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Jordan Raanan Rips Content Creators Says We "Steal" And "Benefit" From Them. My Response, RANT!what

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Updated on Jan 25,2023

Jordan Raanan Rips Content Creators Says We "Steal" And "Benefit" From Them. My Response, RANT!

what's going on everybody it is your boy,beard i'm back with another video i,won't say this is a new york giants,video hey i just finished work i'm over,the next five days i'm going to enjoy,this i hope you guys will enjoy,time off with your family thanksgiving's,right around the corner hope you guys,will,enjoy that be safe as always i am going,to say i'm going to put a video and,intro video up on my other channel which,is just starting out,bear dog fitness live i'm going to leave,the link in the description please,subscribe,if you have not i'm gonna talk about my,gym workouts a little bit of diet tips,so my life experiences we're gonna do,something completely different and i,didn't get to worry about jordan renan,saying that we're stealing things,uh over there so i hope you guys will,subscribe to that channel and hey if,you're not subscribed to this channel,subscribe to our ring the bell i do tons,of giants content yankee content i,stream giants games yankee games liquor,games you know all kinds of stuff,we have a lot of fun over here we do,live hangouts we have a lot of fun also,if you haven't done so please follow me,on instagram and twitter,links in the description i will follow,you back speaking of twitter,jordan renaud jordan randon however you,want to see that don't really care,so you know quite a bit to say about us,content creators,and let me just say this so i don't miss,quote him,because according to him we steal,everything from them to make our content,so jimin prad writes this on twitter so,this is g-men prod,at g-men prod okay sports media is just,like the regular media,they're there to cause problems in panic,i get all my info from giants content,creators on twitter instagram and,youtube,so he tweets this um he's replying to,jordan ranan,i don't know what the original tweet was,by renault i'm just going to say his,name like that i don't know,how uh i know what the original tree was,but bernard's response is,lol you mean you get your info,from the people that steal the,information,and profit slash benefit from our hard,work,cool what an arrogant douche nozzle,to begin with i watch chris's video i,agree with a lot of what chris says,you know people do come to youtube to,get different perspectives from people,people don't need to just,get force-fed what you have to say maybe,they want a different perspective maybe,they come to youtube because they want a,fans perspective,maybe they want an unfiltered,perspective maybe they want to hear a,guy like me rant,about the new york giants when they're,playing piss poor because,they can relate right we don't take,what you say and steal it,maybe there are some content creators,out there that do maybe they just quote,you verbatim maybe they quote mike,francesa verbatim rail or beat writer or,media pundit or analyst or whatever,i don't watch any of it i don't follow,you on twitter i don't even know who the,hell this guy is i only know him by name,so i don't do that do i read reports of,course i do and what do i do with the,reports i don't come out here and just,copy them,i give you my opinion on them,plain simple that's what i do i give you,my opinion on the giants i give the,pulse of the giants i give my fan,reaction to the giants that's what i do,that's what most content creators do we,have,our opinions on these articles which are,usually bs by the way and,completely wrong most of the time but we,give our,you know prospects on trade rumors what,we agree disagree with whatever,we put our own spin on things that you,spit out there,and let's face it maybe you're just,getting mad because people are starting,to come to youtube,and twitter and instagram and get,information from other people because,we're more entertaining than you because,you're like plain oatmeal,maybe that's why they come here,if i want philadelphia eagles,information i'm not going to an eagles,beat writer i'm going to lord brunson,i'm going to philly 500. that's that's,where i'm going i'm going to joey shakes,those are guys i'm going to,if i want cowboys information i'm going,to mark homes i'm going to watch,lombardi i'm going to law nation that's,that's where i'm going for my cowboy,stuff,you know what i mean if i want,washington football team stuff i'm going,in my manhattan olive i'm going to louis,t i'm going to street scores these are,guys i'm going to i'm going to httr,these are guys that i'm going to to get,information because i like the way they,present it to me,plain and simple i don't need to just,sit there and read something,that's boring to me and i want a guy,that's not afraid to,rip his team i want a guy that's not,afraid of losing his credentials because,he criticizes the players,see i'm not worried about that you get,my perspective on the new york giants,and i'm going to tell you something,right now there are definitely times,that giants content greaters,whatever break stories that haven't,happened yet or,predict things that haven't happened yet,perfect example i'll give you a

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Breaking Big Blue Too: The Giants’ preferred players in the NFL draft

Breaking Big Blue Too: The Giants’ preferred players in the NFL draft

welcome everyone to the premiere of,breaking big blue two i finally did it,creating a youtube channel where i'm,gonna basically it's gonna be an,expansion of the breaking big blue,podcast i'm gonna drop giants nuggets on,you so like subscribe tell your friends,in my head i envision a sign right here,one of those beer type signs those neon,lights,you know breaking big blue two t-o-o,right here so hopefully we'll get to,that at some point but you're not here,for my design ideas you're here for my,giants information that's the purpose of,this youtube page i'm gonna drop giants,nuggets on you quick videos two five ten,minute videos with giants information,that you guys want so the draft is,around the corner we're just days away,and what i wanted to give you and i,wanted to put it out there was there's,two players i've spoken to sources,throughout weeks now there's two players,that i think the giants really like,and prefer,at pick number five,and those two players are,alabama offensive tackle evan neal,or cincinnati cornerback sauce gardener,those are two players i know and i feel,confident in that the giants are really,high on now i know we've heard all the,stuff about charles cross the,mississippi state offensive tackle,there's a lot of smoke out there the,giants really like him and i can,corroborate that,i also i agree with that there are,people in the giants organization that,really like charles cross,but,as far as i'm aware would i the,information that i know,i believe that evan neal is their number,one tackle on the board so that means,really the only pick the giants really,need to worry about because here's the,way it seems like it's going to play out,pick number one is the jaguars pick,number two is the lions in some way or,another it seems to be trayvon walker,aiden hutchinson one two you know flip,them around anyway it pans out so those,two look like they're gonna be the top,two picks that number three spot the,houston texans that's the spot,where you have to worry about whether,evan neil will be picked because,the jets are four and it sounds like if,they go offensive tackle,that's a big if they're likely to go,with the defensive player edge rusher,but if they go offensive tackle,it's probably going to be ikiyakuana,so the team the giants have to worry,about,is the houston texans texans if evan,neil gets past the houston texans it's,my opinion that it's the giants are,likely going to select,the alabama tackle now sauce gardener,the cincinnati cornerback another player,they're super high on again,the question is which one of them makes,it to the giants at five,and maybe the giants could wait till,seven for sauce gardener that's a,possibility because the reality is the,sixth pick between the giants is the,carolina panthers they drafted a,cornerback in the first round last year,they're not gonna draft another,cornerback in the first round though,maybe somebody will trade up if sauce,gardener's there and take him but again,the houston texans the two names you,hear about the texans are evan neal and,sauce gardener i pick three so that's,gonna greatly influence where the giants,go but i believe truly believe that the,giants are super high on those two,players and if,they're both available,then good for the giants right that's a,great scenario for them two players,they're really high on that they really,like that i believe they prefer,sitting there for them at pick five hey,maybe one of them is going to be that,maybe they can get both,you know if they go evan neal at five,and then number six goes to the panthers,let's say they take an offensive tackle,whether it's icky iquan who's still,there,or whether it's charles cross,then maybe the giants can get evan neal,of five,and sauce gardner at seven which i,believe,is sort of their,dream scenario here aside from trading,back,pick seven and getting a future first,round pick which is gonna be very tough,to do,so those two players,evan neal and sauce gardner,i believe again,the most likely picks for the giants,the players they really like and prefer,now you'll say well what about charles,cross would they take charles cross,over evan neal,and from what i've heard i don't believe,they would now do they really like,charles gross would they take him high,in this draft i believe the answer is,yes,but if given the choice,i also think they still would go with,evan neal,now,i heard as we started this process that,charles cross was likely you know,around the top 10 pick maybe in the,teens so for him all of a sudden,to now be a top five player,that would surprise me,it really would now this draft isn't,especially strong overall at the top so,i think guys that maybe normally would,be,top 10 to 15 picks,our top five to 10,picks in this draft,because there just aren't those blue,chip guys at the top which is why it's,gonna be very hard to trade back,so let's say everything works out,perfectly for the giants evan neal at,five sauce gardener at 7,go home happy

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466 | Jordan Raanan + Giants Offense Improving

466 | Jordan Raanan + Giants Offense Improving

welcome to talking giants presented by,sea geek i'm your host bobby skinner,here with my co-host justin panic and we,got some training camp updates plus we,have jordan on on the podcast later we,had him on the van uh we got to talk,about the swing tackle position we're,going to talk about the offensive at,hole and a couple,a couple minor moves the giants made and,we're getting ready for fan fest,justin how you doing after uh a few days,uh since our last episode good catch,bobby skinner,everyone in our patreon chat and you,listening at home at work wherever you,may be the giants offense is starting to,look better i know our friday show or,even maybe even our tuesday show was,talking about how maybe it's not looking,too great all these practice streams and,shows and interviews are all blending,together by now tuesday's show was after,the worst day of practice then let's,talk about how the offense was looking,better and i'm excited i screamed after,kennegal they called a contested catch,on the sideline i screamed jason garrett,is a war criminal and then the giants,had a really good play the next play and,then i screamed the giants are back,which they are patreon's back we got dan,orlando we got stephen mccarthy from,orlando uh yeah he actually is that's,not even dan orlando's from new jersey i,didn't make that up mccarthy's from,orlando stephen mccarthy,brennan danic who's in our chat right,now jc upton reminds me of the the upton,twins in baseball justin upton michael,after not after after like a raptor,brian former,makes me think of like some chemical,from breaking bad that create meth and,then just eric,um eric the bike man justin who are,these people these wonderful people went,to talking giants two,dollars a month plus some other cheers,you get to hang out with us and watch,the shows while we record them live,bobby skinner will send you some,stickers magnets in the mail when he,gets home um in florida and twice a,month you are entered into shirt raffles, talking giants thanks to our,patrons all right so we got to talk,about the swing tackle we got to talk,about some smaller moves but i want to,start talk you know like the theme of,the last couple days since we've been uh,since we've recorded a regular podcast,at training camp and that's the offense,is improving you know passing game and,running game you know monday was,emphasis on running tuesday and,wednesday they mixed it up a little bit,uh the last pr the last two practices,since that podcast daniel jones has,completed 25 of 30 passes which has been,really good they've looked crisp the,running game has looked good and i think,that's one defense can start ahead of,offense and can't but i also something,i've been talking about with other,people is that,it's got to be a weird dynamic and i,probably said this in some interviews on,the podcast that it's a weird dynamic,for the offense where they're facing one,of the toughest defenses to face,regardless of how good the talent is on,the defense facing wick martindale's,defense is tough it's a lot to process,and and play uh you know you know,pre-snap and post sound because they're,throwing so many different looks at you,and it's also not,an nfl defense that you're gonna face,every sunday like patrick graham's,defense the type of stuff that he ran,the last two years especially when you,see more of that than this yeah,especially when he ran more too high in,2021 that's the type of things that most,teams are doing so you know,now you know now the things that are,entering in the back of our brain is,yeah they it looks it's great that,they're playing an aggressive defense,and you know they're and it's they're,succeeding against that but it's not,what a lot of nfl defenses are doing,well par and part of it is you know like,some of the struggles and again i'm not,expecting this offense might probably,good chance it struggles a lot during,the season i don't think it's going to,struggle like the last couple years but,it will have struggles during the season,but they're also not game planning so,they're not game planning for a wink,martin d,rick martindale defense which is already,tough enough when you're game planning,if they're not game playing but,since they've gone to some more normal,drills they just a lot of two minute on,tuesday and then on wednesday was just,like regular we're moving the ball up,and down the field they've looked good,again dj 25 of 30 um,uh one pick which would have been an,obvious sack but still bad and then the,second pick was really bad in the red,zone but outside of that again he's he's,had five into completions over the last,two days and the run game has looked,really good yeah i want to get your,thoughts on this,typically when you play,against the defense that blitzes a lot,you would tend to think that that opens,up some opportunities deep down the,field right whether it's somebody,running one-on-one you know somebody you,know you have a guy that's fast like,hedarius

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Jordan Raanan With Armen and Levack

Jordan Raanan With Armen and Levack

Jordan Rana of yesterday Jordan I,thought you were walking through radio,row because there was a crowd of about,several hundred people more than Kurt,Warner more than Drew Brees over here,it was Odell Beckham jr. Jordan run on,something by the radio row table with,Armen in the back I 104 five the team,we're here takes a Bud Light up for,whatever what is up with the amount of,attention that Odell Beckham jr. is,getting here in Phoenix yeah I mean the,kids a star first of all he trains out,here this is where he comes out of,Arizona so it kind of makes this uh you,know office he's at home here this is,where he's gonna stay this is where he's,been for last couple weeks and gonna,stay here probably till the beginning of,offseason workouts but he's a star man,kids thrown parties left and right,private party here hosted a fashion show,the other night but look this is how big,he is okay the host of the event was,Odell Beckham he's the headliner they,get for the event there's guys like,Patrick Peterson who plays here you know,an all-pro a multi-time Pro Bowler Joe,Hayden Andre Roberts is a wire you know,wide receiver who also playing here,Michael Floyd the all these guys these,are these are the secondary guys the,headliner the event was Odell Beckham,that that's that's where the kids at,right now everybody wants a piece of him,ESPN had him doing that one-handed catch,thing he set a world record that nobody,knew ever existed anyway and you know,what when I hear a he said a world,record for one-handed catches in a,minute I'm thinking myself hold on one,second there was a world record in the,first place for one-handed catches and,got him for everything these ladies,reign on me by the way,yeah so now it's raining inside yes also,there are holes in the roof above us how,your buddies with auto-backup jr. in the,sense that you talk to him almost every,study buddies yeah well you drive his,ass nuts either way yeah so this is my,job you know well it is your job you,know well so how is he handling all this,all you know this case again somebody's,head how is he handling it yeah I mean,there's a lot of pull on the skin right,now all different directions and you,know it's tough because he's got,endorsers coming from left and right,he's got an agent he's got marketing,people he's got other people trying to,push stuff on him so you know he's,dealing with,and as a kid I mean I'm calling him a,kid he's a 22 year old young man who,went from of talented first round rookie,to being followed by TMZ in the span of,a week after he made that catch so it's,really changed everything for him,you know he's riding around in a yellow,Maserati now that's on the cuff you know,so yeah there's there's a picture of it,on an online if you want if you want to,check it out it's pretty impressive on,the cuff to completely I love you know,everything's coming to this kid and it's,gonna be interesting to see how it goes,because when you have this kind of pull,there's a bunch of different directions,that can go yeah and a bunch of those,are not always very good Jordan Ron,Donovan Jay calm are there any concerns,within the Giants organization is there,anybody watching him to keep him in,check is there any talk behind closed,doors of there's a lot on this 22 year,olds plate let's just make sure that we,keep his head straight yeah there's,definitely concern at all it within the,organization about people pulling on him,from all different directions and,whether you know they're they've all,talked they all said I've heard from,multiple people that said to me just in,the normal run of conversation that you,know we've got to keep this kid's head,you know reasonable size you know it,could be a balloon but we got to keep it,from being a hot air balloon size you,know so that's gonna be a real challenge,and the team knows and they're already,have their fingers crossed and I'm not,sure everyone is totally a hundred,percent confident that it's gonna be,able to happen now granted they think,that he loves football and he likes to,play football and that part of it is not,gonna be the big problem but you know,there's other stuff that really can play,into it that could become troublesome,and I by the way I am really getting,raindrops all over me and I they did,wanna you know for all the fun we made,of back in New York where everybody got,snow they're paying us back for now with,indoor rain what else is going on in,Giants land we know spagnolo has been,announced as that as the defensive,coordinator jpp Antrel Rolle we're all,gonna be yelling to free-agency what are,you hearing what's going on with it with,the rest of giants i think i think,that's where everything stands right now,it's like okay we got there they're,mapping out the route that they're about,to travel here and,we're really gonna find out more about,it in the next couple weeks which guys,stay which guys are gonna go what,they're gonna do with guys like John,Beeson who as there's definitely,questions their me

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Behind Enemy Lines: Eagles vs. Giants Edition | Jordan Raanan Joins Sports Take | JAKIB

Behind Enemy Lines: Eagles vs. Giants Edition | Jordan Raanan Joins Sports Take | JAKIB

i think he's an average nfl starter he,you know ryan tannehill is kind of the,range that that comes to my mind now is,that good enough ultimately do you want,to build your team around that i think,that's sort of what people in,philadelphia are going like through,right now right like oh wait we know,jalen hurts,he's good enough to be a starter he's,gonna have to be okay he's good enough,we really want to build our team around,and bang on him to win a super bowl,right,yeah we have our next guest uh and you,can uh check him out certainly espn,espn is well on twitter at jordan reynon,espn nfl nation reporter covering the,giants and by the way he is a man of the,people in case you were wondering,what's happening jordan how you doing,dude that that was that was a lie from a,long time ago people do not believe that,anymore what's up man,you got to update that profile man you,got it when i was like when i was like,the little guy grinding my way up it,worked a lot better now they're like,you know,it is what it is,yeah,now it comes off like all right dude,you're full of yourself or one of those,deals,uh twitter avatar though even if it's,like you 20 years ago and you're super,young and i had no gray hair because,people are just used to that being your,avatar and they're so conditioned to,that being you that it's you that you're,better off never changing it oh my god i,love i love the,there's so much research that goes into,everything now,it's amazing uh jordan so good timing,because last segment we were talking,about some new faces and new places as,far as nfl coaches go and you know,obviously up close and personal you're,dealing with that right now with the,giants uh with every two years man,you're right,yeah the joe judge here it feels like it,was 20 years ago it feels like it was,yesterday that's right,you know,oh god that's right that's right that's,right you know what you're right it was,very forgettable but maybe not for you,but for us um,well give it give us your initial,impressions i i think we're all big fans,of table here on the show no,but you know obviously things are not,perfect there and uh just give me your,impressions of of how he's looked thus,far and what your expectation is for the,giants this year i mean he's just a very,personable guy like you could just see,that the way he interacts with people,he's just one of those guys that,brings positive energy to a room you,could when you just have general,conversations with that you can tell,that about the guy,um and the offense that's that's the,biggest difference what you see the,giants offense was not in you know it,was not up to what it offenses are in,today's nfl right it was basically,behind the times jason garrett was there,officer coordinator previously it was,very vanilla now you're seeing a very,much more modern offense guys moving,around motioning you know using guys in,different spots uh designing runs for,your quarterback it's just it just looks,different i think that's what brian,table brings to the table right and mike,who you guys know a little bit too let's,be honest they're coming from and,they're bringing the offense is going to,be,really dabo's offense that they ran in,buffalo with some pieces of what they,did in kansas city so here's what we,know when you see when you hear that,this this offense we know that this,offense can be effective in today's nfl,yeah right it's just a matter of getting,the right pieces because those are two,offenses i mean we all watch that,playoff game with them,those offenses are just fine it's not,the offense that's the problem if the,giants can't can't score points and last,year by the way they averaged just over,15 points a game in today's nfl 15,points watching that is painful oh,so you may tell me they're not gonna,they're not gonna you know take a knee,you know on third down or first down,the ironic part about that is it wasn't,the wrong move because that's how bad,their offense was at the time because,they were in the same spot the previous,week and they tried to play it out of,the end zone and they just get,that point they're like we're this bad,we have to do it that's that's where,they were at as an office hey jordan i,think one of the more intriguing story,lines about this team is you bring in a,guy like mike kafta as the offensive,coordinator now his only coaching,experience was under andy read out in,kansas city right obviously this would,be the first time he's ever,called to play or is he calling to play,who's calling the players in this,offense,mike kafka has been calling the plays,all summer,he's doing it in the preseason game,my take on this has been since the start,my list mike kafka is basically,the offensive coordinator or whatever,he's up there high in the depth chart in,kansas city he's working with patrick,mahomes is he really taking a job to go,work with daniel jones and the giants if,he wasn't told he was going to call,plays to me that was always like,he's going to call posix for his c

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Raanan Hershberg: Jokes from the Underground- Full Special

Raanan Hershberg: Jokes from the Underground- Full Special

so everybody make it as loud as you can,for running,thank you thank you this is, amazing we're packed out,like the good old days this is awesome,I mean it's a bad time for me to have,coven but other than that,I did actually have covid a couple weeks,ago for the first time which is,embarrassing getting it this late,it's embarrass it's like finally,watching Sopranos and wanting to talk,about it,and it's still scary by the way it's,still scary because for most people it's,like a cold or a mild flu but there's,always some who's like it's been,eight months,and I still can't hear birds sing,lasagna now tastes like rat faces,and rat feces taste like lasagna just,keep it to yourself okay,laughs,it was okay for me basically for four,days I lied in bed uh really tired and,depressed it was a lot like not having,covid,it was very similar to not I didn't,really know where the Cove had ended or,we get,it's like when I had Mono in college and,my doctor told me not to engage in,sexual activity for like two months and,I had to pretend that'd be a big,adjustment to my schedule,chops I pulled that day,gotcha you know how many women you're,disappointing right now,I gotta clear my whole calendar,but I'm glad we're done with the,pandemic and we've moved all clear War,because,because it was tough it's been a tough,couple years it's been really hard you,never know who's taking precautions like,I was at this girl's apartment a couple,months ago right in West Virginia we're,about to have sex not to brag we're,about to have sex,when she said she wasn't,vaccinated,she said I was in the apartment so I,stormed out of there the next morning so,quickly,I wasn't having it right at 11AM we, one more time and then I was out,of there I was out,it is amazing how quickly your dick will,just change your values,like the whole year I've had so much,anger towards anti-vaxx people and then,the minute one of them wants to me,I'm like well maybe it is a hoax I mean,look who,who really knows,now this is a tough pandemic it was but,I'm trying to be positive I'm a negative,guy I will say this this is the first,pandemic in the history of pandemics,that some people admitted enjoying,and that's progress,like no one in the 1500s was like you,know the robotic play,really gave me a chance,and just live in the moment yeah,things were going way too fast I could,never just catch a breath and then thank,God the Black Death came along,and I got to finally work on myself,I got to learn about me,if not for Ebola I would have never,learned ukulele so this was a blessing,in disguise,with,now it's been a hard pandemic it has,been hard it's been hard for me for two,main reasons number one I'm a huge,hypochondriac and the worst part about,being a hypochondriac during this,pandemic is here's this disease where,one of the symptoms,is not having symptoms,do you understand what that does to a,hypochondriac,you understand the level of mind,every day last year I was like hey I,feel pretty good what if it's covet,oh my God,I feel amazing am I about to die,there are no rules anymore,it didn't help that the media made you,try to go insane at all times seriously,the media sucks CNN and Fox News,can both suck my dick honestly they both,suck they both suck for different for,different reasons Fox News it's always,the same crazy it's always some,like hot blonde woman you kind of want,to hate and,maybe I'm projecting I don't know,and she's always saying something insane,she's just like new report says vaccines,may make you Jewish,before we get into that here's a video,of Nancy Pelosi falling down the stairs,and they just never go back to the,report,and just watch that video for like two,hours,foreign,but then you go on CNN and CNN there's,only some smug news reporter standing,over a woman in a hospital bed being,like we're here talking to some dumb, who didn't get vaccinated,how do you feel you,you're an idiot,how do you feel you didn't get,vaccinated and now you're dying you,stupid,she's just like no habla English,laughs,she said she feels like a real jackass,back to an even more smug news anchor,the media doesn't give a about her,mental health at all I saw a segment on,CNN last year where they're saying coven,numbers were rising and they were,playing suspenseful music,are you out of your mind,they're like coven numbers are on the,rush,you don't need suspenseful music when,we're the ones in the horror movie,the other problem with the pandemic is I,got vaccinated early but only because my,BMI is obese,anyone else have that Bittersweet,victory,none of you it's not that dark I can see,you all with some of you,I'm not blind I'll start pointing you,out,I'll start guessing your weight like I,work at a carnival,the BMI is can we agree on that,it's yes,I mean I know I'm chubby but I don't,think I was might not make it through,covered fat,I know I'm a little big I didn't think,I'm second in line after 85 year olds,and people with asthma I didn't realize,that was emergency level fat okay,I thoug

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Giants Wednesday Walkoffs with Jordan Raanan

Giants Wednesday Walkoffs with Jordan Raanan

wednesday's activities just wrapped here,at the quest diagnostics training center,was a busy day it was OC you mean Yura,day sent a one-day contract retired as a,giant we'll get to that in a second I'm,here to do the walk offs will do three,takeaways three biggest stars let's,start with walk off number one okay,pretty simple we'd be remiss if we,didn't start here oh so you mean you're,officially put an end to a successful,what 11-year career actually 12-year,career ten with the Giants actually only,nine seasons with the Giants cuz we,missed one because of injury but nine,successful seasons with the Giants 75,career sacks of tons of forced fumbles,you know you know the resume two Super,Bowls just a really special career for,hosting your manure he talked here,takeaway here is look this was a great,player a guy who had a specialized skill,that really helped and you know what it,reminds you how key he was to both those,Super Bowl teams so without that without,him and Tom Coughlin a minute this he's,not sure they would be able to,accomplish what they did accomplish,takeaway number two Odell Beckham spoke,today look it's the first time he spoke,since the giants played the Jaguars he,had his little running with Sergio Brown,Victor Cruz came out on Tuesday and said,hey they were targeting him they were,they were going after Odell Beckham,Beckham kind of agreed to that but he,said this is going to be a test of his,emotions all year this is something he's,going to have to learn to deal with and,that's very important moving forward in,order for him to be as successful as he,wants and as the Giants want he's going,to be able have to control his emotions,might be the key to his season and my,third takeaway of the day is hey look,the red flag is up as high as it could,go right now in that burr hey he wasn't,out there again because he aggravated,his calf injury he Ernie this is the,third time now he sat out in the spring,he missed the beginning of training he,came back early in training camp went,out again came back and now look he,barely lasts a day a full day of,practice again aggravates the cab you,have to wonder are the Giants going to,be able to get anything from that / hey,this season and you know what you have,to wonder is he even going to be on the,roster I know he was a,a draft pick last year but at this point,what do they do with him that's going to,be a big question moving forward and my,three top stars from the day number one,Prince Amukamara the cornerback coming,back from a strained groaning mr. couple,weeks then showed really good signs this,past week look good today's practice I,didn't see any pass is caught in his,direction a couple maybe underneath but,really he's looking much better he's,looking healthy that's a good sign for,the Giants number two Orleans Darkwa,caught the ball really well out of the,backfield continuing his excellent,training camp and number three Cooper,Taylor look another guy napper hayes,down they need Cooper tail to be healthy,he looked a little bit better today he's,been struggling with the toe injury I,saw him blow up one screen pass near the,near the line of scrimmage that's a,positive just the fact that he's moving,a little bit better that's a positive,especially for this very very thin,safety court that's it for today we'll,be back probably on sun saturday after,the preseason game against the New York,Jets because at training camp this was,the last full practice of the summer,they'll have a walkthrough on Thursday,but prepare for the game on Thursday,Friday game against the Jets big third,preseason game on Saturday we'll see you,then

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Episode 10. Jordan Raanan, New York Giants reporter for ESPN

Episode 10. Jordan Raanan, New York Giants reporter for ESPN

all right I want to welcome on our next,guest we've got Jordan Ronon ESPN Giants,reporter Jordan how's everything going,out it's kind of a crazy time going on,how you manage it,hey you know like everybody else we're,just staying home getting by and doing,what we can thinking our lucky stars,that we're healthy right I mean that's,in the big picture that that's what's,that's the important part here so yeah,it's a crowded house here is around on,now so you know there's there's two,little ones one is nine and one who's,nine months you know me and my wife and,both working so it's a it's a big,juggling act that's that's wild it must,be just kind of just different different,type of offseason there so yeah for sure,you know I was thinking about it the,difference between like the quarantine,for single people or people you know,just living by themselves and then like,people with kids and families two,completely different things you probably,have more free time than you know what,to do it you can go read you can pick up,new hobbies it's not so easy when you,have a family and you're all in one,house and you're all there all the time,yeah totally different quarantine for,people in different parts of their life,absolutely yeah and I know you're saying,you're kind of picking up some some,teaching hours in addition to your,full-time gig already so yeah that's,right I mean hey gotta go step in,someone's got to teach fractions and you,know long division and that kind of,stuff so it's my job that's awesome and,then flipping over to football so we're,about a couple of weeks removed from the,draft and Giants they heavily invested,in the offensive line do you think that,was by design or do you think they'll,just kind of had the picks played out no,I mean I was looking Riesling that I,think was yesterday and we rolled the,Giants money is invested right in,regards to their salary cap and just in,general and you look at it and they're,not invested pretty much any position,financially a lot except for the,offensive line and defensive line they,they're only in the top ten in any,position those the only two positions,are pretty much in the top ten I may be,running back there close so,there that's an organizational,philosophy Dave gentlemen that's who he,believes in Joe judge kind of aligns,with that well you got to be good up,front you got to be physical you gotta,be big and so that this is a thing this,is what the Giants been trying to do for,years I mean all these other teams we,have sees that they've basically taken,advantage of it they've gone into every,game against the Giants since probably,2012 saying we could take advantage of,their offensive line this is where this,is the match look we need to we need to,win right if we can go we can get to Eli,and we can hit the quarterback and team,some daughter very well for the last six,seven eight years now because they,really they haven't been able to get,their offensive line right so this is,Dave Dave gentleman's third year he,hasn't gotten right in his first two,years and he tried though he's,definitely tried yeah but then they,solder signing hadn't really worked,great Dan found the center he signed,Patrick omame who had a as his big free,agent signing his first year he had it,was cut before Eric flowers he tried to,move from the right type of he tried to,make something out of that rather than,cutting bait when he first came not a,good work so this is sort of his,last-ditch effort to we need to fix the,offensive line as he likes to say the,hog maws you know this is and so this,draft it was pretty clear that was focus,the Giants were making sure that they,should finally try and get this right,now we don't know if they did get it,right but they certainly invested in it,and Dave gentleman's fate now pretty,much lies in this offensive line and,their ability and even the defense fund,really and their ability to pretty much,dominate games because that's only where,the tanks are gonna win yeah I know last,year the offensive line was a little bit,of an issue I know Daniel Jones did,struggle a little bit with terms but,that could be attributed to not having a,proper pass protection but just glancing,over at the schedule II partially yeah,yeah glancing over the schedule you see,Pittsburgh Chicago San Fran in the first,three weeks they've got to be thinking,of lucky stars that they did invest in,the,supply yeah absolutely I mean as it,turns out the Giants have a tough,scheduling you name those three teams,name name him again,Pittsburgh Pittsburgh ah go yeah and,then San Francisco yeah all you consider,them all pretty good team so you think,there ought to be pretty good if you,think about it two of those three teams,I sure didn't even make the playoffs,right yeah they're the Bears and who's,the first one a Pittsburgh but now there,was reasons for but those two teams like,so the way the schedule worked out is,the Giants end up with a bunch of teams,that had down years last year but people,think ar

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