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Justin Bieber Accidentally Leaks Search History, Fans Expose Him on TwitterJustin Bieber and his wif


Updated on Jan 23,2023

Justin Bieber Accidentally Leaks Search History, Fans Expose Him on Twitter

Justin Bieber and his wife Haley Baldwin,have had enough of Justin and Selena,Gomez shippers before we get into the,tea I just want to put out a disclaimer,please do not send hate or threats of,any kind to Justin Haley,Selena or anyone involved in this,controversy this video is simply meant,to report on the news and give some,insight on the issue on April 26th,Justin Bieber and Hailey mocked an,article about their relationship dare,you walk out on me on my very pregnant,belly,Daily Telegraph Wow the caption reads,how are you gonna spell my name wrong,after all these years haha people were,quick to point out just in search,history but you can partially see in the,video,this man is married and yet he still,lurks on his ex who's clearly moved on,and is doing amazing in life someone,sent help he literally has an obsession,they noticed the words he featuring,ozuna see in Justin's search history,they concluded it was this video taki,taki DJ snake featuring ozuna cardi B,and Selena Gomez at Coachella fans also,notice the words Coachella outfit on,stage in Justin's search history one,fans searched the URL and noticed a,match with a URL related to the search,terms,Selena outfit Coachella on stage justin,addressed the speculation on instagram,he said it came up after my wife and i,were watching my Coachella performance,hers Selena's played right after mine,because it's in the related thing don't,glad she did Coachella - it's great I,have nothing to hide I don't know it was,there didn't think twice and still don't,care have nothing to hide he replied to,himself and continue to explain Wow,Justin learned to type I hate typing on,this damn iPad what I meant to say is,that the video of Selena singing,talkie-talkie came up after my wife and,I watched my Coachella performance,obviously she's gonna be in related,category it literally was the next video,that played to fans and people who think,I'm maliciously trying to start grow up,please stop reading into things so much,and making something out of nothing the,point of the video was supposed to be,funny that they were saying I walked out,on Haley and they spelled my name wrong,this idea that I secretly,plot on opening my history thing,purposely and zoom out just enough so,you can see her name is crazy these are,real lives you guys people have their,own fantasies about how they think my,life should go and make up all these,theories and use their imagination too,much this ends here we'll never reengage,with this but had to set the record,straight once and for all we're adults,we're not playing games there is always,going to be something and someone,confirmed this and said Celina ozuna's,and cardis talkie-talkie Coachella video,really is the next video Auto suggested,after ariana and JP's Coachella vid,Kanda teens in whatever fandoms yeller,in ranting please recognize y'all's own,obsessional projections stop acting like,someone watching an auto vid as a crime,attached to the tweet was a screenshot,showing talkie-talkie in the related,videos after Justin's Coachella,performance the drama didn't end there,on April 27th Justin Bieber responded to,a disrespectful comment about his wife,the comment reads you are not in love,with hailey you only married her to get,back at Selena Gomez Plus hailey sleeps,with men like Shawn Mendes for fame and,she's racist Justin left a lengthy,response you're immature the fact that,you have an account dedicated to dissing,my wife and is absolutely absurd why,would I dedicate my whole life to,someone in marriage to get back at my ex,anyone who believes this is,mean-spirited or 10 years old or younger,because a logical person doesn't talk or,think this way you should be ashamed of,yourself really I absolutely loved and,loved Selena she will always hold a,place in my heart but I'm head over,heels in love with my wife and she is,absolutely the best thing that has ever,happened to me period the fact that you,want to spend your day dedicating,yourself to hate says a lot about you,and if this was some sick ploy to get my,attention,you are wrong on so many levels I've,seen multiple people say things like,this and will never respond again to a,message like this because I don't like,to even give it my energy but this is a,reply to all immature sick people who,send hailey hurtful messages like he,always goes back to Selena or Selena is,better for him,you have no idea my life and what's good,for me hailey is my bride period if you,don't like that or support that that,means you don't support me and if you,don't support me you're not a fan nor a,good person if you were raised right,your parents would have said if you,don't have something nice to say don't,anything afterwards Justin posted this,message on his Instagram story stop,sending Haley and I these messages if,you love me screenshot this and repost,everywhere Haley also posted a statement,on her IG story you little Internet,kiddos need to learn how to move on for,real we're adults that have better,things to

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Justin Bieber Twitcam/LiveStream OCTOBER 2012 - [FULL video]

Justin Bieber Twitcam/LiveStream OCTOBER 2012 - [FULL video]

sup guys I knew it leave it McMahon,speciality 3 sunset I can see all right,they say they can see it's gonna moon,try to eat this thing work what's up got,Ryan over here got Freight over here oh,yeah they can see it again well stop I,miss you guys I haven't get on this file,yeah there's no questions coming up,though don't be cute I got a whole set,up in my room,we just make music as you can see um we,got the mic in the piano this is my uh,here's my hotel room you know,I swear swimmin we make hits,I can finally they can see good,confirmation dope they're not asking,questions oh hey say hi to I swear just,I swagger Jessen what's up i swag a,chest I just you know cannot tease me,like this I'm not teasing you,so Taylor if you say ah where's Chad,Dustin yeah so we shot what up this is,just the world you know as we know it,um so what's up so what's the plan I,mean uh all righty,oh man what one what we need for the,Bourne what I mean what are we gonna do,for them to dance dancing I can just,answer on stage this is just another man,I'm Justin Ryan because did you know,what what you did Carrie wrap it okay,good people tell me pause I can pause,you well rested gonna press the mic mic,for me,this is everybody on internet hello oh,my god oh my gosh yes she's got a book,it's really awesome,oh you are no no I'm not show you one of,your thumbs and you called nowhere but,up and I was telling you to tell them,where is your book don't forget let's,forget your clothes this is mom so say,somebody and grandparents are here well,you got I'm talking tie away from oh I,know you put me over I'm like in my PJs,okay grandpa,so looking beautiful yo wait was it with,your mom last night,you are mm-hmm that's cool let me let,you know yeah we're just talking with,fans yeah we weren't we said I said I,felt today we're hard with her last,night I got here and we were down there,last night that's cool okay I'll let you,get to it,all right love you mom nothing take care,Sam say hello to my mom everybody Wow,oh yeah you should feeds our community I,for lunch bit um we're gonna get back to,it you know just talking to all this,stuff don't get rid of like right it's,good dog Addison so yeah you got on,video leaves a buzzing yeah let's go,talk well done for the night how did you,get through the work you got on 20 2020,2020 that's crazy,yeah yeah we got you guys,ah but I was he topic so we can't really,yeah me not happily oh that's good,like you guys got that cool good so you,should all better how was that cigar,right yeah forever I didn't know enjoyed,it I enjoyed it and I am I'm tired tired,of them working hard this toys was great,wonderful room had a lot of great,support local fans and whatnot last,night performed once again without a,shirt during as long as you love me it,was crazy how crazy was that Fred oh boy,I had no shirt on underneath my jacket,doesn't have it causing havoc so having,ladies were like painting oh my goodness,did you really come out with those shirt,huh,that's all I think that's my inventor,like me don't you girl you should do,that for every show and I can do it for,every show cuz it's got to be surprised,randomly right I'll stay won't the,louder they are exactly how do they are,maybe in your city if you're loud then,maybe you might get a shirtless Justin,you know I'm trying as long as you love,me hey yo can we tell you guys a story,about what just happened at the Mall of,America we love this in Minneapolis but,we're just a discipline went by your,mall security I feel like there's sort,of a paul Blart um because they just,they alright so basically went to the,side right because we had like a bunch,of fans following us so we went into,like this little exit and then they're,like they come back there they like,are you supposed to be back here good,what are your names and we're like I'm,just like you know he step back here,because you know there was a lot of,people who didn't want to cause too much,havoc in here so we just step back here,for a moment and they're like we need,your IDs and all this stuff so and and,anyways main point is the security said,they were going to arrest me for some,reason he's like I'm gonna arrest you,and I was like really,why and he's like this is unauthorized,but what and she wants me I know it's,crazy got it he's got an extra battery,so is battery last longer shut up I got,very some money um anyways but I just,want to say what's up to my fans I,haven't been out here in a while so hope,hope this was great for you guys as it,was for me and just come come to belief,for if you harness it and if you got,tickets,you don't sneak in like I always say,it's always fun to do that we had a,couple min grease sneaker inners which,was cool but not cool at the same time,because it was good I am Lobster I'll be,crazy if I wasn't just talking to myself,for last five minutes,30k man Ryan why he banned bronze what I,was me it's been doing me stupid,he's been doing him um he's in college,now working on this stuff I'm rea

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Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber - Stuck with U (Lyric Video)

Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber - Stuck with U (Lyric Video)

(soothing music),♪ Mmm ♪,♪ Hey, yeah ♪,♪ That's just for fun ♪,♪ What ♪ ♪ I'm stuck with you ♪,♪ Ah ♪,♪ I'm not one to stick around ♪,♪ One strike and you're out, baby ♪,♪ Don't care if I sound crazy ♪,♪ But you never let me down, no, no ♪,♪ That's why when the sun's up, I'm stayin' ♪,♪ Still layin' in your bed, singin' ♪,♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪,♪ Got all this time on my hands ♪,♪ Might as well cancel our plans, yeah ♪,♪ I could stay here for a lifetime ♪,♪ So, lock the door and throw out the key ♪,♪ Can't fight this no more, it's just you and me ♪,♪ And there's nothin' I, nothin' I, I can do ♪,♪ I'm stuck with you, stuck with you, stuck with you ♪,♪ So, go ahead and drive me insane ♪,♪ Baby, run your mouth, I still wouldn't change ♪,♪ Being stuck with you, stuck with you, stuck with you ♪,♪ I'm stuck with you, stuck with you, stuck with you, baby ♪,♪ There's nowhere we need to be, no, no, no ♪,♪ I'ma get to know you better ♪,♪ Kinda hope we're here forever ♪,♪ There's nobody on these streets ♪,♪ If you told me that the world's endin' ♪,♪ Ain't no other way that I can spend it ♪,♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪,♪ Got all this time in my hands ♪,♪ Might as well cancel our plans ♪,♪ I could stay here forever ♪,♪ So, lock the door and throw out the key ♪,♪ Can't fight this no more, it's just you and me ♪,♪ And there's nothin' I, nothin' I, I can do ♪,♪ I'm stuck with you, stuck with you, stuck with you ♪,♪ So, go ahead and drive me insane ♪,♪ Baby, run your mouth, I still wouldn't change ♪,♪ Being stuck with you, stuck with you, stuck with you ♪,♪ I'm stuck with you, stuck with you, stuck with you ♪,♪ Whoa ♪,♪ Baby, come take all my time ♪,♪ Go on, make me lose my mind ♪,♪ We got all that we need here tonight ♪,♪ I lock the door ♪,♪ And throw out the key ♪,♪ Can't fight this no more ♪,♪ It's just you and me ♪,♪ And there's nothin' I, nothin' I'd rather do ♪,♪ I'm stuck with you, stuck with you, stuck with you ♪,♪ So, go ahead and drive me insane ♪,♪ Baby, run your mouth, I still wouldn't change ♪,♪ All this lovin' you, hatin' you, wantin' you ♪,♪ I'm stuck with you, stuck with you, stuck with you ♪,♪ Stuck with you, stuck with you, stuck with you ♪

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Justin Bieber Drops Defamation Suit Against 2 Twitter Users

Justin Bieber Drops Defamation Suit Against 2 Twitter Users

well one woman's dad is in jail with r,kelly and,she actually had r kelly sing to her,over the phone i guess her dad called,her from prison and our colleague was,there and he did do it but he didn't,seem like he was excited about it,i wanted to ask you something can you,sing a song for me love letter did you,get my call,man after singing y'all edited out the,best part yeah they edited out their,long side you could tell he was,exhausted he probably gets asked to sing,a million times,all right now miley cyrus miley cyrus is,safe after her plane made an emergency,landing it was struck by lightning can,you imagine no she announced that it was,caught in an unexpected storm she said,to my fans and everyone worried about it,after hearing about my flight to our sun,seon our plane was caught in a major,unexpected storm and struck by lightning,my crew band friends and family who were,all traveling with me are safe after an,emergency landing,but she was not able to fly into,paraguay so she said i love you that's,how she concluded the message after that,can you imagine no that would scare the,doodle out of me you just go to sleep,and what would you do would you spread,your cheeks yeah that's exactly what i,was doing right before the doodle came,out would you spoil your cheeks on the,plane,huh and who even says that would scare,them,you could have just said i'd be scared,all right now how's the bullies no i'm,just saying it's weird all right justin,bieber has dropped a defamation lawsuit,against sexual assault accusers there,were two women who accused him of sexual,assault nearly two years ago,and,in march 2020 one woman danielle went on,twitter to claim that justin bieber had,sexually assaulted her in austin hotel,room after a performance at south by,southwest it's uh that,those tweets have since been deleted,uh she said that the attack took place,in march of 2014. now justin bieber and,his legal team argued that the artist,wasn't even at the location on the day,of the alleged assault and was instead,at a rental property with his then,girlfriend selena gomez he posted the,pixar show to me and selena march 9th in,austin to make it clear that we were,together that night and went from the,venue to our airbnb and never went to,the four seasons this is our airbnb,receipt where we crashed with our,friends,and then somebody else posted similar,accusations via twitter after that she,said that he had assaulted her in march,2015 in a new york city hotel,again justin bieber's attorneys insisted,that he wasn't at the hotel at the time,of the alleged attack he was at a met,gala after-party and his lawyers claimed,he was at the event until four am in the,morning and even offered photo evidence,to support his alibi he did file,defamation suits that same month and he,sought 20 million dollars in damages he,said the claims were outrageous and,fabricated lies but now he has dismissed,the complaint complaints against them so,not sure why but he did did those two,women ever really exist because it was,random twitter pages who posted those,tweets and didn't he have uh twitter,tied up in that lawsuit as well yeah so,one woman was identified as jane doe,and,danielle in court documents with her,name and the other woman was listed as,khadijah uh digibring but you know you,don't have to say your name in these,court documents yeah but i thought he,actually had had twitter tied up in the,lawsuit as well just for having somebody,be able to post those random accusations,right and then he was suing them for 20,million dollars because they did,actually uh you know go to court but,uh i'm not sure how what they decided or,if he just decided to just drop it after,all of this,so that's justin bieber all right now,there's a petition calling for kanye's,removal from coachella and that has,gotten over 30 000 signatures,so,i'm not sure if that's going to actually,happen but tory lanez has launched a,petition by the way now in response to,all of that,to keep our black men on coachella and,other festivals,so recently we told you about him,tweeting out protect black men,and all of that so now he has his own,petition uh,to make sure that,black men can stay on coachella and all,other festivals as well he said i just,made this because someone has to i'm,pretty sure kanye won't be doing,coachella probably,probably because he'll pull out,i think he's somewhere,seeking healing right now,all right now vice president kamala,harris there is a book that's coming out,and it's called this will not pass trump,biden and the battle for america's,future and there's some excerpts that,people have been putting out right now,um of this book,it's coming out in may but basically,they're giving some inside information,of what's going on in the white house uh,one of the excerpts talks about how vice,president kamala harris felt slighted by,white house aides not standing when she,entered into her room and that she took,that as a sign of disrespect,and so she also according to this boo

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Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris

Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris

Ohhh ah,Ohhh ah,Ohhhh aaahhh,You know you love me,,I know you care,Just shout whenever,And ill be there,You are my love, you are my heart,And we will never ever ever be apart,Are we an item,Girl quit playin,We're just friends,What are you sayin,Said theres another and looked right in my eyes,My first love broke my heart for the first time,And I was like,baby baby baby ooooh,Like baby baby baby nooo,Like baby baby baby ooooh,I thought you'd always be mine, mine,Babybaby baby oooh,Like baby baby baby nooo,Like baby baby baby ooooh,I thought you'd always be mine, mine,Oh for you I would have done whatever,And I just cant believe we aint together,And I want to play it cool,,but im loosing you,Ill buy you anything,,ill buy you any ring,And I mean please say,,baby fix me,And just shake me till you wake me from this bad dream,Im goin down down down down,And I just cant believe my first love wont be around,And im like baby baby baby ooooh,Like baby baby baby nooo,Like baby baby baby ooooh,I thought you'd always be mine, mine,Baby baby baby oooh,Like baby baby baby nooo,Like baby baby baby ooooh,I thought you'd always be mine, mine,LUDA.,When I was 13, I had my first love,There was nobody that compared to my baby and,nobody came between us or could ever come above,She had me goin crazy, oh I was star struck She woke me up,daily, don't need no starbucks She made my heart pound,,and skip a beat when I see her in the street,and, At school on the playground,,but I really wanna see her on the weekend She know she,got me dazing, cause she was so amazin And now my,heart is breakin, but I keep on sayin,Baby baby baby oooh,Like baby baby baby nooo,Like baby baby baby ooooh,Thought you'd always be mine, mine,Baby baby baby oooh,Like baby baby baby nooo,Like baby baby baby ooooh,Thought you'd always be mine, mine,Im gone (yea yea yea) (yea yea yea),(Repeat 3x) Now Im all gone (yea yea yea) (yea yea yea),Gone. gone,Im gone.

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Justin Bieber "Favorite Girl" Response

Justin Bieber "Favorite Girl" Response

what's up guys Bieber cash here um the,song right here dedicated to you Taylor,Swift 13 and now this song is uh is,dedicated to you it's a song I've never,played before,for anybody only to you it's called,favorite girl because you are my,favorite girl just in cash paper cash,let's do this,Oh,wait,you,lady,me,is your position,you,it's hello Bieber cash cash money Taylor,Swift please

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Araxys Vandal ASMR (+ Giveaway)

Araxys Vandal ASMR (+ Giveaway)

all right,yo yeah,that's good,for raise up a razor first,players,tears I promise,all right,here we go,one enemy remaining,no Amazon,oh really,Dead,all squad's there,was nasty bro,what though,one HP on neon one HP Neon,foreign,spinning,please please,okay I'm running oh,oh,it was,running towards you so fast,it's not this kind of cool yet,bro I've got the mouse Gum as well,bro,oh my God,oh nice try I didn't turn around he's,still looking around like who do I kill,oh wait,I'm on I don't care,oh no we're dead what is this thing,Motors on the road,Zooey,come on let's go,oh close,behind us,hello,we go to a different side,wait okay,close close,no,okay I know,plenty bro wait,okay,it seems crazy is a bit uh uh because,her stunned literally like every like,look neon could have stunned that and,then all of a sudden like just slide up,you know what I'm saying,then,okay yeah,brother what is this movement,I have no cross here man don't don't,blame me,I have no Crosshair,I have no Crosshair,that was aggressive,bro I can't,reloading,yeah,is that you opening that,I could I could go jump in and kill her,but I don't know fun,I'm planting sea one enemy remaining,30 seconds left,here,behind us already from the moscon,what's good,I can't see you bro,victory,30 seconds left,80 noon,oh my God,play with the influences,playing well, yeah,I'm going this room,like one hour walk,no,no,what is this,I need some assistance like,am I alive,where am I,the actual,what,have I got through that and then back,there's one behind me,what the ,for a good game guys,what the actual,Spike planted

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Justin Bieber Loses It, Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott SPLIT, Celebs React To Hailey Bieber's Statement

Justin Bieber Loses It, Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott SPLIT, Celebs React To Hailey Bieber's Statement

if you've been keeping up with the news,these days you might be wondering has,Justin Bieber truly lost it did Kylie,Jenner and Travis Scott just split up,again and why is everyone hating on,Haley Bieber at the moment we'll get,into everything in a second so first off,is Justin Bieber making a blanket,statement recently he went on a date,night to Sushi Park in LA with his wife,Haley they were spotted on the second,floor of a West Hollywood strip mall,Kelly was wearing a black leather jacket,baggy white trousers and a Koosh ball as,knit beanie it was a cute outfit but,nothing that would have made you do a,double take and then there was Justin,whose body was wrapped in a big rainbow,knit crochet blanket which made it look,like he was attempting another one of,his intentionally terrible celebrity,disguises everyone remembers the wig,moment in Tokyo right although the,photos are hilarious they aren't that,surprising considering that Justin has,been labeled as one of the biggest stunt,dresses in Hollywood having spent over,half of his life in the spotlight For,Better or For Worse he's turned his,outfits into a steady source of media,attention like that time he pulled up to,the Oscars in a giant iron suit and a,hot pink beanie or wore a fur coat in,the dead of Summer but his latest stunt,has many people questioning what's up,with everyone wearing fashion blankets,lately these days celebrities have been,hyper fixated on cozy fits and as a,result they've embraced these so-called,fashion blankets which takes the I don't,want to get out of bed Trend to a whole,new level in 2021 ASAP Rocky and Rihanna,rocked out fashionably linked to the Met,Gala each in their own bed linen style,get up Rihanna was wearing a down,comforter style Balenciaga gown and ASAP,was quite literally covered with a,massive Calico Patchwork built so yes a,giant blanket not only that but back in,November Billy eilish and her boyfriend,Jesse Rutherford posed on the red carpet,huddled inside a massive monogrammed,Gucci duvet in fact Billy also wore a,matching sleeping eye mask as a headband,at the same time she wore a crop top a,long skirt with a lace trim slit and a,long robe that was all monogrammed in,Gucci's signature house print as for,Jesse he wore a silky loungewear set,including a button-up shirt and trousers,and finished off with a pair of Gucci,house slippers some people thought that,it was adorable and as usual others,thought that it was just way too much,the PJs were definitely a surprise given,the formality of the event so is it a,low book does it just mean that,celebrities are getting lazy with,fashion next up we have news about Kylie,Jenner and Travis Scott's chaotic,relationship apparently they've called,it quits once again according to US,Weekly insiders the couple spent the,holiday season apart and they are no,longer a romantic item quote they were,supposed to spend the holidays together,she went to Aspen to be with her family,and friends up there this happened so,many times before they're known to be on,and off again but always remain friends,and great co-parents if you didn't know,Kylie and Travis are parents to two,children a son named wolf who was nearly,one year old and a daughter named stormy,who was four they've been up and down,for so many years but it's seemingly,been in a steady and committed,relationship since the spring of 2021,following their split in 2019 the couple,sparked reconciliation rumors several,times last year A source told in touch,weekly that they're navigating their,relationship journey and want to make it,work this time around but they've also,been through their highs and lows since,then neither felt ready to settle down,and were both busy working on their own,project but having a child who they both,love and adore ended up bringing them,closer together well we don't know the,reason for their breakup this time,around Travis was exposed for cheating,on Kylie in the past which is something,he still adamantly denies back in,October the rapper was battling,allegations that he cheated on Kylie,with his ex-fling model regime carp who,also goes by the name of young suitero,on Instagram and his defense was,embarrassingly bad the internet started,swirling with rumors when Regina shared,video proof of herself on the same set,as Travis on her Instagram story this,fueled speculation that the two were,linking up yet again because back in,2019 they were also accused of having an,affair which caused Kylie to break up,with Travis but both parties denied it,at the time the thing is this latest,accusation would have probably flown,under the radar if Travis had not spoken,up and made the whole situation so much,worse he said an Uninvited person was,sneaking photos on what was supposed to,be a closed set while I was directing a,video okay this might have been,plausible but then he said I don't know,this person I've never been with this,person so please stop with the,continuous cyber games and the fictional,storytelling but he

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