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Updated on Jan 22,2023

the movies TV mad daily John campea calls me out on twitter for loving movies

welcome back to movies tv mad and,wednesday's edition of the movies tv mad,daily you can follow me on twitter at,moviestv mad yes on today's movies tv,mad daily later on we'll be talking,about the flash michael keaton in the,flash and getting very hyped and very,excited but the main talking point today,is is that john campio believes i know,nothing about the movie industry so,let's read what he had to say to me but,this is what i said first,by the way he's now gone on to block me,because we all know these people can't,stand a constructive debate no it's all,about what they think let's be,absolutely clear here people like john,campier and grace randolph are dinosaurs,they're from yesterday,and i am tomorrow so let's give this a,reach he was basically shilling on three,guy or the new ryan reynolds movie this,is what i had to say because i've been,triggered ever since he did a video,saying that james gunn's a suicide squad,is a flop as you know i don't believe,the movie is a flop anyway here we go,enjoy these movies pundits remember you,don't have shares in studios unless you,do so don't worry about box office just,enjoy your early screenings and tell us,about the movies we don't care about,money and i want you to i want you to,know wb are extremely happy with the,money for ss the suicide squad this is,how and i said this i commented on his,friend anyway this is what he said to me,before he blocked me,don't worry about box office,is something said by people who,fundamentally don't understand the,movies how they work and what determines,which movies we get,and don't get or audience patterns box,office means a lot it's not just some,random number first of all john i didn't,say don't worry about box office i meant,you in your conversations don't worry,about box office you took out what i,said out of context purposely but now we,are going to we are i'm going to show,you what else i said to him to cause him,to block me,so let's continue,john i never said i understood box,office but the truth is you're calling,the film a flop shows you don't,understand box office either but luckily,for me i watch and talk about movies,because i like movies i don't have any,shares in studios,i go on,the cultural obsession with consumers,and pundits talking more about box,office rather than the actual shows,actual movies shows a big problem with,the conversation around film prove to me,after its global run that it will be on,a loss then we will talk till then enjoy,your paul,peace,right,but then i carry on because i can't help,myself because he's triggered me but,let's break this down i i a non-wb,shareholder doesn't understand a play a,film a story i'm watching because i,don't care about the box office i think,john if you understood the industry you,would still be working in it because he,claims he used to be part of the,industry right,no a flop is something that takes less,than his budget by its final run but of,course people these days call a flop,what they think should have taken more,money,i then quote tweet what he said to me,because i'm not triggered i'm glad to,see john has seen the final global run,and knows that the film will earn less,than its budget i'm glad john knows,exactly how many subscribers and,sponsorships the film brought to hbo max,sounds like i'm not the only one who,doesn't understand i thought that was a,break a great quote tweet by me even if,i do say so myself,but you know what,at the end of the day you are dealing,with dinosaurs because the truth is and,it's not just campia it's not just,randolph it's not just the youtubers but,it's you the consumer as well who simply,don't understand what's happening here,because from the moment,the suicide squad was announced as a day,and date and he was going to be on hbo,max it had already made its ,money back and beyond that if you knew,the figure this film made before a movie,cinema ticket was sold,you would your head would open up and,you would go insane we are talking about,aquaman money before they sell a ticket,for the movie theater or the joker money,that's the type of money i'm talking,about and you don't believe me do you i,know the figures i understand you see,john because i do know what's going on,as i said before i am tomorrow and you,are yesterday you are my friend a,prehistoric dinosaur the box office,matters and if you think the box office,doesn't matter the box office mattered,right,the book that 26 million and by the way,they keep on chucking that 26 million,and not mentioning the other money it's,made globally right,this movie,even in terms of movie theaters by end,of its run will make a little bit of,profit not much,right,i've tried to not go into the pandemic,but,the,the variant or whatever you call it,right the new the delta variant is very,serious in america it's hit all over the,world and now it's hit america you know,hospitals are full they don't know what,to do people are angry you know there'll,be lockdowns again it's very very bad in,america i

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Investigation Shows Twitter Bots Rigged The Zack Snyder “Fan Favorite” Oscar Wins

Investigation Shows Twitter Bots Rigged The Zack Snyder “Fan Favorite” Oscar Wins

chris,what is our third main topic our third,topic comes from super mario i love you,man,hello john and crew i just read an,article from the rap that claimed that,the oscar fan favorite twitter poll was,rigged by bots to cast votes for army of,the dead,bots are nothing new but this is a huge,problem for the academy as fan votes can,be manipulated by a small majority,thoughts are up well,if there's one thing you should never,underestimate it's young people with,their computers,and uh,especially you should not underestimate,zack snyder's fan base fanatical and,when you put computers and their fan,bases together especially zack snyder,you wind up with this so,first of all i gotta i gotta give it up,give it up for them uh this comes to us,from heroic hollywood,for the cheer worthy moment,zack snyder's justice league won the,online twitter poll for when the flash,entered the speed force,his netflix film army of the dead won,the fan favorite film of 2021.,now however it appears both of these,oscar polls were rigged,according to a report from the rap the,majority of those who voted in the two,oscar categories were autonomous web,programs reports from tweet binder a,hashtag analytics tracking tool reveal,that the most active contributors to,both polls were made up of these,programs that cast thousands of fake,votes for army of the dead and zack,snyder's justice league david kirsch a,university of maryland professor agreed,that the majority of the pro zack snyder,accounts,didn't appear to be made by a human,user wow,i mean somebody could then you know,maybe make the joke that zack snyder's,movies are not necessarily made by a,human,as well but i am not one of those people,it was you man no no no no no,look i have to say that that i army of,the dead was actually the first film i,saw after the pandemic it was the first,movie i went to the theater to see and i,have to say you know,i zack sander did something the original,dawn of the dead is one of my favorite,movies of all time and i couldn't,believe that somebody would dare remake,it,and i remember going in to see dawn of,the dead you know with a scowl on my,face even though james gunn wrote it i,was i was so ready to hate that movie i,wanted to hate zack snyder i wanted to,hate dawn of the dead and i was like,that's pretty good yeah i mean i i liked,it i thought it was it was good,and i thought what he did with with 300,the way he really brought to life frank,miller's graphic novel i thought it was,incredible,and while,yes it's true,i never thought we would ever,get a snyder cut of justice league,and i never thought it would happen,however when hbo max was created i then,changed my tune and said you know,now there's somebody to pay for it and i,was there for it and i really liked zack,snyder's justice league i bought the 4k,disc in europe before it was even,available here,and i am a zack snyder fan i even liked,sucker punch you know can i say that i,know,look there's that's one of logan's there,are certain joys to be had in that movie,yeah wink wink nudge nuts,uh i i think there's a lot of really,interesting visuals,i was not a fan of army of the dead,to be honest i saw it i thought it was a,little all over the place so i i was not,you know i'm not some uh zack snyder,acolyte that'll just love everything,he he's working on however i'm really,excited about his new netflix deal and,he's making his film rebel moon,now oh but now let me ask 10 out of 10,baby,rebel moon it's got to be your biggest,upcoming title nine out of ten he put,rebel in there,so it would have been 10 out of 10.,obedience,well let me ask you guys,rob gave it's the big sigh he's like i'm,trying to run a show here that's true,no so let me ask you does this surprise,you ray that,people would use computers to manipulate,voting for a zack snyder movie to get an,award you know i kind of wish i thought,about this topic more because i would,want to pull up a list of all the ones,that were nominated for fan favorite and,then maybe because i did like uh zack,snyder's justice league so if there was,nothing else on that list that i liked i,probably would have voted for it so um,i i i'm not surprised uh people use bots,all the time instagram twitter whatever,just to get like the clout or whatever i,i watch youtube videos about how this,particular person used bots to get to,where they are and this and that and so,like,i wouldn't i'm not surprised i'm not,surprised but does it change anything i,i i wasn't gonna vote in that fan vote,even though it was like if the oscar,said,oscars for you or something like that,you know that little headline was the,oscar goes to you and then the two uh,categories um,i wouldn't vote it anyway so,maybe the bots should have voted because,no one else would have voted but here,here's the thing i i do think that,there's something to be said that the,fact that the snyder cut got made,is kind of a triumph of fandom,um there's a lot of people that kept it,alive the the snyder cut fans did

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Hugh Jackman Vs John Krasinski And Ryan Reynolds Twitter Feud

Hugh Jackman Vs John Krasinski And Ryan Reynolds Twitter Feud

all right let's move on to email number,two and the second email today comes us,from Greg pan ovitch who writes I'm a,huge huge Jackman fan so I was wondering,if you saw the little Twitter drama,between him John Krasinski and Ryan,Reynolds over Emily Blunt these guys are,all priceless I loved it all right so,for those who may not have heard about,this first of all Hugh Jackman John,Krasinski and Ryan Reynolds have to be,three of your favorite guys in Hollywood,I have had the pleasure of meeting all,these guys these guys are all super fun,super authentic and just just great to,be around and we've known for a long,time there's been this kind of like,online bromance between Ryan Reynolds,and Hugh Jackman they've had some great,Twitter exchanges before but here's what,he's talking about in the email today,this is great in case you missed it,because this is I mean it's just simple,little fluff but anyway it started with,this Hugh Jackman went and did this,event with Emily Blunt this variety does,this thing called actors on actors where,actors interview each other right and I,guess Hugh Jackman did one with Emily,Blunt so Hugh Jackman puts out this,tweet with him you know with his arm,around Emily Blunt and he said had the,pleasure of chatting with the amazing,Emily Blunt today at variety hashtag,actors on actors at the front-runner and,of course at Mary Poppins giving her a,little bit of promotion great you know,Hugh Jackman does this thing with Emily,Blunt gets on Twitter raves about her,promotes her upcoming movie wonderful,Hugh Jackman former reigning sexiest man,alive,so anyway it progresses from there and,John Krasinski puts out a tweet showing,another picture that Hugh Jackman had,with him and of course Emily getting a,little bit closer and John Krasinski,writes this which I just thought was,gold Krasinski writes easy Hugh not sure,that is what variety meant by actors on,actors which I thought was hilarious,don't make me think I can hurt you which,is awesome not don't make me hurt you,Krasinski rights don't make me,I can hurt you so that on top of that,Ryan Reynolds can't resist getting,involved and Ryan Reynolds writes this,is a call to action this man must be,stopped and listen I just thought it was,hilarious it's always really cool I,think we as fans really enjoy it when we,get some our favorite movie,personalities get online and have some,fun with with each other like we have,fun with our own friends it's always,cool to see that but Krasinski's don't,make me don't make me think I can hurt,you and that's not what they meant by,actors and a skirt actors on actors and,Ryan Reynolds right this man must be,stopped with the picture that they used,I thought it was hilarious,anyways if you haven't seen it by the,way if you're not following Ryan,Reynolds on Twitter you absolutely must,the dude is absolutely hilarious and the,funniest stuff Ryan Reynolds does on,Twitter I love that when he starts,talking about his kids because he's,brutal when he talks about his kids he's,always talking about what dicks his kids,are which is always hilarious one of my,favorite tweets he ever put out was he,was talking about house I think he said,his kid comes and says daddy where does,the Sun go at nighttime and Ryan said it,goes to the same place where daddy's,free time went after you were born which,I just thought was amazing but you got,to follow these guys on Twitter it's a,lot of fun it's pretty funny to go check,that out so thanks for asking about it,cuz I got a big kick out of that

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John Campea's use of the N Word and his thoughts on diversity in Hollywood.

John Campea's use of the N Word and his thoughts on diversity in Hollywood.

I was trying to explain the twins to,somebody and basically it's this the,twins are too hood that talk,ridiculous jive are illiterate and I'm,not making that they actually reveal,that in the movie they're illiterate,they can't even read they you know they,talk like this and they have buck teeth,or one of them even has a big buck gold,tooth and stuff like that look I keep,hearing about this whole oscarssowhite,thing about people talking about,boycotting the Oscars because none of,the lead actors are supporting actresses,this year or are all white there there,are no african-american nominees this,year I'm gonna say something here Rob,that is gonna piss off everybody uh-oh,I'm gonna piss off everybody I am one of,those people that I do not believe,Jordan Peele deserved a nomination the,Oscars so white outrage is actually,complete pardon my language but,it's absolute total now you,know black this if you saw my review,forget out you know I think that movie,was great and you know what I think he,did a great job directing it especially,when you consider it is his first,feature film however there are about 10,other great films I think we're better,than it maybe you actually were probably,about 20 other great films that I,thought were better than it this year,and and about 10 to maybe 11 other,directors and I thought did a better job,than Jordan Peele hood diversity,amongst awards is not the Oscars job,diversity and opportunity is Hollywood's,job now so all the nominees come out for,Best Actor Best Actress Best Supporting,Actress Best Supporting Actor and and,none of them are white and out comes all,this outrage girl if one of them being,led by Jada Pinkett Smith who is let's,be honest is just buttered that her,husband wasn't nominated so there's a,little bit of bias there anyway hood, if the Academy was a one-person,organization that was me Jordan Peele,wouldn't have gotten nominated for Best,Director this year and get out would not,have gotten nominated for Best Picture I,think it's a great movie I think you did,a great job I cannot wait to see what,Jordan Peele does next,you know they tell,this but they don't want to address,bigger and harder issues they just,wanted to point a finger sale at the,Oscars they're the problem they're not,the problem they're clearly not the,problem so anyway that's just my little,thing on why I believe this whole,oscarssowhite thing is complete and,utter,being spearheaded by people who are,misguided misplaced and completely,missing the point who st. bolt Usain,Bolt the most dominant hundred meter,dash runner in history people will break,his records moving forward but he nobody,will dominate the sport like he,dominated track and field nobody will,dominate track and field like he did,it's like at the Olympics he runs and,wins the race he's the first one to,cross the finish line and then having,somebody go you know the Olympics had,the opportunity to give the medal to,somebody from Italy we've never had an,Italian win the hundred meter dash so,they should have given it to the Italian,know who st. Bolt crossed the finish,line first like this the Oscars had a,chance to be more diverse no no no no,it's not supposed to be a choice it's,supposed to be about them and valuing,what they thought was the best,and if who they thought was the best was,one year was Denzel Washington then you,give the award to Denzel Washington if,another year you think it's Matthew,McConaughey then you give it to Matthew,McConaughey as an Academy member you're,not supposed to care about anything else,I was a it takes a lot to offend me it,takes a lot to offend me I was offended,all right smelly negro I love that name,which a hockey movie chant I swallow,nickers come no ID hood I don't,want to poopoo on the positive things,that are happening we are seeing some,positive changes happen but we have a,long way to go and diversity is not,something that you can jumpstart it has,to it has to become something that grows,naturally and that's what's most,important and it's a process dude and,we're gonna see more and more voices as,the years go by is taking my father's,time my mother's time uncle's time my,brothers is my sister's time my niece's,are my nephew's time how much time do,you want Paul your progress

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Hugh Jackman Begs Academy Not To "Validate" Ryan Reynolds

Hugh Jackman Begs Academy Not To "Validate" Ryan Reynolds

I love the new year because it means the,opportunity to restart up some,traditions that maybe have fallen off a,little bit,one of the greatest things of the,internet of the past decade has been the,faux feud between Hugh Jackman and Ryan,Reynolds and it's it's kind of cooled,off the last year or two right it's kind,of cool though but with the New Year,comes new begging on each other and I,love it and this was in variety I love,this Hugh Jackman has gotten on social,media to beg the academy not to validate,Ryan Reynolds with a spirited Oscar,nomination now a little bit of,background here as you guys know the,Oscars have been putting out their short,list like not the nominees but the short,list about who could end up being,nominees and one of the nominations was,for good afternoon from Ryan Reynolds,and will Fair almost said Will arnetts,Will Ferrell's spirited which is a great,tune not my favorite song in the movie,but it's a great song nonetheless and,that prompted Hugh Jackman to get on,social media and beg the academy to not,validate Ryan Reynolds because he says,it make it insufferable to work with,them but he also did one other little,thing,he seemingly,revealed the title of the upcoming,Deadpool 3 movie,and which he said I have been Cur I've,been getting ready to film Wolverine and,Deadpool,and referred to the movie titles,Wolverine and Deadpool to which Ryan,Reynolds quickly got on Twitter and,responded to Hugh Jackman saying,Wolverine and Deadpool question mark,like something so whether it's the real,thing or not I don't know but I could,sit down all day and watch Ryan Reynolds,and Hugh Jackman go back and forth on,social media and I love that they're,starting out the new year with it Chris,you had a chance to see this what did,you think oh it's one of my favorite,things online it's why I'm keeping,Twitter basically at this point it's,just to make sure I'm aware of how these,two are fighting each other,um I love this I I was surprised like,you that this would be the song that,would be nominated from Spirited if,anything,um but I think it's really really fun I,can't wait for wait for Ray to watch,this I think Ray's gonna really really,love this oh I think yeah actually Ann,mentioned that we were watching she,thought you would like it a lot yeah so,yeah rob you had a chance to see this,what do you think look you know it's the,delivery it's all in the delivery his,delivery the,absolute conviction uh of this Feud they,they never break character,uh it's fantastic and I hope it never,ends I they can do it for the rest of,time I'll never be bored of it it'll,never cease to put a smile on my face,but you know what I kind of think that,that Hugh Jackman might find that this,is going to backfire on it because by,doing this I'd vote for uh the spirited,song I think the academy might too just,to F with him but my favorite song in,spirit is actually view from here,the the Octavia Spencer song in it I,thought I thought that was great the,little connection between that movie and,of course Hugh Jackman is that the,songwriters behind the greatest showman,which is like truly one of my favorite,movies in the last decade uh or the ones,who put the songs together so anyway,there you go questions for you guys do,you have a chance to Hugh Jackman's,video I thought it was a delightful way,to start off the new year whatever you,guys think and by the way do you,actually think that'll be the name of,the movie I don't think it will be but,do you think maybe there's possibility,whatever you guys think jump down to the,comment section below and leave your,thoughts there guys we want to take a,second thank a sponsor of this video,hellofresh guys you know me and my wife,fan are both working professionals and,so sometimes coordinating dinner time,can be a real pain but with hello fresh,it makes dinner time fun easy and,nutritious with hellofresh you get farm,fresh pre-portioned ingredients and,seasonal recipes delivered right to your,doorstep skip those trips to the grocery,store and count on hellofresh to make,home cooking easy fun and affordable and,that's why hellofresh is America number,one meal kit now guys we've all got New,Year's resolutions and New Year's goals,and hellofresh is here to help you,achieve them get the grocery store and,take control of your time and budget,with delicious recipes delivered right,to your door with hellofresh you get,Fast and Fresh recipes hello Fresh's,latest line of meals featuring robust,flavors and filling portions are ready,in less than 15 minutes enjoy taste and,quality Done Quick with recipes like,Falafel powerballs seared steak and,potatoes with bearnaise sauce or,Southwest pork and bean burritos so guys,go to,campia21 and use the promo code campia21,for 21 free meals plus free shipping,that's,campia21 and use the promo code campia21

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Zack Snyder Gets Into Twitter Fight With Journalist Over Perfect Justice League Teaser

Zack Snyder Gets Into Twitter Fight With Journalist Over Perfect Justice League Teaser

let's move on to our third main topic,today,and our third main topic today gets,submitted to us,by angry irish benjamin,who writes so you may have noticed that,zack snyder went after forbes's reporter,scott mendelsohn on twitter,for criticizing a leaked teaser of the,snyder cut i'm so sick of hearing about,this justice league thing,and i'm even sicker of zack snyder's,weak excuses for why people react badly,to his movies,how about you all right thanks a lot for,sending that in man,and uh yeah i mean look,this was there obviously one of the big,things going into,um dc fandom was the fact that we were,going to get our first legitimate,peak at what the snyder cut,is going to be like we're going to get,our first real pick i mean,zach had had sent out like some stills,before,and some concept stuff but this was,going to be our first,actual look at what some of this new,stuff was going to be,here's the situation and again i talked,about this on open mic yesterday but,obviously this is a significant topic,for us to cover here,so uh there's a very very good film,journalist out there by the name of,scott mendelsohn,uh who works with forbes so he's forbes,this guy now,a version not a version the,suicide squad or so the justice league,teaser did leak,before it aired on dc fandom and scott,mendelsohn is one of the guys who said,it,who saw it i should say scott mendelsohn,said for those of you don't know what,what the situation is scott mendelsohn,said the following,he said so that trailer for the snyder,cut of justice league looks like,the same movie lots of deleted scenes,from the marketing campaign but,otherwise it looks like an uh it looks,like alternate takes,of existing scenes that's what scott,mendelson said now,you may agree with his assessment,frankly i do,but i'll get to that in just a second or,you may disagree with his assessment,i think though if you are rational and,if you are objective,there's nothing particularly objective,or sorry uh,there's nothing necessarily um,mean there's nothing incendiary there's,nothing like,that this was a guy who saw the piece by,the way didn't spoil anything like he,did see it before it aired,on dc phantom but he doesn't spoil,anything about it he doesn't say,anything about it,he doesn't say anything overly mean or,critical he just said i saw it,kind of looks like the same movie to me,with a few extra shots put in,i personally thought whether you agree,with that assessment or disagree,there was absolutely nothing wrong with,what he said it was,even-handed he was expressing his,thought on it there's nothing wrong with,that,zack snyder didn't react so well to it,though and zack snyder decided to hop on,twitter and say,you said you enjoyed the theatrical cut,of justice league so you enjoy your,sunday morning,cartoons the way you enjoy your sunday,morning cartoons well,this is made for grown-ups this is the,same guy who put in is she with you,i thought she was with you but whatever,so this is made for grownups you're not,the demographic also cool of you to,comment on a leaked teaser again i want,to point out that scott didn't actually,say anything about the leaked teaser he,didn't give anything away,nor did he say and i gotta say look,zach needs to when it comes to reacting,to criticism about films look it's part,of the gig,if you're going to make movies and put,out movies then it's going to be the job,of some other people to give their,commentary and their thoughts and their,opinions on your movies,and you just got to accept that and deal,with that,and you just need to grow up a bit and,deal with that now i understand the,irony is not lost on me that the guy,who's just saying,i peed my pants because ben affleck is,back as batman,believe me the irony is not lost on me,then i'm the guy who's saying that,but still nonetheless i think he's just,gonna have to accept that and not react,like that,because guess what he's gonna spend 24 7,for the next two years,doing nothing but getting in twitter,fights with people who dare criticize or,say anything,anything less than perfect about what,his thing is,that being said that being said,do i agree with scott mendelsohn when he,says that hey to me this basically felt,like the same thing just with some,deleted scenes,yeah i do as a matter of fact i do agree,with them it kind of does,but i would also ask scott mendelsohn,and,everybody else who was online saying it,just kind of felt like the same thing,i would ask this what the hell were you,expecting,what were you what this this zack snyder,justice league thing,isn't coming out for another freaking,year,it's like a year away what were you,expecting,you think the very first thing,that they're going to show like the very,first little teaser that they're giving,a year ahead of time,is going to be a 20-minute long full,thing of all the,biggest and craziest shots that weren't,in the theatrical version,do you think that's what they're going,to put into the very first teaser,of course not that would be

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Soyboy John Campea Gets REKT by Female Co-Host Erin on Star Wars' New Show Marketing

Soyboy John Campea Gets REKT by Female Co-Host Erin on Star Wars' New Show Marketing

listen listen I can already hear the man,babies crying about why is it,female-centric there's an agenda listen,let's just put that to bed and not touch,on this again shall we,it's listen they've already got three,other series coming that are all male,lead okay that means right now if this,comes out and it's only four shows,that's 75 percent they're mainly they,got one that's gonna happen to be a,female lead one deal with it and just,move on so can we move on from that,thank you,um you're gonna be a little surprised,about what I have to say though okay,I really really loathe the descriptor of,female lead you know because and here's,why I love the idea of a predominantly,female cast I think it's fantastic but,my problem is why are you only releasing,the fact that it's a female centric show,oh and they're gonna be doing some kung,fu' or whatever like why say that look,if you'd like can you read me the,headline again except take out female,centric and just put male centric let me,sorry you have that you weren't planning,on going back the point is these other,shows that you talked about that are,predominantly male driven nobody says oh,we have this upcoming series we're not,gonna tell you anything about it but,it's gonna be predominantly men do you,want to watch like that's exactly what,it's saying it's like for me yes I want,to see shows with more women obviously,but you don't have to say that's the,selling point,tell me a little bit about the story,make me fall in love with the story,because ultimately if the showed because,also ultimately i'ma finish that thought,ultimately if they fail if this show,does fail then it looks like it failed,because it was female centric not,because of a million other factors that,it could have failed by and also when,the first news of it is is female,centric I know that there's a lot of,people not just men but also some women,named Karen who also were just gonna be,like alright I'm not interested in that,I'm tuning that out,give me money,don't ask questions just consume product,and then get excited for next products

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Media Shill John Campea RAGE QUITS TWITTER!

Media Shill John Campea RAGE QUITS TWITTER!

if you don't know who John Campea is,he's a pretty big Star Wars shell and a,shill in general but mostly he targets,Star Wars,he's been on Twitter for quite a while,now talking all kind of things about,people,defending Disney Star Wars and now I,guess he decides he's had too much,because people are immature and he can't,handle it so he decides to get off,Twitter I guess forever his account is,gone he blocked me along with a lot of,other people probably a chain block but,nonetheless I've been blocked so I guess,I'm happy to see him go there's always,drama around him to talk about to cover,to laugh about but all in all his,message is not needed about how good the,Star Wars Disney movies are and I mean,mostly the sequel movies so he says I,think I'm going to get off Twitter,ideally it seems like it should be a,platform to express opinions and,thoughts on issues even heated ones,instead I've seen a lot of people,weaponize it and use it as a safe,distance tool to try to eradicate people,well if that's how John feels I'm not,sure anyone ever actually got eradicated,but so be it something about it turns,people from being civil face-to-face,into gutless keyboard warriors who think,themselves brave for turning their,Twitter weapon on people from a distance,worst part is I'm sure we've all done it,all right so I mean I guess he admits,he's done it,me myself I'm pretty under control a,users away to directly tell somebody,look I don't like your doing I've been,pretty civil I can't recall ever a,direct insult as far as looks making fun,of someone's voice something like that,now I usually stick to why I think their,content is wrong how Twitter is,generally used today you're on my side,great you agree with me about a great,you agree with me about bc b d eb f GG,whatever to great,you only agree with me ninety percent,about m and m you are my enemy f you,forever,everyone attacked this person argh okay,so there is sometimes i mentality on,twitter where you do gang up on someone,if you agree with the people who are,making tweets against their opinion,that's just how it goes and in the end,not that many people actually read,twitter usually even for some of the,bigger celebs even for the people with,like I don't know hundred thousand,followers sometimes the threads only get,a couple hundred hearts even a couple of,dozen hearts even for like really really,big names so it's just not a big deal,the thing is you could just leave up,your account and stay out of the, if you can't stay out of it if,you can't stop insulting people then I,guess you might feel like there's big,issues but oh no I think Twitter has a,purpose you could still connect with,people it's a real easy way to you know,shoot people males through DM stuff like,that,and to be honest you get news pretty,quick on Twitter news travels very fast,anyway I guess that's it I guess I won't,have John Campea to be on Twitter,anymore anyway you guys let me know what,you think down below doing shoutouts,special thanks things like that by the,way you guys could follow me it's at,enter hacker I got like I don't know,1300 followers,pretty good I don't argue so much I post,tweets about cooking and my kids and,yeah the occasional tweet here and there,about how I think Disney stall was just,terrible or amber her or something like,that but it's putting the control you're,in control,you do what you want see you next time

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