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Jon Heyman on Correa's reported deal with Twinsa lot more Atlanta Alana in a sec here's,heyman's twe

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

Jon Heyman on Correa's reported deal with Twins

a lot more Atlanta Alana in a sec here's,heyman's tweets the first of course the,major part of Korea's physical is,complete the ankle of course so he's,going to go back to Minnesota the Mets,wanting to guarantee six years 157.5,million dollars but the final six,conditionally guaranteed Correa makes 42,and a half million more with the twins,so he gets a two in a minute and that's,all I care about I'm not interested,invested options how many get Patsy,needs for a seventh guaranteed year that,stuff is very overrated very overrated,it's guaranteed money that's what you're,looking for and he got 200 million,dollars guaranteed for Minnesota he was,offered around 160 157 and a half to be,exact from the match so we got 42,million dollars to go to Minnesota for,the next six years so that uh you know,that's roughly what about six extra,million a year it's seven million extra,a year now listen that's easy that's,easy to sneeze in but he's made a,fortune anyway and again my argument,simply is this if you want to win if you,and a Giants were going to win in a,12-year period the Giant's going to win,again they won three championships this,is a good franchise two years ago they,won 107 games I mean the Giants are,going to win again sometime in the next,12 years are they going to have some a,solid chance to win you never can,predict it entirely but they're going to,be in post-season play in the next,decade next decade which is the length,of the contract the Mets obviously are,going to probably have a chance to win,every single year Minnesota's not,Minnesota is not I mean I just looked at,the Minnesota lineup I'm waiting for,Johnny we'll get we'll get him out in a,minute I mean Sonny Gray Joe Ryan Joe,Ryan Kenta Maeda Bailey Ober with Nick,Gordon Christian Vasquez Joey gallo and,Jose Milana that's not a championship,level team let's be fair,here's John he has all the details and,he says hello Mr Heyman it's nice to,have you with us here obviously the the,Mets got very careful with those back,end of the six years so Carlos back to,Minnesota for about 42 million dollars,total more let me get your take on the,whole scenario here in the last 24 hours,go ahead yeah the Mets wanted to,mitigate the risk they felt there was a,risk I and it's very difficult to gauge,to pinpoint exactly when that risk will,come into play uh Carlos had the injury,in 2014 hasn't received any treatment,nor has he been on the injured list for,that injury uh since 2014 when he was in,the minors but two doctors did flag it,and certainly the Mets were cautious,about it they wanted to mitigate the,risk and over the first six years which,are the guaranteed years the twins did,offer 42.5 million dollars more the Mets,were being careful they also my,understanding is the Mets also wanted to,give Carlos a physical every year of the,contract as well,well the Giants also negated this too so,that's two franchises to be fair that,had issues with his physical Thoughts,with that go ahead let me hear oh yeah I,mean that's that's fair,um you know of course if the first one,maybe the second one's going to look at,it closely and not take chances but I,mean it's pretty clear the Mets are a,team that's in it to win it and uh,they're already got a record payroll of,over 350 million dollars even without,Carlos Correa so their emphasis is on,winning so they must have felt that,there was some risk that they felt they,needed to mitigate and the idea was to,split the difference to given six fully,guaranteed years which is what he ends,up getting with the twins plus the four,vesting years six guaranteed years with,the Mets and then six maybe you call,them conditional guaranteed years uh,additionally but it's all in the it's,all in the details it's all about the,language what exactly how many games,would he have to play would he have to,be in the field does it just play to,appearances what's considered injured,what's considered healthy and they went,over this for more than two weeks as we,know and there's a lot of twists and,turns and certainly both sides wanted to,make this happen and they just could not,Bridge the difference,well John here's the thing that I'd ask,and I understand 40 man it's easy for me,to sniff at it 40 Millions 40 million,you know I get it it's guaranteed we,gotta that over six years that's you,know six and a half million dollars more,a year but he's never winning with,Minnesota they're not winning a,championship I'm sorry they're not,they're never a long time Chris,well never is a long time,not this year I agree I think their team,is solid this year I think they're,certainly much improved with Carlos but,uh yeah they would they would certainly,not be among the favorites to win the,Championships in 2023 I would agree with,you,never alone,but again Minnesota hasn't done anything,uh as far as Championship baseball since,1991 that's 31 years and you know with,the Yankees and with Houston and then,the Braves and you know the Dodgers and,the Mets I mean to win a cha

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Jon Heyman Screws Up Judge Report on Twitter

Jon Heyman Screws Up Judge Report on Twitter

I just don't think it's as simple as,I've replaced those guys all right we,have the judge announcement it is,official John heyman's reporting and I,trust him and uh hold on hold on yeah,can I get a drum roll please we have the,judge news ladies and gentlemen we have,the judge it's the real John Heyman we,have it he's the first to break it at,least the first one I've seen really I,have the news wait a minute I need a,drum roll please,I want a drummer oh my God give the man,ladies and gentlemen we have breaking,news I I tried in the kindest way I,could to be honest to see if John Heyman,wait hold on a second Jesus I gotta,answer your question oh my God are you,gonna give the dream any credit does the,dream get any credit can I first say,what happened I'm not mistaken,it's the dream predates,report Aaron judge is leaving the,Yankees to sign with the Giants,that is the news I feel bad being the,one to tell anybody that I know there,were a lot of Yankee fans hopeful it is,I remained hopeful but I also warned you,that if it happened today for symbolic,reasons he was gone today's the 30th,anniversary of Barry Bonds deciding to,leave the Pirates to go to the Giants it,is a nine-year 360 million dollar deal,and it's a done deal and I feel bad,about it so WoW instead of you taking,credit instead of me saying I feel bad,Big Mac the floor is yours hold on,before you get Big Mac the floor why do,you need credit,one second,you about the Epiphany you're right fine,congratulations now Die Hard Yankee fan,Big Mac go ahead go ahead,wait a second I've got good news John,Heyman tweeted arson JoJo appears headed,to the Giants I'm sorry so if he didn't,write Aaron arson may be like his cousin,come on what are we doing that's what,John Heyman tweeted well listen I'm,gonna hang on to what Andy Martino has,to say because if there's one man we can,trust that's Andy Martino,as of 522 yeah the Yankees have not been,told they are out on Aaron judge yeah,but hold on you just told me that John,Heyman reported it's over John Heyman,tweeted arson judge is headed to the,Giants,John has now tweeted Aaron judge yeah,appears headed to Giants appears appears,so should we walk it back because of,appears arson he's saying appears yeah,I'm sure the next tweet is Aaron judge,is going to the Giants but right as of,right now it's not official,platform on the show is it because he,destroyed Jacob DeGraw no he doesn't get,a platform he decided to just go on,write articles killing the guy uh listen,he's decided he made a deal with the,devil all right the job of the post,that's it so In fairness I mean hear,your opinion then Chris yeah until,someone else reports it you won't,believe it no no I believe it so you,believe Aaron judge is a giant yeah and,you Big Mac are not buying it even,though I'm not saying I'm not buying it,I'm just saying that it's not official,yet,John Heyman saying Aaron judge appears,headed to the Giants is not the same as,Aaron judges going to the Giants I'm I'm,you know I'm sure it's the next tweet I,have no doubt but it's not done yet so,we need my moment okay give me a minute,all right fine no moment for Big Mac he,still hasn't accepted that John Heyman,knows what he's talking about he said,appears,things appear different all the time we,have side mirrors that warn us that what,this series is different than you yeah,well you've got to find a way to get a,retraction in the next six hours it's,gonna have it ration because if Aaron,judge makes this a decision today I'm,telling you he's gotta I understand,there's a symbolism tell me I I don't,know what you want me to tell you excuse,me I don't even know what the hell I'm,saying I don't care wow wow,I'm really dejected man I cannot believe,you but you so you do believe it I mean,I feel like it's gonna happen but it's,not happened yet that's all,is that not fair,is a contract we haven't got anything,else,yeah that was the I mean that's just the,deal that was on Twitter I don't know,there's no nine nine years three sixties,reported offer,yeah all I know is John Heyman is the,only Bay and this could give you some,hope that's what I'm saying only,baseball reporter that is saying arson,and now Aaron judge,the conflicting uh you know story out,there that the Yankees haven't been told,well that doesn't mean it no it doesn't,mean anything you don't have to tell the,Yankees that doesn't mean anything but,like why am I saying,they don't have to tell the answer,before the Mets told about the Glock the,Yankees are going to find out like we're,finding out you don't call him up and,say by the way I'm just saying The,Classy you do but maybe Aaron judge,doesn't give it to him I don't know I'm,just saying John heyman's the only one,who has anything,and the Yankees are saying we're not out,of it where did they say that they told,they told Martino yes they did you think,the New York Yankees called up Annie,Martino no he called up them and they,said we're not out they said we haven't,been told they're ou

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Why did the Mets deal with Carlos Correa fall apart? | New York Post Sports

Why did the Mets deal with Carlos Correa fall apart? | New York Post Sports

yeah well he did agree to sign with the,Mets at 315 million for 12 years on,December 21st and I talked to Steve Cohn,at that moment in the wee hours of that,day and he was very very excited uh,unfortunately uh something was flagged,in his physical it was an issue with his,ankle you know he hasn't really had any,ankle injuries in the majors but in 2014,he had ankle surgery following an,incident on the field and uh apparently,something shows up in the MRI happened,with the Giants happened with the Mets,and they tried to work it out,figure out some language that would,protect the team uh maybe mitigate their,risk a bit in case it cropped up again,later in the contract I think the Mets,were fairly comfortable those first,several years but it was a long deal,obviously 12-year deal and you know the,Mets ultimately offered a six-year,guarantee for half that money 157.5,million and then then some ways to get,some of that money back in the next six,years but uh he got 42.5 million more,guaranteed with the twins the mid-market,team and uh he liked that deal better so,uh you know I don't think we should be,shocked at this moment that uh he went,to the twins for a better deal,well I'll say I talked to a few Mets,people today who are a little bit sad,about the situation not a great day in,Mets land I think uh most of the people,wanted Carlos Correa on the team he's a,star player he's got 18 career,postseason Homer's terrific Defender was,willing to go to third base and was,happy to have a chance to go to New York,so I think they were enthused about the,deal it was just a matter of the lawyers,probably being a little bit risk averse,and not wanting to take the chance it,certainly was a lot of money a lot more,money for the bets than it was actually,going to Korea because they're the 90,tax bracket so instead of 25 million a,year would have been 47 million dollars,a year so I think at that point the,lawyers wanted to be very careful with,it I mean we'll see it's going to be,hard to judge whether they were too,careful or not that it's got Boris the,agent had worked out several deals,previously with other teams with uh,would say failures in the physical or at,least if something flagged in the,physical and he was able to work it out,with language that was to protect the,team in all of those cases at least JD,Drew JD Martinez Maggie Ordonez and,Pudge Rodriguez the players never got,hurt during the term at least didn't,suffer those injuries that were the,concern and uh the two Detroit players,went up went on to make the World Series,and then two Boston players Martinez and,Drew ended up winning the World Series,with the Red Sox so in those cases it,they did get the deals done with with,the language that was satisfying to both,sides and it worked out here they could,not bridge the gap and there wasn't,significant enough Gap where you can see,why Correa went back to the twins,getting 42 and a half more million,dollars think about the fact he had a,deal for 350 million they need a deal,for 315 million is he really gonna be,anxious to go down to 157.5 million at,that point he did go down to 200 million,um you know I get it from the med,standpoint they they have the concern,about the luxury tax acts although,they're way over it and Steve Kong seems,to be okay with it uh it it makes them,want to not have such a high AV annual,salary as the twins had 33 million the,Mets wanted to be somewhere in the 25 to,26 million dollar range to keep that tax,down made it a little bit difficult for,them that could be I mean they certainly,can look at the MRI just like all the,other doctors and they have the Mayo,Clinic there so they have very good,doctors,maybe they feel a little more confident,after looking at the MRI maybe it's that,they had them and they saw him perform I,did not miss time as I said due to the,ankle uh they loved him very much and,possibly it's because it's hard to,attract Superstar players to go to,Minnesota maybe they feel they need to,take a little bit more of a risk than,let's say the Mets where the Mets can,get those star players they certainly,have the money to do it but New York,seems to be an attraction everybody,seemed to want to be in New York this,year with Aaron judge Rodan a lot of,players wanted to come to New York and,uh there were only a few I've been,attendee didn't want to go to New York,but uh seems like New York is kind of,the place to be and it's probably,difficult to get the top player to go to,Minnesota and maybe they were willing to,do a little bit more of a risk for that,reason

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Trevor Bauer's Rumored Contract Demands, His Twitter Feud With Jon Heyman, & Where He Could End Up!

Trevor Bauer's Rumored Contract Demands, His Twitter Feud With Jon Heyman, & Where He Could End Up!

what's going on,dodgers nation doug mccain here you can,follow me on twitter and instagram,at dmac underscore la if you haven't yet,be sure to subscribe to the dodgers,nation youtube channel,for all latest dodgers news rumors hype,videos interviews podcasts you're gonna,find it right here so be sure to hit,that subscribe button,hit that notification button and i want,all your takes down below in the comment,section,give me all your takes on trevor bauer,down below in the comments section,and for all the latest dodgers news head,over to,so trevor bauer the man of the bower the,most talked about free agent,in all of major league baseball this,offseason you know how he likes to use,social media from twitter to his youtube,channel momentum,he knows how to create a buzz he knows,how to stir up the pot well today got,into a little bit of a twitter war,with mlb insider john heyman and you,know i'm all here for it he's over here,okay so it all started when john heyman,tweeted interested teams suggest trevor,bauer seeks a five or six year deal for,36 million to 40 million,about 200 million bauer is coming off a,brilliant cy young season,but the star market is slow the record,aav is 36 million by bauer's ucla,teammate garrett cole,agent rachel luba declines comment on,talks and then of course trevor bauer he,responded with a little quote tweet,action,he says john thank god for you i'm,learning so much about my free agency,from your tweets,keep them coming also at agent rachel,luba is her twitter tag,in case you want to tag her next time,but bauer wasn't done yet he would go on,to tweet,also if you're going to go out of your,way to report that someone declines to,comment,you might want to make sure it's,actually true it's not don't you have to,actually talk to someone for them to,decline,wouldn't want to be fake news now would,we johnny boy and then john heyman,responded to someone on twitter saying,she did actually text back to the client,comment and then here's trevor bauer's,agent rachel luba,at agent rachel luba replying to john,hayman she tweets,i've been traveling all day and haven't,opened your texts recontract lengths and,dollar amounts,if you're referring to prior,conversations we've had when i declined,to comment i feel as disingenuous to,tweet this,without giving me a chance to respond,your text this evening,okay so a nice little twitter sparring,match there between trevor bauer his,agent,and mlb insider john heyman but the most,important bit of information in that,exchange,was john heyman's tweet where he,reported that trevor bauer is looking,for a five to six year deal,worth 36 to 40 million dollars per,season now that's the case with trevor,bauer,you can eliminate the dodgers as a,potential suitor for his services they,will not consider,signing him to a five or six years deal,worth upwards of 200 million dollars,total,that's not gonna happen here's andrew,freeman right now leaving the trevor,bauer talks,so i ran to the end of the road and when,i got there,and this is no knock on trevor bauer,look the league could use,more guys like him the way he embraces,social media he's got his youtube,channel momentum he builds a lot of,interest,in this game and helps build a buzz for,it in an outstanding,2020 season where he won the cy young,award he posted a 173 era,a 288 fib a 276 era plus,a 795 whip 12.3 strikeouts per nine,that was good for third all a major,league baseball and credit to trevor,bauer he had a really rocky,2019 season and he bounced back in a big,way,made 12 starts but six of those 12,starts were again some of the worst,offensive teams in baseball,the brewers pirates and the cubs he,feasted on bad competition,now it does help him that he finished,really strong that 12 punch-out game,against the atlanta braves that really,comes to mind when you think of trevor,bauer,in 2020 and i like trevor bauer i like,him as an elite,number two starter i don't see him as a,number one starter on a world series,championship team i know he's got the,elite spin rate i know there's some,advanced peripherals that favor him but,the reality is,he has two elite seasons in nine years,he only has two seasons where he's,posted his sub three era,the rest of them it's been up and down,for trevor bauer and i just wouldn't,feel comfortable backing up the brinks,truck,for a player that hasn't been,consistently great for long enough,to get that kind of contract and if,you're trevor bauer you couldn't have,dreamed,of a better platform season you win the,era title you win the cy young award,and i hear everyone out there oh you got,to bring in the scion award winner but,to me,look jacob degrom would have gotten the,three-peat had he not had that neck,injury,that hamstring injury he was on pace to,win another cy young award and if we're,talking 162,games he gets his 30 plus starts you,know jacob the grom,is by far the best pitcher in baseball,and would have won that sion award but,trevor bauer,gave him all the cred

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Jon Heyman: It was "an error to go that quickly" with Judge news

Jon Heyman: It was "an error to go that quickly" with Judge news

running the show,Odyssey MLB Insider John Heyman Insider,calls presented by bet qwell get access,to Data Insights sportsbooks don't want,you to see bet smarter beat the books,download betql app visit,today John is also the host of The,Odyssey original podcast Big Time,baseball and John let's be honest some,big time thumbs might have gotten you in,a little hot water out here in the Bay,Area you're toying with some emotions,thank you for joining us from the winter,meetings John first of all tell us about,the splits for arson judge and does,Farhan want to platoon Aaron judge with,arson judge,that's good you're funny good well I,like that so obviously you uh got a,little birdie in your ear telling you,something you were very excited to get,it out not even a few minutes later,you're retracting it can you just take,us through what went on I heard that he,was going to the Giants from a couple of,people so I thought it was good enough,uh you know uh since then the Giants,have said they haven't heard the Yankees,have said they haven't heard so I mean I,think they would know before me uh if,there's anything definitive,um you know at this point I could just,say the tea leaves look a lot more,positive than they did before for the,Giants but I I at this point I do not I,would not report that obviously because,I retracted it so it was an error to go,that quickly with it I don't know if,you'll be willing to tell me this or not,was it the San Francisco Giants who told,you that you don't have the right,information at this time because if it,did that would mean maybe the Giants are,a little bit more concerned about this,than,I mean the Giants might know something,no I I don't want to guess that who's,concerned for what reason or whatever,but you can see whatever my tweet said,was is what I what I'm sticking with now,the apology so,um you know at this point uh the teams,have said both teams have said that,they're they have not heard so,um you know I went too quickly with it,was premature but it doesn't I would say,at this point the tea leaves are looking,better for the Giants than they had been,but that's not,he's going I mean I did say appears,giving myself a little room but you know,you're right about the emotions people,get emotional and certainly every other,time I've set up beers it's happened so,uh I get it,do you have a sense,on timeline and by that I mean is this,about to you know get done or does the,fact that the Padres didn't get to spend,340 million dollars on Trey Turner,suddenly make them a player or the fact,that Turner left the Dodgers and,Bellinger left the Dodgers make the,Dodgers a player is it more complicated,now or is it still down to the two teams,you know I I thought it's basically,between the two teams uh I think the,Dodgers have checked in and made efforts,and I don't think it's too likely that's,the way it looks for the Dodgers but I'm,not ruling anybody out at this point,because you never know uh what might,happen John Heyman joining us from the,winter meetings again the news that did,come out today is a Cody Bellinger to,signed a one-year 17 and a half million,dollar deal with the Cubs,um you know it are you surprised that,he's betting on himself with just a,one-year deal,no that's that was clear that's what he,wanted to do is BET on himself and he,figures he's going to regain his form,and and then get a big free agent deal a,year from now uh makes sense uh off the,year that he had he wasn't going to get,any kind of a contract like he had been,envisioning in 2018 and 2019 when he was,a star so I I get it I he is betting on,himself and he's going to regain form I,think he felt you know remember in the,in the I believe it was the World Series,where he was injured with the high five,and that he had shoulder surgery and you,know perhaps he really wasn't quite,recovered so uh you know I gave guys,credit who bet on themselves,um was was there a signing that's,happened so far,that has caught Everybody by surprise uh,could it have been the degrom deal,that was an interesting one I I mean Zac,eflin believe it or not for 40 million,seemed rather High to a lot of us uh the,pitching Market has gone crazy uh,they're they're they're all getting more,than we expected so but the Grom to me,uh five years I I did not expect that,he's obviously an incredible Talent so,you know I get it in a sense because you,know even if he pitches half the games,they're going to be very well pitched,games so uh you know at least at least,you're getting a superstar there when he,pitches uh some of these deals 10,million dollars for guys with 13 Innings,things like that uh you know I have to,question it John Heyman from the winter,meetings here we're waiting on news from,Aaron judge which John says is between,pretty much the Giants and the Yankees,so,is there a a last minute negotiation is,there you know sort of a,you know here's the offer pinstripe so,you're gonna better that or not do you,think judge takes an offer bac

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Jon Heyman and the Tweet Heard Round the World | Winter Meetings Day 3

Jon Heyman and the Tweet Heard Round the World | Winter Meetings Day 3

holy Santa Claus Merry Christmas filthy,animal it is day three of the winter,meetings and I am live with Patrick,Hennessey to talk about John Heyman and,the downfall of Western journalism we,all had a heart attack we thought judge,had left us but as of right now he's,still a free agent this is NYY Recaps,thank you,like And subscribe,welcome back everybody how's it going I,am here live with Pat Hennessey Pat how,you doing I'm doing fantastic Derek how,are you doing tonight I'm good you've,seen Pat on unhinged Yankees he's a,co-host of the Yankees Avenue show also,seen him on better hanging out with the,Paul Brothers I mean this guy does it,all these days so Pat I want to get,right to it uh people are here because,uh we're all going through a lot of,anxiety over this Aaron judge situation,where were you when you heard or found,out about the John Heyman tweet that,went round the world tweet heard,so breaking it down in like very brief,terms here so you remember like my,unhinge guys right we we got like Jalen,Sean power we all have like a big group,chat where it's kind of just like 24 7,bander about like Yankee stuff sending,Tweets 24 7 whatever so I don't even,know who sent it but someone sent the,Tweet like John Haven's original tweet,like Oh Aaron judge to the appears to be,going to the Giants whatever it was bro,I looked at my phone and no joke I had,my hand on my head for probably a good,like minute I was like oh my God oh my,God oh my God because like I would say,20 minutes before we got like that that,tweet that came out from I think iTalk,Studios or something where he was like,um judge appears to be going to the,Giants like eight years 50 million a,year something stupid like that I was,like yo there's no way right like,there's no way this dude is going to be,the one to break it and then we got the,Heyman tweet 30 minutes later I I went,through such a whirlwind of emotions at,first I was kind of upset and then I,went through like my my f judge phase,and I kind of like I took Twitter with,it I was like yo screw Aaron judge never,liked him anyway happy he's gone and I,kind of like came to terms with it and I,got myself like super excited for what,the Yankees could possibly do now and,then he retracts it and now I'm kind of,like in this weird point where it's like,mentally I feel like I've come to terms,with the fact like if judge leaves,because I've kind of already coped with,it but also at the same time if he comes,back now I'll feel weird because I,convinced myself in my head that we,don't need it you know what I mean yeah,it was crazy it was so it was a seven,minute period you know before between,the original tweet and when he retracted,it and I was sitting down to have some,tacos with the whites nice Taco Tuesday,and I got the alert on my watch from,Heyman said you know looks like judge is,headed to the Giants arson judge or,whatever so it looked like it was,written in a hurry like he was trying to,beat whoever and I started thinking okay,well I gotta put down my tacos and go,stream but true true story I had just,finished watching this documentary about,Walter Cronkite reporting on the JFK,assassination it's called 1pm and as you,can imagine there were tons of people,reporting that JFK had died I mean his,head exploded in the middle of the,street and they were they had a ton of,first-hand sources they had two priests,they had the director of the hospital,they had a secret service agent but,because it was such an enormous story he,wanted official word from the White,House media people before he would tell,the nation what happened to Kennedy and,so I sat there staring at my phone I had,thought about the iTalk Studios guy but,sometimes I feel like you know,you know you can't really believe,frankly other content creators you know,because people are trying to beat each,other and they'll gamble their,reputation,um you know I remember during Harper,Machado thing same thing happened,uh and so I was sitting there waiting,for Hassan and my goal was if I see it,from passan or from Curry I'll head on,up and I'll I'll do the the live stream,I've got a live stream package ready to,go if you lose if he leaves and if he,resigns but the Tweet never came and,then seven minutes later he retracted it,and it was like again it was like mixed,emotions I was sitting there grabbing my,arm having a heart attack I'm looking up,WebMD like what are the signs of cardiac,arrest,oh it was tough literally but it was,such a weird feeling because it's like,you don't know how to cope with it right,it's like you you you're being told the,judge is gone but it's also like you,kind of want like additional,confirmation but you still have to react,in the moment like me for example I came,right upstairs I made my bed I was like,yo it's recording time it's live stream,time having streamed in like two months,but now it's time for it and I don't,know like now I'm kind of in that weird,period where it's like how much longer,do we have to like sit w

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Jon Heyman: Where was the urgency in that depressing Yankees press conference? | NY Post Sports

Jon Heyman: Where was the urgency in that depressing Yankees press conference? | NY Post Sports

it was a little bit odd that he does not,have a contract when his contract,expired uh last Monday uh to me it just,seems that the Yankees need to have more,urgency they need to have more urgency,on the field I thought some of Aaron,Boone's moves were a little too,conservative in the playoffs uh needed,to go to his best relievers when the,game was on the line and uh you know it,feels like they're procrastinating on,Brian castman's contract we all know,he's coming back but now he's working 24,hours a day without a contract I found,that odd you know I never thought I'd,Pine for the days of George Steinbrenner,where of course players were publicly,called out we had a rotation of coaches,at a certain time and obviously there,was some upheaval in the front office,but uh right now it just doesn't feel,like the effort is there we're talking,about an organization that says it's a,failure if it doesn't win the World,Series well they haven't even been to,the World Series for 13 years in a row,you know I didn't expect them at the,press conference to be trashing their,player years or saying that we stink or,anything like that but it was a little,bit depressing and uh it's the 13th one,in a row that we've seen and I just want,to see more urgency you know I think,most of that comes from the owner though,the owner needs to really commit to try,to win now I understand you know uh that,they're trying to get Bargains and make,good deals and that's great Trevino is,great Holmes was good,um you know they got Bargains a,carpenter was really good but you know,the Yankees I know they'll say we spent,260 million dollars but you know what,their revenues are nearly double what,the Metro revenues are there's no reason,they should be outspent by the Mets now,in this era where they haven't won 13,years in a row it's time to get moving,last time they won the World Series was,2009 they had signed Burnett Sabathia,and Tashara over 400 million dollars in,contracts you know just bringing judge,back well that'd be great but that's not,going to be enough they were not good,enough this year well I certainly hope,they have reached out there and judge at,this point I mean he is going to be a,free agent in a few days as you,mentioned,um you know they need to bring him back,uh with him hitting 62 home runs they,still weren't good enough so you know,that's to me just to start so that's why,I suggest they go out and sign a big,shortstop like a Correa or a Turner they,go out and sign a Rodan he did say,they're bringing Severino back so,they're pretty good in their rotation,right now but why not be great why not,be the Yankees you know obviously George,Steinbrenner uh I doubt he would have,accepted losing,say losing 13 years in a row it's time,to be bold and do things and that,includes of course bringing judge back I,do believe that the likelihood is,they'll figure it out you never know in,free agency obviously the Braves and,Freddie Freeman did not work it out,there are upsets there will be teams,bidding heavily he is a great player,forget the last couple weeks of the,postseason uh brilliant player and they,need to bring them back

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Jon Heyman The Giants Saw Something And Got Cold Feet

Jon Heyman The Giants Saw Something And Got Cold Feet

sitting here talking about it how about,two weeks of New York town in San,Francisco yeah you're not us how about,Aaron judge how about Carlos rodon how,about Nick's blow out the Warriors how,about the Nets are very possibly going,to do that to a short-handed Warrior,team tonight how about Carlos Correa all,the way down to Brandon Nemo damn it,John Heyman who's got all kinds of New,York ties thank you for coming on how,will you can you tell New York to stop,it for a second please,well it does seem to be that winter,where all these players want to be in,New York I can remember many times where,players feared coming to New York and,thought it was too big for them or too,noisy or whatever but uh you know way,back at the GM meetings far on zaidi,um,suggested it's not always easy to get,players who are not from the Bay Area to,come there and uh you know he looks like,he turned out to be correct now in this,case Correa did agree to go there so,that wasn't the hold up it was something,else uh well something else is is the,number one question we all have so,Odyssey Insider John Heyman joining us,here on Willard and dibs and Kyle is in,for dibs all week John what happened,well I think only the Giants could tell,you that and they're not in touch with,too many people from what I could tell,uh looking at the Twitter,um you know it's either their doctor saw,something concerning or they got cold,feet or some combination you know I have,heard that they told people that their,doctor saw something concerning and that,is always a possibility you know I think,uh you know that's probably the most,likely possibility but you know you,never know these things I have seen in,other cases where teams did get cold,feet and then you can always find,something on the uh on the Medicals but,in this case,um they're saying the doctors did find,something concerning and you would think,they would want to complete this deal I,mean after all they were in this to get,a big star they went for Judge first,understandably so and uh it looked like,they had gotten Correa so I you know I,wouldn't see reason why cold feet would,occur here were the Mets close to,Landing Correa before the Giants got him,or did that deal just kind of surface,once it looked like the Giants might,back out,well you know I mean originally when the,Giants did get them for 350 million,Steve cone tried to get in there before,anything had been reported and got bored,the agent for Correa told them they were,down the road with somebody and uh,basically committed to doing a deal with,a different team so he was disappointed,he talked to me for the New York Post,about how he lamented not getting in,there quicker basically to paraphrase,and how he really wanted to get Korea,and so naturally they were I guess you,know the natural landing spot once the,giant steel fell through for whatever,reason presumably because the Giants,doctors saw something but we we don't,know for sure because they haven't said,anything,um you know once that happened the the,Mets were The Logical team he talked to,me uh for a long article in the post,about how much he loved Korea and how,much he wants to win and committed to,the fans and uh you know I couldn't,imagine another team stepping in here,this late and offering almost 300,million but certainly Steve Cohn is a is,his own man and he's got his own money,and uh he wants to win yes he sure does,this is Odyssey MLB Insider John Heyman,and Insider calls of course presented by,bet ql you can get access to data and,insights the sports books don't want you,to see bet smarter and beat the books,download the BET ql app or visit, today John also the host of,The Odyssey original podcast Big Time,baseball along with Cody Decker and Tony,Gwynn Jr covering the entire MLB and,let's talk about the entire MLB right,now uh John in in terms of how they view,the Giants based on the analytics the,not wanting to go to long-term deals uh,the way last season ended and now this,how do you feel baseball players and,agents view the Giants now and into the,future,well I've heard they're very good at,recruiting it's not the the issue of of,them putting out the effort and,trying to get the players there you know,it may just be something about the,perception of the Bay Area that doesn't,appeal to some players again it's a,small sample size we're not talking,about hundreds of players here we're,talking about a few star players and you,know I'm not shocked that Brandon Nimo,went back to New York,um even though he's from Wyoming and,geographically San Francisco's closer he,was comfortable in New York and you know,why take a chance for similar type money,uh I get that Aaron judge has the Legacy,with the Yankees uh he's on his way to,the hall of fame would have been a lot,to give up although the Giants I think,made a good effort I think the 360,million turned out to be a very good,offer didn't quite get it done I guess,it would have been better if they could,have got it done but to get

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