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The Time I got curved by pornstar Karlee Grey on twitter (TTI)my name is Kristen the story of the t


Updated on Jan 30,2023

The Time I got curved by pornstar Karlee Grey on twitter (TTI)

my name is Kristen the story of the time,you just watched my GTI ghetto channel,so if you read the title you,seen a thumbnail like dance you got some,big eighties some big watermelons uh I,don't care see anyway listen you're like,how is didn't think of talking to porn,stars brought you over you see if you're,looking at me and you're like I mean,yeah you're right how much people listen,I'm gonna explain this it off yeah the,identity first of all the hell y'all,doing bro it's a nice beautiful Thursday,morning whenever I upload this video,could be Saturday cuz Michelle's dead so,basically I was just talking on,Twitter bro listen I do they say all the,time if you're not following me on my,soldiers go do it right now they know a,little like some Texas shadow I'll be,tagging her all the time she don't,answer little stuck-up who's gonna,sell of you just another one of them,days mammy talking I will send your,following to go out of town miss Carter,you better when you beautiful I'll take,anything I say offensive this is just,how I talk up this is how articulate,please talk it affected the only,beautiful Carley grade I had to her so I,broke be my wife and and she said,no but she in front of like five hundred,thousand people,she uh she rejected me now the first,thing that came to mind was was really,it was really some uh so no I'm just,kidding a vial of you actually a bomb I,don't wanna be a labs had a lot about,Carter number right here bro and get,some hell broke lose his series now,but I was like damn bro really I was,like this close to deleting my Twitter I,was just like all of this bro,just well like I was like man, you dead serious but that I,really like the replied she was kidding,know what something like though the,White Nights brought up they were going,off I also need Mary but yeah that's her,like she has a boyfriend I shot a you,bro,you do it good but the White Nights in,the comment like what it is but,isn't he good talking about you an idiot,don't change your morals for an idiot,like he call me Eddie you don't even,know me what are you doing Billy,so yeah this is how Billy looks,I mean she isn't things like this to,talk but now whatever,there's no Billy if you want to pull up,you can you're welcome to but listen,Billy it's not gonna end well for you,let's just leave like that you know,trained by the Taliban,I have experience in the battlefield I,will exterminate you Billy I'm not I'm,not afraid to say mind you I wasn't even,following her at a time um chata ebz of,get it gate I wasn't even finding her at,the time but it's still gonna take,feeling inside bro off dude um yeah,that's pretty much it I think it's just,weird on the internet and I had to tell,you guys I mean don't get me wrong,look at me I'm a weird ass dude you feel,me but you're over there white knighting,a porn star girl you're just got,problems bro you got problems by the way,it's like a new type of serious I'm,gonna do like story times but I'm gonna,call them TTI's you know I Disney,Channel they had a little uh this is the,TT i iost dislikes they tell Bella,Thorne I'm gonna try to do some ,like that,um but yeah but just let me know y'all,fought with these anyway bro it's pretty,much it I said social medias in the,inter satellites of Texas you're still,my you know we all mostly game

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hi hi one of the plug I'm Carly granted,you guys have probably seen me do oh,yeah you guys have questions for us,questions are fun we tweeted lots of,homie Q&A with Carly great to give us,your questions almost anything goes if I,want to answer ever make you answer okay,okay,what's the freakiest thing you guys have,ever done I your your experiences that,you have told me are a lot freakier than,mine like Wow and this is always a hard,question for me because I'm like well,what's the level of freaky like I am my,personal life I'm super intimate with,whoever I'm hooking up with and I don't,really do anything drastically crazy,I guess this freaky I don't know like,freaky I'm not like something that you,did today Annika calm I saw this but it,wasn't like going to look for that's fun,oh that's crazy but it's work but it's,that's what I'm saying that's that's the,hardest thing to like and say I guess,the okay besides like counting work and,my personal life the freakiest thing I,feel like I've done is have a guy see my,mouth and me drink it yeah outside of,work I have of firefighter in the,in the firefighter station and we had to,like be super quiet because there's,other people sleeping because you know,how they have to like take turns in ooh,yeah,I didn't but not anything like I feel,like a team the mouth is pretty crazy,that's pretty what is the freakiest,thing I've ever done there's three,thumbs would you ever consider doing a, fan video honestly probably not I,wouldn't do a fan video but I,would probably a fan if I liked,them I'm pretty sure hot a fan,didn't actually tell me like hey I'm,your fan but yeah I would never, off' and video i think could be,overwhelmed,get with the fection I think I wouldn't,know what how to handle it,were you guys really good in school what,type of squad did you can't get with I,was really bad in school I never went to,school really I always had the same,group of friends though but I did always,hang out with older people so yeah I was,just really bad in school I barely,graduated high school I was really good,in school like every administrator and,principal and like teacher knew me by,first name even though there was like,over 3000 kids at my school I was like,the secretary a most spirited just like,super nerd but I was like friends with,every group it's so like he's definitely,still friends with the kids who were,like off and not graduating I,wasn't friends with you is what I'm,trying yeah no no no I was friends with,the Nerds too like I was definitely but,I was no but like by the administrators,that's like oh damn what is she wearing,that skimpy today or a lunatic dress,code violation to wear leggings and like,I would always I would always wear a,see-through Logging's I'm like this one,administrator would be like go to the,internal suspension and I'm like no my,dad left me out of the house like this,know what your roles are what kind of,stuff do you guys do on your private,snapchat that's a good question,and make out with curly sometimes I,haven't got one uh sometimes and touch,myself you know I haven't masturbated,really came that day I'll do it on my,snapchat because I'm gonna do another,amazing but also I do like BTS on set,and I you know suck dick one nice one,there for me to suck I get to see us,naked loves me tight why I really do,I would love to I'm let me like Carly,he's not in haven't even beginning music,which I totally understand why but there,are some pretty I lost my virginity at,16 you want to do,I always felt like that was kind of late,I honestly lost in late yeah because all,my friends are doing it like 13 so I'm,like I had a boyfriend I'm like um I,just want to lose my virginity to you,not because like I love you disappear,don't like I don't want to be a virgin,anymore who is your favorite celebrity,crush who Seth Rogen you want him mine,is James Franco or Shia LaBeouf,everything they look at look alike to,which is funny let's just make the level,of crazies like not the same but I mean,they're both pretty crazy looking or not,if you're in LA would you be down to,smoke and kick it with my friends and I,like am in LA and I probably would never,really neat or just go hang out with my,fans like that but I do go out a lot and,if you stop me well enough and just you,know you're a cool person I,would definitely hang out with you out,in public what can we look forward to in,the new year,who could beat who at a game of chess,well I could definitely you have no, clue how to play chess okay but,you hector's I would beat you okay but,you I feel like if we like if we learn,chest right now you would definitely,grasp the concept so much more than I,would because I'd be like looking,everywhere else and just like doing,something else now pay attention on how,to learn,I get really competitive but only when,it comes to like strategic games and,stuff like that so I will have to say,that you are right I know I'm right like,we should play Scrabble after this and I,will just be so into it

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yeah sure,three o'clock okay let's do that yes I,just made an emergency bikini or,Brazilian wax planet because I'm,supposed to have a threesome later and I,realized like oh ,this poor girl has to deal with my hairy,vagina today is a special day know where,the I came up this idea but anyways,Adam and I occasionally will have,threesomes cuz they're fun it brings us,closer together or whatever it was like,hey like we should have a threesome soon,and I was like okay so then I had the,idea of tweeting about needing a girl,for threesome and holding interviews for,this threesome I told the girls to meet,at the on some store Adams shop at,6:00 tonight you guys can't see what I'm,getting I am Brazilian wax right now for,this threesome and this lighting is,fantastic I'm not even wearing makeup,this is great lighting yeah yeah I'm,also wearing my shirt so here's more,shameless self-promotion go get it at,one of the plug home this is the,Photoshop like one hell of a drug look,at that this is Daniel you guys we just,caught up the last like why we just got,it for less two hours and now we're,gonna go to the store to meet with my,potential threesome partners what do you,think about this Danielle I think it's,interesting in the very unique situation,I like your take on it this is great I,was walking to the on some store to,meet Elijah and Christine so that we,could interview girls having threesome,one my plan that turned out to be a semi,failure I would I'm not gonna call it a,total failure basically I get to the,store and Elijah and Christine are there,waiting for me and there's no girls,waiting to be interviewed like nobody,showed up even though like 40 girls damn,me saying they were coming and I was,thinking about like where I'm wrong and,then I was thinking I probably wouldn't,come to this like who wants to be,interviewed in front of other people,like have a public casting couch even,though I wasn't gonna like ask them like,real serious questions I just wanted to,actually like meet the girls but um,anyways it's not a total failure because,Taylor is here this is Taylor she was,one of the girls who damn me saying that,she was gonna come and then she did me,the morning of the interview thing and,was like honestly like I don't really,feel right to be nervous Helly Audrey,nerves I thought like like my heart like,was like oh I have to go to like a,store yeah that's correct don't know and,I wouldn't man yeah I wouldn't do it,like yeah I just like I wouldn't do it,either but anyways she DM me and then,obviously like she's very cute right so,it was like hey like do you wanna hang,out still and she's like yeah let's hang,out on Sunday so she just came over and,we've been being girls talking about the,first thing we have in common which we,both have private snapchats your website,is what Taylor smashed up okay there's,no soon she also has a vlog is your vlog,a birdie yeah it's Taylor white TV on,YouTube hey so support your local snap,girls and cam girls torn out vloggers,basically were hanging out and then,we're gonna go meet Adam at the store,and then we're going to a rap show and,then we're probably gonna get drunk and,fun if you know what I mean okay yeah,okay first of all Adams a genius he's,really good at like almost everything,it's a really annoying but I get,to shine because I can figure out how to,deal with the Bluetooth not met the,Bluetooth malfunctions,therefore I'm the goat okay I'm also,just happy for you guys because this is,not a pyramid a number channels alone it,plugs calm YouTube exclusive free little,take a he didn't do it that that to that,purpose young Taylor over here young,Taylor is a is is rolling the blunt this,is something that I'm not skilled in the,one thing that me and Taylor have in,common that me and Leonard don't,definitely don't having common is weed,but this is cool I don't like the same,drugs because then we would enable the, out of each other,exactly I'm glad I don't like Sam's,first plate later guys blog it is about,2:35 in the morning we wouldn't have any,sex for like what two half hours whoa,hi real real real explicit I mean they,want an update we're taking a break so,that Adam can roll a blunt because,virtually every tailor would like smoke,weed I all smoke weed I might take a hit,from the blood though if you need to hit,the bluntly I will do it for you boo I'm,feeling very edgy all I need yours are,like at home,potential thumbnail gain always makes a,silly face I can't least serious wait,how many hours you have to war its,friends oh wow well that was fun that,was one for the record books boys,anybody are you watching this just know,I like such a like theme that I did not,I was like the whole time,I was enjoying it but I was like I never,orders to stop like I was to go to like,8 a.m. let's talk that when I finally,know because I was like it's the end of,this ride in this thing yeah that's like,round 2 like please I think it's done,I'm a greedy she's committed to,her boyfriend boys yeah I ha

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Karlee Grey - Manuel Ferrara

Karlee Grey - Manuel Ferrara

ladies attend them and colleague rent is,in the house,come see next to me colleague rain,welcome you see what's happening what,whoa hey what else are we gonna do today,um, me tonight we're gonna the,event - well actually you guys both,gonna make sure the community is,the CoV so I'm going to be like this is,my cameo which kill me is we get to do,all the way it's my least yet for once, you guys are gonna work for you,from one time I'm not the one working no,you're good you know the where's pop so,I started working out a solid lifting,weight and I did a what you oh yeah,so the other day I worked out at in,shoulder and it was the same day that I,did POV with a drop out and I will never,ever ever do shoulder of the same day I,do appeal me because I was her,holding the camera like that and I was,like my camera seems to like that came,out felt like it was a fifty,sixty pound camera because my shoulders,were so sore I have to talk in a high,production French - so you have to look,at well and I said casually can legally,give you a truce she'd also like,entities talking to see famous people,exist shooting POV I'm a kid not folks,give me the review he Kern affected me,like a mere outcome star,Jonah is an everyman Lucy port number,so collie with you with you since last,time I think last time you went on,Twitch with me was wet in Vegas,oh yeah yeah we must say we everybody be,other you did the ABN was yeah it was,good,you take picture you take picture with,that came out it's not like a man I used,all the time yeah someone I wanted a,name got very jealous that I gave you,those K so I don't give a name but I,know you don't care but there is today,today,Oh show me yeah but humor comes up they,are dumber dumber yes to ice to be the,visiting walk I'm just telling them best,even is all but the presumable took a, I'm telling their Kailash is like,glad I explained to them that with this,face with this faith today I don't have,only one beautiful girl but two,beautiful girl that I'm gonna slug me,this is crazy this is a crazy world this,is only this is a crazy world like you,girls will not like let's say you girls,are walking in the street and I walk by,you for sure 110% I'll be staring at you,guys but you guys would be like wow,he'll quit creeper there right but he,did you just say like old man yeah and,if you so don't suppose I believe you,sorry,I have all but I had that does agree I,want people to go me home,the radically different possession and,you touch me like this when you touch me,like there's no don't go any further,than this woman yes we are live to their,right now what's up coming here do you,want to come say hi to number hi like,you we have giant glasses what do you,not like what where do you care to shoot,for tomorrow okay we need to do,something about Palmas yeah well our a,man does not know woman cleanup,and maybe where I try it many many times,I'll look at you,great so today I'm gonna put your girls,and a bathtub the reason why I'm doing,that is because last time I work with,both of you girls,slow decrease I'll be over thirds and,women constitute a doodle van dahl have,been workin for numbers if that's good I,don't have focus on font size of the,plants and bones,I'm just saying I'm just letting weather,just it I think I think you would tell,me your favorite I will probably let me,know I would like whatever cell you'd,smell I'm pretty sure I'm on just census,I'm sure of that,we were hoping for the best I don't,think there's anything you can wrong in,that book the truth so I came here I,play real fair and blessing out there,she makes it about your country Joe,Williams the or clicking on there,saying you're so beautiful,maybe they're insulting me they're,insulting me because I'm having sex with,you guys today,is that maybe some more no it's Carly,great they don't even look alike,I mean if it was riley reid and milton i,would get it but you guys don't even,look alike,you're way cuter who is the makeup,artists you guys know who to make,probably Haskell and when the genius,these are ginger - ginger oh it's it's,Butler you look look learn thanks to a,surprise in the photo right I'm my,painting what's that Butler partner Mel,peopIe go get the bleach Brian,cy Mel C Maputo butler's is hi the blue,bill became a lead young field on a tiny,election connect my friend polygon says,Carly welcome and I don't know how to,say that in the layer in the layer of,agent Kenneth Kim connected my crew is,MMB thank you for welcoming me guys,they look at menu and Edra what the ,are you talking about,it's not a draw was last time oh no I,know I know why you say that the noose,to push all just did the trishul,addresses and because it's still the,same title no no he's not going to just,create sorry,it's paradox that's all you need to pass,that count okay I feel good hi hi you,know me here me yeah oh he helps you,with plate yeah when people stop cheers,they ban them you know he'll see me go,back and I was a bunch of guys fake news,I see,now it'

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Karlee Grey - AVN Expo avec Benzaie

Karlee Grey - AVN Expo avec Benzaie

j'ai dû voir l'éloge de calcul suis,battue tout cas la terminer,les marins,ok,allez je vais vous le dire notre ami car,les grès car le mur la vérité c'est sûr,c'est le meilleur mais c'est le meilleur,faire un meilleur,j'ai fait un sprint dames 100 m ce mec,super crise elle est souple elle est,tellement peine regarder sur super,j'aimerais tellement vous serez plus à,bouloc touche les mandats que ne,pourrait le conduire la tuerie,reste car c'est le baratineur numéro un,ça c'est sûr que non,mardi six ans,dentsu,one two three and then the big issue,hockey du bras ni au nord ouest de la,province toulouse ces types sont drôles,mais non c'était là c'était le signal,ferrara sortait mairie de la commune,ok you're annick boîte uci à balla gaye,ou à a pas de wen a vécu,ce travail de magadan 30 mètres sur 100,m avait là elle est en bikini en fait,alors qu'elle est super bonne merci,gaouaoui ji carizza ces motos selon ja,ja naviguer sperme sur le guet salut mon,pote williams,comment ça va eric d'orage même si,toutes les maps en fait à son juste un,module sur fouquet relire l impression,garcimore reste une chimère je m'en,allais sur twitter de la plupart des,gens ce qui se passe,son genre,le médecin et de chandeliers aaa merci,tu as commis selon la dette,demain soir et d'une bougie de l'hôtel,comme ça à chaque fois que je serrais,chandelle,menzah il reste la plus belle merci,merci milliards là ça fait plaisir oméga,est très pin de refaire un film avec moi,les nazis minérale le souvenir de novi,n'a jamais été plus pervers toujours,oui comment être tripit juste parce,qu'elle lui dit on va tourner à orsan,mais c'est un truc de ouf merci en arc,et hamza lui les révisions et persil en,place tahrir,mais m,en découlerait,il ya plein de gens qui se ramènent,venue elle la merci des 110 2 il n'est,pas prévu d'être tournée riz à ce final,bercy le sont liées non d'exportation,qui soulevait sa sémantique,mais la ligue 1 merci starbucks,nous sommes frères,m,elle ment tuque c'est quoi c'est un peu,de poids,non c'est bon c'est vrai mais camille,suroît et calais sont mauvais mais parce,que c'est le cas de la paix sa tête bac,à tanda les petites filles qui soudain,trop long,c'est pitoyable,papa critique,c'est vrai,nous,il ya lieu,mais là,les mecs sont partis pour faire un match,chaud,haha allait être,et ressort à mousse comme à bercy les,rails voilà n'aurais pensé mais ,c'est bien parce que oui mais,suivez-le rc ce week-end j'en laisse pas,aller contre kif que ça va juste devoir,se réalise,jean price mars huit mois sanitaire n'en,étaient qu'à leurs amateurs éclairés,pense tout le temps avec ça nous excite,la griffe,c'est pas un maquereau de respecter les,respecter mais aussi quoi,sont fracturées vidéo,souviens-toi la truite,mais oui voilà,bien sûr manuel il est marié là il a,juste un peu travaillé avec car les,grèves c'est,merci de harvest ses mocassins lumière,jardins fleurs du corps promis demain au,pcr,et les mecs si vous saviez comme on,avisera,et,l'effrayant toilettes,ma mère,ce,c'était le but,tarik ont été donnés aussi joints,quelques il y aura des appareils de tous,les amis qui se renvoyaient à tout le,monde mais l'ouverture,et là c'est la convention c'est comme,aller avec vovinam les conventions tu,vois jean tout le schéma games en lui,cette lutte iv et par le boulot etc,parle de trucs mais c'est pas grave je,suis je m'en bats les couilles je suis à,las vegas avec ma nul et je vais,rencontrer john mchugh et on va voir,angela whyte ça je veux,2,m,là,c'est la plus grave,il tombait,ces matches,m,étoile

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A Couple Ladies That Knew Karlee Grey Asked My If I Had Any Right To Give Relationship Advice

A Couple Ladies That Knew Karlee Grey Asked My If I Had Any Right To Give Relationship Advice

hello everybody Welcome to titles,hardcore Media or tato's hardcore and,body tutor Rosa media bring you this,video,I've had a lot of videos I'm supposed to,do but I've had other things come up,anyways leave a comment leave like,subscribe,um this video is about well,I was uh,talking with uh,a couple people that I'll chat that do,Carly gray and uh you know they're just,you know asking me what I was doing,um and everything,and uh you know I told them you know,that I was talking with a friend about,relationships,and everything,it was down the do you think you,have a right be doing that giving you,advice,about relationship stuff,um,I said,well that's the reason why I'm talking,about is because I did make mistakes,with Carly gray you know we were just,friends and stuff like that on you know,only fails and everything but you know I,I really still I realized the stuff that,I did wrong and it was mostly my fault,and everything like that and I have,regrets and I'm paying a big price for,that,um you know stuff but I still have,nightmares for and everything else,um I know it affects me a lot worth it,does hurt,um at everything,um,that's a terrible thing,you know um,I uh I never hear back from her or,anything like that you know and,the figures you know to learn from your,mistakes,and uh,is that uh I have nothing but regrets,you know,it was not all my fault,but I take the major Brunt,of what happened,um,was Discovery issues and,stuff like that,yeah there's not a day for,it doesn't hurt me,it teared my heart out and everything,and,where it doesn't kill me,so um without regard,what I say can help people not to,make those mistakes,or someone that they really love,uh because,uh,I told him she she was Carly grateful to,have before you heard that was the,biggest mistake of my adult life,with a woman,you know,and uh,that is something they'll live with me,for the rest of my life,so um,left it down,everything else,wealth,y'all have a good morning new night,wherever you are around the world,take care,bless bye

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Workers at Onlyfans Say It Was Karlee Grey That Reported Me.Destroying Fake Sites This Cant Be Right

Workers at Onlyfans Say It Was Karlee Grey That Reported Me.Destroying Fake Sites This Cant Be Right

hello everybody Welcome to titles,hardcore Museum bringing you another,video,um this has to do with only thousand,Carly great that you always take stuff,sites down for,uh that you know just,um because I really liked her and,everything and uh,um,I still believe she's,about the greatest doctor ever is,is her work,in her field,and what she does,um it doesn't matter,what has happened between us and stuff,like that,um but,um,well,I uh got these two strikes I'd only,failed,this stuff,um,I got pissed at Carly Gray,by cellular what the hell is wrong with,you,because I'd only sent her the picture,I was really pissed off,because,um I did out of love for her,yeah,you know stuff that that I did,I would never do that for anybody ever,again in my life,because of what's happened to me now,always have a love for her I gotta say,that,though when I blew up on her,that definitely didn't help because,later on,I remember only found skills through,people's private messages,they do that with everybody,more often people like me because,uh I've called olafia's bullshitters the,CEO the CEO,and that's because they are,when it comes to censorship,stuff is what you can say what you can,do in text,and of course I can't take anything back,now but the thing is,is that,although I went after her you know it,said how could you do this,I was doing this for you,out of love for you,uh I I thought you know,I could be very well Raw,that uh,you know,I could have exploded I can't take that,back because,all that free,they that she has it's not free you have,to pay five dollars for a message,so it's not like I could take back what,I said,Dallas has already said and done,uh,the problem is that I still can't,believe it,it was though you know some people,only fans have said that worked there,said it was actually Carly Gray,that that,um,that reported me,this stuff,um and they said,you know you may have proof,otherwise,that you're doing what you're doing,but she's the one that actually poured,to it and,I still find it hard to believe,Carly has never said either got back to,me,what I confronted her,but I still can't believe that,even what I said when I blow up on her,it was just said to her nobody else,private message,the only Fields could go through private,messages,I would hope that she would get back to,be,to say it wasn't me,because I I definitely don't want to,think,of a person being vindictive like that,and hateful,the words that we use sometimes,really hurts people that we actually,love and,I I've definitely,does some bad stuff,Not only was my fault and what happened,but a large part was,anyways,take care and have a good day,bye

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Onlyfans Flags Me For Giving Karlee Grey PROOF of Fake Accounts. And My Brand Name. Utter Bulls++t

Onlyfans Flags Me For Giving Karlee Grey PROOF of Fake Accounts. And My Brand Name. Utter Bulls++t

hello everybody Welcome to titles,hardcore media,um,there's likely to comment,um this has to do with my only fayette's,account uh,they've been wrongfully going after me,lately,um was because of my brand name uh,toddles hardcore and,Butler Rosa,um media,um they flagged out for restricted words,that they're those like Bell language,there's no foul language and any of my,brand names there well there's Todd is,hardcore,or tatos hardcore,let me see that again taught us hardcore,Media or tarlos taro's hardcore,Rosa media not restricted words even,though they have a lot of ,restricted words on all the facts that,you cannot use half the English language,and our languages are restricted words,uh what do you do on camera,you could pretty much just do value,thing,when it comes to making articles and,writing that's different anyways,um the other is that I used to report,fake sites to Carly gray because,I loved her very much,um,you know um,and uh,so,one of the pictures that I said to Carly,gray is proof you know so we could both,report her let her people could,um,is that this is a fake ID,offer,this is dangerous stuff,very dangerous,uh first of all Olivia's goes through,private messages,and uh,these they're all these fans I,swear I curse those people you do not,have a right to do that you don't,um I'm reporting this,uh to a content creator this was Carly,Gray,and I get trouble for it like six to,eight months,you know after this happens I sent it to,her as proof,only fails,flagged out,as uh,as this idea as,um,restricted called tilt,or restricted words,um,and uh,at one time me and Carly crave were,you know,friends and stuff like that so,um,you know you do stuff for people that,you love and care for,um,so I don't know I I might have to get a,lawyer involved with this,um,because uh,they're,only fans going out to be saying that,don't exist,making up love lies about me,and,um they're ignoring me pretty much and,uh I think they want me off their,platform,um,and other people said I should probably,shouldn't use it,the thing is I got some stuff on there,um I need to,it'd just be,tragic because I actually have,some work a lot to do some content,creators on there,I promised this would be destroyed,um so anyways,um,have a good take care and uh,they're likely to comment,bye

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