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John Cusack DESTROYS Me on Twitter | LOLJohn Cusack seems to be a little upset,with me I seem to ruf

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Updated on Jan 30,2023

John Cusack DESTROYS Me on Twitter | LOL

John Cusack seems to be a little upset,with me I seem to ruffled his feathers a,little bit didn't mean to like cause,such a big deal in Mr Cusack's life wait,John Cusack you know who this guy is,don't you it's a Hollywood actor,John Cusack he was in movies such as Con,Air and uh say anything he was also in,one of the greatest 80s film of all time,better off dead I want my two dollars if,you've never seen better off dead and,you like those cheesy 80s teen movies,then this is the movie for you I think,this is his greatest work ever but uh,anyway now I know for some of you when,you watch a John Cusack film this is,what happens to you I'm gonna use the,restroom real quick Champs,I got diarrhea,and uh you know it's kind of hard to,like want to go through all this when,it's just bubbling and I'm sitting here,and my stomach's bubbling but not me,John why did you block me man I didn't,really say anything that harshly come on,man come on do I need to go to your,house you know and stand there with a,speaker with a boom box just to win you,back so you'll unblock me on Twitter,I am going to do my best to explain,exactly what happened and why John,Cusack just lost his cool and his,marbles and tried to destroy me on,Twitter I'll let you be the judge if,anything I hope you find this somewhat,entertaining and laugh at my expense,which is totally fine and pretty easy to,do all right so this is what I said to,him okay you see that down there and he,quote tweeted me right John Cusack has,1.7 million followers on Twitter,congratulations and he has the right to,say whatever he wants on a social media,account can't take that away he's been,going off lately on calling anyone that,disagrees with him or anyone that he,doesn't like a fascist or saying you're,promoting fascism I mean he's just like,Non-Stop and for someone with that many,Twitter followers he was getting like,little or no response to a lot of those,tweets again that's just right he can,say whatever he wants and one in,particular he was really going off on a,lot of stuff like from religion to Elon,Musk and I just responded I was like hey,uh bro and the funny thing is he really,didn't like that I used the word bro uh,in this tweet I said you use the word,fascism in almost every tweet I'm not,sure you know the correct meaning okay,now the tweet that I was responding to,that he wrote about all these people he,deleted it right because people I wasn't,the only one people were responding,saying hey man like hey what what are,you talking about like this is a little,weird like like you're really just you,know going off here so he deleted,that sweet but he decided that he wanted,to make an example out of me so he quote,tweeted me off that deleted tweet to say,this,bro I actually do because I've read like,books and things totally bro he really,hates the fact that I use the word bro I,know like totally what it means and guys,like you yeah me only discover what it,means after it's too late there are like,documentaries and crap that you can,watch,so that got him all upset now when I try,to respond,John Cusack blocked me so he quote,tweeted me then he blocked me so I,couldn't respond,and so then when I went into the,responses from another account you know,from uh incognito mode whatever you want,to use,um,people were saying dude like what are,you doing it was like a 50 50. people,are like saying this drunk guy is right,and John you're wrong and other ones are,like saying uh this drunk guy is an,idiot stuff like that so and he tried to,boost up his fan base like,coming on me by retweeting it himself,so he retweeted it himself and so then I,just put out I was like well John Cusack,quoted me then blocked me are people,saying anything nice and quotes sweet I,thought it was funny it's in his right,he could say whatever he wants but I,didn't know I'd upset him this much and,I mean I appreciate everyone coming and,defending and I also appreciate the ones,that are saying I'm an idiot or whatever,that's your right you can go off but uh,he's getting totally wrecked I'm just,saying he's getting totally wrecked this,is on my post people saying he doesn't,know what he's talking about how could,he do this it just shows how Hollywood,is and then Matthew Marsden gets,involved Matthew Marson who was in Black,Hawk Down who was in Rambo who was in,Reacher I mean he's like not all actors,are like this I promise,and what does John do John doesn't do,anything doesn't say anything back to,his fellow actor no because you don't,don't agree with him he doesn't want you,around he's gonna call you a fascist,that seems to be his name of choice and,uh he goes and he blocks them,but then another actor Nick Cersei gets,involved and he's like what John Cusack,doesn't realize is that he's the fascist,reading for understanding is hard now,does John say anything back to Nick no,John does the same thing he's like I,don't want these people in my timeline I,don't want to see what they have to say,so I'm just going to blo

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John Cusack Shows His TRUE Colors with this Disgusting Twitter Rant Against President Trump

John Cusack Shows His TRUE Colors with this Disgusting Twitter Rant Against President Trump

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John Cusack Attacks Assange With Bizarre Conspiracy Theory

John Cusack Attacks Assange With Bizarre Conspiracy Theory

i just want to talk about julian assange,for a second because we have some sad,news,assange's fiance urges biden to free,licky week's founder to show us his,change,okay that's a good headline uh john,cusack,the the actor who used to be one of my,favorite favorite actors,gross point blank was such a great movie,uh,he says sad truth is julian sided with,trump,in all reality his position was better,for trump to win and expose the rot,a kind of scorched earth revolutionary,politics,where is he getting this from so john,cusack is just is he did he take did he,take some mushrooms where are you,getting this from john,he had nothing to lose and possibly gain,his freedom but it was a weak immoral,bet,and massive suffering ensued what is,your evidence of this john,to the to the star of say anything just,because you can say anything doesn't,mean you should,the guy's being tortured right now john,for journalism,and you're saying he's an enemy and he's,weak and immoral,what what is your evidence of this job,by the way john,cusack has me blocked so i couldn't,engage with him on this,i guess john wants his takes to be as,dated as his career,that's what this this this has got to be,in the top five of shittiest tweets of,all time,that's gotta be his his he's so shitty,his,tweet is so shitty even his punctuation,bailed on him,the dnc cheated and we got trump,i blamed the guy who told us about it,that's what he's doing that's what he's,doing,hillary lost because julian assange made,her look bad,hillary won the popular vote those are,the same people,those are the same people hillary won,the popular vote,she lost because julian assange back,what the f maybe she lost because of the,electoral college is a ridiculous system,maybe she lost because she's a horrible,candidate maybe she lost because the dnc,cheated the guy who could have beat him,no it was some weird conspiracy what is,this,what is that what is that,i'm not kidding when i say i don't know,if i should make fun of john cusack,because i think he's mentally ill,i don't you don't want to make fun of,the mentally ill,and i i'm not kidding that's mentally,ill,trump is bad so journalists must die,that's what he's saying,that's what john cusack is saying trump,is bad so journalists must die,john that's absolutely not true and you,should know better he didn't side with,anyone,he did his job as a publisher you're,really off base on this one that's ron,placon,ron pacone very restrained,julian was reportedly offered a party so,this is so listen to this,john cusack julian assange was offered a,pardon,by trump if he revealed his source for,the dnc emails this is reportedly,if he revealed his source for the dnc,emails i think it was even a congressman,who said this,anyway so tru he was offered a deal,a pardon by trump if he revealed the,source of the dnc emails,which he says wasn't from russia so,julian assange says,they didn't get the dnc emails from,russia,instead of siding with trump and winning,freedom julian cited with his vow,not to reveal sources trump,administration then indicted him,so when he was offered the deal he stuck,by his sources and then he got into so,he's doing the exact opposite of what,john cusack is saying,here's david frum agreeing with john,cusack,he says fiance of one of donald trump's,most effective allies urges president,biden to pardon,that donald trump ally for his,clandestine work in support of donald,trump in order to prove,that the u.s has overcome the legacy of,donald trump,logic um,that's not what's happening he doesn't,even get the story right,that's not what's happening interesting,how david frum chooses to advertise his,ignorance on a public forum,assange is not imprisoned for u.s war,for exposing u.s war crimes,he's i mean that's what he's imprisoned,for he's not imprisoned for the dnc,corruption,which is what david from is saying they,want biden to pardon donald,trump ally for his clandestine work in,support of donald trump no that's not,what they want the pardons for,the pardon is for the pardon is for,he exposed u.s war crimes that's what,they're prosecuting him for,not for the dnc server not for the weak,they're they're,prosecuting him for the war crimes,i support her free speech and the,freedom of press but julian assange is,nothing but a criminal,and should be in prison this is the kind,of stuff people say,julian assange helped russia elect trump,he deserves everything he gets this is,what people say,this is what john cusack and the young,turks prop up,julian assange worked hand in glove with,putin to elect trump,he can rot in jail and in hell,thereafter says claude taylor,so these are the kind of,wow wow,that's claude taylor kremlin cruz this,is the kind of these are the kind of,people these people are,worked in the clinton white house worked,in the clinton white house,jesus christ,julian assange was working with if not,for vladimir putin i don't care what his,mommy or roger water says,and who's that that's i'm with the,resistance writer

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John Cusack VS Nina Inifinity! Twitter Fight! SimpCast with Vic Mignogna, Chrissie Mayr, Venti

John Cusack VS Nina Inifinity! Twitter Fight! SimpCast with Vic Mignogna, Chrissie Mayr, Venti

uh the other day John Cusack blocked me uh because  I was like well I mean he was being mean to one of  ,my friends like online he he um he called one of  my friends Tom a bot and I was like actually no  ,he's a YouTuber and he's like you know part of  Midnight's Edge and he's right about what he's  ,saying because all he said was people like you  like celebrities like you all you do is you know  ,lean on that political side and that's it like  that's all you have to offer and and I I thought  ,he was right about what he was saying and he's  just like oh you're bought and and I was like  ,no he's a YouTuber and and then he went off on  this tirade about how YouTubers are a bunch of  ,like this and that and the other but then like  he ended up deleting all of it and he blocked a  ,whole bunch of us and I was like why is he like  losing his mind like all of a sudden John Cusack  ,just went off on Twitter and then deleted all  of it I was like I'm sorry for just joining but  ,I didn't I did not see that that you were gonna  say John Cusack yeah it was so weird just so much  ,yes Chicago boy yeah it just went off I was  like what is happening to John Cusack right  ,now it's like dude it's so funny sometimes I feel  like celebrities like that too when they start  ,getting very political and very like standing on  their on the podium to tell people how they should  ,think I feel like that's a person who's just had  smoke blown up their ass for so long they think  ,that everything that they say is like the gospel  yeah and it's just it just gets so tedious yeah  ,you are so right they get so they get so bloated  with their own sense of self oh the world needs  ,to know what I think about this yes he doesn't  and people don't really care what you think no  ,nobody cares but yeah yeah chances are your IQ is  probably like I don't know like a 20. I mean but  ,that's the thing too right like I would I would  much rather have somebody somebody be a really  ,good actor you know what I mean I don't know like  you can't be good at everything so you're good at  ,acting but maybe you're not so good at politics  that's why I like actors that don't say anything  ,it's like they just do their job and then they  don't they don't really talk about anything is  ,it costing you like thinking like it's so crazy  like what do you think own says she like come  ,on you better not do that like well what are  you doing like are they thinking like why what  ,would make him do such a thing yeah I don't know  I think maybe he was high like he feels irrelevant  ,and then he's just like I I'm gonna pick a fight  with a bunch of people online for no reason I  ,like to tell you Nina is that I am canceling my  membership to the John Cusack fan club right now,  ,you sure showed him Vic right get his events too  oh my God I think the reason that celebrities lean  ,so far to the left it's because obviously it's  the favorable thing to do and I think that in  ,itself shows that they are not really putting much  thought into it they don't have much to contribute  ,because it's like oh that's the default opinion  you're just saying what everyone else is saying  ,oh yeah yeah and people they want to stay relevant  yeah and people that cast them in shows and run  ,you know networks and and production companies  you want to ingratiate yourself to those people  ,um you know one of the reasons that several people  jumped on the bandwagon industry people jumped on  ,the bandwagon against me is because a couple  of the people on the other side of this thing  ,are people that do casting and people  that that that have the power to give  ,actors roles in shows so they want  to ingratiate themselves to to those  ,people and then see here I'm with you I'm on  your side please cast me in your next show,yeah you're in yeah I mean I mean you an actor  that must be the hardest thing ever to do because  ,yeah you're gonna have to like deal with  casting directors and they won't like I  ,I can't even imagine do you guys think  that Twitter contributed to this because before  ,celebrities could tweet couldn't they just  shut the up way more and now everyone  ,hasn't even using Twitter for example  they're implicated and everything pretty  ,um I'm gonna say but like in the 70s who was  the guy who had a Native American speak for  ,him on stage like there were these um oh it's uh  Martin Scorsese no no is that who it was it's uh  ,yeah I know it's like escaping  but you know who I'm talking about  ,yeah I'll tell you Marlon Brando I  know Marlon Brando yes yes I have no  ,idea I feel like there have been these  grandiose sort of public statements but  ,I don't know it's just I I always feel like what's  the point because at some point shit's gonna come  ,out about you because you're not a perfect person  and that all that stuff just gets well see like I  ,love Marlon Brando and like I love you know  Streetcar Named Desire and like I thought  ,he was a brilliant actor an

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Why Hollywood Won't Cast John Cusack Anymore

Why Hollywood Won't Cast John Cusack Anymore

John Cusack has played some of the most iconic roles of all time.,From Say Anything to High Fidelity, Bullets Over Broadway to Being John Malkovich, Cusack,has charmed audiences for decades.,But although the talented, versatile actor has been in the business over 30 years, his,career isn't what it used to be.,Why?,Let's take a look back and see why John Cusack hasn't graced our screens for a while.,He called Hollywood "a whorehouse",In an interview with The Guardian about his role in the Hollywood satire Map to the Stars,,John Cusack came clean about his views on the strange world of Hollywood.,Cusack commented that the old ways of filmmaking are gone and now everything revolves around,franchises and huge stars...which isn't really all that off the mark.,As he puts it, "The culture just eats young actors up and spits them out.,It's a hard thing to survive without finding safe harbor.",It's easy to understand his seeming hesitation to fight for stardom in an industry he's lost,trust in considering his views on Hollywood.,He went on to describe it by saying, "[Hollywood is] a whorehouse and people go mad.",Writing films,Not content to be a just an actor, Cusack has co-written a few of his most popular films.,He co-wrote the screenplays for High Fidelity and Grosse Pointe Blank, proving that he knows,a few things about dark comedy and oddball characters.,"Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable?,Or was I miserable because I listened to pop music?",More recently, he co-wrote the political film War, Inc. as well as We Are Not Animals, which,is, fittingly, a film about an actor getting tired of Hollywood.,Though it doesn't look like he has any new screenplays in the works as of the making,of this video, he's still been writing quite a bit.,The only difference is he's turned his writing efforts to the political arena.,Politically active,John Cusack isn't your typical actor interested in the political world.,When Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal all stopped taking payments intended for Wikileaks in,2010, Cusack became a founding member of the Freedom of the Press Foundation in response.,The Foundation's main goal is to protect the privacy of the journalists willing to deal,with potentially dangerous subjects.,"It's an advocacy group just uh, try to protect the rights of journalists to do their job.,Protect their sources.",Through crowdfunding, they help different press organizations stay afloat regardless,of outside pressures.,Cusack has written many articles for the site and is clearly passionate about the issue,of freedom of speech.,Cusack has also written over 20 articles for the Huffington Post, and in 2014, he traveled,to Russia with Arundhati Roy and Daniel Ellsberg to meet with Edward Snowden.,Roy and Cusack wrote a series of essays about their conversations with Snowden which they,formed into the book Things That Can and Cannot Be Said.,Cusack is still devoted to activism and it's obvious he's not happy just resting on his,celebrity — he wants to make a real difference.,And with so much time spent in the political arena, it's no wonder he doesn't light up,the marquee as much anymore.,Aging out of the rom-com,Cusack started out as a teenage heartthrob, playing the sweet, slightly nerdy guy who'd,do anything for his girl.,"Gee, I'm real sorry your mom blew up Ricky.",But nobody can play the handsome leading man forever.,Though Cusack often branched out to do less mainstream work like Being John Malkovich,and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, he kept taking lead roles.,And those movies got worse and worse — at least according to critics...and box office,receipts.,Sure, he's got High Fidelity, but he also made Must Love Dogs, Serendipity, and America's,Sweethearts, and you didn't even realize those clips were out of order.,And he definitely wasn't in American Beauty.,"American Beauty?,What's funny about that?","You were in that","No I wasn't!",American Beauty?",It seems that mainstream Hollywood wants to put him in leading roles in dull action flicks,or rom-coms, whereas Cusack clearly wants to go in a different direction, like the killer,roles he played in The Frozen Ground and The Paperboy.,When Hollywood only wants to see you play the same thing over and over again, it's no,wonder Cusack is a little hesitant to keep taking on huge leads.,Straight to DVD,Cusack hasn't been in as many blockbusters as he used to.,But that doesn't mean he's given up acting.,In fact, Cusack's been making tons of movies.,Between 2012 and 2016, he made a whopping 17 films.,The reason you might not be aware of that insane productivity is that most of the films,wind up going straight to video-on-demand or DVD.,And they tend to be...well, unimpressive, like Reclaim or the fake-sounding Drive Hard.,Four of his films since 2014 got critics' ratings below 5% on Rotten Tomatoes.,That's full-blown Nicolas Cage territory.,"I'm gonna try and kill the man!",Just kidding.,Nic Cage is in a league of his own.,Critically ignored,That

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John Cusack Confronted By Barstool Idiot

John Cusack Confronted By Barstool Idiot

yeah,this bar stool supports employees about,to pick a fight with the wrong guy at,the Chicago White Sox game,this is famous actor in Chicago,political activist John Cusack and he's,about to school this man on some White,Sox trivia,half the phone about being a fan is,being miserable you can't just go to the,cup side when I went to the boat parks,but that doesn't count you can't do that,that's like against rules that's the,best part I have in Chicago is that you,got two teams to root for we'll have,we'll have to agree to disagree agree to,disagree I guess steaks,he's number one on my band list,I'm ravana and welcome back to Rebel HQ,as a Chicago native in a lifelong Cubs,fan I have to say I take John Cusack's,side on this issue but I do love to,listen to a White Sox fan and moan so,can we roll that back really quick,stinks,stinks Cusack he's Bears he's number one,on my band list,Sarah's pants unfortunately for White,Sox Dave he is not the Arbiter of who is,and who is not allowed to watch a game,at Old Kaminsky and John Cusack doesn't,seem to give a flying about what,Barstool has to say about him going to,watch a White Sox game in response to,the viral video Cusack said I never,heard of Barstool Sports site but a,friend sent me this Barstool is a,monument to in your face ignorant,sophomoric white boy slash Girl bro,culture so hey guys have fun do your,thing just don't fight the adults they,might not find you so cute and in a true,Testament to Chicago solidarity and like,many Cubs fans before him Cusack enjoys,games on both the North side and the,South Side and he's got my support as,long as I don't see him sporting a,Cardinal's hat but Cusack doesn't just,take a stand when it comes to the,politics of Chicago baseball he's also,been fighting for radical change to,improve the conditions of the American,working class these 40 years we've,endured class Warfare from above and for,40 years Bernie sander was there,fighting the back he's talking about a,radical,redistribution of Economic and political,power to benefit working people and now,the country is finally catching up with,Bernie's moral Vision so comrade Cusack,if I ever run into you on a game on the,North side or the South Side you gotta,let me buy you a beer

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What happens when John Cusack calls you?

What happens when John Cusack calls you?

so was it a different i mean were you,nervous about entering that world was,that a world you had known previously i,mean have you ever written oh i was very,nervous i was saying,that there was a guy who liked one of my,books,a book called eduva and he wanted to,uh,um make it into a movie or write a,script and he,and so he arranged a screening of one of,his movies,in manhattan and i went to see it and um,i said okay i mean i didn't see any,reason for saying no,really and he wrote a script and,um,it was really the book kind of typed,into final draft it was,there you know but and and he he was a,nice guy were you not happy about that,no,i was fine i just i just thought huh i,just may be saying hmm,i don't know if you've ever used final,draft final draft is a,it's a it's a screenwriting program i'm,aware of it yeah but it's very it does a,lot of things,like it almost immediately you you can,just you type something on it and,suddenly,it formats it and you have like 30 pages,of a script and you had just written,your name or something,it almost likes writes for you yeah for,itself,that but so i think that was,and then um we worked together a bit on,that and then,we did a couple of other things together,okay he lived in,he lived in l.a um and,we never thought about moving out there,i have thought about it,many times and i've spent a lot a lot a,lot of time in los angeles,but through this guy i be i began,doing some screenplays of my some with,him and then some on my own,um and then you know,had some representation and started,doing that a bit,and and at some point,and this was a kind of pivotal,thing that happened and a pivotal in,terms of a very,good long-standing relationship,um the the actor john cusack,read one of my books at you babe the,same book same book,and but this was later and at some point,um john cusack got in touch with me,and at the time i was when he got in,touch with me i was working,on a television show actually that that,uh peter the director peter berg uh,was doing for abc and i was working on,it and,cusack called the office i remember this,very well because um,well people were not believing that this,person was actually calling me,um anyway we,started uh working together on things,and,um became became friends we're very good,friends to this day,and and john was very helpful in getting,me little things to the script doctoring,things and whatnot,and that became script doctoring for,people that don't know,a silly term just means,uh there's a script and the producers,think it needs a little work,you know a little doctoring you know so,and,so that turned out all of that turned,out to be,oh probably over the last 15 20 20 years,the way that i support myself through,doing that,now and then and and then my books

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John Cusack on Friendship with Michael Jordan & Bernie Supporters for Biden

John Cusack on Friendship with Michael Jordan & Bernie Supporters for Biden

our first guest tonight is one of the,best loved actors you know from some of,the best love movies,ever his new series utopia is on amazon,prime video say hello to john cusack,hey john,i yelled at the crew um because they,were not responding to my jokes and now,they're over responding to me,i wouldn't call them an audience because,have you played with the laugh track yet,or no no,no did you have to do it no laugh track,but we're this close we're real close,i might be the guy i would appreciate it,i could use,all the help i could get hey by the way,um i know it was a few months back but,i enjoyed seeing you in the last dance,the michael jordan documentary talking,about,uh michael and the bulls and that just,as a fan and you're a,you're a time fan obviously,absolutely absolutely i was uh i was,lucky enough to grow up in chicago when,jordan first came into the league and,watched his rise,and watch him kind of conquer the,detroit pistons and then start his,reign as the best basketball player ever,with all due respect to lebron and all,the others i just,there's never been anybody like michael,so it was uh you're my time in chicago,in your mind is there any possibility,that lebron could surpass michael like,say if lebron were to win four more,titles,would he pass jordan they're all so good,it's just the,the thing for me which i don't know if,it's a good thing or a bad thing but,like hockey,used to be a lot tougher like they used,to fight over right knocking,and when michael was coming up if,somebody went into the paint,to try to get above the rim like anthony,mason was going to hit you and you were,going to go down,so it was a lot tougher game so i just,remembered that,and so it makes his accomplishments to,me seem even more incredible,you became friendly with michael jordan,are you would you say he's a friend of,yours an acquaintance how would you you,would say so yeah yeah yeah it's uh i,would say,you know acquaintance friend uh chicago,guys what does that mean like do you,hang out together do you go places do,you meet places,yeah um you know we went out a couple,times um,and back then it was a time when there,was no um you know cell phones,yes and there were no pictures so you,could kind of get lost in a bar pretty,pretty well and so if you did roughhouse,with guys like that so i went out one,night with jordan and,um and let's see the super bowl mvp,richard dent and they started,roughhousing and,and uh before i knew it richard dent had,lifted me over his head with one,arm really yeah i thought he might have,thrown me through the ceiling,i thought it was you know a great peril,did you do anything to earn that or was,he just,it was it just a feat of strength it was,just sort of a little bit of,roughhousing and alcohol with people,that were really big and strong,when you talked to michael jordan i'm,i'm just interested in your friendship,because,i think you are a chicago icon in a,similar way that he is,um yeah but you are i mean listen it's,not michael jordan but,like for me i'm just like i just fan out,and i geek out right so i say,michael who is the toughest uh here's a,question if you asked who is the,toughest person,to defend against the great michael,jordan in his whole career,who would he answer without a split,second who is his answer,interesting uh guy i don't know,who did he ask he without a second's,hesitation he says kevin mchale,kevin of the celtics wow really we're,talking about old school yeah,so i would just you know geek out with,that stuff was kevin mchale even,on jordan a lot i wonder or maybe there,was just one,when he first scored i think 63 or 70,points against the celtics back when,larry bird and,parrish and mchale was on that team he,said that he was,that's why he developed his fade away,jump shot i think was to get away from,kevin mchale,wow that's well that's uh that's got to,be exciting for kevin mchale i would,think huh,i was i was i was amazed and then you,know it's like if you,in chicago if you hang out and we i used,to hang out and,pick greg maddox brain who was the great,pitcher of course,what do i what can you tell me that no,one knows about your hall of fame career,and he said i want to give up the most,o2 hits in history i'm never wasting,that o2 pitch,wow just portuguese he's from my,hometown of las vegas uh greg maddox so,you're talking my language there,now there's a photograph i want to ask,you about because this is the last time,that michael and kobe played against,each other in a game,michael was with the wizards and there,you are the big gulp or something in,your hand,yeah it is a big gulp and everyone's,laughing,and what do you remember anything about,this moment i know it's just something,that,that was snapped and maybe you don't oh,of course i remember i remember i,remember every game that i think michael,played,and all of it and then when he came back,with the wizards i would go to as many,as i could,he'd go off on the bench and i'd say,come back in he would say no,no

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