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Joy Taylor MELTSD0WN After Men Call Her LONELY & Hypocritical For TR0LLING Themwhat's going on guys

Jaye De Black

Updated on Jan 19,2023

Joy Taylor MELTSD0WN After Men Call Her LONELY & Hypocritical For TR0LLING Them

what's going on guys i'm jada black,shout out to everybody's tournament,i want to talk about fox sports's,uh joy taylor i actually tweeted,a screenshot from a tweet from joy,taylor,because she had a thanksgiving,twitter breakdown or meltdown,over a situation that really had nothing,to do with her,but the sisterhood once again joins up,when they are called out on either their,hypocrisy,of their hypocrisy or just they're not,being very knowledgeable about sports,now i'm going to post up some,tweets from her timeline,where she literally starts going at,these guys well particularly one and,then,subsequently others right all on her,timeline,thanksgiving day not spending time with,with a boyfriend family just on twitter,trying to defend somebody that said,something that was very idiotic,sports wise right so there was a,particular female who got criticized for,her sports take,nobody talked about her looks no one,made fun of her,it was just criticism you know,the fact that you have women that want,to be equal to men right,we're in an equal society so we can,expect for women to,understand that when you are making,sports takes,on social media there are people who are,going to criticize you who know more,about sports,than they do this particular female,said that uh matt patricia the coach of,the detroit alliance has,done more with less and there are people,who believe that's bs because,the lions have a very talented roster,but he's just not a very good head coach,and we,all knew that from his first season,he only got the job because he was bill,belichick's,young defensive coordinator be that as,it may,this particular woman i guess she got,criticized,for how awful her take was she ended up,blocking,this particular guy and others,so joy taylor decides that,she's gonna get a bottle of wine and sit,on twitter all night and,on thanksgiving and go back and forth,with these guys,calling them in cells nobodies,just being as disrespectful as possible,and you're probably seeing some of the,tweets on the screen or you have,you see this is the reason why i'm,making this video,i'm not making this video because i,don't like joy taylor,i'm not making this video because i want,to,go in on joy taylor this is more of me,having a,conversation or me just offering some,advice,to joy because it's very clear that,she's not happy,and i think one of the things that set,her off,was someone talked about how you know,she shouldn't eat too much during,thanksgiving because she doesn't need to,get any bigger,and that really set her off,that set her off because,whenever you're able to find a flaw in,somebody,you can tell instantly whether that's,that person's kryptonite,and it's very clear that joy taylor's,weight is a problem from her for her,even though she's not,necessarily a fat girl,she has gained some weight over the,years mostly you can tell in her upper,body,but i think that could be due to,genetics now i will say this though if,you look at old pictures of her,she looks very flat chest right but now,she looks a little loaded now i'm not,gonna speculate but you know,maybe she had some work that i don't,know,but there is a difference but body wise,i mean she probably has put on maybe 10,15 20 pounds over the years,you know but for that to set her off to,the point to where she sits up on,twitter all the way until today,going at these guys,it just shows that she is lonely joy,taylor is lonely,joy taylor doesn't have anybody in her,life,when i put up my post last night,somebody asked me well isn't she still,with earl watson the guy she was engaged,to i say no she then broke up with him,she wanted to be single i believe she,may have been married before,i don't think she's about that life,anymore somebody some women just want to,be single man because they believe that,the grass is always going to be greener,and when that doesn't happen the,insecurity comes out,and i think that joy has deep insecurity,issues,with herself now joy is nice to look at,joy isn't ugly at all,i don't think she's ugly at all i think,that,joy does have options but the thing is,with her she wants to be single,and enjoy being single she wants to be,able to play the field,i truly believe she would love to be in,a relationship with one of these,athletes,you go on her timeline she's one of,these woke,uh feminist minded females just go look,at some of the quotes she's very,she's all about female empowerment this,is why she was so willing,to hop to the defense of another woman,who would not do the same for her,who would not do the same for her but,that's that feminism,in her that's that woman first,so she felt like it was her duty to go,at these guys,to clown them to disrespect them to call,them,in cells and by the way what what,word has become more mainstream than,incel,i thought that was a word that,originated on youtube a couple years ago,now all of a sudden it's on the tips of,the tongues of all these different,people especially the,single females these blue check marks,who sit

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Sports Analyst Joy Taylor Goes OFF on Twitter all Thanksgiving due to Criticisms of her Analysis

Sports Analyst Joy Taylor Goes OFF on Twitter all Thanksgiving due to Criticisms of her Analysis

okay what is going on everybody welcome,back to the show make sure to like,comment share subscribe follow that,twitter and instagram right down below,today we're going to be talking about,joy taylor,who's joy taylor man uh well joy taylor,is,a espn um anal or a fox,analyst a sports analyst she jumps,around from show to show she was on the,herd with colin coward and now she's on,undisputed or i think it was vice versa,but um,moral of the story is she is a sports,analyst on fox,and you know she was married,to a uh coach she was married to,somebody who was wealthy,excuse me engaged and eight months ago,the engagement got called off,now this woman was a very beautiful,woman she still is,but she looked more put together more,representable she looked,and eight months ago when the engagement,fell off i would imagine she went,through a brief period of you know,sadness and stuff but it's now,translated into another phase which is,anger,and hatred she put up a tweet about a,player,that her analysis was completely off,and so people were criticizing her,analysis,okay they weren't criticizing her they,were criticizing her analysis on,thanksgiving night,from 4 p.m to 1 a.m you heard me right,guys,this is a true story i'm not just making,this stuff up from 4 p.m to 1 a.m,she tweeted over a hundred times,to multiple different people criticizing,that one tweet,name-calling shaming calling them in,cells destroying every man's,uh confidence because of the criticism,toward her analysis of this professional,sports player,from 4pm to 1am on thanksgiving night,on thanksgiving night,wow that is another level of loneliness,that is that is a if you explain that to,me i would think you're talking like if,you said hey man somebody was on twitter,yesterday,um on thanksgiving night from 4 p.m to 1,a.m and they were pretty much,criticizing,everybody they were just roasting,everybody for hours,you know how do you think this person,looks i would be like i don't know,they're probably like a poor 50 year old,man living in their mom's basement,like who's unattractive i guess,if you told me this was joy taylor a,very stunning gorgeous,multi-million dollar sports analyst on,fox news,i would have done a double take i would,have been like what,there's no way it just goes to show,action speaks a lot louder than words,you know,going this far over people's criticism,over one,take on a sports player shows not only,your insecurity,but your uh your lack of love and care,in your actual life,in your real life put twitter aside,how do you how do you have any substance,any love any life within you,when you are doing this on thanksgiving,night from 4 p.m to 1 a.m responding to,everybody on thanksgiving night,like do you have family do you have,people to go out with you,she cut her hair her hair looks like a,jew fro now,she looks like moose from step up too,and she just doesn't,she just doesn't i don't know she she,gained a lot of weight and,she doesn't you know people when she was,criticizing people they started to talk,back to her they started to tell her oh,like oh okay you're going to criticize,me well,you know xyz and then she was just like,and she was,going even more in so i don't have a,twitter but i decided to go on her,twitter,on the internet you could just type in,someone's twitter handle and um,wow she tweets like once or twice,every every like 10 minutes i think,she's always on twitter,she's literally like look at her you,might say like oh my god this guy is,saying that she did this on thanksgiving,night let me go on her twitter page and,scroll and see,you can't i literally was like scrolling,guys like i was going so far down to,find these tweets because she tweets,once or twice,every 10 minutes it's ridiculous every,hour she has like 10 to 15 tweets,i don't i don't understand is she always,on twitter is that is that all she's,doing she's just sitting down just on,twitter all day,you know i find it ironic because you,always hear all the time that money is,not the source of happiness,and you always hear people without money,and they go get out of here man if i had,a million dollars dude i'd be the,happiest man alive,this is a prime example it's a prime,example,this doesn't seem like a happy person,the only thing that,she has right now is money that's it,okay if if tomorrow she got robbed and,stripped of all her money,she has no other source of pride and,justice,and confidence her hair is all buzzed,off she's gained a lot of weight she uh,may be fired from her job um,and she has no husband no children no,nothing so the only thing she,and she's over 30 years old you know she,looks like she hit the wall,i i just i don't understand how,i don't understand how this happens but,anyway,joy got a lot of hatred in your heart,i think the first step is to understand,that,you need to love yourself you need to,love yourself,that's it nobody is going to force you,to love you nobody is going to,understand that but you and you're going,to die someday i know that s

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Classified Documents Found At Biden Think Tank | The View

Classified Documents Found At Biden Think Tank | The View

so the White House says it's been,cooperating with the National Archives,and Justice Department's review since,November after discovering classified,documents from when the president was,the VP and they were locked in his old,office now this has Republicans like,Congressman Byron Donalds suddenly,losing his mind and,taking the matter of holding on to,classified documents very very seriously,suddenly take a look number one what was,he doing with classified information in,his possession number two why did it,take six years and I want to stress this,for the American people Joe Biden left,the vice presidency in 2017. point,number three and this is the one that's,most important everybody can go back to,the Hillary Clinton email Saga we know,other presidents have had classified,information but why was there a rate on,Mar-A-Lago but now this story just kind,of seeps out and everybody's saying oh,we just want to get down to the bottom,of it and everybody's giving the benefit,of the doubt,well aside from the facts that Biden,turned over the documents as soon as,they were found and has been cooperating,with authorities unlike some folks who,had to have a subpoena,and said they had turned over everything,you know now we don't we do not know,anything about the nature of this okay,so let's keep that in mind but I'm just,saying Byron needs to calmed down a,little bit because there are some,perhaps differences here the Optics are,not necessarily the best,so is it good news for you know who,anything that makes us talk about him is,good news for him not really I mean I I,think that no matter what you just said,is right that there are differences in,what happened yes so not good well we,all know that Trump is a liar and a,thief you know we know that,so it's not that big a jump to say that,he obstructed and he lied we don't think,that Biden is a liar and a thief so we,give him the benefit of the doubt that's,probably what's going on but what I,think also is going on no matter what,the truth of it is will be they will,spin it bobble head and Marjorie Taylor,and that crowd Matt Gates you think,they're not going to spend this that is,just as bad as Trump and so the the LIE,gets out there people believe it just,like that Donaldson person whatever his,name is what's his name Byron Donald's I,saw him also he was at the uh the fight,on the floor too he was nominated for,speaker a number by two people darling,15 rounds,empowering has been so invasive so,ubiquitous that no one will believe the,truth anymore and that that you can put,that at the at the feet of Donald Trump,who started the lying so and no,absolutely no one's gonna like this take,but I'm gonna go there anyway um it is a,big deal um I held a tssci security,clearance I would have been in prison if,I took one classified document home it,worries me that so many seniors did he,take it home no you didn't take it home,it was it but it was in a locket it was,locked and and that's true so that's,what it's supposed to be and I wanted to,enter yeah I'm sorry I want to be clear,the sacks are different than the Trump,case however I think this is a huge win,for Trump because if you're Merit,Garland who is already extremely,cautious and doesn't want to break the,long-standing Press precedent of not,indicting a president it's very hard to,make the case that Donald Trump should,be indicted for this even though the,facts are different when he can argue,well now the Vice President also took,home classified documents I think that,this kills the case the only difference,is obstruction which Trump did did,engage in obstruction,obstruction is a big deal,facts matter and let's not talk about,alternative facts okay because let's,talk about the fact that Donald Trump,was asked to return the documents,voluntarily refused then refused several,subpoenas kept them in toilets and kept,them not in a locked place and kept them,on the floor anybody could have had,access he had top secret classified,information including things that would,put people's lives in danger including,nuclear uh documents and there were 300,documents found so I think you cannot,compare one to the other that's not,comparing apples to orangutans,clearly different the legal standard is,not where you keep the classified,documents the only place it could be as,a skiff so even if you put a lock on the,door that doesn't legally change the,fact that you did not transport them,securely,element there was there's a clip of,Biden I would like to pull because he,obviously has weighed in on Trump's,situation and if we could air that,when you saw the photograph of the top,secret documents laid out on the floor,at Mar-A-Lago what did you think to,yourself,looking at that image,how that could possibly happen how one,anyone could be that irresponsible,and I thought what data was in there,that may compromise sources and methods,by that I mean names of people who,helped or Etc and it just uh totally,irresponsible well that's why we're,saying that we

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Joy Taylor Talks...Dating and Politics - I Read Your Comments!

Joy Taylor Talks...Dating and Politics - I Read Your Comments!

hey guys thank you so much for,all of your interaction on the first,episode of joy taylor talks,as i told you i was going to do a,follow-up video with some of my favorite,comments,from instagram twitter youtube and,facebook so,the topic for this week was could you,date someone,who's at the opposite political spectrum,from you,in today's environment which has gotten,a little spicier,since last week so let's get into some,of the comments,this is from i tricky nicki 2.,yeah me and my girl are opposite parties,she's left leaning i'm right-leaning,she leans left for social issues which i,can get behind,i lean right for economic reasons which,she gets behind,and we both agree both parties are,giving us bleep options two elections in,a row,now see that i understand i'm an,independent so,i don't think that we're really getting,good options and i don't think that the,political parties are really,representing any of our interests at,this point,but those are the conversations that i,think we should be having when we're,talking about politics,do you really believe in what the party,represents as far as policies,or are you into some of the other,messaging,that is being put out this one's from,jake sooner it's all about that,r-e-s-p-e-c-t,if you have none of that then there's,not a snowball's chance in hell here's,an interesting one,joeyk87 aussie guy again,is it really that bad over there to the,point where you won't affiliate with,people across the aisle so to speak,doesn't that just add to the division,wouldn't coming together and having,discourse be taking steps towards unity,as opposed to screaming,orange man bad yeah,it's that bad over here i like this,comment from ap sports pod,i married one it definitely adds some,spicy moments to the relationship,not all conflict is bad and for,different opinions,and different opinions are the catalysts,for new realities which we need,can't have absurdities but differences,are okay this one is from brendan,shields,i'd rather base my dating on politics,than astrology i can understand not,liking a person who supports certain,laws,i cannot understand saying you don't,like someone who was born in october,when you were born in april,but if you're gemini here's an,interesting one from jacob,underscore 21j way to promote cancel,culture,you know you can support vitamin i'd,still be someone's friend but to push,your hateful agenda is truly disgusting,that's not how cancer culture works so,here's a comment from,mars the one there's a limit some,political differences are okay but if,their political beliefs,divide defy basic human decency that's a,no-go,i love this comment from del schmidt i,didn't even realize dating was still,going on during this pandemic,i feel you know so this one is from joe,mertz,my wife and i have been married for,almost 13 years and we are on different,sides of the political aisle,through honest discussion we have,educated ourselves on issues of the day,also we're trying to be an example to,our kids that it's okay to disagree on,issues as long as it's done respectfully,i also have friends all across the,political spectrum,so also pat butler19 wants to know why,do women love so many pillows on couches,and beds,then get mad if you sit or sleep on them,i don't get mad if you sleep on pillows,sleeping on pillows is wonderful who,sits on pillows,it's weird also no outside clothes,on the uh well this is my couch so,that's fine but not on the bed,unacceptable um but women love pillows,they're so comfy,let's just lay here so this comment is,from,michael mayfield thankfully my wife and,i are on the same page,if we weren't i think it would,definitely be a problem i worked as a,security detail providing protection for,president george h bush i wasn't crazy,about him as a president but i still,respected him,i walked 16 feet in front of him and did,my job now,i don't feel there's any honor in the,white house call me old school but,that's just the way i feel,i actually felt there wasn't any honor,there when president clinton was in,office,i don't care if the president is,democrat or republican i feel respect is,earned,i want to get that feeling again i'd,like to be proud of the leader of this,nation in the free world,most presidents tend to lead the nation,as they leave their own families and,homes,i pray that things will get better for,all of us soon,amen at the end of the day,it really comes down to this for me if,you're so loyal to a political party,that you,can't have a conversation about what's,actually happening in the world,without spewing out propaganda points or,scripts or things that you've heard,someone from an opinion show,say there are not really facts and,you're more interested,in saying things like that to me than,listening about where i'm coming from,and being open-minded enough,to admit that everyone isn't perfect and,there are a lot of things that we could,change to make the world better for,everyone,i just don't really find that attractive,in anyone as a friend

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How should Ravens handle the ongoing Lamar Jackson situation? | NFL | SPEAK

How should Ravens handle the ongoing Lamar Jackson situation? | NFL | SPEAK

remember Lamar Jackson has a PCL injury,in Shady All Things Considered Lamar's,earned the franchise tag period all that,pay him the money all that show him the,money all of that good stuff has,amounted now in Lamar earning himself a,franchise tag Ravens fans have to be,frustrated I know head coach John,Harbaugh is frustrated I know the,entirety of that organization is,frustrated because of Sean McCoy he has,missed 10 games in the last two seasons,that's more than Kyler Murray that's,more than Dak Prescott that's more than,Josh Allen Justin Herbert Patrick,Mahomes that is more than any top 10,quarterback Lamar Jackson has missed the,most 10 games in the last two seasons,the best ability America it is,availability and Lamar Jackson has for,whatever reason been unavailable for,that's the first reason he's earned the,franchise tag second reason he's earned,the franchise tag is the Ravens have,been Super Bowl contenders the last,three seasons three years ago they lose,by 14 points in the playoffs to the,Buffalo Bills Lamar Jackson throws a,pick six that was a 14-point swing they,lost by 14 points last year they were on,track to be the number one seed in their,division win the division Lamar Jackson,gets hurt they missed the playoffs this,year they were going to win the division,once again Lamar Jackson gets hurt now,they have to play a role-play off game,how can you commit long-term money to a,person who you don't know if he's going,to be there long term the last note I,will make is this 2-5 I get it Lamar,saved Harbaugh's job but how long are,you going to hold that over,horror boss had like you saved this job,four years ago but I hate the person who,does a favor for you and then,consistently reminds you four and five,years later hey but remember when I,loaned you a hundred dollars way back,when don't keep holding that over my,head you did me that favor that debt is,now cleared Lamar Jackson franchise,tagged him but I don't think you can pay,him long time it helps you out okay so,I'm gonna go in a different direction,here is it my girl no are you,said something like you know his super,Super Bowl window is why he's still yes,sir always open so why not that's not,saying for Lamar Jackson it's the same,it's the franchise quarterback Joe got,hurt that was a super error I forgot,about that,Lamar Jackson has been hurt can't deny,that that's the proof in it yep but the,thing is when he's there you have that,window of a Super Bowl chances,right with you you okay all right I'm,allergic to what you're saying well,Lamar Jackson have a chance to win the,Super Bowl do you yeah yes based on what,have a chance based on what burrow,opened the window didn't he 2-5 he went,to a Super Bowl last year so when Burl,says the Super Bowl window's open he,we've seen it open before in the,division too listen listen listen this,I'm gonna tell you again all right I'm,listening Lamar Jackson is a different,type of player so I look at Josh Allen's,Patrick Mahomes Lamar Jackson's them,guys are up there right I think the,young guys coming up bro Hertz Herbert,yup some guys are coming Lamar's in that,class that you get the Super Bowl you,have a chance all you have to do is win,your division which they showing it they,can do that and get to the playoffs so,when I look at contracts first of all,with this team y'all not the same team,without Lamar Jackson not at all we've,seen what that team looks like without,Lamar Jackson okay so when you get Lamar,Jackson you sign them up for Ford fire,do whatever it may be you know in that,five years it's a great possibility that,you can get a championship and that's,all you can ask for this NFL league Joy,where are you staying on all of this,what should the Ravens do with Lamar how,should they handle the situation it has,been chaotic oh,I mean you gotta make the best of it and,hope Lamar is available what's the,alternative,what's what's what's on the other side,of life there you go,that's what I'm wondering,it's Bleak that's why they keep bringing,up that Lamar helps keep John Harbaugh's,job because how is how does it look,without him it's a new NFL you can talk,all you want about winning with defense,do that then because really the team,that we have right now in this playoffs,that's going to win with defense is the,San Francisco 49ers,and they still got a lot of pieces on,the offensive side of the ball that are,quite good they have Christian McCaffrey,either gonna get a Debo back right now,George Kittle,they got a few pieces on the offensive,side so it's very easy to argue it's a,quite balanced team talk to him so this,is a new NFL you have to have a,quarterback and particularly in this,division look Mike Tomlin got a winning,record again,Kenny pick it's going to get better and,better Joe Burrow's not going anywhere,we don't know what the Sean Watson the,Browns gonna be next year you want a,life without Lamar Jackson,do you honey I wouldn't do that I,wouldn't do that but don't you think,they already have life

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Joy Taylor Calls Guy A INCEL After Saying Men ONLY Follow Her Because Of Her LOOKS

Joy Taylor Calls Guy A INCEL After Saying Men ONLY Follow Her Because Of Her LOOKS

what's going on guys i'm jada black,shout out to everybody that's tuned in i,want to talk about everybody's,favorite single uh sports,co-host by the name of joy taylor,apparently she got into some twitter,back and forth like she,seemingly does numerously infamously i,made a video,about her thanksgiving day uh ranting,that she went on on twitter,right and this time,apparently she was getting into it with,people,over a post that she put up or she,responded to about a private school in,miami,that told staff that they won't be,allowed near students,if they get the cv vaccine,and she responded by saying why are,people the way they are,which caused her to get back and,go back and forth for people because,again she has no life outside of what,she does on tv,she seemingly is somebody who does not,have any love in her life,uh she's one of these women that believe,in the in the in the delusions of,society,and what it tells a lot of modern women,uh she doesn't understand,that ultimately if you don't change your,relationship status won't change,uh it's going to remain the same and,she deals with that by going back and,forth with people,on social media and,in one of the back and forths somebody,posted a picture,and i'll have it in the video you can,see it and it says the only reason,men follow you this is the only reason,been following they had a circle around,her chest right,don't play yourself thinking you have,other any other,worth okay and then she responded by,saying do in sales,not know that my account is public so,you don't have to follow me to see me,or my photos,and she responded to somebody else by,saying but you still,follow me so and she also and i'll,probably put in the video here,somebody asked her you continue to,retweet those dummies,give them more incentive to bother you,that's what trolls,do she says sorry to be the one to tell,you this,but me responding to trolls or not,responding has exactly zero influence on,them,trolls are going to troll that's what,trolls do,and this and she's responding like this,to somebody that actually,was coming to her defense let me say,this about joy taylor,okay joy taylor is somebody who's,incredibly thin,skinned and she doesn't understand that,you're a public figure you have a blue,check mark,you get on social media and you spew out,certain narratives now she's one of,these left-leaning,uh womanists you know she's one of these,women that believe,in women empowerment which is why she's,single,because no man is going to put up with a,woman who especially one of these,liberal left-leaning women nobody wants,a wife like that nobody because she was,engaged to be married,hard to believe right you're responding,to all these people for what the block,button is,also public you can use that too you're,not borrowed from using that,and uh she has a buddy as well who,helps her tag team guys in her comment,section,uh whenever i guess you know you don't,side with her or you have a disagreement,with her,here she goes going at you instead of,saying you know what,this guy is a troll why am i going back,and forth with him,but she does it because she has nothing,else better going on,and it ain't just her i mean you know i,saw,espn's very own l duncan in there,you know guess trying to lighten the,mood whatever but a lot of these women,conrad to each other she has a friend,who i believe is a sports report or,whatnot,she also likes to help her,when guys come at her because she's,going at those guys,just like she did uh during thanksgiving,when she was going at these guys who's,you know she was in the mood because she,was alone,drinking wine you know watching reality,tv,uh lonely you know nobody to be there,with her,and that's what you see with a lot of,these women like this,you know george taylor does seemingly,have potential you look at her from the,outside,and you will say hey she has looks why,can't she find anybody i mean,it's not like she doesn't try to make,herself look good,it's not like she's going around making,herself you know look bummy,she doesn't you know this is a woman,that was engaged to be married,and that relationship fell apart,seemingly very quickly,this is somebody who probably is better,off,being single and and the thing is that,women have this mindset,women like joy taylor they have this,mind state,that there's always going to be a,different man out there,and there's always going to be a man of,higher value that's going to want her,but what she doesn't understand is,men are wisening up they don't have to,be men who are,quote unquote red pilled these could be,your average,everyday guys guys that you have,conversations with,who aren't even on social media like,that who will say the same things that,we are saying,which is why a lot of those guys don't,date women like joy taylor,joy taylor you are on tv because you and,the thing is this,men follow joy taylor because of how i i,think because of how she looks,and i also think it was because you know,when she first,got to fox sp

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Joy Taylor looks back on her time on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, talks new show 'SPEAK' | THE HERD

Joy Taylor looks back on her time on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, talks new show 'SPEAK' | THE HERD

so joy taylor and i worked together for,a long time we both have a background in,radio and she is now i'm just going to,tell you right now get this out of the,way she is now going to be on speak,speak for yourself has been retitled and,joy is going to be one of the stars of,it with the emmanuel ocho so first of,all it's great to see again you've been,traveling globally i mean i have so many,people that come up to me they're like,man you guys must pay joy a lot because,she travels and i'm like i've never,known,anybody that travels like you uh well i,travel with people so that kind of helps,with the cost and his girlfriend so you,know we can share hotel rooms and such,so that helps but now i do love to,travel other than sports it's my second,favorite thing to do,and i only travel during the summer when,we have off times so it seems like i'm,always gone but it's really just the,summer because once football season,starts now i'm here every day but yes i,do travel a lot so a lot of times joy,and i have some information but it you,know it's kind of uh proprietary for the,company so joy and i have uh we knew,that she was moving on to a show and the,way this thing works is when you're,really talented uh every every talented,woman in my life has always left me so,this is this is my reality so joy told,me uh she was gonna get this show and i,pouted for a day and then the next day i,came in and i said you know i love you,you're the best uh you've made this for,me personally uh i've never laughed more,and i think that's a,something in america that everybody,needs to do more of so i just want to,say first of all thank you this has been,a a wonderful five year,full of,emotion and laughs and it was a uh and,for summary i didn't know if it when you,bring somebody onto the show i talk too,much so i didn't know if it would work,so when you first came onto the show did,you think it would be as much fun,because i didn't know,well we we've been working together for,almost six and a half years now because,when i first came to the network i would,fill in right with you and officially,we've been doing the show full-time,about three years or a little over three,years,and what we were when we first started,together to what we've become now is,it's a completely different show it's,evolved so much i didn't know what to,expect but i will say something that,changed for me,uh maybe the first week of the show it,might have been the first day i was on,the show you actually told me to talk,more you're like just when it when you,go just go give your opinion which is,what i've you know gotten to this,business to do is to give my opinion,so that that really expanded the show,and uh i've already cried a couple times,today and my voice is getting wobbly now,i'm not gonna do it i'm not gonna do it,i'm using my capricorn strength to hold,it down,um,but no it has it's been great and you,know you let me tease you a little bit,and you know we have a lot of the the,same opinions and uh weirdly coming from,two such different places in the world,uh lying on on so many things and then,really i've been through a lot through,the past three years we went through a,pandemic we did a,three-hour show five days a week we,never took any time off during the,pandemic we did a show from home for,four months with no sports when i say,that to people they're like what did you,talk about i'm like i don't know we,blacked out i don't remember i don't,either i remember i remember we talked,about the last dance because that saved,us we talked about it every day,and i also remember the only day i've,ever been scared with you on the air is,when kyrie irving or somebody said i,don't want to play this season in the,nba and i remember looking at you going,if the nba cancels the season,we're going to take a month off yeah,very much run out of topics yes we were,talking about the last dance as as if it,was happening live like it was like we,didn't know exactly how every single one,of these games ended and didn't know the,story yeah i remember that that was when,it was it was teetering but we made it,through well it is is i thought about,this today i'm like i'm not going to get,emotional because you know how i feel,about you and it's been great but it is,um you know we we do i think about this,all the time,we live in a really um,i tend to stay on sports mostly because,that's what uh,yeah that's what i'm paid to do uh but i,also think there's a time whether it's,climate change political upheaval black,lives matter uh there are a lot of,issues out there and if you feel,strongly about him my takeaway is you,should speak about them it's it i tend,to be kind of old school i'm an,old-school broadcaster where you talk,sport to stay on sports,you are much more comfortable out of,that at times especially on social media,but you're a much younger person than i,am so take me to your world on that,because you're much more willing to put,it out there and as i've always told you,personally uh s

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Joy Taylor Shares Experience Working W/ Skip Bayless & Shannon Sharpe | ALL THE SMOKE

Joy Taylor Shares Experience Working W/ Skip Bayless & Shannon Sharpe | ALL THE SMOKE

what has your experience been like at,fox fox has been,fox has been great it's been a huge,platform for me obviously i started in,miami which is a,big market but i wasn't a national voice,before i came to fox and i hadn't done,live national television i worked for,cbs sports when i was in miami but,um working with skip and shannon was,unbelievable i mean,if you know skip and shannon you know,that that's like,an intense show to do and it's you know,3,20 in the morning it's a two and a half,hour show,the finals together including yup yup,yeah so it's a,it's a big undertaking but traveling,to your point cleveland and oakland and,the super bowl and mcgregor fight in new,york like,the us open having all those experiences,really just i think for me helps me,develop it in a huge way as a talent i,mean there's a lot of stuff,going on on that show behind the scenes,and as a moderator you gotta,make sure everything's going like,they're just they're in their own,zone like you gotta do all the technical,things prompter's down,gotta read it on the scripts hope you,got your scripts in order like there's a,lot of stuff going on so,that really helped me a lot and now,working with collins been,one of my favorite by the way just as,far as per people just talking their, colin's one of my favorite,and he's the best attack model and he's,the best ad reader on tv,oh yeah on tv,he does do a good read yeah uh colin's,been great he's,he's a you know he's a family guy he's,chill,he likes having his his cocktail and his,um,you know his nice piece of fish and he's,just he's one of those people that just,really loves life,and that's that's a that's a relief as a,talent to work with somebody else who's,very chill because this is a stressful,business,and you know there's just there's some,shows like listen you can't call in sick,like i couldn't call in sick on,undisputed i called him sick twice,in two years and i'm not sick a lot but,like,there's no one else to do the show it's,four o'clock in the morning you can't,call,there's no one to come in it's just like,you better figure it out so,it's uh it's been amazing working with,colin he's a huge,uh supporter and um,he makes he makes the show really fun,and easy you you killed undisputed but,people don't know how difficult it is,it had to be a strong woman with a high,with a high iq those two to run that,show with them too because,i've been on the show and she knows she,knows when to cut them off to go to,commercials she know like,it's not easy with two people like them,rambling at each other the whole time,like they won't even think about a,commercial,it takes some respect to do that job yep,because you do have to cut them off yeah,so you got to know,when to cut them off so it's not a salty,situation right,right i mean look they're both,professionals they know we're doing a,television show,yeah at the end of the day we got,commercials we got to get to break we,gotta get to the next blog,but they would just do that same topic,for the next 30 minutes,so the funny thing that people don't or,i guess the thing that they assume,about undisputed i don't know how it is,on first day because i don't work on,that show,but undisputed people are always like,what's it like in the breaks,i'm like they're not fighting in their,mind not even there skip walks off and,go to the back,goes over to the corner he's looking at,his notes shannon's on his phone or he's,you know singing or whatever like as,soon as the,as soon as the camera's off like it's on,to the next block yeah so there's no,real like,animosity it's like arguing with your,friend like all right all right we're,done,where are we gonna go eat you know,that's that's kind of how it is but,people always think it's like war in the,breaks i'm like damn we would be tired,as hell,great great sparring sessions though,great session so i'm gonna give you,these three men that you've worked with,and just tell me a little bit about or,what you think about each of them,uh shannon sharp shannon has become,one of the biggest stars in,sports media he was already obviously a,star,football hall of famer legendary,broadcaster but now he is like on a,whole,other level like i say ank has become,what it is is because he gets it like he,really understands,social media social media he understands,how to do a great show he understands,how to do a great interview,and he doesn't take himself seriously,right which i think is so,important for that show is that he's,gonna go at it with skip,they're gonna have their battles or,sparring sessions,but at the end of the day he's going to,crack a joke right,and keep it moving like he is he really,knows how to maintain that balance so,he's he's so fun to work with and just,he's a great person,shout out unk uh drip bayless drip,bayless love,that chain it's amazing yeah skip is,skip is great skip has been i don't even,know how to describe,what skips dumb like just done for me in,my career a lot of people think skip is,like,very hard and l

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