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Fmr. NBC chief on CNBC’s Harwood’s alleged biasWikiLeaks revealed at CNBC host John,Harwood who host

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

Fmr. NBC chief on CNBC’s Harwood’s alleged bias

WikiLeaks revealed at CNBC host John,Harwood who hosted a Republican debate,worked with and basically for the,Clinton campaign Howard is still on the,air we haven't heard a comment on him,let alone an apology look who's with us,this morning Bob right he's the former,NBC Universal chair and CEO he knows all,about NBC and John Harwood no Chesser,well I certainly I know him yes so why,are they apologized um well the whole,thing he got punished pretty badly at,the debate is view remember well don't,you think that he took himself today he,was off the air for some period of time,after that and you know he clearly you,know made inappropriate comments and,remarks about it so I mean he well I,can't say I can't answer your question a,very tough thing for you because you,used to run NBC I mean wouldn't you say,that some kind of statement would be,appropriate from NBC I but it wouldn't,be inappropriate clearly how about this,one I want you respond to this NBC news,headline yeah as Trump left left to,press behind it went off for a state,dinner as you know I think the 21 club,in New York City and the headline reads,in NBC as Trump leaves pressed behind,for steak dinner incoming administration,already showing lack of transparency I,said you want to stand behind that from,NBC mr. right well I think that was a,bit over the top but there's a there's a,it's like go there's so many people out,there fishing for anything about Trump,that can be you know inappropriate and,if that is if that's the worst thing he,ever has to he's never going to have any,fears at all I heard that that he had,sort of a standing ovation when he got,in there and it went on for some period,of time he'd be sitting at the the most,popular table that which is called table,11 and you know the guy just wanted to,have dinner with his family without the,without pressing the room and you know,but plenty of people in the room have,cameras they have their chatters I mean,he's never listen hiding anything you,got out of that really well,you want to be Secretary of State,because I was good I better now I really,want you on the show today because,you've launched I believe it's called,the Suzanne right foundation Fighting,pancreatic cancer this is honor of your,late wife yes sir pancreatic cancer to,me seems like a death sentence it is a,desktop what are you doing here it's a,death sentence I was with she was,diagnosed on october 29th of 2015 she's,a class of 15 if you will and she died,on july 29 2016 9 months to the day i,was with her every single day even when,i traveled i made sure i was with her,either one hour before one hour before,midnight and we had round-the-clock,nurses we had ten different doctors,involved two different hospital chains,involved I did everything possible all,kinds of new and possibly very very,helpful drugs and things and and the,answer is none of it worked the problem,is we the standard of care for,pancreatic cancer is terrible it's just,awful and that's what I'm 6500,oncologist around the country that's the,standard of care they use it's,essentially three or four for chemos,which are extreme side effects not,everybody has the same but Suzanne had,very bad side effects so far nothing I,got I waited till the whole thing was,over and I tried to put my my own sorrow,to bed by saying I don't want to see,anybody else go through this a lot of,this is needless there's been no,improvement in the mortality rate of,pancreatic cancer in 40 years it's 92%,people died and they mostly died in the,first year year and a half and it's,terrible and they the National the,National Institute of cancer the which,is part of the NIH sits there and they,say well we're going to we're going to,move for going to do more research,there's no sense of urgency there's no,emergency theory here it's shocking to,me that this is going on and I I just,said I so i went to i was in washington,last two days,meeting with the various members of,Congress and appointed people and I cut,there's a lot of people in Congress that,feel the same way I do they can't get to,mobilize the NIH they can't affect a,change there's a real opportunity you're,going to do it for a new administration,by the way coming in you know because,everybody that's appointed any penny,political appointee automatically hands,the resignation over and that's why,there's 4,000 there's a lot of,opportunity here to change and,leadership and priority this thing,should be treated as an emergency Bob,Ryan it was a pleasure having on the,prank thank you vigorously support what,you're trying to do is I think that I,thank you even though you didn't hire,you know you're all right I think that,week we were not hiring any English I,think actually we were very sorry that,that didn't work well as the statute of,limitations run out for the most,discriminating against farthest right I,can't very much thank you thank you wish,you the best with this thank you so much

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CNN Host Invents Reason To Slam Biden As Network Moves Further Right

CNN Host Invents Reason To Slam Biden As Network Moves Further Right

morning but the Optics of the speech,specifically the two marines positioned,behind him during it are raising,questions about whether the military was,being unnecessarily unnecessarily,politicized here despite the fact that,there are real things that you can,criticize President Joe Biden over like,his broken promise on cannabis,decriminalization no mention of a public,option since becoming president or he,was obviously too kind to manage in a,cinema after sinking his build back,better agenda,there are instead,really stupid criticisms coming from at,least two people at CNN over Biden's,speech about Rising fascism in America,so let's get to that because this is,as I want to get to,showing how CNN is moving even further,right so near the end of this video I,will be discussing a little more on that,and and why likely why that is happening,but first let me start with just what,sparked this criticism from CNN or at,least a particular CNN host so uh here,is,but in speech here he is standing and,it's scary satanic red as uh as the,right has called out but also there are,Marines in the background,apparently this is a big deal,so,um Brianna Keeler uh host at CNN,and I think I'm pronouncing her last,name right but I may not be I don't,really care anyways says uh whatever you,think of the speech the military is,supposed to be apolitical positioning,Marines in uniform behind President,Biden for a political speech flies in,the face of that it's wrong when,Democrats do it it's wrong when,Republicans do it ah yes,Joe Biden who cares he's talking about,Rising Fascism and the actual threat to,real democracy Now what's really,important what we should be at least,partially focusing on,these two marines in uniform in the,background,I will get to as I said why CNN is being,so insane,um even more insane than usual but uh,this is what came out of this tweet from,the night of the speech the next morning,here's Brianna Keeler on CNN look at,check out this this Chiron here Biden,faces criticism over Marines and,backdrop of speech well face is,criticism,I wonder where that came from,you,you're the critic you're the one that,brought it up this is the that Fox,News has done for ages,they they create some ridiculous,criticism out of nowhere and they say oh,Obama's facing criticism over this or,Biden's facing criticism over this when,they're the ones that made it up,so Parker Malloy here on uh,on Twitter points us out saying I think,this is a perfect screenshot and it,shows exactly what's wrong with the,Press right now,brownie Keeler was one of the loudest,voices creating this criticism and now,she's reporting that Biden faces,criticism over Marines and backdrop of,speech you did that,again this is Fox News has done this, for for ages and now CNN is,beginning to do it as well and worth,pointing this out so check out this is a,really quick clip 11 seconds long here's,a speech during Trump's presidency,um let's just let's watch this together,okay,if you want don't come back it's okay,too but if you're not happy you can,leave,let's go to Boris Sanchez now he is at,the White House um tell us anything,about the Marines in the background we,got some Marines here,better call this out,I can guarantee you I try to find the,full clip I couldn't find it but I can,guarantee you that Brianna Keeler did,not bring up the,scary or not scary but the Marines in,the background how this should be,apolitical but here he here Trump is,being political because it got Marines,back there meanwhile he's defending his,racist attacks on on the squad here in,this video,again,showcasing and look likely I mean maybe,in another time he would have been,criticized for this if this was a,different president with a different,speech but because Trump has,you know kind of set things to a,different bar a different level the idea,of criticizing anybody right now any,president over Optics over Aesthetics is,completely insane at least until Trump,actually faces some repercussions for,his,obvious and consistent illegality as,president so until something is done,about what Trump had did as president,and continues to do stealing stealing,top secret documents is like you know,almost the bottom of the list in terms,of what he's done until something is,until he's actually faces uh you know,any conviction or something,for what he has done the idea of,criticizing any president over Optics to,me is completely insane so you know just,the idea here of focusing on whether,it's the red background that the right,is focused on or the Marines in the,background it shows you just how,different things are depending on what,party's in charge,anyways let's go on so here's another,example this guy also from CNN and again,I'll get to later on why CNN is being so,crazy but Jeff zellini here his title is,uh Chief National Affairs correspondent,says there's nothing unusual or wrong,with a president delivering a political,speech it's inherent to the job,description,first of all,how does a president deliver

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WOW: Republicans, CNN try to slam Biden, it backfires HORRIBLY

WOW: Republicans, CNN try to slam Biden, it backfires HORRIBLY

today we're going to talk about biden's,turning point speech against fascism and,extremism and not only the republican,response but the media's response too,and i have two interviews this week i,talked to former federal prosecutor,glenn kirschner about the empty,classified folders found in mar-a-lago,what punishments trump can face and even,whether he'd be able to run for,president if he's in prison and i'm,joined by christy smith the democrat,running for california's 27th,congressional district one of the most,flippable districts in the entire,country about just how dangerous her,republican opponent is and how polling,is looking so far i'm brian tyler cohen,and you're watching no lie,so this past week president biden,continued staying on the offense in the,face of republican attacks on democracy,on women's reproductive rights on lgbt,americans and gun safety he held a,primetime rally at independence hall in,philadelphia and here's just some of,what he said but as i stand here tonight,equality and democracy,are under assault,we do ourselves no favor to pretend,otherwise,so tonight,i've come to this place where it all,began,to speak as plainly as i can,to the nation,about the threats we face,about the power we have in our own hands,to meet these threats,and about the incredible future,the lies in front of us,if only,we choose it,too much of what's happening in our,country today is not,normal,donald trump and the migrant republicans,represented extremism,that threatens the very foundations of,our republic,now i want to be very clear,very clear up front,not every republican not even the,majority republicans are maggie,republicans,not every republican embraces their,extreme ideology,i know,because i've been able to work with,these mainstream republicans,but there's no question,that the republican party today is,dominated driven and intimidated,by donald trump and the migrant,republicans,and that is a threat to this country,first of all good like for a guy like,joe biden who is the sole defender of,bipartisanship in this country to come,out on the offense and call out trump,call out these maga republicans call out,what they're doing is impactful again,like for that guy who has almost to a,fault stop short of being combative with,those people for him to finally sound,the alarm will hopefully resonate with,people and convey just how bad things,have gotten on the right so good on,biden and i really hope that the attacks,that are coming from the right that i'm,going to talk about in just a moment,don't cause him to recoil but only,embolden him the gop is on the defense,for the first time in years so the last,thing we should be doing is relenting,and allowing them to take back the,narrative,now as i just mentioned as far as,republicans are concerned their response,to this speech was full fainting spells,and pearl clutching i mean you would,think that these people just emerged,from amish country the way they reacted,to biden's speech a speech decrying,fascism and extremism here's a hint if,you're personally offended by a speech,decrying extremism fascism you're the,fascist or extremist if that's what sent,you into a tailspin biden was talking,about you like i don't know i i find it,so funny that the party that hosted a,fascist hungarian autocrat at cpac to,speak about how the republican party,should embrace fascist tactics is really,upset now about being called fascists,like this is the party that spent the,last two years calling the left,pedophiles and groomers and communists,and traitors and now when biden calls a,guy and his supporters who tried to,overthrow the us government fascists,suddenly they act like name calling is,out of bounds i mean come on,um and one last note on these,republicans and their fainting spells,over being called extremists and,fascists and that is that it must be,nice not to be bound by any sense of,shame or hypocrisy because here's a,little mashup that meddy hassan put,together that pokes a bit of a hole in,the gop's faux outrage about just how,unprecedented and uniquely dangerous it,was that joe biden uttered the word,fascism i think they're fascists i think,they want to use the power of the state,to change the rest of us falsely,branding a political protest as an,insurrection,that,is the definition of authoritarianism of,fascism their tactics are are fascistic,the left wants power because,that is essentially their state of grace,the blackout of information by the left,is pure fascism turns out there are,fascists in charge nancy pelosi is,fascistic they're using frankly,fascist policies to silence the right,they use cancel culture as as a tool to,impose their fascism on us well,i won't say,fascists but,yeah fascists this is fascism this is,fascism of the left you were talking,about fascism there's no other word to,describe this this is fascism so yeah,something to remember the next time a,republican has the vapors over the word,fascism but i'm not actually concerned,about these mega republ

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John Harwood Calls Donald Trump a Comic Book Candidate

John Harwood Calls Donald Trump a Comic Book Candidate

mr. Trump this you've done very well in,this campaign so far by promising to,build a wall and make another country,pay for it right,send 11 million people out of the,country cut taxes 10 trillion dollars,without increasing the deficit right and,make Americans better off because your,greatness would replace the stupidity,and incompetence of others that's right,let's be honest is this a comic book,version of a presidential campaign,coming and it's not a very nicely as,question the way you say that Larry,Kudlow is an example who I have a lot of,respect for loves my tax plan we're,reducing taxes to 15% were bringing,corporate taxes down bringing money back,in corporate inversions we have two and,a half trillion dollars outside of the,United States which we want to bring,back in as far as the wall is concerned,we're gonna build a wall we're gonna,create a border we're gonna let people,in but they're gonna come in legally,they're gonna come in legally and it's,something that can be done and I get,questioned about that they built the,Great Wall of China,that's 13,000 miles here we actually,need a thousand because we have natural,barriers so we need a thousand we can do,a wall then of a big fat beautiful door,right in the middle of the wall we're,gonna have people come in but they're,coming in legally and Mexico's going to,pay for the wall because Mexico I love,the Mexican people I respect the Mexican,leaders but the leaders are much sharper,smarter and more cunning than our,leaders and just to finish people say oh,how are you going to get Mexico to pay a,politician other than the people in this,stage I don't want to win so a,politician cannot get them to pay I can,we lose we have a trade imbalance 50,seconds whereas peanuts by compare at 60,seconds but I gotta ask you you talked,about your tax plan you say that it,would not increase the deficit because,you'd cut taxes ten trillion dollars,konna me we're gonna take off hold on,hold on the economy would take off like,a rocket ship,right dinah I talked to economic,advisors who have served presidents of,both parties they said that you have as,much chance of cutting two,is that much without increasing the,deficit as you would of flying away from,that podium by flapping your arms then,you have to get rid of larry cudlow who,sits on your panel who's a great guy who,came out the other day and said I love,Trump's tax plan,Johnson says look at all of our plans,and and his creates even with the,dynamic effect eight trillion dollars,dr. Carson let's talk about taxes you,you have a flat tax pan plan of champers

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Woke Betray CNN & Boycott the Network

Woke Betray CNN & Boycott the Network

oh,the hits just keep on coming at cnn we,are only a couple of weeks removed from,one of the saddest days in the 72 year,history of dunkin donuts i'm talking of,course about cnn firing the donut diva,brian stelter when news of his firing,hit the news wire the stock price of,dunkin donuts dropped 30 percent,how are we going to make up for this,deficit in revenue cnn spent thousands,of dollars every day keeping brian,stelter satisfied he found so many,creative ways to use our product this is,the man that invented the donut cut,green,we have become accustomed to espn laying,off employees seems every year to 300,people at the worldwide leader in woke,are losing their job,but i cannot think of another time in,the cable news industry where a network,has accomplished this much spring,cleaning in one year,dumps throughout the northeast from,washington dc to new york city they are,being filled with former employees of,cnn hell i'm going to have to create a,cemetery on this back wall i might have,to add another shell so every day we can,remember these fallen comrades,john harwood is the latest victim to be,laid to rest in the cnn cemetery casey,who in the is john harwood,i had the same question when i first saw,the name i thought he was a dump,defender in the wnba since february of,last year john harwood was the white,house correspondent at cnn now for those,of you that are unfamiliar with the job,white house correspondents they are the,drones occupying seats in the white,house press room when joe biden or that,robotic press secretary dodge questions,from the media when someone like donald,trump's in office their job's to ask,hard-hitting questions their job is to,create controversy based in propaganda,and but when a guy like,bumbling biden is president someone who,can't figure out the definition of a,woman white house correspondents are,tasked with covering up the incompetence,very few of these serve an,actual purpose most are completely,useless but anyway back to john harwood,he holds many credentials in the woke,world he was educated at the woku campus,in new york city known as the new york,times he spent time with nbc news before,graduating with a doctorate from the,woku campus at cnn now it's unclear at,this point whether john harwood left cnn,on his own terms or if he was politely,told to get the out,my instincts are telling me it's the,latter last friday,john harwood announced to his lonely,male followers on twitter that today,will be my last day at cnn i am proud to,say over the last 18 months i played an,integral role in tanking the network's,ratings,for many dedicated the news,came as a complete shock because john,harwood he was just on cnn that morning,bragging about the importance and the,eloquence of joe biden's speech,you know,the one where he called donald trump,supporters the biggest threat to,democracy of course when bumbling biden,was asked about this by peter ducey the,following day he reached in his bag and,pulled out one of the oldest woke tricks,in the book the art of backtracking did,i say that last night what i meant to,say was trump supporters are not a,threat to democracy oops,just think about this for a second,we have a sitting president labeling,half the country a threat to democracy,not china not islamic terrorist not,russia not a border that's more wide,open than shayshay's ass during the,bongo festival no,no no no,those are not threats to america those,are my friends they keep my bank account,inflated the biggest threat to america,is the 80 year old vietnam vet wearing,that maga hat,john harwood went on cnn friday morning,to do what he thought was his job,covering for bumbling biden's,incompetence watch for yourself well,look they are standing by the message,that president biden offered of course,it was a political speech we're taught,in a midterm re-election year uh the,issues that he's talking about are,inherently political but i think it's,also important to say that the core,point he made in that political speech,about a threat to democracy,is true now that's something that's not,easy for us as journalists to say we're,brought up to believe there's two uh,different political parties with,different uh points of view and we don't,take sides in honest disagreements,between them,but that's not what we're talking about,these are not honest disagreements the,republican party right now,is led by a dishonest demagogue,many many republicans are rallying,behind his lies about the 2020 election,and other things as well,and a significant portion or a,sufficient portion,of the constituency that they're leading,attacked the capital on january 6,violently,by uh,offering pardons or suggesting pardons,for those people who violently attacked,the capital which you've been pointing,out,numerous times this morning donald trump,made joe biden's point for him you see,john harwood thought he thought,he was doing the job he was hired to do,and in his defense when he was hired,that was most likely the case bu

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The Séance by John Harwood

The Séance by John Harwood

january 1889,if my sister alma had lived i should,never have begun the seances,she died of scarlettina soon after her,second birthday when i was five years,old,i remember only fragments from the time,before she died,i remember coming home after one of,those walks and being allowed,to nurse alma by the dry room fire,feeling the heat of the flames on my,cheek as i held her,i remember too though perhaps i was only,told of it,lying in a cot and shivering looking up,at a window which seemed very small and,far away,and hearing the sound of weeping muffled,as if through a thick cotton wool,i do not know how long my own illness,lasted,but it seems in memory as if i woke to,find the house shrouded in darkness and,my mother changed beyond recognition,she kept her room for many months during,which i was allowed only brief,visits the blinds were always drawn,often she seemed,scarcely aware of my presence and when,at last,she began to sit up and then to emerge,from her room,stooped like an old woman her hair thin,and blank,she remained sunk in lightless misery,sometimes she would send from me,and then seemed to not know why i had,appeared,as if the wrong person had answered her,summons,whatever i ventured to say to her would,be met with the same lifeless,indifference,and if i sat in silence i would feel the,weight of her grief pressing upon me,until i feared i would suffocate,at home however my dead sister was,always with us,mama had made a shrine of alba's room a,small chamber,opening off her own bedroom keeping,everything as if alma might have,reappeared any moment,the idea came to me with the echo of my,own question to mrs graves,instead of trying to persuade mama to,join the society,i would summon alma's spirit myself,hello everyone adrian here so,today we are going to be doing a book,review however before we get into that i,have a couple of announcements,first of all i am very happy to announce,that i,finally have a job in phlebotomy and,i start at the end of this month i am,super excited about it,and thank you all for your support and,your encouragement,as far as my job hunting is concerned so,i got my license and,certification back in early 2020 but,ever since that time i have been looking,for entry-level jobs in phlebotomy,and just recently i lucked out and was,able to get a job here on the island in,phlebotomy i am super excited about,it again thank you all for your,encouragement and,your well wishes they have been much,much appreciated,and before we continue here i would also,like to mention since i'm talking about,a,book called sales you'll see in a minute,but i just wanted to mention sales,perfumes and they,are an independently owned company in,california,and they make amazing handmade perfumes,lotion oils room sprays candles,just wonderful wonderful stuff lately i,have been addicted to,their fragrances cemetery and la femme,phantom,and combining those two together,it's my signature scent i can't get away,from it and since i mentioned their,lotion oils they have recently come out,with a lotion oil that corresponds with,their,la femme phantom um scent which i am,absolutely in love with basically it's,their version,of chanel number five but i personally,think it's better and it's more unique,i love these oils they are wonderful for,keeping moist in the winter time,and no this is not sponsored i do not,have an affiliate link i am just giving,them a shout,out just because i love them and if you,guys want to check out,sales perfumes for yourselves go ahead,and look in the link below,and you will find their social media as,well as their website,so please go check them out so every now,and then i'll come across a gothic novel,written in recent times,and i'll go ahead and check it out this,was definitely the case with,the sales by john harwood,pretty exciting this the title alone is,just intriguing,these modern gothic novels will come up,in my recommended reading on my amazon,account from time to time which is,pretty cool,i'm always looking for new gothic novels,to read review and,share with you guys whether it's written,in the 19th century or the 21st,you never know what you can find and it,can be a treasure trove,i personally don't find anything wrong,with reading a gothic novel inspired by,the victorian era instead of just,restricting myself to the 19th century,though i'll always be digging for more,hidden gothic stories of the 19th,century that have been neglected or,forgotten,i adore stories about the occult in the,victorian era and,learning about the very birth of those,practices so,the plot of the sales certainly,intrigued me,set in late victorian england the seance,tells the story of constance langton,an alienated young woman who feels,rejected by her crust fallen mother's,long,dark obsession with her deceased baby,sister,it's to such an extent that constant,suspects that she isn't really her,mother's daughter,discovering her own seeming affinity for,psychical abilities and clairvoyance,constance hopes to br

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Brian John Harwood Interview with Patrice Whiffen -

Brian John Harwood Interview with Patrice Whiffen -

you're listening to country music,junkies hosted by patrice within,this week on country music junkies i am,pleased to be chatting with,brian john harwood how's it going,not too bad how are you i'm doing very,well thank you now i'm excited to chat,about your new solo project but i,i know there's listeners out there,saying okay why do i know that name,brian is half of kansas stone the duo,which is still,very much so a thing i don't want to,start any rumors they are doing music,and we love them still but brian you,have decided to,do this little solo project what,inspired this uh this side of your,career,um to be honest um,last march when everything shut down um,you know i just had so much free time,and right away i jumped into,a project uh for unison called together,were strong,with kansas stone but um you know,i was at home and what else to do as a,songwriter and stuff,so i just kept writing songs and and,recording and just,you know it gave me the opportunity i,never i never dreamed of being a solo,artist or doing,that but it really opened up um,you know a whole new world for me right,i was able to be more,you know personal with my songwriting,and like,i don't know it's just i think it all,worked out pretty good and i'm happy it,did,good i'm so glad to hear that that's,awesome and we're very excited about the,new music,let's first start with the current,single getaway the perfect,staycation song i was listening to it,last night actually and,absolutely loving it what is the story,behind that one and why should fans,check it out,well if anybody knows me they know,i love the summer time i love the,vacation i,i am not a winner guy in any means,necessary,and i was sitting there and i was,and i was just coming on like oh man i,wish i could get away get away,and then my producer dustin bird and i,were talking on the phone,and then i just had this idea of a,little catchy course,and stuff about you know me being a,vacation,for you know my girl if she had a rough,day kind of idea,and actually it was a very first song,and only song i've ever wrote,on a phone call,me and dustin were just sitting there,and um,and uh he was at home and we were just,talking on the phone and we ended up,finishing the whole song just,talking on the phone on speakerphone wow,yeah i love it amazing well that is,again it's a really cool tune very,relatable i think for everyone out there,who would love to be,on a getaway but i think it's definitely,a very,very relatable tune and very fun and,upbeat and i dig it,fans will include a link to that tune in,the posting of this interview,i want to kind of take things back a,little bit,to your song dad also a beautiful song,what's the story behind that other than,of course the obvious,yeah you know what that was still,probably to this day,or the fastest song i've ever wrote um,my dad was going in for a triple heart,bypass,and you know um i sat down with him,in the driveway before he got in the car,to head to the hospital,pretty much in tears and just i just,wanted to tell him how much he meant to,me in case,anything did happen of course and um,you know and the course in that song is,pretty much the words he told me and,then when he left,you know i grabbed my guitar and it just,came out of me and i wrote that,five years ago and i've always loved it,so much um,and i just wanted it out there and i was,able to have it,and have my dad in the video and stuff,so it means a lot to me that song,excellent well that is another great,tune now we chatted offline about what,is coming up next,for you and you told me that i'm allowed,to ask about this so i'm excited to,ask about your upcoming single,coming out in march called good boy,what's the story behind that tune,what would country music be without a,song about a dog right,of course so if anybody follows me on my,socials or instagram they,they know my dog lincoln and uh he's my,best buddy and,when i'm in my office and i'm working or,in my studio,uh there's a little bed for him right,behind me and,one day i was just sitting here and i,turned around and he was looking at me,and i,grabbed the guitar and i just uh it just,started coming out and,i liked it so much and i said you know,like it's a very,traditional country side for me right,it's it's stepping back a little bit but,that's what i love about my solo project,is i can just release music that i love,and i love everything from 90s,traditional to,you know the modern more pop feel i love,it all,so it really gives me a chance to,open up and show a bunch of different,sides for me for sure well we're loving,the music,keep it coming we're excited for what's,next if fans want to connect with you,where is the best place for them to go,you know you can go to instagram,facebook you go anywhere just type in,brian john harwood you'll see me,excellent amazing well brian thank you,so much for your time really appreciate,it,looking forward to seeing a live show,either,a brian john harwood show or a kansas,stone show,in the near

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Second Mondays with John Harwood

Second Mondays with John Harwood

good afternoon and welcome to the second,monday which is the third monday,we're scheduling this by continuing,resolution,but we do plan to go back to the,schedule of the second monday in,november and december,let me uh,begin by introducing our,special guests today is uh john harwood,and i'm going to read i'm going to,introduce them in three ways,uh the first way is to read,what the public says,and then i want to say a word and i'm,going to ask somebody else to say it,first the official bible,john harvard is chief washington,correspondents of cnbc and a political,writer for the new york times,harvard was born in louisville kentucky,and grew up in the maryland suburbs,outside of the nation's capital he has,been around journalism and politics all,his life,his first trip on a presidential,campaign press training came when he was,11 years old and accompanied his father,and actually i found elsewhere that uh,john was early into a political campaign,he campaigned for bobby kennedy,that was the same,year i was 11 years old,but he went a different direction while,still in high school he began his,journalism career as a coffee boy at the,washington star and studied history and,economics at duke university and,graduated mannington live there in 78.,in 1989 harvard was named neiman fellow,at harvard university where he spent the,89.90 academic year in 91 he joined the,wall street journal of white house,correspondents and was covering the,administration of george h w bush later,harwood reported on congress in 97 and,became the journal's political editor,and chief political correspondent,he writes the newspaper's political,column washington liar and oversees the,wall street journal,joined in cnbc is chief washington,correspondents,in addition to cnbc harvard offers,political,analysis on each press,and washington week in review among many,other television and radio programs and,has covered five presidential elections,there's the official one the other thing,i want to say is,you're one of those people on television,that i always,and i appreciate that very much,but i also want uh michael curry to say,a word about,that is hard to ask um i'll tell you a,little story because i know that john,trump was very wrong from that,introduction actually known him in a,variety of ways his father as mentioned,was my first boss dick harwood who's,then the editor of the trenton times,when i thought i was going to be a,journalist,and dick hartwick among other things,taught me i probably was not cut out to,be a journalist i probably had to go,into politics as a less noble profession,so,one contribution but i can also say that,those of you who are familiar with,political lore will appreciate this,i trust that i like to go on a trip on,the appalachian trail,with john harvey,which is a true story because,john and my wife have been very active,in a ministry called the wilderness,trail which is a,been started by his family through his,in-laws,and they go off together and camp with,youth groups on the appalachian trail so,he was a chaperone with my life on a,group that my son has been a part of and,uh,we've gotten to know each other very,well through that he was at my house,saturday night for exactly that i can,kind of on a personal side reflect on,john howard as someone who is a very,committed uh christian,and someone who i think thinks about,values and the things that matter in our,public life and how,those issues get addressed in our public,realm,he's enough of a cynical hard-bitten,reporter to know that those are not,always the issues of the day but,he's someone who brings a great deal of,grace and value,to the way in which he reports on,politics but sometimes whacked both of,those so,it's a great pleasure and thank you for,being with us at wesley seminary,before,i went with deborah mccurry to,chaperones,on the appalachian trail when mark,sanford the governor of south carolina,was busted,having an affair with somebody having,pulled the press that he was,and so when i was on tv before,leaving on this trip,uh one of the anchors said to me um,so i understand you're gonna be gone,next week where are you going i,thank you guys for having me here just,before we had the conversation,i'm always grateful to be um to ask to,speak to groups like this especially,when i remember the way i started the,business i started as a reporter for the,saint petersburg,very good paper,um but not terribly well known actually,and i remember my first campaign,that i covered was 1984 ronald reagan,was running for re-election,uh,mike's candidate john glenn had faltered,in the drive to the nomination,and,they told all of us on the white house,press corps,that we were going to a black tie,fundraiser for ronald reagan at the,central,los angeles,at that time i only owned one dark,studio i packed the dark suits flew out,to california went to this fancy,fundraiser and you know really impressed,by that,by all the big shots who were there,raising money for the president,and i go in

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