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Jon Rothstein is NOT a Robot - Explaining his Most Infamous TweetsI want to talk about a couple of t

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

Jon Rothstein is NOT a Robot - Explaining his Most Infamous Tweets

I want to talk about a couple of these,tweets and get some explanation for the,hits yeah so you have this as March that,one is taking on its own life,this is marches like well and then like,you know what have you do you have like,rights to that I don't have the rights,to yet we should do that we got it,actually just Eclair we got it maybe,down the road but nothing yet okay and,then you also have the spin-off this is,only November this is only December,right let you know that it's not March,correct right so you also are almost,trying to stay on branch yeah you're,like a calendar too like we know what,month it is if you follow and you know,we only sleep in maybe what about,tougher than a long weekend at your,in-laws for West Virginia basketball,okay here's the thing about West,Virginia is interesting I went to,practice a couple years ago you know,when obviously hugs was the coach and,it's three hours and it's all the three,hours yeah I was like sitting there and,it's like hand-to-hand combat there's,scrimmaging and they go through nine,possessions each for a team and they're,keeping score and it's two two two and,like I'm sitting there and I'm just like,this is like Russell Crowe in Gladiator,that was like what it was getting into,it I couldn't believe it so I was just,like you know I'm just sitting there and,practice hugs is walking around he's,going hard after I remember sue GABA,cannot they who you remember John Carter,was on the team up 15 years and I was,just kind of like this that's like like,this practice is like tougher than a,weekend at somebody's in-laws and I'm,not even married it's like wait a minute,for the first game for the first game,I'm gonna tweet it did you write it down,wrote it down in my notebook,and the best part is this year they were,struggling and when I tweeted it all the,West Virginia fans are like God how I,missed this tweet I don't want to take,it for granted anymore I like that I,like the fact that you're not even,married but you just know how tough we,have read stories I'm in single New York,for a long time now okay I've got I've,got one here that I actually have a bone,to pick with West Virginia is like a,fortune 500 company that's Villanova,Villanova is like a fortune 500 company,it runs itself do you know how fortune,500 companies work like with imported,directly I tweaked that I tweaked that,one and now it's just,Villanova basketball has become a,fortune 500 company and now it's just,Villanova basketball a fortune 500,company that was in the early stages,like I'm thinking like Topher Grace in,good come,remember that when they started horse,movie with Dennis Quaid you know poor,Scarlett Johansson before she became,Scarlett Johansson but that was more the,early stages so on and so how in the,last five years,recently I agreed to I was very,disappointed,Oh the original Creed's like you give me,from the 80s Aubrey - no I'm saying like,it's the rocky Jurassic world yeah I,read that you watch a part of rocky -,rock III or rocky 4 before every time,you go on the air is that still true,that was true I've been I've had to,decrease my rocky influence because my,girlfriend was in my apartment I had,this big plaque in my apartment of rocky,two three and four on one wall I kept,her single for this long and then on the,other side there's a picture of rocky,for as well I mean for a while you know,that you consumed your life do you guys,think over-the-top was underrated little,kid is such a so annoying,yeah but the world does mean nobody,halfway here we go right what about the,Avicii you home game more life-altering,than a 10-day trip to Europe so yeah,couple questions here one is have you,done a 10-day trips year I've never been,to Europe I've never been to Europe I've,never had a cup of coffee I've never,played governor okay so you've heard,that going to Europe for ten days story,I was back and forth with a girl for two,years and you know polar opposites,really nice girl or whatever but this,was like peak Chaka okay and like you,know we would get into arguments and so,she got you got to get more cultured,like you haven't you know even been to,Europe whatever I was like eh but you,even know homey but the seagulls this,was peak shock that this was treyvion,Graham Briante Weber like you want to do,push-ups on picket fences when I put the,press on and I with this was kind of my,subtle way after we broke up to kind of,like send you know a shot across the bow,like that now I really like every time,you put that out there I know that,somebody's just getting like,life twists have you ever explained,these cuz these are so great like these,make them so much better no but please,go on okay here's another one we've got,a few of these virginia basketball a,thing of beauty to 2014-15 season,kentucky starts out 38 no and people are,killing Virginia Virginia's the other,team remember until Justin Anderson,Gaylord people are saying well Virginia,could be Kentucky and I'm watching them,game after game only

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BREAKING: Jon Rothstein Is Finally Traveling To Europe

BREAKING: Jon Rothstein Is Finally Traveling To Europe

well there's a there's another piece of,big news that i feel like we should,address today just by the way the,universe works via happenstance,bar coastal closed down today yeah it's,it's a somber day it's a,it's a sad day my wife was there all day,paying homage and a pardon my take,sweatshirt love it and just you know it,kind of felt like honestly the last,episode of cheers from what i gathered,it's just like everything was shutting,down so many memories,so many good times you know that bar we,rented out the day after our wedding,which you know i invited you guys to you,had other yeah going on busy yes okay it,happens what do you think about maybe,the prospect of of buying the place,what if we just teamed up the three of,us yeah what would we name it big cats,no barclays i think we just keep it bar,coastal like you yeah you don't stray,away from what works right yeah fair,enough i mean if you guys want to put,down you know the down payment i'll get,to the rest later yeah you sent us a,picture of your wife in a pardon my take,sweatshirt this morning that's right you,texted us yeah she wanted to she said,just tell them that you know i'm,supporting the brand because you're,going on the show she was and um,she's nice congratulations she's an,attractive woman oh thank you i,appreciate that you know i mean yeah,with all due respect no i appreciate it,you know and she'll be the first to tell,you that you know she knows that she has,obviously you know her things that she,has stuff but i came up with a one-liner,on twitter for her too okay alana rose,credit and forget it,credit and forget it yeah what what does,that mean well i mean you know fair,enough everybody likes their nice things,but you know i just you know have to,teach her that sometimes there's,boundaries,but because of her who is you know my,best friend i love her to pieces she has,planned and you guys will be excited,about this a massive massive trip to,europe this summer wow i'm no longer,going to be able to go into places,socially like you know when i'm watching,the nfl because i only watch it socially,i'm no longer to be able to go in a,place and say you know i've never played,golf i've never had a glass of wine i've,never had a cup of coffee and i've never,been to europe because as of right now,we're going to europe in july okay so we,got to get to two of those things in a,second but give us the quick itinerary,where are you going in your quick,artillery well we have friends is there,anything like that,knowing you you're going to be like well,uh,you know coach cal's taking the team to,rome i thought about that yeah i know i,thought about that especially with the,time especially with the timing it's,like late july early august like i've,talked about that so,we have some friends who are getting,married like an hour outside of paris in,july okay so we're gonna go to paris for,a couple days and go to that wedding,then we've got a couple of stops in,italy which i'm really excited about for,the food yeah there's a restaurant that,we're gonna go to we're going to italy,we're going to rome portofino,and also the amalfi coast now there is a,restaurant in portofino pune p-u-n-y,it's a three-course restaurant and one,of the options is a,a pasta with lasagna sheets tomato sauce,and pesto denzel washington went to this,restaurant okay and had this pasta for,all three courses so when i heard that i,was like that's a bucket list thing i,have to go to this restaurant in,portofino and have all three all three,courses that pasta and then we're gonna,go to minkonos and santorini after that,wow you're not gonna switch it up though,in the in the courses like try maybe,something besides that potentially i i,know i haven't been there yet i'll text,you i just got i just got international,service actually on my cell phone for,the first time because you know me like,for a long time like canada was anything,north of the george washington bridge,yeah wait what if there's like a a,highly touted prospect yeah over there,well that's what that's why like i made,sure that i had international you know,service so that i could be you know on,my toes for this trip you're still gonna,be kinda working oh yeah i never shut it,off right never shut it off right never,shut it off even though we sleep in may,yeah i know i mean i say we sleep in may,but it doesn't mean you don't sleep with,your phone all right you see you're,lying to the people well i wouldn't say,i'm lying i would say like after a while,like you realize there's you can get a,little bit of a reprieve because i ever,said we sleep in april billy oh what are,you kidding me the national championship,games on april 4th but i have already do,have the skeleton ready for my first,rothstein 45 the next season oh okay so,you know we're going to amend it where's,wisconsin well it's you know what's the,next question oh no we're not in the we,weren't in jake's bracket so i love the,da i love the doubters and haters i,welcome them we've got

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Jon Rothstein Previews Rutgers Men's Basketball's 2022-23 Season

Jon Rothstein Previews Rutgers Men's Basketball's 2022-23 Season

Chris Corso of Rutgers men's basketball,here with the one and only John,Rothstein of CBS Sports John you're here,for year seven of coach pikel at Rutgers,basketball what are your expectations I,think the expectation now Chris for,Rutgers under Steve pikel is to be an,NCAA tournament team I look at the,returning Personnel more than anything,in college basketball Cliff Amore all,Big Ten First Team Caliber player one of,the great glue guys in college,basketball and Kayla McConnell and Paul,Mulcahy that is a Troika that should,have Rutgers in position to be in,position to get back to the NCAA,tournament he said Troika I love that,what are your expectations for Paul,Mulcahy so he's he's kind of the point,guard he's the leader of this team out,on the floor he led the big Tenon,assists last year so what are your,expectations for him to take on a bigger,role offensively with Geo Baker going I,think that's going to be the big thing,for Rutgers right now so much of the,offense went through Geo Baker and Ron,Harper Jr now mulcahey has to be ready,to get another round uh Caleb McConnell,big time player of the year on the,defensive side of the ball I think he's,going to do it again you missed them,okay he's got to be ready to go for,another round it sounds like you know,his name is like you know he has a pub,on the Upper East Side Caleb McConnell,to me you know is one of the great glue,guys in college basketball and I think,you know I remember back to the game,against Notre Dame in the NCAA,tournament last year we saw that he has,within himself the ability to be a very,good offensive player he like Como kehee,will also have to give Rutgers more,offensive this team is going to navigate,the Big Ten what about Cliff Amore I,mean he leads the nation in dunks,heading into the NCAA tournament last,year I think the guy from duke edged him,out a little bit but what do you expect,for the big man for Rutgers you know I,expect Cliff Amore to be in all Big Ten,First Team Caliber player this is a guy,who I think has the potential to average,17-18 points nine or ten rebounds he is,going to be one of a long line of Big,Ten big men that are going to be in the,Effie center of the sport Zach Edie is a,preseason All-American caliber player,there also Hunter Dickinson and Trace,Jackson Davis are in the mix as well as,guys who should enter next season as,first team all-americans so we are,seeing again in college basketball more,and more players be dominant in the,pivot I love it and I have to ask you,all I have you here pounding Nails Steve,pikel it's taken off people love it how,did that start and tell us a little bit,about you know what goes through your,mind when you say pounding Nails Steve,pipe well you can't force one-liners for,certain coaches for certain programs,they have to happen organically so I,just noticed during obviously the early,years of Coach pikel's regime that,Rutgers was gradually getting more and,more competitive in the Big Ten and then,we're having success in the Big Ten and,I was talking to somebody and I said how,you doing today and he said we're good,we're working we're pounding nails and I,just said to myself wait a minute there,might be something there lo and behold,the Tweet followed after the next,Rutgers win and the rest is history I,love it John well last thing you're at,practice here today you're seeing some,of the other players on on the roster,tell us about somebody who stands out,and you know maybe some of your,takeaways from practice today like the,ancillary pieces that we've seen today,in practice I think that Derek Simpson,The Talented freshman guard has great,potential like a cheetah in the open,court with his speed the watt mag is,somebody who I think has the ability to,be a defensive stopper in the Big Ten,he's the type of player if you go on the,road to Indiana he can guard Xavier,Johnson he's a player if you go on the,road in the big pen and you play,Michigan he can guard Jalen Llewellyn,who transfer from Princeton so I think,there's good pieces again to work work,with I think Andre Hyatt should have a,bigger role as well and Rutgers again in,position to be in position to make the,NCAA tournament for the third straight,year under Steve pikel that's right,third straight year that'd be the first,Rutgers team in school history to do,that so we're hoping that is the case,John thank you so much we look forward,to seeing your work all year all right,we got it we sleeping Mac

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Jon Rothstein is in Heaven aka the Indianapolis NCAA Bubble | Pardon My Take

Jon Rothstein is in Heaven aka the Indianapolis NCAA Bubble | Pardon My Take

did you want to did you want to say hi,to billy what's up billy,there we go nice oh you don't have,headphones on billy,i'm just gonna run to the bathroom,before we start wait are you joking,no do you want me to hold it no it's,just we're going around,hank hank has had to go diarrhea twice,during the show no no this is just,number one oh okay,all right it's a bathroom show it is,yeah,are we recording piss dogs so perfect,keep it in there oh man,do you got to go to the bathroom,can we the gang gets diarrhea this is,march,i dude my stomach is i mean all the talk,about,diarrhea kind of makes me think i might,have to do it myself i think it's just,placebo effect,my stomach is like a like,garbage dump,so it's used to this when hank has,diarrhea everybody gets it,i'm gonna how do you think rossi is,gonna get awkward when i tell him it was,a good stream,uh yeah okay we'll we'll give it a shot,we're recording this,yeah we might as well no i can't hear it,hey everyone everyone shh,are you flushed in your hand,all right hello did you just wipe your,hands with a pillow,no i just uh bring in a pillow in case,we need a prop oh okay um,that was a solid stream dude you sound,healthy,thanks bro uh thanks bro did you wash,your hands,watch my hands like tom jackson cat it,was like tom hanks in a league of their,own,that's kind of a beta move though to,wash your hands after you pee yeah sure,especially when you're in the bubble,yeah you can't go anywhere,you can't go anywhere no i i don't want,to obviously i don't want to peek too,soon but,we'll save it for all right okay here we,go we're going to we're going to run all,this,uh all right three two one here we go it,is,time our good good friend john rosting,one year ago probably today is or,tomorrow,you were in this studio the cancellation,of the ncaa tournament,you said to us this is only temporary,and boy was that true because now we're,sitting here john,with a bracket we're holding a bracket,we feel the bracket,it's the best time of the year i'm so,excited to see you,where do you want to start this is your,show guys i just want to say it's just,great to be here with you,on a tradition unlike any other our,selection sunday breakdown,where we get set to obviously embark on,an ncaa tournament,unlike anything we've ever seen before,you know i've been here in the,indianapolis controlled environment aka,the bubble since friday,the protocols are intense obviously,everything is,isolated you know and i'm really just,curious to take in this experience here,over the next couple of weeks which,again is going to be unlike anything,i've ever been a part of,do we have any new john rothsteinisms,that we're going to be debuting this,year that people want to know,because as you said it's a year unlike,any other,so i feel like there might be a couple,lines that you need to drop just to,to kind of let us know just how special,this year is going to be,yeah i've added a few this year which,you guys know i feel a little bit guilty,about the one-liner and tag,line that i kind of created for oklahoma,because ever since i started dropping,lancor leon,after oklahoma won games like they went,on this abysmal losing streak so like i,kind of feel like if i ever went to,norman i'd be viewed as like barzini,yeah yeah because it breaks my heart it,was you downhill,like because i was watching obviously,their game against alabama they're,short-handed they don't have obviously a,couple of starters,you know no brady manic no alandis,williams and then all of a sudden,like you know really they just really,start going on a downward trajectory so,i feel like there was a lot of the jinx,of lon corleone,yeah what about uh the jinx of greg,guard the silent assassin,has he well i think there's i think,there's other things that go into that,jinx but i will say that i,am interested to see the age and the,experience of wisconsin,against north carolina no john no john,they're not a good team this year,you can sometimes you have to just as a,fan you got to admit when,when you don't have a good team i'm not,excited for that game have you broken,down,wait give us a couple more rossianisms,that you've created this year,i mean there's so many i mean we have,illinois basketball here comes the pain,now you'll appreciate this,that originated because there's a couple,of days like you know like around the,holidays where there's not as many games,and you might like have an opportunity,to like be in a situation where you can,like watch a movie or you can just feel,like a regular civilian for a couple,hours,so you know i'm a big fan of like the,pacino movies so,one of the more underrated pacino movies,was always carlito's way,i always thought carlito brigante was,just a very very underrated you know,pacino character you know he's obviously,i'm not the biggest david kleinfeld fan,although he pm he could like like sean,penn in that movie kind of resembles,like pmt,a little bit just from what i've so far,so,you know in that movie if you re

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College Basketball Expert Jon Rothstein Answers Who the Best Coach Is; Coach K, Williams, or Izzo

College Basketball Expert Jon Rothstein Answers Who the Best Coach Is; Coach K, Williams, or Izzo

I've had this take kind of bubbling for,the last couple years I got laughed at,the first time I brought up if you can,believe that on this podcast laughed at,I think that Coach K is not as good a,head coach as Coach Williams is,interesting I think if you look at what,cotton I sweat laughing in your face you,know I know no because if you look at,what he's done Wow Coach K's tenure at,Duke Wow Roy Williams has been at UNC by,any measurement you can say that Roy,Williams has been more successful you,you want to hear what some something,amazing though and this is something,remember I was doing an interview with,coach Knight maybe it was maybe eight,years ago and he brought this up you,know we value so much when we're talking,sports or people in our society,obviously winning national championships,getting the final four is all that stuff,in a one game tournament like the NC,double-a tournament you know that's the,level of separation is so small it's not,a seven game series since 1984 and I,need to double check this but I'm pretty,sure I'm right since 84 okay Duke has,missed the NC double-a tournament one,time when Coach K was hurt that year,yeah oh yeah we what about what I'm,saying is and you know we'll,double-check that leave 84 is the year,like that's amazing yes that every year,they've been in the NCAA tournament,yeah that's amazing just the fact that,they've gotten to the tournament like,it's obviously amazing that they've won,five national championships and they're,going for a six this year but that's,just an unbelievable economy just where,I have three three five yes three now if,you think about it - there's a lot,there's when you were coached this long,and it is successful there's always what,ifs when it comes to Roy Williams what,if Wayne Simien didn't get hurt in 2003,when they played Syracuse now Jeff,graves the backup for who stepped in in,the starting lineup had a great game,against Syracuse that should also be,pointed out but if that Wayne Simien,injury doesn't happen you know something,could be different what are you looking,up right now just want to make sure that,84 was the first year there you go coach,back checking himself bones that's a,that's a movie yeah 84 1 1 1 minutes 84,all right so you said interesting 2pf,T's first hot take let's do his second,one that Tom Izzo's overrated Tom Izzo,is overrated,that's fifties other okay why do you,think he's overrated he just hasn't won,the big one,yeah but he's coasting he's coasting,well there's no way to like say that,without like no crosses overrated is,like saying like The Godfather epic is,overrated,I mean Godfather 3 is kind of trash and,that's the Godfather epic is not,including the Godfather 3 it's a,chronological breakdown of the,Godfather's 1 and 2 chronologically,because we have a obviously a prequel,kind of start of godfather 2 this is the,thing though I want to point out about,Tom Izzo yeah we have seen injuries,devastate certain programs a lot of,people were worried in 1415 or Wisconsin,alums when Trayvon Jackson went down now,you know Wisconsin wasn't gonna be the,same team think about this for a second,in 2010 Kalin Lucas went down with,injury,Michigan State still went to a Final,Four they lost to Butler in the national,semifinals last year,Josh Lankford the starting shooting,guard from Michigan State goes down with,injury his backup Kyle Lawrence goes,down with injury and Michigan State,still goes to the Final Four,hmm yeah can't be overrated that's,happening uh he's mean to his players,that we have Aaron Harry Henry thing,that was ridiculous but they're ranked,number one do you think that they're,gonna live up to that ranking because I,always feel like there's it this is a,different year where we don't have one,of those yes Kentucky or Dukes or,Wisconsin there's no but there's no,Decker Kaminsky team yeah but what I,really mean is like there's no it feels,like in the past few years it's been,either Kentucky dry maybe even Kansas,throw in there or UNC where it's like oh,they got four of the top you know ten,recruits they're not gonna lose well put,let's put it this way for a second you,look at obviously college basketball,across the board and you look at the,last couple of national champions the,one thing we've always looked at that's,been synonymous with all these champions,is they each had at least one maybe two,longtime pros Michigan State's the,consensus number one team in the country,you don't see a longtime pro in their,starting lineup I mean the Duke team in,2015,loaded with pros 2016 Villanova loaded,with pros Carolina and 17 Joel berry,Justin Jackson 18 Villanova loaded with,pros this past year Virginia Ty Jerome,Kyle guy,you don't see that on Michigan State and,they're number one I think we are going,to have breakthroughs this season I,think we are going to have an,unbelievable balance across the board I,mean think about this for a second last,year okay,we had an unbelievable season in the ACC,in the SEC 13 of the ACC's top

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CBS Sports' Jon Rothstein joins Tiki and Tierney

CBS Sports' Jon Rothstein joins Tiki and Tierney

here I mean they they didn't shoot well,offensively we said about Villanova is,god they're just gonna blitz you they're,gonna shoot sixty percent three-point,we're gonna do it from the field but,they didn't do that against Kansas it,was their defense that want me they are,they a viable candidate to win it all,well I think they definitely are because,they're showing right now that they can,win and skin a cat in different ways,they won without such shooting and skill,level obviously in the first three games,of the NC double-a tournament but then,against Kansas they showed they were,very comfortable winning in the mud,don't know it only shot 4 of 18 from,three against Kansas but the thing about,Villanova that nobody talks about is how,disruptive a team they are defensively,we saw it against Iowa we saw it really,against Kansas and you know it was a,blue-collar type win against the,Jayhawks but it was the polar opposite,of what we've seen from Villanova and,look there are a lot of questions during,the season about how good Villanova was,and I think looking back on it guys the,lost Essene hall in the Big East,tournament title game really helped,Villanova refocus you said that bigger,decision I really think that it's,something that you really have to keep,an eye on yes they only lost twice since,january twenty fourth one of those with,john just reference the other one was at,the center center against the top five,xavier team they lost by about eight or,nine points whatever was listen like I,said just for the context about the,statement even though I obviously was,all for that Vilanova my point was when,they got named number one and they were,on the road and they played st. John's,down in Philly their first home game as,number one i said if this is the best,team of the country then the troops bed,right and i really believe that and you,know i love j you know i love villa de I,respect them I just looked around and I,said man there's no pros maybe with the,exception of heart maybe bronson we'll,see who knows anyway though Joey's a,ways well there's no doubt yeah but,there's so mature I'm oh chef was a,senior Archie diagnosis senior horse,been around for a while there Jenkins as,a junior and the one freshman we,mentioned Brunson his dad play in the,NBA so affected by the stage I think,they're gonna beat Oklahoma I think that,their quickness on the perimeter you,tell me if I'm wrong will enable them to,to flash doubles it buddy and then,retreat and not get burned by other guys,with open freeze the thing is this we've,seen villain,for all intents and purposes disrupt,teams you know with their pressure,Oklahoma has not two but three guards in,that back court and they beat West,Virginia two out of three times this,year was that were able to handle the,press so I actually think that Oklahoma,because of their quality players on the,perimeter is going to be less affected,by Villanova's pressure compared to the,other teams that they have played and,I'm not going to say that Villanova,isn't gonna be able to cause issues in,other ways but who asked me right now,there's a horse to bet on that game I,would bet on the soon why is buddy hield,so good I mean we the way he gets,separation it looks like he's pushing,off but he's not pushing off yet,separation on his shot seems like it,better than anybody else she shot is an,open shot he was contested it feel like,it's open cuz he's that good at getting,separation ok tiik I was gonna head cuz,it look we told the story how he tried,to decided to come out last year got,told his grade wasn't that high,second-round pick so he comes back how,do you improve that much in a year you,know what I mean where he's he's Jim,Randy and you know here's one thing,about Oklahoma simple here's one thing,about Oklahoma's nucleus here's one,thing about Oklahoma's nucleus that I,think you have to look at for all,intents and purposes you know the core,four of this team woodard cousins he'll,Spangler this is a third NCAA tournament,together usually especially now in,college basketball you see these teams,that are together for a couple of years,okay somebody leaves somebody goes to,the NBA this is the third time they've,been in the NC double-a tournament so,the nucleus of this team is very tight,well and to follow that up here take the,question that you just pose because you,throw to me earlier in the show and it's,a good one you know how does somebody,take that leap forward I would make it,more specific because that we've seen,this from freshman to sophomore year,yeah with others we've seen this from,sophomore too it's very rare when you,see it like this from junior to senior,year what John you'll know the name is,it what's the kid who played for Notre,Dame in the mid-2000s was first-team,all-big East not to put you on the spot,as much that but I figured you know this,i just kind of forgetting the name he,was really good for a senior year became,a berm itís knows it wasn't a white kid,the dad no Timmy's a ba

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College Basketball Analyst Jon Rothstein On Why March Madness Was Canceled

College Basketball Analyst Jon Rothstein On Why March Madness Was Canceled

was there any feeling though with the,people in the room that making a,decision definitive like this in these,24 hours might have been a little rash,just because like hey why don't we wait,let's see how this progresses and then,figure out or was it they had to make a,decision feeling that I got was once we,saw all the major conferences and all,the mid major conferences that had yet,to decide a bid cancel their conference,tournament the n-c-double-a had to come,out and say something I don't know if it,was gonna happen,buy-in the business on Thursday but I,thought by Friday we would have a firm,decision whether or not the n-c-double-a,tournament was going to be played and I,think once we saw that avalanche of news,with all these conference tournaments,being canceled we needed a decision,either way if the tournament was gonna,go on so why why not the possibility to,delay for two weeks or to say hey we'll,play the tournament you know late April,or early May is that just logistically,impossible given schools and students,you know PFT one thing we got to,remember the NC double-a tournament is,planned out years in advance and one,thing that started to happen last night,was the NC double-a from talking to,numerous people close to the situation,was looking at switching venues for both,the Elite Eight in the Final Four,because they weren't going to have crowd,so that's what they were working on,yesterday so when you think about all,the logistical things it has to take,place another thing that the take place,was you guys know how the rules work the,automatic qualifier from each conference,is the winner of the conference,tournament right NC double-a would have,had to make an addendum to that rule of,conference tournaments weren't played,they would have had to alter,pre-existing rules so there were so many,different variables but the most,important thing was the health of,everybody involved and that's spreading,this virus right now which is really,taken over our country is there any,backsies,can we do any backsies on this could,they wake up in two weeks and be like,hey I thought about it I don't know I'm,already in my head preparing for the,2020 21 season I love that okay it's,only been like two hours and you're,already thinking ahead alright so what,are they gonna do with eligibility again,a wise man once told me a long time ago,never to speculate on speculation so I'm,not going to speculate on speculation I,could see obviously certain,circumstances where there are exceptions,made and so on and so forth but in,I head right now to the 1920 season,happy trails to you until we meet again,god help you turn the pages quickly I'm,sitting like they're gonna wake up in ya,in two days turn the machines back,because you can't control what happens,to you in life you can control how you,respond Wow you have to learn at some,point to compartmentalize and say you,know what it makes zero sense whatsoever,to be worried or be concerned with,things that you can't control we can't,control this so we will look forward to,2021,that's what pep Hamilton tabhi there are,two things you can control your attitude,and your effort that you put in whatever,you doing what's the opening game for,2021 I haven't gotten there yet,oh very interesting so I would assume,the champions classic Tuesday night yeah,this is a million percent gonna be,speculating on speculation but we do,have to crown an NC Double A champion,Yahweh so does that go to Kansas,argument that was constant I think we're,gonna be a champion,what are they were gonna see an asterisk,there for 2020 there will be an answer a,season cancel UVA is it still UVA get to,be the man you gotta beat the man yeah,let's just pretend that it's happening,let's talk some like let's talk who you,like hey who won hey yes so Dayton one,seed coming out of the East what do you,think,look Dayton for me Dayton to me was,going to be the 1 seed in the East,Dayton to me you know was having the,type of season that Wichita State had in,1314 before they got picked off by,Kentucky in the round of 32 but you know,these right now are all stories that are,never going to be who's the one like,blueblood program that has,underperformed this year but still has,the horses,where you can see them making a deep run,in the tournament that is,underperforming this year I thought if,Duke got the right matchup and well they,actually they took himself they took,themselves out before the tournament so,I'm ok said oh my back I'm not playing,what I'm saying though is it I thought,all season long that if Duke could have,house somehow found its way into the,East region and played games across the,street at the garden which is Cameron,Indoor Stadium north,we would have seen Duke you know in the,potentially the final four because if a,Dayton er San Diego State got the one,seed in the East then Duke I thought,would have been waiting on the other,side of the bracket to play a pseudo,home game to go to the final how do you,beat Kansas what's th

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Jon Rothstein in studio with Tiki and Tierney

Jon Rothstein in studio with Tiki and Tierney

Johnny boy how are you today man,absolutely great guys happy holidays,today with ya all right good to have you,let's do this here John rather than,regurgitate as we kind of hit some of,the the obvious stuff whether it's a,Monmouth or Tulsa or the whole Kentucky,am thing or Syracuse give us something,in your opinion that is a little less,obvious but maybe as egregious where you,just said me that that's that's not,right with with seating or no mission or,anything Arizona was a sixth seed in,what I'm calling the region of death,which is the south region right now,because any region that has Arizona's,the sixth seed is going to be absolutely,brutal I think that was one thing you,had to look at obviously and i think you,know when you think about the fact that,arizona was one free throw away from,beating oregon in the pac-12 tournament,semifinals last week in Las Vegas and,the fact that Oregon's are one in,Arizona is a six that shows you how,meaningless seeds are in this NC,double-a tournament if there's one thing,you have to prepare yourself for the,next couple weeks it's anarchy yeah you,know it's funny you say that because,that's kind of what I said I'll the anti,chakra out you can't you can't just,assume if you don't know what's going on,that all this team is ranked 15 and this,one is ranked whatever and they're gonna,their own man you're gonna lose is that,unique to this year or is it you know,what I me because it felt like this all,basketball college basketball season,long well I think she set teach the,things you need to look at when you,evaluate the region's and this is what I,did last night when we were on the air,you know every region has its own,identity I just highlighted the region,of death you look at the West region,it's the region of mystery and parity,has been the one word that has been,synonymous with this college basketball,season and that has allowed programs,that aren't blue bloods a chance to take,a seat at the main table yeah Oregon's,the one in the West Oklahoma's the to,Texas A&M is the three Duke is the four,but this isn't vintage Duke and Baylor,is the five the West region the region,of mr. comes with nicknames this guy we,gotta change we get this for Texas and,Texas A&M to play which will be great,for the state of Texas I'll go back to,what you said about Arizona because I,know you're real tight with Calipari,speak to him a lot during the season go,visit Kentucky during the off-season you,don't Cal forever dino you heard what he,said about the seedings house doesn't,necessarily affect the team,that's miss seated but it really could,have a you know a residual effect on,those in the bracket or in the region,and I think a good example that is Miami,can to get penalized here if Arizona,wins which they probably will and Miami,wins by the fact that Arizona's miss,seated right I agree with you Miami's,gotta play our zone in round two well,and this stuff this is one thing I think,we need to look at and I learned this,because i was fortunate enough to sit in,on a mock selection of the bracket in,Indianapolis you went to that I went to,that this year and if anybody who's that,day we talked about it yeah it's one of,the more fascinating things I've ever,been a part of in my life and here's the,thing one game at the end of the season,does not make or break your seed line it,is your total body of work and your,total body of work usurps your,conference record now think about this,Clemson and Virginia Tech had bitter ACC,records than Syracuse and pit but the,body of work as evaluated by the,selection committee for Syracuse and,Pitt Trump that of Clemson and Virginia,Tech so Brandon to be honest with you,conference tournaments to people from,the periphery are something of a,springboard because that is when the,nation really turns to college,basketball but for the people in that,room it's a neutral court game and,that's it yeah do you think you think,that process needs to be changed,overhauled a little bit you know I think,college basketball is a sport that is,based on unpredictability very rarely do,have a year like last season where we,went to the NC double-a tournament and,we knew we had Kentucky Duke and,Wisconsin that is very very rare but I,think the thing that's really reiterated,by you know the parody that we've seen,is what we've seen at the mid-major,level I think the mid-major level in,conference tournaments reiterates the,parity because parody isn't just really,held to the power 5 level in the Big,East in the Atlantic 10 how many one,sees in mid major conference tournament,we see go out I've got a funny story,last week I'm talking to a conference,USA head coach and I'm trying to get my,nuggets ready for this week I'm trying,to get stuff in the arsenal I'm trying,to be a canteen in the desert so I,always ask we get the point you trust me,UAB could go to the sweet 16 for hours,later lost the Western Kentucky who was,a 500 team that encapsulate the sport in,a nutshell all right Jon Rothstein i

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