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K.C. Johnson looks back at his time covering the Bulls 1996 NBA Championship | NBC Sports Chicagotim

NBC Sports Chicago

Updated on Jan 29,2023

K.C. Johnson looks back at his time covering the Bulls 1996 NBA Championship | NBC Sports Chicago

time to go on the beat with our nbc,sports chicago bulls inside of the great,k.c johnson,1995-96,your first year covering the chicago,bulls and hard to believe how many years,it's been but boy what a team that was,yeah 72 wins a championship uh it's uh,good memories uh good good way to enter,the beat i was uh one of the many on the,chicago tribune staff that covered that,team terry armour the late great was the,uh the main beat writer sam smith,isaacson but i was lucky enough to be,there and and cover that whole playoff,run what a thrill it was incredible and,when um,golden state didn't finish it off that,one year that they won 73,i can't consider that a great team,because,they didn't get the ring do you,subscribe to that philosophy i know,steve curtis because i've talked to him,about that and you know he's obviously,the one who's always drawn these,comparisons because he played for that,dominant bulls dynasty and now is,coaching his own dynasty in golden state,i mean i agree you got to finish that,job i mean that's part of what makes a,great team is not just a regular season,great team but you need that,championship so i know that steve felt,like that was an opportunity that got,away and uh maybe they can close it out,tonight we will find out i don't think,they will tonight oh we'll see,somebody might be gambling will we ever,see another squad as dominant as the 95,96 bulls in a salary cap era with,load manage things are different well i,mean if the warriors win this,championship that's four and eight,that's not six and eight but that's four,and eight and that's pretty legit um,dynasties as we all know are pretty hard,to do that's why they don't happen very,often and that's why they're so,celebrated and recognized um,i i mean i think you got to give,more credit to this warriors run and,what they've been able to do and then,obviously to almost bottom out these,last couple years and then rise back up,and they just made great moves and,they've got the dyna you know the,foundational pieces and curry and,thompson so i mean i i don't think some,people recognize how good this run has,been from the warriors so hopefully if,they get number four tonight we we we,give them more flowers okay before i get,to tonight's game,they are great is steph the greatest,shooter of all time because i saw draws,in petrovic,and had he not tragically died at a,young age in a car accident i think he,would have been right there in that,discussion,but,for you it's steph right it is steph uh,i would put reggie miller and ray allen,in that conversation as well i mean it's,just talking about pure jump shooting i,reggie i love just because of his,ability to hit big shots and big moments,and kind of his his whole demeanor,swagger yeah yeah for sure but uh to me,it's steph i mean to me he's almost,revolutionized the game i mean you look,at the the youth of today and where,they're coming up i mean the the game,has completely changed so so three-point,centric and his ability not only to,shoot but his doll handling ability is,just so sublime so um to me he's the,best shooter of all time yes yeah he's,an amazing player all right game six nba,finals who wins tonight,well like you i am not a gambler but,like you i did pick the warriors in,seven so i do think the celtics are,gonna get one at home tonight that crowd,is so fantastic and uh as you know the,celtics have been dominant after losses,in the playoffs this year um a real,testament to how well coached and how,mentally tough that team is,um so every once in a while i get one,right cap it doesn't happen very often i,picked the warriors in seven so i'll see,if the uh the celtics can make me look,smart tonight yeah i think that's how it,goes what i have just been disappointed,about in these playoffs and i've watched,it all i've gotten much more into the,nba the last few years i guess i've,gotten smarter after talking to you um,the thing is there's been so many,blowouts,so many blocks not just the final i'm,talking about about the whole playoffs,yeah i don't know man i just still think,the the level basketball is so high and,there's runs in each of those games so,maybe the final score is 12 14 points,but there's times i mean even that last,game though you know celtics had that,great third quarter and made things,interesting and the warriors pulled away,in the force so i'm just such a you know,me i'm i'm,i'm i'm biased i'm brainwashed i love,the nba dude did you always yeah even as,a kid yeah more than college yes it's,the best basketball man,all right let's talk zach levine yeah,he's had these cryptic instagram posts,not on the ground so yeah you need to,get out but they come to me i know what,you're talking about so,do you believe he's already got,i'm not going to say a deal but kind of,we'll get this done or,he's truly going to go on a tour well i,don't know if he's going to go on a tour,and but what i do know is that he is,going to go into the process with eyes,wide open as he said i mean when w

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KC Johnson details stepping in to call Bulls-Pacers game for Adam Amin | NBC Sports Chicago

KC Johnson details stepping in to call Bulls-Pacers game for Adam Amin | NBC Sports Chicago

steal by the bulls derozan pushing the,ball up court kicks it ahead to zach,levine still lethal in transition that's,a fast break basket and another example,of the bulls scoring points off,turnovers have they as they have done,all season,that was our very own casey johnson on,the play-by-play call to start,yesterday's game casey joins us now via,webex by cisco kc that resume man bulls,historian bulls beat reporter and of,course writer extraordinaire now you can,throw in there play by play guy uh,how would you have felt and and shout,out to adam and mean and getting back,making sure everything is good on adam's,part but you know you saw quite the shot,at the end of that game there was any,part of you watching that like man wish,i would have been able to call that last,second demar derozan not looking up at,the shot clock six game in a row winner,i i've had that question a few times,from uh friends or fans jason and my,responses because people ask me how,would have you handled that call and i,my response is i would have passed out,i don't have that i don't have that tool,in the trick bag man i i didn't,know what i was doing i had a blast,shout out to mark brady our fantastic,producer and robbie who i just met that,night was very solid and obviously very,i was the happiest person in the,building when adam amin returned from,the the tough team protocols,casey you know,when you got in the seat did you,reach back and think about the things,like adam would say or chuck schwerski,would say or what neil funk used to say,while you were sitting there,yeah so kendall it's funny to say that,we're actually writing about this uh on,our website tomorrow i kind of pull back,the curve down what it was like from my,experience i didn't have time to think i,had such little,preparation adam was pulled from the,broadcaster's table,literally like three or four minutes,before tipoff and brady got in our ear,and said you know what we're going to,just wing it and you and rob you're,going to call the game and i'm like i,don't know why i said this but i said i,can do play-by-play i've never done,play-by-play,in retrospect i do kind of wish although,it might have felt a little cheesy like,i had done like a kaboom or something,like that,but i i i really was just like holding,onto the steering wheel and gripping it,and just staring straight ahead like we,were driving in a rainstorm i was i had,nothing on but blinders and i was just,trying to get the plane down on the,ground man,so casey you even just mentioned you,just met robbie but i heard did he not,look at you and go is it kc or is it,casey,so as brady's counting us in guys,he's to show you what kind of,professional he is he says by the way is,it casey or kc because he just met me so,he wanted my name right on the broadcast,so a lot of crazy funny stories,definitely a memorable experience um i i,got some blow back on twitter,everybody's bible right about how i was,wearing a mask that's the reason why i,was wearing a mask at least initially is,in the column you can check it out um,but uh seriously man i mean,who can have the opportunity to say they,called a play-by-play quarter for the,chicago bulls not many people so i feel,very hey,casey now you know what it's like to be,the guy who takes up most of the salary,cap oh no,last night that's what the emergency,guys are out here being charged with kc,hey outstanding work man i can't i can't,wait to read about it on the my team's,app and of course,our very own reporter writer uh,play-by-play guy popcorn salesman,everything ladies and gentlemen the,great casey johnson,appreciate you guys,you

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What is Going on with Zach Lavine?? KC Johnson Shares His Thoughts

What is Going on with Zach Lavine?? KC Johnson Shares His Thoughts

welcome in everyone you're listening to,both Central I am joined today uh with a,very special guest he's been covering,the Bulls for a long time I think it's,actually safe to call him a bull's,historian by this point uh you know as,the uh Bulls beat writer for NBC Sports,Chicago as well as the co-host for the,Bulls Talk podcast it is my pleasure to,welcome back to the show Casey Johnson,of NBC Sports Chicago Casey always great,to have you on my man and I appreciate,you making the time thank you for having,me again Jamal appreciate it uh you know,Casey the last time uh I had you on it,was shortly after the Bulls were,eliminated from the playoffs how was the,off season busy for you were able to,take any time off before before heading,into this new season,foreign,yeah I mean you know obviously you,always have the uh the down time to,recharge the batteries uh it was I was,actually talking to somebody in the,organization it was the first kind of,normal Rhythm off-season since the,pandemic obviously you know so free,agency and July summer early in July and,then uh you know they obviously made,their moves pretty quickly so August and,September were pretty late months,well and it was kind of uh I mean we can,probably talk about that I wouldn't say,it's underwhelming off season but a bit,of a quiet off season for the Bulls,compared to last year too you know just,not as many transactions they're just,things were kind of up in the air with,Lonzo ball and his status which we'll,talk about but yeah I you know I was,kind of feeling the same way which was,good for me since I had a new baby you,know to not be able to focus so much on,the channel,um but let's talk about the Bulls uh one,game under their belt win over Miami,which was a pretty big one considering,the circumstances of no Zach Levine and,another game tonight against the Wizards,follow up by yet another game tomorrow,night for the home opener against the,Cavs I know we got one game completed so,maybe this is uh probably a better,question before the season starts but,how are you feeling about this upcoming,season expectations for the team,storylines you're looking forward to,covering all that,yeah um I I think they're going to be,solid uh obviously Health like all teams,will be a storyline and it's not off to,the best of starts with Alonzo and,Zach's situations but uh I have them you,know a little bit under last year I,predict them I have to go 44 and 38 I,think predictions are pretty uh uh uh,Superfluous uh because you know you're,just guessing but um I'm not probably as,Don on this team as as some people I I,recognize on paper the East has improved,but to me you've you know that's on,paper you got to go out of the court and,do it and I do feel like you know the,organization's attempt to have some,continuity and then add some margin,signings um was a good strategy I know a,lot of people are in the mind uh,disagree with that I personally think,the drogates and drunken signings were,very strong and I think uh obviously,both have played well through the,preseason and just in one game,um so we'll see how that plays out over,time,um and then you know people have said,it's an underwhelming uh off season but,you know they they obviously did their,first order business which was resigned,Zach Levine and that's not a that's not,a small thing especially there was,chatter out there that you know it was,Max or bust and that's what he got so,um you know we'll see uh but I've got,him at 44 and 38 uh seventh place I,think they'll win a play in game and,officially qualify for the playoffs and,then I do not see them getting out of a,first round matchup I think the East uh,the top of it at least is uh just in a,different class than the Bulls yeah it's,uh a much more stacked Eastern,Conference than we've ever seen in a,long time even more so than last year I,did want to talk about Zach Levine,um because you know obviously we learned,pretty unexpected at least in my opinion,anyway that he was gonna miss the season,opener uh due to left knee management,slash injury management which um from,what I understand is different from load,management uh it's still a new one to me,don't think I've ever come across that,one before and of course now we know,obviously he's gonna miss the game game,tonight against the Wizards and I have,to ask this question because I saw a lot,of bulls fans on Twitter including,myself uh frustrated by how the,communication on this went down because,we kept hearing from Zach and training,camp and pre-season that he feels great,you know played in the preseason he was,a bit Rusty but never said anything,about the knee bothering him at a whole,week off of games before you know the,regular season then it was announced,that you know he's going to be,questionable for the opener I think that,was actually you that announced that,first and that was the day before the,game and day of the game misses it now,he's going to miss this next one and I,think what compounded the frust

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Unfiltered: Bulls Insider KC Johnson | NBC Sports Chicago

Unfiltered: Bulls Insider KC Johnson | NBC Sports Chicago

welcome to unfiltered powered by points,vet i'm david kaplan it's the bulls and,the defending world champion box in,round one casey johnson's in-house to,discuss the big road ahead for billy,donovan and company the cubs of white,sox both take two of three on baseball's,opening weekend chuck garfield gives us,his takeaways on the south side and the,legendary voice of the chicago,blackhawks calls it a career this week,pat foley joins me to discuss the final,week of his incredible 39 year run it's,unfiltered powered by points back and it,starts,right now,here are tonight's top stories brought,to you by four seasons heating air,conditioning plumbing and electric bulls,are set to play bucks in game one on,sunday night in the first round of the,nba playoffs cubs manager david ross has,been suspended one game and pitcher,keegan thompson three games and find an,undisclosed amount after intentionally,hitting brewers outfielder andrew,mccutchen on saturday at wrigley and,after taking two of three from detroit,the white sox will host seattle,tomorrow's home opener at guaranty rate,fields,and we begin the show on the beat with,the great casey johnson,long time fixture on the bulls beat part,of our family here at nbc sports chicago,okay casey i know everyone's,disappointed how the season ended,they're disappointed in the last 20 or,so games,we have to keep perspective where this,team was two years ago when our tourists,got hired a year ago before demar and,caruso and ball signed,but now everyone,we're in the playoffs they want to taste,something are they going to get anything,yeah i think so you think it's think,it's a long shot cap first of all good,to be with you on your spectacular new,show congratulations thank you thank you,i've done it from the united center but,not in person so it's good good night to,have you here um what i would say is uh,as far as the overall season i agree,with you i i've made this argument,before if the bulls had flipped this,script and maybe started slowly and then,ascended to a 6c with 46 victories,people would be going crazy given where,this franchise has been over the past,few years so you do have to have some,perspective i do think it's a little,disappointing for the bulls perspective,if you're a fan that they've uh drawn,the bucks because to me there's no worse,matchup beyond the fact this is the,defending world champions just,stylistically it's a bad matchup for the,bulls so it likely from my perspective,is going to end pretty quickly and,possibly non-competitively so it's just,going to kind of continue this overall,vibe that's kind of pervaded these last,few weeks of the regular season but if,you were a bulls fan like,a lot of my friends who run home hey we,got a game tonight and they're,locked in on every game,would you take perspective to step back,and go okay let's see what we do this,summer if you're one of those bulls fans,because,man it's so much more fun the way it is,now than what it was yeah i mean you,start with the fact that you have uh you,know two reigning all-stars on your,roster and zach levine and demar derozan,assuming zach levine resigns he is an,unrestricted free agent i think all,people assume that he will be back but,until that happens you never say never,um so you start with that you you have,two all-stars on your roster you know,the nikola vujovic trade was a big,acquisition a former all-star,there are now some questions starting to,formulate about whether or not this core,can be the core of a championship team,these are questions for a pay grade much,higher than yourself or mine they're for,archers karna shovis and mark eversley,this management team as you know has,proven to be aggressive and creative and,when they see an issue they go out and,try to address it immediately you can,see things like alonzo ball,acquisition directly,addressing the fact this team did not,create a lot of turnover last year did,not get out in transition much boom that,that problem is addressed when he was,healthy so so when they see issues they,go out and try to aggressive address,them we'll see what they try to do this,summer i don't think they're going to be,messing around with the core of the big,three but that's their opportunity to,make a big move,is there one area where you think,that could be something they could,exploit or you see no match-up favoring,chicago i see no match-up favor in,chicago um to me it's that's why i mean,it's just such a downer if you're a,bulls fan because,get away from just how talented the,bucks are guys like drew holiday chris,middleton our all-stars giannis is,arguably top 2-3 player in the world you,know former mvp just get away from the,talent and just look at stylistically,and philosophically how milwaukee plays,they wall off the lane and the bulls,shoot mid-range jumpers they're not the,the bucks can see three-point shots to,you the bulls don't take a lot of,three-point shots and since the all-star,break have actually not been very good,at shooti

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Bulls Insider KC Johnson on Phil Jackson’s Role in Breakup of Bulls’ Dynasty | The Rich Eisen Show

Bulls Insider KC Johnson on Phil Jackson’s Role in Breakup of Bulls’ Dynasty | The Rich Eisen Show

what's the truth then Jerry Krause,telling Phil before the season you can,go 82 no doesn't matter you're done or,or crowd saying and it's unfinished,unpublished memoirs that Phil said,before the season eight months before,the breakup meeting that that that Jerry,Krause recounts that fills the one who,said I need a break,I'm going to Montana regardless of how,this goes what's the truth agent,Musburger were so contentious that Jerry,Reinsdorf had to fly to Montana and save,the day just to bring Phil back for the,97-98 season still side to three one,year in the summer of 96 in the summer,of 97 so he was hanging on by a thread I,mean it was on camera she said that,comment about the 82 and oh their,relationship exactly but Syria there's,no getting around that but in the day,Jill rice well you know whether you can,course whether it was a genuine offer or,not but he offers Phil the opportunity,in 98 to come back Phil Phil chose not,to take it and still is on record,who's Brooks and at the time then saying,he's not going to take it so again why,did that happen,are they because you felt you need a,break party could be felt like his,theory of staying in place for seven,seasons type in extended nine season and,probably because of his deterioration,deterrent deteriorating relationship,with hearing crest so again there's no,simple answer,the dynasty ran its course for multiple,reasons everybody's got their own,perspective as to why it happened to me,that the truth lies you know kind of,always a little so I guess what's don't,work let me use the you know now now I,know why perhaps I didn't get a,clear-cut answer and at the end of the,the documentary last night but I still,wanted some sort of full-on nuts and,bolts accounting similar to what I got,here from from Jerry Krause is memoir,so then let me ask you Casey tease the,few good men reference here if Santiago,was ordered not to be touched why was he,touched,who ordered the Code Red who was the,first one to say this is over how did,that happen,after the last dance when when Jerry,says he went to Phil to say let's do,this one more time and we obviously,don't know the circumstances under that,he didn't mention the word rebuild in,his conversation with Jason hair and,last night's documentary how did it who,was the one to basically say we're done,now in Chicago bill said no I mean Jerry,Reinsdorf offered him the chance to come,back met with Michael in 98 for the,lockout starting with jiving shoppin,look before you make a decision let me,talk to Phil and what the Phil and often,the tears come back and so said it's,time it's my time to go,you said that to us on the record has,pulled off on a motorcycle in the bureau,center parking lot I was there it's my,time to go because you can understand,why I feel the point there's no it's a,multi-layered answer is I guess what I'm,trying to get at but if you're if you're,asking what the Domino is genuine Cerf,offers Phil Jackson the chance to return,and still said no so you can I mean in,1997 he went out to Montana and I just,say those ago solutions to bring about,he was successful in 97 it was not,successful in 98 so I don't that answers,your question but my take on the,procedure no I guess I guess it does but,we just don't know the circumstances,under which I guess did Phil and Michael,ever have a conversation where Phil's,just like yeah we can only come back if,the if it's you and no Scottie,um and I don't know what's left with,Rodman you know like that's the sort of,stuff I wanted to hear,you know Kukoc was still there like you,and Kukoc and me you know in a season,that I don't know if it's gonna happen,you know like I would love to be a fly,on that wall,conversation ever took place Casey you,know yeah that's a great point and,that's why I was actually talking to,somebody else who said you know is there,another there's another guy said you,could do a ten part documentary and just,the breakup of the dynasty I mean I feel,like as great as this film was it was,you know ultimately it was more of a,historic history lesson it's me more,with Jordan right critically it was,wonderful filmmaking was captivating,watch and certainly needed it in this,time we're all living it but you know to,me it just really kind of got to the,break-up at the very end I think you,could be 10 hours but certainly multiple,hours on that and so these questions,you're you're asking you know I would,like to know some of the answers inside,like I reported a question some of the,stuff that happened back then I don't,know the filling you don't know what,kind of private conversations took place,back then in terms of hey what are you,gonna do I mean Michael is pretty,adamant that he could have got the band,back together ever put anything past,Michael no doubt we all know that oh no,down,hey you watched all the way to the end,thanks for that watch more right here

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TEX@KC: Johnson talks Negro leagues, her experiences

TEX@KC: Johnson talks Negro leagues, her experiences

back to kauffman stadium our mazda game,break takes a look at a negro league's,legend mamie peanut johnson one of three,females ever to play in the negro league,she was the first pitcher she pitched,for the indianapolis clowns and she,could hit two by the way 33-8 with a 273,batting average,in three years and we are thrilled right,now to be joined by mimi peanut johnson,taking this game in on a warm but as you,pointed out no rain night how good is it,to be at the ballpark oh it's beautiful,i i'm just so happy to be here to enjoy,such an event,let's go back to your career one of,three women and oh by the way she also,studied at new york university and went,on to be a very successful nurse later,on after baseball but but how did it,come about you pitching and hitting in,the negro leagues well actually i i,played sand ball for quite a while,and there was a gentleman,that saw me play quite often,and he approached me and asked me if i,wanted to play pro baseball and i told,him yeah,so he sent me to,meet the business manager of the clowns,and i met him mr bunny downs,and i went for a tryout the same day,and,the next day i was on the bus,and pitching and and hitting okay i want,to i want to ask you what was your,repertoire what kind of pitches did you,throw,everything i needed to,really whatever i needed to flow and,actually i i learned a great deal from,some of the nicest gentlemen,that really picked up a ball because,a lot of people don't realize,sandlot ball is a whole lot different,than major league ball and that's what,we were playing,you know we we now lately have seen the,story of monet davis and what she was,able to do i know you've met her,what did you think watching her and and,meeting her and how much of an,inspiration she is in this current day,well actually i i,when i looked at her,i said that's the reincarnation of me,when i was her age and,she she's gonna go far if,she continues to do what she's doing,yeah she's a very talented young lady,very talented tell us about the nick and,peanut who came up with that and how did,it come about,a gentleman gave me that name,that,played for the kansas city monarchs,he,looked at me because i was very small,then,and uh and asked me how did i expect to,strike anybody out,because i wasn't big as a peanut and i,struck him out in the name step,so that's how i got back,well you did really well and we know so,much about the negro leagues because of,the museum here in the great history of,the kansas city monarchs who who did you,just not like to face who was that one,hitter that you did not like to see,actually there was none,there wasn't because,you know you had to learn to,to really,take the bad with the sweet and that was,it if you hit you he just hit you that,was it,back then,i got news for you 60 years later or,whatever it is that's still the way it,is in the sport of baseball the guys,treat you being one of just a few women,well you know it's it's it's,it's a wonderful thing because,i met most of the gentlemen,back then young men were gentlemen they,you know they're not like they are now,so i don't know what you got now but,they were gentlemen and i was pleased to,be treated,like a lady at all times,and i can say i had,26 brothers and they were so nice,okay i asked you who you did not like to,face and you said you you're happy,facing everyone what about as a hitter,273 batting average too was there,someone that gave you a tough time well,everybody did let me tell you we had,some of the best pictures there were,so,you take your chances with whoever,and that's the way it went,either you played good or you didn't,play and you went home simple as that,face natural at all no i i didn't play,with mr page i met mr page when he came,back from the browns back to kansas city,but i never played against them,did you get a chance to play here at all,i mean kansas city and the monarchs yes,yes we played here,quite often and we also played in the,the new stadium mr page's stadium,in fact that's where we took our,first pictures together,at that stadium,it is great to have you here at this,stadium on a night where it's sold out,the defending american league champions,we are so honored to have you here in in,kansas city mamie peanut johnson thanks,for taking the time thank you so much,for having me and that's yours,got our card here it's got all the,the information on it i mean i don't,know anybody else that has a card like,this with such an incredible history,great storyteller and that's right she,wasn't backing down guys against any of,those men back to you

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FULL MATCH: KC vs. Shay Johnson | REVENGE Women's Championship - Cashing In The Case 2019

FULL MATCH: KC vs. Shay Johnson | REVENGE Women's Championship - Cashing In The Case 2019

so,so,that's about to happen right now,oh should i start off the cape can't see,reverse okay he's trying to get at it,all missed a big boot kenzie with the,strikeout deflected,check over the kick again casey reflects,it again,oh the bag suplex,all right picks her up toss it around,kick to the head,should try to get back into the game,here oh,they'll cross earth by casey,stop the face in case he picks up say,drop kick to say,this for the women's championship ladies,and gentlemen the vacated title,oh sorry changes down here it's chain,reverses,oh no curse on to the ground,go for pin that kick got it two and a,half,oh my god,there's it kicked it again sunset flip,powerball,and shay kicks out wow,stomp the delay,here this is a no holds barred match,pushes casey out the way on the big boat,again,over there early we could be looking at,a new world champion and again got it,too,damn that was close,real close i thought that would,be the finish right there,the jawbreaker,and a superplace outside,ouch,now say dragging casey,away from the ring now the entrance ramp,elbows the gun of ,oh no scoop slam on the entrance ramp,on the led entrance ramp,again drag i mean this time she's,dragging so,she knew the metal ramp though what the,hell she doing,oh no okay,no the woman has kids,oh,my god,geez,that is insane,oh southern save here today crowd,rail rover kicked it ahead,sorry now casey trying to bring him to,the crowd we going to the crowd,oh whoa barely there she hit the rail,again,now casey's running at this strike right,next to the crowd oh god counter,save oh my goodness the strikes are,flying,me to the gate,my god strikes by save and another one,to the back,right to the front to the back again to,the front,my god this is the same ladies and,gentlemen,look at this repeating kicks to casey,oh that down the right strike,toss this shade half across the crowd,area,elbow to the face shaved with the strike,got counted,lead to that great need for the gun,again,oh,that is crazy ladies and gentlemen,no holds part for the women's,championship the vacated women's,championship,and this is the finals of the tournament,of the women's championship tournament,headbutts to the back of casey's head,tosses casey half across the ring half,across the outside,right next to the equipment box,save the grapple got counted by casey,casey with the kicks oh and the knee to,the face,uh oh go for it oh she grabbed her i,think she's gonna try to go take it to,the barricade oh,i think the ground got took the pressure,took his toe on casey's,back and the dt on the concrete floor,my goodness,more physical,grabbing cursing,oh no what's safer to do here,nice there's only the beginning of this,match we got more,bear with us here we ain't going nowhere,to this finish,or save time casey over the barricade,how physical this is getting,i mean it is supposed to be physical,into it,sorry comes over the rope,oh,jeremy suplex,all right,so he's down well i think he's going to,hit a spear,on shane uh way off,in them connected,going for the pig,akc kicks out,wow that was close,my goodness,what's safer to do she's looking to get,a,some sort of weapon no disqualifications,in this match,anything goes oh no,she pulled off the table,it's got that time,time to go,his crazy,i was ripped outside the ring and tacos,are down,to the table,crashed and burned through the table,where the hell did michaela come from,michaela just saved casey for being,broken in half,through a table wallace's baby sister,with a save,that wow a nasty crash by shay,and casey going for the pin,and shea kicks out at two and a half,how just how,how is that even possible,and michaela's desperate to have casey,bring home the goal,to the asylum home court,and a wheelbarrow bulldog by,trying to finish off casey,casey slowly getting up,time for the turnbuckle,shay picked up picks up casey to the top,rope,what's he gonna do oh shoot about to hit,the avalanche,finally hits after the first time was,deflected,casey picks up shade,shaking dragged right now,right behind the ropes oh the super cake,sending shade to the bridge ladder,casey wants to finish,shows off the and a splash through the,ladder,my god,wow,now say split in half,possibly half across the ring,oh that could be it going for the cover,no,season's going nowhere,casey going under the ring that's baton,called the desperate,sto,nicely done by shea the woman's,television champion of revenge,trying to get back in control,turns casey around,it's okay again,uh-oh she got to find that move that was,reversed,everlast pulled off on the steel chair,wow that can knock out trophy,like that no champion no,not ever close,by lord,now say getting the toys out again,push the table oh my god one more,what else could it be,oh yeah the ladder you have another,ladder in place,this time it's not as big as the bridge,one,the ladder i think crazy tunnel,get up here save yourself stay put nice,real cake they say got the table,i guess you can set it up for casey,just picked u

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Lexy Johnson - KC Softball | March 29, 2022 | WKCV Voice Of The Giants

Lexy Johnson - KC Softball | March 29, 2022 | WKCV Voice Of The Giants

what is up guys welcome back to the,voice of the giants podcast here on wkcv,the voice of keystone college guys this,week joining in the studio by none other,than women's softball representative,lexi johnson lexi what's up how you,doing hi doing well thanks for having me,yeah absolutely thank you for coming in,now obviously i i would have been a fool,if i didn't eventually get you guys and,obviously next week i'm going to be,getting baseball i would have been a,fool if i didn't come this spring,semester thinking of getting two of,probably the hottest teams over the past,couple of years in,the studio for recording and everything,like that and obviously for softball,baseball all we actually get to talk,about a four year season because you,guys obviously spring sport and you guys,actually get to have that and everything,like that and over the past couple years,this is your fourth year this year,senior season it's been a wild ride over,the past couple years hasn't it yeah,that it has with kovid and just all of,the changes we've had so far it's been,crazy but it's been been really good,yeah absolutely and i'm i i would be,remiss if i didn't say pretty much first,time i think last year i don't think you,guys had the spring break trip did you,right no we didn't yeah but this year,you guys did and everything like that,and that spring great trip always for,whatever reason whenever i see you guys,go off on that spring break trip just,the atmosphere just picks up whenever i,see the games online or something like,that so what what does the spring break,trip kind of do for you guys that's,honestly the first time that we step on,dirt of course we get to go up to the,turf like one or two times before we,leave for it but that's the first time,we step on dirt for the season that's,the first time that we really get to,interact together so it really just,brings the whole,season to light it really puts,everything into gear absolutely and it's,always a weird feeling when you guys go,up to the turf field or like when you're,not you know actually doing games for,that like first month and a half month,of month of the season and everything,like that because once you guys get onto,that field and everything like that it's,okay so like some people might not show,up because of classes some people may,show up but the other reason i bring up,the spring break trip it because,unfortunately like i said last year you,guys didn't get a chance to do that,spring great trip but this year you guys,did what was kind of like the feeling,when you guys got the confirmation hey,we are doing the spring break,it was really really exciting we had,some hardships that we went through but,we really banned it together as a team,and having the opportunity to go on the,spring break trip was just the greatest,thing that could possibly happen for us,it really got everyone excited and,really put the team together and bonded,us absolutely and obviously when we talk,about the schedule and everything like,that you guys always that whatever,reason whenever i see the beginning half,of the schedule oh you guys always,whether it's the spring road trip,whether you guys don't have the spring,rate chat you guys always find a way to,upload the ante at the beginning of the,season now obviously a lot of teams do,that and everything like that and that's,to get them ready however for you guys,in baseball oh you guys kind of rise up,to that and everything like that and you,somehow make it games against some of,the toughest opponents that honestly,come through,any pa and honestly just all in general,so what is it like just seeing some of,those power five teams or just power 25,teams to go up against at the beginning,of the season we definitely rise to the,occasion every single time that we play,them like we split with scranton that,was the first time we've beat scranton,in seven years so everyone walked into,that game really excited really ready,for the challenge and everyone pulled,together these teams that we're playing,they're all team wins or team losses so,we just really band together and get,excited to play now obviously we we talk,about the schedule as as i said before,and,every year the schedule wraps up you,guys always get for whatever reason for,csac you guys always find a way to start,off with whether it's like notre dame,karen st elizabeth and everything like,that you start off with some of the,teams you kind of make it look easy,again so i'm not saying they're easy,opponents i'm saying,probably some of the let's go oh you,guys just make it look easy but then,towards the end of the season where,playoff actors come into fruition and,everything like that you guys get,cedarcrest and you get wilson to wrap it,up who are always up there in the c-sec,and always giving you guys fits and,everything like that what is it like,just at the end of the season it's like,okay we gotta face cedar crest we gotta,face wilson two are probably our,toughest c-sec opponents that you know,yo

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