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Joe on Elon Musk Taking Over TwitterThe Joe Rogan Experience how much are,you worried about an actua


Updated on Jan 12,2023

Joe on Elon Musk Taking Over Twitter

The Joe Rogan Experience how much are,you worried about an actual situation,like that happening I mean I don't know,everything's so weird,Elon took over Twitter today yeah like,we live in a simulation no that's the,best that crazy bastard did it how about,when he walked into Twitter's,headquarters with a sink and said let,that sink in okay a dad joke yes that's,him I know he's funny we have like this,ongoing bet on dumpster fire that he's,my Nemesis and it started because of my,husband who we were doing one of these,dumb books someone got us it's like oh,you can like connect as a couple and we,were jokingly kind of ironically in our,Gen X way doing it and it was like,what's something you would like always,want to do or something like that he was,like have dinner with Elon Musk and I,was like it was supposed to be something,about me and I was like you you're,gonna have dinner with Elon not have,dinner with me and so it became his,ongoing joke because of him being my,nemesis,because it's hilarious because I'm a,nobody and he's a genius buying Twitter,and sending Rockets to space and trying,to get to Mars and I'm screaming in a,garage on dumpster fire so there's that,hilarious aspect but it's mostly just,because he's my it became this ongoing,joke because my husband started joking,about his like you know enamored being,enamored with Elon Musk and so I was,just jealous,so he became like it's just become this,ongoing and then somebody sent us an,e-line cutout for the set and it's so,cool whenever we do an Elon is my nemus,and I'm like my Nemesis is up to what's,he up to now and we like bring the,cutout on for the for the bet well we're,hoping we can get our girl Megan uh,re-re established free Megan free Megan,Murphy free Megan there's so many yeah,people were like there's so many people,that need to be re-established so I mean,James Lindsay got booted I think yes,um and somebody was like this is like,when the Joker let all the all the all,the prisoners out,yeah but it's not it's not because we'll,have to see them as like political,prisoners might be,those those are crazy paranoid people,that have been also they've been,enjoying the fact that it's an,ideological thought bubble right that,Twitter has only enforced left left-wing,ideologies and they've suppressed any,conservative ideologies even amongst,reasonable kind people that don't share,the same ideology that's bad for,our society yeah it's bad I'm not a huge,proponent of like the parallel economies,either you know I I just I I don't know,that it's good you know you what do you,mean by parallel this is like the term,that everybody's using particularly on,the right because and it's it's valid as,these places like PayPal and financial,institutions are saying you can't you,know if you say this or step out of line,we're gonna find you there's this idea,that you're gonna have to create a,parallel a kind anime in order to,function essentially so don't give don't,give your money to I mean I think the,daily wire did it with the razors they,had like hairs yeah they did and Jeremy,did some razors so it's like oh don't,give your money to people who hate you,give your money to people who,share your ideology but then you have,these side you know the silos are,forming where it's like then everyone's,over here and everyone who agrees is,over here and no one's forced to,actually,articulate their ideas or disagree with,one another it's just everyone like,smelling their own farts,it is though yeah that's not healthy no,that's what Elon wants to bring back to,Twitter is reasonable exchange of ideas,that's like he really thinks it's,important it is important it is I think,it's important too but it's just rare,that someone is that wealthy that they,can do that that can do that and also he,was very left-leaning for most of his,life yeah until really recently the,pandemic in particular and the way,people have sort of enforced these,ideologies regardless of whether or not,the science supports it yeah and he,thinks it's bad and I think it's true I,think I think we have a real problem,with Discord particularly like discourse,on Twitter right like if you post,something and then someone posts,something that opposes what you say like,ah and then you gotta like formulate it,like some people don't want that so what,they would like to do is silence the,people that have opposing viewpoints and,then you get all this positive feedback,from all the people that agree with you,you're like yes I want to amplify that,because that feels good I did the right,I said the right thing I said the right,and then when someone comes in with,facts or opinion you you Nazi,fascist and it's like that's what people,are doing now because it's a way to,communicate communicating like that it's,good it's a good way to get out,information and ideas really quickly but,it's a bad way to exchange ideas and to,dialogue about stuff because it's,the way people are supposed to really,communicate is like how we're doing yeah

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Joe Rogan Experience #1258 - Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde & Tim Pool

Joe Rogan Experience #1258 - Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde & Tim Pool

five four three dos uno come on,TriCaster live all right we're live,ladies and gentleman to my left,Tim Tim Poole everybody knows and loves,them Vijay what is it I am pronouncing a,feature,not Vida Vidya the jaw daddy daddy and,your position at Twitter is I lead trust,and safety legal and public policy,that's a lot that's a lot and Jack,Dorsey ladies and gentlemen first of all,thank you everybody for doing this,appreciate it thank you thank you feels,also there's tension in the room just a,few minutes tension and everyone's like,oh this is really happening here we go,before we get started we should say,because there were some things that,people wanted to have us talk about one,that the cash app is one of the sponsors,of the podcast it's been a sponsor for a,long time and also a giant supporter of,my good friend Justin Ren's fight for,the Forgotten charity building wells for,the pygmies in the Congo this is very,important to me and I'm very happy that,you guys are a part of that and you are,connected to that I don't that's I mean,it's easy for someone to say that,doesn't have an influence on the way we,discuss things but it doesn't so if it,does I don't know what to tell you I'm,gonna mention too just because I don't,want people to come out and freak out,later I actually have like 80 shares in,square which isn't really that much in,you know but but it's something it is it,is so I don't want people to think you,know whatever you you're the CEO of,square I think right yep yeah and the,reason why we decided to come together,is we had a I thought a great,conversation last time but there's a lot,of people that were upset that there,were some issues that we didn't discuss,or didn't discuss in-depth enough or,they felt that I didn't press you enough,I talked to Tim because you know Tim and,I have talked before and he made a video,about it and I felt like his criticism,was very valid so we got on the phone,and we talked about it and I knew,immediately within the first few minutes,of the conversation then he was far more,educated about this than I was so I said,would you be willing to do,cast and perhaps do a podcast with Jack,and he said absolutely so we did a,podcast together it was really,well-received people felt like we,covered a lot of the issues that they,felt like I didn't bring up and so then,Jack and I discussed it we said well,let's bring Tim on and then have vigía,on as well I said that right,yeah that's a hard one sorry I'll get,everybody promised but it was so weird,we go um today you know do you know who,Shaun Baker is he's a doctor who's a,prominent proponent of the carnivore,diet his post was his account was frozen,today I just sent it to Jamie yeah his,count was frozen today because of an,image that he had because he's a,proponent of the carnivore diet there's,a lot of people that believe that this,elimination diet is very healthy for you,and it's known to cure a lot of,autoimmune issues with certain people,but some people ideologically opposed it,because they think it's bad for the,environment or you shouldn't eat meat or,whatever the reasons are this is huge in,the Bitcoin community yes,yeah well it's for a lot of people that,have autoimmune issues particularly,psoriasis and arthritis is his lifesaver,it's crazy it's essentially it's an,autoimmune issue so because he has a,photo of a lion in a header eating a,looks like a wildebeest or something,like that his account was locked for,violating these rules rules against,graphic violence or adult content in,profile images that seems a little silly,and I wanted to just mention that right,away now whose decision is something,like that like who decides to lock a,guy's account out because it has a,nature image of you know natural,predatory behavior in this particular,case it's probably an algorithm that,detected it and made some sort of an,assessment but as a general rule how we,operate as a company as we rely on,people to report information to us so if,you look at any tweet you can kind of,pull down on the carrot on the right and,you can say report the tweet and then,you have a bunch of categories you can,choose from what you want to report I,think this one in particular though is,probably an algorithm so how does does,he have the option to protest that or to,ask,to review it absolutely and I'm guessing,that people are already reviewing it but,there's a choice to appeal any action,and that would go to a human to make,sure that it is actually a violation of,the rules or in this case if it's not,then it would be removed is that a,violation the rules that image I don't,think so I don't think that that would,be what we're trying to capture in terms,of graphic images in an avatar it's more,about violence towards humans unless it,was some sort of cruelty depicting,animals or something like that but this,seems not the intention of the rule does,this hi this one of the reason why I,wanted to bring this up immediately does,this highlight a flaw in the system in,t

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Twitter CEO on Push to Ban Trump | Joe Rogan

Twitter CEO on Push to Ban Trump | Joe Rogan

what has been the one thing that came up,that was perhaps the most controversial,like I know my friend sam harris was,trying to get you guys to ban Donald,Trump he was saying if they follow your,Terms of Service I just did a podcast,with him they say it should come out,today or tomorrow he's he's a,fascinating guy Sam Harris I love him to,death but what he was trying to do was,like saying hey he's threatening nuclear,war like he's saying hey Korea my bombs,are bigger than your bombs like what,else does the guy have to do to get you,to remove him from the platform when you,guys saw that what was your reaction to,that and was there an internal,discussion about actually banning the,president United States well so the so,two things are one it was a context that,presidents of this country have used,similar language in different mediums,they use it on radio they use it on,television it's not just through Twitter,and even if you were looked at you were,to look at the presidency of Obama there,wasn't exactly the same tone in this,exact same language but there were,threats around the same country and we,have to take that context into,consideration so the second thing is,that we need that the most controversial,aspect of our rules and our Terms of,Service is probably this clause around,public interest in news worthiness we're,powerful figures or public figures might,be in violation of our Terms of Service,but the tweet itself is of public,interest yes there should be a,conversation around it and that is,probably the thing that people disagree,with the most and where we have a lot of,internal debate but we also have some,pretty hard lines if we had a global,leader including the president United,States make a violent threat against a,private individual we would take action,we we always have to balance out with,like is this it is this something that,the public has interests in,I generally the answer is yes it's not,going to be in every case but generally,the answer is yes because we should see,how our leaders think and how they act,in essentially forms voting that informs,that the conversation then forms whether,we think they're going they're doing the,right job or we think that you know they,should be they should be voted out well,it it's very important to see how,someone uses that platform and when,someone uses it the way he uses it and,then becomes president and continues to,use it that way that's when people like,what he's been consistent I think he I,think he joined in in 2009 2012 yeah you,look at all of his tweets all the way,back then and it's pretty consistent,yeah I mean he likes to install people,on Twitter it's fun you know it's just I,never thought he would keep doing it I,thought once he became president maybe,just lock it down try to do a good job,for the country and then you know after,four years or eight years just go back,to his old self you the world, this yeah and but no he's he's he's,just kidding,it's just in one way it's hilarious see,as a comedian I think it's awesome,because it's just it's so hilariously,stupid it's so preposterous that even,has the time to talk about Jeff Bezos is,fair and the fact that he got caught,with the National Enquirer getting text,messages and calls him Jeff bozo like,don't you have to do man but as a,comedian I am a gigantic fan of folly,almost against my better judgment I like,watching it's I watch,I like watching disasters I like,watching chaos when I see nonsense like,that I'm like oh Jesus like I I'm drawn,like a moth to a flame but on the other,part of me is like man this sets a very,bizarre tone for the entire country,because one of the things about Obama,like Obama or hate Obama he was very,measured very articulate obviously very,well educated and I think that that,aspect of his presidency was very good,for all of us because he represented,something that was of a very,high standard in terms of his ability to,communicate his access to words the way,the way measured his words and held,himself I think that that's good for us,that's parishioner well it's yeah it's,like look at that guy he's talked better,than me,that's why he's the president but you,know you ladies see Trumpy like he's,doesn't talk better than me he does he,doesn't use Twitter better he's not he's,just this madman but isn't it,important to understand that yes and to,see it is that I to it hopefully that,informs opinions and actions 100% that's,my point that's my point it's like that,this is this weird gray area where I,think overall I definitely support your,decision to not not ban him for,violating your Terms of Service like you,we need to know

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Joe Rogan celebrates Elon Musk's Twitter takeover

Joe Rogan celebrates Elon Musk's Twitter takeover

by the way as you know Elon Musk firmly,in charge of Twitter making some changes,over the weekend with management last,week but he says I'm not firing everyone,as rumored but the thing is about Elon,Musk and Twitter people want to know,what it's like I think one of the,biggest stories that's underreported is,I added 14 000 followers uh I think when,people are going to end up running with,that with more hammer and Dana show but,I think a lot of people are adding and,some are subtracting seems a just a,handful so far of so-called celebrities,seem to be bowing out Sarah barrielis,barellas oh yeah I've listened to her,all the time or is encouraging fans to,follow her off the platform welp it's,been fun Twitter I'm out see you on,other platforms peeps sorry this one's,just not for me I guess she's going to,truth social meanwhile Shonda Rhimes,who's behind Scandal and Gray's Anatomy,wrote not hanging around for whatever,Elon has planned by Shonda Rhine writes,Shonda Rhimes rights,the big headline from today is the fact,that it sounds like if you have a blue,check mark next to your name as the,three of us do as Shonda Rhimes and Sara,Bareilles dude uh the story is,apparently going forward it's going to,cost you twenty dollars a month to keep,the blue check mark As Twitter blue goes,from five dollars to twenty dollars uh,so that's one of the changes also uh you,know Elon Musk has got people on the,political left with their heads,exploding because yesterday he shared a,link to a story that suggested that Paul,Pelosi knew his attacker uh he took down,the Tweet San Francisco cops came out,and said uh this was clearly a break-in,but the people on the political left and,the New York Times this morning saying,hey the guy in charge of Twitter is,spreading disinformation what will the,future of Twitter look like Ainsley,well all these celebrities and all of us,should encourage free speech and we,shouldn't encourage censorship and,control as long as it doesn't lead to,violence and that's exactly what he said,he said he wants to hear from Democrats,and from Republicans and then people can,make up their own minds he said it's,important to the future of civilization,to have a digital Town Square wide range,of beliefs debate in a healthy manner,without resorting to violence but I'm,thinking do you think the celebrities,left because they don't want to pay the,240 dollars a year well yeah I think,it's a little pricey by the way too I'm,not sure people are going to pay that it,is,to pay twenty dollars a month it was,great when it was free yeah maybe um,right maybe it was one time fake I,thought it was a one-time favorite it's,monthly wow uh so Joe Rogan per month,yeah yeah by the way uh he wrote that in,response to Hillary Clinton who's,essentially put out a tweet that was,kind of blaming Donald Trump for all,this uh so he wrote that and said hey,according to one report there's,something else to it I don't know he,will eventually would take it down Joe,Rogan who knows Elon musk's best best,said this about what it's going to mean,now for Twitter,what Elon wants to bring back to Twitter,is reasonable exchange of ideas I think,we have a real problem with Discord,particularly like discourse on Twitter,right like if you post something and,then someone posts something that,opposes what you say like ah and then,you gotta like formulate it like some,people don't want that so what they,would like to do is silence the people,that have opposing viewpoints and then,you get all this positive feedback from,all the people that agree with you and,like yes I want to amplify that it's a,way to communicate communicating like,that it's good it's a good way to get,out information and ideas really quickly,but it's a bad way to exchange ideas and,to dialogue about stuff,uh I tell you what I think it's going to,force the other platforms to be a little,bit more balanced because people are,going to go to Twitter if they got both,sides uh I think it's going to be,exciting and I don't see these this is,like unnecessarily a March uh Ainsley a,March Away by celebrities from Twitter,and Rob Reiner yep he's he's still,around he said uh celebrity she's doing,the opposite from leaving they should,double down and have their voices heard,to have a push back so it's not just,one-sided opinion,yeah it's nice to nice to hear both,sides and then we can we're smart we're,Americans we're all smart we can make up,our own decisions or make up our own,minds I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade,and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here,to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube,page to catch our hottest interviews and,most compelling analysis

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Tim Pool Tells Twitter Exec They Have a Liberal Bias | JRE Twitter Special

Tim Pool Tells Twitter Exec They Have a Liberal Bias | JRE Twitter Special

which and I believe that to be the case,so your platform restricts speech our,platform promotes speech unless people,violate our rules and in a specific,direction in any direction but uncle I,don't want to say his name the guy who,calls for death gets a suspension the,guy who insinuates that gets a permanent,ban but Tim you're you're,misinterpreting what I'm saying and I,feel like you're doing it deliberately,it's not about one particular thing it's,about a pattern and practice of,violating you have a turn in practice of,banning only one faction of people,recently published an article where they,looked at 22 high-profile bandings from,2015 and found 21 of them were only on,one side of the cultural debate but I,don't look at the political spectrum of,people when I'm looking at their to,write you you have a are you're biased,and you're you're targeting specific,individuals because your rules support,this perspective no well so can you be,clear though and like what rules support,that person specifically the the easiest,one is misgendering right because that's,so clearly ideological if you ask a,conservative what is misgendering,they'll say if someone is biologically,male and you call them you know a,biological man you called a machine,that's miss gender as a conservative,view the the the progressive view is,inverted so now you actually have in,your policies a a rule against the,conservative perspective I have a rule,against the abuse and harassment of,trans people on our platform that's what,at my rules we just give context in the,background I know why that is and I,brought some some research so we,obviously received a lot of feedback so,we don't make these rules in a vacuum it,just to be clear we have a bunch of,people all around the world to give us,context and the types of behavior,they're seeing how that translates into,real-world harm and they give us,feedback and they tell us like you,should consider different types of rules,different types of perspectives,different like for example when we try,to enforce hateful conduct in our,hateful conduct policy in a particular,country we're not going to know all the,slur words that are used to target,people of a particular race or a,particular religion so we're going to,rely on building out a team of experts,all around the world who are going to,help us enforce our rules so in the,particular case of misgendering I'm just,trying to pull up some of the studies,that we looked at but we looked at,the American Association of Pediatrics,and looked at the number of transgender,youths that were committing suicide it's,an astronomical I'm sorry I can't find,it right now in front of me it's a,really really high statistic that's like,ten times what the normal suicide rate,is of normal teenagers and we looked at,the causes of what that was happening,and a lot of it was not just violence,towards those individuals but it was,bullying behavior and what was what were,those bullying behaviors that were,contributing to that and that's why we,made this rule because we thought and we,believed that those types of behaviors,were happening on our platform and we,wanted to stop it now there are,exceptions to this rule we don't and,this is all it this isn't about like,public figures and there's always gonna,be public figures that you're gonna want,to talk about and that's that's fine but,this is about are you doing something,with the intention of abusing and,harassing a trans person on a platform,and are they viewing it that way and,reporting it to us so that we take,action so so I will just state I,actually agree with the rule I'm from,you know my point of view I agree that,bullying and harassing trans people is,entirely entirely wrong I disagree with,it but I just want to make sure it's,clear to everybody who's listening my,point is simply that you know ben,shapiro went on a talk show and,absolutely refused and that's his ,you know and he's one of the biggest,podcasts in the world so if you have all,of his millions upon millions of,followers who are looking at this rule,saying this goes against my view of the,world and is literally 60 plus million,in this country you do have a rule,that's ideologically bent and and it's,it's true you you did the research you,believe this well then you have Ben,Shapiro who did his research and doesn't,believe it yeah and I relied on the,American Association of Pediatrics and,you know Human Rights Council another,and I'm sure he has his sources too for,when he gives his statements the point,is but wonder if they have that context,I mean that's and that's where we have,also fails it's as well as just,explaining the why behind a lot of our,policy in reasons I I would agree and I,think it's fine you did research and you,found this to be true but we can't,simply say maybe ben shapiro and the,other conservatives who feel this way,don't know we have to wait we can't you,know the point i'm trying to make is,it's it's simply whether you believe it,what whether you

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Twitter Bots and Elon Musk's Crusade Against Them

Twitter Bots and Elon Musk's Crusade Against Them

the jurgen experience,and that's a problem generally that a,lot of people have with the censorship,that's on social media twitter in,particular you know um one of the weird,things that's happening now with uh elon,musk buying twitter,or attempting to buy twitter they've,done something different and one of the,things they've done different is,i gained,now it's 900 000 followers,in the month or so what yes,i mean a lot of people really like you,so maybe nine hundred thousand more,people were like i decided i loved it i,think i was in a box i think it was,megan kelly said the same thing did you,hear her say that she said she gained a,lot she gained a ton like like a hundred,thousand or i'm i don't remember the,number but also a lot like it was really,noticeable and so she was like,she's like i'm pretty sure,twitter was you know,messing yeah around with my account yeah,i think so i think there's something,something was going on i mean i'm just,guessing the other option could be their,bots that i've gained 900 000 bots,but it's it's like every time i look,it's like another hundred thousand it's,crazy it's it it grows faster than,anything and instagram is the opposite,instagram seems to have hit the brakes,on me like sometimes oh yeah somewhere,around six months ago something happened,and it seems like it's it's slowed down,growth a lot i don't check it too much,so i might be wrong it might be you know,i mean maybe it's something they've done,with their algorithm where they uh,prefer videos over photographs now which,i think they do they are they're trying,to go more video i believe because i,read that that's where the viral uh,effect really takes place and i see with,my kids with tick-tock,you have one daughter who's a heavy,tick-tocker oh yeah she's always doing,dancing never been on tick-tock i don't,really understand how you're not 14.,that's true,but little girls,they get together and they do dances and,and they like to like memorize dances,and sync it to music and yeah and then,they're watching all these other people,tick-tocking and doing other these other,and it's like tick-tock just hits you,with video after video after video and,they just get you hooked you open that,app up and it's like you're already like,oh movement things are happening and,this is what they're trying to do i,believe with instagram i think so too,and i i did i've read that i don't get,it because i hate watching videos on,instagram and i hate watching videos on,my phone in general like if i'm gonna,because i'm an old person i guess like,i'm like if i want to watch a video i,want to look at a big screen like i'll,watch stuff on my laptop but i i hate i,don't like reading stuff i don't like,using my phone i don't even like texting,on my phone to be honest like i text on,my laptop,but,i mean i sort of think that instagram,messes with me a little bit too they,refuse to verify my account i've tried,like five times how many flowers do you,have fourteen,thousand,no sorry,is that right,what's the number that you think yeah,who cares,i don't to pretend like i like don't,give a because i do give a but,not that big of a ,um,is there a number that you have to reach,before they're they'll verify you oh i,went up to 14.3 k today from,thank you,but i i just felt like my uh my posts,were getting less traction all of a,sudden and they were no different than,what i'd been posting before yeah i,don't know what that is like that could,just be coincidental but i know some,people have definitely been with,and you know there wasn't there a,football player who complained a lot,about it jamie and then eventually he,got let out of instagram why does he,need a like he's a football player like,what does he need an instagram account,i need an instagram account because it's,how i make a living well he does too,that's how you get sponsors when you're,a football player you have to get,sponsorships lots of followers,fine i'm sorry,football player who likes sports what do,you think about it i mean if you have a,large following like a tom brady i mean,god how many sponsors does he have oh,okay you know i mean that's that's an,amazing way to income you don't need an,instagram account to throw a ball you,need it for gatorade and nike and yeah,all the car sponsors and all kinds of,different things when those guys have a,large following that's very valuable,which is really an interesting thing,it's like what is social media for i,mean you're using it for as a business,or using it to be social are you just,having fun and you know expressing,yourself are you using it to,maximize your brand air quotes,i mean i don't brand i swear to god i,don't i'm obviously a very authentic,person i believe i i just i mean i i,have to use social media for work,because i work for myself so it's the,only way i can get what i produce out,into the world and it's the that's how i,make an income almost solely through,individual donations like so people who,send me donations through my website or,t

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Alex Berenson Sued Twitter Over Being Banned and Was Reinstated

Alex Berenson Sued Twitter Over Being Banned and Was Reinstated

the jurogan experience,so explain the process so you were uh,what was the exact uh definition of what,they kicked you off for oh are we are we,live yeah we're all good good okay um uh,all right,so it was almost exactly this time last,year joe it was august 28th 2021 uh i,uh wrote a tweet that began it doesn't,stop infection or transmission,and they banned me,i went on to say uh this is not a,vaccine or don't think of it as a,vaccine think of it as a therapeutic,meaning a drug that has side effects and,that you have to dose in advance of,illness,and then the last line was and we want,to mandate it insanity,okay i i would say that that's been,pretty well vindicated by events that's,that's vindication,so so they banned me they said that was,my fifth strike,and that i was not allowed to tweet,anymore and my account was not available,to anybody all the previous tweets were,gone,the 300 000 people too bad,um,so i sued them,uh in december,and,here's it gets it gets interesting and,tricky uh,so other people have sued twitter and,facebook and youtube uh and wikipedia,actually all these companies um,and said you know you've banned us uh,uh,you know,i just want to be able to use your,platform i haven't done anything wrong,and the companies say we can do whatever,we want we can ban you we can you know,attach labels to your tweets this that,and the other,uh and there's a law called section 230,of the communications decency act it's a,federal law from 1998 i want to say,maybe 96,that basically,was intended for two purposes purpose,one was,we don't want these companies to get,sued over stuff that people are saying,on them so in other words i go on and i,say you know terrible things defamatory,things about joe rogan or i say terrible,things about my ex-wife whatever okay or,i say you know go shoot the president,whatever it is i'm saying i'm saying,something that's harassing or hateful or,illegal we can't expect,uh a bulletin board or facebook or,uh or,or twitter or whoever to police all that,stuff there's too much of it it's not,fair so we're gonna give them complete,protection from that and that makes,total sense by the way all right you,can't you know you can't have these,people uh policing everything that's,uploaded or downloaded it's not it's not,within their capability okay the second,idea was we want these folks to be able,to give their users a better experience,and so we're going to give them some,protection limited protection to,moderate the content that's posted,meaning,let's say i'm posting tons of,pornography and you know i'm posting it,to a christian website that uh,that you know that's advertising itself,as a family-friendly place,the idea was the uh 230 is going to,allow me to take action against,uh that user in good faith for harass,harassing or objectionable content so,i'm gonna be allowed to ban stuff or to,age restrict it,and and that was really intended when,you look back at the statute for,pornography especially okay,so what happened was the companies with,the help of the ninth circuit which is,uh the the federal uh judges in in,california which is where most of these,companies are based,california and the west coast uh managed,to get,bigger protection and this really this,was happening for a while and then it,really happened in 2015 there was this,case,where a group of sikhs uh you know an,indian minority group the government of,india went to facebook and said we don't,like these people they're protesting,against us you gotta ban them you gotta,ban their their group website and,facebook said okay and pulled them,they sued facebook they said this is not,right and by the way like this was a,classic example of a government,telling,uh you know didn't not wanting dissent,okay they didn't facebook the indian,government didn't want to deal with this,group so they told facebook to ban it,okay,the ninth circuit said,that 230 protection,that allows you,complete immunity,if if alex berenson says you know here's,naked pictures of my my ex-girlfriend,that also allows you to ban whoever you,want whenever you want,they called it first party third party,they said there's no distinction in the,statute between the immunity you get,for,uh you know for for this for this,defamation that alex might be doing,versus your own decision to ban these,people who don't want to be banned and,ever since then 230 has been a beast,and every time somebody has sued the,companies have said look at seeks versus,facebook,we win,and that's basically been how it's been,they've been allowed to do whatever they,want and so by the way i know i'm not,even talking about my case yet but this,is the legal background so sometimes,when conservatives say hey we need to,ban 230 we need to repeal 230. i that's,actually not true you just need to have,the courts interpret 230 the right way,which is you don't get to sue facebook,or twitter for these defamatory or,harassing or illegal posts that other,people are putting up but at the same,time they shouldn't

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Joe Reacts to Elon Musk Buying Twitter

Joe Reacts to Elon Musk Buying Twitter

the jurogan experience,and this is where we find ourselves with,elon musk about to buy twitter yeah i,saw that apparently it's going down it,happened oh ,what oh ,the press release has been announced,elon musk just bought twitter we got a,movie star,type of a superhero it's like a movie,like if you had a movie and there was a,guy who was like a like a hero in the,movie who happened to be a billionaire,does wild ,like makes his own rockets and drills,under the city and,electric cars,insane elon musk agrees to buy twitter,in a 44 billion deal agreement to take,social media network private marks the,close of dramatic courtship here's why,that's going to be interesting yeah tell,me i need to hear what you think he,believes that free speech,is,important and not just important vital,for a democracy for a functioning,democracy and i agree with that,and what's interesting about this is,we're gonna,look we found out some things about,twitter and one of the things they do is,shadow ban people so they make it so,that your your content whatever you put,out has less impact it has it has less,engagement they limit your ability to,express yourself,they've they ban accounts and they ban,accounts if that account says something,that they don't agree with if the,account says something that violates,what they believe,also this ability to uh shadow ban,people has to be exposed right that,happens on tick tock i i was just never,that clip you just saw yes where i call,i said i should be sure it was about me,and my body and how i felt yeah it was,taken down and i was put on probation,well tick tock is,is,it's the roughest yeah well i think they,don't want anything that interrupts ad,revenue and anything that gets yeah can,someone buy tick tock and please maybe,you'll want to buy tick tock next jesus,maybe the chinese won't sell maybe if,they sell it it'll be like one of them,deals like they you think you bought it,but there's nothing in it i doubt,someone's gonna sell they're real,they're not gonna sell tick tock that,they're they're really the worst they're,the tick tock's the worst,i can't believe i didn't think they were,gonna um,that was gonna happen with him on on,twitter that's amazing apparently it was,really close yesterday and i had heard,um this morning that it was probably,going to happen but the fact that it's,now announced that's amazing,look it'll change everything and i,wonder how quickly uh it is before,donald trump's back he said he's not,coming i think he'd i already saw a,thing he said he's not going to come,back even if elon bought it i didn't see,a reason why but that's all right i'll,tell you exactly why because of his,truth social,um social media why are we playing,around with this twitter will be on,truth social is that big that's donald,trump's,is it big the biggest,is it it's the best,it's the biggest,the biggest of all time,they say that twitter's not as big,donald trump says i'm not going back to,twitter even with elon musk taking over,donald reconsider

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