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Juanita Broaddrick: Democrats never reached out to meright for more on what we call selective,moral

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Juanita Broaddrick: Democrats never reached out to me

right for more on what we call selective,moral outrage on this program we bring,in Juanita Broderick remember she told,the story about Bill Clinton and rape,back in the 70s also with us the author,of the number one New York Times,bestseller the Russia hoax Fox News,legal analyst Greg Jarek Juanita I I did,the second interview with you and even,through this last election a lot of the,people we're hearing from now they were,silent yeah they never wanted it didn't,want an FBI investigation for you that I,remember,oh no I senator Feinstein and Senator,Durbin and Senator Schumer wanted,nothing to do with my case all Democrats,refused to read my deposition with the,Independent Counsel wouldn't they never,once reached out to you know people that,are still there the ones acting you know,so they're the ones that are so,supportive of the allegations exactly no,they never reached out to me and we when,this happened to you because I know,because I'm interview it was thirty,minutes later you told the woman you,were with and your lip was three times,it's normal size right and bleeding yes,the woman came back to the room and,found me when I didn't show up for the,seminar and of course I told her,immediately we'll look at the condition,I was in my clothes were torn my lip was,just huge and I was devastated and,afraid yeah goodness yes and did any,nobody and then Democrat the same people,that acting so indignant nothing no,absolutely nothing greg jarrett from a,legal standpoint the FBI's also said,that this is not within their,jurisdiction we played Joe Biden this,was a talking point for delay today,wasn't it that's right by law the FBI is,not allowed to investigate a non federal,crime they can only do background checks,and as Biden pointed out they simply,take witness statements they don't judge,guilt-ridden innocence or the,credibility of particular witnesses so,it was an utter canard over and over,today call for Cavanaugh to ask for an,FBI invest,well Juanita you were here today and,even during 2016 you felt compelled to,speak up about the double standard yeah,what do you say to those Democrats that,clearly this is about politics not about,what's right well this I clearly think,if senator Feinstein and Senator Durbin,had known that I was outside I think,they should have walked out and,apologized to me for what they did to me,in 1999 completely turning their backs,on me and Kathleen and Paula yes and,Jennifer who was called a liar exactly,yes I've known you a long time now god,bless you good to see you again yeah,thank you that we have talked about a,double standard oh I know I know here we,go again yeah

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Juanita Broaddrick on Chelsea Clinton's Kavanaugh comments

Juanita Broaddrick on Chelsea Clinton's Kavanaugh comments

at this hour Brett Kavanaugh poised to,become the next Supreme Court justice,but it will no doubt anger as critics,who lashed out against his nomination,all this week and even before that,including former first daughter Chelsea,Clinton what was so troubling was how,nakedly partisan he was so admittedly my,opposition to him is rooted in policy,but I now AM even more kind of in,intense in my feelings because of how,political he's becoming I'm wondering,what your response is to how we've seen,dr. Ford's play what is your response to,those who might say you know what I was,going to do that but I don't need to go,through that well I would say I,understand that and I hope you're still,willing to raise your hand raise your,voice here now Juanita Broderick who has,accused former President Bill Clinton of,raping her while he was running for,governor of Arkansas in 1978 good,evening one eat it,hi it nice to be with you good to be,with you now what happened,allegedly between you and what Bill,Clinton did to you that you allege,obviously Chelsea Clinton is not,culpable for that but what how do you,react to what she had to say about judge,Kavanagh and dr. Ford I think it's,ridiculous ed I truly do I feel like,that she needs to say something about,her own family and deal with her own,family and what they did to me before,she can even have the right to make a,comment against the judge Kavanaugh are,in favor of dr. Ford well speaking of,her family let's look at what Hillary,Clinton of course the former,presidential candidate said in 2015,listen to this,well I would say that everybody should,be believed at first until they are,disbelieved based on evidence everyone,should be believed and then move it,forward to the debate this past week or,so and we heard Democrat after Democrats,say when it came to dr. Ford we believed,her but it sounds like you've got a much,different reaction when you came forward,oh I did I didn't have anyone that was,on my side really except the public if,the public was on my side but the media,just hounded,me and had the most awful you know,things to say about me it was very,disheartening now what we heard in the,past week that might have tilted in the,last day or so susan collins and joe,manchin to support judge Cavanaugh was,the idea that there was no corroboration,to the allegations that dr. Ford raised,what was the corroboration that you,brought to the table to be fair here Oh,Edie my goodness I had the lady that,found me 30 minutes after the rape and I,told five other people,I had the documentation of the seminar,that I was supposed to be attending that,day and it was there were so many things,I can remember everything about the,event and I can't imagine dr. Ford if,anything like that happened to her,not to be able to remember the littlest,details but did you go forward at that,time to the Arkansas Police oh no no how,could I come forward to the police Bill,Clinton was the police he was the,Attorney General he was Attorney General,later governor of course right and also,he regulated my nursing homes I owned,nursing homes at the time and he he was,the one that was responsible for,regulating nursing homes but we heard,President Trump takes him heat this week,for raising questions about dr. Ford,story and among other things he said you,know why didn't she why didn't her,loving parents come forward with this,story decades ago how do you answer that,oh I was frightened I was intimidated by,Hillary Clinton three weeks after the,rape and I was very frightened I was,frightened of them and they gained power,by the year and I still was a struggling,business owner that Bill Clinton could,have shut down at a moment's notice,you've talked about Dianne Feinstein,who's been front and center in the,Cavanaugh nomination battle obviously,receiving that anonymous letter from dr.,Ford sitting on it and all the rest when,you came forward she didn't want to hear,your story oh no not at all and I didn't,come forward willingly I was outed by,the Paula Jones suit and then here comes,Kim Starr's people and that's when I,finally told the truth I went through a,very difficult deposition you know with,the,independent counsel so and and thing,they refused to read it not one Democrat,would read it so final question what do,you want all these years later what,would be justice for you justice for me,would be as if I could have an,investigation if they're going to go,back thirty five years thirty six years,for Christine Ford they ought to be able,to go back 39 for me and I would like to,see if they can you know if it can be,proved that this happened I would like,to see President Clinton's perks as a,former President removed he receives,millions of dollars from our tax dollar,every year and I'd like to see those,stripped why need a writer who,appreciate you coming in tonight yeah,thank you

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Trump's Surprise Media Event With Bill Clinton Accusers

Trump's Surprise Media Event With Bill Clinton Accusers

so thank you very much and I think what,other people have been saying he's being,like Hillary so think about that,Kathy Shelton some awesome here to,support Trump I at 12 years old,Hillary put me through something that,you would never put a 12 year old,through and she says she's four women,and children and she was asked last year,what happened and she says she's,supposed to defend whether they do it or,not now she's laughing on tape saying,she know they did it,yes yes all right good okay I am I'm,Winnie the Broadrick and I'm here to,support Donald Trump I've tweeted,recently and mr. Trump retweeted it the,actions speak louder than words mr.,Trump may have said some bad words but,Bill Clinton raped me and Hillary,Clinton threaten me I don't think,there's any computer,and the reason the reason for that is,the first days is he announced for,president he said I love this premium,and I want America to the equation and I,cried okay thank you all very much,appreciated mr. Hillary as well

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NBC withholding Juanita Broaddrick shocker?

NBC withholding Juanita Broaddrick shocker?

our next guest says NBC is sitting on a,full interview with Juanita Broderick,that's the woman who accused Bill,Clinton of raping her they don't want to,release this before the election Michael,Isikoff is with us is Yahoo News chief,investigative correspondent he's the man,who broke the Monica Lewinsky story am i,right there Michael you broke that story,way back well I certainly had the,information first there you go okay but,take that now it's your understanding,that NBC has the full tape of the,interview with Monica with Juanita,Broadrick during that tape there is a,part where she says Hillary Clinton was,the one who tried to shut her off that's,what NBC is sitting on is that correct,well look at NBC aired the interview,with Juanita Broderick back in 1999 Lisa,Myers did it it got a lot of attention,at the time the particular part in which,one ada Broderick says she had a,conversation conversation with Hillary,Clinton after the alleged incident with,Bill Clinton was not part of that,Dateline piece that ran in 1999 I don't,know what what Nina Broderick said about,the Hillary Clinton episode in that,original interview she has since said,that Hillary Clinton made some comments,that she took to be somehow menacing,that it was you know we want to thank,you for everything you've done to us,that look the comments the words on,their face are ambiguous it's hard to,know what Hillary Clinton was referring,to when ADA Broderick is inferring what,what she thinks it meant we don't know,we don't know what Hillary Clinton knew,but the only point I was making in that,online chat the other day is that it,would be interesting worthwhile to see,how Juanita Broderick recounted that but,1999 learn to how she's recounting it,today but the fact that it's not being,released that NB,he's got it sure it confirms the view,that NBC is totally in the tank for,Hillary Clinton's candidacy I mean it's,right down by yeah yeah I think there's,lots of doubt about that I think look I,was merely making an observation it,would be worthwhile I don't even know,that the release of the tape would,necessarily strengthen wanita,Broderick's case at all,I wonder whether she said it the same,way in 1999 that she's saying it now it,didn't strike I would like to be a,patron of him I mean if he didn't,strengthen her case against Bill Clinton,NBC would run it a couple things worth,noting at the time in 1999 Hillary,Clinton wasn't in office she wasn't,running for office and given the,inherent ambiguity of even what one ada,Broderick is saying today it's not clear,that you know a on any editorial,decision you would have necessarily,included those remarks I look today this,morning because I knew you'd be raising,this the Washington Post did a story,based on interviews with one ADA,Broderick in 1999 as well and they,didn't include the Hillary Clinton,conversation so you know what what do,this Wow I'm saying I know all you're,saying but come on at 20 seconds do you,doubt that Washington Post NBC is firmly,behind Hillary Clinton do you doubt that,I I think that they are doing their job,reporting on both candidates pretty,vigorously you can look at the coverage,of these WikiLeaks dumps about Hillary,Clinton they're getting pretty,extensively covered in both news,organizations and lots of others no no,no I'm sorry that not well then no I I,read and ignited a zero time to the,email thing the other day Michael I'm,sorry I'm out of time look you're a,welcome guest on the program we're like,you on the show come back again okay any,time if the ratings tank you're out of,here alright but thank you very much,adieu Michael ishka when it's Washington

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Juanita Broaddrick and Paula Jones speak out

Juanita Broaddrick and Paula Jones speak out

joining us now from Van Buren Arkansas,is Juanita Broderick who accuses Bill,Clinton of raping her in a hotel room in,1978 and from Little Rock Arkansas Paula,Jones who sued Bill Clinton for sexual,harassment he settled with her for eight,hundred and fifty thousand dollars Paula,and Juanita it is great to see both of,you I'm just delighted that both of you,are here and Paula I want to start with,you what went through your mind when you,heard kirsten gillibrand today and make,basically mika brzezinski on NBC at,MSNBC both saying that oh yes bill,clinton should have resigned after the,after the Lewinsky affair well it's just,a little bit too late for that now isn't,it so it makes you wonder if they really,truly mean what they say because US,women's did not get any kind of help,whatsoever from any of those liberal,women they ridiculed us we were called,all kind of names we were not believed,and I just I hope that it's true that,they think that now but I don't know,that it's that I believe it Oh Juanita,what's happened between now and 1998,when your accusation really got a lot of,attention and when Lisa Myers bravely,pushed NBC to get that on the news I,mean what's changed except is that,Hillary is not president she's not in,the cabinet the Clinton Global,Foundation is is frankly has been,exposed as the fraud that it was with,the pay-to-play that was going on there,and so the Clintons aren't useful,anymore so now suddenly oh he was a he,shouldn't have done that he should have,resigned oh I know it's absolutely,disgusting Laura this great epiphany,that should have occurred 20 years ago,coming about now is I should feel,ecstatic about it but I don't,I feel very disappointed that they,waited two decades to do this were you,surprised Juanita that kirsten,gillibrand,didn't mention you I mean she mentioned,Lewinsky because of course that was the,sub,of the impeachment proceeding her,relationship led to the impeachment,because he lied under oath but he didn't,mention you he didn't mention Paula,he didn't mention Cathleen which she,didn't mention Kathleen Willey it was,only it was only Monica Lewinsky I,wonder why I think it's too dangerous to,bring us back up again they do not want,to hear from us Laura,and that's the crux of the matter they,do not want our names to be brought up,again and we're being brought up by,everybody else so I can't understand why,she didn't include us Paula and Juanita,I want you to listen to something that,Hillary Clinton said today in an,interview with our friend Rita Cosby on,WABC let's watch listen every situation,has to be judged on its own merits and,there were allegations that were,disproved it's unfortunate that people,are either misremembering,or misinterpreting history Paula,misremember I'm not no no no no no no no,that is so ludicrous what she just said,I mean seriously I cannot believe that,that lady would say that and nothing was,misinterpreted I know what happened to,me in that room that day and I also know,that there was some lady named from the,New York Times that had quoted some Miss,Goldberg lady said that she believed one,either which I'm happy because she,should believe one either but she also,should believe me too and she said that,that was not true about me well how,would she know unless she had some kind,of a relationship with him or something,that she's been looking at his private,parts you know how can she say that I,was discredited when I was not,discredited you know I mean the 8th,Circuit Court of Appeals was going to,take it all the way to trial and they,Bill Clinton settled why would he settle,if it would have been thrown out at a,lower court people don't do that if,you're if you're not guilty,well maybe Hillary Clinton's title title,of her book what her title of her book,what happened should apply to her yeah,we know what happened Juanita can you go,back to the to that horrible encounter,that you had with Bill Clinton,especially after he pushed you and your,lip got you know bitten basically or,hurt and what he said to you in that,room actually we yeah we have the sound,and really we're gonna play that again,from your let's play it from your,original interview let's watch second,time he tries to kiss me,he starts biting on my lip when,everything was over with he got up,straightened himself and I was crying at,the moment and he walks to the door and,calmly puts on his sunglasses it is,before he goes out the door he says you,better get some ice on that and he,turned to put some ice on out and yeah,yeah it's it's you know it's so painful,to hear it now you know even after all,these years it's it's disgusting and,painful you know and I want to know he,would not want to come to this I'm sorry,I just want to know why Hillary wouldn't,want to come and talk to us women see if,she believes it's not true then why was,she talk to us talk to each one of us or,talked to us together and then she can,come to a conclusion herself but she's,never ever she never even was asked,abou

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Bill Clinton accuser: Hillary didn't give me due process

Bill Clinton accuser: Hillary didn't give me due process

so her Clinton is now weighing in on the,Cavanaugh controversy is saying that his,accuser Christine Blasi Ford deserves,the benefit of the doubt an,investigation and due process watch you,had concerns at the time your husband,certainly had concerns at the time that,he never really had due process to,defend himself from allegations like,this have we learned anything over the,years about due process not just for the,accusers but also for the accused well I,think that you have to take each of,these situations sort of on their own,merits and what we have today is a,process that has been rushed that has,been deliberately opaque and yes there,should be due process for everyone,involved,my next guest takes some issue with,those comments Juanita Broderick says,Hillary Clinton had a far different,response when she came forward in the,1990s accusing former President Bill,Clinton of raping her while running for,governor of Arkansas in 1978 here now,exclusively tonight is Juanita Broderick,Juanita good to see you thanks for being,here what goes through your mind when,you hear her talk about due process and,fairness for the accused and the accuser,oh the first thing you think about is,she didn't give it to me she didn't give,it to Kathleen Willey or Paula Jones she,didn't give that to any of us she's,asking for things that she denied the,victims of her husband's and you also,say that not only did she not,acknowledge what you were accusing her,husband of but that she intimidated you,and this is a sound bite a clip from an,interview that you did a while back,explaining that I think it was the day,after you claimed you were raped by her,husband what her exchange was with you,watch this she grabbed a hole in my arm,in my hand and she pulls me into her and,she says with this very angry look on,her face which had been so pleasant,seconds before and in a low voice this,do you understand everything you do and,that frightened me,that moment and I have to go by what I,felt then and the look that she gave me,I feel like she knew and she was it you,yes and that she was telling me to keep,quiet you thought she was warning you to,shut up oh yeah she was so nice when she,first said it to me I was at a,fundraiser that I had taken information,up there I was never going to stay for,that but she caught me before I left and,she comes up very friendly and says you,know Bill and I are just so appreciative,of everything you do and then her voice,changed and that's when she said what,she did it frightened me Martha it,really did you also say that when you,look back at all of that period when you,were making your claims that Dianne,Feinstein was among those who refused to,even read your deposition so what do you,think about oh yeah all of this now oh,it's it's at it's absurd not one,Democrat would look at my deposition,with the Independent Counsel why not,what was the reason that you were given,I'm sorry oh my gosh it was absolutely,they didn't have they did not want to,know about it it's just like Senator Ted,Stevens said when he was in the,committee he said I don't care if he,raped her got up and shot her dead,you're not going to get the votes now,that was in Schippers books a lie,incredible you know you you talk about,long ago your allegation was it's only,about four years different I think than,the allegation against Brett caster,right now and you tweet it out if you,want the FBI to go back that far,basically let's investigate my situation,as well right Oh exactly why not you,know everybody says well it was,litigated and adjudicated my case was,never litigated it was never adjudicated,it never went to court I was never,discredited so let me ask you this when,you hear,parameters that are being set they,really want to do this boat next week,what do you think about this woman this,accuser does she deserve more than she's,getting right now from the Senators in,terms of speaking her mind or is what,they've offered her appropriate in your,mind I feel like it's very appropriate I,feel like she should come Monday or let,them come to her and let her tell her,story if they feel like there's more,investigation that needs to be done do,it but I think she should come and tell,her story you know you think about gun,on your case and the Bill Clinton cases,and obviously you know so much has,changed you know now we're in the me to,movies it's almost like it's completely,opposite because back then no one you,know so many people refuse to believe,you now it feels like you can make an,accusation and everyone is supposed to,believe you what do you think about that,well I think the meaty organization is,for liberal women our liberal men that,have been sexually assaulted I don't,think it includes the Clinton victims at,all I don't think they want us in that,me too may help some people but it,certainly has no advantage for me you,know I think it's a good lesson because,we do need to look at these situations,with an open mind and we have to,understand that lives ge

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Bill Clinton accuser reacts to his dismissive excuses in Hulu documentary

Bill Clinton accuser reacts to his dismissive excuses in Hulu documentary

most cringe-worthy moment and there is,there's more came from Bill Clinton,himself I know you're surprised here's,what he said about his affair with,Monica Lewinsky you feel like you're,staggering around you've been in that 15,round prize fight it was extended to 30,rounds and here's some will take your,mind off it for two oh wow that's what,happens everybody's life has pressures,and disappointments and terrors fears of,whatever things I did to manage my,anxieties for years Wow right it just,never ends joining me now is a woman you,know Juanita Broderick one of Bill,Clinton's accusers you know it's,fascinated wanting to thank you for,joining me tonight I appreciate it,in 2004 when he was promoting his,biography he said the reason that he had,that affair with Monica Lewinsky and did,what he did was because he could now I'm,going to believe that answer right as,opposed to this one and you know and,even if we were to believe him that he,used a woman like a product in some way,to manage his anxiety is in and of,itself horrific but he sounds almost as,though he's he's making an excuse that,he thinks people are going to appreciate,oh I know I do when I first heard about,that Tammy I tweeted I said what in,heaven's name is going on you don't,we'll the next episode talked about the,women that he raped the rim the women,that he sexually assaulted where can,they possibly go from here I I was,astounded and see this I think what's,interesting too is there may be now a,category of voters some younger people,who might not even really know the,details of his history,it's almost presented as though the,Monica Lewinsky dynamic and look I've,seen interviews with her she's a bright,woman her life of course has been,changed forever because of this but it's,almost as though he's trying to find a,new woke excuse because it's you know,and whatever it is if you're a victim in,some way or if you were acting out then,you're going to get a pass on,this but do you think Juanita that with,but you look are these things that they,really want to remind the American,people about you've been having to deal,with this for so long do you think this,is going to be helpful to them or do you,think it will hurt them no I think,people will be absolutely shocked and,you know I think about all the women,that are really right here sitting in,this chair with me tonight I think about,Kathy Shelton the young 12 year old it,was horrific ly raped and in a coma for,almost a month and Hilary provided,assistance to the rapist and got him off,I think about Kathleen Willey I think,about Paula Jones I think about Leslie,Mill we all of us with these were sexual,attacks and rapes no need for Monica I,want I want you and our viewers to hear,a little bit more about what bill said,about what happened to a Miss Lewinsky,after everything came out take a listen,to this yeah I feel terrible about the,fact that Monica was his life was,defined by it unfairly I think you know,over the years I've watched her trying,to get a normal life back again yeah you,know it's still no real apology he feels,bad about that do you do you think he,feels the same about you oh he doesn't,feel bad about any of this,he just wants sympathy from people and,and he didn't write this let me tell you,who wrote this,Hillary wrote this she doesn't want him,to go anywhere near that there might,have been feelings for Monica Lewinsky,she was just a toy yeah you know I'll,tell you why Nita it's when it comes to,the human condition and so many women,have had of course an experience of,either sexual harassment of or sexual,violence the reminder of this I now also,trying to escape the me to movement but,it's a remarkable thing that this is,something that that both of them would,feel comfortable reminding people of and,parading back out as though this is,somehow their claim to fame or they,still have absolutely no problem in so,many ways when it comes to the vibes,that they've impacted it does seem,though,to be an effort to remake themselves or,to at least tell a new generation that,they're not to be blamed for anything,yeah I you know to me it was absolutely,unreal when I heard about it that Hulu,could support this lowlife sexual,predator and come out with this nonsense,it was a very disgusting and despicable,thing well the good news is Juanita were,reminded all the time about what not to,become that's what they've provided to,us thank you for joining me tonight I,appreciate it

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Broaddrick, Willey on Bill Clinton playing the victim card

Broaddrick, Willey on Bill Clinton playing the victim card

if Clinton got that upset discussing,Lewinsky,imagine if the Today Show had asked,about the women who told him no joining,us now are Kathleen Willey,and Juanita Broderick author of the new,book you'd better put some ice on that,how I survived being raped by Bill,Clinton it's great to see both of you I,have been thinking about both of you all,day and also Paula Juanita I want to,start with you Bill Clinton did approach,you did he not in 1992 to apologize,crowd yes he did it was in 1991 I was in,Little Rock at a nursing home seminar,someone comes to the door and says I'm,wanted in the hallway I go out and the,man points down around the corner by the,elevator and so I go down there and as I,round the corner there stands Bill,Clinton with two of his Arkansas State,Police guards and he rushes over to me,and he starts this profuse apology and,saying I'm so sorry for what I did I'm a,changed man I'm just not the man I used,to be and even said I'm a family man now,and I just looked at him Laura and I I,was just flabbergasted and I said you go,to hell and I walked off and I could not,believe it and then the nurses that have,were with me followed me out and they,came over to me and they said what did,he want and I told him and then I began,to feel a little bad that I had said,that I kept thinking well maybe he,really meant that maybe he really was,apologized and then what happened you,realize oh yeah and you realize yeah,fast forward that he was running for,president and you were going to perhaps,be an obstacle to that right that's,exactly a week later after he apologized,he announced he was running for,president a week later oh that's really,that's really that's really subtle,that's really subtle kathleen willey you,watch that interview today and I mean,I've got to say I'm always stunned why,am i stunned he has not learned anything,about this experiment which is he's,actually a smart guy so I don't I'm I'm,almost speechless your reaction I was,speechless too I was outraged I could,not believe the words that were coming,out of his mouth and he was so arrogant,and pompous about the whole thing he,actually believed I think he actually,does believe that he didn't do anything,wrong and you know he just blanket,apology I've apologized to everybody in,the world well okay,but he hasn't apologized to the people,that he hurt and the people that he,destroyed the women that he destroyed,he hasn't apologized to me he has not,apologized to Kepala,he apologized in one video but as we see,there was a plan to that it was a,purpose for that and he hasn't,apologized to Leslie or numerous other,women who have come forward and said it,told stories about it he never will he,doesn't get it it's just the way it is,well but he he seems to think that he,ain't mean he handled it well I mean to,watch that interview he he didn't say he,would have done anything differently we,look everyone as everybody makes,mistakes in their lives coulda shoulda,woulda we all do I mean lord knows we,all do but it's II would think 20 years,later you'd say you know I wish I could,turn back the clock and you know show,better judgment but I mean I do that,like 50 times a day like why did I do,that but it's just a little it's a,little strange,Allison Camerata on CNN offered somewhat,tepid critique of this performance let's,watch there could have been a more,practiced answer or one that I think,alluded to the ignition that the rules,have changed in the past 20 years,obviously the rules were different and,that he would have done something,perhaps differently today or that he,would say something differently about it,today he could have had a more practiced,answer juanita I mean like yeah Oh Mikey,could have also not portrayed himself as,a victim how does he become the victim,in all,I know I saw this decrepid angry old man,who is trying to play the victim card,the same man who forty years ago raped,me yeah it was it was disgusting,well Kathleen it would have been really,amazing I'm I'm shocked that Melvin,asked these questions but it would have,been too it would have been really,amazing things about asked about Juanita,you and the others but he focused on,Monica Lewinsky because I guess that was,the impeachment but I mean II did enjoy,Lockhart let's just play this quickly I,want Kathleen to react to this Joe,Lockhart former White House press,secretary said this today let's watch it,highlights the vast difference between,what it was like 20 years ago and today,I think in that interview he succumbed,to being the victim and feeling,victimized victimized Kathleen,apologized he left the White House 16,million dollars in debt well let me tell,you about what being a dentist like and,not being able to get a meaningful job,after being through all of that and he,hired all this went all these women to,work in his office and he has a sexual,partner sexual harassment policy in,Arkansas yeah well we probably had a lot,of women around so he could you know,assault them and you know the

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