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Chimen Limyè (Remastered)in every can of Guinness there's over,250 years of Brewing tradition,and a

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Chimen Limyè (Remastered)

in every can of Guinness there's over,250 years of Brewing tradition,and a widget,the widget makes every can of Guinness,Guinness

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Dr. Fauci responds to Elon Musk teasing 'Twitter File' release

Dr. Fauci responds to Elon Musk teasing 'Twitter File' release

well we are still awaiting the latest,installment of Elon musk's Twitter files,or his must tease the fauci files many,are wondering where are they and what do,they say well Dr Anthony felchi,responding on a CBS News podcast saying,quote I have no idea what he's talking,about I mean there's a lot of,misinformation conspiracy theories,disinformation going on I have nothing,to say to him I want to bring in dpcm,capital chairman and CEO and former Uber,Chief business vice president Emil,Michael Emil good morning to you and,first off let's start with we'll get to,Uber in a second but let's start out,with this fauci uh you know look these,Twitter files have been pretty explosive,and what we had now learned is that the,government had no problem telling,Twitter and Facebook and Instagram what,to put out there and what not to put out,there fauci seems to be one of the most,controversial figures of this time frame,when it comes to Twitter what do you,think is going to be happening,I think I think what you'll see in the,Twitter files is uh regarding Dr fauci's,a little bit more of what we already saw,which is that the government was going,to Twitter and going to these other,social media networks and saying we want,this off we want that off we want that,off and and some of the things they want,to offer for pretty shocking uh they,wanted just you know some comedians off,they wanted uh they wanted to you know,push propaganda out about some of their,objectives to the American people not to,porn adversaries so I think with The,Foundry files what you're going to see,is a lot of government trying to say uh,to back up claims about Mass working,about the vaccines being foolproof and,so on and trying to Silence the Critics,who are questioning whether those things,were actually true and I think that's,what we're going to see a lot of in the,factory file deployment we should see,this week all right uh David Nelson jump,in here,uh Emil you know I'm looking at this and,it seems like uh you know Elon Musk is,kind of setting the stage here and it,seems like most of what we learned about,about Twitter in the last several months,is he's taken over the company is that a,lot of the worst conspiracy theories,have proven true and it seems to have,silenced some notable critics especially,from Stanford from the medical community,in terms of what might have been an,alternative way to handle covet uh any,thoughts on that,yeah I mean I I think you know what,we've learned is that,um what science is supposed to be is uh,people using facts and data to come to,conclusions and where the data is not,clear we want to hear different voices,so that we can come to the right,conclusion and we saw in a lot of ways a,wholesale uh effort by some parts of the,government to stop that critique stop,that debate and we learn now like you,said that many of these critiques were,true and I think that's bad for the,American people and I think Elon for,making Twitter uh more honest in that,respect and showing us what happened so,hopefully it doesn't happen again well,the employees that had the fauci fan,club we just showed that tweet to our,viewers I thought I was a nerd I would,never be in the faucy fan club I'll tell,you that I'm a pretty big geek uh,Bloomberg is reporting at least a dozen,Twitter employees working in the,Departments that handle content,moderation hate speech harassment they,were let go,what is Elon Musk doing at Twitter we,were talking about it actually in the,commercial break what do you think his,end goal is here for Twitter,I think the end goal is to,um frankly use as much computing power,and algorithms to take out what's,actually hate speech and actually he,doesn't want on the platform because,it's going to hurt advertisers because,people don't want to hear it because,it's incitement or fighting words or,things that Supreme Court has said are,not free part of free speech and,therefore it's hard to judge,um you know him taking out any uh,category of people or a number of people,not knowing what he's going to replace,them with I'm quite sure given the,technologist that he is and we've seen,what he's done with rockets and,spaceships and flying cars and,satellites what he's going to replace,them with I guess in a lot of places,we're going to see his computers do a,lot of this work there'll always be some,manual overlay but I think sometimes the,Press overreads into these matters and,says oh my God he's going to allow hate,speech on the platform that's not his,intent and I don't think that's what's,going to happen Okay Before I Let You Go,I've only got about 45 seconds on Friday,a judge ruled Uber doesn't have to pay,to excuse to raise New York City drivers,pay because the Taxi Limousine,Commission had not justified their case,Uber says taking on extra costs would,increase fares by 10 percent Drive their,business away but some are saying this,was really underhanded by the Limousine,Commission here in the city what do you,say,yeah the the limousine t

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John Steve Brunache - Madanm (PAWOL)

John Steve Brunache - Madanm (PAWOL)

maddon,y se pierde nunca vale,y física,y 7,ambas hola iván un signo condición,7,ha tomado,kl si la podemos sacar,búsquelo,quiero,así decimos stupid si no estoy con,amante con ale,en parte con la ley,familia con ale,si se vio con la ley,de la ciudad,la muñoa,sí,matanzas,si mamá,mira,e,silicio el sudor,casi por la policía al sudor,capas el acabado de ti,es el amor,acaparadores,matanza,me interesa,pero si la vida,sí,me callo,sin éxito,juntos son los puntos,antes solo,para caro,viviendo grandes solo nadie,sin éxito,caigo

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John Steve Brunache - Se Kiyès (PAWOL)

John Steve Brunache - Se Kiyès (PAWOL)

y,a,es una obsesión,no se lo hago yo no yo,tengo una búsqueda,juanma tanta impudicia en cité por tu,fiel unión,y dejó tuyo nación,yo nació me más fijación de abismo,cuellos,y,next y pixar,excelente,un examen se conecta,no se me dio piti me siento medio acabó,hacerlo,me tocaba cela,si obligué hipófisis doble de tu hija,lucy,cuyo construyó el vacío nación soy y me,derrumbo,yo pedí caribeño,hotel,no pica más de 20,no pedí cable ytn yo,picasso t,no sé ya sé de ti,i,ese día dijo si me iba fino bigote alien,me seguía sigue flojo a cable,si me culpa también,y,3,también un tipo pasivo,malo sobre constitución,piensa yo me sentía feliz,y aquí voy al 7,el cielo akío toyoda fuera,de cielo que de niño,me pasó,pero a christie's,pillay o sea nadie,yo vi que tenía mi canción,yo pedí cama,7,y,yo pedí habilite yo pedí que yo no pedí,a base de aceite,me sequías y con ella,di martino chicote,reales,más,días,y medio,v,vamos a la,yo seguía,si yo gano,sí

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My brother doesn't share his girlfriend! || STEVE HARVEY

My brother doesn't share his girlfriend! || STEVE HARVEY

do you know a lot of stuff yeah do you,have a girlfriend,well Jack had run and her name is Devon,who is Jack um one of my brothers one of,your brothers,she's pretty isn't she yeah you like,Devon don't you yeah yeah but he does,but Jack doesn't share her with me but,jack-jack doesn't share her with me,well ghost Angie Jack got put the stop,to that Jack is messing up man yeah this,is really good,hey I've got some president flash cards,yeah and I'm gonna hold them up and then,I know and I save your names you say the,name let's see who is that girl,Cleveland what do you know about Grover,Cleveland he was president two separate,times two separate times yeah,did y'all know that ain't no way to,where you knew that so a good brother,Clell okay now let me let me ask you,this right Cleveland who is this Barack,Obama,tell me what what's the fun fact about,President Obama you and a Grammy Award,how do you know that president Bravo,want a Grammy Award yeah,hey take them looks off your face I got,a full year old blowing y'all's mind it,was a people checking wish I win,Brock ain't window yes he did,all right let me try this one right here,got it you listening that's great yeah,that's who it is,yes it's you what can you say about,ulysses s grant he got a speeding ticket,on his horse got nowhere check it night,ok let me see if you know this one right,here who's that,when Howard Taft what could you know,anything about him,he got doc in the White House bathtub,he got what doc in the bathtub oh he got,stuck in the bathtub because Anu is too,big so day we placed the bathtub,he got stuck in the bathtub okay I said,Oh what about this one,look Thomas Jefferson are you serious,he got all the way you know about Tommy,Johnson you were not a very good public,and beaker but it's actually lighter he,wasn't a good public speaker well Yuma,may I like you man thank ya because you,you like like really the sharpest kid oh,yeah yeah oh yeah baby yeah yeah no,doubt about it body Lee and Tommy on the,Block making it happen we know the,present did drop,yeah all right let me see who is that,look at that let me show you this look,who is this ooh John Quincy Adams,missing motor muffins imbuing,he was really English weather sir get,language English was his second language,yes,Tommy I'm impressed with you I got I got,I got a surprise for you you're gonna be,the president one day right,I want to hey you ready come here man,look over there so you can practice,being president,see this is Tommy for president and this,is a presidential motorcade and when you,take it home it really works you can,really drive the car come on in here and,get in and see what it look like come on,over here okay yeah get on in there man,get in the presidential motorcade okay,he said okay got it,get in man shut the door boom that's,your ride,see more kids put extraordinary tellers,on my view show little big shots 70,nights at 7:00 central on NBC hey folks,welcome uh thanks for checking out my,youtube channel don't forget to click,here to subscribe to my channel that way,you won't miss a single hot new video,some really good stuff and then I want,you to click here to see more clips from,the show right now

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1,amor,bien,pongo parís me gusta andar de mateo,un bisbal donde yo te tuve estas dos,acciones,comenzó con acción,con la muy muy suave nación,yo está padre de un bell powell y estimó,un yo tb m,powell si la tablet es hombre mira de,vico y tumbes,ai weiwei o yo,sanz vaio l,shanghai o tuve plan ávila piso yo me vi,la calle,samba lo viene,le dije,i,dije,p,ah,con un sofá y feudal donde me devolví,yo llevé mi joseph blatter continuó el,bichi solar,te pienso del amor,pulso de donación,un plan para mí,esta fruta no sale aquí de tu pasión de,mel,notes y la reflexión le aclara cosas,revolución,hoy voy a fallar,yo voy hoy hoy hoy hoy,no hay agua y adiós,jojojojo,samba y joey ley,samba yo tomé la navidad,yo vi la calle,sanz vaio l,l,i,e,i,ante mí sampaio con la vid,curioso donación son matar y teo,sellés y me lavé la chimenea,ante mil catuaí hoy sampaio,cuyo sabor acción soy e matal y teo,ya sé si me anima ya sé si me da vida,sí

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John Steve Brunache - La Relèv (PAWOL)

John Steve Brunache - La Relèv (PAWOL)

et,la gamme,moi,la sphére déchanter,m,m m,m,m,derrière,rien,art,rien,m,mieux,mais le valais,si la mort m,fois avec rohmer,avec kim à valence au lit,avec kim avalant mauvais,m,voir,et il est là,il,ouais,moi ça fait vivre ensemble,il semblait en valables au,non,il semblait acquis b plas,hu,tout en votant,la sq invite à l'aréna,la critique année m,finalement,dim team,wasquehal,là,m,m,si l'impôt,m,kim était un outil campé au

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John Steve Brunache se kiyes

John Steve Brunache se kiyes

tengo una obsesión,no se lo hago pero no sólo denota una,búsqueda,juan mata altitud y 7 en un quite por tu,fiel unión,y de futuro nación yo nació me,masticación mente abismo cuellos,i,i,no le pisamos,de excelente calidad,se conecta,yo me siento yo,me dijo cómo hacerlo,medio cava sela,si yo flipo pedir un doble de tu hija,lucy,cuyo construyó el vacío nación sus y,medio,yo pedí ganley tenía fe y que yo te,no más,chd,y,no pedí cable ytn ya picasso t,no pica ya sé de ti,y es que yo no voté con la ley,me seguía sigue el agua cable,si mi culpa,y,y,i,también vendemos casino,vamos sobre constitución,quieres hay una entidad otellini,y aquí voy a la gente,el cielo aquí varios afuera,el cielo es el niño,me pasó,pero a christie's,pillay océanos,no pica picasso tiene,no jamás,7,yo pedí habiliten yo me he cansado de no,pedir más de 20 meses y si me iba,kiko te vale,más,sequías,sí,dónde,vamos a la,acaba de ser,sí no,hola,acción,seguido,s,milan,p,nación

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