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The gun trace task force behind 'We Own This City' | Justin Fentonit's such a fascinating story here

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Updated on Jan 28,2023

The gun trace task force behind 'We Own This City' | Justin Fenton

it's such a fascinating story here in,the uk we are fascinated with a police,program called line of duty which,features on an anti-corruption unit,within the police and this has got real,shades of line of duty to it in that,it's incredible justin how long,this particular unit uh within the,baltimore police department was able to,operate for and before we get into that,uh tell me about the reason why it was,set up it was decided in 2007 that the,special unit would be formed,why and what was baltimore like as a,city at that point,yeah um this,task force was set up in 2007 to go,after gun traffickers to try to do more,sophisticated type investigations of,people bringing guns into the city they,were supposed to take their time be,methodical,but over over the years it's sort of,morphed into one of many types of,different uh plain clothes squads that,we have here that sort of just roamed,the streets looking for crime pulling,people over uh jumping out on people,standing on the corner things like that,and it really um it lost its way into,what it became,so it was aimed to try and trace guns to,try and crack down on guns rather than,drugs which was also a problem in the,city at the time what were crime rates,like how much was the city dominated by,by crime at that point,i mean baltimore's just historically,struggled with with high uh crime rates,and violence this was actually a period,though where it seemed like the,department was getting a handle on,things,they were surging towards 300 homicides,a mark that hadn't been seen since the,1990s the new police commissioner said,he was going to adjust tactics and they,were able to stem that tide and get the,homicides down below 200 for the year,for the first time since the 1980s,unfortunately the way they were doing,that was by beefing up the these the,plainclothes units i just referred to,and sending them into these historically,violent and impoverished neighborhoods,and really being very very quite,aggressive um,and as we would come to find out you,know there was a lot of abuses taking,place that were not being adequately,dealt with because they were pleased,with the the efforts in bringing down,the violence that was focused on the,target and not necessarily on the manner,in which that target was reached,yeah,um tell us what happened then in the,years after the gttf was established,well so over time you know this this,unit became uh they had they had a,freedom to roam the city um you know in,uh in 2015,uh we saw the death of freddie gray it,was a young black man who was taken into,custody and died while he was being,taken to the jail,we saw you know uprisings protests,which eventually sort of,spilled over into,rioting and looting,and the justice department the the,federal justice department was brought,into the city to try to you know,investigate this police department to,try to um uncover those abuses that have,been um,going on without being properly,addressed as a precursor to what's,called a consent decree which is where,the federal government a judge oversees,reform in the police department um but,even with that occurring,even with that that sort of oversight,that you think would cause everyone to,sort of straighten up and be on their,best behavior this gun trace task force,uh was robbing drug dealers uh they were,doing searches without probable cause,lying in their paperwork even taking,drugs off the street and reselling them,and it wasn't the federal government,that really uncovered it through their,investigation uh they were doing one,thing the officers were doing another it,was a suburban drug investigation that,caused this uh police misconduct to be,uncovered and it's continued to um it,continues to be uncovered to this day,really okay we just we just had a trial,uh last month that revealed even more,things that were going on so it we're,still peeling away the layers of this,okay we'll get more into um sort of how,it was busted i suppose a little bit,later on but i'm keen to help paint a,picture of the guys in this gun trace,task force you mentioned um that they,were seizing drugs and then selling them,um they would,happen upon large amounts of money and,decide that by taking 20 of that money,no one would ever report them no one,would ever uh you know land them into,any trouble and they were able to keep,to keep huge amounts of money and they,they lived sort of in the shadows as,well worked in the shadows so that there,was no high profile,um element to them at all was there this,uh specific task force,yeah that was an interesting thing for,me as a journalist in town has been,covering the department for a long time,this unit really wasn't something that,we heard about you know they they,weren't um they were viewed within the,agency as as as special um but because,of the type of work they were doing you,know we we tend to cover murders and we,cover the way the district commanders,are running the districts and how the,patrol officers are spread out,throughout the

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"According to Trudeau, I'm an Extremist" Trend goes Viral on Twitter - Thousands of Canadians Post

"According to Trudeau, I'm an Extremist" Trend goes Viral on Twitter - Thousands of Canadians Post

ladies and gents welcome back justin,trudeau's hate-filled words are coming,back on him full,circle this week as a new trend is,happening on the,interwebs a new trend on twitter,according to trudeau is uh taking off,and a lot of people are contributing to,this this started by marty upnorth's,fact-checking twin brother,he uh there's an article here from the,counter signal i'll get into that in a,minute but it all started with him,posting this to social media i'm a 55,year old canadian i'm married father to,four university educated and perfectly,bilingual i'm an engineer solving,problems for,35 years i'm a volunteer hockey coach,and an avid outdoorsman according to,trudeau i'm an extremist who needs to be,dealt with,trudeau must go now a lot of people,contributing to this,the trend is it just it doesn't end you,can keep going through this uh 52 year,old wife mother of two adult,daughters working 25 years in public,service and the 17 and the last 17 in,children's mental health the job i loved,be i believe in freedom,to choose what you what's in your own,best interest according to justin,trudeau i am an extremist that needs to,be dealt with,again i'm 25 years old full-time mother,of two and stepmother to one i like,playing video games and painting i'm,happily taken by a man who makes me,laugh and i love cuddles with my cat,according to trudeau i'm an extremist,who needs to be dealt with hashtag,trudeau must,go,and the trend just,keeps going and going and going,thousands of canadians chiming in on,this trend and with the same message,according to justin trudeau i'm an,extremist,and,needs to be dealt with,that's great i love that,um i added to it as my as as well myself,i'm a 40 year old automotive mechanic,loving husband and proud father of two,beautiful bicultural children active,member of my community here in british,columbia according to trudeau i'm an,extremist that needs to be,dealt with now the article from count,the counter signal,lays this out canadian slandered by,prime minister justin trudeau for,refraining the experimental covid,vaccines or taking back the narrative,with a viral twitter trend,across the country canadians are posting,according to trudeau i'm an extremist,to their timelines followed by a,description about themselves i'm a 35,year old canadian i'm a widow,and single mother of five i'm you know,uh university educated i'm an accountant,i homeschool my kids and i'm a hockey,mom according to trudeau i'm an,extremist who needs to be dealt with,hashtag trudeau must go i'm a 34 uh yeah,there's just a description of that i'm,42 year old canadian i'm single,i'm a college educated i'm a financial,planner at family business which we sold,seven years ago according to trudeau i'm,an extremist,who needs to be dealt with,hashtag trudeau must go and it goes on,and on uh in september trudeau referred,to millions of canadians as likely to be,racist sexist extremists and people who,don't believe in science he also said,perhaps they shouldn't be tolerated,because they refused to submit to his,coercive tactics to be inoculated with a,vaccine,approved under emergency use in an,interview trudeau said it's a small,group that takes up room,even american commentator bill maher,thought trudeau's comments went too far,he said he sounds like well funny,mustache man here we go he started to,read what he said this is a couple of,weeks ago he was or maybe this is,september but he was talking about,people who are not vaccinated,said they don't believe in science,they're often misogynistic often racist,no they're not that was not part of him,at all right he said but they take up,space,and with that we have to make a choice,in terms of a leader as a country do we,tolerate these people it's like tolerate,dude now you do sound like him that's,that way and recently he talked about,them holding holding unacceptable views,i'm surprised to hear that trudeau said,those things,you didn't see the black face i mean,no i'm kidding about it i'm not i'm not,i mean i was not a good look for him,but i i mean,come on i mean that's i think what gets,under people's skin he started to read,what absolutely and it's starting to,reflect back on him in this,beautiful trend that of people sharing,their insights critics said trudeau's,comments were hate speech under canadian,law but nothing has come about legally,section 319-2,of canada's code or section 2,states everyone who by communicating,statements other than in private,conversation willfully promotes hatred,against an identifiable group is guilty,of an indictable offense and is liable,to imprisonment for a term not exceeding,two years or offense punishable by in,summary conviction emphasis added,trudeau has not been charged with a,crime or even penalized or even,apologized,instead the prime minister continues to,slander anyone who challenges his,vaccine mandates,saying they have unacceptable views,i'm a mother i'm a 33,three to three-year-old mother of four,college educated i've worked in a

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The Messy Story of How Twitter Started (Beginning to Now)

The Messy Story of How Twitter Started (Beginning to Now)

today i'm going to talk about the story,of twitter one of the most recognizable,and influential social networks on the,planet some say it's informative some,say toxic but regardless the,microblogging platform has grown and,developed over the past 15 years to,capture the attention of hundreds of,millions of people it's become a tool,that enables communication sharing and,breaking news expressing opinions with,over 206 million monetizable daily,active users and a market cap of 52,billion their evolution has not been,linear it's been described as a story of,power money friendship and betrayal this,story is part of a series that i'm doing,on consumer technologies where i dive,deep into the founders backgrounds idea,inception how the company grew from,where it started to where it is now if,you enjoy it please feel free to like,subscribe comment and let me know what,you'd like to see next quick disclaimer,as usual all the information that is in,this video is publicly available online,and i've tried to objectively piece it,together although a 15 plus year story,is very difficult to make into one short,video the story is also really messy so,please let me know if you feel that i've,misquoted something or if i've missed,something out that's extremely,significant put it down in the comments,the best place to start is with the,founders backgrounds there are four,founders that are generally acknowledged,as being there right at the beginning of,twitter and i'm going to talk about them,so that's noah glass evan williams jack,patrick dorsey and christopher isaac,stone i'm gonna start with noah first of,all the internet seems very confused,between two different noah glasses i,personally don't think they look alike,but it's probably because they have the,same name and are both technology,entrepreneurs from the us noah was born,in santa cruz northern california in the,early 70s and he lived in a small house,next to a barn in a decrepit area that,was home to a hippie commune shortly,after noah was born his dad left the,house and never came back his mother,would make trinklets and candles by hand,so that she could sell in order to pay,their bills noah moved away from the,commune to live with his grandparents,who lived nearby and one of his,relatives took the role of a father,figure and guided him until he became an,adult growing up noah's mind moved in a,very hectic way they didn't know if it,was add adhd ocd or maybe a mix of all,three but he had always been like that,one day in his late teens he was acting,erratically and the police picked him up,they didn't know if he was on mushrooms,or methamphetamines he told them he only,had a few cups of coffee but they,arrested him tested him for drugs and,kept him in a jail cell overnight the,next day he was still acting the same,and they saw that he hadn't tested,positive for any drugs and so they let,him go he went to university and then,dropped out and worked for a place,called industrial lights magic and then,he quit after that at some point he,worked on a few project with mark cantor,the founder of macromind which later,became macromedia the birthplace of,shockwave and later flash animation and,multimedia software he's been married,twice the first time he was married he,got divorced in 2003 and then he got,married again to his wife called erin,who was a law student and in the early,2000s noah created a project where users,would dial a number and the servers,would turn your voice message into an,mp3 message hosted on the internet there,isn't that much information about noaa's,upbringing online and i think you'll,come to understand a bit more about why,later on for now i'm going to move on to,evan williams evan also known as ev was,born on the 31st of march 1972 in,nebraska he grew up with two older,siblings and his parents in a farm in a,town called clarkson that had less than,500 residents ev was a daydreamer and,different to other midwestern boys who,learned to fire rifles hunt dis and love,football he would spend hours alone with,his thoughts he liked making plastic,models in his room taking his bike apart,then putting it back together and,drawing video game ideas because he,didn't have a computer when he grew up,and learned to drive his first car was a,yellow bmw this made him really popular,in school and people liked to hang out,with him and invite him to parties,during his senior year of school his,parents got divorced and a lot of people,were guessing about them in their town,so they moved to a different town and he,moved to a different school but then he,felt lonely again at school he was,always coming up with these business,schemes and when the internet started,getting popular he made a vhs tape,explaining what it was and he spent one,summer trying to convince local,businessmen to buy them but he didn't,sell that money in the end he went to,the university of nebraska lincoln and,joined the farmhouse fraternity before,dropping out after a year and a half,because he though

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The Story Behind HBO’s “We Own This City” | Amanpour and Company

The Story Behind HBO’s “We Own This City” | Amanpour and Company

now as violent crime surges in the,united states the ongoing struggle,between american law enforcement and the,public remains in the spotlight justin,fenton chronicles the rise and fall of,one baltimore police department task,force that's in his book we own this,city and he's joining michelle martin to,discuss crime cops and corruption,thanks christiane justin fenton thank,you so much for talking with us,thank you so much for having me,i'm guessing that if most people think,about,a scandal involving the police in,baltimore,they would think,freddie gray because of course you know,in april of 2015 this young man was,apprehended by the police under sort of,for dubious reasons,he,was you know put in the back of a police,van,uh later died a week later and his death,set off you know days of unrest of,violence of writing of looting,but all this was happening,well a bigger story i i could argue was,taking place one that i bet you outside,of maybe the immediate area most people,don't know anything about,we're talking about the story that you,write about in your book,we own this sitting about the gun trace,task force how did it start,really it probably starts decades ago i,think one of the things this scandal has,really underscored is that this behavior,by police and when we're talking about,lying on official documents conducting,uh searches without warrants uh stealing,money stealing drugs,this scandal revealed this has been,going on for decades here,and we continue to find out new,revelations to this day just last month,there was a veteran sergeant uh who took,the stand in a trial and outlined 20,years worth of stealing,stealing and lying and it becomes,systemic here and it was exposed not,through the fallout of the freddie gray,case or the civil rights investigation,by the justice department that followed,but by,suburban drug investigators who sort of,fell backwards into it it's it's a,pretty pretty interesting tale how it,all unspooled,so give us the parameters,of this these were a group of cops,supposedly in this elite unit,tasked with getting guns and drugs off,the street,but in fact they were,robbing people of cash and drugs,and even selling drugs themselves,and while famously none of the police,officers involved in the freddie gray,case were convicted in fact,eight members of this particular group,all went to federal prison so how bad,was it like what is the scope of this,conspiracy how much money how many,people how many drugs,the scope of the conspiracy is just what,you said uh officers who just on a,regular basis sort of built into the way,they did their jobs uh were,not being watched not being held,accountable not being investigated when,complaints came in those complaints were,being discarded they weren't believed um,in baltimore and every other city i,would say,these plainclothes units and i want to,explain what that is briefly you know we,think about you know undercover officers,who might assume a different identity,that this isn't what that is these are,officers who go out wearing hooded,sweatshirts jeans a police vest and they,drive around in unmarked cars these,officers are sent out by the police,department to try to find crime to try,to detect who might be carrying a gun,who might have drugs and they were for,years,given this um leeway to work in a gray,area really not a gray area at all,because they're breaking the law but,that's the way the department saw it was,were giving them this deference because,they were asking them to find this crime,and these officers were taking advantage,of that difference they have different,names for this kind of policing in,different cities i think in new york,many people,know it as stop and frisk in dc they,call these jump out boys,in baltimore they also call them jump,out boys as well as knockers uh as far,as his knockers with the connotation,being you know beating people up being,rough with people um,and yeah their their trademark was to,sort of sort of drive up on corners if,there was a quick gathering of young,black men uh in a in what's considered a,high crime area they would uh drive up,and jump out of the car one of the,tactics that was revealed by the,officers who cooperated one of the,tactics they described was these was,called door pops where they would drive,up really fast,slam on the brakes and pop their doors,and if people started to run they,thought okay well that guy must have,something we're going to chase after him,so they were sort of trying to,um coerce people into this stuff,you could imagine where some people,might say well you know so what i mean,these people are probably doing,something bad and if they're trying to,sort of interrupt it intervene,you know,what's so terrible what's the harm yeah,so i mean what we often see with these,kinds of traffic stops and these kinds,of things is when they are successful,when the police pull somebody over for,not signaling uh they smell marijuana,they see a furtive movement and they,search the car and they

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State of Georgia Vs. Denver Fenton Allen | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim

State of Georgia Vs. Denver Fenton Allen | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim

okay um okay mr. mr. Allen right I,believe that I believe that your case is,was going to be going to trial not this,Monday but the following Monday do you,understand that yes okay I tell you if,you need to tell me something I want,I'll let you come up here to the podium,so you can speak into the microphone and,I can hear you yes the attorney here I'm,wanting to fire him uh-huh,and you know I don't feel like he's,doing any who are you going to who are,you gonna hire not gonna hire nobody I'm,gonna try to get a different public,defender there isn't you have a right to,an attorney this lawyer has you don't,have a right to a specific attorneys,lawyers made sexual advances on me he'll,he's miss misrepresenting my case he,told me if if I wanted him to do a good,job I had to let him give me oral sex,he's had doctors at Central State,Hospital just put a false doctors at,Central State Hospital would a false,diagnosis on me okay I don't you know I,know mr. Wyatt pretty well and I don't,think he has the ability to make doctors,at Central State do anything well they,did it and he's the one that had me sit,down there well you know they may have,done it but I don't think that he had,anything to do with it all right well he,won't give me the discovery well there's,things in discovery he's supposed to,give me the incident and told me that it,was the discovery okay they're,alternating calculon's that I wrote if,you want if you want the indictment I'll,make sure you get a copy of the,indictment no I'm saying I got the in,tight man huh but he's not complying,with discovery okay I'm supposed to get,the autopsy report the coroner report,pictures of the crime scene or coroner,report criminal background records,I want this enough is this a murder in,the county jail okay yeah I supposed to,get the criminal background records,investigational summaries Wyatt what,discovery do you have giving him,everything I have you've given him,everything you have yes sir he's given,you everything this is a murder case in,your this is a murder case and you're,telling me the only thing on discovery,is a 4-page indictment I don't think,he's saying that I think he's saying,he's giving you everything he has he,ain't giving me no autopsy report he,ain't giving me no coroner's report he,ain't giving well it may be that he,doesn't have that I don't know what I've,been trying to get he didn't give me,pictures of the crime,seen I've seen other people go to trial,on murder charges I've seen what you're,supposed to get I'm not going to work,with this attorney well you know you if,you're not it's not gonna have you've,got you've got not going to trial with,this attorney well you've got two,choices one you can go to trial with,them or two you can try the case,yourself now I definitely completely,think that's and I've got a right to,have a minute listen to me that would be,the biggest mistake you've ever made in,your life so basically you're sitting,here telling me now you have a find me,guilty if I if I go to trial and try to,defend myself,you're probably right that would be my,guess if you try to defend yourself you,you don't know anything about selecting,a jury do you know do you know anything,about cross-examining witnesses no do,you know anything about Criminal,Procedure I know I don't have to let you,know anything eyes guy suck my let let,me get some legal representation know,something I'll be honest mr. Allen I,really don't believe that I'm not I'm,not concerned if you believe it or not,I'd you but I supposed to I'm supposed,to have a right to an attorney and I'm,not gonna work with this attorney,that's up to you so I hold myself in,contempt if you try to pull me up here,to court with that attorney that that's,fine I mean that's up to you you I told,you what your choices are you can go to,trial,I'm just telling me listen to me hold,myself into contempt listen to me you,listen to me yourself I'm through here,y'all done I'm finding I'm finding you,in contempt of court I don't care I know,you don't and I sentence you to 20 days,for that and if you say anything else,I'm gonna add 20 days for everything you,say you forty days you again 60 go,yourself a year your momma ten years,suck my something this is gonna be an,interesting trial oh yeah oh yeah you,know you're not supposed to smile in,court you know that if you smile I can,smile anytime I want a violation now,you're cussing and yelling I have not,cuss yeah you did I am yelling well go, yourself suck my that's why I'm,yelling suck my you know something you,are absolutely the rudest person I think,I've you read yet you reckon if I let,you suck my that I could get a fair,trial here oh I don't think so I got a,big now and if I pull it out I don't,think that's gonna get you a fair trial,unless you have I'm do every one of the,jurors do I don't think that mouth is,big enough sir I've got a big old donkey,you know I'm sure mines,I'm sure mines now I've got a big old,donkey for that ass good I'm,the women love it

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NoPixAfterDark Pod EP182: Justin Fenton Author "We Own This City" & Reporter for Baltimore Banner

NoPixAfterDark Pod EP182: Justin Fenton Author "We Own This City" & Reporter for Baltimore Banner

welcome to the no picks after dark,podcast i'm your host aaron dante,you know we are live on location at snug,books i'm so excited on harford road,shout out to snug books for having us,today so excited for this episode you,know i'm always trying to bring the,summer heat and you know let's go to,make this coming out in may or june i,don't know yet but this is going to come,out with some heat i'm so excited,to have the guest on today this guest is,hard to catch up with i'm telling you,this guy's everywhere i mean when i mean,everyone when i hit reached out to him,he was in paris france hanging out and,i'm like hey hit me when you get back in,the country brother so we finally made,it happen without further ado mr justin,finn how are you hey thank you for,having me this is like i have done a lot,of interviews and this is absolutely the,coolest setting of any thing that i've,done so thanks for having me today hey i,appreciate you coming up i always tell,people coming northeast so i call it,disney world up here it's different out,here you know,um so,tell us a little bit about yourself,always start everybody else tell us,where are you from where you originally,from like tell us about your childhood,i'm from uh anne arundel county uh,outside of annapolis and uh went to,university of maryland worked for the,school paper and i worked at the,baltimore sun my entire career for 17,years until i left and joined the,baltimore banner uh this year so uh this,is my home i live in the city and i,enjoy telling uh the stories of the city,exciting that is so exciting um i'm,happy that you're here i mean we've had,so many people who are like are you,going to be justifying are you going to,be i'm like,this guy's probably busy but when i,reached out to you thank you so much for,getting back i mean i was surprised i,didn't think you would reach back out,i'm sure like people shoot you in dms,it's like hey i want to talk to you but,you're probably pretty busy probably,lately yes but uh yeah now absolutely i,i've been i i know you've been making,big moves in the podcasting room having,a lot of big guests so i'm excited to be,part of that uh that roster hey i,appreciate you i definitely appreciate,you so,what is your favorite childhood memory i,asked every guest this growing up like,what's your favorite childhood memory,growing up oh my gosh,probably involves mischief,when you put me on the spot like that i,guess uh you know i remember you know,shooting water balloons with uh like a,catapult thing that we had in the,neighborhood and just shooting them,across the neighborhood who even knew,where they landed but uh gosh and and we,used to do this thing called uh,detouring where we would put uh traffic,cones in the road and detour traffic,into places where people,you know they wanted to go one place,would make them go the other way so i,don't know why those are the first,things that come to mind but uh yeah,mischief in anne arundel county i love,that i love i always tell people because,you are wearing orioles and um my,favorite player was eddie murray and it,was like eddie eddie and my dad and i,would go to the game together it was,such a moment and i just i can't wait,when i take my kids to the orioles games,i was at the game where he hit his 500th,home run but we left i think there was a,rain delay and we left and listened to,him hit it on the radio oh big mistake,but uh i was a big cal ripken guy i was,growing up when he when he had broke the,streak and i remember going out i,gathered all the cal ripken things that,i could um cereal boxes you know pepsi,or coke cans and you know had hundreds,of his baseball cards so yeah so were,you did you like memorial stadium i mean,i thought it was a classic did you were,you i was just talking to somebody about,that this morning i am certain i went,but i don't remember going and i can't,even fathom how,that many people converged on waverly on,a regular basis it seems hard to believe,without highways we take for granted,that like the easy access of uh camden,yards and raven stadium but uh yeah i,don't remember that okay so no yeah,morrison used to be packed man that was,the spot i remember just you know going,to waverly we would park over by,cloverland and walk all the way up from,there because the parking was it was,hard because it was in the neighborhood,people live all around the area so i was,like talking about that so you said you,were you always into writing was that,something that was that someone in your,family or did you like how did that,become a passion for it no i get asked a,lot if i'm related to i think tom fenton,who was on cbs here for for many years,but no i i'm the first in my family um,honestly growing up um you know wasn't,particularly good at sports i tried to,play soccer as long as i could until it,really wasn't viable and as i was making,a plan for college i didn't have any,activities,i wasn't doing anything um and and i i,you know we always had two newspapers,delivered to our

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Drunk Call Chronicles - TO THOSE NIGHTS

Drunk Call Chronicles - TO THOSE NIGHTS

為慶祝,為忘記,為回憶,生日快樂!,謝謝你們!,我應該可以參加那燒烤派對,你去過大峽谷吧,沒有,你得去,她明天有個重大的考試,她說她得溫習, ,好吧,我們走吧,來吧,夠了,你喝夠了,走吧,東西拿好,你好外套、錢包、袋子,通通拿好,走吧,我夠了,我要離開,你還好嗎?,笨蛋,好吧,我那邊,你可以嗎?,我可以的,兄弟,我們不ok,他媽的,我們醉到不行,你要是現在開車,你會他媽的死耶,好吧,我在車上休息一會兒,你答應?,當然,我現在無法開車,我們說好的!,對,我答應,嘿,走吧不要做白痴的事!,走吧,不,我受夠了,媽的我受夠了,Jessica,小心點,沒有人這樣摸過我,那個混蛋,先回來吧,我們再想辦法,不要! 我不要回去見那個混蛋,我要回家了,妳要如何走? 妳又沒開車,我自有朋友,妳的朋友都在裏面呀,我還有其他朋友,外面很不安全,我自己可以了!,喂?,嗨Eddie,妳沒事吧?,我還好… 只是被困在一個派對…,而我想走了… 你可以來接我嗎?,嗯… 好啊,抱歉,我不是想打擾你的,但你是我唯一認識住附近的朋友,而我平常的閏密都在裏面,所以…,沒關係,告訴我妳在哪裏,我現在過來,謝謝,醉漢打來囉,對,天啊,你喝了多少?,隔著電話都聞到酒味了,傻瓜,不可能,好玩嗎?,差不多結束了,人都走光光了,開心嗎?,我多希望妳在,我也是,妳最好給我拿個A,不,要A+因為妳沒來,那入學試的分數不是這樣算的,不過是的! 我會拿A+,朋友們的女朋友今晚都在,除了我的,你拋下我一人了,噢… 對不起,千萬別離開我,我們都在一起六年了,我想我跑不掉了,是嗎?,不是嗎?,我喝醉了…,其實Barry今晚也沒有帶女朋友來,是嗎? 她去哪兒了?,他帶了他的未婚妻來,記得他上個禮拜求婚了嗎?,對,還不太適應要改稱呼,然後,我也在想,我不想再帶我女朋友去參加派對了,是嗎?,我也想帶未婚妻去,我要走了,他來了,我是送妳回家嗎?,是的,謝謝,你前面上10號公路,然後…,我記得,也不是太久以前的事…,我有可能搬家了,如果是的話,我覺得妳應該會寫在面書上,那,妳有嗎?,沒有,我們不可以再這樣下去,我知道,對不起,但妳一直出現在我腦海裏,Elijah,五年了,我們什麼都經歷過,你知道結果的,Audrey我一直覺得妳還在我生命中,我還沒準備好讓妳變成我的過去式,還不能…,妳有想念我嗎?,常常,你從前沒有我,以後也可以沒有我,妳太堅強了,妳怎麼做到的…,經驗教曉我的,現在換我告訴你,今晚的她是誰?,我不認識,我們的位置好像是上天安排好,讓我可以偷看她幾眼,旁邊的屏風剛好阻隔了其他人,又恰好可以清楚地看見她眼睛,不好意思,我不該跟妳說這些,繼續吧,她的眼睛很漂亮,讓我想起妳的,真諷刺,你喜歡我的眼睛,卻討厭我對事的看法,還記得嗎?,你都說我很負面,我喜歡妳滿腔的抱負,你說過我沒節制,妳是指…,我那對瘦得像竹竿的腿,不要忘記你跟我分手的原因,也是為什麼我從來不回你的訊息,我後悔那天跟妳分手,是真的,這是認識自己需要什麼的過程,你我曾經都是彼此成長的一部份,你不必再自責了,可以重來的話,我會變更好的,你一定可以,但還是留著給下一個伴吧,不要浪費我們經歷過的痛來彌補過去,要為明天成長,就算我不再在其中,重回這裏真好,嗯,是吧,嗯… 我不是八卦,也不一定需要知道,但剛發生的… 妳都不必太在意,妳是個美麗動人的女孩,只是妳看起來不大好…,他…,他一把把我捉住,之後手就亂摸…,從來沒有男生這樣對我,沒有男生可以這樣對一個女孩,我試著擺出一副很生氣的模樣,但其實我心裏很害怕,我明白,等一下,我們不應該,妳不是…,妳確定?,對…,我也該走了,你說的對,對不起,謝謝了,再見,我只是說,Bryan你休想,我們不是談過了嗎?,清醒的時候再說吧,妳沒聽過酒後吐真言嗎?,這是我真實的感受,也不用刻意隱瞞,不要,是時候了,不要,Courtney,寶貝,你是我一生中最愛,我不要聽,我想用我的餘生跟妳一起過,天啊,你來真的,妳可以嫁給我嗎?,不要,什麼?,再接再勵吧,什麼時候?,酒醒的時候,妳要拒絕我嗎?,妳剛是拒絕了我的求婚嗎?,有其他人聽到嗎?,沒有,妳走運,沒人聽到妳這麼絕情,我好愛妳啊,我也是,我要掛了,還剩很多沒看完,路上小心喔,嗯… 妳傷了我的心,那一刻他明白了,這就是他一直在尋找的,他沒奢望過可以擁有的,直到那一刻,他…,很快樂,多年來的不確定,晚上的寂寞,愚蠢的決定,不理智的行為,喂?,沒事了寶貝,我們再說吧…,我找了個朋友來接我,現在都有解答了,回顧往事,過往的一切,成就了今天的我們,快樂,都是大家瞧往的終點

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Woke Bros: We Own This City

Woke Bros: We Own This City

welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the,latest edition of the world bros of,course,i'm your co-host big wise,uh nando vela he's out again on,assignment this time this man is in,portugal uh i'm actually in nyc myself,but you know we had to keep the trains,running on time here but we got a very,very special guest man um this guy,co-wrote the book we own the city which,is the source material for what's my,favorite tv show right now hbo's mini,serie of the same name we own the city,he's formerly of the baltimore sun and,now he's co-founded and headed up a new,media venture called the baltimore,banner uh justin fenton welcome to the,show my brother hey thank you for having,me i listened to the the show,recaps and i thought the way you were,talking about the show was like,everything that you know i try to get,across in the book that they try to get,across in the show so i had to reach out,and glad to be here now,yeah i appreciate you man because like,you know i think like my,i think my interest in the show kind of,slightly diverges from,that of bill and maybe even chris a,little bit because,you know i am a very politically minded,person,um,and i'm a black person and you know just,the idea of how,policing happens,here in america specifically to people,who are of working class and poor black,backgrounds um and that's the focus of,this show you know um woke roses,just so you know what was we thought we,were being ironic when we came up with,the name of the show,but then people thought we were serious,this is not one of those shows,but we do care about issues of policing,um because to me it's no different than,anything it is class-based and,economically based um how it is that,people are police but i do want to talk,to you about the show and how you feel,the show has done,handling the material that's become,basically your life's work man,yeah i mean the book was a culmination,of really 17 years of reporting at the,baltimore sun i guess since 08 i've been,covering the police department and the,courts and jails and everything um and,you know i really,took the um i i really wanted to sort of,wrap all the things i'd seen over the,years that shifting strategies things,not really changing but but we're always,continually hearing that they're,changing um and uh i think the show's,done a great i mean you know so many of,the scenes are really straight from real,life they're straight from the book,there's dialogue that's that's word for,word and i think but i think the um the,issues i tried to hit on i think that,they're they're hitting on as well so i,mean i couldn't you can't can't go wrong,when the people who made the wire or,adapting your books so i knew i was in,good hands but i mean i'm obviously,pretty pleased with how it turned out,i don't know a lot about your um your,background justin um where are you from,and how did you come to work in the city,of baltimore as a reporter for the,baltimore sun,yeah i mean i grew up in the suburbs of,baltimore we would come into the city to,go to orioles games and the inner harbor,basically you know our understanding of,the city was um again for like mostly,tourism kind of things and uh i went to,college at the university of maryland um,i did school paper stuff there and then,i the sun was the only place i've ever,worked,and kind of thrown onto the crime beat,very early on i think i was,i was you know proud of myself at the,time but maybe not ready for it at the,age of like 20 25 because this is really,complex issues,become much more in a good way become,much more complex when i started it was,very much like what are the police not,you know how are they allowing crime to,happen who have they failed to arrest,who didn't get a long enough sentence,that was really the way crime was,covered when i started on the beat,that's the way it was inherited and,passed down to me and expected of me and,just so much is i've seen a lot,experience you know uh the the country's,seen a lot people's eye eyes were being,opened and this is like an evolution for,me as well,yeah and i want you to talk about that,that lens um how,because obviously if you write a book,like we own the city,your,view of policing and crime has evolved,from what you just mentioned um just,talk about that sort of,you know that lens that you viewed crime,and policing through,starting out because you said something,that's interesting it's like the only,conversations were how many bad guys are,we rounding up and how long can we lock,them up for uh just talk about that,environment why you believe it was so,i mean i think that you know in this in,a city like this in cities all over the,country like you do see like people who,are sort of like repeat offenders you,know someone will be locked up and then,they will they will get out and they,will do something and everybody sort of,says why didn't why weren't they locked,up forever and,you know um there's a lot of i think you,know we see that in the,you know the 90s crime bill and things,l

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