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I AM IN LOVE WITH MY HAIR😍hey y'all it's girl tate xoxo and i'm,back,with another freaking video bac


Updated on Jan 16,2023


hey y'all it's girl tate xoxo and i'm,back,with another freaking video back,with another,y'all see my hair,this is the last time,you will see my hair,looking like this,okay,we're about to go do some,major,plastic sabotage,okay yeah i'm getting my hair done and,it's about to be,different okay so,before we get into this video make sure,y'all like comment share subscribe to my,channel and turn on those notifications,so you can know when to get to xoxo for,the rest of,2022 okay y'all i'm so excited,i can't freaking wait i've had this,look for,maybe two years so it's time,to switch this bad boy up okay so let me,go do that and i'll see y'all,in a little bit,so,so,foreign,so y'all right now i'm waiting,and,dying,and i'm so excited y'all when i saw,that it's so creepy i don't know what it,is but i'm in love,with this color i don't know,i probably shouldn't because it's kind,of orange but i love it and i don't know,maybe that's weird because y'all know me,i'm weird,so y'all will see um after this she's,gonna put toner on it,so then um,after she puts toner on it she's gonna,wash it out and then um,i think she's gonna put the color on and,stuff,so yep i'm so excited like y'all have no,clue,i've been wanting to dye my hair for a,long time so,we're finally getting some color okay,y'all look,my little curls still bounce back,even when it's dyed and my hair is still,pretty soft y'all like it's not crunchy,but yeah,so,just waiting you know i'm so hungry,nothing like i'm starving,but it's worth the wait okay because,when i get my food,i'm gonna tear it up okay,yeah y'all i want chicken so bad but i,can't have it but i want it so bad so,i'm probably gonna go,give me some alligator what's at least,alligator and some fish,because that is what i'm craving,so,i'll see y'all a little bit when she,starts,to,wash all of this out okay,okay y'all so my hair is dyed right now,but i don't want y'all to see it i'm,sorry if i have a booger or something,but,i don't want y'all to see my hair color,until it's finished but it's so pretty,y'all like this color is so,freaking pretty,like if y'all can see i'm so excited,right now i can't wait until she's,finished like right now she's putting,like this conditioner,um,treatment on it right now so i'm waiting,on that to get done but y'all it's so,freaking pretty like y'all are going to,be like,well i don't know some of y'all might,not like it because you know the haters,be hating but,i like it and i'm paying for it so,it don't really matter if the haters,like it or not but i know that my,supporters are going to like it y'all,it's very different i've never had this,color before,so,yeah it's not like nothing crazy all,it's not like i got pink hair but it's,really super cute and,i like,and i haven't even,seen the finished product yet y'all so,stay tuned,for the rest of this video,um hopefully in a little bit with little,of all in a little bit sure i'm coming,take it out and then she'll get started,on styling it so yeah,y'all stay,tuned for the rest of this,video,so are y'all ready to see,the end result,i hope y'all are ready cause i'm ready,y'all it's so pretty,so,freaking pretty i can't wait to show,y'all so i'm about to show y'all,get your mindset ready in three,two,one,boom,y'all see the girl yeah i am in,love,with this and it's all over you guys,like,my whole head,my whole head is this color right now,y'all,i am in love,with this i hope you guys like it,because i,love it y'all she got the roots and,everything like,yeah,your girl is filling herself,with the new hair,color,oh my god like i can't stop touching,y'all which i need to stop doing because,my hands be sweating cause i'll be,nervous for no reason but y'all like my,hair i made her cut it,because i wanted to start brand new and,fresh but i love it you guys it's so,freaking pretty i'm gonna leave all of,her information down below,my girl margaret knows exactly what,she's doing y'all the only lady i let,color my hair,she,really be the only person i want to flat,on my hair and do my hair when it's not,in braids,but babysits be booked and you can see,why like y'all,look at this like,and it's like different it's not all,just one color y'all like there's,different tones in here,yeah i'm feeling this like,i'm not gonna dye my eyebrows nothing,crazy like that though because you know,people without a hair and they think,that they need some dye their eyebrows,i'm not doing that these eyebrows,staying,black brown dark brown whatever the,color is of my eyebrows but y'all i,can't stop touching it like,yes,oh,ah yeah so y'all can see it from the,back too like look at that,she is full she is healthy,y'all i'm in love i'm in love i'm in,love like,look at this,i love it y'all this is,everything that i wanted anymore i,showed her pictures of what i wanted and,i told her i was like girl do whatever,you want do what you want,get it close to brown get it too close,to whatever you want to do,because i trust you your hands are,magical they're gold so shout out to

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PARLER: CEO John Matze Discusses This Alternative to Twitter; Free

PARLER: CEO John Matze Discusses This Alternative to Twitter; Free

the CEO of parle John mates joins me now,via Skype John good to see you and,congrats on all of your success with us,this is awesome thank you for having me,yes it's going really well,yeah very well you know did you I mean,obviously when because partly started,what like when did what actually when,was the year that it started when did,you create it we we launched in the App,Store in 2018 okay and we had kind of an,accidental loss or accidental launch in,like December of 2018 we had a website,yet basically some people found us,shared it on the internet and we went,viral and we had no idea how to handle,that parlays I hear everybody go look at,it and I remember thinking you guys have,to be crapping yourselves because you I,mean you could tell you we're still kind,of fleshing it out and getting ready for,like the big launch but everybody found,you anyway that's how desperate people,were for an alternative yeah people have,wanted this for a long time and so,you're kind of right I mean I don't we,didn't literally crap ourselves but we,were pretty close to it I mean we've got,pictures of all of us sitting at the,table with our heads like oh my god so,but we've had a few of those moments,over the years and now we're finally,prepared and we're able to handle it,just in time too considering Twitter and,these other tech tyrants seem to be all,lined up to take out the president,involved themselves in this election,yeah and that's that's the big thing,because when you have so many,individuals who especially now during a,pandemic you have these social platform,these social media platforms this is,like the new we have to stay six feet,away and now places might be locking,down again and you realize when,something like this happens how,important digital spaces are and really,how they can contribute to not just,controlling narratives but actually,affecting policy in DC which ultimately,becomes law that directs and shapes your,life what are those two your thoughts on,and I want to get into some of the other,stuff with with the platform well you,when you hear all of these certain,lawmakers talk about section 230 and I'm,very limited government to the point,where when I hear more government,wanting to get involved I immediately,become my American DNA is terrified,I just I don't know how I just can't,handle it when you hear these lawmakers,like Senator Hawley who I like he goes,very hard on yes we need to modify,section 230 we need to have the,government come in and do XYZ are you,worried about how that might affect your,platform especially as it's just getting,started,I think we need to be very careful with,what we do is section 230 but section,230 I view is kind of part of the,problem because it's old legislation and,and really what it's kind of acting as,now is like a subsidy to these it's like,a liability subsidy for a lot of these,big tech companies because they can,behave like publications they can,publish whatever they feel like it they,can promote whatever they'd like yet at,the same time they have no liability for,any of the damage they caused and so,they get to pick and choose like a,publication without being one and what,that's doing is it's interfering with,people who have actual publications who,built up an audience a brand a name that,people respect and flock to and so those,people you know are losing revenue as a,result too so this is a bigger problem,than just censorship alone but,personally I'm against big government as,well I really don't like government,telling me what to do and so that's why,we kind of started it as well as a,marketplace solution because we thought,you know look it I don't really want to,see Nancy Pelosi or anybody in the house,doesn't matter of his Nancy Pelosi or,it's somebody else we don't want them,creating the rules for how we act on the,Internet I don't really want that you,know whether it's Holly or anybody else,and I think the best way is through,competition that's why we started yeah,exactly,and I like I said I noticed the,difference immediately just using using,parlay as opposed to Twitter the,engagement the just the the interaction,the engagement the way that stories,spread the way that you know hashtags,are organically curated for the lack of,a better way to put it because it pretty,much is it it really is kind of a,free-for-all it I love the Wild West,aspect of it that's why yeah,that's why so many people I think that's,why the internet was so conducive to,free thought and free expression because,it was kind of like the Wild West and,you could choose how much of it or how,little of it you want and that's the,same thought with this right because,it's the users who can determine,they want a mute someone or block them,or downvote them tell me a little bit,about that because that seems to be no,one's complaining about trolls I don't,see that anywhere well we don't have I,mean we have some trolls coming in and,they're welcome to troll as long as they,follow the rules rules are based i

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TMZ Baltimore Maggots Video Reddit | Ariella Nyssa TMZ Baltimore Maggots Twitter / Viral Video

TMZ Baltimore Maggots Video Reddit | Ariella Nyssa TMZ Baltimore Maggots Twitter / Viral Video

hey guys welcome back one more video has,gone viral on social media tmz baltimore,maggots league viral video tutor is,scandalized so guys in this video i'm,explaining about what is 300 baltimore,maggots,viral video on twitter and reddit,everything you need to know,tmz baltimore is the viral video offer,on tutor and not only on twitter but,also on the other platform,this is the same video as the summer,video this is the most viral video now,and everyone is talking about it,tmz baltimore pictures,are on twitter and now on reddit is the,trending topic,user tmz baltimore is the account,on tick tock of the one whose video is,getting viral on twitter this video has,huge searches on the social media,platforms,now the identity of maggot girl has,become the topic for discussion whenever,her video went viral people are more,interested to talk about her the young,lady is amazing by many users her videos,are stunning in the public her video was,also discovered in tick tock ready,twitter and all other social media she,simply post,an intimate organ she posted by the user,1922 account,her account become currently,discontinued but her videos and footage,has already been,viral and circulated all over social,media,she has become obtained by her followers,this name famous as maggot girl the,social media sensation actual age is,speculated to be around 25 however the,complete and believe facts about her age,home town birth and family are not,disclosed by the girl yet she is only,popular by her name maggot girl,according to some reliable sources her,real name is ariel anissa she,but apart from that nothing more is,available about her on the internet she,took her all details very private,currently ariana nissa is now,encouraging the web to see that video,has gone viral on social media platforms,it contains much offensive material that,disturbs the user mentality and will,make you uncomfortable whoever trying to,watch that video so it's a warning guys,we search about it too much but sadly,the bell

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This Tiktoker Has to be a Troll...

This Tiktoker Has to be a Troll...

i do not condone any hate sent to the,individual disgust this video is meant,for commentary purposes and is not,intended to spread hate thank you,hello everybody my name is hurting,mcmarty and welcome back to the channel,the only place where you can listen to,some garbage mic quality and my very,unbiased opinions,i hope you're all having a great day and,today we will be discussing the tick,tocker known as unpleasant bird or the,real pleasant,i guess i don't know this came up on my,for you page on tick tock and apparently,this chick named pleasant or annie i,believe is the baby mama to her cousin,her tick tocks are her dealing with hate,in a toxic wave because people think,this is a huge joke,like makes sense honestly,she claims that she is married to her,second cousin and is having his baby,um like i don't know i don't know where,she's from but incest is not really,accepted in most places,like hello kinda weird,anyway pleasant believes she's famous,and her tick tock pretty much consists,of duetting to comments replies about,her situations,but apparently she's with her cousin,like ring on finger married i don't know,it's a of a situation and it,isn't covered so ladies and gents i,bring you the ultimate case of brain,cell loss buckle up,and be sure to leave a like and,subscribe if you enjoyed the video it,helps my channel a lot,instead,let's start with the fact that pleasant,claims her cousin is her husband and,baby daddy gross and this is mainly the,reason pleasant has haters,if you want to call them that the people,in her comments are saying her situation,is gross which it is and she rebuttals,by saying that nobody will break them up,and that she won't leave tick tock and,that people are just handing on her,like no inset is a crime in lots of,places your child if they're even in,your womb may have genetic mutations,like why would you want that,your child could die at a younger age as,well i don't get,why would you why why would you be into,someone who is related to you,like damn my cousin about a snag like no,no it's it's gross,that's someone who came from your,grandmother,like y'all have link genetics and i know,pleasant is probably like oh well i love,him it's my choice to love who i want,yeah but that's your relative like why,would,that would make you the sister-in-law of,your mom and dad,or actually we're not gonna get into,that because it everything gets messy,but still this is gross incriminating in,some ways and harmful to your babies you,so desperately care about having,like she tries to say second cousin like,it matters anything they still refer to,your parents by a family related prefix,like here's a chart if you is pleasant,she is still related to chris her,boyfriend her husband through her great,grandparents,she can say it doesn't matter but it,does you have dna from your great,grandparents so does he,so technically your dna could still,cause complications,complications and mutations i can't,speak yes people i passed grade 12,biology let's go,anyway she says she'll be fine because,her parents were first cousins,i don't think that's how it works but,we're gonna move on for now,using slurs,well this one sort of speaks for itself,stupidly i decided to look at pleasant's,twitter where she advertises her only,fan,and actually shows her body off but this,video specifically has her saying the n,word multiple times,that should be self-explanatory not,right at all she's been called out as,racist and claimed she's mexican in,blackfoot confederacy um she referred to,herself as foot in,like i can't say that word it's a slur,now then posted a tick-tock of her,singing a song and captioned it if i,wasn't mexican how can i lip-sync a,mexican song,pleasant,honey baby listen,it's spanish mexican is not a language,anyway saying you're not racist because,you have relations or a percentage of,that ethnicity,doesn't make you not racist like you're,not racist but you still said the n-word,and still use the term india especially,when indigenous is a more accepted term,like i'm sorry the two don't add up and,i mean you said on twitter you would say,it again if people want it,like,these people aren't hating on you for no,reason,you use an offensive term like it meant,nothing like um,what did you expect,she also replied to a video about her,and captioned it blink twice if you need,help but thanks for the shout out i,liked your hat,and the person in the video wasn't,wearing a hat it was a piece of,religious clothing i don't want to,assume of course but i believe it was a,type of islamic veil,if anyone in the audience can confirm,this please do and i'll pin it in the,comments but either way she seemed to be,really ignorant when it comes to,religion culture and ethnicity,now that i'm thinking about it i hope,she sees this video honestly i hope,she's a troll like my brain cannot,handle that this person is 20 years old,anyway i'll leave a link in the,description to the video of her saying,the ansler please god do not scroll,ar

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Leolove's Audtion Video

Leolove's Audtion Video

right football so introduce yourselves,name my name is Sean Clark and I am a,vision mr. what I think I am shell,Walker for now yeah that's it how old,are you guys no not 35 I'm 28 years old,I just look good so you're engaged tell,us a little bit about how long you've,been together and what made you decide,to get married okay we've been together,for four years little over four years,yeah um we got engaged last year,December the day after Christmas yes you,know I didn't want this mrs. every like,everyone's holiday I need to find one of,them ended gasps Michelle okay what did,you do yeah um yeah so we've been,engaged but good what two months and,wait why do we decide to get married he,had to make the decision I mom was,American las casas again no I decided to,get married cuz I I couldn't live,without Michelle Michelle their names,what's up Michelle is super super,awesome she's my best friend even,Marischal probably mad no but she is my,best friend um she's great very very,smart very intelligent fun talented is,definitely sexy yeah sexy huh no you put,your last amen oh I said yes because um,I don't know I know I we kind of you,sound a lot like the video no I said yes,because I gotta see him and everything I,can't see I was of the day I met him,like we the first time we talked on the,phone we talked every single day,internet single day it's just so natural,like why would I say how could I say no,did I don't get it there was this of,course I'll marry him because this is I,don't know us leah luv it's just the way,it is it just has to be and tell us a,little bit about legal of what that look,is that okay so we're both leos which,I mean it's kind of its kind of gangster,from Salazar so we actually have a web,series where we when you are arguments,in your our therapist too um he's very,stubborn um show no stop he's very, up word reckon we ought to go,with both very stubborn Michelle see,okay no both we're both very stubborn,all right so it gets it gets a little,rough you don't mean any of it you're in,a relationship sometimes is only like,you guys in this like little bubble so I,all times you literally feel like if,somebody else hurt and they would think,he was crazy so that's what we decided,to bring it to the audience so that they,could tell him how wrong he yes I knew,you were gonna say you guys are based in,New York now but you're also taking Leo,love on the road why are you moving la,la is the jumbo um we went last year for,michelle's birthday and first of all,before we even went there I always knew,la would be the place that I would love,never been there but I knew I was like I,could add Lee I know I know it's gonna,be popping yes we went out there for,michelle's birthday we didn't want to,come home we fell in love yeah we didn't,want to come on we believe it was the,only place I haven't been to in the,world where after a week or weekend of,vacationing where I didn't want to come,on was like damn well I like that and,we're from Brooklyn so when you're from,New York like everywhere else feels slow,like an ocean what the heavyweights,you're going on yep so in LA it feels,like people are moved it's like this,people women what's up a little faster,but yeah good yeah but it's it feels,like it's moving it's not like then lay,my god they laid back without being you,know too slow yeah son la yeah you're,building a couple of things you're,building your personal brands yeah and,you're building your marriage yes so,money and fidelity are going to be two,really big issues in la there's a lot of,temptation have you guys ever had to,deal with let's start with the fidelity,issue before ah,no never not what I whenever is over,that one went three times got a bit so,how do you plan on dealing with all the,temptation in LA cuz there's gonna be a,lot of girls and a lot of guys i play my,swishing up in rolla faces I don't know,if you I got a picture out of a weave,thing I'm gonna make a shy of a six-pack,gain weight lose weight make sure I make,it to the aim listen I mean it's no it's,no telling what we'll do um we well I've,never had anything and I've never had,that where it was 50 million guys I mean,50 million girls trying to talk to me,like you'd like women usually do you,guys have more of that problem and if,you guys walk outside and 500 guys will,try to talk to you know guys something,you can tell us no I'm not the jealous,personally I'm very annoying love me I,don't know why Michelle gets mad I'm not,jealous like the thing is wrong with you,I trust you it's that simple if I don't,trust you we will not be together each,other so you have any reason they'd be,jealous oh I like to try to make him,look be jealous just a smidget with no,not if the girl wants to be fought for,just a smidget you don't mean just like,Chinese people are looking at me say I,don't know get a little like she's mine,you know I mean I'll do that hey nothin,today I just feel like I feel like you,can handle it if it gets out of control,then that's when I tha

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Taty Slander Video - RottingTogether On Twitter Updates

Taty Slander Video - RottingTogether On Twitter Updates

hey guys how are you welcome to my,youtube channel today we are going to,discuss an important topic let's get,started,tattoo slander is a scene pimping after,indulging in some inappropriate conduct,in a video that has been circulating on,the internet,an improper video of tati slander,having an activity with a juvenile,had appeared on the internet a few,moments before,tatty slander is architect user who has,recently been getting attention and due,to her,improper behavior with,someone according to twitter postings,a user has released a video of cathy,having a,phone,relation with someone,the material is unsuitable to vote since,it involves,something a bad however many users have,expressed their thoughts on the video,in the wake of the starling revelation,the media has unearthed an indecent,video of tatislander,the film contains a,footage that may be upsetting to some,viewers,slander is seen doing certain obscene,acts in the video which appears to be a,live stream,while several i mean several others,remark on it,so slander,i mean slander stick of user id is,identified as 32 prime in the following,athlete,likewise the,m444,horror,handle captured and shared the released,footage,rotting together on twitter apart from,that if you use search for writing,together on twitter you will be able to,find a large number of recent tweets,with the contact the activity described,before in this video,is also stated in the following tweets,many individuals have voiced their,thoughts as well as how she recklessly,posted on tick tock as if if it were,usual,furthermore our deluge of,comments has been,disseminated on twitter although it's,unclear,who originally exposed her,so this is the whole information about,tati's land,viral video,thanks for watching my video if you find,this video helpful please like share and,subscribe my channel and remember one,thing that the,uh purpose of making this video is just,to inform you about that and for nothing,else in fact i suggest you not to,indulge in,such things you should be positive in,your life,in your practical life so thanks for,watching my video goodbye

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this is why bernie the tiktok guy is trending " ne KOTE K3SE3" 😋😁

this is why bernie the tiktok guy is trending " ne KOTE K3SE3" 😋😁

i have to mafia this guy,so she'll drop them on tech talk when,i'm videoing the trend they get them,seen and feel,people save um,miss if i get the video i'll be like,what,this is 125 inches,welcome to the problem of the day you,know say as we did this channel inside,every day will they bring you good,when i'm here so people didn't subscribe,this channel so if today be your first,time already enter this channel inside,please make sure you click on the,subscribe button click on the like,button comment your thing the thing plus,the comment section inside maybe you,brought cam just forget please subscribe,make i see,you thank you very much now you said you,go go heaven inside see every day,trending video that trend and this,channel that bring them give you,everybody know bunny or is it benito,bunny the tick tock star red and they,take talk inside ladies they follow our,men's and follow up because me said i'll,be obsessed with the answer this guy,gets,not long ago with the yes he had my,girlfriend program well then they took,talks take top stars uh then break up,so this lady thinks that she will she,will give her mafia you know everything,happened then they do some video call be,with them room inside,then the guy that removed the team where,they do,you have another one talking for here,you know you don't do that they do that,they do the thing that thing,i swear give god that thing be big,so this lady she said i'm put somewhere,so when i'm breaking up the breakup,can't come issue come on the guest no,say,i have to mafia this guy,so she'll drop them on tech talk when,i'm videoing the trend they get them,seed and feel,people say vam,miss if i get the video i'll be like,what,this is 125 inches,30 inches,cause if you see the video you will see,the thing will stretch away,yeah,like it'd be like my hands from here,than here,just,like that,so the video it did so you see that,whatsapp number below make your pick,come then what's up here and see how,they go you see see ladies please you,know what if you do i'm this guy this,thing give boys,boys will be security you know say this,guy get family when they make this video,make people see are they beg you make,not do this thing give boys you become,your time you break up with the video,you break up with your boyfriend the,video to you break um you later making,them go inside,you bob you don't know maybe pranky they,give you where they talk you say you,break up how are you going,you never go arm you bow,maybe it would be like hello babe we,break up maybe they prank you,so sick of saying the prank you know you,leave the video give the internet inside,where people they see you know some,people they respect that guy,you need camera now maybe i will respect,when i fly away,and you need the internet to video like,this then leak inside now,you go,to go,so please i beg you if today happen be,the first day they enter this channel,inside make sure you say you click on,the subscription button yeah and you,know that what's happening very d-day,contact you make it and talk you bob so,are they beg you ladies if they get,issue plus your boyfriend they cannot do,this give em maybe even planted they,give you i swear it's a prank it'll,prank you like one week then later when,they call you then tell you you say oh,be prank i still love you boy,it'll do how you lick the video other,thing that guy that give inspiration,give boys found,cause me might only be small like this,you know i see ya i see him i was she,said no this guy must be my role model,i have to increase mine to his size even,more,yeah that'd be hard to get the,inspiration for the wood inside that you,are they thought you,my,you

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Leolove_3 Twitter-Check Who Is leolove_3 On Twitter? Viral Video Trending On Reddit

Leolove_3 Twitter-Check Who Is leolove_3 On Twitter? Viral Video Trending On Reddit

hey guys how are you welcome to my,youtube channel today we are going to,discuss an important topic please love,three twitter so let's let's start,another video is uh learning the scene,of the audience and getting viral over,the internet and other platforms of,social media,well the page is,gaining from fame across the globe,because of its adult material,the content is,managing,the gather uh the attention of the,audience leading,to a large number of followers all the,videos and the images posted by the,admin of the page contain sfw material,as of now other consumers of the,popular social media platform is getting,curious,to know more about the admin and the,sources of it content get more,information on,uh level of stream,uh we are trying our best to feed the,information on the admin but there is,not much,available on him on the web so in such a,situation,we will try our test to provide all the,possible information,about the handler,and the reason behind the popularity of,the page it is trending all over the,game searching side it is getting the,spot of the people who are found of,watching and such kind of adult content,the users are also,sharing the video because of which the,fame of the video is increasing on,other platforms according to the reports,the page,named leolar three has been created,lately and it amazed a wider amount of,followers just because of its material,within a short while the bay is trending,on almost all platforms,and the page has recently posted a video,trending on the web title,and she's making the audience how much,curious about the video as of now her,new new mirrors people have watched the,video and many of them are trying to,find out,the video at their best,also the link of the video is available,on many,uh sites capable of viewing adult,content,apart her from ash's another video named,lula she twitter editing her makes the,audience in uh for the clip if we talk,about uh if we talk more,about the admin,most admin created the page many years,ago in june,is considered as a,water season and behind its immensely,popularity thank you so much for,watching my video goodbye and have a,good day

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