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Which Footballer Received Messages From Adult Film Star Kendra Lust?Kendra Lust is an internet sensa

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

Which Footballer Received Messages From Adult Film Star Kendra Lust?

Kendra Lust is an internet sensation,thanks to her career in acting and,directing in the adult film industry but,the Lesser known fact about the 44 year,old is her educational background and,her particular interest in a superstar,football player a player she doesn't shy,away from following and messaging,regularly let's find out who Kendra Lust,seems to have a Lust For before we kick,things off we just have to give a little,bit of background information on who,Kendra Lust is as you know we have never,ever heard about her wink wink before,making a pretty drastic change in her,career and becoming a superstar in the,adult film industry Michigan native,Kendra Lust was a certified nurse thanks,to a degree she pursued at Michigan,State University now that information,might sound off topic right now but best,believe it serves this story in the most,accurate way imaginable lust has peaked,the interest of the International,Football Community many times before no,not because she had a feature film,exploring the dressing room atmosphere,of a soccer team in a mischievous way,but because of her interest in a,football ball player and a pretty big,one at that the story of the two stars,getting closer to each other actually,started back in 2018 and it all happened,following a breakup a basic follow,turned into an open Happy Birthday Wish,by lust two years after and then on,November 2020 the injury suffered by the,player at the merseyside Derby changed,everything as it peaked lust's interest,in the player even more seeing that the,player is suffering from an inflammation,in his testicular area lust couldn't,help but wish the player a speedy,recovery has a certified nurse that's,completely normal for her to feel for,him come on guys act your age the title,force is pulling the two together were,at full force once again recently as,lust dropped into the comments section,of the player's Instagram account to,give him a high five and who knows maybe,just maybe to remind yourself to the,player if you've guessed who the player,is already you are a certified Super Fan,so let us cut to the drum roll for,everyone else the player and hero of the,story is James Rodriguez as the star,man's name has been associated with,Kendra Lust once again the internet went,wild some fans even dug up the story and,tried to figure out the exact time they,first contacted one another for those of,you celebrity story junkies the initial,contact was made just after Rodriguez,has much talk about breakup with Daniela,aspina ex-volleyball player sister of,the veteran Colombian goalkeeper David,ospina and the mother of Rodriguez's,daughter Salome the 31 year old's career,is looking more and more like a roller,coaster ride it's like the daisy stole,the whole show back in the 2014 World,Cup or his star performances with Los,Blancos were ages ago after an Abrupt,spell at Qatari side al-rayan that made,no sense to anyone in the entire world,Rodriguez is now playing in his favorite,number 10 role for Olympiacos and we're,almost 100 sure that football fans just,missed the days where his name was,associated with and only with the,beautiful game but since he's only 31,and now back in Europe we should all,have high hopes of him getting back to,making headlines the other way around,and that's about it for this this,episode it's a shame we won't be able to,see how Miss Rodriguez play in the,upcoming World Cup and possibly steal,the show once again but his recent,activity on social media shows that he,still has what it takes to steal another,type of show did you know the long story,that's been in the works between the two,for a while now or did you just find out,about it or was this the first time,you've ever heard about Kendra Lust let,us know down in the comment section,below and if you want another recent,video about a football player and,another adult film star check out this,video as always thanks for watching

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Kendra Lust tells Julian Marquez about swinging

Kendra Lust tells Julian Marquez about swinging

I mean you have to trust your partner,like I was never worried I didn't worry,about him like it wasn't anything like,that but you know the girls are,comfortable most of the time the guys,just kind of go with the flow right,all right what's up fans we are back,with Kendra and Julian uncensored and do,we have the episode that you've been,waiting for last week we dove into some,very exclusive talk and the bedroom talk,now we're gonna know a little bit more,on Kendra's side right on Kendra in her,little parties at her house and how to,get into them so let's just start this,off right with a bang Kendra let us in,let us know how we can get into your,home to where you're cooking naked,making cookies and heels I mean yes,okay this was like probably like 12,years ago so I mean I was I think I feel,like security was not like so important,to me then I don't know what it was you,know I mean we have a lot of guns in the,house and I have Professor X so I guess,we weren't like super crazy right we,weren't parents then so it's like we're,a little more relaxed like you know go,with the flow so anyway yeah so we kind,of get into this this lifestyle and you,know I sign this up and I give us the,worst name ever I don't even want to, tell you it's terrible it's the,worst name he's like why did you make,her name this I'm like you have to give,us the name you can't you can't just you,it's just open okay 12 years ago you,can't hold it back yeah I know okay I,don't even know why it was,it was Sultry and sweet he hated it he's,like oh you have to change that I,couldn't come up with,like,do this no like everything was taken I'm,like I don't have time for this I'm just,gonna do something he's like so which,one am I like oh sultry like this,doesn't even make any sense so he was,like hated it but whatever it was bad,but that's okay so I you know I said oh,yeah well I signed us up for this thing,because if we can go to parties and like,girls are nice to me like I want to go,and you know guys aren't like too creepy,and whatever so he's like okay whatever,you want babe and for us it was more,kind of like just being able to dress I,could like dress any way I wanted and no,judging and I and I love women so you,know we could um have I had a lot of fun,with the with the chicks however there,is like an like a,there's like a code okay and this this,lifestyle or at least there was uh when,I we signed up,um and the reason one of the reasons too,aside from them being nice was because,you know Professor X I just felt like he,needed some variety right I think I was,less crazy then and I was like I just,want him to like be free and like have,like you know sex with a lot of women,like we just got married you're not,going through some midlife crisis so you,better get that out now so her her,her her I mean lollipops all over him I,was just like I'll sit back because I'm,not taking one for the team I'll enjoy,you know because I'm he's not it's not,happening with this guy you know so,we just it was it was fun but there's a,Code okay,first rule of the lifestyle,she has the so she makes the rules,okay,just it's just a standard when you're in,a relationship if the guy tries to take,the lead,it's just gonna piss the girl off you,know you never you just kind of whatever,happens happens right because it's a,bonus even if you don't you know get a a,taste of another check right at least,you get to watch your chick like you,know have some fun with a chick right,and if you get to you know the the come,here and you're welcomed and it's just a,bonus right so it's just hot environment,it's great and I think you know when,there's no expectations honestly on,either way either party like you have to,communicate so there's okay so that's,like the first rule,second rule,communicate what you're comfortable with,as a couple before getting into the hot,and heated situation because like you,know your heads think in one way right,but you know you're wanting to like go,full swap right maybe because this chick,is freaking smoking and you're hitting,it off and you know you have a couple,cocktails and everything's just kind of,flowing you know and your chick's having,a good time and you know maybe the guy's,not that hot but you know you're into,this chick so you're really hoping that,your chick finds that guy hot so you can,do the full swap which means you share,Partners very rare because are,very picky I am extremely picky I just,like I'm not I can't like I just I can't,right so,um so that's full swap you know and some,couples like they're all they'll they're,full swap no matter what okay so that's,sex with the cup each other's partner,right you're swapping then there's soft,swap so and there's code so you know,like oh I want to look for a chick who's,or a couple who's this or that soft swap,is just the girls the girls are the only,you know and the guys just kind of enjoy,the view and then you guys maybe have,the same room relations right where you,can see the other couple,sometime

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Kendra Lust's wild Vegas B-day

Kendra Lust's wild Vegas B-day

let's get to the good stuff tell us,right now what'd you guys do after you,left tell us right now so yeah so just,kind of gambled and then you know and,went to Pound Town you know for a while,Kendra lost how's everything going with,you this past week I heard on your,birthday week you went a little too,crazy and it's been recovering how you,feeling right now my birthday was really,freaking awesome and I am not going to,lie I threw all my in a bag not how,I usually pack I'm usually pretty,organized I dumped a bunch of in,there ordered six outfits to come to the,hotel end up in Vegas right a fly in,feeling good panic's gone I brought my,my lady who she's a friend who's my,cleaning chick but long story short,she's going through some so I'm,like yeah you're coming to Vegas ,okay you need a trip so she was on board,meti and and some friends there and it,was great it was good I just kind of was,chill had a drink on the plane,um got into our room early and chilled,at the pool for the first day you know,caught some rays and some some views you,know there was some uh hot little ladies,and you know a few Meatheads at the pool,so yeah felt good and uh yeah that was,just kind of like the start so ease down,in and uh yeah you guys at I don't even,know I can't even admit this right,now it's depressing it's okay not gonna,lie Sapphire it's,not those actually I've had some fun at,the sapphire pool,um before I had a couple parties there,however this time I can't even admit it,I will not it's just I can't no because,I've not stayed here in a long time and,the last time I stayed there the the,room service was ,is that where you stayed at it's not,like the It rhymes with,um Formaggio,um uh to paggio something like that you,know anyway,you're at the fountain swimming in there,where they're shooting up things like,that what's so wrong about that that's,like one of the nicest places in in,Vegas I mean it was even in The Hangover,you know what I mean like you always see,any movies that they have out there,they're always showing this why didn't,you like it okay don't don't get hungry,at the pool because if you do on a,Friday as when I flew in and you're,hungry after you've had a couple the,menu has like three things on it I need,variety I mean what I was so pissed I'm,like kitchen's closing service the,ladies were great like the the servers,were great you know the pool was cool,but I was just so disappointed I was so,pissed off I couldn't get what I wanted,to eat I wanted to eat I needed to like,absorb the alcohol because a few Miami,Vices and you get up and you're a little,you know little woozy so and then,you know it's hurry up back to the room,you know wash your hair uh get ready,because you know you got to get into,hair and makeup I don't really have to,but I'm really terrible at doing my hair,and makeup hence I've had a ponytail for,the last few um podcasts and whatever,it's just I'm not real good at it I have,like one look and I just like stick with,it but,um yeah so I had my girl Sheena come and,kind of Glam me up a little bit and,whatever pulled out some leather in the,hot you know Vegas heat stuck to me,perfectly in all the right places so,yeah so it felt good yeah,that's good I mean I felt good it's your,birthday weekend you're obviously you,gotta go big go home you know what I,mean like you're gonna end up getting a,makeup artist a friend of yours to help,you get your hair makeup done you want,to look good it's you don't you don't,turn 21 more than 16 times you know what,I mean like this is right this is a,perfect time for you so you get you got,everything up you're definitely Sauced,up which are people don't really know,this but if you didn't get the Aquatic,or the aqua style Foods can't even speak,right now but the food that you wanted,that means you didn't eat a lot and you,definitely drink enough so you probably,aren't feeling pretty good by the time,you're you know makeup artist and you,went to your hotel room to get,everything done you're feeling good and,you're probably still drinking so right,I can already tell before this story,gets in there you blacked out you had to,have no I didn't I was just trying to,get one in before and uh that didn't pan,out because you know lo and behold I'm,back in my room in the shower and you,know Professor X is down gambling he he,doesn't think like I'm gonna be ready to,throw down you know and I should have,said hey like let's throw down baby you,know in my in my way it was fine he gave,me some time to decompress before,um you know I rush and hurry up to get,there just to make sure I'm ready for,her and um yeah but yeah I was feeling a,little tipsy but nice and relaxed he was,gambling and then uh she you know did my,hair makeup and yeah so I was feeling,good I was trying to get my or my friend,to get her makeup done too but she,didn't have enough time I was gonna,surprise her to kind of get her clammed,up so but yeah so that was good and then,we went down to uh Barry's Prime and I,l

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Making noises in bed? Kendra Lust and Julian Marquez discuss

Making noises in bed? Kendra Lust and Julian Marquez discuss

are they into the loud moaners the loud,you know females are they interested,me you know what you like stop I know,what I like wow I know what I'm like,when I'm with a women when I'm with a,female I do not like them being quiet I,don't,when you when you watch or when you were,filming and when you do stuff were you,more of like the vocal one or you're,more of The Quiet One with the you know,literacy with the eyes and the camera,the facial expression was it is that,more like your style or how would it how,would you define your style like yeah I,I,that's authentic in,it I'm just very vocal like I'll sing,what I like what I don't like,um you know you'll be able to tell by,you know my body language my Expressions,my moans and that's just kind of I just,want you to know like I'm enjoying it,like you like this is this is good you,know and I want my partner I'm not gonna,fake something forget it it's not doing,me any justice or you so I'm more vocal,I'm not quiet and quiet works the,editors love quiet because,you know,you know like when you're constantly,talking it's a pain in the ass and um,but that just you know it's just kind of,how,I'm curious to see like I wonder what,the male like or the populists that,watch,um adult entertainment are they more,into the vocals are they more into the,facial expressions are they more into,the literacy between eye and Camera you,know because there are actors and,actresses that that are are quiet they,don't say anything they don't really,make a lot of noise so I'm just curious,to see what people like more of,I think it really just depends on the,type of viewer right because if you're,you're watching POV you want to talk you,don't want just like some eyes staring,at you or maybe you do I don't know but,when we film that the director Wisconsin,you know they were hinting like okay,more talk you know this that that so,um,so yeah I think it depends on the type,you know that you're shooting right and,then the the role that you're playing,right if you're more in a dominating,position or take charge you might be,required to speak more it just you know,I think it depends on the role too where,if you're the Damsel in Distress right,and you're this being taken advantage of,and oh you know you might you know you,might not talk as much and just kind of,like you know take the punishment or,whatever you know so it just depends I,think it depends on the role that's why,there's a lot of categories out there I,mean and they just keep coming I mean,more and more categories I'm scrolling,and I'm scrolling I mean I have so much,to choose from now yeah it's uh it's,it's a lot to be honest it's a lot and I,don't even like I stopped watching it,ever since we've been friends unless,Professor Xavier sends me something,hilarious I don't really enjoy watching,it because like,I feel like it's a waste of time for me,like one two and I don't really want to,come across your videos you know how,awkward that would be like yeah like oh, you want a lot I've had a lot taken,down I have people like a team that goes,through and takes,um a lot of it down so honestly,um yeah that's their whole job every,week so a lot of that I'm so grateful,for them so they do have great yeah they,take your they so they take your videos,down like from the like the major you,know exclusive companies if they're not,affiliated with the company that I shop,for then,um they'll they'll do that so so yeah oh,that's pretty interesting I didn't know,that they would do that I just know that,like I just know that uh I don't like,want to find it,and I just like it's like because it's,crazy I I've literally I've never seen,like I didn't know who you were when I,first met you like we uh spoke a while,back never knew when I first met you and,like I couldn't like put myself to like,like go look you up yeah but I always,get people that that are and,they send me like look at this and they,send me your photos and I'm just like,Bud Man like oh please yeah it's so,weird I'm curious to know what the,greater population likes to watch,because I know like step fantasy blew up,out of crazy everybody likes taboo,things like that and I've read articles,while researching you know for our,podcast like that is like a big hit,and I find that pretty freaking weird,but uh,do you have any like input like why,people like that absolutely it's like,the forbidden fruit hanging from the,tree right so you know we're not,supposed to like think you know step,dad's attractive or we're not supposed,to think you know 18 year old,step-daughters hot well reality is we're,human right in in even though it's not,taking place most of the time it's it's,a fantasy it's not reality so,I feel like it's completely okay it's,fantasy it's whatever,you do you need to watch or you enjoy,watching that takes you there as long as,you're not hurting children women or,animals like who cares it's there for a,reason it's entertainment right so I,think it's just the more forbidden right,than the more peo

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Top 10 most beautiful & hottest MILF PORNSTARS 2022 e.g Kendra lust, Sarah jay, Victoria cakes etc..

Top 10 most beautiful & hottest MILF PORNSTARS 2022 e.g Kendra lust, Sarah jay, Victoria cakes etc..

are you tired of scrolling to the last,page just looking for the right milf,star,you i will be ranking the best hottest,and most beautiful milf stars performers,to ever grace our screens,but before that make sure you subscribe,to our channel,number 10,number 10 and my personal favorite two,years ago it's victoria cakes,she is an american actress who works in,the av industry imdb source,born on september 2nd 1991 victoria,hails from miami florida united states,as in 2022 victoria cake's age is 31,years,her real name is andrea crabtree,number nine,bella bells as an american actress who,works in the av industry,born on march 28 1985 bella hails from,atlanta georgia united states,as in 2022 bella belle's age is 36 years,she is popular for her amazing body,physique and tattoos,she began as a young ambitious girl who,aspired to be a celebrity in the future,by entertaining people,she did good to acquire some academic,schooling as well as life experience,education,number,eight ryan connor is an american adult,entertainment star who was born and,raised in santa ana california,ryan started out in the adult,entertainment industry dancing at a,strip club,connor began performing in the main,adult in front of camera at age 28 in,1999,she's the mother of adult film actress,dylan phoenix,number seven,india summer is an american pornographic,actress and nude model and a member of,the abn and xrco halls of fame,her real name is jodie jean she is five,feet four but how she looks in photos,might make you think she's six feet zero,she has won a lot of awards especially,in her prime in the industry,avn award is like the oscars of the,adult industry,number six,asa takagami aka asakira is a popular,model adult film actress and adult movie,director,she lived in japan between the age of 6,and 13 before they moved to america,she does interviews on television and,online from time to time she managed to,get into the industry after befriending,a fellow porn actress named gina lind,she was married and divorced to tony,rebus between 2012-2017,number 5 luna star,luna star was born on august 24th in,havana cuba in the caribbean sea,luna first began performing in adult,films in 2013,she is the youngest milf on our list and,our only latina star,luna has a worked for various popular,and big fish adult websites that include,bang bros brazzers reality kings and,naughty america,she lives in miami florida number 4,sarah j,sarah j is an award-winning american,adult film actress and producer,the 44 year old is the only adult,actress followed by former usa president,barack obama on twitter in which brought,up a lot of controversy on social media,sarah j studied at the university of,cincinnati she started the adult film,acting career aged 18 years she grew up,in cincinnati ohio and moved to las,vegas when she was 22.,number three we have the iconic kendra,lust,kendra was born to a french canadian and,an italian,kendra was broke in college so she,stripped part-time so she could afford,school to become a nurse,she studied at the university of,michigan she was married to a policeman,named chuck mason and have one daughter,together she worked as a nurse for seven,years kendra quit nursing after seven,years so she could make more money and,work less hours in the adult business,she is a big fan of basketball and she,supports the la lakers she also loves,wwe wrestling five years ago she was,rumored to be dating john cena,she loves attending basketball games as,well she is very passionate about,working out as she loves doing yoga and,lifting weights,kendra has been awarded hottest milf by,avn in 2016.,number two and my personal favorite,elora jensen,elora jensen was born on may 31st in,fiorente italy,jensen first began performing in,explicit adult movies in her mid-30s in,2012.,she is an extremely talented and,hardworking woman she is a natural,blonde tall and weighs over 75 kilogram,among the notable companies allora has,appeared in x-rated features for our,devil's film evil angel venus girls,productions pureplay media and west,coast productions,number one the legendary diamond jackson,she is a film actress who first entered,the industry in 2007 while in her early,40s,she is one of the well-known and,successful actress and born in miami,florida united states,she was a cheerleader in high school and,then attended denver university where,she graduated with a degree in sports,medicine technology explaining her love,for sports,that's the end of our list today if you,enjoyed kindly like share comment and,subscribe

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Kendra Lust's secret intimate weekend party

Kendra Lust's secret intimate weekend party

how do you find people that are cool,enough to invite to your home because,like I mean yeah what is the,qualifications for our viewers,how was your weekend Julian I know,you're excited to take your nephew out,and um you send a picture with a ton of,girls around you but I think that was an,old picture so did you have any of that,kind of fun this year or what what,happened what was exciting for you yeah,I did a whole bunch of stuff I actually,did a lot more than I normally would and,there was events happening Thursday,Friday Saturday Sunday and then now,Monday I ended up going to a fashion,show my friend came into town she walked,it there was like 60 70 plus girls it,was supporting the autism there was a,lot of people there's hundreds of people,at this fashion show everybody was,dressed up in costume it was really,really awesome and saw some very,creative costumes uh one of them was a a,girl dressed up as a cookie and the guy,or a boyfriend dressed up as a Cookie,Monster I thought that was pretty,classic that was pretty smart I actually,enjoyed it you know I did a couple other,things that weren't too interesting but,it was so so fun to be around and talk,and take my little nephew out for his,first trick-or-treat where he finally,got around comfortable enough to say,trick or treat it was fantastic that is,awesome that is awesome yeah some people,I mean some people could take Halloween,and take it or leave it and then there's,others that just go insanely,like over the top it is like this huge,huge deal I went to,um it was a party of some friends you,know there were some kids there or,whatever you know but it was it was I,mean these decorations were insane there,was this huge werewolf I mean graveyard,everything was moving tent bonfire,incredible food music they had the U of,M game on and uh State and,yeah we all know how that ended so,um yeah so sorry about that Spartans,um so yeah it was good uh there was a,pirate at this party that I went to,and this pirate let's just say she was,walking the plank big time her man was,so pissed she I mean she was really,sweet but she had so much to drink that,she decided part of the party was,outside that she was just gonna curl up,on a rock,and take a nap and then husband got you,know pissed off and lost his keys it,just kind of comical to see people,dressed up and these you know these,outfits and they I don't know so yeah so,let's just say uh that didn't end well,for the pirate and uh and her mate so uh,yeah whatever a little too much alcohol,but we had a good time I mean it was a,really good time I I got a chance to uh,chat with young gravy he facetimed me,and I was in a freaking Elvira costume I,mean the wig I answered I'm like ah ,like whatever so,um we were just kind of talking about a,show that's coming up and uh anyway so,he's like okay so you need you know five,plus one and I said or five tickets plus,you know yourself and I said yeah cool,cool so then he calls me and he's in,this hot like this pool or hot tub he's,got like a pretty late and like a chick,and then some other like a big guy big,black guy was really cute and he's like,yeah yeah,I uh you know have some fun to your,video I mean they were all Dr you know,drinking but it was really sweet so um,she added for a little couple minutes,said happy Halloween and stuff but he,was just because his album released on,the 28th which I absolutely love I just,I don't know how he like puts these,crazy it just sounds good I love his,Vibe so uh yeah so that was cool so he,called that was fun something like a,pleasant surprise,um,I caught it and you just kind of went,but like you said something of the sort,that he was FaceTiming you in a hot tub,with another lady and then a black,couple other guys a good looking black,guy and then they said that they they do,what to your videos like you cut that,like they did one of the guy was like,yeah you know I've uh had some fun you,know what I'm saying like he was just,kind of that's his way how drunk complex,I thought you meant it was young gravy,that said it I thought you meant young,gravy said that to you and I was like,wait a minute oh he has before but that,was on another podcast he was just being,goofy you know I think he's just kind of,like,playing up the whole persona but if you,listen to his new album it's it's pretty,sick I I liked it,um yeah yeah it's pretty cool so uh yeah,so whatever so that was cool that was,fun A little cute little surprise,um,I don't know I mean Saturday was pretty,crazy I do know I actually know,something I know something which is,crazy our last podcast we ended with you,not giving us the information of what,you were gonna do you said you were,going to a grown-up party that was like,a Eyes Wide Shut masquerade party that,was with a couple like secretive friends,so we want to know I know we left the,last podcast tell us what that was tell,me what that means give us the details,well,um yeah I kind of skipped over one of,the days,um I guess there could be

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How Kendra Lust and Julian Marquez Met

How Kendra Lust and Julian Marquez Met

I go walk in this area and this girl,walks up to me and goes hi I'm Kendra,how are you and I'm like hey how you,doing I'm Julian I didn't know who the,hell you were,I know we're going to be talking a,little bit about our first experience,when I met you on your birthday a couple,years ago and I kind of want to play a,little game with you if you're down with,that are you down with playing a little,game yeah I'm actually okay I'm down for,whatever I gotta know a little bit about,you before I break this down so can you,can you tell us first I'm going to ask,you a series of questions and then I'm,going to ask you this or that and the,first thing I'm going to ask you is what,your very first dating experience was,like I,considered a date I didn't even like,real I was so nervous even though like,Okay so,him and I had been like I've known him,since I was eight years old went to,elementary middle school high school,didn't even like really even know him in,elementary right he knew me because,I was a tomboy and I was much better at,sports than a lot of the boys at that,time I was 14 he was like 16. and it,wasn't even really a date I didn't even,know what the hell I was doing I brought,my cousin like I was so nervous I like,she Dre I didn't drive so she drives,over to his house and,um I don't know it was just so awkward,and he's just like why the hell like is,she bringing her cousin so here he is,getting in this like Dodge Daytona my,cousin really thought she was ,cool you know it was all blacked out I,thought I was cool so not cool Professor,X is like yeah I'm not dating this chick,she's bringing her cousin like this is, lame we hang out we get ice,cream and we went home like it was not,exciting because,I didn't know what to do like Professor,X like still laughs at me he's like yeah,can't even believe that like he,still messes with me to like that was,kind of like our first date so,there you have it there's a lot there's,a lot that went on there in a Daytona,there's a lot that went on there and,there's a lot of thoughts that come to,mind especially like I'm gonna ask some,of them because like you're you're,having your I what is it your cousin,drive you so picking you uh and then,picking up your date in a Daytona yeah,to go to Baskin Robbins where you work,at,and you guys are getting ice cream but,like did you guys kiss at all or did you,guys like come close to kissing at all,while you're there because I just wanna,I wonder like is she sitting in the,front seat you two in the back like,she's your chauffeur How would how did,this go down yeah he just kind of like,hopped in and you know like I was in the,front he got in the back like he was,like these like this like he had,to be thinking that like back in the day,he had he didn't respect women at that,time you know like I hate to say it but,most and I know offense but like a lot,of times young guys like they don't know,how to treat a woman unless you know,maybe they have a household like they're,raised but you know sometimes they just,kind of need a little refining you know,but I mean he was respectful but he I,know what he was thinking what he was,thinking what he was doing because let's,be real he's just trying to get down my,pants at that point so he's gonna be,nice but I know what he's thinking right,she's got these I had these big I mean,big you think I mean they were big,because I had lost weight so they kind,of shrunk a little but these things were,strapped down at my basketball games I,was running down the court oh boom these,things were big so that's all he saw he,was really nice about it but I'm,surprised I got a call back to be honest,but yeah of course he definitely you,know he wanted to have a date with you,and not go on a double date where it's,just him dating you and him dating your,cousin in the same night,um in the back of a Daytona uh did you,guys end up going on a second date where,it wasn't your cousin driving yes we did,we did so the day was just kind of very,anti-climatic I mean on all levels yeah,I just I don't know is that a nerdy and,nervous back then you know I thought I,was hot but when it came down to it,I like literally had zero game we had,another date and we actually talked a,lot on the phone we had like the phones,with long cords and one phone that,everyone had to share so we would stay,up for hours on the phone just talking,and we were 10 blocks away mind you,right but,um yeah it was just it was different,then right so second date we went to and,it's still there it's in Centerline,Michigan which is this little little two,by two square City inside of this big,ass,City went to China Villa I don't even,know how the place is still in in,business so he took me to this little,Chinese restaurant,and I love reading my fortune cookies I,mean I love them I could eat like 10 10,of them I love them,um I remember what I ordered I remember,what he was wearing he had these little,Nike sandals on he was so cute in his,little hat he always wore North Carol

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Aubrey Plaza Reads Thirst Tweets

Aubrey Plaza Reads Thirst Tweets

hi my name is aubry plaza and i am here,with buzzfeed to read your thirst tweets,i'm just gonna say right now that i,think probably 90 of these are gonna be,people telling me they want me to run,them over with a car or like stomp on,their face or something let's do it,if aubrey plaza actually reads thirst,tweets i will be burying myself alive,um i'm doing it so i hope that you're,gonna bury yourself alive miss aubry,plaza are you free on thursday because i,am free on thursday so if you want to go,out on thursday when i am free that,would be great because i am free on,thursday and thursdays when i'm free i,i'm not free on thursday i'm free on,never day,i wish aubry plaza and matthew gray,goobler were my birth parents actually,no i wish i was in a throuple with them,i think you,need to decide if you want to be in a,throuple with your parents and that's,something that you should talk to your,therapist about and i don't know who,matthew gray gubler is i've never heard,of that person in my life aubry plaza,reading thirst tweets let's bring back,her drinking milk trowel her nose,because that was,h-o-t all capitals hot,exclamation point exclamation point,exclamation point first of all i was,snorting milk through my nose i wasn't,drinking it through my nose and i don't,have any milk right now so i'm not gonna,do that aubrey plaza if you are,listening please let me take you out on,a date i am a good company i swear i'm,not a sweaty person i will let you be,mean,oh that's enticing that's,really um,yeah perfect threesome question mark me,aubry plaza and a tub of peanut butter,that makes,me feel weird i'm sorry for being,thirsty on maine i'm just a huge simp,for aubry plaza what is simp why does,everyone say simp what is this i don't,understand simp is the grossest word,i've ever heard though i don't like,saying it or reading it like this tweet,if you would suck aubry plaza's big toe,and if you don't like this tweet let me,know so i can block you that i like that,is just nasty and,i'm into it,i'm watching anger goes west and i just,want to say that i would like both aubry,plaza and elizabeth olsen to curb stomp,me okay this is what i'm talking about i,knew that most of these tweets were,gonna be about stomping on your face or,crushing you with high heels or running,you over with a car aubry plaza is so,daddy she can fix all my daddy issues i,don't know that's just ironic i feel,like i have daddy issues and i feel like,i want my daddy to,fix my daddy issues but i'll be your,daddy i'd put myself on a spit roast for,aubry plaza,thank you so much chris and stewart and,aubrey plaza step on my face challenge,what is it about stepping on your face,people twitter why do you want me to,step on your face how did we get to this,point in,the world aubry plaza hot sex gorgeous,good acting hilarious funny amazing,person charitable busy with the two s's,bussy bussy amazing sexy pretty cute,emily the criminal that was a bot i,think that was a bot and that was not a,real person i would walk into traffic,for aubry plaza i would sacrifice my,firstborn for aubry plaza i would let,aubry plaza kill me if she wanted to,god i would do anything just to smell,her hair,aubry plaza is a goddess and no other,human woman will ever live up to her,standard again thank you so much the,feminine urge to get railed by aubry,plaza,get railed why do you guys want me to,rail you because i could,aubrey plaza could choke me to death and,i'd still be like,nice the violence in these tweets i have,nightmares about this people want me to,be mean to them i don't what did i do to,deserve this i'm a nice person i know,everyone has a crush on aubry plaza but,i would actually let her stab me again,with the stabbing and the stomping and,the chomping it's like a weird thing,where it's like i hear i hear this so,much that i don't i want to stab you i,want to stab you and i would i would let,jesus,sick you were all sick sick little,babies and you all need to be stabbed,and stomped on i would let aubry plaza,poke my eyeball out with a fork and step,on my throat with boots with nails on,them and if it pleased her well you know,what it does please me,petition for aubry plaza to plow me i,support your petition and i don't know,if i if we're gonna get there but if we,do you're welcome aubry plaza i am,simply just a hole for you,i,and i'm simply just a,i'm a person i'm a human being what do,you want me to do to your holes be more,specific what do you want me to do to,your holes twitter because i will anyway,i'm looking forward to more,people wanting me to stab them,and um throw them into oncoming traffic,i asked for this and,i deserve this check out my movie emily,the criminal it's coming out in theaters,you can sit in the theater and imagine,me stabbing your holes and railing you,with my goddamn talent,sick,the thing is that i want to be dominated,that's the thing that y'all are missing,is that i want to be slapped around and,choked and,stabbed but,whatever

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