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Hot Models Boner Prankwe're gonna do some shots for the,thumbnail so just pose all right so this,is

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

Hot Models Boner Prank

we're gonna do some shots for the,thumbnail so just pose all right so this,is just gonna make like a glow effect on,your head you're reflecting that light,on the back of her so she has a glow,effect it's more like an angel effect,okay so I'm just gonna tell you like,then down pose turn your head yo we've,done this before,yeah alright that's okay Matt are you,doing flash photography or zip,photography yeah okay good yeah focus on,Matt's camera and here we go all right,are you ready yeah all right look at the,camera now bend down like this can you,get them like that,all right now just pose like your hands,up yep yep now like squat down all right,now turn to your left,yep down and then,that's hold on the way you fix it can,you fix yourself is that your buckle,thought of here dude,but and then go down yeah bend down yeah,all right then put one knee down like,that and then like look up then like,kind of look forward look and then bend,down yep and then Dustin what is wrong,with you oh my god are we good,here we go okay now look at this look,over at this well I'm gonna dampen it,right now cuz it's just a prank but we,are all done

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Katiana Kay Leaked - KatianaKay Video Goes Viral on Twitter Reddit TikTok & Instagram

Katiana Kay Leaked - KatianaKay Video Goes Viral on Twitter Reddit TikTok & Instagram

hey guys how are you welcome to my,youtube channel today we are going to,discuss an important topic so let's get,started,instagram model katyanakay andrewlat76x,twitter online page is presently going,infectious agent on tiktok on social,media,the,twitter net page is obtaining a well,known for posting humorous videos,alongside the leaked video instagram,tick tock tag katiana k,there's some tick tock creators are,speaking concerning tick i mean katya,kaye's,late videos by,uh jules76x,twitter webpage several people actually,used to understand further with regard,to the in uh i mean instagram model and,specific,creature person,katyana k um,and,july 76 asks could be a twitter account,that is sharing humorous videos of,tiktok stats and,social media celebrities,july's,76 acts simply let,literally um,shared the late in the leak video of,tik tok stack at hina k,which went infectious agent,the twitter online page was created on,september 4 2025,he has shared just about 30 videos until,the assembly of this text,um july 76x,has,4391 followers on twitter but numbers,are growing quickly thanks to the,humorous,movies he has shared on twitter,so,for the for a previous couple of months,i mean a pattern is rising on takedown,that helps the parents make their media,pages well known by making suspense and,promotion in terms of videos,books on tiktok create a video though,which they discuss a specific,twitter online page,some twitter pages resembling,this person,are also available on,twitter catina k leaked a video by julie,76x on twitter,katyanakay is an instagram influencer,and a model who calls popularity,and known for her content material on,social media she has five eighteen,thousand followers on her instagram,account that is,katyanna she has 143 000 followers on,twitter she is further and well known on,tick tock the place she has collected,1.5 million,followers and 9.8 million likes on her,videos,she is from arizona usa,however her main parent,and mother,are from mexico colombia although,modeling she will i mean she will be a,business person and created her personal,as more capable,ham,enterprise,typically called base mock,so this is the whole information,about katyana k,uh leaked video,thanks for watching my video if you find,this video helpful please like share and,subscribe my channel goodbye

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Ariana Grande's NEW Transformation Is CONCERNING..

Ariana Grande's NEW Transformation Is CONCERNING..

hi Ariana what is your favorite food,um I think my favorite food I like I,mean I like a lot of fruit I'm vegan so,I think it's probably strawberries or,mango or something like that three small,herbivore inside of the kitchen for me,where there's like tiny bits of tofu and,like hummus and quinoa and stuff so,so as we all know this is not the first,time Ariana's changing appearance has,become a trending topic online however,this time fans are genuinely concerned,about Ariana's Health see Ariana's new,photos are now being used to promote EDS,and fans are saying that it just goes to,show that Ariana doesn't look healthy at,the moment this situation has really,sparked a huge debate online because on,the one hand making negative comments,about anybody's body is not okay but,then again no one is really bashing,Ariana for losing weight people are just,genuinely concerned for her well-being,and they're hoping she's okay because we,all know she's been through a lot over,the past few years so what's going on,with Ariana is her new look something we,should be worried about Ariana's been in,the spotlight for over a decade now and,like every woman in the entertainment,industry she's had her physical,appearance scrutinized down to the,smallest details so it's not really,surprising that she's once again,trending because of her looks however,the conversation has now taken a dark,turn because Ari's fans are saying,they've never seen Ariana look this,skinny before and people are speculating,that she's dealing with an Ed and,possibly some other health issues,Ariana's weight fluctuated a lot over,the years which is perfectly normal and,it happens to everyone but there is,something new about her photos that,triggered a lot of people and you can,tell that fans are now genuinely,concerned about Ariana because in the,past whenever Ariana lost or gained,weight she would get body shamed but,this time all the comments are from,people saying that they're really,worried for Ari's Health the first time,Ariana's weight became a topic of,discussion was all the way back in 2015.,when her first appearance at the Grammy,Awards sparked comments about her being,too skinny a lot of people were body,shaming her back then and one Instagram,user compared Ariana to Arielle winter,and said they would pick Arielle over,Ariana because curves are sexy and,sticks aren't this comment caught,Ariana's attention so she decided to,shut down all body shamers and called,them out on their misogyny objectifying,labeling comparing and body shaming,Ariana said people's bodies should not,be treated like they're on display for,everyone to comment on and she,encouraged her fans to celebrate,everybody but these kinds of comments,never really stopped and in the summer,of 2020 this photo of Ariana went viral,after trolls started making fun of,Ariana's perceived weight gain the,conversation got so loud that the term,Ariana Grande fat started appearing in,Auto suggestion when you typed Ariana's,name in the Twitter search bar shortly,after this Ariana started losing weight,and just months later her body became a,trending topic again with people now,saying she was way too skinny and,writing comments like flat as hell and,telling her to go eat a pizza there were,even some reports back then that Ariana,dropped as much as 25 pounds by going on,a strict vegan diet and people started,making videos trying to eat like Ariana,and while some people were trying to get,skinny by adopting Ariana's diet Ariana,claimed her weight loss had nothing to,do with trying to look a certain way and,she simply wanted to become more mindful,about the foods that she eats Ariana has,also been dealing with hypoglycemia or,low blood sugar almost all her life and,she said that going vegan and cutting,out all junk food helped her cope better,with her condition but even after Ariana,explained the reason why she lost so,much weight people online kept body,shaming her and picking apart her,appearance so this just goes to show,that you can never please everyone and,people will make comments about your,body regardless of how much weight you,gain or lose and this happens to,literally every famous woman it happened,to Selena Zendaya Taylor Charlie and so,many others that being said I want to,point out out that there is something,different about the way people are,currently talking about Ariana's looks,see this time no one is really body,shaming her or making little jokes about,her weight instead people are saying,they're genuinely worried about her,health because she looks completely,unrecognizable in her recent posts now,you must have noticed that Ariana's face,has changed a lot over the past year or,so which led to this huge debate online,about Ariana trying to look Asian there,was a lot of speculation about Ariana,having plastic surgery to change the,appearance of her eyes and even some,plastic surgeons weighed in on the,debate to tell people getting this type,of surgery on your face at such a young,age can b

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Katiana kay Leaked-Details

Katiana kay Leaked-Details

hey guys how are you welcome to my,youtube channel today we are going to,discuss an important topic,video so let's get started instagram,model uh,and,for posting and the homeworks nsfw,videos uh alongside the lead video of,instagram tick tock star katina k,whereas some title creators are speaking,confirming,several people are curious,to understand further with regard to the,instagram model and specific twitter,person,uh specific twitter person preserve uh,finding out and,well clarify about katyana,76x de la 76 action,could be a twitter,account,that is sharing,from your uh homie ross video,of tik tok stars and,social media celebrities uh doula julas,76 acts simply literally hear,the league of tick tock star katyana k,which meant,an infectious agent that twitter online,page was created,on september 4 2021.,he has here just about this uh,about,30 videos until the assembly of this,text the last 76x has,4391 followers on twitter but numbers,are growing quickly thanks to the rumors,movies where he has shared on twitter,for our previous couple of,months our green horn pattern is using,on top that helps the,fans make their media pages well known,by making suspense and promotion to talk,videos i forget that i post this here,uh on twitter create a video through,which,uh which they discuss at twitter online,page most,uh seemingly concerning they are,probably,on twitter account and world types of,thank you so much for watching my video,goodbye and have a good day

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I Paid For "Katiana Kay" OnlyFans So You Don't Have To...

I Paid For "Katiana Kay" OnlyFans So You Don't Have To...

beauty our next post right here she's,pretty much you know what i'm saying,roller skating yo bro who is this in the,background that ole miss staying out,here in the background problems sleep,bro,hey bro you guys see him right there bro,hey man you're just being funny how you,like this look at y'all you're like,you know what april he got his nice to,be like,yo yo yo if you're not subscribing and,cloudy nice,new cray-cray that chopper jumper,if you're not subscribing it's,youtube it's your boy claudinos man i'm,coming here with,another new let's banger,video man so i know that y'all see that,tanoya see that,fire thumbnail man yes y'all have,another only fans,video for y'all you know since you liked,it right now takes 31 second shot now yo,you guys pretty much,had wanted me to do this girl called,katina case i'm like that one wants to,see your name but yo before the video,starts i want you guys to do one thing,y'all and that one thing is to join this,career now y'all join it right now,but we got over 4000 people in that one,group chat bro where's the first pink,comment pointing right at you,i'm talking right to you bro it's the,first pink comment bro join up right now,if you guys want to see the y'all,because i cannot show it,bro let me i cannot bro they're going,too crazy y'all i can't show it you know,i'm saying man hey yo hopefully it's not,trash y'all if it's trash from stage,trash y'all simple y'all let's get it,off let's go,let's go guys get the other king let's,go all right shot my shoulder right now,you feel what i'm saying i'm gonna,switch up katina k,hopefully it pops up you guys want me to,do her hey yo also if you guys want more,people like me to do and comment on you,know saying something like girls names,oh so yo pretty much you know she got,over 30k likes,yeah yo you guys see that right there,hey it's gonna be a w you know,she got with 20k likes she's pretty much,charging fifty dollars a month you feel,what i'm saying man hey man i'll be,right back after i finally got the fans,y'all i don't care who you are i'm not i,don't care who you are i'm not paying,for your only fans you can be you know,some kylie jenner i ain't paying you,i don't care all right so i found it it,made the first post man,oh yo the first post she's pretty much,in the kitchen,and she's pretty much going crazy you,know what i'm saying you know,hey man you should be tripping also,somewhere as i can't see on youtube but,yo,she pretty much you know saying going,crazy you know what i'm saying and her,friends just throwing stuff on her you,know what i'm saying they point to her,yeah she's pretty much going crazy in,the kitchen man you know what i'm saying,hold up all right you know what i'm,shame oh,hey my next post right here oh this next,post you know what i'm saying she pretty,much at the park with it man sheesh,angela it's looking chronic,crazy,what am i doing here angle outside this,post right here go crazy y'all,respectfully oh she got on tiger,whatever you want to call it that's,pretty much what you got on your phone,all right y'all next post oh,next folks go crazy too man hey man,katina k,k tiana k whatever however you say her,name yo she yo so far y'all,it's a w so far so far she gets straight,w for me for what i'm saying man it's,not trash y'all if you guys want to see,it man this one i cannot show bro,bro you know what i'm sure i can't show,this so if you guys want to see a child,you want to disco right now you what i'm,saying man,beauty our next post right here whoa,she's bro yo we just got some you know,you know what i'm saying bro,y'all been requesting some baddies ain't,a lot this girl right here is a bad yo,respect for you hey shout out to you off,i read all the comments y'all so if you,guys want me to like do somebody next,make sure that they are not trash,because they if they charge them,the video might not be come out cause,then like bro if the shots beauty our,next post right here she's pretty much,you know what i'm saying roller skating,yo bro who is this in the background,that ole miss staying out here in the,background problems sleep bro,hey bro you gotta see him right there,bro hey man you're just mad funny,she pretty much in the bathroom and if,she pretty much in that mirror man oh my,god,oh my god yo yo this girl going crazy,i'm gonna turn light to y'all bro,respect for y'all hey her only fans is a,w i ain't gonna send cats y'all,it's not trash it feels trash i always,said it was trash but it's a w bro you,guys,if you guys want to see it man like i,said you guys don't need this car right,now it's the first pink comment show you,guys could join up right now bro i got,over 4k members in there bro,hey man next post right here oh my god,man this girl casey on a bro how old is,this girl bro,respect for you how old is this girl bro,this girl has to be like my age bro when,i'm tripping well yo,this girl has to be like she's like 20,all right bro bro how does it go bro,respectfully bro i might have to shoot,my show

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RATING SCALE 1-10 FACE TO FACE | Youtube / Tiktok Edition (PART 2)!!!

RATING SCALE 1-10 FACE TO FACE | Youtube / Tiktok Edition (PART 2)!!!

some viewers may find the following,video disturbing viewer discretion is,advised,what's up y'all welcome back to part two,rating,one through ten face to face now part,one super lit,crazy so i just put the video up into,two so we're gonna get real lit we're,gonna switch it up a bit i did say we're,gonna switch up in the front but it got,too,chaotic,everybody energy is down to getting,boring yeah,you know we youtubers so we we know how,to be lit you know i get some crazy,oh we have a lot of people here that's,not youtubers either so we're gonna give,y'all a taste of our world,everybody was doing everything right and,when it's time to start a video,everybody wanna look like they're boring,don't want to be here if you want to be,here,then go over there yeah,hey,all right all right i got another,question who thinks they're the most,richest guy here,how everybody was when she asked that,question,dumb power rangers whatever y'all was,saying on twitter you did yeah you lit,you gave your life pink and ,i heard my only fan oh sir,can you give us a little preview nina,it's your girl nina raider and today to,start the show get it hot and pop and,we're doing one and only thing,you already know my stripflow and sir i,bring the firefighter in the heat heat i,get that,whop on some real real don't play with,it we're gonna get some of the most,entertaining guys to give me a lap dance,rip the script a little bit let's see,who does it better and to start off are,you ready,hey i'm not i'm not ready hold on,neither am i i am my only fan so go,ahead and check me out so is he,i'm sorry go ahead oh yeah you heard me,i have to enter,what bro what are you talking about man,raffle,you know the boys wearing the girls will,contain the girls so we all speed it up,we don't need all that oh your hairline,messed up so you're seven,oh i don't like your like just we're,gonna speed it up y'all just go straight,through it,but if you're reading a seven below you,have to do a truth or dare,we decided all right so we gotta be fast,quick,okay oh ,you know you pressed it so you pin okay,uh,you could we talked yesterday oh i will,give you,a okay,oh,i dare you to kiss,my,real fast real quick,ah,yeah we like like give me like little,two pretty bowl of eyes,you know not not her titan no no no no,no i'm not giving her,six where are you coming from,right now,what did you give again um,so,okay,oh,a big fella right here,his birthday boy right here see what you,giving him you're giving me like,miami vibe you're in the wrong this is,you snake,this is your name,basically we just gonna go to our we,gonna go down the line,exit her do she want to kiss to slap you,cuz oh,so so if you don't want to do it,you know what i'm saying if you if you,don't want to do it you're eliminated,that's like me so i get a kiss move,let's get in you like my bodyguard that,i got at home,i can't expect it because there you go,you're gonna let him shoot me so i'll,give him,your personality,all right what's up it's me cheney just,follow me on instagram at e-e-n-y-e-c,period what's up youtube it's your girl,corey follow me on instagram at,fame fvme underscore and subscribe to my,youtube channel at corey blue,eight eight nine nine,two eight,seven wait two one two point two seven,point oh,okay,hey what's up with it y'all y'all know,who it is johnny y'all need to stay,straight out of east oakland,and we gonna see what's happening with,these ladies one through ten let's get,it,okay okay a penny dropping a song,is,uh,oh,oh,this,six,okay what you gonna give me that's all i,need to do,so you're doing this she didn't i need,to see you work a little bit,whatever you give me a day okay come on,wow is she,either give her 40 dollars right now,cash,or lick her armpit yeah,before we even get into,oh,oh,this is how we going for this dance,studio i'll go back to the boat all,right,we paid the boss around here okay okay,thank you both y'all,right now got off the game no i really,got to find out,hey boy leroy boy spend money power,respect with the biggest b,on the end y'all know what the brother,with me uh instagram,r-a-r-i-b-o-y-s-p-i-m,murder beach when you're here let's go,24.99 our only fans are 40 in cash but,you take it off,she got it i don't like i don't like,when splash money in front of me,and don't share it cause why are you,flashy,let me tell you how this works see this,is ladies lesson number one on how to,get money,real talk lesson number one on how to,get money this is how it goes,a dude's ego will always pay baby and,the minute they think that they can't,floss on you they will pay you learn the,game baby,period and that's how it goes real talk,what up youtube man you already know,what it is your boy been a hunter man,y'all can follow me on instagram at,underscore slim j and dino got fans,don't forget to subscribe to our youtube,jdtv on game let's get it,we got hood right up first what do you,think what you thinking man you already,know what it is man,rape okay no one sometimes raider,let m

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Karina On Being Such a Hoe Her Parents Sent Her To Live in Lebanon

Karina On Being Such a Hoe Her Parents Sent Her To Live in Lebanon

tell us a little bit about your younger,years,um like what do you want to know i don't,know what kind of kid were you or what,were you like in high school let's say,oh um,is that okay to talk about on here,yeah sure air it out people do that all,the time people come in oh i was 14 and,i was doing this oh my god i was i was,really bad like my,i mean i still am bad like my parents,pretty much like disown me like i like i,haven't love when i hear that that's,when i know it's gonna be lit no but,it's like it's true i haven't talked to,my dad,in two years since i moved out of the,house like i haven't talked to my dad,how old are you i'm 19. oh jesus christ,oh my god you checked your id,he nodded but he didn't nod like the,whole way it's in my wallet you can get,it you signed a whole bunch of papers,before you got here but yeah yeah okay,i'm not trying to get a lawsuit,yeah also she has an only fan so it's,like you know that she uploaded her,id to the server unless but couldn't you,just upload a fake id to only fans no i,think it's i don't think so i don't i,wouldn't know yeah i don't know but,anyway okay so,you were bad,i was yeah how bad,like literally so in seventh grade i i,was 13 i lost my virginity,and so my parents like moved me out of,the country,because you lost your virginity yeah,how'd they find out,bro like oh my god so i literally i got,a ,i got expelled from school for that ,in seventh grade for yeah where,did you school or something yeah,where'd you get kids,oh,no but everyone was talking about it,so it's like well in reality your school,shouldn't uh wait you in school,and i kind of that's what i'm saying,it's another business if you're ,outside of school if you're in,school no one caught us though like but,everyone just made it everyone just like,it was like everyone was talking but,then they call you to the office and you,snitch on yourself no i did not snitch,on myself the guy snitched oh the guy oh,yes i was like i kept denying it i was,like i didn't do that i don't know what,you're talking about i have no idea,where'd you guys like in the,science class like no like in the,bathroom,boys bathroom or girth bathroom it was,like um i mixed one like the the one for,both like the one no like,i don't think anybody's holding you to,any kind of standard are you sure,yeah,okay anyway that's good to hear so you,got expelled your parents moved you out,of the country to where,to,an arab country,lebanon,yes that's where you're from yeah so it,makes sense if you were sent back there,was it there or was it somewhere,different was it yeah no it was okay so,it was to lebanon for a while and then,it was to katard you know where qatar is,next to dubai yeah and what are you,doing out there well i was stealing a,thought,way,bro it was like it didn't get better,like,you were just i feel like it's a disease,you're afflicted with from being a,thought like you just can't turn it,parents made me feel like,that's how it like that's literally how,it felt like, did you try to explain to them,like i'm a suck dick in the states and,out of the country bro no i just i,didn't i kept my mouth shut i didn't,tell them i never told them i,always like to my parents i lied i,always lied like they,they did not know like i was so, bad i feel so bad for my mom,like i really do because she's a really,nice woman like how could anyone trust,you if you just deny everything although,i would agree that like that if you are,going to be doing dirt of any kind like,a legal cheating whatever,if you get caught you just lie and lie,and lie right i mean like it's way,better than admitting,and that's basically what i did and they,literally they just,they'll never they think i'll never,change so i'm just like whatever i just,do my own thing now like wait but so you,come back from lebanon and what is being,a thought like what's your definition of,that so like i was still like i,was guys like,literally just guys working at the,corner oh you the do i look like,that like i don't know how do you meet,guys when you're in qatar,i don't know i always had my way like do,you speak arabic yeah oh okay you do,okay yeah i speak arabic,just in case anyone was wondering so,you're just like 14 running around,literally and yeah that's what i was,doing and honestly like i even,like oh my god i don't even know if i,can say this on here,whatever it is no like i literally,like i got paid like i always ,got paid like,they would buy me like,i literally would have like,i literally had guys like buying,pictures that weren't even me on like,snapchat and for like five hundred,dollars like a thousand dollars yeah,like on snapchat like just for pictures,because they got hella money over there,and they were like asking me for,pictures like,and sending me money like hell the, money like,i didn't like do for money but like,pictures and hella they just they,gave me money to be in their presence,like so yeah i've kind of always had,like i've always had like sugar daddies,basically sinc

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Not Even Scooby-Doo Is Safe Anymore..

Not Even Scooby-Doo Is Safe Anymore..

so I got a question for all of you does,anyone actually remember when we didn't,care what way our favorite characters,and TV shows and films decided to swing,on the weekend no I I don't either in,every single film or TV show now we have,to make it apparent what sexuality every,single character is just so the show,makers can get a nice little uh virtue,signaling tweet out to make everybody,happy you don't like that but uh it's,the truth you can't handle the truth and,now after so many years they have,finally decided to come for fan favorite,Scooby-Doo because I don't know if,you've heard,we have to pretend velma's gay just so,gay people can feel included even though,even though I'm pretty sure that never,stopped gay people watching Scooby-Doo,in the past but no no no no no Josh,George no no no no no realm is gay now,that's all that matters in an article,that was just published a couple days,ago by the news Outlet the guardian now,I don't know if you've heard of these,people but I'll tell you now there is,left and as woke as they come so just be,ready for this so This journalist has,decided to publish this article with the,headline of Scooby-Doo's Velma has,finally come out as lesbian my dream has,come true that's all you're dreaming,about love,the air just taste it in the 1970s Velma,shared my view of the world being,cleverer than boys and defying,femininity and after I came out I knew,exactly what else was going on with her,now the show's makers have caught up now,I'm scared to actually reveal this to,this journalist but these characters I'm,sorry I don't have thoughts and feelings,so how you can feel the same as Velma is,completely Beyond me maybe she just,wrote that so she can get the little jab,in about men not being as intelligent as,women because well that's what's going,on today and if you don't believe that's,how she feels right she hates men,look at what she says next I,particularly love the character on Velma,I never felt her relationship with,Shaggy was any good for her just as I,could not understand why any of my,school friends wanted to date boys when,we entered our teens,oh no I mean imagine that imagine one,thing to date a straight man that that,is probably one of the most evil things,you you can possibly do honestly yes but,anyway enough of that because that,article is filled to the brim with that,sort of stuff but we're supposed to,pretend now since the dawn of her,creation Vilma is gay because as we all,know ladies and gentlemen as my good old,friend George Orwell like to say every,record has been destroyed or falsified,every book Rewritten every picture has,been repainted every statue and Street,building has been renamed every day it,has been altered and the process is,continuing day by day and minute by,minute history has stopped now that was,in 1984. it's crazy though but for me,this is just quite a strange one because,anybody that's a fan of Scooby-Doo or,even watched the films didn't Velma in,the very first Scooby-Doo actually have,attraction towards a male oh thank you,and old even in the second film she had,an attraction towards a male,and oh oh whoa whoa whoa oh heck she,even dated Shaggy at one point so me she,looks as straight as they come oh but no,no no no no no no no no no as this,article that I didn't want to reference,again likes to say apparently they had,always intended for her to be gay yeah,of course as you can just see and her,relationship with Shaggy was difficult,because of her unspoken difficulties oh,really that is such a shame a female,fictional character is going through so,many unspoken difficulties you know my,heart really does go out to this and,Twitter however is also doing a great,job as they always do because I kind of,feel like anybody on that platform just,doesn't have a life because now they're,also pretending that Velma has been,gazed as the dawn of time and once you,show the evidence that I just showed,apparently well no wait hold on no no,maybe she was bi then,because you know you just can't win the,whole Velma can't be a lesbian because,she dated Shaggy thing has made me,realize how many non-lesbians don't know,what conf it is okay I I watched,everyone in the comments calling Velma a,by icon just a reminder that she has,been confirmed a lesbian with Comfort,what does that even mean can somebody,let me know on multiple occasions that's,why her relationship with Shaggy in,Mystery Inc was so uncomfortable so,uncomfortable for her Velma is bisexual,I mean if you want her to be lesbian,fine whatever I grew up watching,Scooby-Doo and she's been going for both,male and females constantly in my mind,she's my personal buy icon yeah I'm,struggling to remember a time when she's,actually gone to even kiss a girl in the,shows or cartoons if if I'm wrong which,I don't think I am let me know I,actually think right and this is going,to be a bold prediction but I think,within the next 10 to 15 years being,straight in TV shows and films is not,going to be the norm so mu

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