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The Rock And Kevin Hart Put Their Friendship To The Test | Do You Even Know Me? I UNILADat all of my

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Updated on Jan 29,2023

The Rock And Kevin Hart Put Their Friendship To The Test | Do You Even Know Me? I UNILAD

at all of my enemies 32 what's going on,I'm Kevin Hart aka K Hart aka the real,deal,aka that guy and I'm about to be quiz on,a life everybody what's going on dwayne,johnson here AKA the rock aka la rocca,aka that guy I said daagon know but I,said it differently thank God enough,stop this is ridiculous,there we go now I'm ready okay alright,complete Dwayne's twitter bio chivalrous,gentleman just add the kid just ah got,it,just add what I love to drink fine,ah terra-man fine Thank You Ramona took,you okay my question are you ready,complete Kevin's Twitter bio my name is,Kevin Hart and I am a piece of ,that's not a piece of in my in my bio,and your bio I'm gonna say I'm a piece,of in my bio,do not say that in my bio the kind of,comedian you are self-deprecating like,that evidence of what makes you,brilliant you know I work hard there you,go,that that's not in your bias my heart,just says I work hard yes so that's like,I'm Kevin Hart I have a ,heartbeat all right I breathe air it,what is that I'm Dwayne the rock Johnson,I drink tequila no that's I know but at,least that's fun yeah that generally,read your bio and goes Wow yeah he,works hard,just wet I'm Dwayne right job yeah I'm a,grown man sometimes I drink alright,that's good see the point either one of,us should get a point yes,maybe we should change,I have that okay biles will be changed,after the day Oh your turn,Duane went to the University of Miami,what did he study while he was there,study what you study like like as in,educate yourself as in yes I'm like ah I,tried to get better it's real my,textbooks and Wow um cars changing,batteries and cars it's gotta be uh if,it's a subject,um alright let's take a crack at it,communications good communication was a,good choice that's not it no no no I,wanted to work for the CIA,well thank God that didn't what's that,supposed to mean just come be a great,agent for the agency and we'd be in,trouble I said criminology alright oh,this is good you're gonna get this one,this is too easy then what are you doing,it's too easy okay guys go to the hard,ones yeah ready oh okay this is a good,one uh which concert does Kevin say was,the first concert he attended in his,life you got to know this one let's,break it down comedy yeah got it yep you,went to see comedian or was it a group,no it was group a group it was a group,Kings economy Sesame Street oh nice,when when you were a kid no I was like,18 17 8 that's a cool cool thing no need,to judge it I'm not judging something I,thought was cool to do man,yeah let's do what more aged yeah it,finally going DJ I found a roadkill when,looking at those questions you probably,realize how uninteresting you are,completely Wow okay,in 2000 which rapper did Duane,collaborate with on the single it,doesn't matter is that the song is that,are you singing a song yeah it doesn't,matter name of the song where's that,from it doesn't matter why does that,what this is what he said like that who,is that that is that that's like iconic, well Oprah that doesn't matter Lexy,well Oprah does that when she goes out,of cars it doesn't matter who you are,you get a car you get a car you get a,car let's do that but she doesn't that's,not that's not no no yes no no no no,vanilla ice ice baby no it doesn't,matter if you like ice cream,Oh Wyclef remember you know right yeah,last one you gotta get this is it's,gotta get this one according to Google,how tall is kept,okay according to google google yes okay,is this the legit answer because I know,it or is this do I with you on this,which one go I think you should go for,what you know well go for what I know,legit answer legit legit legit because I,know you're my best friend forefoot -,yes,that's legit hey you actually have me,sold he's gonna get it no come on okay,okay five six five five no five four,five four but in in in centimeters,within my centimetres column is enemy's,30 to one point six to one centimeters,tall it was a draw to draw, damn it damn it all right I,don't understand why it's better this is,good you guys always have a very good, thing me I'll do a good job guys,yes

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Kevin Hart Opens Up About Oscars Controversy

Kevin Hart Opens Up About Oscars Controversy

I think it was right after I hosted the Oscars,,we went to dinner.,Yes.,And we talked about you hosting the Oscars.,Mm-hmm.,That it was a dream of yours, you've always,wanted to host the Oscars.,I said you should host the Oscars, then you get asked to--,I mean, it must have been amazing,when they asked you to host this year.,Unreal.,You know, there's a lot of goals that I have on my board.,I've got a vision board.,And on a vision board is so many things,that I want to do that I check off as they get done.,And Oscars was up there.,Oscars was one of the highest of highs,,simply because there hasn't been a lot,of African-American comedians that have been able to do it.,I would have been the fourth.,So to get the moment, celebrate the moment, oh my God, I,can't believe it's happening, and then,the next morning after a day full of congratulations,and celebrations I'm hit with an onslaught,on social media of my past coming back up again.,Literally, the next morning.,Mm-hmm.,Not even a full 24 hours to glow in the glory of,,Kevin Hart is hosting this year's Oscars.,And when it happened, my first thought,is, I'm going to ignore it.,I'm going to ignore because it's 10 years old.,This is stuff I've addressed.,I've talked about this.,This isn't new, I've addressed it.,I've apologized for it, I'm not going to pay it any mind.,Because when you feed into that stuff,,you only add more fuel to the fire.,Right.,I'm not going to do--,I'm going to leave it alone.,Another day goes by, the fuel is now--,it's growing, this fire is angry.,It's all over the place.,Now the headlines are starting to change.,The headlines are, Kevin Hart refuses,to apologize for homophobic tweets from the past.,The word "again" was left out.,Everybody took those headlines and started to run with it.,So now the slander on my name is all homophobia.,Now I'm a little upset.,I'm a little upset because I know who I am.,I know I don't have a homophobic bone in my body.,I know that I've addressed it, I know that I've apologized.,I know that within my apologies I've,taken 10 years to put my apology to work.,I've yet to go back to that version,of the immature comedian that once was.,I've moved on.,I'm a grown man, I'm cultured, I'm manufactured,,I'm a guy that understands now.,I look at life through a different lens.,And because of that, I live it a different way.,So now I'm kind of upset because these 10 years are just,being ignored, they're being brushed past.,Nobody is saying, guys, this is 10 years.,No headlines are saying, 10 years ago he apologized.,Nobody is finding the apologies, nobody is finding the footage,from where I had to address it.,I had to address it when I did Get,Hard promo with Will Ferrell, because of my joke,that I had about my son.,I had to address those tweets in 2012,in a very, very heavy junket where I was asked questions,,and asked questions about homophobia,based on those tweets.,And I had to address it and apologize,,and say I understand what those words do and how they hurt.,I understand why people would be upset,,which is why I made the choice to not use them anymore.,I don't joke like that anymore, because that was wrong.,That was a guy that was just looking for laughs,and that was stupid.,I don't do that anymore.,So to be put in a position where I was given an ultimatum,,I was given an ultimatum, Kevin apologize or we're going,to have to find another host.,I mean, I was given an ultimatum,,this is now becoming like a cloud.,What was once the brightest star and brightest,light ever just got real dark.,The Oscars is no longer about Kevin Hart,stepping on his stage and taking a intense night,where people are so uptight and making it loose and fun.,That's my reason for doing it, I'm,going to bring fun to the Oscars.,I'm going to make the Oscars fun.,Now all of a sudden it's a little darker,,because the conversation isn't about me hosting the Oscars,,conversation is about Kevin Hart's tweets from 10 years ago,and homophobia.,I don't want to step on a stage and make that night about me,and my past when you got people that have worked hard,to step on a stage for the first time and receive an award.,I'm now taking away from all those moments,because the night is it's focused on something else now.,That's how I see it.,Because I saw it like that, I said,I would much rather step down and apologize again,while stepping down.,Once again, I'm sorry if these words hurt.,I'm sorry.,But either my apology is accepted or it isn't.,Either I can move forward or I can't.,But you can't grow as a person without mistakes.,You don't know what perfection is unless you've,experienced imperfection.,So I don't know the perfect individual,that society is now looking for.,It's not me.,I'll be the first to say it, I'm an open book.,There is no perfect bone in my body.,I have made several mistakes and I embrace them all,because I'm a better man today because of them.,In this case, I just said I'm going to walk away,,because I felt like it was a conversation

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Black Twitter Has Some Questions for You | 2022 Back That Year Up

Black Twitter Has Some Questions for You | 2022 Back That Year Up

whenever something big happens on,Twitter black Twitter always has a,reaction black Twitter is a thing it's,huge okay huge and huge and and when,black Twitter Goes Ham everybody reacts,so right now ladies and gentlemen I got,somebody that you want to hear from our,next guest please welcome black Twitter,himself Twitter right to see you man,while you're doing gentlemen how you,doing man always blessing of a stress,even if the lord gave me less I know,that's right black Twitter's in the,building,indeed yeah all right well question,number one can you tell the people that,don't understand why we need black,Twitter regular Twitter is always,showing that black people don't,care about like you know white girls,with flat asses trying to twerk you got,people trying to justify the,Insurrection up and down Twitter and you,got clips from that boring ass shoulder,Crown it's a little Drive I don't want,to see it only Crown black people care,about is Crown Roy I heard that and not,Apple either the regular one no no so,you can put your clippers in the bag,it's actually true,condoms when I was younger oh my God,can't even just hit me hit just hit you,know who black Twitter look like what's,the guy what's the god uh from The Wire,the the guy Davis Clayton Clay Davis you,in the goddamn building hey jeez my name,is black Twitter I'm here to talk about,black Twitter I could proceed,we're just giving you upstairs,about the black diaspora on social media,that's right let's get back to the,dashboard if ain't nobody gonna talk,about it we will talk about it you know,uh listen what I want you to do is let,these people know what kind of content,is on black Twitter I mean there's a lot,of different things on black Twitter,there's you know trendy dances of course,there's soul food recipes for the,holidays how to legally avoid paying,debt how to hide money from the,government and of course hilarious clips,of Family Feud hilarious Clips very,funny yes yes very popular now yeah,Steve Harvey great but shout out shout,out to Steve uh now I have a non-black,friend and he joined black Twitter oh,for sure for sure as long as they're,named doesn't end in an ER we're talking,Connor Tucker Tanner Candace Owens,hey you know what man uh you know you,need some white people on black Twitter,right the reason why so you can ask them,questions like uh do white people have,cousins I don't know I just don't know,these are good points you make brother,Kevin and I think that we need people of,all Races on black Twitter which is why,we allow people of all Races got it on,black Twitter but only if they can,answer a couple of qualifying questions,okay do you wash your chicken with soap,do you shower your legs when you shower,I gotta get the legs can you name at,least four members of New Edition yeah,what color is Jesus and is R Kelly,innocent oh come on now the last one,that's not fair that's easy nobody,thinks R Kelly is innocent I know that,but if they say yes he is then I know,they just trying to kiss my ass that's,true that's very true it's the Trap,here's a question for you all who was,the fifth member,of Jodeci, staff member,I want to say Dewan,Casey JoJo Devonte Gavin there's one,more member of you did you say Gavin or,Dalvin you know the one yeah,the fifth member and then there was one,more of Joe,all right big girl big girl cocaine,cocaine God damn,yeah yeah,it was on the tip of my nose I was gonna,say it I was about to say I made a,valuable part in that group success uh,last question Elon Musk pay 44 billion,dollars for Twitter right how much would,you sell black 1500 see that's okay,that's quick that was a quick 1500 come,on you worth more than that don't you,think yeah I'm worth more than that but,I need I need rent money right now I,feel you I feel you all right well black,Twitter everybody black Twitter,hang out,oh,yeah

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Tiffany Haddish And Kevin Hart Read Thirst Tweets

Tiffany Haddish And Kevin Hart Read Thirst Tweets

this is from John Jacob J my hi Miss,Smith my name whenever I go out the,people are Lisa hey sometimes I think,I'm saying what everybody watches the,saying which is what would,hey BuzzFeed hey you like BuzzFeed,I love BuzzFeed I got some friends that,work off the wait wait we got stop we,need to introduce ourselves we're,assuming that these people know who we,are,introduce yourself first I'm Tiffany,Haddish that's right and I am me Kevin,Hart,and we are about to do some thirst weeks,yeah and I'm gonna read all of Kevin's,thirst weeks that's right what they,saying about you oh you go first go okay,I'm excited but I wanna touch ik Kevin,Hart real ants okay well that's not bad,honey Moses nobody can't tell me Kevin,Hart little ass ain't sexy right they,care if they do damn their life then,lime and cheek okay but when did Kevin,Hart becomes that oMG from baby doll oh,and it's even like a daddy when did I,become daddy though daddy is me as a me,dad I'm daddy that's a big Oh a very,long big Kevin Hart look so red pharmacy,well I'm sure to ask for it out of it,Kevin Hart is so tiny and funny and cute,I want to put him in my pocket you know,she's my mother call me a little gummy,bear,forget it I didn't think it through,I know Tiffany don't know Timmy that's a,rabbit now let's see what they said,about you - thirsty jeez - Tiffany,alright Oh at Tiffany hat is so fine,that if I had one slice of pizza left,over after a long night of drinking I,100 thirsty is just showing these shares,but you know if somebody get it to you,then email you or or just mean a day,they were full Tiffany Haddish is one,fine-ass woman my first ever tweet I,rock no no no that's the architect bra,I'm watching this episode of hip hop,squares fainted at Tiffany Haddish to,get all my kids out of me,it said you want to give you that bus,off it's funny that let you have it,Iggy that baby batter I wonder what is,credit oh man this is this is windy,mullennix okay yeah like a Tiffany,Haddish was strangling me I feel like I,would be like this is super fun she,could kick me in the booze and I'd be,having a great time now Wendy yeah,I'll get up I'm not sure y'all should be,sending out nasty tweets all right I'm,sorry,but Tiffany hands are so hot and funny,I'm gay,Tiffany Haddish let me lick that mole,off your face my top that'sit's breath I,don't nobody want to be like a cat,trying to lick your mouth off huh I know,sighs look at mama,I know signs of cannibalism when I see,it this man is trying to eat you wrong,eat me wrong each night and say it I had,a good time tip did you have a good time,yeah have fun give a shot at the,BuzzFeed thank you thank you bad speed,everybody's on BuzzFeed does favor go,see nice cool sin 728 starring myself,Tiffany Haddish and a slew of other,funny comedic actors and actresses it's,a fun movie it's a great time it doesn't,disappoint,yeah you won't say anything else close,there you go,see you soon bye I found I worked very,hard to establish the fact that I'm five,foot in the half close to five five,three five this is called a five five,and to break it down I had a pair of,timberland boots on I'm definitely there,you

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Kevin Hart's Funniest Interview Moments | Hart to Heart

Kevin Hart's Funniest Interview Moments | Hart to Heart

a big idiot yeah who you what uh,should I interject did you was not my,intention I'm sorry,I'm sorry,we made this video,um I'm Matt Damon which became a,big viral video and it changed it,changed a lot it really changed the show,because suddenly celebrities wanted to,be on it which they didn't before I mean,like if you go if you ever have the,don't by the way but if you ever like go,back and watch the early shows like,there were times where,the guests weren't even paying attention,to me like they were talking to the,other guests it felt like every party I,ever was at where I'd be sitting there,at the desk and they'd be carrying a,conversation I was like uh hmm should I,interject,what's what should I do now and the show,was live and it was just a mess and we,had sometimes we had really we were,really scraping the bottom of the barrel,when it came to Stars,well you have like the sixth most,interesting person on Joe Millionaire or,something you know not even Joe we were,like all right if we have them could we,maybe get Joe they're like wow Joe's,doing Leno Joe's uh Joe's not available,but um,it's true in fact that's why I started,making fun of Matt Damon because at the,end of a show we had some terrible,guests and I was standing there I'm,wrapping up the show and I'm standing,there with these guests and I don't even,remember who they were and I go I want,to apologize to Matt Damon we ran out of,time for him and I just did it to make,our producer Jason laugh you know and he,was cracking up and uh then I just did,it again the next night and then I,started doing it all the time as just,you know,here's what I'm laughing all right,there's no way,there's no way not to be aware like when,you say yeah we're kind of scraping the,bottom of the barrel like you know when,you're looking you're looking at your,guests and you're like oh man all right,well this is this yeah and then they're,looking at their booking at my show and,going who's this have you ever gotten,like food poisoning and had to go on,stage I should have them on several,stage or did you see what I got oh my,God it almost happened at Staples Center,and once in Germany I said watch this,Joey where are we at when I on,myself,is ungodly it I I don't know what I ate,but I was like I literally was like if I,don't walk off this stage right now I'm,going to myself in front of,thousands of people and that was pretty,traumatic I was sweating it was very far,few and in between with the,opportunities for absolutely the black,woman they were only telling like a,couple stories a couple of our diverse,stories you know so you were mindful of,that at that point in time oh well,because what I kept getting from my,agents at the time is they kept saying I,was too edgy and I'm like,too edgy because you just Thug well I am,a thug yeah but I'm a trained actress,very true but you can't judge me on who,I am because that's never going to,change yeah I don't judge you on it I'm,saying I know you I'm just saying I want,you to know that I know what's in there,right yeah I know you like this you,don't you'll never let me forget like,this this you got this I got all of that,like what you what what yeah who you,what who you what what like that's,grabbing the bottle looking for the,weapon yes oh it's okay I'm working I,have a therapist okay it's called rage,I'm working on it and there are reasons,for it that's why therapy is good okay,okay we'll get there we'll get down,there we'll get down there I can't I,can't wait to get down there but at the,same time like I said and me you know,I'm 56 years old damn,I'm sorry,I'm sorry because it was a thought no no,seriously it was a thought it was a,thought and I blurted it out,I'm fine okay but just understand I,didn't mean it the way it came out we'll,take a poll on how you meant it with,people here later after the show's over,but I can sit up here and honestly say,buddy that that was from a place of Love,got it that was from like damn you,didn't if we could play it back right,now play it back these are two different,dams way back in slow motion there,wasn't no I said there was no like wow I,said damn no you said the word damn,do you want me to tell you how you said,it I know how I said it down do you want,me to say it back to you how I think you,said it go ahead damn not not true fam,not true fam I said Kevin I said damn it,each time you said it now it's gotten,quieter and quieter I could barely hear,you that last time when you said it well,that means that you can barely hear the,truth so who has the problem here,what's the problem,maybe 56 minutes the way you Nadia,Coleman each things it just flipping oh,I don't know what you just straight,around the way I'm not academic huh,uh-oh does he not know who that is the,way I'm not accommodation yeah he thinks,he's the only one that could not have,come and eat you,what are you talking about you don't,think I know what number coming these,kids what what is,you heard me,okay yeah,56. let's get back to it

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Coulda Been Records NYC auditions hosted by Druski

Coulda Been Records NYC auditions hosted by Druski

as you all may know I've been having a,little trouble looking for the best town,in the world,I will be going to the top cities in,America and hand-picking talent to join,me season one and it could have been,records house let's go,it says yeah let's do this,keep the blower in the fat burger I,ain't really tripping off not just keep,the stash from me can't trust Stacy,Carter rolling my Clips get the out,my house and that's on click go,down to the burner spot to get me a set,go down to the broken spot and get me,stop stop you bang at all bang my girl,last night where you get that chain at,man I'm really like that,I'm really like that show your strength,at some point okay you hockey yeah a,little bit a little bit Yeah Yeah,okay air box you're a pastor too ,it's a lot of people out there that's,trying to do something with their life,well Hallelujah brother thank you man,get the back to church real I feel,like I deserve to win because I got this, in the bag you know what,I'm saying,and this gentle Arms of Mine and the,moonlight's gazing shining on my window,pain,you got some pipes on it yeah I'm trying,to get a sign okay we're gonna,definitely look into it yeah,thank you I love you I love you not us,that's what we need up here,sign me like I promise you you're a,money man and I'm gonna make you money,hey what they doing back there man what,they doing okay okay back and I'm,hitting them hard chest don't sag I,don't need no push-up bruh damn ,is mad hold on hold on you asked me to,be a wife in my DM drewski what the ,is going on what happened oh okay I,never did that yes you did cause I'm,geek,okay that's my demons okay all right all,right number one I'm the baddest number,two I'm the baddest number three I'm the,baddest none I'm moving like a, ain't it God damn I'll show,you monster move soon all right you,can't even handle it we'll let you know,I'm right in my notes,all right all right,oh you sound nice,actually loved me like I said he was in,my DMs before he got to see me in person,so he was a little shy and stuff but you,know rusky I love you see you in a bit,how you doing heard you trying to shoot, I'm sure back what you trying to do,cause I heard your crack could make,you fall in love have you crawling right,back you play me like a dub I'ma play,you right back but play you right back,you know it's crazy actually listen to,artists like you yeah that crazy,you got some good hooks I'm not even,bullshitting we're gonna look into that,all right thank you I appreciate y'all,have a good one,good what's good y'all all working,Amazon Prime that's lit family Amazon,workers yeah amazonians that's what it's,about y'all on some emo huh drugs,is what I need I want to get high but,not on we today I woke up feeling really,bad and I grabbed the a yard and went to,my school cause I'm mad what you gonna,do I started busting shots on the,walking bow bow bow,there's blood everywhere I don't care,because I hate my life okay stop right,there I knew y'all hated y'all life well,you girl come here touch that booty and,let me smell it do it smell fruity no it,don't I bet she won't don't get close,cause I'm gonna have to talk a hip a hop,a hippie inhibited hope doctor don't,stop diving to the job of the hook job,up down the big again oh down big in the,Box I used to do that y'all some, we'll go over I'll go over,there with my security guards man never,thought I witness greatness for myself,supporting feeling supercalifragilist,but extra yellow Dozer forever flowing,cause I'm about it all I knew you was,gonna do the stupid kind of friends is, I've been doing that for,years get apprehended the walk with your,Terminator for slipping they go bananas, you're giving me ahead of me you,got any like Vibe all the banana,bananas instead of the things,it's the faster flow though I want to,block around the club over gang everyone,else is a double campaign anyone who was,in Opera Lane anyone who gonna slam my,name I don't chat for the clock with a,Fame I just want to get the betterment,gangs getting some rest of the second,regain piece of his long and lost,through the pain breaking records make a,record okay I like that I like that I,like that tight I like when you,start the beat you getting that,Melody going you ever killed somebody no, are we looking for like Street,artists man all I kill is lyrics that's,all I need yeah that ain't gonna do it,these will get this ,down packed I'm not I don't give a ,about that that's what I'm telling y'all,I don't give a about that how you,doing man I'm good man how you doing,whenever you ready man when I just get,right into it yes sir you look ugly when,you mad come on you look better shaking,ass by far I'm the best you ever had my,gosh she keeps stressing about her past,I'm more she got I'm more she need I,provide that's what my father did for me,homicide if you ever with she,Mama's crying for you he taught me right,I got to do that for my daughter that's,why you do it exactly that's a fact,that's why I'm here t

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Kevin Hart Comments on the Oscars Controversy | Joe Rogan

Kevin Hart Comments on the Oscars Controversy | Joe Rogan

for me the only way to do that is to,talk about my life and the things that,grow along with me the only thing that,grows along with me my experiences my,family my marriage my mistakes my UPS my,downs those are the things that I can,talk about father because as you get,older things change gets different,it's all coming from my personal opinion,of me my view on me and how I see life,you can't lose material in that state,mm-hmm that's why I stay away from,certain things because those things can,become boring after a while for me,because I don't have the knowledge of,everything that I should like what well,politics I don't know joke in the,politics I don't I don't joke and,anything that has to do with the slander,of others or other communities I don't,do anything divisive good for you that's,my that's my biggest thing and you know,this past year was was one that got a,little weird because I was like you know,I've really dedicated myself to breaking,people together like I'm I know that was,my my goal that's what my priority I,damn sure thought that's what I was,doing on a global scale everybody all,races shapes sizes whoever you are,whatever you are you can come to a Kevin,Hart show and have a good time so when,it came off as if I was a person that,was divisive,that was tough you talking about the,Oscar Oscar yeah this is a time,where people are just looking to be,upset about things a hundred they're,they're not looking to looking at you,Kevin Hart is just a human being like,what who is he who overall super,positive they're not even concentrating,on that I mean think about how positive,you are and yet they tried to,concentrate on some jokes that you did,what nine years ago it was a it's a it's,a wake up call of understanding the,times but it more importantly you know,for me it was okay I went through it I,made sure that the people of the LGBTQ,community really understand it hey guys,I apologized before but I'm apologizing,again I'm sorry,I'm not that guy I don't want you to,think I'm that guy then it just became,the constant conversation there never,happened that it just became the,constant conversation and and now it is,guys I'm not only sorry I don't condone,anything that has to do with hate to,anybody this is no longer conversation,so guys I'm gonna stop talking about it,because now I feel like I'm feeding into,yes what I'm not I I know I'm not the,world and public should understand and,no to them not because over this time,period I've shown that I'm not so the,apology once again I'm sorry,genuinely I'm sorry but then it just,kept it just it never stopped and at,that point I just made a decision and,I'm like guys at this point I just I'm,making a decision to not talk about it,anymore,that doesn't mean that I'm being,disrespectful to anybody that doesn't,mean I'm shutting down anything it means,that for me I'm gonna stop talking about,it because at this point I don't know,what to do at this point I thought I,thought the apology is what you want me,to do I did it I made sure that you,understand that I'm not a hateful person,I don't get don't hate I did that I,stepped down so I don't take attention,off of that night and those people that,are there to be celebrated I don't want,to draw attention to myself and what's,around me I step down everything I did,was for the better of good I'm stepping,away guys because I don't want this to,be a negative night or a negative thing,and then it still became a conversation,so I waited for it to die down I went on,my radio show,I gave another public apology make sure,he understand it I'm sorry,I hope these words didn't hurt anybody I,once again apologized I don't condone,hate to anyone I hope that you guys can,forgive me for those josepho so now I,say if you don't understand that you,don't believe it I don't know what else,to give I don't know what else to do,there's nothing else you can do that's,very wise of you not,that's very wise easy to step away like,that because if you didn't they would,probably pursue it forever I mean it's,it becomes a point of attention that's,all it is it's decided that this is,something they're gonna focus on what I,had a I had a good talk and I'm gonna,talk about this for a minute friend of,mine Lee Daniels you know man Lee,Daniels Lee called me told me where to,talk to you know Lee Daniels is director,producer the show empires you know his,biggest shows you know so he calls me,he's like everyone talk to you and and I,was talking he's like look this is a,time where you could speak up and talk,about you know the community that's been,affected by hatred and you know hateful,crimes you can step up and be a voice,and say that you don't condone or don't,stand with any type of hate or whatever,you can take that stage and do that and,I said Lee I said that's I understand,what you're saying I said well why did,you expect me to know what's been,happening with in this community in,regards to hate and crimes I said I I'm,not aware I said some people can jus

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Kevin Hart ROASTS Dwayne The Rock Johnson on Instagram Live!

Kevin Hart ROASTS Dwayne The Rock Johnson on Instagram Live!

this is gonna be amazing don't,wait get on my comment section,go do something man you know what I got,something for your ass I got something,for your ass do it again do it again and,I'm gonna click on you and click on you,let the people see how you look during,the daytime newsflash,the way is forehead isn't real the way,the rock Johnson has a prosthetic,forehead it's not real can you take it,off,it's like velcro have you seen yourself,under there you'll see what wrestling to,do to you it's not good for you for you,funny to me I'm sorry yeah that made me,laugh I apologize back on point new,year's going down if you're out there,make sure you come with this is,gonna be a movie I can't wait for it or,bring them in with a big blast that's,with you guys and then I thought I'll,roll right in the January man right in,the January and I'm starting it off with,the biggest movie of what I feel,like is my career I feel like the upside,is the biggest movie of my career,because this is going to put me in a,different conversation,it's gonna put me in a completely,different realm you guys gonna get to,see that your boy has got real chops man,and this year I'm going to use those,chops and take myself into a different,Lane still gonna do comedy can't turn my,back on the comedy gotta do comedy got,to do it at the highest level still,gonna drop another stand-up special,that's gonna happen never turn it away,from that please just giving you guys a,different look that's given me another,layer man your boy got layers layers I,don't know I don't know the titles of,how to really define them but I like the,fact I'm going in depth to talk about it,I'm just making you guys we're putting,you in oh okay marquee calendars January,level it's gone,down New Year's 2019 right here any and,everything that happened to 2018 is,behind you look up keep your head high,move forward it's about doing the do,goddammit don't talk to talk walk to,walk be that individual don't be the,person that talks about what you're,gonna do be the person that does it make,it happen that's what I am I make it,happen man a fact new nickname alert,2019 my name is Kevin mister make it,happen heart mm-hmm,Kevin mister make it the happened,hard shoutout to you I see there you go,Donald Mitchell I see shouts out to you,as well,that's everybody else in here man I love,you okay you don't know anything else,know that know that I love you can I,mean it,I feel like this laugh should end on a,high note I don't

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