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Why #AmberHeardDeservesAnApology Is Trending On Twittereven when court cases are heavily,publicized


Updated on Jan 13,2023

Why #AmberHeardDeservesAnApology Is Trending On Twitter

even when court cases are heavily,publicized and even live streamed there,is still a lot that we don't get to see,the amber heard and johnny depp case,while being carefully dissected left,behind around 6 000 pages of sealed,documents fans of johnny depp wanted to,know what was in them with the hopes to,find more dirt against amber heard but,evidently it backfired they reportedly,paid around three thousand dollars to,gain access to the six thousand pages,which included more context to their,relationship and pre-trial evidence that,was submitted but rejected for use in,court the documents were then released,to the public and they seemed to reveal,that johnny depp was far worse than most,people thought so let's go through what,was discovered in the documents and why,twitter is calling for everyone to,apologize to amber heard throughout the,trial we know that the majority of,people seem to side with johnny depp,painting amber heard in a bad light and,making her out to be a fake victim,making false accusations towards her ex,they did this through attacking her on,social media and editing together,various different clips of her that they,felt made her look bad and making their,own accusations found it or not as a,result many people hopped on the,bandwagon of cheering for johnny depp in,the case thrilled when it was announced,that he had effectively won the trial,for weeks after the completion people,were still talking about the two and,continuing to paint amber out to be the,bad guy so when an opportunity arose for,depp's fans to gain even more dirt on,the girl they didn't hesitate as i said,there were over 6 000 pages of,unreleased court documents and fans paid,three thousand dollars to gain access,and then release them people eagerly,dissected them to find more,incriminating things against amber but,instead they found the opposite piles of,rejected evidence and testimonies that,made johnny depp look like a villain,likely regretting their decision to ever,look into the documents in the first,place it was also revealed that johnny,depp had just paid off a crew member who,was suing him for apparently drunkenly,assaulting him on the set of a movie so,things are suddenly not looking too,great for johnny let's take a look at,some of the evidence that has people,talking one of the major things was that,depp tried to submit inappropriate,photos of amber heard with no clothing,on into evidence heard's team argued to,the judge that these were irrelevant,personal matters the evidence they tried,to submit was naked photos of amber and,amber's time as an exotic dancer before,she became famous and apparently,implying that she had once been an,escort an unreleased deposition from,amber's sister also seemed to show,depp's team trying to use the death of,amber's friend against her she had a,friend who passed away in a car accident,as a teenager and in the questioning,they tried to suggest that amber had,been the one driving the car when he,died there were also text messages from,depp that seemed to show he had been,physically violent towards amber in a,situation where it was alleged he had,kicked her his message is saying once,again i find myself in a place of shame,and regret of course i am sorry i will,never do it again my illness somehow,crept up and grabbed me i feel so bad,for letting you down depp also referring,to himself as an effing savage and a,lunatic but these texts were apparently,lost and as such could not be submitted,to court and anyone arguing that amber,just wanted money was shocked to learn,that she was potentially going to be,making millions of dollars from depp,starring in pirates of the caribbean,five but chose to still leave him saying,it wasn't about the money there is also,a pile of evidence in these documents,that seems to show that many of depp's,submitted photo and audio recordings,were edited and modified depp's team,also requesting that any connection,between him and marilyn manson be,removed from the evidence as they were,worried it would paint him in a bad,light there's a lot more and some stuff,that i really don't think i can talk,about on youtube so if you want to look,it up for yourself you can find it all,over the internet as a result of this,new evidence people have been jumping,over to amber's side or continuing to,defend her if they had from the start,thus resulting in,amber her deserves an apology trending,on twitter tweets saying things like,amber her deserves much more than an,apology she deserves justice and the way,amber's essay testimony was turned into,a meme will haunt me for the rest of my,life it's appalling that it was ever,televised and it is disgusting that,people chose to make fun of it and tick,tock did nothing to stop it while some,people are still ripping on amber heard,and defending johnny social media has,turned into an overwhelming amount of,support for her we have yet to hear from,johnny on the topic and i honestly don't,think we will so that's all i have for,you for n

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“STOP IT” Johnny REPORTS Twitter To The Police For Supporting Amber!

“STOP IT” Johnny REPORTS Twitter To The Police For Supporting Amber!

it's quite disappointing that bots have,now become humans and are posting tweets,regarding johnny when obviously johnny,isn't on twitter and still has a fight,to finish people believe that since,johnny won the defamation case that he,is okay now but no he is still facing,some hurdles from amber and her minions,with many of those followers targeting,johnny's fans and supporters thankfully,those going after the umbrella guy are,being exposed one by one he is one of,those loyal guys who doesn't see the,need to hide what is actually going on,behind the scenes he tweeted wait is,this an actual bot telling me no one,cares about johnny depp versus amber,heard that men don't matter in the,aftermath of a decision what a world the,bot or automated label is twitter's by,the way it so happens that this is not,the only bot that has been disrupting,twitter users according to another fan,they have been able to identify numerous,other bots all trash talking johnny and,when the user checked the accounts they,realized it was from the same user they,tweeted yeah i posted about this a,couple weeks ago it's a new feature in,your settings to run an automated,account so everyone can have multiple,accounts now which i thought was odd,because multiple accounts is against,twitter toss last i checked it also,seems as though twitter is also,supporting this behavior and is not,allowing johnny's fans freedom of speech,they kicked waldman off twitter and did,the same with johnny and now they are,randomly closing people's channels,claiming them to be problematic just,because those people support johnny i,can't imagine how angry and sad johnny,is right now he went to trial just so,his story could be heard and now his,supporters are being shut from speaking,by amber's bots and twitter themself a,fan who had their twitter flagged said i,changed my a few weeks ago i worked 13,hours shift so barely on twitter this,has to be a joke this fan isn't even,active on his channel and when he is he,supports johnny that support has led to,him being flagged by twitter for being,problematic it's pretty ironic that,johnny who came out as the winner is,actually the one being harassed by amber,to the point where she's even hiring,people to go over to his place to harass,him thousand dollars by one person's,estimate hiring a private investigator,to basically try to build a case to,harass jd according to information by,the umbrella guy amber has paid,investigators hundreds of dollars to,stalk johnny and harassing but when,someone tries talking against acts like,this they get bots bombarding their,channel with hate comments or are,flagged by twitter for being,inappropriate it's like at the end of,the day johnny never really won his,truth was told and the verdict favored,him but people like twitter are still,supporting amber one way or another this,theory was clear when during the,exclusive interview between gail and,johnny's attorneys gail hinted on the,fact that johnny never won the trial,allegations on both sides i mean i think,some people could look and say were,there any winners here clearly he won in,the court of public opinion she wasn't,lying though in one way or another it,seems like as much as johnny is trying,to move forward amber wants to lurch,onto him and never let go why would,twitter allow bots with johnny s name,when they themselves removed him from,their app it's like they are mocking him,allowing all those unanimous spots owned,by amber and her minions to take over,and torment johnny's supporters,regardless of the open hostility johnny,has been experiencing from social media,from amber's supporters it's really,amazing how he still manages to continue,pushing and moving forward with his life,according to multiple news outlets,johnny depp made around 3 million pounds,3.6 million dollars within hours by,selling pieces from his debut artwork,collection johnny announced on instagram,on thursday that he was selling the art,through castle fine arts 37 gallery,which is headquartered in birmingham,england his post prompted a rush of,traffic to the gallery's website which,caused it to crash briefly and in the,end he made a lot of money from his art,let him continue being great while,someone else continues making bots,that's it for this video thanks for,watching

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The Twitter Buyout Conspiracy (theory) - ft. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Lawsuit

The Twitter Buyout Conspiracy (theory) - ft. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Lawsuit

all right today i want to do things a,little bit differently and that means,another conspiracy theory,right now everyone's talking about,twitter elon musk and the potential,buyout myself included but within that,discussion i stumbled upon something,that i find to be far more interesting,than the surface level discussion about,free speech and whether or not having,another billionaire owning another chunk,of the social media landscape is good or,bad purely because of their perceived,political intentions that kind of thing,gets clicks it does but within the,confines of that same topic there is an,entirely separate angle that i want to,discuss because the benefits of this,deal to elon musk seem to go far beyond,the simple idea of corporate ownership,in my opinion this deal has killed,perhaps multiple birds with the very,same stone and rather than focusing on,the surface level public reaction though,it is in itself rather fascinating i,want to look at some of the hidden,benefits as a result of the purchase the,speculative purchase i might add because,there are many first things first we,need to understand one key factor of,this deal keep in mind whether or not,the deal actually closes doesn't matter,in all this because these upside,benefits are already in motion or have,already been completed perhaps elon musk,truly wants the deal to go through,perhaps not but he has already benefited,from this in its entirety in rather,obscure ways so keep that in mind the,key thing to understand is that the deal,itself is pegged to elon musk's own,repository of tesla stock he is,simultaneously using that stock as,collateral for bank loans and selling,stock for liquid cash immediately after,the potential buyout was initially,announced exploding across traditional,media in the process musk began selling,stock in tesla first came about 4,billion dollars in sales on the 26th of,april followed by a tweet saying that,there were no more sales planned after,today on thursday the 28th however no,more sales after today means including,that day and it turned out that there,had been another four billion dollars,worth give or take sold on the 28th this,can be interpreted in a variety of ways,first he is selling stock in tesla to,finance the intended purchase of twitter,or to raise capital generally speaking,in that effort but a second way to,interpret these events is rather,different let me explain first things,first this deal contains certain,precautions in the event of a breakup if,the deal falls through there is a one,billion dollar penalty for the party,responsible if elon musk backs away,right now or at any point in the future,before completion he'll be required to,pay one billion dollars for what's,called a termination fee likewise if,twitter is responsible for the breakup,they will do the same and this is a,fairly common tactic in large,acquisitions to protect the time and,effort of parties involved knowing this,it would seem counterintuitive for,either party to tank the deal,intentionally but what if i told you,that this termination fee has benefits,termination fees are not a rigidly,defined item by the irs however over the,past five to seven years there have been,case law examples and various,interpretations that give a decent,picture on how these fees can be,utilized for starters termination fees,can be broken down into two separate,categories capital expenditures and,deductions here's an example if you are,buying twitter for 44 billion dollars,with a 1 billion termination fee but,suddenly mark zuckerberg calls and you,can buy all of facebook as a random,example for a reasonable price that,seems like a deal worth taking you would,reasonably have cause to terminate the,contract the existing deal and pursue a,better option in that case your loss of,one billion dollars as a result of the,termination is capital in nature i'm not,a lawyer by the way please do correct me,if i'm doing things wrong down below in,the comments i'll highlight and pin any,comment that contains a quality,description of all this i really will,but anyways if you terminate the deal as,per my understanding in order to,prioritize a better opportunity your one,billion dollar loss is a capital loss,this means that it can be written off,against your capital gains profit gained,from stock sales or specific other,income streams which are taxed quite,heavily but it cannot be used as a,deduction however from what i understand,and from what i have read if you do not,pursue a better more deserving,acquisition if the deal falls through,with no secondary prospect it can be a,deduction which then balances against,your income for the year for most people,this would be a better option but with,the irs seemingly favoring capital,losses on breakup fees the likely,scenario is that if elon musk were to,terminate this deal he would incur a 1,billion capital loss deduction which,might then be balanced directly against,the capital gains of the stock he just,sold now it may seem comple

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Amber Heard Replies To Johnny Depp Fans On Twitter

Amber Heard Replies To Johnny Depp Fans On Twitter

after johnny depp lost his attempt to,have a retrial in his case against the,sun newspaper that called him a,wife beater amber heard is replying to,johnny's fans,on twitter yeah it started with her,responding to johnny's lawyer,so after adam waldman post posted doubts,that amber was physically abused by,johnny in december 2015,because she looked fine at a photo shoot,the next day,amber replied on twitter saying yes mr,waldman,i may be wearing makeup on this occasion,but on every occasion you will still be,short oh,geez yeah and when one of johnny's fans,responded i'd rather be short than an,abusive gold digger,amber replied it's good to be realistic,with your goals and,to another who wrote that only johnny,only lost that case,against the sun because he was up,against rupert murdoch,and the next time it would be different,amber responded it must be so hard,this seem like a good move to yell i,mean,no but nothing about that whole story,seems like a good move to anybody,i mean like it's it really has been one,of those sort of drawn out,um stories that we've seen in the press,for some time and every side of it,seems um like it just like seems to be,continuously escalating on all of the,sides,um johnny depp fans by the way are not,really willing to listen to accusations,that johnny depp,may have been an abusive person and that,is an uncomfortable reality that they,have to face,you know like i think they become really,protective of this figure um and they,have to maybe ask themselves why,having said that you know the stories,that we're hearing about amber hurst,behaviors,um some of the behaviors that got her,kicked out of aquaman too,they're also like not particularly,savory so i think like,people have to with this particular,story,get out of the habit of investing in a,celebrity's narrative so much,that um for you it's the only story that,there is,um this is one of those stories where,like i feel like we need more reporting,more people to talk on the record um,before we can,even begin to make up our minds about,what the story is actually about,yeah this is this to me is where stan,culture,rears its head as being the worst thing,to happen to culture,um which is just blind devotion,regardless of,any actual sort of evidence or reason,and i think that anybody would look at,this story with johnny depp and amber,heard and,i'm like i don't want to touch it it's,too it's very toxic there's,there's so much going on there i don't,even know how but yet there's the group,of people who regardless of what the,realities are will just always pick a,side and those people tend to pick a,side publicly and they do it on twitter,and that will never end but these people,these people they're not coming at this,from any sort of basis of reality or,facts they're just coming at it,as a front line of defense for the,person that they stand,and that is always going to be a problem,yeah q says this is messy linda says,they're both at fault in this situation,leave to the courts,uh in my opinion um yes she only talked,about it for the mess,nelson she's downright uh crazy yeah i,mean we've talked about this,situation off and on over i don't even,know how long this is going for like,four years,we get a lot of reaction on social media,about it but yeah that's the thing,neither one of them have clean hands in,this situation we both know that amber,and johnny didn't,you know act no neither one were angels,in this situation so they're both that,fault to a certain extent,that doesn't mean you know one person,deserves to be abused but they're both,that fault in the situation,for amber to go on social media and,start replying to giant fans,it just strikes me as very petty and,doesn't put her in a very good light,you know it almost comes off to me it's,like i won like you just kind of this,really petty childish way to,approach things if you're really just,worried about you know some justice,getting justice for yourself why are you,worrying about johnny depp fans going on,twitter,and kind of sticking it to them a little,bit like that sounds like that even,strikes me as like okay what what,is amber really up to if she wants to go,do that go after his fans,and kind of you know stick it to them,that i one kind of thing,but we should say that like you know the,fact that it's the fact that it's messy,is is is true i it also has invited a,lot of media organizations so i think,try to like back away from the story,and that's the last thing that we need,you know like we we don't need people to,back away from we need just more people,to do better reporting on the story,so we actually know a little bit more,about what happened um but,like like you said like nobody wants to,touch this and even you know people in,the comments are like,don't want to touch this i'm like that,is a fair reaction because it is such an,overwhelming story,but then the the downside of that like,it's like you don't get a very evolved,conversation about what,abuse in a relationship looks like

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Johnny Depp Supporter Gets Horrendous Threats on Twitter!

Johnny Depp Supporter Gets Horrendous Threats on Twitter!

I'm doing pop culture entertainment,things like that also of course,following that first heard if you've,been following them you might know the,real Laura B she's on Twitter she's got,a great Channel on YouTube also and a,large following and the thing is she,gets a lot of threats and a lot of heat,so I wanted to just cover a little bit,of what was going on on Twitter just,today or yesterday something like that,this is from Beatrix kiddo she retweets,please report this the person says I,stand with Laura B for the death penalty,okay well it doesn't make sense because,it's kind of like saying Laura B also,stands for the death penalty which he,doesn't but what she means is a threat,towards Laura and you know what Johnny's,got a lot of fans I'm sure there's a few,Fringe fans who once in a while go,overboard but I see it a lot more on,Amber's side and the thing is Amber has,much less fans but I see this thing on,her side now and I see things like it a,lot more on her side despite the fact,she's got less fans so I think that says,a lot and I'm gonna guess she's got a,lot less fans because Johnny's got tens,of millions no one's sure the exact,number he's got 30 million on Instagram,alone so even starting with like 30,million as a base it's really high and,of course this person was reported by,plenty of Johnny fans now I'm generally,very against reporting I've never,actually reported somebody or even,blocked anybody ever I deleted a few,comments here and there mostly spam ads,and things once in a while if it's,really unrelated someone says something,about my kids or my wife I'll delete it,they say something about me I generally,leave it it's kind of funny no one cares,most people defend me but my point is in,this case when someone says something,like this then yeah I'm all for,reporting and if you're Laura or one of,these people I guess blocking's fine too,it's something right here that would,definitely be considered an exception,for me and Beatrix here is saying that,she reports and they don't always get,answered or they're ignored or something,like that now my theory is this Elon,Musk bought Twitter and For Better or,For Worse he got rid of a lot of people,now he probably did the right thing,overall because the app runs really,smooth I don't see a difference but but,he probably has less manpower to answer,reports and do things like that and get,down to the details with a wide base of,users that's what I'm thinking so maybe,he could fluff up that department a,little bit and add some people I'm not,sure but I'm gonna guess just like the,old Twitter this stuff wouldn't fly,under his rules,so right Beatrix says she got a report,back and it says it doesn't violate,their safety policies,all right maybe it's the wording or,something like that but then she says a,little bit later,they had to take the Tweet down okay so,so there you go going in circles but in,the end apparently the Tweet had to come,down and I agree totally and what these,people do is they block people who they,think will report them and things like,that this person too helped report this,person says the account was locked so,the lock accounts block people things,like that so they could just Spam their,hateful stuff max power says nice Name,by the way this is revolting really,don't understand the point of this and,why people feel the need to be so,horrible me too honestly I can't imagine,it obviously I'm no fan of Amber but I,spread the facts I make a joke here and,there mostly repeating a joke someone,else has already made not like an,original joke I sit there and I take,time to think about because I want to be,spiteful so I'm with you max power can't,quite get what anyone would think to,this level Stewart says come for lore,you get the rest rest of us responding,not a smart move and yeah we've,definitely got Laura's back because,she's putting out some great stuff and,she met Johnny by the way dream come,true I'm still jealous can't stop,thinking about it all right America,witch Justice says I'm so sick of their,gaslighting they attacked the victim,steal Valor from all victims and claim,they're a victim and this person went 44,also confirms that the person's account,was locked and courts he reported them,as did Lee Johnny and this person Casey,and this person Ennis or Inez probably,Ennis though and Riddim says I don't,always reply but thanks for monitoring,frequently I report all the valve tweets,you post and I'm in the same boat I,reply sometimes and everything but I,like to reply when it's helpful and,important just like this person here,okay I BS a lot too but just saying I,wish these teenagers would stay the hell,off Twitter and go do homework yeah,that's another Fair Point to you know,if we think critical,you imagine someone I guess adult-like,but it could be someone you know 14 who,just doesn't know any better who just,kind of talks like that so I'll give,youth leeway to make more mistakes,how could you not still they should,learn a lesson it's not

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'There Were Over 1,000,000 Negative Tweets About Amber Heard in 10 Months,' Twitter Expert Says

'There Were Over 1,000,000 Negative Tweets About Amber Heard in 10 Months,' Twitter Expert Says

uh tweets that were negative towards Ms,heard and I found that uh a super,majority of them were using one of four,different hashtags,and so overall what did your analysis,find regarding negative hashtags about,misheard from April 2020 until the end,of January 2021.,well there were over 1 million 243 000,and change,um the uses of those hashtags during,that time frame you just mentioned,and did you perform an analysis of the,negative hashtags from April 2020 until,January 2022. yes I did and what was the,result of that there were over another,million so you know,2.38 million I think,and how did you determine that the,tweets were negative about misheard,well you know I hadn't been asked that,until later on in this but I I didn't,think that that would be in controversy,I mean some of these hashtags are are,pretty rude and uh it it would really,surprise me that anyone would think that,they wouldn't be negative towards,Missouri but when um when I was asked,about it later I um actually took a,random sampling and looked at them and,and could not find any that were not,negative towards Missouri and what was,the random sampling that you used I did,two of them they were a thousand each,and how did you determine which,thousand uh tweets to use and to review,in each search I wrote a program that,truly selected them at random,and in your experience uh is 2000 tweets,a meaningful sample if they're chosen at,random in this in this universe yes okay,in addition to the four hashtags for,miss her did you um review any other did,you look at any other hashtags I did and,what hashtags did what type of hashtags,did you look for I looked at what I,found to be six hashtags that would be,negative towards Mr Depp,okay but Michelle could you put up um,the monster to one,which is on the fifth page of Mr of,attachment four of Mr schnells,expert designation,um,Mr Mr Schnell,did you create this chart I did,and what data is this chart based on,this is based on the um the search API,from Twitter and it rolls up the number,of tweets with the various hashtags by,month of these two years,took me three years your honor I'd like,to make this a demonstrative Chanel uh,Chanel demonstrative one or do you want,it to be a if I could get it one of the,numbers since it's going to be part of,the record just okay um Can can we call,it Chanel demonstrative one and then I,will give you a number,well the last number I have is 1837 I,don't know,do we know if that's the last uh,can we make it can we how about we make,it 1900 that way it's not how can we,just make it 1900 perfect okay all right,1900 it is any objections of,demonstrative all right you can polish,that,and is this the is this like a chart you,made uh Mr Schnell it is okay and,the at the top here there are hashtags,that are in yellow you see that I do,okay and if we go all the way to the to,the right,um well first let's scroll over to the,left here I apologize you see in 2020,there's the months of June and July,I do okay and what it what are these,columns first tell the jury what they,represent,so each of these is the number of tweets,with the hashtags,um with the corresponding hashtag during,that month okay and if we look at the,first one in yellow,uh you see that first hashtag the fourth,one over I do,and are there any,what does it show from 2018 Frank to,July of 2020. there weren't there were,none,and then what happens in August of 2020,um well there's a remarkable jump from,July to August of 2020 it goes from zero,to thirteen thousand eight hundred,seventy eight and if we scroll to the,right,the last three hashtags uh and which are,highlighted or shows the difference,between June and July what what did your,analysis show,well you can see that June is is about,at its steady state,um in July there's also a remarkable,jump,and that's where all three of those,hashtags that's correct okay,and that and the hashtags if we if the,hashtags that are in blue are the ones,related to Mr Depp correct correct okay,oh by the way what is your understanding,of when the last alleged defamatory,statement was made by Mr Depp through Mr,Waldman,my understanding is that it was the end,of June of the year of 2020 yes,now looking at the hashtags that are,highlighted in blue,for Mr Depp,for the months of November December,November and December of 2018 and,January of 2019. what did your analysis,what is your analysis show,well I see a remarkable jump in November,of 2018,um and and then it starts to well it,goes way down in December of 19 of 18,and January of 19.,and do you know when Miss heard wrote,the op-ed in this matter my,understanding it was is that it was,December of 2018 okay,and if we go to,November of 2020 for the hashtags,related to Mr Depp,if you see the difference between,October of 2020 and November of 2020,what do you see there,I also see a large jump from October to,November of 2020. okay and if we look at,the um the last hashtag,in blue that says Johnny Depp is a wife,beater,what does that show in term

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Johnny Depp Trial: The Smartest Amber Heard Supporters | Asmongold Reacts

Johnny Depp Trial: The Smartest Amber Heard Supporters | Asmongold Reacts

look at this,uh we've gotta we've gotta look you know,what we're gonna do right now we're,gonna look at the people that support,her would you look at that when you,start reading the johnny depp amber,heard case in more detail and you notice,yourself start siding with amber,exactly yep there we go 59 000 retweets,and this was a couple of days ago and i,want to put into perspective,when this happened okay,because this is what it is right shitty,personality well yeah i mean listen,that's just it is what it is right but,the brainless people well they're just, stupid complete timeline of the,johnny depp uh accusation let's look,down over here excerpt from today's,trial live stream if you ever wonder why,you're seeing an overwhelming a pro,johnny depp support on social media or,why you can't escape the propaganda on,youtube no matter how many times you,click not interested oh what's this i'm,targeted attacks and so we're kind of,like online investigators for,celebrities and high profile figures,early 2020 we were contacted to look at,activity on twitter and we were able to,determine close to 6 000,fake or inauthentic accounts that were,targeting miss miss hurt amber heard,definitely the smear campaign uh,definitely the coordinated influence,campaign there's six hours he didn't,have to be a pro to see it um if you,just looked at the tweets and see that,hey this account within 10 minutes,tweeted 30 times or so that amber heard,is a,abuser amber heard is a gold digger,amber heard this is a and that's,all this account is doing and then you,amplify that with dozens of other,accounts doing the same exact thing,and it appeared to us that it wasn't,just some disgruntled fans,you know banding together to attack ms,hurt,it was a targeted operation,and it was one of the most sophisticated,online target attacks we had seen,what a ,what an absolute i'm gonna,completely debunk this so,number one obviously these people were,hired by amber heard so because of that,uh they're going to take her aside about,things,do any of you find individuals remember,back in the new world subreddit drama,where there were fake accounts that were,posting that new world felt good,different feels good different on the,ptr does anybody remember this,anybody else remember this come on yep,let's go let's remember this okay good,let's see that yep yep yep all right,okay so the reason why that happens and,i actually you know what let's have two,points of reference before i make my,case for why this guy's a ,and i don't even think he's a , i think he's being paid to say,this so he's not a he's just lying,uh but let's go ahead and look at the,second one uh the second case is gonna,be my own youtube video comments how,many of you guys are youtube watchers,how many of you guys watch my content on,youtube maybe a little bit more than on,twitch and the truth is a lot of you do,the majority of my viewership isn't even,on twitch mainly people watch me on,youtube twitch is just an afterthought,in my in many cases and i just basically,use twitch to record the content and,then it really just goes on youtube so,anyway uh you guys all watch on youtube,how many of you have ever looked down in,the comments and you've seen these we've,got to deal with this you've seen these, only fans accounts that post,comment after comment after comment and,you might think to yourself oh well,maybe this is just a hot only fans girl,that's a fan of asthma gold psych there,are no girls that watch me that's not,the case it's a bot and the way,that these bots work is that they do,combing mechanisms and they comb through,internet data and they algorithmically,decide what the public or the population,is speaking about at that current point,in time and then they take different,messages from the population statements,about this and then repurpose them and,put them on their account instead so,they lift the messages from the other,accounts and then they put them on their,account now the reason why this happens,on reddit the reason why it happens is,that you need a certain amount of karma,in order to post on different websites,posts on different subreddits because uh,you have people that might use bots and,so they have different protections for,that reddit even has productions for,that built in and so does twitter so,what people that make twitter bots do is,they have these twitter bots basically,comb through an algorithm of the most,popular topics and popular statements,that were made for the day and then,knows uh those uh accounts make,the same statements as if they are,making them themselves and most people,is never going to tell the difference so,that's why he's seeing so many of these,messages and so many of these fake,bodied accounts it's because you can see,this with literally anything,so he's just completely wrong,do you see what i'm saying,are you picking up what i'm putting down,here,yeah people might not know this,i'm an alien yeah so so obviously let's,look at the no one whisper them

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mr depp so you were saying miss heard,was jealous of your career,jealous would be,an appropriate word uh i would also add,curious,she would have many propitiously playful,ideas that i was some sort of,otherworldly creature,such as the time she brought home,a trident um,which i assumed was from her role in the,aquatic man film,i love pirates of the caribbean i hope,johnny's innocent so we can get another,pirates perfect me too,they would have to let her back in it,they just would have to let her back in,right,now but,she had a some sort of fascination that,i was a fish creature,summoned forth many moons ago,she would dig and carve my legs looking,for scales,but of course she was left disappointed,when she came to the realization that,these lovecraftian truths that she was,telling herself were lies,fabrications,they left me however late for many dress,rehearsals for the alice in wonderland,films those were the oh i never liked,those movies at least not as much as,possible,i love johnny and his passion for acting,but that was not my favorite of his,memories mine would have to be his,representation of jack sparrow,i figured it was an appropriate time for,a generous glass of pinot grigio,to,calm the nerves after a heated argument,and severe blood loss,from which amber left me mentally and,physically wounded your honor we the,jury find amber heard guilty of,defamation against jack sparrow,we would also like to request the death,penalty your honor,i think that's a great idea,bailiff grab the stones,give me peace,people they've recast me disney will not,be having me back as jack sparrow

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