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Kevin Durant Uses a Ghost Twitter and Instagram to Fight with Haterseasily my favorite story of the

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

Kevin Durant Uses a Ghost Twitter and Instagram to Fight with Haters

easily my favorite story of the week,Kevin Durant is potentially using what,they call a burner Twitter account to,defend himself to fans on Twitter now we,all know Kevin Durant over the summer,from his official at Katie tre five,account has been clapping back and,pretty much all the haters anybody,anybody and also even to the haters he's,been giving away free shoes which is,kind of in some way a flawed moral,high-ground somebody once said to him on,Twitter I'm broke your charging 180 for,your shoes you're a disloyal snake and,he just he screenshot the DM size and,address so he's buying his buzz I'm,buying it's behind it fans let's quickly,dive into the rabbit hole of Evo of if,this is true there you go nailed it,we're start with element number one,Harrison MC 15 found this tweet katie,has a secret accounts what he uses to,defend himself and forgot to switch to,them when he was replying to this guy,I'm actually speechless his on Sunday,Katy Troy man I respect the hell out of,you give me one legitimate reason for,leaving okay ceiling get a championship,and then very oddly in the third person,he didn't like the organization of,playing for Billy doll of Donovan his,roster wasn't that good it was just him,and Ross continues to say imagine taking,Russ off that team see how bad they were,Katie can't win championships with those,cats Oh how's it going um next we have,Tim Cato's tweet where he said that his,brother has tagged a different Instagram,account that according to many queer,Sultan like a choir Sultan that real,quick,choir Avenue and Sultan Avenue our,streets in Kevin Durant's hometown okay,so that fair put that together T Durant,his brother Haven no idea what you just,said Illuminati confirmed,oh he puts it to the next to the next,element and we can show you exactly why,that's a little bit strange because it,seems like a lot of Kevin Durant's,friends in the NBA draymond Andre,Roberson Big Sean follow what would be,is under Roberson what school was,Indiana guy,nope I don't remember Colorado Colorado,school bus school bus this is probably,his personal account or one,he uses to defend himself we'll another,quick note the profile picture is a,picture of Goodfellas Kevin Durant's,favorite movie now you just pull in,shout out you're at no I'm not I thought,your butts a screenshot of an Android,does he use an Android no just gets back,Kevin my manual phone androids could be,used for burner phones burner phones,it's good point Nokia's are the known,burner phones people we know they're,call keas they'll never forget we used,to buy cases for their Nokia okay used,to be like the beautiful the brick phone,has snake on a snake on parachute a,phone Frank Kaminsky's tweet via,Frenchman I actually like the idea of a,burner Twitter nobody has my back like I,have my back Joe and B that's what I,said,the French MJ ever was hashtag burn her,Twitter go back to Kaminsky Street for a,second what about him his friend no you,gotta read it like he would say I do,like the idea to burn up there,so Justin according to at TechCrunch in,San Francisco asked about the Twitter,snafu this is Kevin Durant's response he,admitted to using the burner account I,have another Instagram account but,that's just for my friends in the family,so I wouldn't say I was using it to clap,back at anyone I use Twitter to engage,with fans I think it's a great way to,engage with basketball fans I happen to,take it a little too far that's what,happens sometimes when I get into these,basketball debates about what I really,love to play basketball I don't forget,clapping back at anybody or talking to,my fans on Twitter I do regret using my,former coach's name and the formal,organization I played for that was,childish that was idiotic all those,types of words I apologize for that,I don't think I'll stop engaging with,fans I really enjoy and it's a good way,to connect us all but I'll scale back a,little bit you a PSA,definitely want to move on and keep,playing basketball all right so here's,what's gonna happen Kevin Kevin Kevin,for all for all of the clap backs that,he had he is now going to get clap back,a million and one times deal with it,it's sort of like when it's sort of like,when you break up with a girlfriend like,they're allowed to hate you they're,allowed to be mad at you there's this,period where they're mad and then they,will cut and Facebook two years later,and they're like oh good to see he's,doing well that's exactly what's going,to happen people are gonna hate you,they're gonna be in your mentions on,Instagram on Twitter what have you a,Kevin Durant hashtag is probably gonna,be trending and then you're gonna go put,up fifty five against the Kings that,ever was give back oh yeah he's a good,basketball player and we're gonna move,on that's it I could I could not,disagree more you're giving sports fines,way too much credit to get over things,gentlemen the question for discussion,here is is there any excuse for this,level of pettiness does this make every

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Kevin Durant's Twitter is absolutely hilarious | What's Wright?

Kevin Durant's Twitter is absolutely hilarious | What's Wright?

katie on twitter damase,is so good,so a year ago i found this i found the,suite from a year ago to set this up,someone,tweeted to katie relax big dog you're,kevin durant life is too sweet this is a,year ago and katie replied to him,there's no relax champ no relax when i'm,on twitter i'm on 10 until the second i,close the app you relax okay and,he really has just lived by that credo,yeah so the other day i don't even,remember what it was oh it was,he hadn't tweeted in a couple days and,then he sent out the,it was in relation to the 98 bulls,against the 2017 warriors and he was,like because draymond was talking about,it oh and he was like i don't know who,would win but i know steve kerr put,steve kerr in a bunch of pick and rolls,and that was he was like 7 a.m and it,was his only tweeting for the day right,so,in,and don't put up kd's tweet yet so at 7,06 am,this guy,just some dude,michael patron,uh tweets car wouldn't start this,morning get to work late and our,internet's down lol i love this,unlike kd tray 5 i actually enjoy taking,the hardest road it's basically just,problem solving practice so by before i,even get to kevin durant's thing i'm now,clicking on this,guy,and he is,he's got like a nft profile picture no,but eight figure amazon seller,uh,and he might and just one of these guys,that is like hey you know he he's one of,these guys,would you take a million dollars or,dinner with jay-z,i'd do dinner cause you get just one of,these just total,buffoons sorry buddy hey that's my take,from just that one tweet okay so now we,can put the kd tweet up this guy sends,this at 706 a.m kitty hasn't tweeted in,two days,17 minutes later katie writes you enjoy,having a car and getting to work and not,being able to connect to the internet,that's gold he's funny man that's gold,he's really,funny yeah i mean what are you gonna do,man instead of like being all pissy i,really like how he's clapping back at,these folks that was that was dope i i,you know,it's a shame,that,you know through a lot of my own doing i,think he really dislikes me because i,have totally come around on kd yeah i've,totally got i've come around i never,just you know i never dislike how can,you just like the basketball player is i,i thought he had made some very poor,choices and there are some things that,i've criticized but man,and i've obviously taken some shots but,he's funny i truly dislike katie at one,point,a couple years ago yeah we don't need to,re-litigate the warriors thing it was,just such a turn off for so many people,yeah but,and the twitter the,the burner account thing was such a,terrible but now he has flipped the,whole twitter thing right now like what,was his most embarrassing thing,exactly and it's so funny yeah it you,enjoy having a car,that's working not being able to connect,to the internet,god is funny,hey thanks for watching hit the,subscribe button to get more from the,show and make sure to click the bell to,get notified every time new content,drops check out full episodes of what's,right wherever you get your podcast or,just click the link in the description,below

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Kevin Durant's Most DISRESPECTFUL Moments

Kevin Durant's Most DISRESPECTFUL Moments

imagine getting front row seats to a,warriors game and kevin durant tells you,to shut the up and imagine getting,the chance to talk to katie in the dms,and he says this calm down bro we'll get,there these are times kevin durant got,disrespectful it was november 17 2018,warriors vs mavericks kd was going off,dropping bucket after bucket like it was,nothing while making the mavs look like,garbage of course this pissed off one of,the fans and coincidentally that fan had,front row seats so they took advantage,and started talking to kd but what they,didn't know was kd wasn't going to let,something like that slide and what he,did next was disrespectful,watch the game and shut the up wow,this moment wasn't only disrespectful it,got durant fine 25 000,and he didn't even know it he found out,live on a podcast just look at this have,you heard about uh,you're fine,you want to know now you want to i knew,i was going to get,how much did they find me 25 000 i,reported that league sources tell y'all,who you fine 25 000 for,telling the fan show,yeah,dude didn't even care 25 000 come on,katie wipes his ass with that kind of,money now look kevin durant dissing fans,on the sidelines nothing too crazy but,what happens when you tell kd he's in,his feelings then things really start to,get ugly and that's exactly what michael,rappaport did it all began on december,22nd 2020. it was the opening night of,the new nba season and the warriors were,in brooklyn taking on the nets after the,game kd had an interview to attend with,the tnt crew you know shaq charles ernie,kenny in the interview kd was acting,strange giving short and snappy answers,like he had a problem with the crew,almost coming off as disrespectful so,you really just been working on your,game,trying to get back your timing and,conditioning really to be honest correct,now michael rappaport saw this and had,something to say about it so we went on,twitter and tweeted this yeah dude,literally called him soft talking about,katie seemed deeply in his feelings and,not only that he called him sensitive,personally i'm not gonna let somebody,talk to me like that i don't care who,you are you're gonna get hit with the,one two mayweather after the tweet went,up katie saw it and was pissed so he hit,the dms and had a couple of things to,say but what katie didn't know was that,michael was gonna reveal the dms to the,world so months later michael revealed,their convo on twitter and that's when,the world witnessed durant's true colors,calling him all sorts of names now look,man you can take a look at the,screenshots yourself but we're not gonna,get into all the details basically they,were going back and forth insulting the, out of each other i mean this part,right here where he's talking about his,wife come on man the disrespect went way,too far so far that michael called up,his lawyer but look katie doesn't care,who you are he'll disrespect you no,matter what the cost but imagine,shooting your shot and being,disrespectful at the same time how does,that even happen well let's find out now,when it comes to who's crushing on who,we all know who kd is crushing on,because back in 2009 katie tweeted this,yeah i couldn't believe it either manz,was even begging her to wish him a happy,birthday like he was a little kid so we,know these two both got some history,sorta but back in 2017 when the warriors,were playing the cavs in game one of the,finals something weird happened katie,was having a crazy game going off on,whoever was guarding him but on this one,play durant saw something from the,stands that caught his attention he took,the three but turned around to see a fan,in the crowd holding a sign and it said,subscribe to latest hoops yeah are you,really not subscribed to the channel,what are you waiting for bro click the,red subscribe button man that's all you,gotta do did you do it yeah well now,you're part of the family hold this dub,for me real quick all right but on a,serious note in game one of the 2017,finals katie was having a crazy game and,this pissed off one of the fans which,happened to be rihanna but she wasn't,there for him she was there for lebron,and she made that clear bowing for him,throwing up the rock symbol and even,dabbing so when she got the chance to,talk her to kd oh she did she,started yelling brick when kd was at the,free throw line so katie did this,telling brick at kevin durant at the,free throw line whoa whoa whoa whoa hey,hey yeah if you can't read lips then i,feel bad for you but that wasn't the,last time kd wanted to get disrespectful,because a few plays later he did this,yeah man dude gave her the death stare,my guy ain't no symp and after the,warriors won the championship a reporter,pulled up on kd and asked this final,message for rihanna,was that a highlight oh my gosh,more than that,damn after rihanna took her l she posted,this on her instagram at least she,accepted her l when she got disrespected,but what happens when you disrespect kd,well let's find out ka

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Stephen A. Smith responds to Kevin Durant's tweet | First Take

Stephen A. Smith responds to Kevin Durant's tweet | First Take

guy I love so much,that I believe is the greatest player to,have ever played Michael Jordan,is responsible as much as anybody for,changing the game for the worse when you,consider you stay with me on this,this is throwing no shade on Michael,Jordan of course he's the greatest ever,in my estimation number one all right,but he was so phenomenal,that the NBA marketed the individual the,audience gravitated towards the,individual and the game became a bit,more individualized,because people wanted to be like Mike,Wednesday yesterday Kevin Durant had,something to say about a tweeting that's,my theory is guys like Steve skip,Shannon have changed the game for the,worse players like Steve Stefan and,Michael can only push the game forward,Kendrick Perkins still here with us,Stephen I obviously I'll come to you,first the floor is yours sir,go ahead Kendrick,oh you're talking about me Molly yeah I,wanted you to start just because he,called you out specifically your name,let me say this uh guys,good Lord have mercy,um,when will they learn Kendrick Perkins,when will they learn,you know,I don't really want to bring his name up,but I really have no because I really,have no use for him,but months ago and weeks ago you had a,guy like Stephon Marbury,goes on video social media not even,Vaseline this time he just has something,to say,and he's he's sat up there and said I,should be defunded I shouldn't be,allowed from talking back I should I,should be defunded I shouldn't be,allowed to talk basketball,what he left out was that he was the,executive producer,of the docu-series a kid from Coney,Island which was about his life,and who did they call to talk to,that would be me,but I'm the same dude that shouldn't be,allowed to talk basketball except for,when you wanted to promote your,docu-series and then you want me to talk,basketball,Kevin Durant,comes out,and obviously there's no comparison,between the two,but Kevin Durant comes out,and he SATs up there he says something,says,people like me,make the game worse,well Kevin Durant,and his company,executive produces this new docu-series,coming out New York City point guards,who they call,that would be me,so just from a fact-based purpose it's,amazing that,no one cares about what I have to say,but they call me to say something,it's I find that to be a bit,inconsistent dare I say Kendrick Perkins,Molly Molly I find that to be a bit,inconsistent but that's neither here nor,there,thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for,live streaming Sports and premium,content subscribe to ESPN Plus

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golden state has a new addition Kevin,Durant will play and Kevin Durant will,start not only will he start but,according to Steve Kerr Kevin Durant,will not have any minutes restrictions,Kevin Durant uh topper gets your boy man,what is he doing no like what what what,is what is this,John Wall passing to LeBron I told Steph,this uh,I was uh about 10 years old and our AU,team drilled down to Charlotte and,played and it was just one like,I thought he was white but he was,yellow kid right,he's being real now right,Kevin Durant,right I got something for you come here,so these two of course we know Stephen,parachute are used come on,I couldn't explain it,so we're blessed to have great chemistry,and uh we're not done we're just gonna,keep going and celebrate this tonight,and it feels so good I know you're in a,snake you know and then I might be,sometimes no you know snakes Okay,sometimes anyway I don't know it's snake,and so today I decided to cook,a snake for you,what's up Snapchat,and we out here,hey Mama,Kyrie's saying well this is what I would,do I go oh behind the back and then yeah,and then Durant Oklahoma I would just D,up like this no but I'd take you and,spin and then,I go Razzle Dazzle,cross it over,but then I would get in my stance to no,but you couldn't stop me with the face,guard Kevin Durant the two NBA champ and,a new NBA champ that's how we do it,you had a towel over your face during,the game and you were drinking through,it how do you do that and why were you,doing that we were all like what is he,doing I kind of forgot at that moment,that I had it on and I was thirsty so it,worked though I had I got it I had a,nice Squig on it if you go there you're,stuck there,look at Kevin Durant and Kyrie,shoulder oh it's the left shoulder,those two have been awesome,these are,he's on port side great to have you here,what's up bro it's good to see you you,guys you guys know each other a little,bit huh well he torts me a few times in,the NBA finals for quite a bit of noise,working the transition does a little,one-legged step back and oh you can't,guard that look look,that was my exact face over here in the,booth like I'm facing God I ain't,worried about him I ain't worried about,him at all I ain't worried about him at,all right,is that a focus for you tonight yeah,just you know I've been really working,hard on my defense and uh we'll ship,from the field that's a dump for temple,I think it's in time,throws a perfect alley-oop to KD if KD,was 21 feet tall,dude,that's weird that's weird,and our gymnastics team was so dominant,that Kevin Durant told me he wants to,play for them next year,KD Trey 5,follow me here your weak ass candy ass,flopping,you need vaginal reconstruction surgery,twig boy,you can eat a big bag like your butt,buddy Curry,it's a lot,yeah Kevin uh you had um,sorry I forgot my question I won't waste,your time,it happens damn,hey I feel you though it's all good,I forgot to play I got a couple plays,tonight you scored 43 points in this,game game three including that three,amazing three-pointer it's that really,kind of sealed the deal you don't look,that happy though I mean,how am I supposed to look I don't know,for me I'd be like yeah you know it'll,be like really you play as you no that's,kind of arrogant,yeah,I'm all right sorry no you have to play,as you who do you play as uh anybody,just tell me who do you play as all,right LeBron,foreign

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Chuck Responds to Kevin Durant's Instagram Posts | NBA on TNT

Chuck Responds to Kevin Durant's Instagram Posts | NBA on TNT

ernie johnson shaquille o'neal kenny the,jet smith charles barkley matt had a,good day good good peloton ride today,got the wordle in three and then uh,looked around on the internet you see,anything on the internet today that uh,caught your attention yeah i see people,messing with my older brother messing,with his older brother yeah i don't like,that why are you messing with him or,maybe clapping back yeah clapping back,that doesn't bother me at all y'all know,better yeah no i don't think it should,bother you i don't think it should,bother him and it shouldn't bother oh it,bothers him he you know he's sensitive,cindy that's this whole uh,this driver bus rider thing what you got,jeremy oh let me see what it is,easy money sniper that'd be kd yeah,he put a picture of me and three old,guys on there i got no problem with that,yeah,everybody had a couple though yeah had,this one uh where would chuck be without,the big homies well we didn't win,anything together that uh when i was a,bus driver i didn't win anything just,like him who was the bus driver on that,bunch well uh nobody there we were all i,was a rookie and they were all past,their prime,there you go,hey listen i can i don't i don't i,didn't see that one what we about to do,is go back back at the time,you know you know i think,uh for me as yeah we this is you see,what rob perez,va observer tweeted out no let's take a,look at that too,yeah he said,it's okay to defend yourself but the,mistake kd made was doing this in the,morning and giving inside time to,prepare they have an army of producers,experienced,they're going to be in photoshop all day,those stage directors probably setting,up for a band no and i didn't even,remember katie says an army of producers,against the god just another tuesday you,meet a god who's sitting home with a,play-in banner um,you think they put that playing banner,up already listen i could put i could,put up stuff about him and russell and,james and and uh serge ibaka would make,sense and i'm just saying i said wait a,minute if somebody said i see him and i,ain't gonna respond i says you want me,to put up him russ uh james and uh serge,ibaka i said no listen k.d is a great,player only point i was making life is,different when you leave the driving the,bus you can see what we're doing,so let's leave it well i i don't want to,leave this one i have one point to it,just one you've been making is it gone,no it's different it's different,when the bus driver for me i think,you're okay,you're not in this company,what i'm saying yes i am no you're not,cause i'm good no you're not listening,how do you know what i'm gonna say that,because my point is,when you say it bus driver,to me it disrespects you it's not,disrespectful,you couldn't finish what you have,accomplished because then it gives the,ignorant people go oh he didn't win a,championship he's not great you say it,every week no i said you didn't win a,champion i didn't i never said you,wearing great i didn't know and i didn't,know and i never said this,oh you said he was a great group,and i never said you weren't a champion,but there's a difference between winning,a championship and being a champion,so wait just in my break i think that,you are our champion but it goes so many,other things and variables to win a,championship so to say bus rival the,average person that's what i'm saying,the person who doesn't know basketball,they're not in the conversation they're,in the conversation,we're not paying the internet any,attention,but then why would we show the internet,if we're not showing anything,no but everyone is talking about but,they're unfolding they're uninformed so,then they're going oh well you got to be,driving the bus no they don't get it but,guess what everyone don't have a say-so,we got g14 classification no man bus,driver means it's your team the the poor,worth,when i'm in the room with the other hall,of famers i don't get to sit at their,table that's the way it is lebron has,said he had to wait to see that they too,because they they're champions you're a,champion no no no that's my point to me,kenny that doesn't make sense well to me,it doesn't well that's why you're not in,the conversation okay okay then you,ain't a champion saying you're not a,champion we haven't won a championship,yes we have a playoff series to talk,about can we move can we move on let's,go carm

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kd has been making headlines not for the,stuff he's doing,on the court but more so what he's doing,off the court,more specifically on twitter it started,at the end of march slash beginning of,april when michael rappaport leaked the,dms of one kevin durant,and there was a lot of talking there was,a lot of back and forth and it wasn't it,wasn't friendly debate,it was toxic there were personal shots,being thrown,and one might even say kevin durant if,you actually read those dms,crossed the line and there were a lot of,conversations on social media whether,that be on instagram twitter,youtube wherever you go for your social,media experience,there were a lot of conversations about,kevin durant and his sensitivity,and what it truly says about kevin,durant if he is the type of person,that would send dms like this so that,was going on for a couple days but,inevitably the storyline dies out and we,move on to the next one,and now here we are roughly two weeks,after the michael rappaport incident,and kevin durant is back on the news,this time,with shannon sharp to give some,background on the incident that happened,in the last 24 hours as of the recording,of this video,let's watch this clip right here better,than even lebron james,but very few people were willing to go,there and then he like,because he said it if lebron james is,the goat,i beat the goat twice and hit the shots,in his building,what does that make me so shannon sharp,said that on undisputed,and kevin durant quote retweeted that,clip from youtube,and said this on twitter y'all drunk,uncle out here lying again when did i,say the shannon sharp,question mark question mark question,mark question mark,a couple hours later shannon sharp quote,retweets this tweet right here,which essentially says that the quote,shannon sharp was referring to,on that clip on undisputed was through,an account that tweets out,fake quotes and that shannon sharp,should do more research,and then shannon sharp quote retweets,that tweet saying,y'all remember the fake account when kd,said now everybody want to play for the,heat and the lakers,let's go back to being competitive and,going at these people then joins 73-9,wars and builds nets into a super power,with kyrie and hardin oh my gosh crying,emoji,and then kd responds saying oh shannon,refuses to respond to me,yo shannon why are you using your,platform to push fake quotes about me,mmm it's getting spicy it's getting,spicy,and then shannon sharp finally directly,responds to kd,and quote retweets that response saying,kd if you want to talk to me i'm not,hard to find but i'm not going back and,forth on social media,whatever our differences are they can be,handled out of the,eye of social media okay that seems like,a fair response,and then kd claps back and says we can,talk in front of everybody,you ain't that serious shannon you go on,tv in front of everybody pushing fake,but now you want to talk in private why,you lying on tv,shannon and then shortly after kevin,durant finds out,that shannon sharp blocked him which he,tweets out in this tweet right here,and this is really the starting point of,the conversation i want to have in this,video,is that one is kevin rant sensitive,and two is he wrong for being sensitive,the main reason people call kd sensitive,is the fact that he deliberately goes,out on social media,and addresses legacy questions all-time,questions about his career that let's,just be honest no,other superstar really minds at least to,the degree that kevin durant does,he's definitely not the guy to stray,away from,responses to takes about him his game,and his legacy,on instagram or on twitter and while he,doesn't do it every second of the day,again we are talking relative,to the nba player to the nba superstar,kevin durant does it way,more than anyone and as we remember back,in 2017,back in 2018 there was that whole fiasco,of kevin durant having burner accounts,i don't know if y'all remember this but,specifically back then,i remember him replying to a friend of,the less keeper the book podcast bucket,center,and his ig regarding takes he had about,kevin durant,and that conversation went from being a,public conversation,to being taken into the dms where they,talked more about basketball,and it's very easy to take these actions,and say that kevin durant is sensitive,when you look at,a lebron james when you look at a steph,curry when you look at a kawaii ayanes,number one they're not really on social,media like that,and number two when they are they're not,as volatile as,kd they're not going after people's,takes like kd is doing,they're more so on social media to flex,their accomplishments,for advertising purposes and just show,cool pictures,meanwhile kd he's out in the trenches,replying to people,and that could easily be taken as kevin,durant being insecure,being sensitive because he's going out,of his way to reply to,these tweets when really when you're at,that level,when at times you were in conversations,for being the best b

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Kevin Durant Is Getting ROASTED On Twitter After Warriors Win..

Kevin Durant Is Getting ROASTED On Twitter After Warriors Win..

let nba twitter attack kevin durant,after golden state won a championship,without him every nba season sparks an,argument about which player's legacy is,in harm's way unfortunately kevin's,their target this time even though he,wasn't in the finals brooklyn nets,player kevin durant was dragged into the,discussion after his old warriors,colleagues won the nba championship,thursday night let's look at how,durant's been dealing with all of this,criticism but first a reminder about our,brand new giveaway we're giving away a,ps5 with a copy of nba 2k 22 and madden,22 all you have to do is watch the full,video leave a like comment the keyword,hidden in the video and make sure you're,subscribed it's that simple first up the,twitter vs durant takedown continues the,internet is generally undefeated after,spectacular championship games like the,one we saw on thursday when the golden,state warriors upset boston and kevin,durant was the real victim fans and,other media outlets did not hold back,regarding durant and most of their,comments were hilarious many people,thought that when durant departed the,warriors they would never win a title,but steph curry and company proved,everyone wrong in today's world,superstars like durant are easy targets,for jokes when a team they used to play,for wins a championship therefore he,should mute his name on twitter and ride,this out he should avoid using the,internet since it would just damage his,feelings maybe he has a decent sense of,humor but nba twitter just went for the,jugular in all the right ways on,thursday night and here are some of our,favorites many people thought that when,durant departed the warriors they would,never win a title but steph curry and,company proved everyone wrong new york,daily columnist mike lupica tweeted,about how the warriors succeeded before,durant was signed on and they'd done it,again since his departure mike reminds,everyone that the warriors can succeed,without durant it didn't matter if he,was on the team this group found a,method to complete the task and he now,looks ridiculous durant should have,thick skinned because nba twitter,arrived saw and burned him quite,brutally while it's a horrific scenario,for him we'll keep laughing because,these fans are too inventive for their,excellence now the response to twitter,haters after the warriors win the nba,championship every superstar nba player,is continuously tied to legacy,discussions and is routinely compared to,michael jordan kobe bryant and other,game luminaries kevin durant often is at,the depressing end of the conversation,on thursday night when steph curry and,the warriors upset the celtics for their,fourth title in eight years social media,diverted its attention away from the,game and back to curry's former,colleague a fan asked how he felt,unappreciated by fans despite having a,record of winning back-to-back,championships keeping in light durant,would always throw shade at everyone in,the organization whenever the,opportunity arose love will get you,murdered durant responded in response to,a fan suggestion that his legacy had,died duran stated i've been dead since,july 4th 2016. the date he announced his,decision to join the warriors durant,appears to harbor no ill will against,the warriors as seen by his tweets,praising them the debate will,undoubtedly remain until durant wins a,title without curry durant eliminated by,the celtics in the first round of the,playoffs this year is under contract,with brooklyn through 2025-26,next kevin durant's legacy in the summer,of 2016 the warriors lured kevin durant,to the bay area with one purpose in mind,add one of the most deadly scores in nba,history to an all-time great squad,giving them a leg up on lebron james and,the cleveland cavaliers the warriors,realized they needed something extra to,stop lebron after imploding in the 2016,nba finals and durant delivered,assisting the warriors in defeating,lebron and the cavaliers in the 2017 and,2018 nba finals and kd-1 finals mvp both,years nailing game-winning,three-pointers in game three but a lot,has changed since durant last accepted,the bill russell nba finals mvp trophy,he tore his right achilles in the 2019,nba finals which the warriors lost in,six games to the toronto raptors then he,left in free agency to pursue,collaboration in brooklyn with his,excellent friend kyrie irving despite,durant's absence the warriors are back,in the nba finals without him the nets,haven't had the success he envisioned,ever since the boston celtics took down,brooklyn with a sweeping win in april,doubts about his legacy have begun to,surface whether rightly or unfairly now,that the warriors have won now in other,news can the warriors return with the,same lineup the next season the,champagne poured last week after the,golden state warriors won their fourth,nba championship in eight years but even,before the bottles were empty the champs,were addressing queries about re-running,it the following season did they,maintain t

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