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CAR SHOOT WITH KELSI MONROE! (BEHIND THE SCENES)just worry about you i'm awake,um,ah,what's going on

Mr. Chambers

Updated on Jan 28,2023


just worry about you i'm awake,um,ah,what's going on guys it is your boy,chambers and i hope you're all having a,great ass day,i'm walking to my car right now and i'm,about to meet up with my friends,so i have a lot of fun videos and great,videos coming,this is definitely a big one got my boys,coming with me we're gonna do a crazy,shoot,so today we're doing a photo shoot and a,video with,kelsey monroe she's gonna be modeling,with the cars and it's gonna be a lot of,fun,uh i really told too many people just a,few of my good friends,and been waiting to do this video for,quite a little bit wait let me just open,my car,and yeah so my girl and i were friends,with her,and she's a sweetheart and she was,totally cool with doing a video,so that's what we're doing today and i,hope you guys are excited because i am,as well,it's gonna be a fun time all right guys,so i'm now driving,i just left the gas station i got some,gas and i,cleaned up the car a little bit nothing,too crazy um it's not that serious,you know it's gonna be a really fun shoe,and it's gonna turn out sick,but i don't think it's gonna really,matter if i clean it up crazy crazy i,just wanted to clean up a little bit,i don't think it'll show really in the,video i'm kind of just a go with the,flow type guy,you know it just go with it so it's,not too bad,i think it'll be fine for the actual,video itself and it'll look it'll look,fine,and my car is not the only car it's,going to be,another friend he has a charger and then,my boy he's going to be drifting and,doing stuff in his uh,mustang so i'm not too worried it's not,like the main focus,the main focus isn't gonna be my car,it's gonna be her modeling with like a,whole bunch of other cars and just like,different little scenes,so it's gonna be a fun time it's gonna,be good my car's gonna look fine,and i'm on my way now we're gonna be,there in a little bit and i'm looking,forward to this shoot my boys are right,behind me,they got all the equipment and i think,it's gonna be a good time i think,the next video so this is gonna be a,behind-the-scenes video,and then um and like i think it's gonna,be in like two videos because he's gonna,do it all up with like music and,everything and really nice edits,so i think that'll be two videos from,now is gonna be the part two,with all the crazy edits and super clean,video,so it's gonna be a lot of fun i'm super,excited for how this is all gonna turn,out,and i hope you guys are as well yeah,it's gonna be fun hey,it's let's go,i gotta go i gotta go hey,man what's buzzin did that that's my,phone,all right guys so we just pulled up,got the two chargers here waiting for my,boy to pull up with the mustang,this is the spot actually i'm shooting a,video here right,not outside though but in here right in,here they have,millions of dollars of cars all these,classic cars all in here,i'm actually going to be there this,saturday coming up and shooting the,whole warehouse at the gateway classics,but this place is also just a super,super cool like,as you can tell there's a whole bunch of,tire marks everywhere people come here,drifting doing donuts,but all over here i had like a complete,flashback,people come here to do photo shoots all,the time i used to come,here and like it's just been so long so,i like completely forgot,so i was like yeah let's just do it over,here this is an awesome spot,super secluded no one's gonna bother us,and it's after hours so,yeah i love this spot it's gonna be it's,definitely gonna come out good i think,it's gonna really come out clean for all,the,photos and the whole video itself it's,gonna be a fun time man i'm super,excited so we're just waiting right now,for um kelsey to get here and my boy,with this mustang,and then we're gonna start rocking and,rolling damn,this is gonna look clean,all right everyone's here we're about to,shoot you ready bud,i'm ready look at you you got the setup,and everything,oh yeah we're still waiting for jake,everyone's here,oh boy oh we're waiting for jake he's,supposed to slide,but yeah we got everybody here here,yeah he's gonna be here a little bit he,said he wants to do some uh some donuts,and stuff,a lot of fun really yeah it's gonna be,drifting around yeah you know him he,always likes to just whip it around,look who finally finally made it look at,this guy,you promised me some drips though i said,we're definitely gonna have to get some,videos of you drifting what's up bro,what's up bro i got you oh yeah,i came prepared of course,yeah we're actually literally about to,start shooting,oh this is gonna be so gas,oh yeah i'm super super excited,definitely gonna get some drifting of,the mustang in a little bit it's going,to be so good,the first the first outfit for the day,i guess you just wanted to make sure i,had the color right,i'm gonna try to be quiet while they're,like focusing but it's pretty funny,it's gonna be fun and there's gonna be a,lot of different outfits apparently so,definitely a whole bunch of wardrobe,changes,an

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Kelsi Monroe - Manuel Ferrara

Kelsi Monroe - Manuel Ferrara

ladies and gentlemen,Jeff room the one and only the beautiful,Kelsey Monroe what's up,so most of those guys are from friends I,have a bigger French community and so,sometimes I will have to translate for,them they're like that they're like,we're not here for you that,we're here for Kelsey okay well we were,talking about a manga right before the,I'll just be crazy so what do you do in,French oh that was good oh you read it,okay I'm gonna teach you something okay,you're gonna say bomb do better showing,them bastards like if you know French,people they're very submissive so when,you say no she did on her own she knows,you about my broken tibia this is the,pewte they're like again again we love,it again midis Gary any say that you'll,smile can open can split split the sea,in two Oh smooth with French people with,smooth that's what we do we're not,really thanks you know but we have,gentlemen and we we have class and we,know how to talk to the ladies there's a,when you go in school in France there's,the gentlemen class,it's how to treat ladies properly that's,hot yeah I knew it,we're as bad as the rest of the other,band but we have like like cool little,sentences you know he says perfectly the,first time and it's getting worse and,worse,yes mantheon tell quad police plasmas at,the exclusive uh Cooper he says that,you're beautiful he's thanking me saying,like like like I'm making them well and,this booty oh my god well they know,you're but I think he was talking about,my butt I work out he was talking about,my butt I knew it,hey so let's talk about let's talk about,you so introduce yourself where are you,from whatever you want to say about,yourself okay I am from Pompano Beach,Florida I love it out there cuz it's,nice and hot mm-hmm,and the LDL Cosima no can I be tough law,read it Kelly I'm busy,it's a great quality when you do Paul,I'm in love I'm shaking yes high five,that was terrible,low five hey like the cameras on this,there's a bunch of people watching us,can you act like you're like me Oh leave,me alone can I breathe a word like what,the man though name man those, they think like I'm here I'm,sexy I'm hot I'm friends do you think,they can just grab me like this come,down woman take your wait an hour and a,half now making for the media like,one-nighter,doo-doo-doo a gymnastics don't doze off,which explains your like split your,famous bleep split on the dick split on,the dick yes I look totally shadow false,advertising she's like she's just,staring at my dick good I'm like dude,Spain Spanish no it will be useful in,Florida there's a lot of that it was but,I like to make it look like I don't,speak Spanish never they talk crap,behind your back like yeah they say so,you're very limber yeah if you've seen,any of our videos you should you would,know this is very limber seams of a visa,video with so many character soup on a,Paul Coffey lesson is asking if the,scene went well like we haven't,but we are gonna we excited I'm excited,it's been the yes yes it was good I,remember that yeah I remember your,outfit that day I don't you're the blue,beginning oh yes,you know how to remember that well I,just posted a picture on Twitter,no Cepeda program for one of the most,beautiful asses of the porn industry so,I'm gonna give you a lesson about about,ladies I'm gonna tell you something,about the ladies well you're the lady,like that you don't say one of you say,dbest like you don't you know what I,mean,the other ones I'm not here they won't,get mad they don't hear it but if you,say D best that's you know which is true,too but my right it's you know you're,gonna know how to make a woman feel,great and she's got a beautiful ass most,beautiful look who we're saying goodbye,- goodbye just like that,you know virgin that the problem was a,lot of virgin is is they don't really,know how to talk to women which is most,likely the reason why they're virgins,yeah cuz if you show to safe awesome oh,come on come on,parlay infamous little sake don't copy,sonic be honest what do you think about,French people they love you too you have,French in you well you gonna have some,this afternoon that's for sure,we have a competition of joke today so,how did you stop in the industry how did,you like this I like you know what this,is what I'm gonna do it was like,getting some yoga shorts and you shop at,2 and 2 a.m.,oh you betcha I will mark yes I was just,shopping for yoga shorts and they,stopped me in this section and it was,just agent at the time they told me what,it was and and porn I missing that and I,was just like huh,so I like did my googling I was like wow,like I can do that yeah sex worker me I,had never seen a vibrator in my life,yeah and city course porn shop do yoga,at do job de Mendoza magazine except a,warmer air make kilopascal rhetoric,goodbye - Raja knows business - spectra,BIA and IT federal chefs acedia pourquoi,- professor a 70 Cal Keefer calendar,business occur Elodie commando shoe,section on class Gaza how did you our,family ta

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on my mind,oh nice,is,one time,no,is,she just wanna feel the heart,got like supply said she always,just tell them

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Hasanabi meets his favourite P*rnstar

Hasanabi meets his favourite P*rnstar

what's going on everybody,we're live and we're live,folks i'm live and alive and i hope all,the boys girls mps are having a,fantastic one we have a very special,incredible jam-packed live stream for,you today you're not even ready buckle,up strap on i'm not trying not ready i,normally do this introduction by myself,but you know since you guys are here,already and we already just shot at a,podcast together you know this was,really fun yeah it was a lot of fun,that's why i'm late folks i hate be late,you hate being late but you're always,late that's what you're saying yeah,okay this better be a massive shift,stream no it's not gonna be a massive,shift stream for those of you who don't,know for those of you who don't know uh,i am joined today by ava alfie and nadia,from riot so that's all i'm going,to say asmr anymore yeah no no more asmr,but you can get the asmr on the podcast,side if you would like that you should,talk as quiet as possible and close as,possible in the mic and everyone's going,to be oh he's so sexy i did oh my god,we'll be we'll be watching some joe,rogan obviously every time i have cute,girls on here it's a it's a tradition to,show you guys joe rogan what is this oh,she said this is this is nice is it,pornhub hoodie or yeah,i wanted to talk with you about pornhub,and maybe we can get into that later,because i was i was thinking to release,a music video on pornhub but a lot of,people were like yep yep it's good i've,been criticized really badly for,considering pornhub because they were,just second now they're connected with,sex,and stuff,you just came in hot with that holy ,you can come back to it later that's,chill okay god damn here is the little,dick my big dick vid that's age,restricted though,oh i can't show this you can you can,kind of no no it's sensor but it's like,no i can't show this,on twitter,your understanding of what is a,appropriate for twitch is so out of,whack guys look i'm drinking a tv is so,amazing company,i gave them all i gave them all ussr, oh did you start to actually start,from just like explaining rules of,what's appropriate and which and what's,not no nipple no aureola no areola,oriola however you say it,okay what else like we can talk about,everything if we talked on a podcast,like you know like yeah we can talk,about everything yeah dick sizes yeah we,can talk about all of that,every time nadia's here she likes uh,drinking and then making a mess so we'll,see we'll see what happens this time i,don't it's a different combination it's,not me and grimes anymore yeah it's not,i think we're well behaved isn't this,girl like rank two or some what's,rank two rank two on pornhub wait really,are you ranked two on pornhub what does,that mean oh you're number two on,pornhub uh i was three but right now,it's four oh you fell you fell off x you,see you're wrong,i don't know because yes oh yeah well,you're on here you might your google,search i mean let's take a look here,not on pornhub,guys no no no we can't we're not saying,that that's not we're not promoting that,obviously uh we're just looking at we're,just looking at the trends uh of eva,elfy on,in the world in the past 12 months you,popped off your rank 3 for the year,that's what they're saying pornhub has,amateur models and porn star models i'm,a porn star models not a mature uh-huh,yes and on the first it's a lana road,second it's a rivalry so sometimes,somebody,and i'm free it's me and me and malcolm,it's full we had sex with those people,have you done videos with them,lana rhodes or riley reed we have the,stream together but not in production we,we didn't work together um do you want,to yeah probably one but lana is,doesn't work in porn right now she's,like a blogger earlier it is has a child,she is yeah yeah she had a child yeah,you want to leave who it's from i'm just,kidding,xqc says um sorry i haven't checked in a,while i usually know my ranks sorry i'm,a man of culture what can i say i study,my landscape to understand it better,so you did porn in russia or no you,didn't do porn in russia technically,right,i don't know i knew i did,and it was it was uh complicated,considering that it was uh illegal yep i,know um,what do you think about doing porn here,in america um you can do it too it's not,a problem because here is a lot of,production it's not normal to work but i,can't work here and i did i i won't do,it i know it,but,i can do some photos nudity for my only,friends and that's all why not yeah but,in russia you know it's illegal but,we have some production in russia it's,not illegal but they do it and in europe,it's uh legal you can work in europe,wait no a lot of ukrainian and russian,girls works in europe okay i don't know,if you i mean i don't know what you're,comfortable uh if you don't want to but,does your family is your family,comfortable with you doing porn are they,are they supportive they knows it's not,a problem my mom is a little bit strange,person and,we we don't speak each other very very,often like

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The KM Podcast w/Rowen Dallas (Tony Rubino)

The KM Podcast w/Rowen Dallas (Tony Rubino)

remember when,uh that bohemian family was across the,street at the pool area for the browser,scene and the guy was like i'll come,swim across the,river and you kick your ass you know i'm,like you and i'm naked and ,huh,yeah cause then there was like the,water in between us yeah i was like dude,i'm like by the time you try to get out,of the water i'm gonna you up like,come on i'm not gonna let you get out of,the water you mean the anal scene that,they brought pizza to set and made me,wait they had they never shot a song but,they never shot a scene before i was,like i had to teach them how to shoot,the scene they were,people thank god they had people like us,to shoot a porno right,professionals,yeah although i didn't i i although i,didn't i didn't do my best that day,because i was so upset still by those i,was fighting those people i think my,head got out of it a little bit i,remember i came to set and i had just,got my hair chopped off by some,hairdresser and i was like wow that, cut my hair,i'm i look stupid i'm gonna have to get,extensions,and look at me now still rocking my,extensions,what was that like,eight years ago,i don't know what i i don't know i kind,of did i didn't forget about that scene,because i actually have a video clip of,you shaking your ass was fire and,you were shaking your ass like,there was no tomorrow in this video and,it's like it's a classic you know so i,never forgot about it i watched that,scene and even though we went through,hell,that looked fire it's like though,it was it was like my only browser scene,for a long time really yeah,it was a very good anal scene shot by,people who had no idea what the ,they were doing but we did it whereby,ashley i'm sorry but even on my worst,days,even on my worst days i watch all my, i go back and watch it i never,watch any of it i go back and watch it,she doesn't like chillers nah i even buy,my own really yeah,am i the only one that does that yes,well i guess that's right,you're like i love my videos so much i'm,gonna buy it myself click,and no i just like i don't want to ask,nobody for nothing and i see it and i,want to watch it oh i know what you're,saying because if you see it on like,bang or like one of the companies you're,like oh you don't want to ask for it i,could easily ask a producer can,you know i was like,at some point i was like,how about andy andy one two three admit,password one oh i'm in you know what i,mean yeah of course i used to go to,brazil andy yeah andy how the are,you yes a baby just had a baby oh,congrats i saw him in the testing place,around coveted time,yeah we go back he's we can he's here,yeah he's always been a mommy oh my god,king somebody said hi i'm talking about,andy with the beer yes i'm talking about,andy with the beard the original artist,from bangros,he was an artist,whatever you're you're a male and i'm a,female let's just talk about that,we live two different worlds in this,industry let's just talk about it yes we,do,my job is ten times easier and i make,ten times yeah,yeah i can be a fake as i don't,have a nut i get free go on the,list goes on keep going,i know you know i wish i like to hear it,you get all five this is where our shows,must be nice yeah free get out of,speeding tickets no i still got,handcuffed behind that cop car okay did,we go to jail,no okay then if we weren't who we were,we would have went to jail cause i,started saying because i said to the,cops i was like we have to film this,movie blah blah blah right i was like no,i said to him i'm like oh my neighbors,i'm like that's all right they already,know what i do and they're like what do,you mean like i like saying like,thinking i'm gonna be like oh i'm a drug,dealer you know and i'm like oh well you,know i do porn here so all my neighbors,know that and they're like oh really and,they're like,then i like clicked they were like porn,she's got a big booty they got excited,yeah they're like oh yeah they want to,come in the air conditioning,air conditioning i'm sweating,outside,it's horrible i was crying i was like,when,then we get back in the house and tony's,like you just don't want to ,yeah let me just make you feel better i,was like you know well you're right,and that scene got nominated and it was,on the avn screen and you see my booboo,cry face and,it was a it was not that it was a,horrible scene but just my like my,filming,wise back then oh my god this i like,because we really suck well we didn't,really use that we didn't use lights,because it was it started it started,sliding cameras and then it started to,rain,so it like gets dark in the video and,i'm like out of all the videos i ,shot like the one i shot with you and,megan,is amazing fire,like the light looks good the video is, hot like bang bang bang bang,i think you might do a little bit more,than that with it but yeah,yeah,we have a lot of videos together,how long have we been working together,i think i was one,second,second scene,and it was a massage pile right with,esme,it was

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when it comes to that so what i was,talking about like being pressured,um to do like more and more things more,hardcore things so there's,two different main genres of porn,there's gonzo porn which,is the aggressive porn that you guys,were talking about it's the rough,anal sex it's the choking it's and i'll,go more into that and then there's,um vanilla porn which is what olivia's,talking about,as um ethical porn is what i think you,would consider,it's just like classic like missionary,like just like basically like artsy,science i'm kind of laughing the inside,because i've had someone call me vanilla,before oh,i mean i love bananas like why are you,still vanilla i'm like what do you mean,it makes me kind of hungry but i like i,would i've never even heard of the,term gonzo to be honest yeah yeah so,gonzo,is the,the first level of it i would say would,be just it's just like there's no like,artistic vision to it it's just like,rough hardcore sex,um and that could be vaginal penetration,the next level up would be anal,penetration,in a gonzo style um and then there's,a level far more than that and i would,say that,during my time in porn i'm not sure what,is like the hype right now in porn it,goes through like different phases,but during my short stint and porn um,the really extreme acts were what was,popular and that's why,being the number one performer in the,industry at the time,everyone wanted to make money off me so,they pushed me to do these things,um and it just gets really extreme like,you were saying abusive,did you ever feel like did you ever go,through those experiences where you,had to do a scene where it was very,aggressive and you've just felt like,yeah i mean i don't want to go into too,much detail like honestly some of my,experiences are really humiliating for,me,and i wish that they never happened,there's stuff going on like people,getting pissed on,men are pissing inside of women's,vaginas ,down their throats they're,sorry oh don't cry,told me something was sick no i'm crying,i'm like god damn it,no don't cry i'm just giving some,examples but,no that's honestly that's really hard,and i think like i had mentioned earlier,it's just so important for young men to,stop you being stop viewing,women as sex objects because i believe,that you know instilling that curriculum,in school at a young age and they had,actually said there's a fact that says,that,the more a young person had learned,about the use of pornography from their,school education,or sex education is less likely to see,women as sex objects and i feel that's,why,you know i i feel so passionate about,the porn industry because i don't,believe that they should be showing,those types of scenes because it does,view women as just an object and it's,not okay to do that like i enjoy,watching porn,like girl like i you know but like i,want to watch,ethical porn i wanted to be normalized,and i wanted to be taught to where,it shouldn't be to where a woman is,being abused and,is you know like the male is showing,aggression because that actually is,going to translate into his,relationships with women in the future,his wife like it's actually,statistically proven that it's going to,show,aggression in a marriage in a,relationship and that's i mean,how is that healthy that's not healthy,at all well a lot of it is like young,boys don't understand and they think,that this is normal and that's what,girls want so they've probably never,been with a girl before and they see,these horrible things,and they're like oh this is how to,please a girl this is what i have to do,this is what she wants and then they you,know do these things and they act,certain ways and they don't realize,the effects that they're having on women,yeah well they do say that,serial killer and rapists are the ones,who are consuming these,extreme types of porns a lot of um,serial killers when they've gone through,their search history they're watching,like these,abusive porn and there's tons of,pornography on their server,i mean i'm not talking i'm not gonna lie,i obviously like i said i've,watched porn i do yeah i mean i've,stumbled,wrong with watching yeah but i've,stumbled upon some videos where i'm not,gonna lie i really questioned,why is this even allowed on the internet,like i felt very,like i was just turned off i was like,shut my laptop like i can't even look at,this i was like i cannot believe that,this is,okay like this is not okay to treat,women like this yeah,well i i know that i got emotional but i,do want to continue giving examples,of some of those things just so people,know,um what are we but what were some of the,things that you saw that you were like,wow this is,really crazy yeah i mean there was one,scene where i had seen,um obviously the the male was having sex,with a girl and um,she was literally crying because he was,being so aggressive like i guess you,know he was just too big for her,i mean she was like full-blown crying,and he was like,slapping her like you like that like y

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Gianna Dior on What It’s Like Working with The Biggest BBC in The World

Gianna Dior on What It’s Like Working with The Biggest BBC in The World

i off camera but i do like i go in,little phases i call them two-week,relationships where i just like a,guy for two weeks and then i'm bored and,then i'm just like,because of the guy or just because this,like the situation just the situation,you're just like i'm over this ,yeah cause usually like two weeks they,like kind of start wanting to date and,i'm just like oh so you just you're,missing and that's,is that ever on the table are you ever,like thinking maybe i could date this,guy,yeah i've considered it but then i'm,like,do i really want to when's the last time,you had a boyfriend,20 20.,okay two years pandemic boyfriend,pandemic,a lot of porn stars got those yeah yeah,a lot of porn stars spent like six,months in a relationship you know we had,quarantined together,together yeah this dude lived in new,york and he like couldn't go back to new,york at the time like you couldn't go,back yeah so he was just like stuck with,me i'll wife you up yeah basically,that's kind of fire yeah it was fun one,last time i mean at least,you let him stay with you yeah,at least you let him stay with you what,if he just didn't have anywhere to stay,yeah,it was more of like okay well i'm,quarantined and like i need dick,i need somebody to hang out with this is,like a classic porn interview question,that i feel like a lot of guys always,want to know the answer to is is it hard,to date a guy with a regular sized dick,or even a small dick after you've been,banged by porn stars with gigantic,13-inch dicks,i think guys with huge dicks is,not,very,it's not comfortable right it's not like,pleasurable the guys with the top tier,huge dicks are kind of like cursed yeah,and it's kind of more of like a look,what i can do,look at this little party trick i got,going on here yeah it's more of like for,the scene i just want it to look good,yeah but,it's definitely not practical,so the 13-inch dick guys are not gonna,be your boyfriend you couldn't handle it,no long term no i actually kind of feel,bad for those guys because i'm like who,are you oh you feel bad for this,guy with this huge dick oh man life is,so hard oh i'm rich hot girls all,day boring contracts so bad oh my god,you kind of have to do porn if you have,a dick that big no you could go be a,lawyer and just not take your pants off,yeah and just have your dick just but,who's gonna you,like only porn stars are gonna you,like if so if i was a real girl if i was,like a normal person if i was a real,girl no but i was watching an interview,with dred and he was saying that before,he became a porn star he was just like a,sex party guy and he was doing weird,couple where he would like get,flown out and just be like hooking up,with some couple together like he was,already doing some sexual which i,guess you would be kind of led in that,direction if you did have one of the,biggest penises in the world yeah in the,world but if i was hooking up with dread,and he pulled that out i would leave,like that's something you have to like,know what you're prepare for you gotta,be prepared for that i've had friends,over the years who had dicks that were,realistically way smaller than his that,told me that like how do you know that,every because we were just talking about,exactly,gay and white he wants to see,all his friends i had friends who,realistically probably were like 10,inches and they would talk about how,every girl that they tried to,bang because this is when we were young,like 18 19. and it's like a lot of girls,are just not going to be able to handle,that it's like you know he's he,described it like he was doing ,surgery every time he was a new,girl,you got to just ease your way into it,right yeah,yeah when you're young you don't know,how to use your way in you can't just,like,you can't just die,yeah you can't with great power comes,great responsibility,hey hope you enjoyed this video if you,did subscribe we just hit 200k we're,trying to get to 300k turn this up,appreciate y'all let's go

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Gianna Dior: Does Penis Size Matter?

Gianna Dior: Does Penis Size Matter?

manscaped is here to up your body,grooming game,manscaped has the revolutionary electric,trimmer the lawnmower 3.0 it's cordless,it's waterproof and it's guaranteed not,to nick or snag your nuts,or your chest because you can use it,upstairs and downstairs so go to, use code hru for 20 off,plus free shipping does penis size,matter,okay to in degree i think it matters but,it to me it really matters what you do,with your dick like if even if you have,like a smaller or even like average,sized dick if you're able to good,then,it doesn't really matter because like if,your dick is too big then it's like not,enjoyable like it just hurts,um,my,favorite kind of dick is like thick,kind of dick and like a little bit long,but not long to where it's like in my,intestines like i don't want it to like,get all the way up into my stomach i,kind of yeah this just hurts so do you,ever see guys who have such a big dick,that you're just like i can't do i can't,work with that guy,like i just can't do it,well i like to take things as a,challenge,because like dread like he has like the, probably the biggest dick and,porn i'm assuming,and i was like i'm gonna do my first,interracial scene with him,and i was like had the worst anxiety up,into it like i was terrified that i was,like i'm gonna like blow this scene,like i'm gonna do so bad and i took his,whole dick and like went like mostly,into my mouth like i,did it very well i don't know how but,he's also like very gentle though so,like i don't know i kind of psyched,myself out but,i don't know like it was still enjoyable,i think he just he knew how to use his,dick yeah because like i'm,sure he's fully aware that his stick is,way bigger than any men's i've ever seen,in my entire life and he's like able to,still have sex with people so yeah i,haven't met him but i heard he's really,nice he's so nice like,people with huge dicks i feel like have,bigger egos but like he's the nicest,person and like he was so gentle and,like made sure he wasn't hurting me and,it was a good scene i love that scene oh,that's so sweet yeah,so um,now why do you think that guys in porn,have to have such big penises this is a,question that i get a lot so i want to,see what you think,i actually don't think men in porn have,like big dicks,like,the ones that i work with the most have,like average size sticks maybe like a,little bit bigger than like normal,but,i don't know i'm sure it's kind of like,a viewing type thing like there's people,who just want to see,girls take bigger dicks like it's like a,kink of theirs,but like really like i don't work with,tons of people where i'm like wow your,dick is like really big,like there's like only a few of them i,can think of that yeah,that's like actually like you have a big,dick yeah,i think that,i think that porn's a fantasy so,obviously everything's exaggerated right,which is why a lot of girls have like,big butts or like big boobs it's just,like it's kind of like a caricature of,real life yeah um but there's also,like i can tell you from like a,photographer,standpoint that there needs to be like a,certain length to the penis in order to,be able to see it yeah and have,penetration at the same time,so like if it's kind of small then when,the bodies are pressed together,especially if the girl's a big ass like,you can't see the penetration because,there needs to be enough length that,there can be some penis in the vagina,but also like enough that there's space,between the bodies right that you can,get light in there and you can,photograph it,really good,wow that makes sense now okay,yeah because it's um,it's funny because i used to shoot,i used to shoot a lot of soft core stuff,for like the sex guide book series yeah,and um shooting guys with big dicks was,like a huge problem because like hiding,their penises was really hard like i,remember i used ramon a few times and i,was always always like ramona i'm gonna,have to like tape your dick to,the inside of your leg like it keeps,popping out you're killing me here,and then there was this other performer,who had like kind of a smaller penis and,he was like perfect because i was like i,could easily hide his dick but yeah yeah,so it's like the opposite for when you,shoot porn okay because when i would,shoot this other performer who had a,smaller penis it was actually hard to,get the penetration yeah the girl would,have to like really pop her hip out and,yeah that was tough,that's so crazy i never even thought,about it that way manscaped is here to,up your body grooming game their,lawnmower 3.0 is a revolutionary,electric trimmer that will not only,not,nick or snag your nuts but can also be,used on your chest hair,if you get it in the perfect package 3.0,it will come with a bunch of liquid,formulas to keep you feeling and,smelling fresh all day,and for a limited time you can also get,a free travel bag,and anti-chafing boxer briefs that come,with it,so go to use code hru for,20 off plus free shipping,thank

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