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Katie Pavlich: It's stunning who was behind Twitter’s censorshipmy bad this according to former Twit

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Katie Pavlich: It's stunning who was behind Twitter’s censorship

my bad this according to former Twitter,CEO Jack Dorsey who now says he's taken,full responsibility for the shenanigans,we're learning in the Twitter files this,includes censoring the hunter Biden,laptop stories suppressing conservative,voices and whatever dark Deeds Elon Musk,has yet to reveal Jack also insists,there was never any political motivation,that's funny or hidden agendas that's,even funnier behind his company's,decisions but as Justin Bieber once sang,is it too late now to say sorry here,with me now editor at Fox,News contributor Katie Pavlich great to,see you Katie,great to see you Kennedy so does Jack,dorsey's Mia culpa ring Hollow to you,well it rings Hollow in the sense that,he's trying to argue that there were no,political reasons why these things were,happening happening obviously with all,the emails and traffic that we've seen,behind the scenes we know that's not,true Twitter obviously was run by a,bunch of liberal activists but I think,it's more interesting to look at the,bigger picture when you read through,basically what he wrote about what,happened to Twitter and CEOs across the,country who are running the corporations,can take some lessons from him in the,sense he says look I got pushed around I,allowed activists to come into the,company and to make these arguments we,should be censoring information and they,did and then everything started to fall,apart because we couldn't keep up with,what we had set ourselves up for and,actually when he gives solutions to,moving forward as we're hearing a lot,about regulation on Capitol Hill and,saying that things need to be done to,you know reign in big Tech and to issues,some regulations on the federal level,for social media companies not just,Twitter he's saying look we have to give,power back to the people back to the,user and the mistake that Twitter made,was building tools inside the company to,control information rather than building,tools for users to control information,themselves and to decide how they wanted,to use the platform so it's interesting,to read through what he wrote yes and I,think that people watching should really,take some lessons about not allowing,your company to be taken over by a bunch,of woke activists because it will fall,apart and they will lose the company and,they will they will never like you you,will never appease them you will never,make them happy there's no way that you,can move their agenda forward,satisfactorily they will always find a,way to pick you apart and you know it's,really convenient for him to say now but,you know he was the CEO of a company,that was valued at the time for billions,of dollars and you know all we knew,about him was that he was drinking salt,shakes which was just you know salt and,water and lemon juice and he would walk,to work five miles and he wouldn't eat,until Friday it's like buddy grab a,sandwich and and and grow a pair and,play their company,you know it's like and for him to say,like it wasn't them it was me it's like,yeah it was you and it was them and it,was political and I do think he,committed perjury in 2018 when he sat,before Congress under oath and said that,Twitter wasn't shadow shadow Banning,people they were and it wasn't just one,way that they were doing it that's one,of the things we've learned in the,Twitter files is they had they were,developing on the fly a number of tools,in a number of ways of suppressing,voices and you're absolutely right it,should have been just between the user,and the person following them,mm-hmm well and and look uh you know,they will say they were lying they were,lying to the public they were not,following the guidelines they were,putting out two users they were breaking,their own rules left and right they were,implementing new policy on the Fly that,conveniently went one way on the,political Spectrum during election,season when they were saying they were,trying to prevent interference in,elections but the bigger issue I think,here is that yes they they Shadow banned,conservatives they censored information,which was wrong but who was behind that,and who were they partnering with the,federal government yes the FBI was,working with them to censor information,and so when Congress takes us up it's,not just about regulating big Tech which,I think they don't have a lot of,experience with and could go very poorly,given how the government doesn't,regulate it and government is run by old,people FBI going around this amendment,yes it was the FBI CIA DHS all meeting,with Twitter to suppress speech that's,where the censorship issue exactly,all right thank you girl

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Katie Pavlich: These were the winners and losers from McCarthy's speaker vote

Katie Pavlich: These were the winners and losers from McCarthy's speaker vote

you're not going to believe this we have,breaking news tonight the house moments,ago passing a so-called rules package,that Republicans will use as a road map,during their new majority it comes just,two days after Kevin McCarthy finally,won the speaker's gavel the California,Republican ultimately prevailed after a,whopping 15 voting rounds but was he the,biggest winner of this whole thing maybe,not according to some political analysts,the sagas losers might include but are,not limited to Kevin McCarthy former,president Donald Trump and Jim Jordan,the winners Joe Biden Mitch McConnell,cocaine Mitch Byron Donalds and Matt,Gates I don't know if I agree with that,last one joining me now in studio, editor Fox News contributor,Katie Pavlich uh so this whole thing,watching this play out day after day,vote after vote it was unlike anything I,think we've seen in our lifetimes I,thought it was great we were the winners,I I disagree with the the losers there I,think that the winners based on the,concessions that were in this bill that,just got passed with the rules committee,including stopping proxy voting meaning,you know Democrats and Republicans have,to work in person they have to go to the,floor to debate these things I think,most importantly given that American,people think that inflation should be,the number one priority of the new,Congress that they've decided that you,can no longer just smash all these bills,together for 1.7 trillion dollar,omnibuses without any kind of sense of,what's in the bill and also that women,avoids you know that allows,representatives to avoid debating to,bills on their merits and voting on them,for their record individual it allows,them to push it all into one thing and,make an excuse up about why they had to,vote for it that I think is a win it,also curbs spending which is why I think,some Republicans were skeptical of,defense spending getting kind of the,Pentagon but guess what we are 34,trillion dollars in debt it doesn't just,Target defense spending and Target,spending everywhere and that's something,that the country has to Grapple with but,Republicans especially given their,agenda and what they promised the voters,on inflation should be doing yes it's,less painful if you do it now than,forced austerity which will come down,the road in five or ten years maybe,sooner,um so what about Matt Gates because he,really inserted himself into this whole,thing I think there were other more,honorable actors who really were truly,fighting for freedom and to limit the,size of government and,um I my heart went out to them like I,felt for them because they are really,trying to do what they were tasked with,doing by voters I felt like Matt Gates,was starring in his version of the Matt,gate show yeah unfortunately you know,Matt Gates turned it into the Matt Gates,show instead of it being about the task,at hand now Republican Texas Congressman,chip Roy is a very serious person he is,dedicated to limiting government his,record speaks for itself he was not,fundraising off of being opposed to,speaker Kevin McCarthy whereas Matt,Gates even after McCarthy got the votes,including his vote was still fundraising,and accusing him of being a squatter in,the speaker's office so it's clear that,Matt Gates was was interested in getting,some attention but chip Roy behind the,scenes was really driving the driving,force behind getting a list of,concessions you'll remember you know the,accusation against the 20 holdouts was,that this was just personal for Matt,Gates it may be personal but for someone,like chip Roy it wasn't personal it was,a false accusation and now we actually,have a list of confessions that are,pretty decent in terms of at least,changing some minor things and that you,know when we were having the debate last,week whether or not this is a good or,bad thing I was like how else are you,going to get changed exactly unless,people within your party hold your feet,to the fire so I did not structurally,have a problem with that Byron Donald's,kind of emerged as a star yeah it was,interesting to see his name get thrown,and then he voted for himself he also,then came back around and voted for,Kevin McCarthy it's good to think about,New Blood you know the accusation when,he was put into the the his name was put,into the the hat so to speak was that he,doesn't have any experience he's just a,freshman well the speaker of the house,doesn't have to be someone within in,Congress I know that they think that,they're very special and that they you,know their experience there is what,would make them eligible to be in that,position but actually you can elect,anybody to that position and if people,wanted him to be the speaker then they,have every right to vote from obviously,that didn't happen Kevin McCarthy is not,the speaker but I think it's good to to,Really throw out some different names in,there see what people think and get some,concessions that are better for the,country and how the house does and I,

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Chris Wallace Gets Owned by Katie Pavlich After He Throws a Tantrum On-Air

Chris Wallace Gets Owned by Katie Pavlich After He Throws a Tantrum On-Air

Fox News's Chris Wallace gets owned by,Katie Pavlich after he throws a tantrum,on-air we've got the video we'll show,you before we do please double check you,are still subscribed with notifications,enabled if you're new to the channel I'm,ready to tap the subscribe button down,below then hit that notification bousley,the first to know when the latest news,breaks and remember YouTube is actively,suppressing our ability to reach new,viewers they've taken us out of the,suggested video speed so help us reach,new people by telling your friends about,next news by text messaging our reports,before I get to that you know the Wall,Street Journal has just reported that,two massive hedge funds won't let their,clients withdraw their money makes you,think huh will you be able to get yours,when you want it with a precious metal,IRA with noble gold investments your,money is safe it's your money discover,more about precious metal IRAs with,noble gold investments give them a call,eight seven seven six four six five,three four seven or just hit the link,below to get your free investment guide,check out noble gold investments calm,today now back to the news 100% fed up,reports of Fox News Chris Wallace and,the Fox News panel were ready to cover,the impeachment trial when anti Trump,political hack Chris Wallace headed,temper tantrum,Wallace yelling at Cape Alex to get her,facts straight and then she comes back,with facts watch this but the Justice,Department decided not to investigate,and that is why it went to the house so,to say that the Clinton investigation,that these people were interviewed by,the house 1 they weren't and would to,say that it wasn't done by the Justice,it wasn't done by the Justice Department,because the Justice Department refused,to carry out the investigation there,it's get your facts right okay Chris the,point is that all of the information,that the grand jury and the Clinton,investigation and all the witnesses that,the house wanted to call that the,Justice Department called in the Clinton,case were done before the articles were,voted on and put over to the Senate that,is not what has happened here the house,voted on incomplete information and gave,it to the Senate and now they're saying,the Senate should call additional,witnesses who have not been called,before and who not part of the house,evidence that,- what jungle I'm not taking outside,Chris I'm not saying Bolton should or,should not testify,I am simply talking about what senators,are saying well and whether they need to,know what the process Wow Wallace could,not contain his excitement at the news,that came out about Bolton watch this,maybe there Chris I know you're champing,at the bit here - so what do you think,about this this very big news that came,out last night if you want a sense of,how big the news is that we've heard in,the last 12 hours 14 hours just listen,to the Trump supporters frankly like,congressman Lee Zeldin and a lot of,others spinning like crazy that it isn't,big news and you get a sense that this,is really an important development in,this case let's put it in the context of,where we were were thought we were gonna,be this morning and that is that it,appeared that the drive to call,witnesses in the Senate had basically,petered out it wasn't going to happen,that you were going to have the defense,lawyers for the president present their,case over the next today and possibly,tomorrow we were going to have the hours,of question and answer and then there,was going to be a vote on witnesses that,was gonna fail and the president was,going to be acquitted there was a lot of,talk that this trial was going to be,over by Friday that may still happen but,it seems to me it's much much less,likely Wow is he is pretty excited there,let's hope it is over by Friday but at,the same time like we mentioned in a,previous report this week what happened,is very very likely that the Bolton,transcript from his book was leaked,intentionally okay it was leaked,intentionally to the very same people,who started this entire impeachment,process VIN Minh and his twin brother,because VIN means twin brother is the,one who has to review all the national,security information that goes out like,Bolton's book so it's handed to him he,sees the excerpt he hands it off to the,New York Times there at times,makes it and then the Democrats scream,for they want his they want the full,testimony to get the full scope Bolton,sells a couple books in the process,Chris Wallace has an orgasm on,television he reams out Katie Pavlich,here okay and then what we get we get,Joe Biden we get the man who shall not,be named we get Adam Schiff on the stand,so this hall may be a trap we'll see if,they actually walk through it but,clearly Chris Wallace getting schooled,by Katie Pavlich right there so it may,have been Wallace's tingled up the leg,moment,Katie Powers is one smart woman and she,deserves an apology from Wallace,immediately comment below see you at the,next report for the nex

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Gutfeld: If Twitter removed trending pages, cancel culture would starve

Gutfeld: If Twitter removed trending pages, cancel culture would starve

do you have any plans to visit the,border,at some point you know,we are going to the border we've been to,the border so this whole this whole,this whole thing about the border we've,been to the border,we've been to the border you haven't,been to the border,and i haven't been to europe,maybe you should get out more princess,laughing pants,it's funny because she laughs and she's,wearing pants,so,well that didn't end well i speak of,cat's night out,last night,oh she leaves a wake of damaged,furniture and tears,but i also speak of actress ellie kemper,folding,to the woke here's a recap from the most,handsome man,on television ellie kemper star of the,office,and unbreakable kimmy schmidt is under,attack after online idiots declared,she was a racist her crime in 1999 a st,louis business group named her their,queen,of love and beauty the group used to be,a whites only but integrated 20 years,before she won her crown,20 years it's hard to,absorb the news when it's coming from,someone that gorgeous,now when we did the segment uh we,saluted kemper for not responding to the,twitter mob,calling for her scalp no offense,elizabeth warren,but that's how you beat cancer culture,you realize it's just a dozen losers,screaming for attention from a,content-starved media,like newborn babies you let them scream,until they scream themselves out that's,what my mom did to me,in the woods we thought kemper would,outlast the mob kind of like katie,pavlich powering through a hangover,but sadly just days later kemper,groveled to the woke police,offering not just an apology but a,confession one so pathetic,it embarrassed john cena or senna,i warned you i know i know it had all,the woke,catchphrases and i quote i unequivocally,deplore denounce and reject white,supremacy at the same time i acknowledge,that because of my race and my privilege,i am the beneficiary of a system that,dispense unequal justice and unequal,rewards,pows speak more off the cuff than that,but she follows the script there is a,very natural temptation when you become,the subject of internet criticism,to tell yourself that your detractors,are getting it all wrong,but i realize that a lot of the forces,behind the criticism,are forces that i've spent my life,supporting and agreeing with,did jane fonda write this she then said,she was grateful for her humiliation,and tells us that she will use her,privilege in support of the better,society,i think we're capable of becoming well,how nauseating of her,so what if we all followed her lead,every single person playing pro baseball,has to apologize for participating in a,league that once segregated blacks,and that also includes baseball fans,baseball cap wearers and anyone who's,ever tried to get to second base on a,date,also every democrat must apologize and,demand a name change for their political,party,it was the party of slavery and jim crow,after all,they fought a war to keep slaves joe,biden even gave a eulogy for a democrat,leader,robert byrd who was a kkk cleagle or,grand poobah or whatever those idiots,call each other,so think about this kemper was a,debutant for an,organization one she didn't know was,racist,even before she was born but every,single democrat,became a democrat knowing they were once,the party of slavery,as people often say to me in the sauna,wow that can't be right,i never know what gets a laugh these,days i understand kemper she's terrified,of being ostracized,like most actors they desperately want,to be liked and they can't speak,unless they have a script and a,consultant without that they're,vulnerable to the worst kind of,groupthink,i wonder what the angry white male has,to say,oh i'm not worried i can't be canceled,my mainstream career was destroyed years,ago when i met a man named greg gutfeld,thanks greg,you're welcome tom his career is over,how about the angry black male,so,so somebody got apologized for something,that happened long before they were born,and when they joined they don't do that,anymore,well i guess with that kind of thinking,i guess democrats are on the clan,so that was kemper's time in the barrel,it began with an old photo and it became,a twitter trend in fact if you look at,any mob action,it always starts that way with something,called twitter trends,they show you what people are clicking,on at the site which then becomes an,attention self generator,much like chris cuomo remember,uncle tim that smear on senator tim,scott without twitter trends,no one would have heard of it the,covington kid smear was a twitter trend,manipulated by the legacy media promoted,with a dishonestly,edited clip and then there's trump,feeding the fish,mike pence loading empty boxes trump,wearing his pants backwards,twitter trends created these fake,stories it's pornhub for leftists,and like the wuhan lab all you need to,do is create one source and unleash it,twitter trends does the rest because,that's the media's trough,trends are the easiest stories to write,and they play upon outrage addicts,who have

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Katie Pavlich: The left tends to take disagreement as you being a bad person

Katie Pavlich: The left tends to take disagreement as you being a bad person

us now Katie Pavlich editor of, and Fox News contributor,and Steve Moore freedomworks and,committee to unleash prosperity and,Godzilla you know Katie I just want to,pick up for a second,um,I don't know I have trouble as I never,really disagree with you and I never,disagree with Steve Moore but there are,moments there are moments I have a lot,of Pals in the Democratic side I,seriously do uh on another Network on,another show I used to have them on all,the time and this and that and the other,thing but really in recent years it's,gotten very hard to disagree with any,civility Katie and I you know what can I,just say I miss that okay and I'm not,perfect nobody's perfect there's a few,I'd probably like to have back but on,the whole if I disagree with someone,about oh my gosh tax policy or you know,some dummy economic thing I don't have,to kill them I can just like talk it,through or maybe what do you think about,that,well Larry you have a very very,successful show on Fox business but it,also sounds like you would be a very,successful diplomat when it comes to,trying to manage tough issues with,people who disagree with each other we,have seen this incivility happen we've,seen it turn into violence actually,whether it was the baseball shooting a,couple of years ago where Steve scalise,was nearly killed the left tends to take,disagreement as you being a bad person,rather than just a policy debate and,when you have that kind of attitude,rather than just talking over issues,maybe finding areas of agreement,especially in Washington you don't tend,to get very far especially when it comes,to real solutions that people can kind,of count on from their representatives,yeah I think you're right it's kind of a,sad thing maybe it'll change Steve Moore,thing speaking of instability uh any,number of federal district courts have,said no to the student loan uh bailouts,and cancellations,the White House refuses to acknowledge,them and now they're saying they're,going to keep the moratorium on student,loan payments through June okay through,June this is mid no late November I mean,there's a certain incivility in that too,I learned a lot from your show tonight,and I got a great quote of the day from,Bill Bennett which is there's too much,virtue signal signaling and not enough,virtue I just love that it's a great,great thing uh look how many times you,have to get shut down shot down by the,courts now so basically Congress has not,approved this Larry there's never been,any Congressional authorization of this,half trillion dollar student loan,bailout Bill the courts have said no you,can't do it and and yet Biden is moving,forward with it can you imagine if,you're a former boss Donald Trump had,done this the left would say he's a,dictator,they'd say it anyway but it's a good,point it's a very good point but you,know Katie it is I mean I'm yeah,Biden has been lecturing,conservatives and Republicans I don't,know for two years but certainly the,election year you know that we're,undermining democracy and we don't have,respect for this and here he goes he's,not paying any attention to what these,courts are saying and they're I guess,they're going to do the same thing on,the border Katie uh title 42 is supposed,to expire in four or five weeks but,they're just going to move right past,that like nothing changes you have any,thoughts on that I mean it's like the,the the Biden immigration policy really,we have a they keep telling us the board,is closed what am I missing here,well we'll see what happens with the new,Congress I know that there was supposed,to be an announcement today from uh what,he thinks is going to Future Majority,Leader or leader of minority leader now,Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy here,in a couple of months uh they want to go,after my orcas who's of course the DHS,secretary for failing the country when,it comes to the mission of what DHS is,their mission actually states that,they're supposed to stop the illegal,transfer or trafficking of human beings,and goods well we're seeing that clearly,is not happening so but when it comes to,the rule of law issue whether it's on,the student loans or on immigration you,know the Democrats campaigned on and Joe,Biden specifically on getting back to,Norms well ignoring two federal courts,when it comes to the unconstitutionality,of the Student Loan program or the,immigration enforcement that they have a,lack of doing would have been called a,constitutional crisis many weeks ago in,the media and among legal Scholars but,instead you're not hearing much about it,yeah I mean um,they're going to continue down the keep,the proven strategies The Proven,strategy look I,we could disagree about the issue of,immigration illegal immigration Steve,Moore,um you know I'm for immigration as long,as it's legal and I think there's been,some pretty good reform measures put out,there uh by by Republicans by Trump,never gets anywhere but this stuff is in,your face this is like they're ignoring,

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BOOM! 3 Top Dems Get the BOOT Seconds After McCarthy Grabs The Gavel

BOOM! 3 Top Dems Get the BOOT Seconds After McCarthy Grabs The Gavel

Kevin McCarthy the new speaker of the,house has delivered on yet another,promise he made to the American people,within the first week of the new,Republican majority in the house which,was immediately kicking three,controversial Democrats off of key,assignments thanks for watching Next,News Network I'm Ivory Hecker filling in,from my YouTube That's Ivory Hecker on,YouTube news breaks every day here be,the first to know when tap subscribe,below to stay informed as promised by,Republicans McCarthy has ousted,Democratic Representatives Eric swalwell,and Adam Schiff from the intelligence,committee and stopped ilhan Omar from,serving on the Foreign Affairs committee,according to town hall the past in the,past Republican congresswoman Marjorie,Taylor green and Paul gosar were removed,from their committee assignments by,former Democratic house Speaker Nancy,Pelosi and Republicans warned Democrats,that this decision would set a precedent,that would dictate who serves on which,committee last year McCarthy promised,this would happen when he became speaker,watch,you've talked in the past about removing,Elon Omar you've talked about removing,Adam's Schiff about Eric swalwell will,you deliver,yes I will I'll keep that promise and,one thing I said from the very beginning,Eric swalwell cannot get a security,clearance in the public sector why would,we ever give him a security clearance in,the secrets to America so I will not,allow him to be on Intel you have Adam,Schiff who had lied to the American,public time and again we will not allow,him to be on the Intel committee either,and you look congresswoman Omar her,anti-semitic comments that have gone,forward we're not going to allow her to,be on Foreign Affairs but we're also,going to stand up to what's happening,not just in the halls in Congress but,it's happening into our higher education,institutions the anti-Semitism that's,going on on these campuses and others we,will investigate that as well and stop,this to make sure that America does have,the freedoms that we've said we would,keep and that we will stand up to it as,we move forward,this move is especially damaging for,Schiff who abused his position as,chairman of the house intelligence,committee to investigate president,Donald Trump over bogus Rush inclusion,allegations Schiff claimed for years,that evidence would lead to an,indictment of trump the politically,charged allegations didn't come to,fruition after years of what Trump,called a Witch Hunt and special counsel,Robert Mueller's lengthy and expensive,investigation which was a dud meanwhile,swallow's case for being stripped of his,assignments is simple he slept with a,Chinese spy in the case of Omar there is,ample evidence that she committed,immigration fraud when she married her,brother,and then divorced him furthermore she,has advocated for more fair treatment of,terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda,Hezbollah and Hamas Republicans sure,know how to make promises and keep them,too last year McCarthy promised he would,remove Eric's walwell and Adam's shift,from the intelligence committees along,with ilhan Omar from foreign affairs oh,how the tables have turned now,Republicans are calling it how it is and,making sure these representatives are no,longer able to abuse their positions as,they did before from accusations of,purposely trying to take down president,Donald Trump over bogus allegations to,sleeping with a shiny spy for swalwell,and immigration fraud for Omar this is,definitely an awesome day of Promises,Kept let me know your thoughts let's,continue this conversation in the,comments below for Next News Network I'm,Ivory Hecker,let's talk more about your goals this,year because if you're hoping to improve,your health this year like me listen up,the most popular resolutions every year,are losing weight and exercising there's,one tip that I want to share with you,that will make sure that you do not,become one of the large majority who,fail with this amazing keto powder you,can achieve your weight management goals,as this supplement helps elevate your,body's levels of ketones it can Aid in,the management of appetite metabolism,and general energy levels allowing you,to maintain a healthy body weight since,August I have lost over 30 pounds by,incorporating this into my protein,shakes every day now is the time to get,your bag of Keto with Gary by visiting,keto with or click the link,below and during their winter special,you'll not only say 51 percent but,you'll also receive several bonuses to,help you take control of your health in,the new year you've got 60 days to give,it a try or your money back click the,link and you will thank me later we'll,see you with the next report for the,next News Network I'm Gary franchi,you possess the power to impact the,global narrative please share this,report and to get more videos like this,become a Next News subscriber by,clicking the link below thank you for,watching the next News Network

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👑 Kennedy, Katie Pavlich and Kat Timpf Dec 30 2022

👑 Kennedy, Katie Pavlich and Kat Timpf Dec 30 2022

does crack her Knuckles at work host of,Kennedy on Fox Business and Kennedy,Saves the World podcast Kennedy,on weekends she goes out clubbing seals,it's awful,no no,we'll try it again that's a gun in her,pocket and she's glad to see you host of,luxury hunting Lodges of America on Fox,Nation Katie Pavlik,her arms can be used as Chopsticks Fox,News contributor cat Tim,now that I have,who does this all politicians lie this I,wonder if he's ever said anything true,well I guess Warren not only how's your,political career but also her academic,career based on a lie about a fake,Heritage I'm so I I am so intrigued by,his story and I find it so comical that,I think he's going to a perfect place,the thing that is so brave about him is,that he ascended to office after killing,Osama bin Laden,that's right he was there unlocked they,didn't have to campaign I mean how is it,that the opposition research team for,the guy who was running against him the,reason we haven't had a female president,yet is because women aren't even looking,out for each other toilet seat wise you,go out there's pee all over this all,over the sea all over the seat it's like,ladies if we would all just agree to sit,we all could sit and I'm it's busy and,someone I see who who's come out and,there's tinkle on the scene I will go,back out and I'll say you are an animal,are you trying to tell me,over and it's like we all okay they,should be in boxing matches yeah I get,sewn down so we can all sit down yeah,that was not in the restroom you have to,clarify,yeah clarify I've been on my mind I'm,still upset about it I don't know how,they hover right but they also,understand that there are biological,facts and differences between men and,women in this case they're talking about,the safety issue and who still walk,around acting like that to their point,nothing right they're they're still,peeing standing up in the women's,Russian when they should be sitting down,basically or hovering or hovering no or,hovering if you don't exercise because,you're working really hard yeah you're,Jack,what's up and so they're trying to keep,white woke women out of the gym to keep,them looking the same what they do,because it makes them look really bad,when they're screaming into the phone,way too close to their face it is,washing dishes it is it has its roots so,is laundry white supremacy I think the,Nazis invented polishing laundry and,pushing stainless steel so we should not,be doing any of that,coming up,Kennedy,Banning Tick Tock a good thing bad thing,I don't know man I mean at this point,I'm old enough to remember when it was,just the government who was spying on us,every state house is going to ban this,to do the same thing and stand up to the,United States government that has been,abusing their power spying on Americans,swimmingly,State devices is a state device that,taxpayers paid for so if there's any,security concerns there either you have,no defense they can take passwords away,and get into the company systems so it,makes sense from a security perspective,that they would ban this on private,company phones absolutely got other,plans,okay,I mean like this guy like assaulted,dozens of women this guy is a sexual,assault monster who uh nobody should be,going to a show,you know I don't want to see I don't,want to see O.J Simpson giving golf,lessons and it Bill Cosby it he's a,horrific person and I was I was a big,fan of his comedy for a long long time,as a kid and at one time he was,America's Dad yeah like you were like,you him after this but he does have a,fan base that thinks he's innocent and,maybe they can go float a second career,I just don't know why everybody has to,have a comeback story it's like after,something like that could you please,just go away,thanks to cat Tiff Katie bablich Kennedy,Thompson Studio Tom G Andre the whole,staff

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Katie Pavlich: This is obviously not true

Katie Pavlich: This is obviously not true

so here's the thing about the biden,attack on fossil fuels america is,rejecting his whole radical green,climate agenda and his big government,socialism joining me now is katie,pavlich editor and fox news,contributor and guy benson host of the,guy benson radio show and fox news,contributor uh thank you kids we'll put,some stuff on the full screen this is a,tips poll tipp,32 support the environment climate,agenda 57 don't,11,don't know i don't know what they know,and there's another one um the monmouth,pole this is uh what top concern for,americans i love this you have to really,scroll down 33 inflation 15 gas prices,nine in the economy six everyday bills,whoops one percent climate change katy,palbits,i mean not only is this an economic,loser and a climate loser this here's a,political loser for blind that 33 is,pretty close to his approval rating,so maybe those are the same people who,still support president biden but this,climate change green new deal uh,environmentalism plan is suicidal for,two reasons first politically because,the majority of americans are struggling,with gas prices now 90 percent of people,say it's negatively affecting their home,budgets and the other reason is that,it's destroying the economy and it will,for a long time so you know you talk,about the keystone pipeline you had one,of president biden's advisors today,saying that they don't want these oil,companies to invest long term after the,president was publicly berating them for,not exploring more the keystone pipeline,was the first indications to the oil,industry that this administration was,going to,wage a war on them by sowing uncertainty,into the market so when you take away a,pipeline that costs millions and,millions of dollars in investment,overnight an industry is not going to be,able to put money into the future and,today we have confirmation that's,exactly what they don't want them to do,so you know it's bad for the economy,it's bad for the world and it's also bad,for the democrats politically especially,as they go into the midterm elections,can we play this um since you referred,to it and you're talking about amos,hochstein,president all right we don't have it,i'll just read you a quick uh he's,saying it's about making a choice,between short term and medium terms so,we can make sure we have enough oil and,gas to support us through the transition,i love that the transition and what are,the kinds of steps we don't want the oil,and gas industry to take would have,long-term consequences so why would you,invest at all and long-term investments,he was saying that's not what they want,right from these oil companies and,that's not how business works right i'm,not an economist i'm not a business guy,but i know enough to ask good questions,and i was talking to senator rick scott,on the radio just a few minutes ago his,entire background is in business and i,said,how does that work if you're a business,owner or you're an industry and you have,the government telling you do all of,these things for us right now to help,deal with some of the temporary pain,that the american people are feeling you,know jump through all these hoops and,get it done but don't you think for a,second about investing longer term,because we don't want you we still want,to put you out of business a few years,down the line is that something that,businesses are going to respond,positively to and the senator said of,course not if you feel like the,government is out to get you is openly,hostile to you you're not going to,invest all of that money because you're,going to be in more of a defensive,position to try to make sure that you,survive so these are these,you know arguments and these demands,that are being made that are really,at war with each other where they want,their cake and they want to eat it too,in the body administration do what we,want right now but we still want you,gone from day one actually from the,campaign i want to end fossil fuels so,you're running an energy company so you,say up the gig's up then you repeat it,and through your inauguration and as you,noted stopping the pipeline which was as,much symbol as reality as both sends a,message we don't like you so now then,you come back a year later and blame the,oil companies i just don't you see you,can't have your cake you need it too but,politically,so here's my don't people are not stupid,american voters are not as stupid as the,biden's thing okay i'll that's what i,want to say well in his administration,officials i mean pete buddha judge,transportation secretary has repeatedly,said that well maybe americans should,relook at their budgets and take a look,at their gas prices and maybe take that,money and put it into an electric,vehicle instead at the meantime meantime,the reality of this plan is starting to,come to fruition in places like,california where they're telling people,who already have electric cars please,don't plug them into the grid during,peak hours because it will cause,blac

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