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DKDKTV Reads Thirst Tweetsi like to punish,you're a bad boy,you naughty boy oh but he'll do the,oppo


Updated on Jan 30,2023

DKDKTV Reads Thirst Tweets

i like to punish,you're a bad boy,you naughty boy oh but he'll do the,opposite he'll be on his knees,i would die,there's this kid there's this kid in,brazil that died,i'm a virgin by the way,what,david and today we're gonna do a fun,video uh reading your thirst tweets wow,it's the video that every hot idol does,it out there two ugly including one hole,the one hoe,we got two hoes here anyways you sent in,your thirst tweets on instagram i,haven't read it oh so we're in for a,surprise look carefully on our reactions,i'm ready to be sexually harassed okay,by your words okay wow,you're both so hot i love to take both,your cops at the same time oh i know,this girl this how do you know this girl,oh this person what do you mean you know,this girl said wait weird investigation,what happened no i i i,never respond okay i actually edit this, out,it's gonna watch know that i never,respond but this person keeps sending,like dms and like through multiple,accounts okay we need to investigate,okay actually actually like,what what this is not a thirst for okay,danny's grandparents were super rich but,lost their money gambling so he's middle,class,actually no my grandparents are super,poor,i'm still poor,i don't know why this is a third tweet,yeah maybe it's some kind of preference,okay,they got poorer poor fetishes poverty,fetish,dave is so sweet and gentle i want to,motherhood okay that's not uh what do,you mean mother me danny shitty top tier,personality is low-key attractive i,really like this tweet i think i think,this person has taste,okay you guys can go off yeah i gladly,be in a threesome with david and,changgook,not me,appeared out of nowhere i have no,consent there,i'm just like a bundle a oneplus one i,love danny's biceps okay okay i got no,biceps step on me david,okay i don't i never understand why,people want to be let's have a counter,up here of who gets more thirst tweets,don't make this a competition it's a,complication can you explain why people,want to be stepped on does this really,mean like step on with a foot,what tell me i don't know,i don't know okay danny could get it,like he is cuter than cute,okay this person is like 12.,this person,looks like she's 12. okay okay no no no,oh danny can you open on only fans and,just post your opinions all day they,turn me on so much my opinions turn you,off,okay you have a problem dude okay i like,this person you should go to the doctor,yeah i like that okay i'm thirsty can i,please get water oh my god boring danny,can top me any day with nothing but the,glasses on oh really,top me anything this person is not 12.,so it's okay,a threesome with david and danny would,probably be danny going bds7 david,apologizing,yes i can see that david's on the other,end i would say david's on the other end,what other end of he likes being,punished that's why he apologizes so,much no no,i think he likes being punished oh shut,up,secretly enjoy reading shut up shut up,shut up okay the things i do to david,are the kind of things daddy would enjoy,oh oh so you want to i like to punish,you've been a very bad boy,you're a bad boy,you're naughty boy,oh my god you need to get on all fours i,love house stuff,i love how soft spoken david that's,because he's a sub you can,shut the up,he's a slave shut up okay i love how,soft spoken david is like i want him to,kindly tell me to get on my knees oh but,he'll do the opposite he'll be on his,knees while he tells you oh please could,you like punish me,i'm turned on by david's shyness,i want to make him wild though oh just,get a leash and you'll make him,apparently people,want like a shy boy in their bed yeah,yeah yeah yeah he'll turn fierce or very,subordinate okay david is such a daddy,oh we have some conflicting opinions,here is david a daddy,what am i uh what's an opposite of daddy,well i don't even know my identity,i'm having an identity crisis i'm a,virgin by the way,whose face can i sit on first oh danny's,for sure yeah i'll give it to you every,day like it's first class team for you,again but face sitting is mostly like,your,shut the genre like that like i wouldn't,say no to that but like it's more of,what do you mean you want to say no to,that it's more of your you know an area,of expert no thank you no thank you uh,danny is like fine wine gets better with,age and i'm thirsty enough to chug a,bottle of it,who is this is she 12 definitely not 12.,that's poetic okay yeah yeah that's why,i like this i like this person better,with age and i'm thirsty you like to,chug it okay i'll read yours okay the,same person said david is cute like,dumpling but inside he must be steamy,he's a steamy slave this person is,really poetic,but you guys are not hot enough to make,me thirsty this person said why are you,just contradicting yourself,danny has now officially entered the,dilf community what's a doof daddy i,like to,like it's the opposite of milf,it's the male version oh so you're like,an old middle-aged 40s dude no it's like,you're a sexy but other sexy y

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John Ziegler Exposes Matt Sandusky's Lies to Oprah on KDKA

John Ziegler Exposes Matt Sandusky's Lies to Oprah on KDKA

I wake up this morning and I'm looking,through the news and lo and behold,there's a story about an Oprah interview,with us and dusty,this time Matt Sandusky the adopted son,to Jerry Sandusky deciding to speak to,Oprah and tell Oprah of these rituals to,began every evening he loved going over,to Jerry's house and a wonderful time,going over there having you know,experiences there and the mom cooking,the food all the time I mean all that,but at bedtime that's when he grew,uncomfortable and that's when it the,rituals began and he's now recalling,things that he couldn't remember this is,so terrible he forgot them but now,through the help of counseling he is now,remembering some of the horrible things,at least that he says that he's,experienced and that he wants to clear,the air he wants to get things right he,says that one of the reasons why he did,this is that he was wrong when he spoke,to the grand jury and wanted to set the,record straight,said the two years ago a he was not,called to testify but said that when he,did testify before the grand jury did,not have all of this information that he,now has by this counseling that's,bringing all the memories back well when,we talk about Sandusky when we talk,about what's happening what happened out,there over the years we oftentimes and,turn to john ziegler where website is,framing Paterno comm and John joining us,on the 84 lumber news line John welcome,back to KDKA good ab1 Robert always good,to talk to you,all right so Oprah Winfrey with this,interview blockbuster interview with,Matt Sandusky with brand-new revelations,well actually there's not new they,happened years ago according to Matt he,just forgot that they occurred and now,they're coming back to him and he wants,to set the record straight well you know,there's an amazing phenomenon in this,case where people who accused Jerry,Sandusky of sexually abusing them are,automatically imbued by the,Media with magic powers and they have,the ability to recall things that they,never recall before they can change,their story on a whim they can get away,with it they can testify in front of a,grand jury that they were never abused,that can be Jerry Sandusky's biggest,defender publicly for extended period of,time and then they can still get money,from Penn State for claiming abuse in,the middle of the trial after telling,every member of the family after the,first day of the trial which Matt,Sandusky attended with Dottie Sandusky,he came home and told the family in the,in the living room you know I could get,up on the stand and lied just like,victim number four did and then imply,that he could make a lot of money,well shockingly and he went about doing,exactly that as he saw the ship sinking,and it's very clear I mean look this is,this doesn't even pass the last test I,am 100% and if I could be more than,hundred percent I would say more than a,hundred percent 100 percent positive,that Matt Sandusky is lying and I have,created a video which I think proves,that at framing Paterno College people,can see for themselves where I use a,couple of clips from the Oprah interview,where I frankly think that the Matt's,responses were laughable I mean they,were they were pathetic and if the media,had wanted to destroy him they easily,could have but the media has no interest,in that they have their narrative which,we've talked about numerous times and,they have a particular narrative that,they are not gonna they're not gonna,stray from that no matter what and so,they see everything through the prism of,their distorted reality here a reality,for which I don't believe there's much,of any evidence Matt Sandusky telling,investigators that Jerry had rubbed,along or against his genitals he said,then that he did not recall any type of,penetration or oral sex and that the,memories are now coming back to him this,idea that he had when he first testified,to the grand jury I mean he made no,mention of any of this in any way shape,or form correct that's correct,yes his statements were more consistent,with what he said earlier the overnight,visits they were,they were good I mean except for that,one part bedtime bedtime was the bad,part but any other time that we were in,the home that we were doing anything in,the home with the family it was fine I,mean it was again he would look at the,family and you would say wow like I wish,that I had brothers and sisters that,cared about me I wish I had a mother who,cooked dinner every night for the whole,family I wish that I had all these,things and then but bedtime is where he,said the ritual then began well let me,go through the timeline here because,it's incredibly important to put this,all into context and perspective,okay Matt Sandusky claims all these in,his original police interview in the,middle of the trial when he suddenly,became an accuser at a very convenient,time he claimed at that time that the,abuse began when he was about 8 years,old and it was only as you suggested,really very mild sexual abuse i

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Formula Car Tirewall Crashes#1 | | F1 2022 Mod [60FPS]

Formula Car Tirewall Crashes#1 | | F1 2022 Mod [60FPS]


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Kevin Stefanski Postgame Press Conference vs. Steelers

Kevin Stefanski Postgame Press Conference vs. Steelers

okay obviously disappointed you know,came here to try to get a win on the,road versus a good team uh didn't didn't,do enough of those things that you got,to do on the road and that's the tough,part about this one,um you know I appreciate that football,team and how they fight I appreciate,to the end you know giving us everything,that they had but uh came up short,credit to the other credit to the,Steelers credit to their players their,coaches,um but we just didn't do enough today,and with that I'll take any questions,well I I think you go on the road versus,a good team you have to play clean you,you want to be Plus in the turnover,margin we weren't uh so obviously,anytime we're giving the ball away we,look hard at those plays uh and,sometimes it happen in the course of,football when you're trying to make a,play,um but obviously you got to play clean,ball on the road,yeah the uh,we you know got into some tough,situations there uh ultimately,you know trying to do enough to to help,your your team help your tackles help,the rush get the ball out but we just,didn't do it enough,yeah I mean the third Downs uh yeah it's,you got to get off the field as we know,and and something we're able to do in,the first game versus them just didn't,do it enough today you know on some,longer distances like you mentioned but,uh the guys fought like crazy,um and I'm not going to go there Tony on,really any of our coaches this is about,today and and I know we'll talk tomorrow,about the season all those things,um do you know how bad jet is do you,know what stands uh it's I don't know,the severity we'll get MRI,uh knee,yeah I don't know what player was but I,think it was an aggravation,um but he was playing well early,I'm telling the fact you guys finished a,game worse than last year you know I'm,going to talk about the disappointment,but if you look back here real quick,like how like it's disappointing to you,know take a step back yeah I mean sure I,mean yes very disappointing um,again those kind of big picture thoughts,I think are for tomorrow but just today,just getting didn't get it done,yeah I think it's that's a tough tough,defense at their place is as we know,very difficult made some plays and other,times you know we just gotta,make a play around and give them a,better play call all those type of,things it just wasn't uh wasn't our best,uh really in any facet,um,yeah I think when it comes to all those,type of things it's it's always just,what you're trying to get too early what,you feel like might give you a chance,early,um we know that's a good front but we're,looking for opportunities to move the,ball really any way we can,before their last touchdown Drive,whenever they went home you feel pretty,good about where you were you come down,you score,I mean but that's that's football you,know teams answer,um you know I think there were some,plays there in longer distances that,we're trying to get a stop and get force,them into a tough one and just get off,the field and Punt and they made a,couple more plays,yeah again I think I can talk more about,those type of things tomorrow but I'll,tell you that locker room fought like,crazy uh we got guys that wanted to put,everything into this one they work,really really hard so I'm appreciative,of that

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KDKA-TV Morning Forecast (8/2)

KDKA-TV Morning Forecast (8/2)

your storm photos now dorothy from amity,washington county sent us this photo you,can see how the wind snapped a tree in,her yard just twisted it right there and,george and lacrona about eight miles,from uniontown sent us this picture you,can see that dark aggravated sky moving,across the area there it's really quite,a sight to see for so many people who,were worried about their safety last,night for some time and we've seen at,least two videos now of what looks like,funnel clouds moving through the area,and you know and i know ron yesterday,morning was telling us this is possible,yeah you know and what george was,showing right there right in the middle,you can see a little bit of that funnel,cloud there as well hey i wanted to show,you and this is going to be six to nine,o'clock here's the good news things are,pretty much dry out there right now but,we're going to go back and i just wanted,to show you what was going on we know in,the national weather service saying a,probable tornado happened in southern,parts of washington county moving into,greene county that's going to be right,around the waynesburgh area that's what,we're seeing a lot of evidence of,potentially when it comes to storm,damage and this is an area that we know,that they're going to go out the,national weather service and they're,going to survey later on today you see a,couple of those storm reports,that are right along that shear track,that i was just showing you that shear,track that's the area where radar is,showing the biggest twisting motion at,the surface that's likely where we're,going to be looking at the track of the,tornado being so you can see in the,green county area trees down on state,route 21 near harvey rail road trees,down this is in the rooten area,again unoccupied trailer flipped over so,you can see a number of these reports,that are coming in this is what the,national weather service are going to go,down these reports they're going to look,at the evidence there and they're likely,going to establish that there is a,tornado or there was a tornado in those,communities less,less certain at this point it's going to,be what to do with the,sheer track from the charters area over,to uniontown where there was the,potential also it looks like for tornado,but there's no storm reports coming in,from the shear marker they have said hey,we might go out to fayette county but,right now that's kind of up in the air,so we'll watch closely we'll let you,know as soon as they let us know what,the official synopsis is the information,on the tornado any other tornadoes later,on this morning it's 69 right now winds,out of the west southwest five miles an,hour the dew point coming in at 66,degrees at this point radar is pretty,much dry we've seen a very isolated,shower here or there as we've started,off our day that's really been about it,we do have some storms down into parts,of southern west virginia moving into,virginia at this point we do expect to,see a couple of showers this afternoon,some what i call general thunderstorms,meaning none severe,thunderstorms that will be rolling,through does look like between about two,and five o'clock will be the most likely,time that we'll see that,overall our change rain chances low,today dry on wednesday thursday and,friday we will have rain chances around,high temperatures today should be around,83 degrees in pittsburgh and,temperatures this morning hovering,around 70 degrees here's your seven-day,look at the warm-up as we're heading,into wednesday afternoon we start off,mild 60 but a high of 89 on wednesday,and we stay with those high temperatures,mid to upper 80's for the rest of the,week with plenty of rain chances around,heading into the weekend

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KDKA-TV Morning Forecast (1/5)

KDKA-TV Morning Forecast (1/5)

pretty incredible stuff going on and KDK,first meteorologist Ron Smiley you know,this does seem extraordinary or is it,ordinary no it's not I was just looking,at some of the numbers behind this uh,they're looking at at least for the,winter months right now they're about,double where they normally would be with,precipitation now the issue is that,similar to last year they do have some,fears and concerns that they're going to,get all of this moisture right now and,then dry February March ended April,that's what happened last year they had,all of this rain similar to this last,year and then by April they were looking,at the second driest start because they,didn't see anything that's the issue,when you come to kind of desert areas,and obviously the desert Southwest that,we're dealing with now we did see some,big totals you guys were mentioning San,Francisco Santa Cruz area the San Jose,area this is where we saw upwards of two,inches and three inches of rain over the,last two days doesn't seem like much for,us but in these communities especially,because of just how dry it's been that's,a lot of rain coming in especially,because of the drought conditions,they're seeing some other good news that,they're seeing I know there's a lot of,bad news they're seeing records snowpack,right now or near record snowpack across,the state so that's certainly good news,there hey let's talk about what's going,on here we do have this big spin in the,atmosphere you can see it right on top,of Illinois and Wisconsin there this is,heading our way by tomorrow morning in,fact by the time you're waking up,tomorrow morning it's going to be cold,enough that we could be dealing with,some snow showers out there right now,though it's a little warm for that it's,40 degrees at this point should say Hey,you could technically get some snow at,this point winds are fairly light could,we get out of the West at three miles an,hour here's a look at those temperatures,for you 39 Zelienople Erwin at 42,degrees it's 40 in Bladensburg in,Washington coming in at 37 degrees,here's how I think your day is going to,break down I do think we're going to,warm up today 45 at 11 and I have us,hitting 50 degrees right there at 50,degrees for your afternoon temperatures,precipitation chances low today but as,we're waking up tomorrow morning we will,have some spots no showers around some,light drizzle also but temperatures are,looking to be above 32. so that's,certainly good news if you're heading,off in the morning to work at a school,all right I do want to show you while,most places aren't going to see a lot of,snow over the next 48 hours you know,those usual places the Laurel Highlands,over into the Somerset and Seven Springs,area upwards of five inches of snow,could fall before Saturday morning in,those communities on top of that they're,going to be making their own snow at,some of the ski resorts out there so,probably a pretty good time to get to,the ski resorts over the weekend here's,your forecast including rain changing,over to snow notice the time this is two,o'clock in the morning look at that,temperature it's 40 degrees in,Pittsburgh at this time but we do drop,into the 30s and we do have that chance,for some light snow moving through at,that point again,you need temperatures below 32 before,you're going to get snow collecting on,Roads area streets so certainly there is,a lot of good news even with the snow,chance tomorrow 39 your Friday High 38,Saturday both Saturday and Sunday are,looking dry 40 on Sunday before high we,do have another snow chance it looks,like first thing on Monday morning

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KDKA-TV Afternoon Forecast (8/16)

KDKA-TV Afternoon Forecast (8/16)

all right gorgeous weather here this,afternoon in fact just a small chance,for places south of i-70 right along the,state line with West Virginia and Ohio,where we could see some rain but besides,that it will be drying just look,gorgeous outside now 80 degrees plenty,of sunshine out there as well notice the,winds out of the north a miles an hour,we do have the winds variable today so,don't kind of be at times out of the,Northwest out of the Northeast maybe,even briefly out of the south but,overall should be relatively light those,winds and we'll be looking at dew point,is down to 58 degrees at this point,we're also looking at a barometer,continuing to go up it's almost at 30,point one inches at this point that's,just a sign high pressure continues to,be the dominant feature after yesterday,we had a little bit of a dip low,pressure rolling through yesterday,certainly not the case today,temperature-wise you can see it there 80,degrees in Pittsburgh Latrobe 77 the,butler area at 79 wheeling also come,again at 79 degrees our high today about,85 degrees we will see some sunny,conditions and by the end of the day,we'll start to see those two dew points,going up that's a measure moisture at,the surface otherwise known as humidity,by this overnight hours it's gonna feel,a little muggy out there and we'll start,to have a rain chances are waking up,tomorrow morning as well this what it,looks like now nothing out there when it,comes to rain and our next big system,area of low pressure you can see it off,to the west parts of Nebraska Iowa,Minnesota and South Dakota all looking,at some rain at this point this will,continue to move our way notice also the,leading edge of rain down into st. Louis,parts of southern Ohio and into Kentucky,this is where if we see any rain today,where our rain would come from sneak,again from the southwest so overall our,high today about 85 degrees that's what,we hit yesterday as well you can see the,six o'clock temperatures here including,84 in Pittsburgh notice the clouds,mostly clear here some rain showers,possible,off to the west and south and that's,where we had those Greene County Fayette,County from Washington County with that,small chance for rain as we're waking up,tomorrow morning we will have a small,chance for rain it'll beat slowly,growing through the course of the day by,11 o'clock you could see the rain that,we're seeing 72 and,Youngstown Butler at 77 Pittsburgh at 75,so that rain shower that cell is gonna,continue to move off to the south and,we'll also notice you can see not an,o'clock on the evening hours that's when,most of the rain is set to arrive early,overnight from Thursday to Friday 75 in,Pittsburgh with some heavy rain showers,maybe a thunderstorm possible as we're,heading into the overnight hours and,we'll see some spotty showers also on,Friday as it stands at this point I,still have the best chance for rain on,Friday but it does look like it's kind,of shifting back over to Thursday you'll,notice both Saturday and Sunday should,be drying also Monday should be dry as,well a couple of things just to talk,about it I starting to form and,hurricane Gert at this point it's,category one at this point but it is,expected to be a category two by the end,of the day we'll watch that closely,rapid intensification might mean dirt,could be in a category three also watch,closely there also don't forget about,the solar eclipse this is a kind of a,busy map there but if you want the times,of the Eclipse in your community head,over to our social networking pages and,that'll be their my Twitter account and,also on the KDK Twitter account and feed,Facebook fades as well there's your 7,day outlook including rain chances,Thursday Friday dry over the weekend and,on Monday be sure to download our KDK,weather app to your iPhone and Android,phone you can get hourly and daily,forecast as well as severe weather,alerts you can also upload your weather,photos just search CBS Pittsburgh,weather in the App Store,all right we'll do that all right Ron,Thanks

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Steelers Kickoff (KDKA Pregame Show): Week 2 vs Denver Broncos

Steelers Kickoff (KDKA Pregame Show): Week 2 vs Denver Broncos

the steelers took care of business in,week one,as big ben returned in a big way in the,first game back from elbow surgery,meanwhile an already stacked defense,looks sharp once again,in new york this week the team returns,to heinz field for the home opener,to take on drew lock and the broncos we,have the latest with the black and gold,and it's all right here,on steelers kickoff,welcome to steelers kickoff,good morning everyone and it is a game,day and a beautiful day for football,inside heinz field unfortunately those,stands will be empty,as the steelers host the denver broncos,and will do so is seven and a half point,favorites trying to go 2-0 to start this,season,hello again everyone i'm bob pompiani,and welcome to a jam packed show as we,get you ready for the steelers 2020 home,opener,later i'll be joined by my colleague,rich walsh and former quarterback,charlie batch to get their perspective,on this game today,against the denver broncos also we're,going to be joined by the post gazette's,jerry dulac he's our insider and one of,the few people who will be able to be,inside that stadium on game day in,person,that brings us to our first topic the,first ever steelers game played in,pittsburgh without,any fans in attendance so viewers got a,preview of how things would look without,fans last week when the steelers,beat the giants at metlife stadium in,new jersey crowd noise was artificially,pumped into both the stadium and,broadcast with kind of mixed results the,lack of fans didn't seem to hamper the,steelers play,in any way but they did notice a,difference between a normal game,and what took place on monday night,these are not normal circumstances,and so you know i'd be less than honest,if,i if i said the empty stadium on monday,night football felt normal,but it is normal for us in 2020 it was,incredibly different,i'll say that pulling into the stadium,and not having tailgaters and not seeing,fans,um i definitely had some jitters on the,bus ride over but when you pulled into,the stadium and not seeing all that,usual,kind of buzz before game it definitely,calmed me down a little bit and,you know parking the bus just kind of,outside the stadium walking in and not,having cameras in your face and all that,stuff,definitely made it a little bit calmer,in the situation,all right let's bring in our good friend,former nfl quarterback charlie batch,who's our quarterback of this program,and charlie let's get your impressions,last week while watching an nfl game,without fans you did so here in,pittsburgh your thoughts it was a little,different and,only time that i really noticed it was,whenever they did the replay and you saw,the all 22 package and that's when you,really noticed,what was going on or what lack of what,was going on in the stands but i think,you heard it and you heard it right from,ben roethlisberger just riding into the,stadium and not seeing tailgaters,trying to get yourself pumped up those,are the things that really you have to,really,pay attention to or at least get,yourself ready for well you know heinz,field,won't be the only thing that looks,different today the steelers offensive,line won't look,the same as it did last week not even,close,to last week because of some injuries,that happened late in the game against,the giants boy on back to back plays,just six minutes left in the fourth,quarter,pittsburgh native and starting right,guard stefan wisniewski,injured on this play he apparently tore,his pectoral muscle he won't play this,week as the steelers placed him on ir so,he is out minimum,of three weeks and then on the very next,play which resulted in a touchdown to,juju smith schuster,right tackle zach banner went down as he,backpedaled in pass protection,he tore his right acl unfortunately,after working so hard in the offseason,to become a steelers starter,his season is over before it ever,started,charlie you always hate to see anyone,lose a season to injury especially when,it's a guy like banner who dedicated,himself to becoming a starter for the,very first time,i'm sure as a player you can identify,you've been injured before what's that,like,yeah it's a tough situation especially,when you work so hard to crack the,starting lineup you can see the respect,that he had there and if you notice,ben roethlisberger threw a touchdown,pass there to juju smith schuster he,fell,down on top of zach and heard him,yelling and immediately looked over,and started consoling him right there,right there because he knew something,was seriously wrong and it's very tough,and hopefully we wish uh,not hopefully but we do wish zach banner,a speedy recovery,as the saying goes though and tomlin,says it all the time next man up and the,next man behind banner is going to be,true so cora for,he played well in this preseason almost,beat banner out for the job so what do,you think he'll be like,in banner's absence yeah the team feels,very comfortable with him stepping into,that lineup this is why he's on the,roster but they expe

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