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I’ve ‘Never Seen Anything’ Like The Chaos At Twitter Says Kara Swisherover the course of the entirel


Updated on Feb 07,2023

I’ve ‘Never Seen Anything’ Like The Chaos At Twitter Says Kara Swisher

over the course of the entirely,predictable Slow Rolling Five Alarm,thermonuclear dumpster fire that has,been Elon musk's acquisition of Twitter,these past few weeks one of the few,saving Graces has been this that even,after sweeping layoffs chaotic changes,and reports of cratering company morale,at least there were still,a handful of people there keeping the,lights on minding the important stuff in,charge of things like security safety,privacy,no more in the last 48 hours three top,Executives in charge of things like,security safety and privacy resigned now,whether or not you use Twitter I know,lots of you do surely you can understand,how fraught A Moment Like This Could Be,the app that has For Better or Worse,become a kind of national Town Square,where hundreds of millions of people,interact with one another or message one,another and wittingly or unwittingly,share information opinions views news,now protective measures are disappearing,consider this from Politico quote,between the now canceled rollout of its,controversial new check mark policy and,The Exodus of top security staff Twitter,is quickly exposing itself to a deluge,of new security risks that could soon,ramify into the public sphere according,to top cyber experts and those who've,overseen cyber security and other,companies from users impersonating,emergency service providers to spread,panic to extortionists stealing and,leaking private messages stored on,Twitter quoting one cyber security,expert quote it is staggering to imagine,the amount of risk that this platform,has opened itself up to let's bring in,business and tech journalist Cara,Swisher she's a contributing editor at,New York Magazine she's the host of not,one but two podcasts the pivot and on,with Kara Swisher so nice to have you,here at the table NBC News senior,reporter Ben Collins joins us and Alicia,is still here she's going to help me,with try to unpack this with the two of,you so Cara you've helped me understand,who Elon Musk is and that he had,extraordinary success at with Tesla and,SpaceX twitter seems like a hot mess,what happened,uh or a cold mess I'm not sure what you,want to call it um it's uh you know I,thought you know of all the people that,could have helped fix this Elon Musk,would have been at the top of my list,I'm sort of surprised by the Casual,cruelties the kind of chaotic chaos,Monkey kind of behavior,um the the pontificating on Twitter as a,person but also the CEO,um and the treatment of these these,people at Twitter now layoffs are going,on all over Tech but not in this format,um it's it's I've never seen anything,like it actually in my covering of all,of Silicon Valley for 25 years,so Cara I want to ask you a question,sort of from from from My Lens you know,I watched a lot of people on the right,flatter figures not just Donald Trump,but other figures and then watch them,implode lose a moral compass lose any,attachment anything that resembles,conservative policy and I saw them do,that to Elon Musk but based on your,reporting of his other business,successes I thought surely he won't,destroy himself in service of those,people it looks like he is,oh I'm not sure what he's doing because,by the way he would turn on them if he,wanted I've known him for many years he,was a big fan of Obamas he had real,problems with Trump we talked about it,quite a bit we've talked about on stage,publicly he's he had been an independent,I would say and then he seems to have,embraced um I'm not going to say red,pill because I think that's unfair I,think he seems to have embraced being,contrarian for no good reason except to,be contrarian and rail against the media,or liberals or Biden whatever he wants,to and part of it is maybe he's changed,his Viewpoint the other part is small,Petty things like I think Biden didn't,include him in some um automobile,electric vehicle stuff as he should have,and I think he was mad about it I I,don't know any other explanation but,that yep so when we get mad we destroy,um Twitter,um what do you think is going on Ben uh,I think the red pilling thing is correct,so red pilling on the internet that's,the word for right-wing radicalization,um they took that from The Matrix and uh,you remember that whole thing you think,the blue pill take the red pill see,reality with the red pill right and you,know the people who made the Matrix,um are they say uh you know please stop,co-opting myself by the way but you know,this follows the same pattern as those,people if you see the people he's,interacting with right now after he lost,all the advertisers after he's angry,about you know the fact that the,advertisers don't want free speech AKA,they don't want to be impersonated if,you're the Nintendo Corporation and they,don't want Mario flipping off all of,their customers which is what was,happening yesterday,um red pilling is what happened to this,guy,um this guy has had a very rough couple,of weeks because he's taking advice from,people,who fundamentally want the world to

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Kara Swisher Talks Twitter's Turmoil: 'A Sad Violin Of Behavior'

Kara Swisher Talks Twitter's Turmoil: 'A Sad Violin Of Behavior'

after three weeks of chaos it appears,that the layoffs at Twitter are over,during an all hands meeting earlier this,week Elon Musk told remaining employees,that the company is now recruiting for,sales and Engineering roles this is,according to two people who attended and,provided a partial recording to The,Verge though NBC News has not obtained,or independently verified that audio,Twitter had nearly 70 500 employees,before musk took over it now has 2 700,or so the Personnel loss the structural,and cultural changes and The Exodus of,advertisers have fueled speculation that,the company might be on the verge of,dying joining me now is the host of both,on with Kara swisher and the pivot,podcast Kara Swisher so Kara I'm glad we,asked you to come on today because,you're getting into it with Elon Musk,right now on Twitter what's going on,yeah oh he just wrote something at me he,got mad about something I tweeted which,is what he always does and um I wrote,him back and I used it as an opportunity,to try to establish Communications with,him and this is the way he wants to,communicate it's fine by me,um so I I was telling him I was really,disappointed him I sound like a mom but,I really am I'm actually he's my age,close to my age so,um you know I I have covered this guy,for a long time and I have I think a lot,of a lot of things he's done and so how,he's behaving now I I mean I think it's,kind of a sad violin of behavior I don't,know how else to put it so you and I,spoke about this back when it was,rumored that or he was floating with the,idea of buying it and and I was more of,the alarmist stripe where I thought God,this is going to be terrible and and you,and you really push back on that and I,thought I guess I you know I should,re-look at this and then I heard him,talk about Twitter in person a little,while ago and he talked about freedom of,speech not reach and I thought well,maybe I have been looking at this all,wrong maybe maybe this could be a good,thing,um yeah what has happened since then,it's seems very erratic and confusing,and the the tweets with the with the,girl and the Jesus figure yeah what's,going on,uh I don't know about that I think he's,got some bad enablers around him for one,and for two is he's led a part of his,personality that's always been there,he's always been sort of a uh he tends,to go towards this kind of humor sort of,the bottom level bass mini hammer but,now it's taken over his whole,personality and it's not the person I,know for many years although he,certainly displayed you know Peak and,anger at reporters or different critics,and things like that,um I don't know I think the freedom of,speech and freedom reach that's a really,old Trope that was has been used for,many many years he's just getting to it,right now compared to everyone else who,has talked about this issue I think he's,run into the difficulty of really,managing a social media platform which,is very difficult in the best of,circumstances and this is not the best,of circumstances they've got huge debt,they've got issues with advertisers that,were self you know he did it to himself,it's like shooting himself in the foot,uh and remaking a company,um that he's trying to do in his own,image and so he feels like he has to,destroy it and I've heard internally,that it's like chemotherapy intense,chemotherapy to kill the cancer I don't,know if there was a cancer there it just,was a business that needed a rehaul but,that's what he seems to think he needs,to do in order to remake it into what he,wants it to be well and killing the,cancers he's saying I guess or thinking,um and using the the radio whatever,radiation if you want to keep going with,this metaphor um is he going to kill the,entire website he's going to kill the uh,the social media platform no I no I,think the media's been a little bit it's,very hard to kill off a social media,platform I mean AOL dial-up is still,around,um so and you know Yahoo still limping,along and all kinds of things but I,think it's I think you you certainly for,years you know I've talked about the,problems at Twitter management and the,way it's been managed and how it's been,under leveraged as a brand and also as a,business a very difficult business to be,in but nonetheless super under leverage,and the stocks reflected that,um I I don't think he's going it's going,to collapse necessarily it's very,resilient in lots of ways but it's,certainly you know he didn't have to do,it this way to make these changes the,whole point of going private is to be,private about the changes and instead,it's become kind of like a circus act,and a persistent dunking on various and,Sundry things that bother him and that,seems to be a waste of time all this,juvenile dunking but you know he's got a,lot of fans who like this kind of thing,and so we're you know we're in a long,long episode of Jackass I don't know,else about the movie Jackass I'm not,sure what else to say so we're not here,for it there are a lot of folks,adverti

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Yoel Roth on Elon Musk and why he left Twitter

Yoel Roth on Elon Musk and why he left Twitter

one of the things you said at one point,you tweeted that Twitter was actually,safer under Elon do you feel still feel,that way I don't,we,you know it's it's funny in the in the,days shortly after the acquisition a,bunch of things happened but one of them,predictably because it's the internet,was that a trolling campaign emerged and,a number of trolls you could sort of,watch the organization happen on 4chan,so this is all happening in public they,were like let's go to Twitter and test,the new limits of Elon Musk I'm quite,enjoying my Chinese porn but go ahead,people that's a that's another thing,yeah but I'm aware but the troll,campaign sort of emerged very rapidly,and it I think was initially received as,being an authentic surge in hateful,activity on Twitter which is a,reasonable hypothesis it turns out not,to have been borne out by what we were,actually seeing on the service but a,core kind of taking a step back a core,principle for me of doing trust and,safety work is you have to be able to,measure it you have to understand what,the shape of the problem is you have to,be able to quantify it which is really,hard and you need to know if you're,doing anything that's impactful and,Twitter has struggled deeply with,measurement in the trust and safety,space for years but when we started,thinking about this trolling campaign,and about hateful conduct and the,prevalence of of racial slurs on the,service that's an Empirical research,question and we studied it and we looked,at it and we understood what the,Baseline prevalence of this activity was,I tweeted a graph that showed clearly,there was a thing that happened the,thing that happened was a trolling,campaign and we shut down the trolling,campaign and we took steps to build,technology that addressed that type of,conduct automatically and proactively,and measurably it reduced the prevalence,of hateful conduct on Twitter relative,to the pre-troll campaign Baseline sure,which is great,win for trust why is it not safe now,trust and safety is an Adaptive space,um Nina jankowitz has has talked about,the concept of malign creativity the,notion that people are not sitting still,they are actively devising new ways to,be horrible on the internet and the the,work of Internet sanitation is trying to,understand that and ideally staying a,couple of steps ahead of it yeah Steve,Huffman I've read it talked about this,exactly it's persistently malevolent,people who do not have that's their job,yes mostly malevolent teenagers,um Shane Huntley of Google has talked,about uh apts usually advanced,persistent threats in the security world,as being advanced persistent teenagers,and they truly are but you know you you,can't rest on your laurels when it comes,to that and that's why we have a trust,and safety team you can't use ml for all,of it you can't automate it there is no,set it and forget it when it comes to,trust and safety and I think,Twitter's challenge going forward is not,you know can the platform build machine,learning sure they can't but are there,enough people who understand the,emergent malicious campaigns that happen,on the service and understand it well,enough to guide product strategy and,policy Direction and I don't think that,there are enough people left at the,company who can do that work to keep,pace and what about when the company,itself removes they're not going to be,uh doing coveted misinformation anymore,yeah it's just easier to do that right,like oh it's we're just not going to,watch for it you know I one way of of,streamlining the work of trust and,safety I guess is to have fewer rules I,I will like chalk up a minor win in that,space they announced that they were,going to do it like that's something I,wasn't I wasn't really expecting clear,announcements about policy changes we've,seen one which is good,um unfortunately the policy change is,really bad and damaging but,um you know it,you can certainly streamline things but,that doesn't mean that malicious,activity is going to get less,complicated it doesn't mean trolls are,going to stop you can't bury your head,in the sand well no I don't think,they're bearing I think their their,policy is it I don't care like kind,of thing that's my feeling on that I,don't think that's going to be tenable,going forward right well in in my piece,in the times I was talking about like,even if you wanted a policy that is,it you can't like you simply cannot do,that if you were operating what you want,to be a commercially viable consumer,service and the answer might be you,don't care and you're going to burn it,to the ground but assuming your goal,isn't To Burn It To The Ground there are,limits there have to be unless you're,trying to burn it just a little bit in,order to get the bankers out but then,that's that's a theory we talked about,on November 9th that you and Elon seem,to line in that Twitter space is the,next year we're gone what happened in,that 24-hour period,so there were a lot of things that that,were going on concurre

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‘My greatest disappointment’ Kara Swisher on Elon Musk's Twitter takeover | DW News

‘My greatest disappointment’ Kara Swisher on Elon Musk's Twitter takeover | DW News

Cara special is one of the most,influential people in the tech World,here in the United States she has been,working for the Washington Post for the,New York Times for the Wall Street,Journal and is hosting some,award-winning podcasts her latest,podcast is called on with Kara Swisher,Kara thank you so much for being on with,deutschevela today Kara let's talk,Twitter you previously stated that musk,could be the one to solve some of the,Twitter problems why did he seem like,the right fit at the time for you he had,the money he was very wealthy he's got,the means he certainly has a lot of,support in Silicon Valley and in Tech,he's famous you know it sometimes takes,a really well-known person to to do,these kind of things and he has,technical skills I mean he already has,people who have the technical skills and,so and lastly he was a very Avid user of,the of the of the of the service and so,you know that's the kind of person you,want to be maybe bringing it to its full,potential and so you know he certainly,could have done it quietly taking it,private would have been was a good idea,getting rid of people was a good idea,it's just how he's doing it is the,problem now and uh it may have the same,outcome but it certainly tarnished his,brand rather significantly you know him,fairly well Kara so what what exactly,did musk go wrong today he tweeted a,picture of guns like why,um he tweeted a misinformation about,Paul Pelosi's attack using an anti-gay,Trope now he's attacking Apple for not,advertising on Twitter Apple which is,the who has to make a decision if the if,the service becomes unsafe to remove it,from the App Store,um of course that's what he's doing he's,front loading that fight so it looks,like it's free speech flight and not a,safety issue on Twitter which the only,way Apple would remove an app is if,there's a safety issue and so it's a,real um he's doing all kinds of things,that are incredibly divisive and angry,and in your face a lot of it is stunts,so do not take them seriously he's,trying to call attention to the platform,he's essentially committing a traffic,accident every day in order to get,people interested in him and that's not,and that's no way to run a business as,far as I could tell from the people who,have been really successful why is he,doing that Karen,um because there's you know he's always,a lot of money there's a lot of money at,stake here he's got a he may be one one,theory is that he's trying to bring down,the price of the debt uh so that he can,buy it up for cheap and then own the,whole company from the banks that lent,him 13 billion dollars and so the more,he talks the company the more um,the the price goes down he could buy up,that debt and own the whole company and,then later clean it up and take it,public there's lots of different ways,reasons he could do it he's he's in a,really untenable position because he,paid too much and so he's got to figure,out a way to pay less and then then fix,it and then uh bring it public,presumably well that's dangerous I mean,he he puts the whole platform in Risk,right yes of course he doesn't care I,mean this is he's overpaid for like at,the very heart of it away from all his,Antics and his you know his,baiting of people and his rude remarks,every time he's a rude remark of me I,know I'm winning because he's desperate,about something and so he's desperately,trying to figure a way not to lose as,much money as possible and maybe make,some money here and because he because,of the the original sin is he paid 44,billion dollars for a company worth,maybe eight billion dollars that's where,he's got it he's operating from and so,um I don't think he's you know you know,financially suicidal here I think he's,got to figure out a way out of having to,over not having to overpay he overpaid,and he was made to buy it because that's,what he said he was going to do and so,he's caught in a financial bind and he's,trying to find a way to get out of it,and if if,um you know saying Hey to Kanye West you,know a deeply anti-semitic person or uh,bear hugging the right is going to work,he'll do it he doesn't care how,dangerous is this Kara you just said,that he's he calls himself like a free,speech absolutely so whatever he cuts,people off all the time it's such it's,you know Enos it's crap it's okay it's,crap I what I want to ask you is like,how how dangerous it is it really that,Twitter becomes a platform for for hate,speech under his leadership well then,it's a bunch of hate speakers just,talking to each other it doesn't I don't,think it has an influence what if,everyone runs off the platform the whole,beauty of Twitter is everybody's there,talking to each other it's a very small,company let's just say like he goes on,and on about the numbers it's only,because they're there to look at the,traffic accident that he's making and,it's still so small compared to tick,tock and Facebook and uh Instagram it's,it's minuscule and now it has almost no,advertising business and so it

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Twitter chief Elon Musk tells followers: 'Vote Republican'

Twitter chief Elon Musk tells followers: 'Vote Republican'

>>> Elon Musk taking to Twitter.,The platform he now owns and,operates urging,"Independent-minded voters" cast,ballots for Republicans in the,midterm elections today.,What he tweeted "Share power,curbs worst excess of both,parties therefore I recommend,vote for a Republican congress,given the president is,democratic.",That is a contradiction of what,he tweeted just a few months ago,when he wrote "For Twitter to,deserve public trust it must be,politically neutral, effectively,means upsetting the far right,and the far left equally.",Let's talk to probably the only,tech journalist who interviewed,both Elon Musk on her podcast,and thank you very much for,joining us.,>> Thank you.,>> Beyond the contradiction of,Elon Musk, clear there, he owns,this powerful platform now and,seen misinformation and hate,speech just since he took over.,What's the big picture here?,>> He likes to tweets and says,whatever he feels like when he,tweets and doesn't care about,contradictions.,He does what he feels like.,If you read it, that's not the,worst quote yesterday, although,,you know, what he believes.,He actually does believe that,one, in being, being in the,middle.,Thinks of are himself as an,independent.,Says always voted Democrat,,along, also along with those,tweets and this year voted,Republican.,I tweeted back at him.,That means -- he wants everyone,to be equal, I guess.,Democratic president, the house,,the senate should be Republican.,I tweeted back, apparently he,lives in Texas, that means he's,voting for Beto, right?,He's just playing games.,Just -- he's just --,>> That was very smart on your,part, because how is that,independent?,Completely inappropriate, and,how is that even responsible,when you have a platform like,Twitter, which is perhaps the,most influential social media,platform in the world?,>> Right.,Well, is it?,I don't know if it is.,Here's the thing.,>> At least for messaging.,>> Yeah.,He paid $44 billion for it and,why he can do it, and can do,whatever he wants, he's been,doing it the past couple of,weeks.,Demanding money he's going to,charge $8 for your blue check.,He can do it because he paid $44,billion.,>> Does this at all make you,feel like, you see moguls in,newspapers and now Elon by,Twitter.,Seems all decisions he's making,about verification, account,suspension, using the platform,to weigh in the way we haven't,seen done before.,Making it up as he goes based on,his own experiences on Twitter?,>> I think that's what he's,doing.,Creating the Twitter he wants.,He was an active user and knows,the product really well.,A lot of people who buy,companies don't use the products,but he's after avid, almost,obsessive, like myself, I might,say, addictive use of the,product.,So he's doing what he wants to,do.,So I don't know what to say.,He bought it.,Now it's a private company.,Not a public company.,No one he's beholden to, and,this is what he does.,A lot of media people do that.,Although I have to say, Rupert,Murdoch was controlled in,comparison.,>> Ask you this quickly on the,subject before we move on.,>> Sure.,>> Someone like, you know,,celebrity like whoopi Goldberg,saying I'm done, unless it,improves.,>> Yeah, uh-huh, yes.,>> Is that concerning at all?,Do you think Elon Musk cares,about that?,And what do you think?,>> No.,He doesn't care.,He was touting how much it's up,now.,Creating chaos, and might remind,you of some other person,recently got kicked off the,platform.,Who's probably coming back.,He loves chaos.,He's a chaos monkey, as we say,in silicon valley.,That's what he's doing.,>> Let me read you this from,Donald Trump Jr., something he,said a few days ago.,"I believe if you're going to be,a United States senator you,should have basic cognitive,function.",Went on to say "It doesn't seem,that unreason bible to have a,,would go brain," saying "We're,up against a democratic who does,not believe a senator shot have,moosh for a brain" speaking of,candidate for Pennsylvania,senate John Fetterman.,I ask you this, because you not,only had Fetterman on your,podcast for more than an hour,,you suffered a similar stroke,,and recovered to speak in the,way you do today.,So anything you'd like to say on,that, respond?,Anything you'd like to say in,response to that?,>> I really enjoy Dr. Donald,Trump Jr., really great.,Dr. Google university, he went,there.,Ridiculous.,Just ridiculous.,There's a difference between,sensory problems.,I have a lot of them and talked,,I had a very hard problem,sustaining small talk and things,like that.,Sometimes I did.,Sometimes I didn't.,When I interviewed him he was,cognitively able to answer,questions.,I got a lot of flak for saying,that, but he was.,It was a long interview.,You can listen to it.,We didn't change -- a lot of ums,and ahs, like a lot of people,,by the way, and able to answer,questions.,Such a cynical attempt to make,someone look like he can't think,and he obviously can think.,That's not the case.,>> Kara, hope you feel better.,Thank you for getting up for us.,>> I need

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Kara Swisher: `Meme lord` Elon Musk`s vision for Twitter unclear | CUOMO

Kara Swisher: `Meme lord` Elon Musk`s vision for Twitter unclear | CUOMO

the word Free Speech has sort of like,come like fake news it's sort of this,word that's sort of a catch-all and free,speech is not really the point these are,private companies and they can do any,edit like you can do whatever you want,here and nobody screams ah I'm not,allowed on Chris Cuomo's show it's free,speech like I should be able to and so,we mistake what is a private company for,a digital Public Square it is not that,and that's the problem is everyone feels,like it's theirs to own I feel like it's,a it's a newspaper yes but you can't get,in any newspaper can you can you show up,and be in a newspaper and they have,rules about what words they allow for,what language in terms of use and you,believe we need more of that here I do,because I think the ones that are,succeeding guess who's eating,everybody's lunch Tick Tock let's leave,aside the Chinese government influence,there which is still our government's,trying to figure that out and figure out,ways to protect American citizens from,that but um they're doing really well,and they're eating up all the,advertising money because it's a,pleasant place to be because you don't,feel like you're at a party and someone,comes and vomits on your shoes at all,the time so what's the balance between,allowing people to say things that you,may not like why should you have to,listen to any of that I mean free speech,goes free hearing is too if I why should,I listen to someone saying but isn't,that your choice as opposed to Twitter's,so yes but they they Twitter Twitter's,designed so you have it's incoming it's,never been edited out of yours now,elon's talked about filter versions of,it and I don't know what that means does,it mean I'll take the high racism one,and the low racism one I don't know what,it means well on my feed yes there's,almost always a caution for me that the,following replies contain language that,may be right right and it's almost,always online exactly but,um is that okay look here's my concern,about it and I felt like this with Kanye,West I feel like this about our yay I,feel like this about the letter that was,sent on Amy Coney Barrett's the Supreme,Court Justice let the best idea win when,when you put down an idea,you give it power especially now because,you can't censor anything anyway that,book's going to come out maybe not from,Penguins power it's able to say terrible,things about people and dunk on them,that's not really powerful Where's the,Line because I'm saying like Amy Coney,Barrett we don't know that she's going,to write a book where she's like you,know drop an ugly language it's an idea,that people find offensive and it's also,an idea that was motivated by a majority,of the Supreme Court of the United,States if that's something that you can,censor isn't that too far yes but it's a,private company the the first amendment,I don't know people really need to read,it because it says the government cannot,censor and prior restraints are only,about government correct it's all about,government a private company can do,whatever it pleases and whenever it,wants and so the question is what do you,want to create so if he wants to create,a free-for-all he can do that but he's,not going to sell a lot of advertising,and then it's going to go away and so,you have to decide what you want to do,if you want to create create a why would,people be anywhere that's not fun to be,at it's just not not just fun but,interesting he's trying to create this,fun space I don't think it's you know or,there was is one someone from Silicon,Valley he's like he's going to make it,more fun I said for whom because for,some people it's not fun at all and so,but isn't that going to be on us like,you you and I will choose whether or not,Twitter's the right platform that's,correct because of what's going on if it,becomes a cesspool you're going to come,off of it and because we're after,successful is another person's you know,people can't sell advertise I mean let,me get to the business this has never,been a good business and so,um the stock has been a terrible stock,to own except for the people who got in,on the Elon Mike musk price that's been,great for shareholders because he,overpaid for it so badly and so the,question is can you create a place where,people like to be and spend time so you,can have a business of it whether you're,going to sell subscriptions whether,you're not going to buy a subscription,to a place where people call you names,that's not gonna why would you do that,unless you have a certain proclivity and,that's fine it's a free country to do,things like that but you you want to be,you want to sell a product that people,are delighted and love,if you don't do that if he doesn't do,that he's going to lose a lot of money,and he's delighted in love it does not,apply to a lot of social media certainly,Twitter it could though people have a,very good time on Tick Tock people have,a very good time through a lot of,younger people on Instagram for there's,lots of proble

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Elon Musk Says Twitter Should Be Open Source, Kara Swisher Says He Thinks He’s Tony Stark

Elon Musk Says Twitter Should Be Open Source, Kara Swisher Says He Thinks He’s Tony Stark

will you soon have to pay to use twitter,if elon musk gets his way maybe he's,trying to buy the platform and here is,what he said about it just moments ago,at the ted conference in vancouver,twitter has become kind of the de facto,town square,so,it's just really important that people,have the both the uh the reality and the,perception,uh that they're able to speak freely,within the bounds of the law,and,you know so one of the things that i,believe twitter should do is open source,the algorithm,musk is offering a premium for twitter,share right now twitter stock costs,about 46. he's offering a premium he's,also talking a little trash in a letter,to twitter's chairman he said he doesn't,have confidence in the social media's,current,management structure and that he elon,musk,can quote unlock its potential now what,does that mean and beyond musk who might,benefit to help us understand is the,person you always want to have on when,an eccentric billionaire wants to take,over a tech giant new york times,contributor and pivot co-host kara,swisher also because you've been texting,with them so kara,yeah what is he saying,actually emailing um i told him my son's,like the 5 54 20 joke that he's making,about weed which i think most people,realize and he said my son's rock i'm,hoping to get him on sway i've,interviewed him lots and lots of times,and so i really want to sort of walk him,take him through the paces of what he's,doing here because he needs a little bit,of pushback i suspect and you know he's,making claims some of which are really,interesting some of which are you know,dramatic because elon musk is dramatic,and so um you know i think he's a lot of,wall street right now doesn't think he's,serious because the stock hasn't risen,at all they think he's doing some sort,of way to get out of the stock and,that's what it looks like from wall,street's perspective i think he's much,more serious than that um but i i'm not,sure he can afford it even though he,said it on stage i don't i don't think,he can he puts his other companies at,great risk,um if he was able to afford it and if,the shareholders were to take him up on,the offer,what would it mean for the platform and,when he's asked whether he's a free,speech absolutist and he says yes,i guess what does that mean and one of,the big questions i have as a member of,the media is would he let someone like,donald trump back on the platform,oh yeah he objected to it at the time as,you as you recall when when twitter,knocked him off jack dorsey made that,decision uh elon thought it wasn't,correct and he he tweeted uh uh about it,several times i think but at least once,that he thought it was the wrong thing,um you know he he sort of dabbles in,this area and talks about free speech,but he's never run a social media,platform which is like descending into a,potential cesspool and so i think he'd,find it quite a bit harder running it to,figure out what should be done and what,should not it's easier to sort of,make you know make a lot of observations,from the sidelines and he's very good at,that i think running it's another story,um one of the things that's most,interesting is that this is this company,is not a very big company and it's not a,very good business and i think he's,right about that the potential does need,to be unlocked and it has a lot more,value than it has,over the course of its history what,would that look like i mean would it,he's talking about a subscriber base um,paying a certain amount of money but,then,also would that mean that there would be,ads on the platform because part of the,thing that people hate about instagram,even though it's quite addictive is that,you know every other scroll is,an ad for something,yeah well it's also quite lucrative by,the way fyi um you know there are ads on,twitter you just don't see them that's,how bad they are at it so that's one of,the issues um i think a subscription's,interesting i think both you and i and a,lot of people would pay to be depending,on how many subscribers you have it's a,great marketing vehicle it's a great,news distribution vehicle um it's sort,of giving away everything for free and,for what they have a kind of a not a,very good ad business or it's okay um,and it's also not very big and so one of,the things he is talking about is this,de facto town square idea well it's not,a town square it's a public square it's,a private square and they always talk,about it like it's a public square um,and it's a private company and so that's,going to be what's that's what he wants,to do bring it private so it can do some,of these things without pressure from,wall street and and the stock price,twitter is um it's it's very tricky um,and it's had a large effect on,democracies abroad but also here um as,we saw last year with the with the,insurrection um and we as we saw in 2016,during the election he's talking about,getting rid of the bot armies,how do you do that i mean if you could,just get rid of them pretty easily,wou

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What Musk's version of Twitter might look like, with podcaster and Recode founder Kara Swisher

What Musk's version of Twitter might look like, with podcaster and Recode founder Kara Swisher

right now we bring in Kara Swisher Kara,so great to have you here first what's,your take,well you know he was I thought he,thought at some point and this is a,dollar so you might as well own it and,you've probably got other people's money,in part so um you know I think he,probably looked at it and said I have to,pay a fine essentially would Define a,six seven billion dollars or I can just,own it and pay a little more I that's,what I expect of this little calculation,all right will you join us that day when,we first got the news that he tried to,get out of the deal you were with Josh,and I and everybody said no real impact,on the broader group of social media,stocks but what does this mean for,Twitter itself now uh you know,supposedly going to be a private company,yeah well well lucky for this Twitter,shareholders I mean they had him over a,barrel in Delaware he was not going to,win there so he's going to lose so this,is a question of how is he going to lose,well he might as well win by buying it,and you know it's a big risk it's a,terrible business he might lose a ton of,money,um but you know why not he's throwing,the dice here he's shooting the moon,whatever you want whatever metaphor you,want to use but I mean he was going to,have to pay something so I think he,probably decided to take control of the,situation and pay what he said he was,going to say at the time he said he was,going to buy it and you know a lot of,these texts show that he knew very much,about the bot so that was a problem for,him,um and so he has all his little tricks,to get out of it didn't work and so I,might as well just do what he said he,was going to do which he had to do,anyway hey Cara it's Josh Brown good to,see you is it is it totally outrageous,um to think that a year from now we're,going to be hearing about the business,reasons for why Twitter needs to be,merged into Tesla and why Tesla will be,gaining an incredible advertising,platform for all of its products that's,as a result I mean we're giggling but,like it's not totally out of the realm,of possibility right yeah no I mean he,might I guess I suppose I think he just,likes this thing you know and I I think,the issue is he he got buyer's remorse,and then,forgot legal proceedings he'd signed a,contract right and so you can't he can,do that other places but not here and so,he was in a in a corner and this is the,best way out of it meaning he gets to,own it at least even if he's overpaying,for it which he is,um even if it's a very difficult,business which it is,um and maybe he'll figure out something,to do with it so you know he gets he,figures he's got some ideas and uh and,he's certainly got lots of backing of a,lot of people it also gets him out of,the Limelight so he can move on to more,important things like settling the war,in Ukraine all right Karen Before I Let,You Go speaking of what he's going to do,with it a lot of looming questions we've,covered the deal looks like he's going,to go through it 54-20 but what about,Jack Dorsey apparently they're pretty,good friends they're texting about,taking over Twitter do you have to see,Elon Musk perhaps letting a former,president Trump back on the platform I,mean what changes could we expect going,forward,oh he's going to put him back on the,platform 100 I I would he said it he,said it directly and I think if it,hadn't if Twitter was running itself,they wouldn't have because why get the,headache of it and so he doesn't mind,the headache of it and he likes the,attention so that's going to happen,because he said it um uh and then I,think who knows if he'll bring back Jack,or not maybe,um he needs to find a really good CEO to,run this thing he shouldn't be doing,this on on his in his free time so,um that's for sure he's got to find,someone significant to run this and,that's a very small pool of people so,you know the thing is it has to it has,to happen and I think Twitter,shareholders should be aware just to,make sure it's not some game to get out,of the lawsuit and then restart it again,because it'd be very deadly for Twitter,to keep in this ongoing series of,hijinks with Elon Musk I'm hearing a,little skepticism there Kara Swisher,thank you who knows I just wouldn't be I,just you know I guess all right words in,your mouth but Karis I don't think it's,uncalled for that's all,Gary you know you got to expect the,unexpected with Elon Musk Kara Swisher,thank you for calling in great to have,you here for this breaking news

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