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Kevin Sorbo CLOWNED After Tweet Hilariously Backfiresactor kevin sorbo,almost made a good point,abou

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Kevin Sorbo CLOWNED After Tweet Hilariously Backfires

actor kevin sorbo,almost made a good point,about healthcare in this country,entirely by accident of course because,it's kevin sorbo uh here here it is,here's his tweet about uh about the,vaccines sort of,he says if the shots were given away for,free because they're life-saving,why isn't insulin free,chemotherapy,epipens,why kevin,kevin kevin kevin,that is a very interesting question,very interesting,and you know i've been asking that same,question for a long time why isn't,life-saving medication,free for every single american it is,almost as if,we have some sort of greed and profit,motive endemic in our health care system,that is for profit that prevents,medications from being accessible to the,people who need them as a result of the,cost,i mean,talk about being so close to the point,so close to the point,now the solution of course,is universal healthcare medicare for all,single-payer there's another solution of,course to this not just one,nationalize the pharmaceutical industry,or you can at the very least allow,medicare to negotiate prescription drug,prices which will cause the price to go,down,now of course i'm sure that kevin sorbo,not in favor of either of those things,no his entire point was to push andy,back's nonsense,but,it very ironically turns out to be a,pretty good own against our broken ass,health care system and as such,a lot of lefties responded saying,way to go kevin you are so close just a,little bit further,in fact brittany knepper says endorsing,universal care,to own the libs,well well to be fair uh the democrats,the democratic party,doesn't really support,single-payer or medicare for all,uh in fact joe biden has pretty much,given up on,doing at this point right we haven't,heard a damn thing about a public option,even,and so,their big idea was expanding cobra which,we all know,cobra,junk,all right another person says,you're right it should all be free,yes,yes,man crick's wife,i love the reference here,thank you for supporting single-payer,health care kevin,aaron heritage says imagine how much,personal freedom you could have to live,your conservative values if you had free,health care at the point of service,let's get republicans to support this,before democrats steal your idea mr,sorbo i love that tweet because there's,a couple of different layers to it right,again coming at it from a conservative,perspective like hey,health care is freedom freedom from,being tied to a certain job that you,might hate because of the healthcare,benefits,yeah that that's that's freedom,um,health is freedom,um and then of course you have,the whole idea of pointing at how the,democrats actually stole the idea for,obamacare the affordable care act,from mitt romney,romneycare,uh that's where the affordable care,act's provisions actually came from a,lot of which uh at least a lot of the,provisions uh there and that's by the,way,we got that,at a time when democrats had full,control,of congress of all the branches of,government super majority could have,passed something could have passed a,public option but instead we get,we get what we have now,disaster,but yeah the whole idea of course tying,health care to your job or anything like,that is just absolutely ridiculous,uh there's more david dole a friend of,the show says glad to see you support,medicare for all,another person from a different country,says this in malaysia insulin is free,so are most medications minimal charge,to hospital admission,there are many other countries to,socialize healthcare they enjoy free,medicine and hospitalization unlike of,course in america because you know,america and my trucker says hell yeah to,really own the left if you guys made all,that medicine free please don't,we would hate it oh yes,kevin kevin,you want to own the libs,you want to make you want to make the,liberal tier slow,support medicare for all please,couple more here um,some people point out,correctly that hey they're not actually,free they're paid for by the government,from taxes that we pay yeah yeah that's,how it works we pay taxes,and instead of it you know that money,going to make skeletons in the middle,east,they could actually go and make it so,that people live in the united states,i know weird weird,uh yes you know what that's actually,what i would want my tax money to do is,for it to come back and benefit not just,me,but everyone else,bye paying for health care,and then uh someone else points out all,the research and testing was paid for,with our taxes,in regards to the vaccine,why should some corporation get to,parachute in buy up the patents and then,overcharge obscenely on things we,already paid to develop and of course,look we've all seen the stories martin,shkreli farmer bro,you also have the other uh,pharmaceutical companies that have been,raising prices of prescription drugs,i've covered this all on the show,um,where i've talked about how,they're just,willingly raising the prices of these,prescription drugs that people need,and they rely on to survive

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Kevin Sorbo DESTROYS CNN+ And Causes A Woke MELTDOWN On Twitter Over Pronouns

Kevin Sorbo DESTROYS CNN+ And Causes A Woke MELTDOWN On Twitter Over Pronouns

the left wing pronam brigade is actively,melting down on twitter all over one,single tweet from former hercules actor,kevin sorbo that's all that it took this,one right here if cnn plus had pronouns,they'd be was slash were of course,taking a huge shot at cnn plus which,failed spectacularly the streaming,service that launched at the very end of,march that is going to be cancelled and,officially offline by april 30th they,couldn't even get 10 000 people watching,it it lasted just over three weeks until,they pulled all of the funding,multi-hundred million dollar project,down the drain for woke cnn it's,hilarious and kevin sorbo like so many,other people were taking a shot at it,obviously was were because it's not,going to exist anymore now if you know,anything about the english language you,know that was were are not pronouns but,it's a joke that's part of it but the,people out there that hate kevin sorbo,that never want him to work again simply,because of his politics were very quick,to jump on this and show just how upset,they were not only that he's making fun,of cnn plus but those aren't actually,pronouns don't you know that of course,he knows that it's a joke not only,making fun of cnn plus but also making,fun of people who literally make up,their own pronouns take a look at this,so mad kevin sorbo mocks the out of,both cnn plus and pronoun nags in one,perfectly hilarious tweet and they just,can't deal that's the tweet that we,showed you right there uh we're not sure,who that hit harder okay we think it hit,cnn plus harder but it was the pronoun,people who lost their damn minds over,his tweet those aren't even pronouns you,big meanie stupid head it's effectively,what we saw you see buck sexton laughing,at it but there are a lot of people that,lost their minds of course people,comparing the lauren bobert my pronoun,is patriot take those are verbs sure,keep banning books if kevin sorbo had a,career he would be an extra but those,aren't even pronouns dot dot dot and,then they're trying to allude to the,stroke that kevin sorbo had trying to,effectively say he has brain damage,those are verbs genius hey uh those are,verbs,everybody understands that the reason,it's a joke is because one it's making,fun of cnn plus but also it's taking a,shot at the fact that a lot of people,that have pronouns right now and put,them in their bio,those aren't pronouns either they're, made up and if you want to know,what i'm talking about just go to let's,see university of wisconsin milwaukee,lesbian gay bisexual transgender queer,plus resource center different gender,pronouns oh,my gosh,this is what we're talking about right,now gender neutral slash gender,inclusive pronouns,they,ver viz verse,these aren't pronouns either these are,made up there are not 78 different,gender pronouns they're not 78 different,genders that's part of what he's doing,right now he's making fun of people that,do make up these pronouns for themselves,and this was all it took to send them,into a literal rage right now kevin,sorbo is currently trending on twitter,because people are so mad they're like,doesn't he know those aren't actually,pronouns kevin sorbo once again showing,the world how ignorant he is verb coming,from someone who most likely watches fox,news news flash you're blacklisted,because you're a dick not because you're,a christian if kevin storm had a brain,he'd know the difference between,pronouns and auxiliary verbs uh kevin,someone embarrasses himself again if you,don't know what a pronoun is just keep,your yap shut are you gonna say the same,things to all the freaks who use,these who've decided that these are,gonna be their pronouns this made up, because that's what this is,this is all made up these aren't,pronouns either until a couple people,start trying to say those are my,pronouns and then as soon as you,identify it then somehow it becomes,acceptable for that to be listed as a,pronoun kevin sorbo has been very very,outspoken about cancer culture about,being a conservative about being a,christian in hollywood and how those,things have negatively affected him,there's no doubt that that's why people,are so upset about this that's why,people attack kevin sorbo anytime he,tweets uh it's not because of anything,other than his political beliefs and his,religious beliefs we talked about that,quite a long time ago when he give this,when he gave this really good interview,with prageru i would highly recommend,you guys go check that out just look up,kevin sorbo prageru and you'll find it,there conservative actor kevin sorba,opens up about cancel culture and,hollywood ostracizing conservative,artists for their political views this,was all it took one simple tweet, on cnn plus the failure that is,cnn plus and taking a crack at people,that use ridiculous pronouns and the,left just can't handle it let me know,your thoughts in the comments below,smash the like button subscribe to the,channel ring the bell for notifications,share this video out there

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Kevin Sorbo Matt Walsh and PragerU OH MY! (Twit Tweets With @VicedRhino )

Kevin Sorbo Matt Walsh and PragerU OH MY! (Twit Tweets With @VicedRhino )

this video is sponsored by factor75 get,fresh ready-made meals delivered to your,doorstep when you sign up with Factor,their menus are updated weekly they have,seafood veggie and keto options if,that's what you're looking for check my,link in the description below and use,code factor,sc10507 for 60 off your first box,it's been a while so we had to say damn,it had to start do we have to start with,case gotta start with case orbs no,not so long,it's so good though it's so good how can,people justify grown men wearing makeup,and twerking in front of their kids says,the actor whose job it is to wear makeup,and who spent a good chunk of the 90s,wearing a leather loin cloth for,a kids show,yep it's like if you just look at if you,just look at this statement on its own,uh twerking in front of their kids just,honestly because like the wearing makeup,thing I don't I don't think we have to,really care about no he's an actor he's,worn makeup but there are guys who will,literally just be like wow I slept like, last night my eyes look real sunken,in I'm gonna touch that up,um,but in terms of the twerking part how,many parents has case orbs seen twerking,in front of their kids and do we need to,take his phone so we can get off tick,tock,okay so um this is where we might differ,a little bit so it depends on the manner,of this working it's like it's one thing,to be like twerking in a thong and like,making those cheeks clap yeah it's,another thing if you're just if you're,just doing the like the butt motion yeah,my son at one point my 11 year old he,like turned around and started twerking,at me for I don't know what the reason,was I don't know what was going through,his head he's a he's an 11 year old boy,weird things go through his head it,happens but my response to that was be,like did you just twerk at me he was,like,maybe so then I turned around and,twerked at him,but of course we're both terrible at it,and it was not sexual it was just like,like yeah like I'm not good because like,I'm not good enough at twerking for it,to have been sexual,saying you can't make that ass I don't,make the cheeks clap,so no I guess it's I I guess my my thing,there is,if Case orbs is talking about the sexual,version because that's I'd imagine,that's what he's talking about yeah,there's a there's a difference between,sexual twerking and yeah being a goof,but I but I also wouldn't put it past,case orbs to be mad about the goofy,version too because yeah no he's not,what real he probably thinks if he heard,if he heard me talking about this he,would undoubtedly insist that I am a,pervert for twerking at my son,but like,no we were just it's a dance move we,were being silly with each other just,ask caseorbs how old Mary was when,Joseph took her as his bride,uh uh Orbin God raped her,yes isn't the uh canonical answer to,that 13,yeah I think I think it's 12 but yeah no,I think it's 12 is when she got pregnant,by God and then third so 13 would have,been when Joseph married her and if,you're Catholic though Joseph never had,sex with her Jesus brothers were from,Joseph's previous marriage because,Joseph was an old man when he married,the 12 year old girl,it's like when you're talking about,Islam and you're like let's talk about,Aisha when did that happen,nobody waited until she he waited until,she was 13. it was so romantic or was it,13 nine no no she was nine nine is when,they married they didn't consummate the,marriage six is when they were married,consummated at nine,I made it better in my head and better,was still absolutely horrendous,the bar was low and we we failed to,clear it I'm going to get another beer,that calls for a beer I think you need,it I think you need it,Jesus anyway let me look in my chat real,quick see what's going on,uh I Twitches I swear this drag fat has,to stop now it should just be adults,it's harming the whole it would be lgbtq,community no it's not I hate you I hate,twitch I think you'll probably notice,over the course of like several,Generations is conservatives are,incredibly arbitrary with what they,choose to moral panic over so you can,select whatever thing the lgbtq,community is known for at a given time,and say that they're destroying the,credibility of the lgbtq community,because they're doing the one thing,conservatives are mad about right now,but 15 years ago I never heard any,conservatives about drag shows I,most people and I live in the south I,think we have a tweet about that coming,up uh most people literally just kind of,looked at them as something that was,funny and you might go to as a joke and,that was in conservative circles that I,hung out in when I was 15 and a,fundamentalist so again whatever moral,Panic conservatives are bitching about,right now if you change the one thing,unilaterally across an entire Community,they will find something else afterwards,yeah no and we're uh we're gonna kind of,get to the drag show thing,uh but that that's like the last tweet,Dale Partridge says canceling church to,celeb

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Faith vs. Culture - Left Behind with Kevin Sorbo

Faith vs. Culture - Left Behind with Kevin Sorbo

coming up on tonight's episode of Faith,versus culture our conversation with,actor director producer Kevin Sorbo,that's next,before you marry the bad idea,don't tell me there's no such thing as,gun violence that just depends on your,definition of when life begins,there are problems of sin and habit that,cannot be solved outside the person of,our Lord Jesus Christ,well hello and welcome to this episode,of Faith versus culture right here on,the CBN News Channel my name is Dan,Andros managing editor of cbn's, joined as always by Billy,how well Billy what's going on well I'm,doing well I'm excited because we have,our guest here today Kevin Sorbo who has,done a million projects but I'm super,excited because we're going to be,talking about his new film Left Behind,Uh Kevin how you doing today I'm doing,fantastic thank you so I'm looking at,both you guys I realize I got to grow a,beard and a mustache now to be on your,show because you guys you got to marry,you guys do some very good facial hair,there my mine's not that fantastic but,you know I make it scruffy enough when I,do westerns now that's great see I have,to make up for the loss on the top so I,just you know this is this is my route,it looks good,well well listen Kevin you are playing,Rayford steel and I mean obviously,everybody watching knows Left Behind the,book series the film franchise you,direct this film what was it that made,you want to dive into this well I mean,as you know growing up as well I read,the books way back when and uh you know,the Left Behind guys uh you know all the,books rights are owned by Paul Elan and,his company are Cloud 10. uh when they,came out with the last movie,um back in 2014 with Nicholas Cage,playing the playing the same role that,I'm playing now they got inundated with,um uh emails from people because God's,Not Dead came out at the same time and,they said why why isn't Kevin Sorbo,playing the part of Rayford steel so,they called me up and they flew out to,LA when I was still living there I live,in Florida now of course thank goodness,for that and um you know they said hey,we want to do the next one with you and,it took a long time for everything all,the pieces of the puzzle get put,together what from there in and from my,end and so finally about two years ago,they said we're ready to go and we shot,it just a little over a year ago and I'm,excited I mean I love it I started,directing back in the Hercules years so,I love directing as well and they they,gave me the captainship for that,um Paul just told me the other day they,love what they're seeing in the movie,right now as they write in the next one,would probably be filming the next one,by the end of this year so it's very,exciting,how do you think Kevin why do you think,that there's so much Intrigue with you,know eschatology and and sort of end,time story lines well because I think it,looks like the world's coming to that,right now and everything we're seeing in,this angry world that we're living in,that fellow so much hate and,divisiveness it just feels like you know,it's interesting when you read the Bible,look at the Bible it is it is sort of,predicted all these things that are,happening down the road right now I mean,it may be a thousand years from now you,know as the Bible says it's going to,come like a thief in the night so we,don't know but the reality is,um I think this is a perfect timing for,this movie with what we see going on not,only in America but around the world so,uh you know I do a lot of speak in,advance most they do I don't talk on,Christian education the bulkum is,pro-life and every time I've been,speaking over the last year and a half,now I tell people hey,um we got the next Left Behind movie,coming out people go crazy for it you,know I speak in front of 500 to 3 000,people depending on the crowd they love,it and they're excited for this but we,got to get the word out and I appreciate,you guys have me on because you know we,don't have the the Avatar advertising,budget that James Cameron does he has,100 million dollars to throw around on,his 300 million dollar movies we need,word of mouth and that's what happened,when movies like let there be light and,with Soul Surfer and God's Not Dead we,need people out there that want uh you,know to that fill up these seats,otherwise you know like I know the guys,that own theaters don't care what movies,in there they want to sell popcorn and,sodas so we got to fill the seats up to,make sure this movie stays in there,longer than just the one week,yeah and it hits theaters January 26th,it's a fathom event uh but but I have to,ask you because there were three initial,movies years ago with Kirk Cameron then,there was the 2014 film that you,referenced and now there's there's this,one and this is again it's left behind,rise of the Antichrist so we get an idea,there of what this is going to be about,but how does this film differ in terms,of the tone in the tenor from the past,movies in the franchise I think

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Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) Has Lost His Friggin Mind!

Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) Has Lost His Friggin Mind!

welcome everyone i am definitely still,moving but thought i would pull out the,old handy tripod and gimbal turn on the,follow uh what is it called active track,which allows me to do this,and that everybody loves the motion,camera stuff they always have there's,never been any complaint and i wanted to,talk to you about this guy the guy who,used to play,hercules,kevin sorbo because he has lost his,freaking mind,so funny enough it really is an episode,of mr atheist so i'm mr atheist let's do,this,welcome back remember that for nearly,daily 8 these content you should hit,that subscribe button ring the bell and,consider becoming a patron it is a big,big big big big big help all right we're,talking about kevin sorbo the guy who,used to play hercules though some of you,may know him from his like pure flicks,like he was in gardens not dead he was,the uh the professor with the cause he,took everything from me the atheist,professor just absolutely defeated by,the the christian strong high will stand,up,i don't care about the facts guy yeah uh,that's kevin sorbo,also played hercules in the era of like,that's when xena was on the air too did,they ever do a crossover,it seems like they would have despite,the fact that the lore would have,forbidden it but i don't remember if,they did didn't they i don't know i was,a child,his twitter has become something that,yes i follow,and look at,and just,he's a mess and i thought we would read,his mess together and sort of enjoy,some time together dunking on these,people who so resemble,friends and family members that are,annoying the ever living heck,heck and heck out of us lately,anyway starting with this one,this is we're going most recent and then,back not every tweet i just did some of,the more uh relevant ones raise your,hand if you're more concerned about,losing your constitutional rights than,you are covet you know what,i would say that that applies to me,however,there hasn't been a threat to them so as,far as active well,not an active threat especially in the,name of kovit uh uh nor am i worried,about something like hey you have to,wear a mask to go to a restaurant that,is not a violation of constitutional,rights uh vaccine mandates are not a,violation of constitutional rights uh so,i've i haven't been worried in the way,he's trying to suggest however i would,be very worried about those things in,fact i would say that right now i am,more worried about not even something i,will personally,i just that probably sounded horrible,just hitting the mic forgot that was,there oh not even something that i will,have to personally,worry about my lack of access to an,abortion though obviously if it was with,a loved one with whom i had,created the problem then it would be but,uh i would say that constitutionally,guaranteed right to an abortion is,something that i actually am a little,more concerned about than kovid doesn't,mean that you shouldn't have it's really,funny where,it's a type of what about ism and,prioritism i don't know i i just made,that up uh but it's this sort of thing,like i think this is a problem,and it's more of a problem than this so,just give that absolutely no mind just,no regard for kovid and let's not be,concerned about it at all and then the,other thing is they're talking about,because they want their freedom and like,they have shown time and time again that,they can't be trusted to do the right,thing,moving on,the media is the enemy of the people,kevin sorbo,once again showing off his acting chops,because none of his sentiments are,original and he only reads scripts not,very well but do you remember where this,one came from let me uh well there's a,few different people that came from one,of the ways in which i could impersonate,this tweet i would have to uh,learn german,or italian,or korean,anyway but more recently popularized it,sounded a little something that the the,media is absolutely the enemy of the,people you know you're real scumbags,okay you gotta like i don't know why i,feel like i have to squint when i do,trump i feel like his eyes are always,open and yet would i get in there,i practically closed my eyes at a,certain point i might take a nap and you,don't even know it is there really much,of a difference now maybe there's enough,light in here you probably see a glint,of eye,through the anyway,i just wanted to make fun of that he's,not a very good,actor kevin sorbo the question what,would you enjoy do in germany 1939 has,been answered i'm severely disappointed,now this from the person who has,defended things like the insurrection,has defended freedom,as the challenges against quote-unquote,freedom his freedom to be a violent nazi,so yeah uh kevin i think i know what you,would have done in germany 1939 also,now i will tell you and this is an,interesting thought a project,experiment,i just want to know what your,thoughts are down below,because while a lot of people use,twitter for very benign things maybe,even for some good things i think,twitter is abou

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Kevin Sorbo speaks out after Facebook removed his page

Kevin Sorbo speaks out after Facebook removed his page

social media censorship in focus actor,kevin sorbo,claiming that facebook has taken down,his page without warning,facebook in a statement saying quote we,removed kevin sorbo's page for,repeatedly sharing debunked claims about,the coronavirus or vaccines,well joining me now is actor kevin sorbo,kevin good morning,good morning how you all doing there,good good good to see you so,your reaction to that statement from,facebook,you know they've uh they've been shadow,banning me for a good year now i have,over 500 000 followers and they only,allow me to see up to 10 000 at a time,when i post now for doing that for a,long time,and every time they've come back to me,and say hey look we got to get rid of,this because,we think this is their version of fake,news i take it down,even though that like i could argue with,that but uh,you know i don't want to lose my page,but this time around they just took me,down there was no warnings or anything,like that i would i've been more than,happy to take down whatever,offensive post that facebook uh deemed,that i should not be posting so,i i i questioned their uh their their,a statement saying that they gave me,some warning yeah no no and canceler,culture is alive and well brian brenberg,hop into this,yeah kevin you know you talk about,things being removed or facebook talks,about removing things because they're,debunked i think a lot of people look at,the,debunking or the fact-checking and they,say it's really,not fact-checking at all it's it's,somebody's opinion or the opinion of the,prevailing majority when this happens,does anybody bother to tell you,why exactly things are being taken down,explain to you what it is you've missed,that's been definitively,proven to be false no they just seem to,have a blanket statement that says this,does not meet with our guidelines and,we're taking it down,so or are you would you please take it,down otherwise we're going to take it,we're going to,you know you're going to lose your,account with them um i post things that,usually come from what other doctors are,saying about the virus,or supposed things what other people are,saying about the uh the voter fraud,um and you know you get if that doesn't,fit their narrative they just get rid of,you i mean freedom speech obviously as,we know has gone out the window,and it's insanity what we're going,through right now and i think it's sad,you know i would love to have facebook,just put me back on give me all my,followers right now and i'll tell them,to go move over to cloudhub or parlor or,somewhere else so you can follow me,there i'm more than happy to leave,facebook but don't take away the,followers that were following me because,the majority of them obviously liked,what i was saying and like what my,movies and tv shows that,i keep them abreast of there's always,those few people that want to you know,they they love to troll you i always get,the kick out of people that,post all those hate uh stuff back to me,i go if you hate me why do you follow me,it just it cracks me up but you know,it doesn't bother me in the least well i,was going to ask you about other social,media platforms you mentioned parlor,and uh yeah i mean i i think potter is a,good place to go there's another out,there called cloud hub which i think is,fantastic,um jeff brain's put together an amazing,uh amazing uh,app there an amazing um social media,platform to follow so,i'm jumping on board with those guys,right now you know cancel culture i just,mentioned this a moment ago it seems,like it's coming for everyone you've got,the goya ceo,chris harrison uh you know out with the,with the bachelor show,how do we combat the power of these,online mobs that just seemingly have,just i mean who's going to be next i,wish i had to,answer for that i like all i can say is,i find it amazing that uh places like,facebook have more power than our,government apparently and the government,allows them to do what they're doing,right now in in terms of,just cancelling people that they don't,agree with and on their own politics or,whatever it may be religious,non-religious whatever it is,and uh you know being a christian and a,conservative in hollywood that kind of,is like being a double leper so,i've got my own battles to deal with and,thank god for independent movies,otherwise i would never career right now,so,i i appreciate the fact that i got,things going and things are still,happening so,i'm going to give a quick plug from my,number one documentary on amazon called,before the wrap,i'm going to throw that out there so,people can check that out well i do want,to bring in james freeman because james,you and maria have talked a lot about,this topic as well,yeah thanks kevin i'm glad you brought,that up i was going to ask about what,kind of,career penalty there is in hollywood for,having these,uh unconventional by hollywood standard,views i mean the,are there people who say i'd like to,work with you but but i just,can't or what what's the feedback oh,yeah th

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Reaction To Apple Threatening To Pull Twitter From The App Store

Reaction To Apple Threatening To Pull Twitter From The App Store

Apple has mostly stopped advertising on,Twitter do they hate free speech in,America Tim Cook doesn't respond,no one's saying anything so then the,threat comes out that they're thinking,about potentially dropping the Apple app,I'm sorry the Twitter app off of Apple,so wait a minute you're going to,potentially drop Apple Twitter app off,Apple yes if that happens Tom what,happens think about it if if Apple drops,it off guess who has to drop them off,afterwards Droid because they have to,match the two what happens if they drop,Twitter off the app well most people,don't know is there are 51,android-based handset manufacturers in,the world do you think one of them would,like to make 20 million handsets a year,for Elon Musk I think so also if you,look inside cars your telematics inside,your car that's an Android device,Android is ubiquitous and it would be,not difficult for must to get a phone,look look at the technology puts into,Tesla look at he's got net dashboard,this this would not be a difficult thing,to get an Android manufacturer make an,Android based phone and put it on there,himself and I think people know it I,think Apple knows it and I think Google,knows it and so the question is I,believe from a capitalist standpoint one,of those and probably Big G alphabet is,waiting for this to blow over because,there's a lot of money to be made a lot,of money to be made on Twitter I think,he he would have another phone not by,Tuesday but he would have another phone,and that is not what Apple would want in,America but um the two get another phone,how long does it take to get another,phone,you have 51 out there that are making,phones right now,they're making phones for all these,houses I think with a technology has at,his disposal I don't think it would take,that long it would not take a it would,not take a year to get it out probably,wouldn't take it this is what's been,going viral right now if you can show,this on the screen this is what,everybody's been talking about I think a,Tesla phone would do well I don't know,about a Twitter phone I think a Tesla,phone designed by the engineers I think,people would buy a Tesla phone and it,would be kind of sexy hey what do you,have out of Tesla well Tesla already has,the app you can start your phone you can,program your car you can do everything,on that so there's a lot going on,I this is the same thing that happened,like four years ago or whatever three,four years ago in Georgia if you,remember there was an abortion thing,they were coming up the heartbeat built,yeah Hollywood all up in arms because,they love murdering children so they,love childhood sacrifice but we can talk,about that later,um so oh we're gonna pull out we're not,gonna film in Georgia anymore so what,happened nothing nothing happened,because Georgia has the number one,industry right now for filming movies,and TV they are completely sold out I,Know Dan Kathy Chick-fil-A CEO his,studios are totally booked for the next,two years 100 booked all these big 300,million dollar movies go out there they,can scream communism socialism all they,want they like you said they're still a,capitalist business they want to make,money they're going to go 30 35 back,from from filming in Georgia I got a 300,million dollar action movie I'm gonna,get 100 million dollars back of course,they're going to stay in Georgia it's,insane these these are just idle threats,trust me all the stuff will pass over,they're not going to do anything because,they they know down the long run they're,gonna they're gonna lose so wait a,minute so let me get this straight so,let me get this straight so I'm gonna,play The Devil's Advocate and I'm going,to play only the paranoid survive you're,saying there's no way Apple drops the,Twitter app,no way Apple drops a Twitter app off,their iOS,you don't think they will,Tom both of you guys I don't think they,will I think it's I think it's a risky,bet baby I think it's a very risky bit I,think cooler cooler heads will prevail,they're going to talk about this this is,the line look what you just pointed out,just now they're going to look at,everything down the road and they say,well you know that doesn't really add up,personally because someone else's gonna,jump in and take this business away from,us so I think if Tim Cook's put in a,corner does he like pull it and put him,on probation and then say we have an,agreement for this and then put it back,you know I could see a head fake Pat I,don't see Tim pulling it down so so I'm,going to give you why he would and then,I'm going to give you why he won't and,then let's have this nice debate yeah so,I have a question for you on Elon I can,ask you before let me just go okay you,can ask the question about Elon so,here's why I believe he could and this,the one thing nobody is paying attention,to,Apple faces shortfall of 6 million,iPhones okay the new ones that came out,the pros because protests against,covid-19 restrictions are impacting,production Reports say so if you r

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Kevin Sorbo wonders, why is he losing followers? (Alt-right twitter purge!)

Kevin Sorbo wonders, why is he losing followers? (Alt-right twitter purge!)

yes yes queen,yes kick him into the balls again more,balls,oh don't waste time just go for the,balls,he's got those herculean balls,a what was likely parlor is likely a,billion dollar company poof,it's gone but it's more than just the,financial aspect to that,republicans have no way to communicate,no way to communicate,have we lost our tongues twitter is,banned michael flynn,sydney powell and ron watkins for,spreading q on delusions the social,platform is permanently suspending the,accounts that are solely dedicated to,sharing q and on content oh michael,flynn is a solely q account or,considered one wow,so q got probably one of the biggest,purges in the,monstrously huge twitter purge as did a,lot of people who were calling for acts,of violence or sedition,uh such as your rush limbaugh's for,example or uh the president of the,united states,of america his account was taken down,too and this started of course a,firestorm a firestorm of both ideology,of questions people are now wondering,where does everyone stand,banned accounts include former national,security adviser michael flynn trump,attorney sydney powell,eight kung coner ron watkins some,journalists of researchers speculated,that the login information for the,account q,whose posts fueled the mass delusion,we've been clear that we will take,strong enforcement action on the,behavior that has the potential to lead,offline harm given the renewal potential,for violence surrounding this type of,behavior,and then there's a whole bunch of people,like you know michael tracy was like,where are my thousands of followers,going i'm losing thousands of followers,by the day it's so strange it's almost,as if they're all nazis and i didn't,know it or maybe i did wink and then of,course,hercules came along you know hercules,had a lot to say,like you all know that uh kevin sorbo is,pretty,pretty conservative right i bet you,didn't know how conservative,kevin sorbo is but uh you know,what what did he say if you don't see a,problem with trump being silenced across,numerous social media platforms you're,not paying,close enough attention 750 billion put,into national defense every year but,honestly people believe the center of,american politics fell in two hours to a,bunch of people with trump flags,the government shuts down the country,destroys people's livelihoods,offers condolences with 600 why are,people mad at us,that this was this is trump was trump,was in charge for the last four years,by the way kevin wait you want to tell,me that people actually care about the,politician who just gave themselves a 50,000 bonus will americans starve,uh i wanted the pelosi gavel wanna talk,about free speech,twitter has deleted nearly fifteen,thousand followers of mine since the,protests on jan six,yeah yeah uh uh oh kevin,that's that's a pretty high number,pretty high number of,alt-right accounts that have been,following you hmm,president trump's accounts with over 80,million followers just got banned,40 000 followers deleted from my page in,the past two days this is insanity,where do all the nazis keep going my,word my account what am i going to do,this is a blatant communist takeover,change my mind,i don't think i can i i don't think,anyone can because again,i i i don't think i don't think you've,uh you've learned,what this word means so i'm not i'm not,really going to be able to change your,mind on that,if you believe in the science masks but,not the science of life beginning at,consumption,and you do not believe in science you,believe in political ideology,unlike me mr servo please i'm your,biggest fan,will you please sign my authentic real,loincloth you wore for me it would make,me so happy please her i'm not antifa i,swear bro please sign up for my email,list at turbo family film studios,you know what's kind of funny about,kevin sorbo it's also got this thing,tired of being censored by social media,and the big tech giants,join cloudhub kevin sorbo welcomes you,to cloudhub,just sign up right here it's the first,ever social media platform specifically,created for civic and political,networking,our focus is simple don't just post do,cloudhub is leveraging the power of,social media to bring people together,and empower them with the tools to,influence into topics they care about,cloudhub enables users to engage in,local state and national action,hold elected officials accountable and,make positive impacts,in society today wow i was trying to,find footage of,xena beating up kevin sorbo it took me a,really long time but i could only,find it in uh spanish so so here you go,nice look at this ,yes yes queen yes kick him into the,balls again,more balls oh don't waste time just go,for the balls,let's get those herculean balls,nice,oh yeah oh now piss on him,oh and that's that's the story of parlor,that's where parlor went if everyone's,wondering,that's the story of parlor that was that,was the end of parlor yeah,that's that's how parlor went what lies,around the corner,never knowing who's goi

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