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The American Dream Lending Miami Dolphins Insiders w/ Joe Schad 02 21 2022this is the big old show,t

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Updated on Jan 29,2023

The American Dream Lending Miami Dolphins Insiders w/ Joe Schad 02 21 2022

this is the big old show,this is the big old show,number three where it's,loaded there he is the man the myth the,legend that is joe shad joe how you,doing baby how you feeling feeling good,looking sharp,good big o doing well thanks for asking,yes sir always good to uh have you on,we're all looking forward to your pool,party,we've got the hookers and the uh coke,sniffing mule ready to go okay so we are,locked and loaded okay,uh so we're waiting make sure you tell,the uh family to leave the house when,we're there okay so we want a party to,ourselves just you and,the entire big o nation at joe shad's,house we good with that yeah we can do,that there we go all right i like it all,right so joe um,flo gets hired as a steeler defensive,assistant and linebackers coach,your thoughts on the opportunity the,fact that he took the job and how it,affects his case,yeah i'm glad that brian flores is going,to be in the national football league,this year,if not for the pittsburgh steelers who,knows if he would have had that,opportunity it's funny in the moments,after brian flores,revealed that he would be filing a,lawsuit against the nfl and several nfl,clubs i happen to run into steelers,owner art rooney who has a home in west,palm beach and we had chatted about that,in a previous meeting and i asked him,did you see the lawsuit he said yeah you,know i haven't had a chance to review it,but,yeah i am aware of it and so of course i,asked him about the rooney rule which,you know his father,father i believe,uh had come up with and which of course,has good intentions but has not worked,out as well as many would have liked and,he talked about how he feels that there,you know have been some positive changes,in terms of,you know more general managers of color,getting hired for example but it did not,surprise me at all,when it turned out that the steelers and,mike tomlin with the organization that,gave brian flores this opportunity when,many organizations never would have done,so so i'm glad it has happened,i think it'll benefit the pittsburgh,steelers i think it's you know funny,that minka fitzpatrick,is on the steelers defense uh just a,coincidence you know you try not to burn,bridges because you never know when,you're gonna end up on the same island,right yeah amen to that that's gonna be,a funny reunion i was thinking about,this,when when brian arrives to the airport,is it minka with a little ipad this is,brian flores and,he's there to pick him up you know so is,is that what's going on you know,those two bonding uh this weekend having,a couple beers,i'm sure that brian flores would say,that if he could go back he would have,done things a little differently in,terms of his communication with minka,listening to minka's concerns about,being a linebacker as opposed to a deep,safety and maybe now you know minka is a,few years older a few years wiser uh,certainly he was always very mature for,his age minka fitzpatrick,and he was a leader and he was a team,first guy which is why it was so,shocking when it came out that he wanted,a trade,uh,but you know i'm sure that the storyline,as you would say the narrative,will be that they had a little cafeto,maybe uh maybe a you know maybe a,steelers brew,uh and that you know they all they all,they all came to the conclusion that uh,they could have handled things better,back then,i'm with you but you got to give iron,city beer it's respect if you're going,to if you're going to say the beer,give it its love bro i'm not a big beer,drinker i had a couple of beers on at,the super bowl that's kind of like the,day i drink beer the super bowl but,when you go to pittsburgh have you ever,had an iron city yeah because i get back,in the day i it's not good i've never,had it actually is it any good,i remember i covered ben roethlisberger,as a rookie his first playoff game or fc,championship game i think they played,the uh,the um patriots in pittsburgh did you,leave unmolested i'm sorry go ahead i'm,sorry sorry,i remember ryan clark was in the locker,room he was very media friendly i,remember thinking my gosh this guy is,probably going to be in media and of,course he did end up in media i remember,troy polamalu is very nice guy heinz,ward did not surprise me that he ended,up in media um but i remember just kind,of you know that was that was a,different time man newspapers like they,would send you to that and you'd like,drive around and,walk around and talk to people about ben,roethlisberger and how he's impacted the,city now those things don't happen it's,kind of kind of unfortunate you don't,get that outside perspective of ben,roethlisberger in pittsburgh and,certainly i went to the brewery that,would have been back in like,2002,to four,yeah things have changed my brother yeah,even podcasts have more resources than,radio stations,hey,there are new ways,to make money whether it's sports,gambling whether it's youtube video,there will always be a way,to make money for those who are smart,enough to uh follow the

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The American Dream Lending Miami Dolphins Insiders Report w/ Joe Schad 04 11 2022

The American Dream Lending Miami Dolphins Insiders Report w/ Joe Schad 04 11 2022

this is the big old show,this is the big old show,that is joe chad how you feeling baby,feeling good,yeah big oh definitely better thanks for,asking,all right all right that's good that's,good how's the pool you been in the pool,yet or what what's the deal it's really,good man it's,it's uh,yeah we're excited about it i can't keep,my daughter out of it so she's swimming,in there multiple times a day oh that's,that's our that's you know the normal,thing is they do it for a couple of,months and then you'll never use it,again,we'll see,we'll see even if nobody swims in it the,pool guy is still going to come once a,week it'll be clean and it'll look good,from the living room yeah exactly and,you can have some parties and people can,be you know,mingling around so we're you know we're,waiting for the big o show party at uh,joe shad's pool,if you pay me fifteen hundred dollars we,can host a show from my backyard look at,that fifteen hundred bucks we got a,sponsor let's go cough it up,fifteen hundred bucks and we can host a,show,from uh from joe's backyard,there you go,all right what'd you think about that uh,dwayne haskins story man huh is that how,crazy is that,sad yeah very,very uh very sad obviously um yeah,what a shame man it's we have to find,out you know we obviously have to find,out more,about what happened and why it happened,you know why was he walking on that,highway very sad i would imagine his car,broke down or something right that's,what i was thinking i don't know i,haven't heard any have you heard,anything about this story you know who i,feel for joe,if if it was by you know an accident i,feel bad for the truck driver too,because if that man you know it was an,accident he didn't you know kill him on,purpose he wasn't drunk driving or,anything that man has to also live with,this too for the rest of his life yeah i,guess he didn't stop though huh,i i oh he didn't i didn't know that oh i,i i haven't read all the reporting so i,don't know if he stopped well i didn't,know i didn't know that that what do you,got sean there we go uh the report i saw,on wsv and he had stopped and was uh,cooperating oh good okay all right,okay thank you yeah i'm glad i'm glad he,stopped it's important you know there's,nothing worse than than the hit and run,so i'm glad can you imagine living with,that if he if he didn't do it on purpose,i mean that's got to be bad for him too,you know what i mean so i this is just a,terrible story all the way around do you,see gilbrant's reaction,yeah obviously there's uh inappropriate,and and disappointing you know gil is a,legend,gil is a legend in the football scouting,community uh you know and and you hate,at the this very end of his career,obviously you know he's 90 years old or,so,and i'm sure that he was you know,getting ready to shut things down from a,professional broadcasting perspective,uh and uh you know i i think maybe maybe,uh maybe it's time,for him to just go ahead and and shut,things down and focus on spending time,with his family yeah that's probably the,best thing because that com those,comments were just wow completely out of,line yeah i mean,it is a little bit telling in terms of,how,old school especially,uh football people,look at,football players,and this is not to suggest that gail,brandt doesn't have decent human fiber,in his body but what came out in that,interview,yeah but not the indecency the fact that,um,athletes are traded are considered you,know by,many general managers and owners,uh and coaches as commodities i know but,you're you're such a nice guy,you're such a good dude bro i love you,because you caught you say that it's old,school when he's a freaking neanderthal,for thinking like that you know what i,mean you you you say old school i'll say,neanderthal because i'm there there's no,place for that bro there's none,yeah that wasn't the time and place to,go into all of the details of everything,you've ever heard about dwayne haskins,going back to you know uh his decision,to enter the nfl yeah let's let's all,write a let's all let's all unearth,everything we've done as teenagers and,early 20s too right let's all do that,because we all live perfect lives,as teenagers in in our early 20s you,know what i'm saying listen gilbert did,a very poor job,no question very poor job but but the,point i want to make,is that he's 90 years old there are some,college coaches,and nfl coaches probably and nfl general,managers who are 40 50 years old,who think the same way,stinky fingers,which guy,stanky fingers who's stinky fingers,who's uh,who got busted with stanky fingers this,year and got fired from the jags,so you're saying that urban meyer yeah,is not necessarily someone who yeah he,kicks his players he threatens to to,you know fire him all over the place,yeah that's that's one of those dudes,that thinks like that,yeah there was a video that came out not,long ago where there was a player at his,pro day who like,his achilles exploded,and nobody came out to like,no coach no

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The American Dream Lending Miami Dolphins Insiders Report w/ Joe Schad 03 14 2022

The American Dream Lending Miami Dolphins Insiders Report w/ Joe Schad 03 14 2022

this is the big old show,this is the big old show,ah there we are alrighty,joe shad how are you doing sir how you,feeling you're feeling better,yeah a little bit better big o thanks,for asking i'm glad that uh i'm glad,free agency didn't start last week,i know uh i'm me too me too man i'm glad,that um,uh i'm glad that you are feeling better,and uh more energized and ready to go so,now you have the juice to uh now you,have the edge you need now,to uh to cover this dolphin free agency,so,um if we had to pull out joe shad's,grade book and right now joe shad is the,teacher,don't stand too close to him now,so um joe shad what is the grade for,emmanuel ogball being resigned,i'm gonna give that a b plus uh big o,it is a very reasonable contract for a,player who,is proven in the system who has 18 sacks,in the last two years for the miami,dolphins who is the the perfect size 6'4,275,to be able to not only rush the passer,and knock down passes from the opposing,quarterback but also to hold up against,the run,and this is a guy who comes without,character questions this is a guy who is,a very solid individual a good person a,good team leader,and in looking at the types of players,who received similar,contracts,i'm trying to find the list here in my,story i know danelle hunter was in that,list,carl lawson,was in that list so this is a very,reasonable,contract for trey hendrickson eric,armstead,the i'll take that i'll take uh emmanuel,ogbo over any of those guys,and i know hendrickson,trey henderson is,yeah he's a pass rusher he's an fau kid,who's done really well for the bengals,and saints,um but listen,yes i believe he has 30 sacks or,something like that in the last two,years i mean yeah,but agba as a free agent absolutely,deserves to be in the same sphere,as a trey hendrickson so the dolphins as,was just pointed out to me on twitter so,far following my suggestions i mean it,seemed quite obvious biggo that the best,well,why not,resign,and tag gesicki,here's the only thing i don't understand,how's it not an a,where is it,how can not how can resigning ogb to a,decent contract you got your guy back,how is that not an a joe how do you not,give him an a for bringing back agba i,don't get that one,so you want to argue about a b plus,versus an a,i'm just just saying i i give him an a,for that i love if i brought him back,it would have,they're following what joe shad said,they're following what the teacher says,if the student listens to the teacher,isn't the student supposed to get an a,teacher,right so i'm a tough grader,let's see what they do here moving,forward,uh maybe they would have gotten an a big,o if they had gotten him uh for a little,bit less earlier in the process maybe if,they had the foresight to sign and,extend,ogb a little bit earlier but like i said,orlando also gary this is a,good decision by the miami dolphins it's,one that i recommended and suggested,and,high marks,for chris greer so you're going to have,to find something else to charge rough,teacher,damn you're a rough teacher bro jesus,that student did his homework,scored 100 under and you gave him and,you gave him an 85 anyway it's just plus,a b plus,tell you that's just cool all right,chase edmonds,so we talked about a lot of banks chase,edmond wasn't one that was really talked,a lot about,i'm actually a fan of chase edmonds man,watching him at zona at times i always,wondered why they didn't give him more,love because he was pretty consistent,with them,so your thoughts on chase edmonds,getting a two-year 12.6 million dollar,deal,more excited about chase edmonds,than i was,about uh jordan howard for example or,malcolm brown for example,um,edmonds has been a little bit banged up,he's not the biggest guy but he's a good,receiver,and he's going to be a good fit,for the uh zone offense so if mike,mcdaniel,and i know he watched every single snap,chase edmonds has ever taken in his life,mike mcdaniel said listen,this is the guy we want this guy is the,perfect fit for my scheme,then i am on board now that's decent,chunk of change a lot to see how much is,guaranteed i don't know if that's,reported yet,uh,but the dolphins needed a running back i,have been criticizing dolphins general,manager chris greer,for failing to add,an elite running back or someone who can,be elite,and so uh credit to the dolphins for,coming out of the box,uh with a running back uh you know in,the first hour free agency so,some said that the dolphins were not,going to prioritize running back,not here,not here,i'm not on this show,i'm not saying that,on the american dream lending report,that big o suggested that running back,would not be a priority i'm saying,others suggested that perhaps,chris grew never change course and spend,on a running back he has spent he has,spent here on a running back,and if mike mcdaniel likes chase edmonds,i like chase edmonds,yeah and by the way i've said this,throughout the entire thing,when they got rid of this dude,you will see them make an investment now,in

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The Hijinks Sports Grill Miami Dolphins Post Game Report w/ Joe Schad 01 01 2023

The Hijinks Sports Grill Miami Dolphins Post Game Report w/ Joe Schad 01 01 2023

foreign,you're good now you're good now but I,just asked you something you might have,I know but I can hear you that's what it,was I'm hearing the happy hour hijink,Sports Grill four to seven over and over,again in my ear,so feedback oh okay,um see if uh Sean here's Miami Dolphins,Insider Joe shot I keep hearing your ad,over and over again okay well are you,are you on the live are you looking at,yeah are you looking at YouTube or are,you live on your link don't be looking,at YouTube because if you're connected,to the YouTube link then you're delayed,are you connected to the link that we,sent you that's the key,can you hear me now I don't go I don't I,don't watch your show on YouTube no,offense no,um listen obviously disappointing,uh,uh no this team has a lot of injuries,wrote about the injuries asked Mike,Montano about the injuries,um they needed to find a way to win one,or two of these all in five it doesn't,cut it,your thoughts on,how the offensive line played Without,Armstead and putting Liam eichenberg,back I know you got to look at the film,and all that but it seemed like they did,a pretty decent job overall of of giving,them time to pass,yeah it was fine,uh you can't blame the offensive line,uh there's a lot of things to blame a,lot of people to blame Teddy Bridgewater,with the pick six,Skyler Thompson with the interception,right after that no egg but not going to,giving up a touchdown the Dolphins,defense once again folding,late in the uh,fourth quarter giving up a long drive,that's happened too often this year,I'm trying to find a spot that doesn't,have a bright overhead light it's just,the deal here I guess,um there you go that's a little better,um so what is it like an empty St you're,in the you're in the suite still and,it's nice and empty is that what it is,yeah I'm still I'm still here there's,just uh the bright fluorescent overhead,lights that really bothered my eyes and,they look bad on camera so but um so,what I wrote about stuff by the way the,important stuff what was at half time,what'd you eat because that's one of the,best spreads in the NFL just out of,curiosity yeah no I had the ice cream,with the apples and a lot of coffee and,a lot of cookies and,um yeah it was good meal it's good we,had a really good meal in the North End,of Boston last night it was me David,feronis and uh Adam Beasley we went to a,really really good Italian restaurant,which one so that's about the best thing,I can say about the Dolphins right now,which which what was it from the,restaurant was the name of the,restaurant,huh,yeah so I'm telling you president,p-r-e-z-z-a okay all right all right,good stuff all right,um yeah I know it's yeah it's a it's a,little dicey Teddy Bridgewater,all right so how do you handle this,going into next off-season all right,they're going to bring to a back that's,not even a question obviously,but they don't have a lot of draft,capital,and because you have to go into next,season with the thought that he is,injury prone that he's going to miss,games something's going to happen,you're going to need somebody behind him,not just Skyler but somebody proven,I know they don't have a lot of draft,Capital but they can make cap space at,least,who would you go after what kind of a,name do you think you bring because it,has to be somebody even better than,Teddy Bridgewater doesn't have to be,somebody that almost can challenge Tula,also at the same time,yeah I mean Jimmy Garoppolo is a guy who,is the obvious answer he knows the,offense and he is injury prone but if,you combine him with Tua yeah but if you,combine him with two way you obviously,hope that one of them,will be healthy and available,it's not easy to stay healthy and,available at quarterback as we've seen,here with the dolphins,so,um you know Mike White who else you know,there's not a lot of big names beginning,with quarterbacks don't usually become,available on the free agent Market but,even Teddy was injury prone you know,that's that's one thing I mentioned in,my column they go I know you're a big,Chris Greer fan,Chris Kerr has done some good things,but it is a fact,that,yeah so we're talking about lower Xavian,Howard,Bradley Chubb and Saran Armstead were,all either hydraf picks or given a lot,of money in free agency and they all,have injury checkered past,and now they're all hit at the same time,yeah Byron Jones by the way Myron Jones,I don't know how many games he's missed,over his career,I don't know,but you gave him big money and he's,missed a whole year so that doesn't,matter but he wasn't necessarily injury,prone right I get what you're saying I,get what you're saying yeah even Teddy,you know injury I'm a big Chris Greer,fan uh I believe in Chris Greer but this,is bad for him right now there's no,doubt the the chub move is a disaster,for him right now,um Chula you knew that I mean for me I,know others had problems or questions,about his play I never questioned his,play I always question his durability,and that's the one thing and

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The American Dream Lending Miami Dolphins Insiders Report w/ Joe Schad 02 09 2022

The American Dream Lending Miami Dolphins Insiders Report w/ Joe Schad 02 09 2022

this is the big old show,this is the big old show,in the myth the legend that is joe shad,mr shad how are you doing sir doing well,how are you,can't complain my brother uh first of,all let's go uh over the video yesterday,uh video released uh mcdaniel and uh two,were talking we didn't get to hear too,much of toa we saw him smiling,um your thoughts on that exchange and,what impressions did you get from that,exchange,yeah i wrote a column about it that you,can find on the palm beach post website,and i talk about how it's no mistake,that the dolphins released a private,conversation between mcdaniel and tua,uh because tua was smiling and the,dolphins want you to know,that the hiring of mike mcdaniel makes,to a smile it's also a harm it's also a,harmless conversation that there was,nothing private to really expose,no i'm not suggesting they shouldn't,have done it i'm just explaining why,they did it,it was very strategic,uh and and listen uh the dolphins have,hired an offensive minded coach,who has been a part of an organization,that was able to win,and go to the super bowl with a limited,jimmy garoppolo,and so this provides,a lot of hope to dolphin fans i wrote,another story breaking down a very long,story thousands of words,lots of words,uh breaking down the shanahan offense,that mike mcdaniel,will certainly use as the base of his,dolphins offense and it explains how for,example they're going to use zone,blocking,which is better for these offensive,linemen than man blocking because,when left to defend men they often were,overwhelmed last year as you know big o,yeah no i'm with you but i don't see,detail in the column big o some of the,things that we've heard,about how brian flores and tua had a,disconnect,and how brian flores didn't believe that,tuatanga valloa was good enough,and how brian flores didn't believe,according to my sources,uh and i'm not the first and only to,report this,that um tua uh was dedicated enough to,his craft we'll see,if tua takes that as a challenge i mean,surely he heard it from flores directly,uh for some time so i think that what,mcdaniel is going to do here big o,part of the initiative in this hire and,we will eventually hear from mike,mcdaniel eventually here,from mike mcdaniel that he has uh an,initiative and a plan to instill,confidence to try to build this guy up,and the same way gase was once supposed,to build tan hill up and he did actually,help tan hill improve,i think there's no doubt that mike,mcdaniel's arrival will help tua,tenovolo improve and that he will,perform better in 2022 than he did last,season,all right the the only thing i want to,follow up on on the whole pr move thing,have you noticed that around the league,that's what they do they do a lot of,that filming of the new coach and uh,getting out of the car and talking on,the phone and going to the office and,have you noticed that on other coaches,that are being okay,so yeah yeah yeah,maybe that's,maybe maybe that's something that,they're doing now,and they've been doing it only problem,is,you had,an ogre uh,of a an 82 year old man,playing the role of a head coach,the last three years that he would never,take part in anything like that so he,would never allow you,was mr,social distancing before social,distancing ever existed maybe mike,mcdaniel has a personality and he's cool,about stuff like this and he's willing,to it's like tom brady in in new england,and tom brady in tampa,it's not a pr move it's that now tom,brady gets to be tom brady now in tampa,where in new england he had to be mr,robot and maybe tom brady said,that in new england he couldn't share,his thoughts he couldn't share what he,really believed he said that,okay he said that once so maybe it,wasn't a pr movement mike mcdonald no no,no no no no well first of all there's,nothing wrong with a pr move that is not,yeah,no no you got no you guys are minimizing,this you guys are you guys are making it,sound now,like this was done like hey let's let's,squish it,of course it was wait,so you think this is an extension of the,smear campaign is that what you're,saying right,no it has nothing to do with a smear,campaign don't put words in my mouth,listen,what i'm saying is the dolphins,put out a video of mike mcdaniel talking,to tuatanga bellowa on facetime on a,plane,in a very strategic manner and that's,fine the dolphins don't need to,apologize for it mike mcdaniel doesn't,need to apologize for it there's no,apologies it's part of a strategy and if,the dolphins,organizations,and the pr staff didn't have a strategy,that would be a problem,so there's no strategy or is it a,strategy wait a minute but but is it a,strategy or is it hey let's let's give a,little insight to fans on how things,happen between a real coach that wants,to coach his quarterback and how they're,actually connecting you can't do it,before because the coach hated the wide,receiver so you're not going to film,that plus the ogre is not going to let,you film it i i'm just saying it it,couldn't h

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The American Dream Lending Miami Dolphins Insiders Report w/ Joe Schad 11 24 2021

The American Dream Lending Miami Dolphins Insiders Report w/ Joe Schad 11 24 2021

this is the big old show,this is the big old show,all righty let's uh talk to my man joe,shad as always he's ready to go he's,locked and loaded,you're just thinking about that turkey,tomorrow right that's all you're doing,right you don't really care about today,you just keep thinking about that food,tomorrow right that's what it's all,about right joe yeah my wife betty does,a great job we'll have some turkeys some,sweet yams some string bone cracked,string beaten casserole,uh,some homemade cranberry sauce some pecan,pie looking forward to it man you got a,little cold,oh no i'm fine a little something on my,throat,all right all right all right good stuff,all right so uh health-wise are we,getting anybody back because i know i,know pulling information from flow is,like you know it's like cia top secret,stuff uh but have you been able to,gather any information from some of the,guys that were on the ir any chance any,of them return on sunday,well michael dieter is coming back now,and that doesn't necessarily mean that,he's going to start,you know the dolphins have used three,centers about equally this year austin,writer,michael deiter and uh greg mance,and that certainly is not you know,ideally you'd rather have that one,center working with chua tonga veloa,uh listen if you can get dieter back in,there that's probably a slight upgrade,over the other two in my opinion and,there's certainly a comfort level there,unfortunately devonte parker and will,fuller are not yet ready to return,according to uh brian flores so that's,certainly disappointing and then,jamal perry is out for the year he's the,special team's corner safety,hence the dolphin signing safety,off another team's roster and they're,going to activate wilf,vince beagle today to replace brennan,scarlett who's out at least three games,so,uh you know uh he had that achilles,injury which is not an easy injury to,come from come back from,beagle is not ready at the start of the,year but he's ready now to contribute,and i like him as a pass rusher he,definitely can add something because i,thought he added a spark a couple years,ago when he was healthy uh with the pass,rush game so i i i like that actually,i'm i can't say i've been that impressed,with brendan scarlett you know what i'm,saying so i kind of welcome you know,that change right now uh do you see a,defense hitting its stride right now,yeah i mean they're definitely playing,better when i think about the dolphins,defense in that jets game you can't help,but think about,yet another safety sack,yet another safety blitz brandon jones,getting it done,uh as the jets were in the red zone area,uh sack fumble recovery by wilkins he,fumbles recovered by javon island uh,javon holland and brandon jones give you,cause for optimism as two youngsters in,the back end,uh andrew van ginkel is playing a little,better uh jalen phillips is starting to,show up a little bit more christian,wilkins continues to have a good season,uh you know he saw jerome baker on the,edge which is interesting,i think he might end up being better,suited as an edge player than he is as a,middle linebacker,uh he just continues to try to improve,to,improve in the area of run defense but,he's not the biggest guy and he's just,not great at disengaging blocks better,when he's using his speed and blitzing,and chasing guys down and covering so,that's an interesting one to continue to,monitor,uh tua right now your your thoughts on,on his play overall,you know i had that one bad interception,where,it's kind of i mean,i don't know why couldn't get out to,jail and waddle but you didn't get it,there,uh you had that long touchdown pass to,matt collins where,two of fans are sensitive to this but,you know took everything you had to get,it out there that 50 yards now he does,have a finger injury and a rib injury in,my opinion,he wasn't set he's kind of sideways when,he's throwing that ball you do know that,right he's not planted and and square to,the way you normally would throw a,football so he comes out of that break,go look at it he's kind of wide when he,throws that well when tua throws with,remember he's not six five,yeah i know oh he when he throws with,his arm you know you know he has a hard,time you know driving it down the field,it's got to be,like a golf swing you know or all the,parts are working together but when,you're under as much pressure as tua has,been throughout the season and he was,not sacked last game there was a sack,taken away due to penalty,uh you know he's gotta,sort of improvise and be creative and,use different arm angles and different,platforms and throw when he's not fully,set and tua did have a couple of nice,out route throws,he's really good at those he's really,good at those,seven to 12 yard outs,where jalen waddle for example is,running towards the sideline or matt,collins uh you know accurate,accurate on those,uh you know his his and his espn,quarterback rating the qbr is actually,10th,which you know,you can find a statistic

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The American Dream Lending Miami Dolphins Insiders Report w/ Joe Schad 04 28 2022

The American Dream Lending Miami Dolphins Insiders Report w/ Joe Schad 04 28 2022

this is the big old show,this is the big old show,the legend that is joe shad joe how you,doing my man you feeling good,i'm doing okay bingo thanks for having,me buddy are you enjoying this uh this,draft here are you do you find it,entertaining,uh since the dolphins don't have a pick,no not really it's uh it's kind of,boring to be at home,uh sitting up here in my daughter's,playroom,uh,you know certainly wish the dolphins had,a first round pick but listen,no complaints when uh tyree kill is on,your roster it was certainly worth,that transaction and so you try to kind,of get into the jets picks like all,right,you know,are sauce gardener and garrett wilson a,threat to the dolphins well not really i,mean sauce gardener's gonna have to,cover tyree kill,and jaylen waddle and uh garrett wilson,is gonna get covered up by xavier howard,or byron jones so it's still clearly,advantage dolphins over the jets all,right i i like that but by the way you,shouldn't be so depressed,being stuck at home you could have been,here in vegas with us okay i mean yeah,you chose to stay in boca,you could have come to vegas with us i'm,just saying okay,so you know you made your own bad now,i had a good time in las vegas uh during,the regular season lead season last year,that uh was a nice back to back i'm glad,the dolphins played there because the,year before,i was unable to travel,due to covid i didn't have covet it was,covered locked down the country that was,the ryan fitzpatrick to mack holland's,game i was watching that in the same,exact seat cushion that i'm on right now,well uh by the way the bills i didn't,think you would trade for a corner here,but they traded up to get florida's cair,elam,according to jordan schultz who's,reporting that,that uh they're taking the florida,corner at this spot here uh the bill's,pick is in at number 24 but that also,shows,uh joe that the jets and the bills are,also going wait a minute look what the,dolphins are doing they're loading up on,that offense we need to load up on that,defense to try to keep up with the,cheetahs running out there on the field,elam is a palm beach kid went to the,benjamin school,uh,we should have written about him at the,combine but,uh we did not did not visit with uh elam,uh at the combine but uh yeah they had,devil devin singletary who played it uh,fau in boca raton which is in palm beach,yeah yeah palm beach connections,yeah,yep,so uh our boy i think uh jordan schultz,we've had him on the show uh several,times,actually uh i think it looks they're,about to announce the pick here out of,florida,and it is kayer elam out of florida so,he uh he did get that overall so,joe tomorrow they will have a pick in,the third round,before they get to that are you,expecting anything,in this round anything next round,tomorrow in the second round are you,expecting any kind of movement from the,miami dolphins front office or do you,think they will stay status quo,and and and you know wait to the third,round to make their selection,you know you get the sense from speaking,to chris greer,that uh you know it certainly was,unlikely to move up into the first round,and and i think that they would like to,preserve their 2023 picks,and so when you only have a three of,four,and two sevens,i think you're more likely to use the,three and the four,make sure you pick up an offensive,lineman,and then either a linebacker or a,running back or an edge rusher,if you get two players in the third and,fourth rounds,at those positions,they should at least contend to be,starters at some points in their career,and if they're a running back or an edge,rusher they can at least be a rotational,player as a rookie that is what you,expect in those positions i think the,dolphins are probably,now you never know you can move up or,down a few spots,but i i don't see them making a dramatic,move,so let me ask you about a couple of,moves uh what did you what did you look,into we talked a little bit about how,the bills and now the jets have been,loading up at cornerback what did you,think about the tennessee titans moves,uh kind of interesting that they end up,trading aj brown and then they go and,draft a young receiver how do you read,into that,well they didn't want to pay aj brown,and so in speaking to drew rosenhaus,following the tyree kill,uh trade announcement and his press,conference,drew talked about how the nfl,is more like the nba now in terms of,transactions good and bad,but you know,it's becoming more of a player driven,league,right the push towards longer guarantees,fully guarantees,players saying to teams work with me and,my agent if you're not going to pay me,and so that is you know what happened i,think that treylon berks is a suitable,replacement for aj brown you see the,ravens moving on from hollywood brown it,leads you to wonder if they're going to,be in on devo samuel,it is interesting because receivers see,the question with devo you bring up,something very interesting does he,really want to play that same

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The American Dream Lending Miami Dolphins Insiders Report w/ Joe Schad 01 24 2022

The American Dream Lending Miami Dolphins Insiders Report w/ Joe Schad 01 24 2022

this is the big old show,this is the big old show how are you,doing sir you doing all right i'm doing,well enjoyed that unbelievable weekend,of football,yeah two different days right like the,first day is kind of like pulling teeth,ugly football and then the next day it's,like this glorious k-gun type day that,everybody,is just lighting it up like a christmas,tree and nobody can stop anybody it was,it was uh two different days that's for,damn sure before i get into that,i was just asked do you agree with me,that cam wake is a ring of honor guy but,he's probably going to be just on the,outside looking in,because if you look at zach thomas as,good as he is it's a mission to get his,ass in and he's,way better than cam wake,can wake right you you you all you look,at it the same way not really a hall of,famer but definitely a ring of honor guy,i do maybe cam wake would have had a,chance if he had begun his nfl career,earlier,he of course began his career in,canada and it took a few years and a few,stops before he finally landed in the,right place which is right here in miami,so yeah certainly an all-time dolphins,graded dolphins legend but unfortunately,not a pro football hall of famer i think,if he was a nasty guy against the run,and he had more tackles and maybe came,up with some interceptions and those,kind of things that might alter it a,little bit but he was kind of a,one-dimensional,type of defensive end and so i think,that that's also one of the things that,kind of hurts him for hall of fame again,okay,i got,he's a great player in dolphin lord dude,he belongs in the ring of honor i'm a i,to me the ultimate cam wake moment is,the day he he blew his achilles you know,that right,i wasn't covering the team,i want you to go watch it,he blows his achilles,and the son of a,keeps hopping towards the quarterback,that's the camwake moment you need right,there bro that's all you need to know,about who cam wake is,anybody else,it throws himself on the floor like you,and me would,writhing in pain,holding our achilles oh my god it's on,fire and the play is going on and we,don't give a rat's ass not can't wait,bro he blows his achilles and the some, is hopping towards the quarterback,still trying to get a sack,he had an extraordinary competitive,desire,yes um,he was motivated to to be great,um and i love that you know yeah you,wonder who on this current dolphins team,has that sort of dog in them,christian wilkins christian wilkins,plays like that all the time agba played,like that all the time this year dude,even when he wasn't getting the sacks,early in the season i kept saying how,much i admire how he has played because,he's not getting the sacks and he's not,deterred and his,man his effort is,uh van van ginkel plays relentless dude,i love how that guy plays there's a,couple guys like that on this team,in terms of motor and effort and design,right dealer can never rise to the level,of a cam wake in terms of production,right right but there are some dogs on,defense the dolphins need more dogs on,offense yes yes they do yes they do um,talk to me a little bit about the,coaching search i saw breer put out,there that if they don't get dable,or then quinn,that vance joseph is the third option,care to confirm deny agree,whatever with that report,well it's it's hard to know unless,you're you know direct conversation with,owner steven ross and or general manager,chris greer but i do think vance joseph,is in the mix along with dabal and quinn,now dabo is having a second interview,with the new york giants dan quinn is,said to be very high atop the denver,broncos list,so if it's not dave ball and it's not,quinn,uh where do they turn do they turn to,vance joseph or kellen moore have also,heard that they were very interested in,speaking to callan moore at the,beginning of the process i do not know,how his interview went any of those do,anything for you i mean dabel's the only,one out of that group really that i'm,kind of interested in in a way i still,i'm still a jim caldwell guy but,dabo would be the one guy out of all,those guys how about you,yeah i mean you would like to hire a,coach that maybe uh other teams are,excited about trying to hire and gable,and quinn certainly fit the criteria,um you know you're hearing about some,teams doing the second interviews,and and i'm hearing that,that won't necessarily be the case with,the dolphins that they,they might have a list of guys that they,like and if it's not dable and not quinn,i understand what breer is saying about,vance joseph because i have heard that,he is well liked and respected within,the organization and and obviously by,chris greer,well by the way,why would you interview jim caldwell,twice you know him why would you,interview vince joseph twice you know,him why would you interview brian dabil,twice you know him so there are several,guys,that that makes a lot of sense what,you're saying is they already know the,guy and now they bring him in for the,interview it's there's n

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