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Carlos Correa discusses the Astros investigation with Ken RosenthalCarlos Cody Bellinger said some s

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

Carlos Correa discusses the Astros investigation with Ken Rosenthal

Carlos Cody Bellinger said some strong,things yesterday he said the Astros,stole the 2017 World Series from the,Dodgers he set out to vey stole the MVP,from Judge he said you guys treated for,three years what is your reaction Oh,usually I don't have problems when when,people talk about 2017 and about what,happened that year because honestly,we're wrong everything that happened the,year was absolutely wrong and you know,we all see show remorse for Tigers you,know we feel bad about everything that,happened we'd really feel bad everything,that happened to that 17 well the,problem I had is I have was when players,go out there and they they don't know,the facts they're not inform on the,situation and he's go out there in front,of cameras and just talk and we meet us,that doesn't seem right doesn't sit,right at all so when he talks about no,we shoot it for three years I mean he he,that doesn't know how to read,he's really bad at reading comprehension,I was just not in form at all but the,commissioners report clearly says that,all those activities were conducting,2017-2018 nothing happened 2019 nothing,happened it was just talented players,playing the game of baseball with,passion and winning ball games 2018 it,did say you guys did things yeah but if,this is said about the it's about the,codebreaker but not about the trashcan,or any of that yeah I mean so you know,that stuff is it came from the top on,the and the codebreaker but you know we,don't know other stuff down there so,when when when I look at those comments,I they're not true 2018 we play clean,2019 we got to a worse series playing,clean baseball all around Coast 2018 you,guys were using the replay room I know,Code Breaker emanated from the front,office but the players were using it it,reports says the players were doing this,now we're seeing what the replay room to,decode signs and then use them out on,the field no I mean what I know as a,player is that when in 2018 we from,second base will try to get the science,which is not illegal it's what players,do but in 2018 reading reading use the,trashcan,where's the centerfield camera when you,use any of that the codebreaker dingy,that that comes from on top,players like honestly can I'm telling,you the truth like I didn't know what,the Code Breaker thingy like I'm trying,to get to second base trying to look at,the signs and do what I had to do to,help my team which is not illegal it's,been it's been done for four years in,baseball yeah I mean they still said,that the commissioners report still said,you used the replay room well I I don't,know what that so when I look at his,comments I think he's talking about the,trashcan and about that and when fans,hear those comments they feel like we,use the trashcan and we use centerfield,camera and all the cheating that all the,scandal has been about so I want to make,it clear 2018 we didn't use the trashcan,wooden use any of that so that's in 19,we do use the trashcan we do use none of,that so when I move forward and he talks,about Altuve and he says Jose Altuve,cheated judge out of the MVP I mean Kody,like you know the facts we were all in,there and nobody wants to talk about,this but I'm gonna talk about this I'll,say that - it was the one guy that,didn't used the trash in a few times,that the trashing was bang was without,his concern consent and he will go,inside the clubhouse inside the dugout,to whoever was banging the trash can and,he'll get pissed he'll get mad who say I,don't want this I can hit like this,don't you do that to me,he played the game clean the data of the,banks that's on the on Twitter or,whatever it shows it,I took a play clean the whole year when,you look at to his numbers on the road,they hit 400 on the road he didn't see,nobody of the MVP he earned that MVP,he's a six-time all-star three-time,batting champion MVP five-time Silver,Slugger he's been doing this for a long,time ken for a long time so for me to go,out there and for him to go out there,and defame wholesale to his name like,that like it doesn't sit right with me,because a man plays a game clean and,that's easy to find out Ken Mike fires,broke this story you can go out and as,Mike fires the wholesale to use the,trash can we had CT wholesale to a cheat,to win the MVP and my fires I'll tell,you straight up heating music he was the,one player that didn't use it,Josh ready Tony Kim those guys didn't,wanted traction at all at all so,when he sits there and talks about,two-way it's not facts it's not fact the,reason who said to way I apologize to,the media was for being part of the team,and for not stopping it but he's not,apologizing for using the trash can he's,not apologizing for cheating because he,did not cheat and this is easy for you,to find out can you can't ask around you,know you're a great reporter you can ask,Mike fiers you can set players that are,not with the team anymore that when 2017,I said to iron that MVP and he's been,showing it for years okay 2019 the,buzzer Bellinger al

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Twins Might STEAL Carlos Correa From METS??? per Ken Rosenthal and Jon Heyman

Twins Might STEAL Carlos Correa From METS??? per Ken Rosenthal and Jon Heyman

all right so the latest news on Carlos,Correa is finally here apparently Ken,Rosenthal put on a article about an hour,ago stating that the twins have,auxiliary talks with Carlos Correa and,to deal with the Mets still stays in,limbo now let's let's break down the,article because Ken Rosenthal just put,this out he's very trusted source so,let's go through it 10 states talks are,very fluid but the Mets are not,necessarily out of the bidding but 19,days have passed since the Mets reached,recruitment of Korea on a 2 year 350,million dollar contract pending a,physical the Mets like the San Francisco,Giants before them grew concern over the,condition of craves were ankle during,the medical review it's been talked,about the last couple weeks how the Mets,are going to renegotiate a contract,probably figured a way to give him a,higher aav and have them for Less years,or on top of that the Mets are just,going to end up walking away from them,having Carlos Correa on the Mets is just,a bonus to their team when they already,have people at the third base position,now those Carlos Correa make this team a,lot better of course it does no one,could deny the fact about that but Steve,Cohen has said recently that either one,way or the other they will reach an,agreement soon and that is coming from,seepcon who was asked by wardy nym which,is a Mets YouTuber on the Korea,situation but besides that fact I think,Carlos Correa still is a valuable option,for the Mets now do I think the twins,have a very good chance of probably,swiping him from the Mets yes and I,think for the reasons I stated earlier,elements are willing to walk away from,Korea if they do not come to an,agreement I think it would be okay if,they let him walk and on top of that I,think the twins still really want Korea,to be a franchise player for the team,because man like I said in multiple of,my videos pray was a Cornerstone for,that twins team and honestly didn't make,him a contender kind of made him a wild,card in a sense that hey if the twins,everything was working out right anyone,Carlos Correa the twins could be a,pretty good team but it's only Carlos,Correa doing the work and the twins are,kind of mid and you know a Buxton is,still injured it's just not gonna work,out so does Carlos gray going to the,twins make a lot of sense yes do I think,that the Mets have a better chance of,land in Korea I still think they do just,because cray is probably gonna go,wherever the money is gonna go if you,wanted to go to a team that would give,them less guaranteed money then I guess,yes he's going to go for the winning,opportunities but I still think Carlos,gray is someone that wants to go for the,money and have that longevity of a,career and a career that will be paid,out in full now Minnesota's original,offer to Carlos cray was a 10-year 285,million dollar offer which did end up,failing once Carlos gray agreed to that,13-year 350 million dollar contract with,the Giants unfortunately we all know,what happened poor Giants fans I'm sorry,bro but listen the Giants kind of,escaped that one because everything,that's been going on with the Mets the,Mets are dealing with the same issue,right now now I think the Mets really,don't need cray in a sense like I've,said Korea is just a cherry on top but,the twins do need crayon so if the twins,end up swiping Carlos Greer then hey the,twins needed him the Mets really didn't,it's just a cherry on top the idea of it,you know it's like you get a little,taste of something it's like I just want,it you know Mets fans of course it's,going to be kind of sad not to get this,dude but hey if they don't end up,getting him you saw Brett Beatty you saw,Eduardo Escobar you have people there,that are willing to play on your team,that have been okay and Brett Brady,looks really promising so that's really,good if you don't get Korea it is what,it is but the twins need crayon and the,reason I say this is because you only,really only stars on that twins team,right now they could think of in the,lineup is Joey gallo and the twins,signed him kind of on a flyer he hasn't,had a really good season in a very long,time and I think the only one really,else you have is Elisa rise which did,really well he had the batting average,title in his Division and on top of that,you guys still have someone like Byron,Buxton which hey if he could be healthy,that would be amazing for your twins,team now not to discredit the twins or,anything having someone like Carlos gray,does make you a better team in full on,top of the Ken Rosenthal news John,Heyman has actually just come up with an,article saying Carlos Correa talks with,the twins are gaining momentum as Mets,in Korea Camp have trouble finding,common ground on protective language now,the whole protective language thing,that's up to the MLB PA and John,heyman's article he has stated the sides,have continues to talk and there's a,bunch of conversation about language and,guarantee but craze camp and the Mets,were still struggling

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Episode 14 - What Happened Between Ken Rosenthal and MLB? | New York Post

Episode 14 - What Happened Between Ken Rosenthal and MLB? | New York Post

Welcome back to The Marchand,and Ourand Sports Media Podcast.,I'm Andrew Marchand, sports media,columnist for The New York Post.,He's John Ourand, the,media columnist for the Sports,Business Journal.,And we're back.,John, a lot to do as,we get really into 2022,,where we go all the way up on the,way down.,Topics today, Ken Rosenthal,done at MLB Network, the,NFL where they go.,And it's a super weekend this,regular season weekend.,ESPN Bulls and Kirk Herb,Street's comments about them.,Rachel Nichols and ESPN,officially done.,And what could she do next?,NBC Network shuttered,USA started up with,their soccer. Some nice ratings for,them, and then we didn't really get,a chance to do this.,We'd already recorded the podcast,for you to look ahead, but we,will look back at John Madden's,career as well, and,it will be part of our cause of,the week. So John excited to be back,doing the pod for the full,year.,We got started last year, but I'm,excited to be back talking with you.,Let's go. It's a new year.,Let's just start right up with what?,Who's up? Who's down?,Who's up, who's down?,All right, John, let me go first.,My who's up, John.,All right.,I can't wait to hear this one.,You guys to be ones are,with a who's down again,on the night sky and this podcast.,You're the meanie.,Let's look at the prediction you,made last week,about 2022.,This is not a prediction for 2022.,This is a prediction for 2024.,There have been a lot of stories,that Disney wants to spin off ESPN,where there's smoke, there's fire.,They've certainly looked into that.,It's going to happen at some point.,Think 2024, right,before the NBA negotiations,take place.,ESPN desperately wants to keep the,NBA. You have some of these big,digital companies that want to get,the NBA my call,of the year 2024.,Apple wants to get involved.,They're going to buy ESPN from,Disney. And that's a way that's,going to be Apple's entry into,sports. Apple will then be,the biggest sports media company,,including your Amazon in,the country.,You say Apple will,eventually by ESPN.,So look, I'm not reporting,this. I want to make that clear, but,I did talk to a top executive,in the No.,And the way this person,put it to me is that people this,year, it's really going to go into,overdrive the idea of,ESPN spinning off.,He thinks everyone's going to line,up to talk to Disney and,see what they can do.,Here's the thing that I want to add.,Disney is not going to relinquish,ESPN fully now.,Could they bring somebody in,to be a partner with them?,Yes, but but the person's feeling,was that ESPN cable fees,,they still bring in too much money,for Disney to really separate,themselves from ESPN.,And I will add this I don't think,Apple is going to be the one.,Personally, if this does eventually,happen, and again, I'm not saying,this is definitely happening.,I'm saying this is going to be a,story this person thought this is,the biggest story of this year.,But I do think when you look,at it, it,it does make some sense that,Disney keeps the fees that they're,getting from cable and then maybe,partners, and ESPN is run,as a separate company. I do think,that's possible. Again, not,reporting that I'm just kind of,putting in adding to the,speculation, all but informed,speculation, I think with this one.,John, you know, there's a ton,that I want to add there.,Read who's up?,Who's down? Let's add that to the,topic list.,All right. Sounds good.,It sounds. Who do you have on the,way up?,On the way up is Greg Sankey.,He is the commissioner of,the SEC.,He was named commissioner back in,2015, and he,has never seen a college,football championship without,one of his schools participating in,it, the SEC.,They've been in the last seven,championships, the semifinals,this year, both as SEC schools,won by at least three touchdowns.,They weren't even competitive games,only. Clemson has broken up that,logjam in terms of,who has actually won the the,CFP Championship.,They've won four.,They're guaranteed to win five this,year. And it's not for for,Sankey and the SEC.,It's not just football.,The SEC is a football conference,,right? Men's basketball,five teams are in the top 25,women's basketball six teams,,including the number one ranked,South Carolina Gamecocks.,I don't know what Sankey is doing,down there, but it's working.,Yeah. Does anybody go to class?,They're always practicing.,You know, I do not know what the,GPAs are of those teams.,That's a good point matter,than the numbers that matter.,What did ESPN Bay three twenty five,for the package that starts in,twenty four?,Yeah, they make. They make the most,money. We'll see what happens with,the Big Ten this year.,But the SEC under,Sankey is they're sitting pretty,firm for a good reason.,Real quick, I don't think the Big,Ten is going to beat the SCC number,two.,It all depends on competition and,there's a lot more competition right,now. You're going to have CBS,going after the Big Ten, Fox going,after the Big Ten, ESPN going after,the Big Ten. Who who knows what the,discover

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Mets Have Concerns With Carlos Correa's Physical Per Ken Rosenthal LIVE

Mets Have Concerns With Carlos Correa's Physical Per Ken Rosenthal LIVE

the Mets have expressed concern about,Carlos correa's physical not again,please not again is this just is this,off season going to be remembered as the,off season of the physical this story,just won't go away Giants fans maybe,you're feeling a little bit Vindicated,I'm sure the front office for the Giants,feeling a little Vindicated but we're,gonna dive into this we're gonna take a,look at Ken rosenthal's report we are,live for this one so those of you that,are with me live we are popping up live,on Christmas Eve Merry Christmas to,those of you that celebrate here as we,are going to talk Carlos Correa for a,few minutes and the situation because is,it time to worry is this not a big deal,I want you all to comment below and let,me know your thoughts but there is,something Brewing here but again comment,below let me know what you think about,this situation Carlos Correa for the,second time now has a physical situation,going on we have let's jump right to I,want to I want to focus first on the,report this is from Ken Rosen it's all,in the athletic posted about an hour ago,Mets have concerns with Carlos correa's,physical per sources so it's the,physical again the Mets and the Giants,earlier this week have raised concerns,over the repaired right leg the,surgically repaired right leg and now,the Mets potentially jeopardizing the,agreements this is from Ken Rosenthal,again whether it will or not we'll talk,about that in just a moment the parties,agreed to a restructure contract if the,Mets continue to express reservations,this was a situation the Giants were in,right the Giants had that opportunity,but word was the Giants didn't call,Scott Morris back to engage in anything,and the Mets jumped in because until the,this is done it's always pending a,physical anything can change the twins,can come in at the last minute now and,do a deal I don't think it's going to,happen but you have a situation where if,somebody wants to come to the table they,could because we're not done and it's,Scott Boris frustrated he might be,frustrated but let's go let's do this,thing Steve what's up man Merry,Christmas to you my friend Merry,Christmas John everybody what's up,everybody with the merry Christmas,comments in the live chat Merry,Christmas to all of you so this is the,new developments our latest twist in a,saga that shocked the baseball world,when Korea and his age just got more,pivoted Wednesday from their 13 350,million agreement to the Giants remember,Carlos Crane's family was in San,Francisco they were in the hotel San,Francisco this was I mean it was it was,good it was done until it wasn't done,and he's pivoted to the Mets the,situation I want to read more of this,uh let's see it might be difficult for,Korea this is all so this is this is,this is a big part this is a big part I,can't overlook this the parties could,agree to restructure the contract if,they have the reservations it might be,difficult for the Mets to go to back out,of the agreement entirely after Steve,Cohen went on record talking about the,deal right we could all agree with that,there's no way the Mets can back out of,this they I think you you maybe push,forward I I don't know but we have to,talk about the twins because I think,that's some way that my thoughts are,everywhere with this as I'm sure many of,you that have the same feeling the the,twins there is there is some word and,we're going to talk about that in a,minute that maybe they didn't they,because of the short-term nature of that,deal because some people say well the,Twins were willing to go in but there,may be something about that and again,we'll talk about that in a minute so it,may be difficult for Cohen to back out,after jumping on board knowing that,there was something wrong now the Mets,didn't know exactly what because they,didn't have the access to the physical,they had to do their own,the other element it might be difficult,for Korea to re-enter the free agent,market and land a comparable contract,after two clubs identified the same,issue in their physical so this is,interesting again the new developments,of the twist shock to baseball World,Cohen confirmed his apparent coup to the,New York Post saying we needed one more,thing if the Mets remain uncomfortable,with Korea's long-term prognosis one way,to alter the agreement would be to,insert language saying that portions of,the deal would not be guaranteed if,Korea missed a set amount of time with a,specific leg problem there's no way,Scott Morris wants that language in the,contract boards however might fight any,attempts to alter the deal he 100,percent will 100 he could call up the,twins and be like guys you were at 285,find another 15 million and you got a,deal I don't I can't see this happening,but the drama that circles around this,is really really fascinating uh again,and then and then we have some more here,on uh Korea played 148 136 games past,two years played most of the games in,the shortened season talking about San,Francisco striki

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Statistician Answers Stats Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

Statistician Answers Stats Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

hello i'm jeffrey rosenthal i'm a,professor of statistics at the,university of toronto and this is stat,support,question from king d weeb why do,statisticians get so worked up over,probability every event is just 50 50.,it either happens or it doesn't this is,something i've heard before this idea,that well if it can either happen or not,it must be 50 50. sometimes that's,referred to by philosophers as the,principle of indifference meaning that,anything that could happen they must all,have the same probability the thing is,it's just not true when i go home today,from the studio i might get killed by a,bolt of lightning or i might not get,killed by a bolt of lightning i'm pretty,sure there's not a 50 chance i'm gonna,get killed by a bolt of lightning okay,next we have a question from what the,fuss who says why is statistics,important in life really we're awash in,all kinds of different data so anything,from you know the spread of disease or,crime statistics or,studies of a medical treatment or,financial data or public opinion polls,there's so many facts and figures and,statistics out there the science of,statistics is a way to try to sort,through it so if you don't have any,statistical knowledge or understanding,or perspective then you're likely to say,well this must be true because my friend,said it or this must be true because i,heard it on the news or i just kind of,think it must be true but if you have,statistics you can try to analyze all,the facts and figures that are out there,and try to see what are the real trends,what's really happening versus what,things really aren't the way people,think they are next we have a question,from lawrenceitv,says question for statisticians why did,the polls get it so wrong explanations,please yeah so public opinion polling,especially when it's predicting,elections is a very high profile thing,but also a hard thing to do and usually,people notice the mistakes more than the,corrections so a lot of public opponent,for elections has actually been quite,accurate and it's predicted things quite,well but there have been some high,profile misses for example the us,presidential elections of 2016 and 2020.,now even in those cases typically the,polls prediction compared to the actual,results was usually only off by about,four or five percent which isn't such a,huge amount considering how hard it is,to figure out what's going to happen but,it's still a big enough error that if,the election's close it can make a big,difference so why is that well,election polls of course they don't ask,everybody how they're going to vote they,just ask a sample usually a few thousand,people and then try to figure out what,maybe a hundred million people are going,to do so that is a challenge the good,news is if the polling is done,randomly that is we're equally likely to,pick every person with the same,probability then we have good statistics,to allow us to figure out how accurate,we're going to be what will be the,so-called margin of error you know how,close we'll usually be to the true,answer and actually that works pretty,well but what makes it especially hard,for the pollsters is that it's hard to,get a random sample and the main reason,is because most people don't want to,talk to pollsters polling companies,don't necessarily like to talk about it,but their response rates are usually,less than 10,and that can lead to a lot of biases,because maybe people who support a,certain candidate are a little bit more,likely to agree to talk to the pollsters,than people who support another,candidate and any little response bias,like that can have a huge impact on the,results question from come on matt think,what are some common statistical errors,and how can we learn to spot them and if,possible correct them in others and our,own work one of the biggest things is,people don't think about what i like to,call the out of how many principle and,that's this idea that when something,happens that's striking people will,compute the probability of it happening,in that exact way to that exact person,but not look at the chance that it will,happen in some way to somebody there was,a a woman in england who had two sons,who each died in infancy there is,something as you probably know called,sids or a sudden infant death syndrome,so,maybe just two times she got really,really unlucky and her babies stopped,breathing or maybe she was a murderer,and she'd actually uh she'd actually,suffocated them and she was actually,arrested and charged,and at her trial they said oh it's so,unlikely that there'd be two sids cases,in the same family that we can rule that,out she must have actually tried to kill,them and that's an interesting example,where if you just look at the,probability given two kids in one family,what's the chance they're both gonna die,of sids of course it is very unlikely,but then if you say out of all the,millions of families in the united,kingdom or in the whole world what's the,chance that somewhere there's a fami

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Dodgers postgame: Trevor Bauer blasts Ken Rosenthal, clarifies report of MLB investigation

Dodgers postgame: Trevor Bauer blasts Ken Rosenthal, clarifies report of MLB investigation

trevor you made your dodger debut,today you obviously talked about kind of,growing up and coming to the stadium,with your family and getting that,experience but how was it for you to,just be a player,being on that mound this evening it was,fun,um blocking out pregame i was all,excited seeing the,fans in the stadium and um you know,happy to be able to turn into,a solid performance and get a win and,does it ever hit you obviously you,being a cy young award winner and then,having someone come in to relieve you,and david price and obviously with the,outing that he had this evening does,that ever kind of be like wow this is,really happening,not really um because we're in the,clubhouse together every day and there's,a lot of really talented players on the,team,uh sometimes you just look up and,there's an all-star basically at every,single position,um saw young award winners guys with cy,young potential,the depth of the roster is is ridiculous,uh it's fun to play with guys that are,that good and,all the way top to bottom even the young,guys that are that are coming out that a,lot of people may not know about yet,um they can really play the game so,uh yeah it's fun to be a part of that,and what did you think of your,performance this,evening ah i thought it was pretty good,i,was a sliding,backhand away from uh probably throwing,a no hitter,so i had really good stuff and um,yeah i wish i could have gotten a little,bit a little more accurate on that throw,and had a chance to to finish it off,thanks trevor,next questions for mike digiovanna go,ahead,yeah trevor it was hard to tell on the,replay sort of a ground level replay and,we couldn't see hampton,cross the bag would a perfect throw have,gotten them,i think a throw if it was kind of,knee-high,where months could have stretched um,he he beat the throw uh to the base but,if months could have cut the distance,down a little bit and caught in front of,the base i think we might have had him,it would have been bang bang now,probably would have gone to replay one,way or the other,you've never uh you've described,yourself as not being a great athlete,but uh did you sort of surprise yourself,maybe on that play,no i was kind of mad actually i had a,behind-the-bat catch,today that i missed that i thought i had,for sure,i was mad about that and then i was,actually mad at myself for not making a,better throw on that play it's something,i practice,and something i'm actually decent at,normally when i do it i you know grab,the ball cleanly,i thought when i grabbed it cleanly i,was like oh i got this,um i just made a bad throw and the uh,one-eyed jack came back again in the six,were you just having a little fun there,uh or just trying something different,yeah i wanted it,i wanted it bad but uh yeah not tonight,maybe next time thanks,next questions from claudia gastro go,ahead,hey trevor you were able to mix,your pitches very well with different,speeds how locked in were you tonight,um i i wouldn't say i was more or less,locked in than other starts i actually,had a brain fart there in the,it was the third inning or fourth maybe,whenever i walked the first two guys i,thought it was two-two to blackman and,threw a curve ball and then it was,actually three two,um i was just like i don't know i i was,not locked in during that moment and i,usually don't have mental mistakes like,that,uh during games so probably was a little,less locked in overall than,i normally am but my command was pretty,good um,you know i the second guy i walked that,inning was crone it was 100 a strike so,i don't even consider that a walk,uh just completely missed that call um,so yeah that was overall it was good but,i can't make mental mistakes like that,thank you next questions from jorge,castillo go ahead,hey trevor uh have you heard from major,league baseball in regards to,what came out last week about the,baseballs,uh i'm sorry i didn't quite catch the,question what was that,have you heard back from have you heard,from major league baseball last week,after a report came out about the,baseballs and you're outing in oakland,no because they're like,yeah gossip bloggers writing stuff and,having no clue about the actual rule or,actually,knowing the rule but intentionally,writing something without going,investigating,uh i don't know i don't know what the,hell that was,that report was about basically so i can,explain to everybody what the actual,rule is mlb is just collecting baseballs,to do a study,like they're not doing anything with,them no one's under investigation or no,one's like,just these these gossip bloggers just,out here writing stuff to try to,throw water on my name or whatever i,don't know,just personal vendettas i guess anyone,with,mlb reach out to you or you reach out to,them there was no sort of communication,at all,no there wouldn't be any communication,because they're not like,they're just doing they're just,collecting baseballs from every single,game,and every single picture and just doing,an internal

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Texas Rangers TRIGGER Ken Rosenthal And The Woke Sports Media Over "Sprirt Day" Virtue Signal

Texas Rangers TRIGGER Ken Rosenthal And The Woke Sports Media Over "Sprirt Day" Virtue Signal

what's going on sports wars this is ryan,with rk outposts and and,some people in the woke sports media are,mad at the texas rangers because they,didn't virtue signal hard enough they,didn't say exactly the words that the,woke sports media wants them to say so,now they're facing attacks all over,spirit day if you don't know what spirit,day is you're probably not alone it's,yet another one of these made up days to,be a hashtag so these corporations can,virtue signal about something to a,community of people and the texas,rangers didn't do the right thing,according to some of these losers like,ken rosenthal look mlb franchise called,out for their social media post every,mlb team went on social media this,thursday to support the,lgbtq plus youth community on spirit day,it's a whole another conversation all,together for those of you who are,unaware which is like everyone,the purpose of spirit day is to visibly,show solidarity with youth and to take,part in the largest most visible lgbtq,anti-bullying campaign in the world in,an effort to show solidarity people in,organizations quote go purple on social,media well it seems like most mlb teams,understood the assignment what,assignment uh fans seem to be very,bothered by the texas rangers latest,post and they're not the only ones this,article isn't the only one about this,you got this over on sports illustrated,fan nation spirit day rangers lgbtq plus,anti-bullying message an embarrassment,to mlb,and of course uh ken rosenthal also,thinks the same thing we're gonna look,at this original post from levi weaver,time for a game of spot the difference,wherein one team conveniently leaves out,one little part of the message and it's,a series of screenshots from all these,companies are from all these teams right,that are taking part in mlb's spirit day,which is so cringe i wish these,companies would stop doing this whether,it's corporate america whether it's,sports just stop it with this nonsense,because it's never enough,spirit day is never enough it's not,enough that you did this it's not enough,that you tweeted something out you have,to do it the exact way we want and then,when you do that we're just gonna make,up another day to get more equity to get,more attention it will never be enough,but you see the phillies no one should,be bullied for simply being who they are,join us in taking a stand against,bullying of lgbtq youth and in support,of inclusion hashtag spirit day uh same,similar thing from the raise we we,joined the mlb family in support of,lgbtq plus youth they put a plus in,there,phillies didn't put a plus does that,mean they don't care about everybody,over and over again you see all this,stuff the reds the mets they all put,that thing in there about lgbtq plus uh,the twins and then the texas rangers,join us in taking a stand against,bullying and in support of inclusion,spirit day,that's all that's why they're going,after them they made a spirit day post,right they did it they talked about,bowling they talked about inclusion but,that is not enough you have to say lgbtq,you have to say lgbtq plus why didn't,you say that that's not right this is,not okay,ken rosenthal the team is the rangers,and mlb should not stand for this,what are you talking about you are such,a, ken rosenthal ken,you are a made what do you,want major league baseball to do you,wanna you want them to go to the texas,rangers office and fire the social media,manager you want major league baseball,to send out tweets for them instead,because they didn't include,five random assortment of letters that,you wanted them to that's not okay,the woke sports media thinks that,everyone lives in this little world,news flash ken rosenthal,95,around 95 percent of your audience,doesn't give a about spirit day,they probably don't even know who it is,what it is and they don't care the fact,is these companies probably don't,actually care about what their virtue is,signaling about anyway same going with,these teams that are doing it and the,audience doesn't care so you know what,you know what mlb should uh not stand,for is doing this in general stop,pandering to the woke mob when it will,never be enough especially when there's,people in the media like ken rosenthal,that are backing up the woke mob let me,know your thoughts in the comments below,smash a like button subscribe to the,channel ring the bell for notifications,share this video out there and i'll talk,to you later

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Ken Rosenthal on the MLB Hot Stove and Top Free Agent Landing Spots | R2C2 Podcast - Full Episode

Ken Rosenthal on the MLB Hot Stove and Top Free Agent Landing Spots | R2C2 Podcast - Full Episode

well we Dive In right away with Ken,Rosenthal who,um doesn't get a break no no there's no,break there's the World Series right,into free agency Ken let's just check in,on your health first how do you do you,need to get some rest are you all right,how are you surviving going right from,the end of the season to the hot stove,Brian I appreciate you asking,and uh I know many many many people,would love to do what I do so I never,complain about it it's all good see,that's why we love Ken he has this,beautiful perspective uh in addition to,being you know a czar of of all things,incredible information and knowledge so,um Ken we're glad to hear you're doing,well and I guess we'll dive into the hot,stove uh just the biggest question is,going to be Aaron judge right like,that's the at this moment in time is,there anything that you feel confident,about when it comes to judge's free,agency whether it's where he ends up,Landing what the general parameters will,be for Price a team that's going to go,all out for him or a timeline is there,anything right now because it feels like,it's kind of been mysterious for someone,who you know you'd think the incumbent,team wants to keep and he wants to stay,but it feels a little mysterious so I'm,wondering is there anything that you,have like a high bar of confidence on,right now around this well that's a good,question I would say the only thing I'm,confident in is 300 million I do believe,he gets a 300 million because of the,interest that goes beyond the Yankees,it's an open market open bidding,situation,if you ask me is it going to be the,Yankees is it going to be the Giants the,Dodgers whoever you might want to name,in there I have no idea and,in some respects,it's a quiet period right now that,five-day period between the End of the,World Series and the start of free,agency this is the time when you thought,if the Yankees were going to get it done,maybe they would get it done now,sometimes it doesn't always work like,that and it takes time and it happens,later,I do believe that there is a chance he,leaves the Yankees and maybe more of a,chance than we would have thought I,don't know six months ago,I think it's just the longer it drags,out like I think the longer this drags,out like you said this five day period,where they have the time to sign them,you know you've seen Edward Diaz deal,gets gets done right away right after,the World Series so if they were in,talks and this was something that was,moving I think that it would have been,you know we would get an announcement,this week I think the longer that this,goes on the the the Slimmer the chance,that he's coming back here,I agree with that Cece and hey you were,a free agent once maybe more than once,and you know how this works and there is,and it's hard to explain to fans and,even hard for reporters to understand,sometimes there is this respect thing,and it's about money yes but the money,comes with respect and listen he did not,like the first offer even though it was,not an insulting offer he did not like,it did not like that it went public I,don't know how much that is in his head,in his heart,you would think if the Yankees come up,with the right number it's over they get,him period but,this gets more complicated than,sometimes we think because of all the,emotions that get involved yeah for sure,and and with somebody that's been in the,organization for a long time you know,what I'm saying so they make there may,be even stuff that we don't even know,about that you know I'm saying that,could be bugging him you know little,things like that when you you've been in,Organization for 10 years there may be,some things that you may want to change,you know what I'm saying so you know you,never know what he's thinking,if there's you know along those lines,um guys with the five day period and,getting it done in that window see if,you had played out the season though and,gotten to this point even if you wanted,ultimately to remain with the Yankees,would you,would you rob yourself of the,opportunity to talk to other teams in,other words like like let's say you,let's say you have a price in mind let's,say you want you want eight years 340,and you want to stay ultimately and the,Yankees say hey here's eight years 340.,but we want you to sign it before other,teams get to talk to you are you signing,it or are you still even though it's,what you want because you waited this,long are you going to give yourself a,chance to talk to other teams no I'm,going to and this is what I told,Cleveland and when I was a free agent in,2008 if we don't get this done if deal,done by spring training I'm going to,free agency I don't give a what,happens you know what I'm saying like if,we if the deal's not done by the time we,go up to Cleveland I'm I'm going to free,agency period like so and I'm sure one,thousand percent that's what is aging,him and his agent agreed on when they,when they put the deadline you know at,the season yeah see that's the thing I'm,wonder

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