're,also trying to argue that the photo is a,copyright violation,although no one from the kardashian,family is confirming who the copyright,owner is,the good the bad and the fake account,also claims to have been threatened by,romulus who,also said that they would report the,account for bullying and harassment in,addition to getting attorneys involved,if the post wasn't deleted,problematic fame also reported that they,recei

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hi guys it's your girl noxie and i'm,back again with another video,make sure you subscribe and hit that,notification bell so you don't miss any,of my videos,so today i've brought you a picture by,chloe kardashian that was put up on line,by mistake,that she didn't approve of and she's,hustling,everyone to take it down and she's doing,everything she can apparently her team,is,on the internet trying to scratch that,picture off,because it was unedited and obviously,she's not airbrushed and you know i,don't know what filters she uses in her,pictures,but this picture is causing a lot of,controversy and backlash on the internet,because some of her fans,are saying chloe must just accept that,that's her body and that's the real her,and stop being a silly girl and all of,that,so i just want to know what you guys,think about this picture do you think,these celebrities are,not supposed to over edit their pictures,because,it's almost like a lie because her,reason is,her brand is making her the money,because her brand is about fitness and,wellness and all of that so she would,rather be,picture perfect so that she can continue,to market,because she gets paid off these pictures,that she puts on the internet,that's why she strives to always look,her best,and put out pictures that um flatter her,looks,that she has approved of and,self-checked,you know so when this picture came out,apparently her,grandmother posted it or somebody,that was attending a family event with,her and,she was ordering people to take it down,so,i don't know if they'll still manage to,take it down because obviously it's not,all over the internet so it might be a,bit late,but they were working hard to get that,picture removed from the internet,what do you guys think because i feel,like,okay if you're selling us a brand and,you're saying it works,if i buy this product i'm gonna look,like this and then,you don't look like that in real life,that's kind of,like catfish not so but again,what people are actually saying is she's,altering her bone structure on her face,to look picture perfect it's not just,edit,it's just literally changing her whole,face if you see some of the pictures,i've put up here,you'll see that there's pictures where,she looks a bit you know,she's available she's got some more,flesh than she does in other pictures,you know so i don't know what you guys,think let me know in the comment section,below,if you like this video give this video a,big thumbs up and make sure you,subscribe to my channel,and hit that notification bell so you,don't miss any of my videos,thank you so much guys for watching much,appreciation for my subscribers,i love you guys so much see you in my,next video,you

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KHLOE KARDASHIAN... aren't YOU part of the problem?

KHLOE KARDASHIAN... aren't YOU part of the problem?

hey guys long time no see again i'm,sorry i never mean to be away from,youtube this long but i,am just so shockingly bad at time,management anyway i have been working,all day and all night like literally i'm,not even exaggerating i'm getting my,book finished in case you guys don't,know i'm writing a book on,how to be self-confident in the social,media era and i have almost got to,finish,and it's almost going to be published,and i am so bloody excited but anyway,that's why i have not been making,youtube videos i'm sorry but i'm here,i'm back,in today's video we are diving back into,the realm of,social media vs reality this is a series,of video that i have been doing,on my channel because i think it is,hugely important that we talk about this,i think it's imperative that we break,down the illusion of,social media perfection and dismantle,these unrealistic impossible beauty,standards before we get into the video i,want to say a massive thank you to one,of my sponsors of this series,care of i have been using and working,with k royal for over a year now,intermittently what makes them different,what makes them,stand out from the rest of the numerous,vitamin brands out there is that care of,a tailor the vitamins to you that you,uniquely individually need and they just,make it so bloody easy so what you do,you go on their website you fill out,like a five minute quiz in the quiz they,ask you questions about your diet your,lifestyle,your health concerns and they'll know,then what vitamins and supplements that,you need in order to achieve your health,and wellness goals so the care of,vitamins i take,are calcium plus and rhodiola because i,eat a plant-based diet these vitamins,will kind of,help fill in the gaps so your specific,individual vitamins are delivered to you,in this cute cardboard box,and then you just slip out a little,sachet every day and take your little,set of vitamins and you're done it's so,easy these are compostable layer made,out of ingredients like wood pulp,cassava,sugar cane and corn and if you already,take vitamins and supplements and you're,in the market for maybe a different,brand or if you're just kind of,intrigued and want to know more,if you head on over to carob's website,you can take the quiz and you'll find,out what vitamins they recommend for you,you can also use the code stephanie and,that'll get you guys,50 off your first month's order so the,topic of this video,is khloe kardashian now i just want to,make it abundantly clear this is not a,drama video if you're here for a drama,video or like,bashing video of chloe you're not going,to get that here sorry to disappoint you,and if you also live under a rock like i,tend to do a lot of the time you may not,know what is going on with khloe,kardashian may not even care but if you,do a video surfaced of,chloe that was unretouched unedited and,chloe and her team lost their and,scrambled to get this photo taken down,off the internet so it was a pretty,extreme response to a pretty,innocuous photo honestly when i first,heard about this i was expecting the,photo to be absolutely,horrendous i was expecting like a sneaky,paparazzi like spying through the bushes,getting like,really invasive angles kind of picture,so when i saw the actual picture in,question i was like,what is all the fuss about like you look,good the picture is simply chloe basking,in the sunlight with a content,happy smile on her face looking amazing,and fit and strong in a bikini like i do,not,personally see the issue with that photo,so once this image was shared online,chloe then came out with like a rebuttal,a response to that,which i actually thought was really,heartfelt and kind of broke my,own heart because i know how she feels,to a certain extent in her rebuttal she,says that she is so,sick of being pulled apart for her,appearance she's being called the ugly,sister,the fat kardashian that she's had every,insecurity and imperfection,pulled apart by the media which to be,fair she has and she's essentially,saying that she has every right to post,the pictures of herself that she wants,to post and that nobody should be able,to post a picture of her that she's not,happy with which i fully agree with,now i think we can all relate to chloe,on this issue in some respects like i,doubt all of us,have unwavering confidence we all want,to look good in photos especially on,social media where we know other people,are going to be seeing them,we all put up photos that are in good,lighting where we're you know working,our angles or posing how we know we look,best,because we want to look our best and,there's nothing wrong with that also,another important,note that i think does deserve to be,mentioned in this video is that whilst,chloe is complaining about an,unauthorized picture,surfacing on the internet which let's be,real should never happen yet she did the,exact,same thing to chloe moretz but you guys,remember back in 2016 when kim,kardashian and taylor swift were having,a row,chloe moretz chim

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