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Kendall Jenner Reacts To Rihanna Hating Herif i knew that this was going to be the,outcome like i wo

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

Kendall Jenner Reacts To Rihanna Hating Her

if i knew that this was going to be the,outcome like i would have never done,something like this rihanna once again,made it crystal clear that she just,can't stand kendall jenner,it's no secret that rihanna has never,been a fan of the kardashians but it,seems kendall is the one that irritates,her the most and she's not afraid to,show it,so how did rihanna show it this time and,how does kendall feel about being hated,by rihanna of all people we'll give you,the whole rundown so stick around till,the end of the video and make sure you,hit that subscribe button for more hot,celeb gossip does rihanna still hold a,grudge against kendall jenner rihanna,threw shade at kendall many times in the,past but we thought rihanna was over,whatever beef she had with kendall well,it turns out rihanna still doesn't like,kendall and she wants the whole world to,know about it but before we tell you,what rihanna did this time to show she,hates kendall let's take a look at all,the times riri shaded her,believe it or not rihanna's dislike of,kendall can be traced all the way back,to 2013 when kendall was just 17.,kendall was a huge fan of riri at the,time so ahead of rihanna's la concert in,april she took to twitter to show just,how excited she was about the event if,rihanna doesn't perform complicated,tomorrow i'm gonna get very upset,kendall tweeted,while it sounds like kendall was just,joking rihanna didn't take this comment,lightly and she clapped back well don't,come,kendall however chose to ignore,rihanna's rude reply and she still,showed up at the concert,it's not exactly clear why rihanna felt,the need to humiliate kendall like this,especially since kendall was still a,teenager at the time and she still,hadn't made a name for herself outside,the kardashians reality tv show so many,fans called out rihanna for being rude,for no reason and pointed out how,kendall did nothing wrong to provoke,this reaction,one fan wrote thought it was very mean,of rihanna to do that i'm sure kendall,isn't the only person to have tweeted,and thought something similar to that,she didn't direct the tweet at rihanna,she wasn't using her celebrity status to,request it she was tweeting as a fan,rihanna is just nasty,however rihanna's fans defended her,saying rihanna simply had a sarcastic,sense of humor and claimed she doesn't,even care about kendall enough to hate,on her,well see that would be believable if,rihanna didn't continue throwing shade,at kendall and looking back at it it,seems rihanna really had something,against kendall from the start,sure maybe rihanna simply doesn't like,to see celeb kids getting famous because,of their family connections and not hard,work but if that's the case why has,rihanna never shaded other kargen,sisters why kendall specifically,well whatever her reason is rihanna has,never shied away from letting the world,know she can't stand kendall in 2015,rihanna even pulled out of victoria's,secret show at the last minute after vs,decided to replace british model jordan,dunn with kendall,jordan then took to twitter to slam,victoria's secret for casting kendall,and wrote feeling so much better about,not doing bs sorry i mean vs now that,rihanna isn't doing it also,however by this point kendall had,already gathered her fair share of,haters because of her arrogant attitude,towards other models,and she was also no longer a teenager so,the fans didn't feel the need to defend,her anymore in fact many praised rihanna,for pulling out of the victoria's secret,show and one person tweeted at the time,so glad that rihanna is supporting,jordan dunn honestly complete bs that,they replaced her with kendall who has,never worked with vs and after kendall,started acting superior to other models,while also claiming her family,connections had nothing to do with her,success the fans started taking,rihanna's side even more,in an august 2018 interview with love,magazine kendall made some very arrogant,comments about modeling and said she and,her team had always been super selective,about what shows she would do,i was never one of those girls who would,do like 30 shows a season or whatever,those girls do kendall said,to make matters worse that same year,kendall was named the highest earning,model in the world and she received the,fashion icon of the decade award,but is kendall jenner really the first,person you think of when you hear,fashion icon of the decade,we think not if anything it's rihanna,who deserves that title more than anyone,since she's one of those rare celebs,that sets trends instead of following,them and always marches to the beat of,her own drum when it comes to fashion,many fans also pointed out how kendall,was just 21 at the time so it makes zero,sense to call her fashion icon of the,decade,imagine thinking kendall is the fashion,icon of this decade when rihanna exists,one fan tweeted,another person wrote okay but riri,starts a new trend every week that,people legit follow and clothing,companies like fashion nova now produce,fa

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Jordan Peterson ORDERED to Reeducation Camp for Wrongthink | Guest: Sara Gonzales | Ep 739

Jordan Peterson ORDERED to Reeducation Camp for Wrongthink | Guest: Sara Gonzales | Ep 739

foreign,over uh it's time for some tequila I,think of course of course Sarah Sarah G,H it's almost a just let's just drink ah,the Puppet Master Mark Let's Love,Brandon at the helm driving us in the,nether region of all things insanity,let's talk about us for a minute oh,let's let's talk about our story,um,mostly me actually the uh,we'll get back to us in a minute okay,I'm gonna be in Kentucky this week I'm,going to be in Kentucky,and at the Manchester Music Hall in,Lexington there's still some tickets,available,uh at Chad now you need,to get your tickets fast if you're going,to join us in Amarillo,on the 20th and,in Abilene on the 21st,if you've never been to Potosi live in,Abilene that's an amazing venue a lot of,people say what's an outdoor venue yes,they can do that they can roll up the,whole wall and it becomes an outdoor,venue if the band just turns around,and so I'm doing comedy in Abilene,there's a lot of questions a lot of,times people say you're doing comedy or,music well it's always yes both doing,both some elements of this is going to,be a heavy comedy show the band will be,with me because we're playing the night,before in Amarillo they'll do about 30,minutes with me there at the end so it'd,be easy night for them,and we'll just rock as long as y'all,want to rock but,um Abilene on the 21st, and then of course,the buck wild Comedy Tour kicks off in,Joplin Missouri weird place to kick it,off but that is a low ticket alert I,think the last time I checked we were,85 sold out on that so that's still,well over two weeks away before that,happens so it's a good thing to have of,course that's me Zach rushing Dustin,Sims Jesse Payton,and then off we go lots more to do,and my my goal for this year I here's,what I said about the New Year sir,forget resolutions I want realizations,all right so it sounds cliche but boy it,hit me like a brick upside the head that,may be something people say every year I,don't know but it I've never heard it,before but suddenly in my head it was,like oh yeah that's what I want I don't,want resolutions I want realizations I,want to see things come to pass and one,of those things is I'm back on the road,after basically two years of busting my,ass,I'm back to working again,two years of busting my ass running for,office I'm back to going at it and and,trying to put butts in the seats and,having fun with people because that's,what I do,and who knows you know we're a step,closer I told you this to sign in with,that record label,we'll see if that happens we're back to,the negotiating table again,listen that's the thing I ain't no kid,you know you you come you come to me,with wanting what you want,that uh label they that's that's some,pretty cool projects they want to do,it's not you know not like a lot of,young people sign on with these record,labels and they own your life I ain't we,ain't having that right we've got some,projects that could happen,and uh no I'm not leaving the blaze,unless they kick me out of here,sometimes we say on a hot mic we we give,the we love to give the executives a,hard time around here and sometimes we,have a hot mic moment and they're like,um what,that's that's how we find out if they're,paying attention right yes you know yes,how we get things shook up around here,well the the funny part about,like you you talk one of the funny parts,about your okay great about you is that,if you tell Chad something and you think,a reasonable person would know that's,not something that you would say,publicly on a TV show that is not the,case with Chad like anything you tell,Chad be prepared for him to just bring,up on the show there's no filter no,there doesn't need to be a filter no,well but that and that's why I'm saying,that's cheers but that's part of yeah,the beauty of you is that what you see,is what you get with him,I think that's true yeah this is this is,not an act no I think that's true,um,I don't know how to do that right right,I don't know how to do that one I think,that I was thinking about this over the,weekend,and apply this to your life because one,thing I'm doing it we're about to launch,in the next couple of weeks is I don't,know if you want to call it life,coaching I mean and again it's From The,Trenches you want to you want to know a,guy who's learned about life from a lot,of failures a lot of failures,a guy who tends to do it wrong a lot but,comes out of it on the other side going,damn I can tell you how to navigate that,nonsense that's me so I don't want to,call it life coaching but just kind of,showing you some patterns for life but I,was sitting there thinking over them,I was thinking about what an imposter,success is a liar,Fame is a liar right there's no such,this you shouldn't no one should strive,to be famous no and so many do these,days yeah in the age of social media,it's a liar,it's it's it's a farce,um that's why when I walk into a room,someplace you know where was I was at,Best Buy shout out to Lindsay I

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Kendall Rogers joins to talk Golden Eagles, Bulldogs, and Rebels

Kendall Rogers joins to talk Golden Eagles, Bulldogs, and Rebels

baseball season that means it's time for,a conversation with kendall rogers,joining us on the farm bureau phone line,check out and go with the,home team,mississippi farm bureau we're going to,get to some sec stuff in just a second,but i want to start with southern miss,who finally kindle,finally they make it into the top 25 and,they don't just ease into the top 25,they vault their way in,all the way to number 18 after a series,win last weekend against louisiana tech,and now big time midweek game playing,ole miss and pearl tonight,yeah i tell you what man that's a really,good team and i kind of wrote this up my,call today but i i feel like this is an,omaha caliber club if you look at the,weekly rotation for southern miss right,now you're talking about a rotation with,with hunter riggins tanner hall,hurston waldrop your best guys are,sunday that's always a good sign so if,you look at the job that he did over the,weekend he gets a potent lineup 11k,seven innings to shut out baseball that,is a really good rotation then when you,look at the back end of the bullpen,they've got some really nice pieces,there as well so i mean that i would,like pretty much every aspect of the,southern miss team i think that dallas,baptist series on the roads a little bit,of an aberration it was just you know,it's a sloppy weather it was cold you,know dallas baptist is actually a good,team,i i like what i see from this usm club i,think this is a club that will probably,win enough to likely,get strongly in the mix to be a host,side this would be a perfect spot for,somebody like a mississippi state to go,to is a two or three and by the way,probably end up winning it,we'll we'll see we have uh we have seen,it play out that way uh a few years ago,um so who knows,i i want to ask you about this we are we,are such a slave to,rotation rotation rotation and it,matters it matters a bunch,but,pitching has been an issue,for both mississippi state and for ole,miss this year and we were debating,yesterday kate smith is probably the,best arm that mississippi state has at,this point and he's their sunday star,and might be the best sec sunday starter,in the league,maybe i mean certainly you you would,have him in that conversation,so when you've got a guy like that,that's an incredible anchor at the end,of the weekend but you've got question,marks before you get to him,does it make more sense to push a guy,like that forward in the rotation,or do you like the idea of no i know,what i've got on sunday and it gives me,a great chance to,win a series salvage a game maybe finish,off a series sweep,i will tell you what i'll know exactly,how chris lomotos needs to use kate,smith that's exactly how stanford uses,quinn matthews i just wrote about this,today but quinn matthews is stanford's,best left-handed pitcher they know that,they've got some issues with with their,bullpen depth and their starting,rotation so what have they done over the,weekend against top five oregon state,quinn matthews threw two innings out of,the blueprint on friday what does he do,on sunday he comes back out of the,bullpen and throws seven innings and,strikes out i think eight or nine so i,actually love the way stanford's using,their most talented arm like that like,hey if we need to if we need him on,friday to close the game out we're using,him but you know what we're going to do,is on sunday we're going to start with,somebody else see how far they can get,us and if we need him we'll put him in,there and see how long he can go that's,how i would use kate smith,well and that also depends on kind of,what the pitcher is capable of in terms,of bouncing back right,correct that also it also differs from,picture to picture,yeah,um i guess part two of this would be ole,miss they they completely reshuffled the,air quotes rotation this weekend they go,dylan to lucia in the in the first game,and then kind of piece it together and,after the fact mike bianco said i don't,like calling it an opener because our,plan is not just we're going one time,through the order we want a guy to go,out and give max ever give as much as,they can and then we'll have somebody,ready,is that the right answer for an ole miss,staff that had not had a starter go five,innings in a league game all year,well this is a prime example of why i'm,a writer and an analyst and not a head,baseball coach because i'll be honest,with you going to the weekend and i'm,surprised he hasn't given me grief about,it because i think i said this on a,podcast but i really thought ole miss,was pressing the panty button i thought,when i looked at the weekly rotation i'm,thinking oh god we're in the middle of,the season and we're pressing the panty,button and,it turned it turned out well i mean,dylan deluca where delusion went out,there and put together an outstanding,start it gets a really good kentucky,lineup they were able to piece it,together the rest of the week and jack,washburn who you know he's a very,talented arm he's a guy

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Missing: Mother Of 5 Crystal Rogers + New Huge Case Update

Missing: Mother Of 5 Crystal Rogers + New Huge Case Update

today's video is kindly brought to you,by castify go to,kendall to get 20 off your next favorite,phone case,hey guys welcome back to my channel,happy to have you back again,so this case has been very highly,requested,which also if you guys didn't know i do,have a case request form,if you would like to request anything,i'll have that linked below but today,we're going to be covering the case of,crystal,rogers and there have been some big,developments that,hopefully are developments for crystal's,case,we're not quite sure yet there have been,some remains found,and as of right now when i am filming,this video,we don't know who they belong to but,there seems to be a decent chance that,they,might belong to crystal when the update,does come out i'm going to pin a comment,about it or you can follow me on twitter,for updates and stuff like that or to,chat with me about newer developments,but let's go ahead and,jump right into this case for those of,you who have never heard of it so this,is crystal rogers,she was 35 years old at the time that,she went missing and also,a mother of five her parents are named,sherry and tommy and she grew up in,bardstown kentucky and this is a pretty,small town,it's known to be a very quiet town i,know they say this in,so many true crime documentaries but,when people talk about,bardstown they talk about how they never,thought a crime would happen there,it was also voted the most beautiful,small town in america in 2012,it's kind of a picture-perfect area,growing up crystal was the oldest kid in,her family and she made friends pretty,easily but was also kind of shy and,reserved,crystal is known as an incredibly earth,person,she was very laid back very easy going,really anti-conflict just very go with,the flow,and crystal really valued family she was,very very close with her parents,and loved her children she actually had,her first kid at a pretty young age,and she always had wanted to be a mom so,she was super excited,crystal was an excellent mother to her,five children and she actually worked,multiple jobs to make sure that they had,the best,life possible she loved them so much,crystal was married at one point,and it really didn't work out and,crystal had kind of had,a history of having these like shitty,guys in her life to be honest,her family talked about how,disheartening it was to see such a good,person like crystal,always end up with just the douchiest,guys they didn't treat her well,and didn't respect her and so she had,just gotten a divorce,so she had to rent a house for her and,her kids now that she was a single mom,and this is when she ended up renting,from this guy named brooks houck,so brooks was a landlord and soon after,meeting the two of them,ended up dating each other they had a,few casual dates here and there,and then eventually it turned into,something more serious they never got,married but they moved in together and,they had a,son together his name was eli and at the,time that crystal went missing he was,two and a half years old so brooks,seemed like an okay guy,at first crystal's family didn't really,notice any red flags with him,they were really hoping that he would be,good to her this time brooks had come,from a family of builders that was,really well known in this area,and at one point he even ran for sheriff,in the democratic primary so a lot of,people knew him and like i said,crystal's family was super welcoming to,brooks and at first everything seemed,good,but eventually something started to,stick out to them and that was that,brooks wouldn't treat crystals other,children that weren't biologically,related to him,with the same love and care that he did,for his own child,not only that but he would treat them,almost as if he wanted nothing to do,with them,they would go the grocery store and he,would make crystal buy all the groceries,for her kids and then he would buy,groceries for their son eli now before,we get more into brooks there's one,thing that you should know about this,family,there are multiple cases that have,plagued this family back in 1979,crystal's aunt sherry also went missing,according to family it was just a normal,day,her aunt went into town and never,returned home it was a long time ago so,there were way less resources,and it's still unsolved to this day so,jumping back forward in time,july 3rd 2015. on this night crystal and,brooks were planning to have a date,night crystal's other children,some of her older children still had,decent relationships with,their fathers so they actually went to,their fathers for the night so that,crystal could,you know have a date night with brooks,and then when it came to their youngest,son eli,they said that they had a babysitter,this is kind of confusing but,brooks basically said that they told the,other kids,that they were having a babysitter but,in reality they were actually going to,take eli with them on their date night,but they didn't want the other kids to,be jealous of this so they said that

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Biggest leap in SEC? | Boomer White | Recruiting Country | Kendall Rogers on Super Regionals

Biggest leap in SEC? | Boomer White | Recruiting Country | Kendall Rogers on Super Regionals

all right guys who's gonna have the uh,best i guess upgrade this season for sec,football we're talking about that here,on the show um do you think lsu who's,gonna have more wins than they had last,year is it gonna be texas a m is it well,of course it's gonna be texas a m but i,wanna talk about the sec west so comment,below here on texas rewind which is,presented by t-mobile they want you to,visit,across america to learn how you get more,value and coverage through t-mobile also,on the show we talked about uh with,boomer white about the baseball team,that baseball team team's playing great,obviously super regional louisville,coming up so we had to get his,perspective especially after the tcu one,a moment ago we had recruiting country,jason howe was here ryan broniger was,here it was great and then we closed the,show out with kendall rogers of d1,baseball fantastic unfazed here as we go,to texas rewind which sec teams can make,the biggest leap in 2022 ob what say you,texas a m they went they only won eight,games last year i expect them to win,at least 10 and maybe more this year,okay so i think they're gonna make a big,leap,um,which one do i think can make the,biggest leap,um i'm trying to remember the,some of the um,the records so i'm gonna i'm gonna help,you out here um you because the the,couple schools that i i don't see ole,miss making a big leap alabama i don't,see making a big leap florida,florida can make a big leap they were,two and six in conference play six and,seven overall they're going to be better,than that i would think so they were one,of the teams i had on my list the other,one i had was south carolina south,carolina could make uh,usually better in the second year,but they went seven and six how much,better can they be can they win nine,games,you know that's a good point they can be,bad i don't think they can win nine,games i don't even know their schedule,but i know they're going to play a m i,know they're going to play a better,florida team they're going to play,clemson they're going to play georgia,so right there i've got them at best,case scenario eight and four it all,comes down to quarterback play for i,think most of these schools right so the,other school i had on the potential list,but then i look at their total record,from last year and like maybe two more,wins is lsu,how much is brian kelly worth this first,year with a different quarterback room,they went six and seven last year should,have been five and eight,because they should have lost the am,game they they lost it to be honest with,you they did lose it but all that being,said so six and seven last year can is,eight wins yes,pretty doable nine yes nine,yes they're lsu they're yeah and and,he can't,he he doesn't dance well and he has a,horrible southern accent i don't know,why he's trying to play that game but,brian kelly's a good coach he is a good,coach he's not a cuddly guy by any means,but he's a good coach,and they just typically have talent,i know they feel like they're going to,be good in the offensive and deep,i think in the defensive line i think,they've got major concerns in their,offensive line yep so they could,absolutely win three more games this,year auburn is not i don't see that i,don't i mean and they're going backwards,i think i think so okay you've got texas,a m they can win,three more games i think so yeah 11 wins,is certainly possible with a bowl game,mississippi state they were seven and,six last year maybe they can go eight,and five maybe,yeah i mean,they could but,take charles cross off that offensive,line and,um,didn't they lose some receivers that,were pretty good i,i don't see them making a huge leap i,think they are,awesome often defensive guys too,arkansas,i think they nine wins is,which was a great year for them that's,the best that they do i don't think i,don't think they're a 10-win team,um,yeah i'm i'm very uh skeptical about,arkansas,i think they had a great year last year,for them,and uh,i just think it's gonna be hard to,duplicate that so yeah i wanted to get,your perspective on it because it's,obviously had to be difficult right um,i remember and look this is a completely,different kind of situation but i used,to work for an nba franchise and it took,on the team that i grew up watching and,it was like a weird feeling for me and i,didn't even play like you got love for,both but your loyalties are here but you,know for you who spent so much time at,tcu,finished at texas a m a place that,you've always loved like that had to be,like such a,a difficult evening but maybe enjoyable,at the same time,yeah i mean i would definitely say,enjoyable one because the outcome uh,seeing a m finally get that monkey off,the back but,you know coach schloss has said referred,to it one time on how it'll get easier,as the players,that he recruited and he was involved,and move on and it's a new batch of guys,i would say that's the same thing for me,uh,once all my old teammates were out,um and i you know d

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Previewing the Hattiesburg Super Regional with Kendall Rogers

Previewing the Hattiesburg Super Regional with Kendall Rogers

euro,kendall rogers joins us from, kendall we are obviously,going to drill down on the hattiesburg,super regional in just a second but,before we do that,i don't want to be a prisoner of the,moment i don't want to have recency bias,but i cannot remember,a more exciting three days of baseball,than we had saturday sunday monday in,the postseason,i just can't remember one period there,may be a postseason that stands out to,you more but i don't know what it is,yeah there's no doubt i mean if you,think about just all the different,regionals you have the drama and,conversation with pt and a m you had the,oklahoma state arkansas and what then,what happens like last night like it,looks it's it looks like texas state,you're like wow texas state's about to,actually host a regional and what,happened damper bam bam bam game over,within like 10 minutes and stanford won,so i thought that was like the perfect,culmination to what was an insane,weekend and so i i'm with you i can't,remember a weekend of regionals in the,last decade that got even close to what,we saw over the weekend which is kind of,funny because if you think about it,you know the opening day of regionals,this year was very chalky yeah there,were not a lot of upsets there were not,a lot of just you know on the edge of,your seat game and boy did that change,pretty quickly,it did all 16 one seeds won their,opening round game and i'll look i'll,give you a lot of years i've been,working during regionals and so i,haven't been able to sit and watch all,of them at the same time because i was,focused on the game that was happening,right in front of me or i was at an ole,miss game you know if they were in a,regional and following that but then the,the drama of,you got four or five games going that,are all in the seventh inning or later,and they're all one run games or two run,games or tied and it's just like this,back and forth i just thought this was a,really really good weekend for college,baseball and i would love for the people,who are in charge of college baseball to,figure out how to capitalize on that,momentum instead of just it ends and now,we'll start over again next year,no you're right it's a great product and,and i get it if you look at the oklahoma,state missouri state game oh yeah 29-16,is not necessarily a great product but,the fact that you know oklahoma state,was down 12-nothing in the fourth thing,of that game and ended up 29-16 is,honestly kind of unbelievable like i i,was talking something about this other,day like i wonder how many miles that,oklahoma state runners ran on,like i mean they were literally on the,basis the entire you know last six,innings like how or last five innings,like how like how many miles did their,runners run in that game and so uh it,was just a crazy weekend and you know i,just think when you look at the super i,tell you what it's hard to beat what we,saw over the weekend but you can bet,there will be some supers that will go,you know what this is even better than,last weekend yeah that may very well be,the case i don't know that we've got,time to get into all of them this,afternoon let's start though with,southern miss who wins the hattiesburg,regional we started talking with you,kendall in in early april about okay is,this southern miss team going to have,enough to to be a regional host are they,going to be a top eight,they get the host opportunity and then,delivered and really did so in pretty,dramatic fashion after losing to lsu,they have a ninth inning come back and,go to extra innings to beat kennesaw,state to eliminate them they survive,with the win against lsu and then,yesterday in a winner take all game with,the stakes so incredibly high they,deliver at the end,yeah i think the biggest thing when i,look at southern miss that i thought and,we kind of talked about this i think,last week that was going to be a big key,for them in this regional is can they go,toe-to-toe with lsu's offense we knew,they could pitch but when lsu kind of,punched back in them offensively would,southern miss have enough offense to,kind of deliver the kind of the return,punch or even the knockout punch and,answer that question was yes and so you,know we talked so much about the,pitching with hunter riggins and dalton,rogers you know you know the steward kid,and more but i mean their offense really,carson peyton that offense really really,stepped up when they needed them against,lsu because lsu as we saw against,kennesaw and against southern miss in,the first meeting is they're really,really hard to knock out just,offensively so you've got to be able to,go toe-to-toe with those guys and they,and they were and they did that um they,get another offense this weekend in ole,miss who,also feel like there's clicking in all,cylinders now can i go back to,even the missouri and a m series that,you know i was just doing that on a on a,conversation radio station saying the,same thing about ole miss and i even,thought that weekend and they

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Kendall Rogers joins to talk Ole Miss' run, cancelling games, and more

Kendall Rogers joins to talk Ole Miss' run, cancelling games, and more

season,is upon us kendall thanks as always for,your time let's just jump right in,and start with ole miss who is on a bit,of a heater right now they've won nine,of their last 11 over all seven,straight uh seven of their last nine in,the sec you look at this ole miss team,right now from where they were,two weeks ago and it looks like a,different ball club,it really does and i thought you know i,thought the missouri series i thought i,think we both would agree ole miss,looked like a much different club that,weekend but i think we all kind of we're,a little hesitant because we're like hey,hey they haven't been consistent all,year long b they're all they're also,playing missouri but when you look at,the way they pitched against southern,miss and midweek you look at the way,they went on the road and the thing i,liked about ole miss on the road against,lsu is in all three games that series,the red the rebels were the aggressor,and typically lsu at home especially,with that offense they're more than the,aggressor the more of the team throwing,that first punch i thought ole miss did,that throughout the weekend uh they got,some big innings out of dylan delucia,hunter elliott brandon johnson there in,that last game came in blowing gas and,people that nasty change up and so,all the pieces for ole miss are kind of,falling together and i guess if you're,an ole miss fan you're like like where,in the world has this been all year but,you know what it's better late than,never and as crazy as it sounds if they,won the am series it went on a wild run,in hoover,they could actually finish the season,with a regional host that that's how,ridiculous this is,what would it take you think they could,win two against texas a m and not sweep,and then have a deep run in the sec,tournament and possibly host,i mean if you want two out of three,you're sitting there with what 15 wins,in the regular season right 15 and 15.,okay well let's just say you get to,sunday that that would require winning,five games that we were that would,require winning four games to get there,19 sec wins,correct yeah there is absolutely a,pathway to get to a regional host now,with that said you need if you're if,you're ole miss you want lsu taking the,series from vanderbilt this weekend you,want you want vandy's league record to,continue to be around 500 um and things,like that but there is a pathway i mean,it's not the easiest pathway but you,know ole miss has played well in hoover,before,so,when i look at these sec teams that are,projected to be hosts i mean vanderbilt,i think most people think probably is a,host but they've only got 14 sec wins,despite having an rpi of number three,auburn at number four in the rpi has 15,sec wins,and then you've got some teams that have,got more wins but maybe the rpi is a,little bit lower texas a m would be a,great example 17 sec wins but a 20 in,the rpi how do we,how do we make those things dovetail in,predicting,what the committee is going to do how,heavily they're going to look at rpi,versus league wins,well i think in the league like the sec,you know you obviously have to look at,unbalanced schedules you know one thing,about auburn that you know a m uh and,arkansas haven't had to do is play,tennessee and so if the difference in,games is let's say two games or one game,the committee could easily look at those,situations and go you know what they,didn't have to play tennessee auburn had,to go on the road to face those guys so,you know it's an unbalanced schedule so,that's one way of looking at the other,way of looking at it is just going,strictly by the sec standings i mean if,you're the committee and let's just say,i mean just just for theoretical,purposes let's just say am outright wins,the west,then,and is ahead of auburn about two games,you know i don't care if your rp has 18,and auburn's is five like you should be,a national seed in the top eight over,auburn so it'll be very interesting to,see what the committee does because as,you well know by now like every year,everything's a little different in terms,of the way they're thinking and what,their reasoning is for different things,so they're going to have a little bit of,a dilemma on their hands when it comes,to the sec potentially because of those,rbi differences and the other thing i,don't like and i i don't know why this,is this is something we're going to,actually kind of dovetail into as we get,or kind of dive into as we get closer to,the postseason is why here in the middle,of may that we're seeing teams rps drop,nine spots in a game they didn't lose,i don't think i've ever seen that before,for whatever reason this year that's,occurring more often than not so that's,an issue right now,there is uh i guess an issue um that,that a lot of people feel strongly about,one way or the other and that's,canceling games because of the effect of,rpi we saw,texas a m do it we've seen tcu do it ole,miss has uh cancelled its game with,arkansas state that was supposed to be,played t

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Trip to Cabo with “Friends” Goes Horribly Wrong: The Murder of Shanquella Robinson

Trip to Cabo with “Friends” Goes Horribly Wrong: The Murder of Shanquella Robinson

foreign,welcome back to my channel so happy to,have you here with me today to discuss,another case and if you are new then,welcome so the case that I'm going to be,covering today just a warning is very,upsetting it's also developing so I'm,only going to be able to talk about what,we know so far the investigation is,active and ongoing and things should be,picking up quickly here hopefully today,when I'm recording it is December 11th,and I believe this video is scheduled to,go up on the 19th obviously things could,happen between now and then if you,didn't know my company produces four,shows every week so we record quite a,bit in advance for all shows to make,sure we have adequate time for our,editors to get them you know out to you,guys and obviously that makes it a,little more difficult to cover ongoing,cases like this and I'm just not sure,what will come out in the next week this,case has been changing by the day and,it's very complicated today today we're,going to be discussing what we know so,far about the murder of shanquella,Robinson which occurred on October 29th,this year 2022 and you guys have,requested this one like crazy I wanted,to wait until there was enough,information to kind of get an idea of,what happened here although there's,still so much we don't know and for a,while there there were you know quite a,bit of rumors going around this case has,gotten a decent amount of attention on,social media and obviously that's a,great thing but it does come with,misinformation spreading pretty quickly,like I said this case is very fresh and,it's very upsetting and it will,definitely make you think twice about,the people in your own life and who you,call friends but like many cases,involving a woman of color or really any,person of color at first Shane Cole's,story was largely ignored by mainstream,media so social media and citizen,journalism has played a huge role in,bringing attention to her murder and are,largely responsible for getting the,authorities to take a deeper look into,what really happened to her without all,the support online and people demanding,answers and Justice this case would,probably still be very underreported and,those who are responsible for her murder,may have slipped through the cracks,especially if the recent video footage,hadn't come out which really changed,everything in this case so before we get,into the case today I just wanted to,remind you guys that between now and the,end of the year I am matching all,donations made towards National Center,for missing and exploited children from,you guys and I just wanted to say thank,you we've gotten a ton of donations that,have come in in the past two weeks or so,since I announced this and I'm just so,so grateful our goal is to hit over a,hundred thousand by the end of the year,or at least make it to a hundred,thousand and I know that we're gonna do,it and you know guys it's the season of,giving if you would like to give back,and support an amazing cause which,national Center for missing exploited,children is that amazing cause they are,just fantastic everything they do is so,incredible and helpful I talk about them,all all the time in you know cases over,the years and their team has just been,so grateful for all the support that our,audience has given them neck Mick fights,against child sexual exploitation child,victimization missing children and more,they do tons to educate people all,around the world they're just awesome,and such a deserving cause for you to,give back to this season first obviously,you could make a direct donation that I,will be matching and you just have to do,that through the link that will be in my,description box like our team page link,that's how we're tracking donations and,then also I'm really excited I am,teaming up again with magic of eye this,year to raise our fundraising total and,I have worked with magic of eye the past,three years I believe we've now raised,money for her justice Thorn and now,National Center for missing exploited,children so if you're not familiar with,magic of eye they create these amazing,beautiful vegan leather journals and I,have used these for the past couple,years myself I absolutely love them,these are their 2023 planner is,absolutely gorgeous they have this,beautiful rainbow effect on the side,that's probably my favorite part about,them they're just so stunning if you,don't want a planner magic of eye also,has journals dream journals they have a,ton of different products and they are a,great company they are part of one,percent for the planet which is awesome,they're based out of Australia and they,are so kind this year they have upped,the amount that they're going to be,donating they are offering you guys a 10,discount when you use the code Kendall,2023 and then they will also be kindly,donating 20 of the proceeds to neck Mech,also these are astrological planners so,it's a great way to learn more about,astrology if you're curious about that,it's just packed full with tons of,in

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